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          Phase 1 (2009-10)
Aim: to develop the Voluntary & Community Sector
market in delivering Healthy Lifestyle Services by:
 Investing in infrastructure support and capacity-
 Encouraging HLS engagement from trusted VCS
 Increasing patient choice

 Creating greater reach into communities

 Developing positive working relationships between
public health & VCS to support health outcomes
     The 4 key elements

 Intensive relationship building
 Information exchange

 Specific training events

 Identify future opportunities to

 work together
    End Phase 1 (March 2011)

 Establishment of a VCS Reference Group (PH
  commissioners/VCS providers)
 Development of a Healthy Lifestyles Services
  Network – actual/virtual
 Creation of dedicated space on Public Health

  website and VCS website for HLS service
  providers, including a forum exchange and
  information portal
     Challenges identified

 NHS Reforms – massive change and
  uncertainty in structures and personnel
 Recession/reduced funding for both public
  sector and VCS generally
 Increased uncertainty in the market place

 Uncertainty in future contracting
  arrangements with primary care providers
    Opportunities created
 Localism agenda, services in the
 Focus on choice and value for money

 Greater emphasis on partnership
 development in public health
 New structures for contracting

 Opportunity to influence service
    Value of contracting with VCS

   Local needs and cultures understood well
   Trusted by local community already
   Creative and flexible in approach to engage with local people
   Commitment, added social value & sustainability
   Can add value to existing community projects and extend links to
    other support networks.
   Increase choice and access for people in their local community
   Reach those not accessing mainstream service providers, certain
    population groups unwilling to engage with public ‘official’
    service providers and become ‘excluded’
   Most VCS organisations already offer lifestyle support in a
    sustainable and holistic way
   Offer high value for money
   Professional approach to local delivery
             Value of Public Health
   Healthy Lifestyle Hub signposting to lifestyle services

   Free Health Chats training to all VCS programmes

   Free Brief Interventions training to specific groups e.g. smoking advisors
    and invites to support forums

   Health Champions Network to provide a consistent link for health

   Worcestershire Works Well Programme offered to all organisations
    including VCS

   Workshops on public services procurement and procedures
           Phase 2 (2011-14)
Focus on:
 Increasing engagement with VCS provider organisations

 Continuing to improve levels of information and communication
  on PH issues and contracting opportunities
 Greater involvement of VCS providers and PH commissioners on
  areas of mutual interest/concern
 Increased numbers of organisations delivering, or preparing to
  deliver, Healthy Lifestyle Services in Worcestershire
 Greater awareness of, and engagement with quality issues and
  benchmarking for consistency in service delivery
 Developing sensible frameworks for outcome measurements

 Consolidating relationships and building robust structures
  between public health and VCS organisations for future lifestyle
  services delivery.
Healthy Lifestyles Work at EPIC CIC
   NHS Stop Smoking Contract – quit rates over 70% at 4 weeks
   EPIC has the contract with Bromsgrove Partnership to deliver the
    Area of Highest Need Project .
   Health Improvement Fund- focus upon reducing alcohol related
    admissions to A & E
   Starlight cafe, fresh food, healthy eating
   Healthy lifestyles co-ordinator and `Fork to Fork` worker.
   Links with DAAT - close partnership working.
   Mental Health reablement provider- strong focus upon health
   Development of the Health Hub in Sidemoor, Bromsgrove
   Development of a community food enterprise.
   ‘More than Meals’ Project focusing on the provision of healthy
    food for people over 60 years of age.
Contact details:

John Taylor Community First
Linda Marklew Worcestershire Public Health

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