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									                                                          Welland Primary Mixed Aged Planning
                                     Subject: Geography | Local Study (Welland), Contrasting U.K. Locality - Worcester
                                                                                Classes: 3, 4, 5

Session   P.O.S.    Activity                                                                                                 Skills
                                                                                         Year 3               Year 4             Year 5               Year 6
                                                                                                                                                      + Extension
  1       2e, 2g.   What do we know about Welland ? How does it look?                Observe simple         As Y3 + discuss      As Y4 + using a     As Y5 + organise
                    Complete a spider diagram demonstrating existing                 map & record           map features in      more detailed       map info
                    knowledge and understanding of our local area.                   relevant information   group. Extract &     map, suggest        systematically,
                    Maps from memory – use local O. S. map &                         on own group map.      interpret relevant   plan of action to   analyse & draw
                    http://local.live.com to discover position of Welland. Discuss                          information.         record map info.    conclusions.
                    physical features, surrounding villages etc. In groups of 3                                                  Check accuracy
                    make observations of outline map (differentiated)- reproduce                                                 of recording.
                    in groups. De-briefing- compare maps with original; discuss                                                  Interpret & begin
                    strategies, observations, problems etc. Add any omitted                                                      to analyse map
                    detail in another colour                                                                                     info.

 2&3      1a, 2c,   Enquiry – Where do I live? Where in the world is Welland?        Ask questions          As Y3 + more         As Y4 + record      As Y5 + Compare
          3b, 3c,   Recap from last lesson using www.local.live.com- Observe         about address-         detailed             key physical &      O.S. maps –
          3g, 6a,   images + 2 aerial photos of Welland- discuss key features,       What comes after       recording e.g. 1     human (if           1:25,000(orange) &
          7a, 7b.   differences, relate to maps. Use O. S. maps and screen           Welland? Make          map feature near     possible) feature   !:50,000 (pink) &
                    capture on IWB to locate Welland. Discuss scale, symbols         map observations       location             at each stage.      sketch maps of
                    (on IWB tools), co-ordinates/grid references, key physical &     & record letter/                            4 and (for G&T) 6   some stages in
                    human features. Write school address. Using road atlases,        number                                      fig grid refs.      address.
                    atlases & globe work outwards from village to locate             coordinates/grid                                                4 and (for G & T) 6
                    Welland’s position in relation to Malvern, River Severn,         refs.                                                           fig grid refs.
                    Worcester, South Worcestershire, WR13 6 NE, South of
                    Birmingham, West Midlands, England, U.K., British Isles,
                    Europe, Northern hemisphere, World. Write in English
                    books, Photocopy for Geography books.

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