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									SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 • VOL. 69 • NO. 36 • NAVY.MIL/LOCAL/GUANTANAMO • FACEBOOK.COM/NSGuantanamoBay	         																									NAVAL	STATION	GUANTANAMO	BAY,	CUBA	•	PSC	1005	BOX	25	•	FPO,	AE	09593	•	

Guantanamo Bay Holds POW/MIA Recognition Service

  Color Guard member Hospital Corpsman Seaman Tanganiykia Gray prepares to raise the National Ensign as part of the National POW/MIA Recognition Day service held at the base
  POW/MIA memorial, Sept. 21. This year’s ceremony was themed “Until They Are Home,” and emphasized the suffering of the families of missing U.S. military service men and women.

MC2(SW/AW) Justin Ailes
Gazette Editor                                                                                   “It is because of those service men and women that sacrificed
                                                                                              everything that we can say we are truly a free nation,” said Carter.

   K     ey leaders at Naval Station (NS) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
         held a Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA)
remembrance ceremony, Sept. 21.
                                                                                                 During the service, a 21-gun salute was rendered from NS
                                                                                              Guantanamo Bay’s honor guard consisting of Sailors attached to
                                                                                              the installation’s Weapons department and Marines attached to base
   The ceremony was held in conjunction with the DoD nation-                                  Intelligence. The National Ensign was raised by color guard members
wide National POW/MIA Recognition Day services themed “Until                                  Hospital Corpsman Seaman Edward Bell and Hospital Corpsman
They Are Home,” emphasizing the patient suffering of the families of                          Seaman Tanganiykia Gray.
missing U.S. military service men and women.                                                     NS Guantanamo Bay Commanding Officer Capt. J.R. Nettleton
   “The ceremony allowed us to take time out of our busy day to reflect                       read from the National POW/MIA Recognition Day Presidential
upon those that were POWs or still MIA,” said NS Guantanamo Bay                               Proclamation which states “On September 21, the stark black-and-
Equal Opportunity Advisor Chief Master-at-Arms Ricky Carter.                                  white banner symbolizing America’s Missing in Action and Prisoners
“Hopefully everyone will continue to remember, not only the POW/                              of War will be flown over the White House; the United States Capitol;
MIA, but also keep the family members of those who still have loved                           the Departments of State, Defense, and Veterans Affairs; the Selective
ones MIA in their prayers, in the hopes that one day they are returned.”                      Service System Headquarters; the World War II Memorial; the Korean
   According to DoD officials, the Navy has over 33,000 unaccounted-                          War Veterans Memorial; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; United
for Sailors from World War II through the Persian Gulf War. Each                              States post offices; national cemeteries; and other locations across our
year, the Navy’s POW/MIA section assists with repatriating Sailors and                        country. We raise this flag as a solemn reminder of our obligation to
returning them to their loved ones for burial services on U.S. soil.                          always remember the sacrifices made to defend our Nation.”

   Iconic GTMO Site                                                           Construction Battalion (NMCB) 23
                                                                              assisted with the renovation project.

   Receives Facelift
                                                                                 “This project returned the gate to its
                                                                              original prestige,” said Battease. “The
                                                                              high visibility and importance of the anti-
   MC2(SW/AW) Justin Ailes
                                                                              terrorism/force protection requirements in
   Gazette Editor
                                                                              that area served as the main reason for the

       S  eabees at Naval Station (NS)
          Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, completed a
   renovation project to an iconic base location,
                                                                              construction. Given that it’s a high-traffic
                                                                              area for photos, having a good curb appeal
                                                                              or aesthetic look helps too.”
   recently.                                                                     Along with Battease, Builder 1st Class
      More than 300 hours were spent repainting,                              Steven Byers, Builder 3rd Class Kyle
   fabricating, and installing upgrades to the                                Kennison and Builder 3rd Class Jose
   historical North East gate, separating the                                 Gastelum removed more than 90 tons of
   installation from communist Cuba, reinforcing                              rotted wood and debris, installed 30 cubic                       CONSTRUCTION ELECTRICIAN
   structural integrity to the high-visibility area.
      “This project was important to us because
                                                                              yards of concrete and 35 concrete planters,
                                                                              painted and sealed the guard shack, and
                                                                                                                                                         FIRST CLASS
   we have been working on the planning and                                   removed, sanded, painted and clear coated
   execution for more than 30 months,” said NS                                the U.S. Marine Corps sign that sits atop
   Guantanamo Bay Public Works department                                     the guard shack before re-installing it at
   (PWD) (Self Help) Equipment Operator 2nd                                   the gate.
   Class Eric Battease. “This site has a high-                                   “The project started June 26 and                               ■Job/Department: LPO Switch
                                                                                                                                                Tech/NCTAMSLANT DET GTMO,
   visual impact to many visitors to the island                               was completed July 6,” said Battease.                             Base Communications Office
   and the Marines that are entrusted to watch                                “Approximately $70,000 went into to                               ■Age: 33
   over it.”                                                                  renovations, which saved the government
      Four Seabees attached to Naval Facilities                                                                                                 ■Home Town: Chester, PA
                                                                              approximately $50,000.”
   Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southeast                                        As of August 1, PWD has been renamed                           ■Quote: “Don’t worry, it’s all
   Public Works department and Naval Mobile                                   to Engineer Service Team.
                                                                                                                                                ■Favorite TV Show: Sons of
                                                                                                                                                ■Favorite Hobby: Riding Motorcycles
                                                                                                                                                ■Favorite Team: Philladelphia
                                                                                                                                                Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers
                                                                                                                                                ■Favorite GTMO Restaurant:
                                                                                                                                                Room G16, Ro’s Place
                                                                                                                                                ■Favorite Movie: Sinners and
                                                                                                                                                ■Favorite Musician: Trae The
                                                                                                                                                ■Currently Working On: Building a
                                                                                                                                                permanent telecom database
                                                                                                                                                ■Greatest Accomplishment: My
                                                                                                                                                ■How The Navy Has Improved
                                                                                                                                                His Life: The Navy showed me
                                                                                                                                                life is different outside of my
                                                                                                                                                neighborhood and provided
                                                                                                                                                positive life experiences
                                                                                                                                                ■Sailor Of The Week Because:
                                                                                                                                                As lead Switch Tech and LPO of
   The North East gate after an aprroximately $70,000 renovation project including fresh paint, new concrete, and the removal of debris. The    the BCO, he completed 67 work
   upgrade was facilitated by four Seabees attached to NAVFAC Southeast PWD and NMCB 23 and took more than 300 hours to complete.               tickets and 10 trouble calls on vital
                                                                                                                                                Command and Control circuits

 VOL. 69 • NO. 36                                                                                                                              NAVAL STATION GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA

                                                                Guantanamo Bay Gazette
                                                               CAPT. JOHN NETTLETON                         PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER                                          RUSTY BAKER
EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                              CMDR. COLIN CASWELL                          GAZETTE EDITOR                                         MC2(SW/AW) JUSTIN AILES
COMMAND MASTER CHIEF                                CMDCM (SW/EXW/AW) ROSS CRAMER                           PHOTOJOURNALIST                                        MC2(SW/AW) JUSTIN AILES

The Guantanamo Bay Gazette is an authorized publication for members of the military services and their families stationed at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The contents do not necessarily
reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, and do not imply endorsement thereof. The editorial content is prepared, edited and provided by
the Public Affairs Office of U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The Guantanamo Bay Gazette is printed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Document Services with a circulation of 1,000.
                                                                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 28, 2012• PAGE 3

Bremcor Holds Vehicle Safety Stand Down At Guantanamo
Tracye Miller                                                                                       they need to use good, sound judgement when on the roads in
Bremcor Housing Manager                                                                             GTMO.”
                                                                                                       Nearly four hundred company employees attended the

Sept. 15.
         aval Station Guantanamo Bay facility maintenance
         contracting company Bremcor held an all-hands training,
                                                                                                    mandatory session at the downtown Lyceum which covered the
                                                                                                    topics of inattentive driving, safe reverse driving using the buddy
                                                                                                    system, defensive driving, and when not to drive.
   A safety stand-down was held with a focus on previnting                                             All Bremcor employees were trained on how to inspect vehicles
vehicle accidents at the installation.                                                              to ensure all signals and safety features are in good operation.
   “The stand-down was a chance to pause and review safety                                          Bremcor has a fleet of 190 vehicles used base-wide providing
requirements,” said Bremcor Project Manager Gary Knowlton.                                          maintenance and construction projects for commands and tenant
“It’s a way to get the message out to all our employees that                                        commands at the installation.

  Members of NS Guantanamo Bay ‘s facility maintenance contracting company Bremcor attend a mandatory safety stand-down focused on vehicle safety requirements at the downtown Lyceum, Sept. 15.

                                        My Brother’s Keeper                                        taking some of the sheaves from his pile, he carried them to that of
                                                                                                   his brother. Next morning, they were both surprised to see that both
                                        Chaplain Tung Tran
                                        NS Guantanamo Bay Chaplain Services
                                                                                                   piles were still the same.
                                                                                                      It’s a story about brothers caring for one another. The brothers

                                     ccording to a legend, on the site
                                     where Jerusalem was built, there
lived two brothers, one with many children and the other alone and
                                                                                                   can be substituted by shipmates, comrades, colleagues, fellow
                                                                                                   countrymen, and residents of GTMO. The point is that how
                                                                                                   wonderful it would be if we all looked out for one another’s well-
single. One day, they gathered their harvest and put the wheat in two                              being. In the Bible it says when brothers live in unity, it is like
piles in the vegetable garden. One night the single brother thought,                               precious ointment running down from the head of Aaron, running
“My brother has a large family and needs more wheat than I do; I                                   down on his beard and garment, or like dew that descends on the dry
will put some of my sheaves on his pile.” One hour later the married                               desert. To those who live in peace, God commanded blessing and life
brother woke up and thought, “My brother lives alone and doesn’t                                   forever more. May you and your family be well, wherever they may
have anyone to help him till the land; something must be done.” And                                be, and may you enjoy peace and good health.
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Marine Corps Security Force Company (MCSFCO), Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, outgoing Commanding Officer
Capt. Jesus Mendez passes the organizational colors to Maj. Mark Cameron signifying the transfer of
leadership during a Change of Command ceremony held at the MCSFCO headquarters, Sept. 27.
MCSFCO Holds Change of Command Ceremony At GTMO
MC2(SW/AW) Justin Ailes
                                                                  knowledge and leadership he will provide.”
Gazette Editor
                                                                     Several key leaders attended the morning service at the

   M       arine Corps Security Force Company (MCSFCO) at
           Naval Station (NS) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, held a
Change of Command ceremony, Sept. 27.
                                                                  MCSFCO headquarters including NS Guantanamo Bay
                                                                  Commanding Officer Capt. J.R. Nettleton and Command
                                                                  Master Chief Ross Cramer.
   MCSFCO Commanding Officer Capt. Jesus Mendez                      Selected to deploy as Battalion Operations Officer in
turned over command to the newly appointed Commanding             support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Cameron attended
Officer Maj. Mark Cameron as he was ceremoniously passed the      the Marine Air-Group Task Force Integration Course and
organizational colors.                                            received his Operations and Tactics Instructor certification.
   “This ceremony not only showcases Marine Corps traditions      He deployed in August 2011 and served as Task Force
and customs for our junior guys, but also shows the proper        Belleau Wood, II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters
respect for the outgoing commanding officer,” said MCSFCO         Group Security Forces Battalion Operations Officer, Camp
First Sgt. Jonathan Martin. “We show respect for the leadership   Leatherneck in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.
and knowledge the outgoing commanding officer provided            Cameron served as Company C, First Battalion, Twenty-Fifth
for the Marines at GTMO and we welcome the oncoming               Marines 4th Marine Division Inspector-Instructor prior to
commanding officer with the same amount of respect for the        reporting to NS Guantanamo Bay.

Considerations For The Separated, Divorcing And Dating
Naval Legal Service Office Southeast
                                                                       with your children because of your new boyfriend or girlfriend
NS Guantanamo Bay
                                                                       and disagreements over whether it is in the best interests of the

    L  egal assistance clients often ask when they can start
       dating before their divorce is completed. There is a lot
at stake with such a question, especially those whose divorce
                                                                       children for them to be exposed to your extra-marital affair.
                                                                       Such a relationship before the marriage is concluded could alter
                                                                       the complexion of the divorce proceedings and cause problems.
will involve children. Such extramarital relationships can affect         All branches of the military provide that a service member
your military career as well as your divorce case.                     has a duty to provide financial support to his or her spouse and
   The bottom line is that dating before a final divorce is not        family until an agreement is constructed and/or until a court
recommended for several reasons. First and foremost, military          finally issues a support order of some kind. A spouse who may
personnel could be subject to a prosecution for adultery,              be looking at getting less support than anticipated or no support
which is an offense under the UCMJ. No matter how hard                 may have a bigger incentive cause problems and reinvigorate the
you may try to hide your new relationship, social media such as        spouses support claims if your spouse becomes spiteful over your
Facebook may compromise the secret of your new relationship            new relationship.
and provide evidence of your crime. Such relationships are not            Finally, rushing into a new relationship while your old
worth the possibility of losing your career (whether by court-         relationship is still not resolved may not be the best idea from
martial, Article 15/Non-judicial punishment, or administration         a psychological standpoint. It may be advisable to give yourself
separation).                                                           time to heal from the broken relationship before engaging in
   The new relationship may also cause an ugly fallout with your       a new relationship. A new relationship has a better chance of
spouse and give your spouse ammunition to gain an advantage            success if you aren’t still involved in a bitter divorce proceeding.
against you in the divorce proceeding. For military and civilians,     An individual should take the time to get the necessary
if you have any children and/or property with your spouse, a           counseling required to improve the chances of a more successful
pending divorce could get very ugly quickly if the other party         relationship in the future.
finds out that you have a new relationship when the divorce is            This general article was drafted by LT G-T, Naval Legal
not even final yet. The spouse may then be motivated to fight          Service Office Southeast for general informational purposes
over issues that you thought were resolved as your spouse tries        only. This article is not a substitute for individual legal advice
to find a way to lash out in any way that he or she can. All           and readers are advised that they should consult a lawyer in the
of a sudden, your soon-to-be-ex may try to prevent visitation          state where they are divorcing.

    NEXCOM Improves Its                                                financial, music, phone and gift cards, which are not returnable.
                                                                          The refund will be processed in the same payment form as the

    Customer Return Policy
                                                                       original purchase. A return without a receipt will be issued on
                                                                       an NEX Gift Card at the item’s current NEX price. Re-funds
                                                                       made without a receipt can only be made at the NEX’s Customer
     Kristine M. Sturkie
                                                                       Service desk.
     NEXCOM Public Affairs Specialist
                                                                          Finally, diamond jewelry returns may be subject to an IGI

         T     he Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM)
               is making improvements to its return pol-icy.
                                                                       appraisal prior to issuing a refund.
                                                                          The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) oversees
     Merchandise purchased at a NEX or from                                          100 Navy Exchange (NEX) fa-cilities and nearly can be returned to          “By extending our 300 stores worldwide, 40 Navy Lodges, Ship’s
     any NEX store within 45 days of purchase return policy to 45 days, Stores, the Uniform Program Management
     for a refund or even exchange.                                                  Office, the Navy Clothing Textile and Research
        “We made this improvement to our return it gives our customers Facility and the Telecommunications Program
     policy to make it more convenient for our more time to bring back Office. NEXCOM’s parent command is the
     customers,” said Richard Dow, NEXCOM’s                                          Naval Supply Systems Command.
     Senior Vice President Store Operations. “By an item to our store.                   NEXCOM’s mission is to provide
     extending our return policy to 45 days, it In today’s busy world, authorized customers quality goods and
     gives our customers more time to bring back
     an item to our store. In today’s busy world,
                                                  that’s important to our services at a savings anddutysupport quality of
                                                                                     life programs for active       military, retirees,
     that’s important to our customers.”          customers.”                        reservists and their families. NEXs and Navy
        The standardized 45 day return policy                      Lodges operate primarily as a non-appropriated fund (NAF)
     on merchandise eliminates the previous exclusions in-cluding business instrumentality. NEX revenues generated are used to
     the 14 day return policy on certain items, such as computers, support Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) programs. In
     software and digital cam-eras. Now, the only exception to the FY11, $2.7 billion in sales were generated with $42.8 million in
     45 day NEX Customer Return Policy are pre-paid cards, such as dividends provided to Navy MWR programs.
                                                                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 28, 2012• PAGE 7

                                                        ELECTRONICS                             The
                                                   HP7400 Ink Jet all-in-one color print-
                                                   er/copier/scanner/fax.     Bluetooth
                                                   connection and you can also print
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SHOPPER                                            wirelessly when your connected to
                                                   network/WiFi. It also comes with all        CUSTOMER APPRECIATION

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two rod out riggers, marine FM/CD/AUX              ($92), Seawing Nova Blk Md fins ($150),     Center is hosting a Credit Manage-
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$4,000 OBO. Contact Rich at 84742                                                                                                      CALL THE MOVIE HOTLINE @ 4880
Revised Marine Professional Reading List at GTMO Library
Rusty Baker
NS Guantanamo Bay Public Affairs Officer                                   Private/Private First Class
                                                                           •	    A	Message	to	Garcia,	by	Elbert	Hubbard

    M     arines stationed at NS Guantanamo Bay have 37 ways
          to expand their knowledge while advancing their
professional military education.
                                                                                 Rifleman	Dodd,	by	C.S.	Forester
                                                                                 Blink,	by	Malcolm	Gladwell
                                                                                 1984,	by	George	Orwell
   Numerous literary works listed on the Marine Corps’                     Lance Corporal
Professional Reading Program are available at the base library,            •	    Starship	Troopers,	by	Robert	Heinlein
with more titles on the way.                                               Corporal
   The Commandant of the Marine Corps announced a major                    •	    All	Quiet	on	the	Western	Front,	by	Erich	Maria	Remarque
revision to the Marine Corps Professional Reading Program                  •	    Flags	of	Our	Fathers,	by	James	Bradley
List with the signing of ALMAR 027/11. The move was aimed                  •	    Ghost	Soldiers,	by	Hampton	Sides
at maintaining the reading list’s relevance and as an overall              Sergeant
revitalization to the aging program. Effective upon the signing of         •	    The	Killer	Angels,	by	Michael	Shaara
the all-hands message, commanding officers are to incorporate the          •	    A	Soldier’s	Load	and	the	Mobility	of	a	Nation,	by	S.L.A.	  	
new lists into command and unit Profession Military Education                    Marshall
programs.                                                                  •	    Storm	of	Steel,	by	Ernst	Junger
   Each Marine is required to read the Commandant’s Choice,                •	    With	the	Old	Breed,	by	E.B.	Sledge
“First to Fight: An Inside View of the U.S. Marine Corps,” by              Staff Sergeant
Lt. Gen. Victor H. Krulack, USMC (Ret.) and “The Marines                   •	    Attacks,	by	Erwin	Rommel
of Montford Point, America’s First Black Marines,” by Melton               •	    The	Face	of	Battle,	by	John	Keegan
A. McLaurin. Additionally, each Marine is charged to read a                      Gunnery Sergeant
minimum of one book in his grade per year.                                 •	    The	Savage	Wars	of	Peace,	by	Max	Boot
   The commandant strongly encouraged Marines to discuss and               •	    We	Were	Soldiers	Once	and	Young,	by	Harold	G.	Moore	and	   	
debate the issues raised by the books on the new list to broaden                  Joseph L. Galloway
their perspectives and to benefit from the experiences of others.          Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
By that design and proper implementation, professionally                   •	    The	Guns	of	August,	by	Barbara	W.	Tuchman
conducted book discussions are to unite Marines of varying ranks                 Master Gunnery Sgt/Sergeant Major
by providing a common literary frame of reference.                         •	    Achilles	in	Vietnam,	by	Jonathan	Shay
   Completion of these new requirements are to be noted on                 •	    The	Crisis	of	Islam,	by	Bernard	Lewis
individual Marine’s Proficiency and Conduct remarks or Fitness             •	    On	War,	by	Carl	von	Clausewitz
Reports Section I comments. How each Marine demonstrates his               •	    A	Peace	to	End	All	Peace,	by	David	Fromkin
completion of the annual requirement is at the discretion of his           2nd Lieutenant/Chief Warrant Officer 2
command.                                                                   •	    The	Art	or	War,	by	Sun	Tzu
   “I plan to have at least three or four more titles available in each    •	    Blink,	by	Malcolm	Gladwell
grade group, particularly some of the books that are suggested             •	    The	Savage	Wars	of	Peace,	by	Max	Boot
for multiple groups,” said Amy Roumell, MWR Librarian for                  1st Lieutenant/CWO3
the installation. “I also plan to order multiple copies of the two         •	    Transformation	of	War,	by	Martin	L.	van	Creveld
Commandant’s choice required books.”                                       •	    Attacks,	by	Erwin	Rommel
   Traditional mainstays like Elbert Hubbard’s, “A Message to              •	    Battle	Leadership,	by	Adolf	von	Schell
Garcia,” and E.B. Sledge’s, “With The Old Breed,” as well as               Captain/CWO4
many other juggernauts of Marine Corps doctrine from previous              •	    Starship	Troopers,	by	Robert	Heinlein	
commandants’ reading lists, have endured the comprehensive book            •	    The	Tipping	Point,	by	Malcolm	Gladwell
review board; however several literary classics and contemporary           •	    We	Were	Soldiers	Once	and	Young,	by	Harold	G.	Moore	and	   	
works relevant to a decade of combat operations will now have                     Joseph L. Galloway
opportunity to enlighten and influence the combat mindset of               Major/CWO5
today’s Marine.                                                            •	    The	Crucible	of	War,	by	Fred	Anderson
   Listed below are the Marine Corps’ Professional Reading                 •	    The	Guns	of	August,	by	Barbara	W.	Tuchman
Program’s books now available at the base library.                         •	    The	Landmark	Thucydides,	by	Robert	Strassler
                                                                           •	    Masters	of	War,	by	Michael	Handel
    Required Reading for All Grades                                        •	    One	and	Eagle,	by	Anton	Myrer
    •	                           V
        First	to	Fight:	An	Inside	 iew	of	the	U.S.	Marine	Corps,	by	Lt.	   •	    Team	of	Rivals,	the	Political	Genius	of	Abraham	Lincoln,	by	
        Gen. Victor H. Krulak, USMC (Ret.)                                       Doris Goodwin
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