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Worcester Apartments for Rent - Boston Apartments - Apartments


                                    Phone Number
Shrewsbury-street-worcesterProperty Overview   Address
Wexford Village Apartments                (
                             All Floorplans877) 413-3038   29 Duncannon Avenue
Park Village West                         (
                             All Floorplans508) 433-1730   135 E. Main St.
City          State   Zip             Map
                              Neighborhood               1 Bedroom
                                               Efficiency/Studios 2 Bedroom
Worcester     MA      01604           Map It       $939   $1,071   $1,202
Westborough   MA      01581           Map It       $950   $1,100   $1,295
        4       Lofts
3 Bedroom Bedroom                  Allows Pets Conditioning Center
                            Townhomes       Air     Fitness Parking Pool(s)
     $1      $1    $1,071     $1,071        Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes
     $1      $1    $1,100     $1,100        Yes                     Yes
         Washer/Dryer in Unit Hookups
Onsite Laundry             Walk-in Closet
                 Washer/Dryer              Wireless Garage
                                    Hardwood Floors Internet           Furnished
                                                               Access Gates
Yes                       Yes                        Yes       Yes
Yes                       Yes               Yes      Yes       Yes
        Short-term Available
Cable-Ready                Small Large Dogs Negotiable
                                         Pets    Wheelchair Accessible
                 Cats Allowed Dogs Allowed Allowed
Yes             Yes      Yes     Yes
Three great resources to get you going
2.   Shrewsbury-street-worcester City Guide
3.   Shrewsbury-street-worcester Maps

10 Excellent Tips For A Cheap, Easy and Stress-Free Move
The moving process can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things that need to be done before you can sit back, relax, and e
With a little strategy and ingenuity, the moving process need not be a strain on your energy, your time, or your finances. We've
1.    Be aware of the Leasing Office hours
2.    Have a moving sale to get rid of old junk while making a little extra cash
3.    Fully prep and schedule your move so that everything is planned out from the packing stages through the unpacking stag
4.    Find FREE BOXES at grocery and liquor stores instead of spending $$$ on new ones
5.    Transfer your utilities as soon as possible and do not wait until the last minute
6.    Change your billing address with your bank, credit cards and any other business or person that needs to get mail to you
7.    Send an email out to your friends, family and co-workers with your change of address so they can send you some great h
8.    Pack a kit of the essentials like light bulbs, scissors, a hammer, paper towels, and snacks including bottled water.
9.    Mark each moving box with a piece of tape that displays the room that it belongs in or what is inside. Be sure to mark fra
10. Clean your new refrigerator and cabinets before you start stocking them with food.

What To Bring With You When You Lease Shrewsbury-street-worcester Apartments:
1.   State/Government Issued ID
2.   Proof of income
3.   Previous rental info for the past 2-3 years
4.   Social Security #
5.   Make, Model, Year and License Plate of Vehicles
6.   Pet info
7.   Emergency Contact info
8.   Payment for the application fee, deposit or set-up other fees

5 Basic Items to Make Sure of Before You Sign the Lease
Apartment leases must abide by state or local laws that govern both the resident's and the landlord/management companies rig
Although lease may vary here and there, there are a few things that should be included in every lease.
Be sure to keep the following things in mind to make sure you take a good look at before you put your signature on that dotted

1.             €Be
      Names †sure that the names of anyone who will be living in the apartment is included on the lease and they will be s
2.                                                                                                     t
      Address- The EXACT address and unit number should be indicated on the lease. you donâ€sign for one apartment and g
3.    Rent- Make sure the cost of rent is in writing on the lease before you sign
4.    Dates- The start and end dates of the lease should be clearly stated as well as info on what happens after your lease exp
5.    Extras- Also be sure to take note of policies on visitors, parking, subletting, repairs, renters insurance, and on pets.
before you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new Shrewsbury-street-worcester apartment.
 your time, or your finances. We've put together a list of 7 excellent tips to help you with a cheap, easy, and successful move.

g stages through the unpacking stage

erson that needs to get mail to you
 so they can send you some great housewarming gifts
acks including bottled water.
 what is inside. Be sure to mark fragile items as Fragile too!

 r Apartments:

andlord/management companies rights.

u put your signature on that dotted line.

uded on the lease and they will be signing if needed
u donâ€sign for one apartment and get stuck with another

n what happens after your lease expires, the cost of going month to month and your penalty for breaking the lease.
enters insurance, and on pets.
and successful move.

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