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					Utrecht Technical Workshop

Outcomes and progress to date
OneGeology Management Meeting, Nov
            2-3, Ottawa
      (Utrecht) Meeting objectives
•   « To initiate the OneGeology concept as expressed in the Brighton
•   To initiate a prototype OneGeology portal/web site as soon as
    possible (to be completed before 31 December 2007)
•   To develop an action plan and allocate the tasks for all involved
    partners, to meet the above objectives. »

•   First OneGeology Technical Group meeting
•   Tim Duffy (BGS) nominated and accepted as coordinator for this

•   20 participants : Albania, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic,
    France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden,

•   30-31 may
                      Action list
Task                  Owner                Assisted
1. Portal, includes   BRGM                 BGS, TNO + USGS
registry and client
2. Registry list      BRGM/BGS
3. Cook Book          BGS                  TNO, BGS, CGS, PGI, BRGM,
                                           GEUS, CGS, GeoZS, PGI,
Specification                              (GeoSciML team)
4. Outreach           Slo. UK, FR, E, N,
                      Cz, Bra, I, PL, J
5. Provide Web        All workshop
Services              attendees
6. Next Technical
     1. Portal (registry and client)
• Map portal
   – to be available as a prototype, end december 07
• To be integrated to the OneGeology website
• First list of WMS already available, to be completed
• No commitment for full catalog
   – Catalog not mandatory, but will be implemented
   – Why ? Improve portal functionalities, enable access to
     services for others applications
   – Link to GeoSciML : Testbed 3 integrates full support of
                     2. registry list
• To standardize the way each participant will publish its maps
  (through WMS and layers)

• Metadata for WMS services
    – Provide URL, service name …
    – Proposals to be derived from ISO (in line with INSPIRE)
    Naming conventions to be proposed
    – Resources identifiers (URN : universal resource naming) just
      defined (urn:ogc:servicetype:BRGM:WMS:1.0). GeoSciML
    – Resources Title : providername.layername.scale (to be proposed,
      not accepted !)

• Template to be submitted end of november, providers to set up
  their WMS onward
                  3. Cook Book
• 1G level 1 WMS specification (« raster to the web »)
   – including how to serve a 1G compliant WMS using
     opensource software Mapserver,
   – first draft cookbook will be available in November 2007,
   – tested by technical working group members and targetted to
     be published to all 1G participants in January 2008.
• In January 2008 first drafts of the next two cookbooks
  will appear for testing: ‘How to map to GeoSciML’
  and ‘How to serve GeoSciML as a WFS’ using
  opensource software.
                     4. Outreach
• 2 types of technical support for participants
   – Host for them in ‘regional hubs’
   – Help to host themselves
   – All is based on the cookbook !
• This management meeting to define the organisation
  and priorities
• Start on 1st January 2008
        5. Provide Web services
• Please provide your web map services !

• Step 1. Providing existing web map services,
   – such as they are
   – as of now,
   – We will test them in the map client,

• Step 2. Use naming conventions - recommandations
   – from 1st January 2008

• Cookbook to be provided before during this period !
      6. Next Technical meeting
• BRGM, Orléans, 27-29 February 2008

• Coupled with a GeoSciML meeting, 25-26 February

• All technical questions to be solved in this last
  meeting before Oslo presentations

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