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                            About Holistic Lifestyles Radio

    John Hollis Founded the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show January 2009. Holistic Lifestyles Radio is
    dedicated to carrying a message of hope to people in life that need to feel hope. John Hollis
    interviews many in the fields of holistic Lifestyles, health, addiction, rehabs, holistic reading,
    holistic thinking, holistic recovery, alternative medicine, natural healing, yoga, reiki, natural Child
    birth, rain forest secrets, Chinese medicine, metabolic balance, mind body spirit holistic,
    complimentary medicine, Alternative medicine, yoga, green lifestyles choices and much more.
    Holistic Lifestyles Radio’s guest hosts have been and are South Florida psychotherapist Kristy
    Summers, Green Wave Cafe "Vegan Live-Food Nutrition", Daniel Lubbers Of The Serenity Group,
    Roshid of the Griffins Loft and Writer / Biology Professor Dawn Maslar-Ranish the Broken Picker
    Fixer. Some past guests since January 2009 include authors and interventionists Ken Seeley of
    A&E Intervention, Raymond Francis of Beyond Health International, Rev. Leo Booth from Spiritual
    Concepts, and network builders like InTheRooms.com founders RT & Kenny P... Our past Doctors
    include Dr. Hepsharat Amadi of A Healing Journey, Dr. Joshua Rycus of Coral Springs, Dr. Julian
    Whitaker of Whitaker Institute, Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates of West Palm Beach, Dr. Etti
    Doctor of Holistic Nutrition Miami Beach, Holistic Moms Network and many others with Holistic
    Lifestyles. We have created new shows like “Third Eye Live” a production of Holistic Lifestyles
    Radio Show airing on our Saturday show at 4pm. Plus live entertainment like Richie Supa of
    Aerosmith at our many live broadcasts like Rally for Recovery, 12 Step Music Fest and
    Thanksgiving Day 2009 feed the hungry.

    Holistic Lifestyles Radio is providing the latest and best information to tens of thousands of
    listeners worldwide and exposing our growing number of messages to the widest possible
    audience for maximum effect. Call today at 1-877-799-8773 to find out more information.
                                How It Works

                                   Holistic Lifestyles Radio Inc.
                                     WWNN 1470 AM Radio
                                      Beasley Broadcasting

        BLOG TALK RADIO                 WWNN 1470 AM RADIO                  BLOG TALK RADIO
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           BLOG SPOT                     50,000 WATT SIGNAL                     MYSPACE
         HOME WEBSITE                                                            TWITTER
                                         BROWARD COUNTY                     INTHEROOMS.COM
            TWITTER                                                        VACANCYLOVE.COM
       INTHEROOMS.COM                   PALM BEACH COUNTY                     BLOGSPOT.COM
      VACANCYLOVE.COM                                                HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES RADIO.COM
HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES NETWORK’S                                            HOLISTIC NETWORK.COM
      WWNN 1470 AM RADIO & BEASLEY                          •   YOUR ADS WILL REACH 4 COUNTIES.
      Information on WWNN Listeners:                        •   ALONG WITH THE AIRWAVES, THERE’S
                                                                WWNN’S ONLINE
                                                                LISTENERS AS WELL.
•   3 out of every 4 listeners are 25 to 54 years of age.
                                                            •   HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES RADIO PURCHASES 10
•   60% are females....73% are professionals,                   HOURS A WEEK OF AIR TIME FROM BEASLEY
    executives and business people                              BROADCASTING AT WWNN AM 1470 RADIO.
•   WWNN is the only radio station in the tri-county        •   HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES RADIO IS ON THE AIR 7
    area with a 200% index for high income ($50,000+)           DAYS PER-WEEK.
•   60% of WWNN's audience has graduated college or         •   THIS TOTALS UP TO 520 HOURS OF AIR TIME
    better.                                                     PER YEAR.

                                                                         WWNN 1470 AM RADIO
•   50,000 WATT SIGNAL




                                                                Online Listeners
•   The Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show can                                             •   ADVERTISEMENTS ARE LISTENED TO DAILY ON ALL OUR
    be heard Monday- Friday 2-3pm EST,                                                     WEBSITES & SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES, LOCAL, REGIONAL,
                                                                                           NATIONAL, AND WORLDWIDE..
    Saturdays 4-6pm EST, and Sundays 9-
    Midnight EST on WWNN Am Radio 1470.                                                •   ALL ADVERTISERS ARE FEATURED ON THE DAILY POSTING
    Holistic Lifestyles Radio Production                                                   ANNOUNCEMENTS WITH ADVERTISERS INFORMATION AND
    provides an interactive means of                                                       LINKS THOUGH RSS FEEDS, SOCIAL NETWORKS AND
    involving online streaming to listeners                                                WEBSITES, ON THE DAYS YOUR AD’S RUN ON.
    from around the world. Every show we
    broadcast live through the following                                               •   OUR HOSTS ANNOUNCE YOU AT THE BEGINNING OF THE
                                                                                           SHOWS AND THE END OF THE SHOWS AS OUR FEATURED
    websites:                                                                              SPONSORS OR ADVERTISERS OF THE DAY.
    www.blogtalkradio.com/holistichealthtalk 12,000 listeners Per Day

•   www.holisticlifestylesradioshow.blogspot.com 100 Per Month                         •   YOU ALSO RECEIVE A FREE MEMBERSHIP TO OUR ON LINE
•   www.holisticmultimediaadvertising.blogspot.com 222 Per Month
                                                                                       •   PLUS WEB BANNERS AND LINKS ON OUR WEBSITE.
•   www.holistic-health-magazine.blogspot.com 110 Per Month

•   www.holistichealthradioandmagazine.blogspot.com 75 Per Month                       •   YOUR COMPANY & CONTACT INFORMATION WILL THEN BE
•   www.InTheRooms.com 60,000 Members Featured On Every Page
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                                                                                           AND GUEST INFORMATION. THIS INFORMATION IS FED TO RSS
•   www.vacacylove.com 10,000 Members featured on Every Page                               FEEDS. THE INFORMATION IS THEN SENT TO GOOGLE READER
                                                                                           AND ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES THAT ALLOW RSS FEEDS.
•   www.Facebook.com/john.hollis3 1300 Followers

•   www.facebook.com/holisticlifestylesradioshow 600 Followers

•   www.facebook.com/thirdeyelive 1500 Followers

•   www.Twitter.com/holisticstyles 400 Followers ( With Podcasts)

•   www.wwnnradio.com 1000 Followers

•   www.holisticlifestylesradio.ning.com (This Is New) 50 Members
    and our website www.holisticlifestylesradio.com (1500 Listeners Per-Month)
    .This list is not counting the Listeners that have choose to put our listen live
    links on their websites like Atlantic Shores Hospital. Please keep in mind
    these numbers are always going up so were we are now is only going up
    next month.

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                                               We Blog For Your Company
                                                               •    We Will Blog Your Company’s Information. As you know the More
                                                                    You Blog The More Your Information Based On Tags And Keywords
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    Blog Feed Capabilities, Which Enable Us
    To Do Written Blogs For Your Companies                     •    The Blogs Are Then Sent To Facebook, Twitter, Blog Talk Radio,
    Information, Events, Offerings, Or Any                          Myspace , And All Of The Other websites Or Social Media Networks
    Written information You Want Found On                           written On The Left Side Of This Page. Not Only Do Our Followers
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    Hard Content Search Engines. Stop                               Engines Under The Individual Website Or Social Media Search.
    Wasting Money On Click To Pay, And Let
    Our Hard Content RSS Feeds Launch                          •    Our News Letter Will Have Links And Articles On Our Advertisers On
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    Found. We Will Launch Any Information
    You Furnish Us With.                                       •    Your Company Is Found On Search Engines By Keywords And Tags.

•   www.blogtalkradio.com/holistichealthtalk                   •    Archived Widget Information Is Also A Key Factor Allowing Us To
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•   www.holisticlifestylesradioshow.blogspot.com                    Show Is Then On The Search Engines As Hard Content To Be Read
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•   www.holisticmultimediaadvertising.blogspot.com                  Have A Show That Is Listened To 5 Years From Now And Get A Call!

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•   www.InTheRooms.com 60,000 Members Featured On Every Page        List Of Advertisers. We Do This Though PRWeb.

•   www.vacacylove.com 10,000 Members featured on Every Page

•   www.Facebook.com/john.hollis3

•   www.facebook.com/holisticlifestylesradioshow

•   www.facebook.com/thirdeyelive

•   www.Twitter.com/holisticstyles

•   www.holisticlifestylesradio.ning.com

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Holistic Lifestyles Radio Ad Rates
Holistic lifestyles Radio Contact Information

                 Corporate Address
                 825 N.E. 12 Avenue
               Pompano Beach Florida, 33060
                      John Hollis
                Director of Operations
                     Lori Sullivan
                 Executive Producer
                     Dan Lubbers
                  Marketing Director

  Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show Phone - 877-799-8773
         Email -info@holisticlifestylesradio.com
                     Fax 954-785-0495

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