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					       Shomrei Emunah Weekly Bulletin
September 15, 2012             28 of Elul 5772                         Shabbos Parshas Nitzavim                                 Vol. 2 No. 55
        CONGREGATION SHOMREI EMUNAH               6221 GREENSPRING AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD 21209               410-358-8604 FAX 410-358-0664

Message from the President
I want to start by thanking Chanie & Boruch Bernstein and Ayelet & Michael Shore for chairing the end of summer BBQ. Big thanks all those who helped with the food,
manning the booths and activities. There were over 300 people in attendance! This event was just the right way to end the summer. Please look for the pictures that
are hanging by the Shul office. Thank you to Shlomo Horwitz who sang and inspired us before Selichos this past Motzei Shabbos. This was our inaugural Kumzitz
before Selichos! Thank you to Mordechai and Rochel Diamond for initiating and implementing the Pre-Yom Tov Mall Event this past Sunday. We had over 35
different vendors participate! Going to one place with lots of vendors made Yom Tov shopping just a little easier… Also, I am excited to report to that our new
Shomrei Emunah Website ( has been launched and is live! Thank you to Natan Berry and Adam Edelman for their collaboration and input in
this project. Hopefully, you will use this new tool.
There are many styles in which to prepare for a big event. Some people
might begin way in advance, while others wait to the last possible minute.
At Shomrei Emunah, we began thinking of Rosh Hashanah as far back as
last year Motzei Rosh Hashanah—and really started to gear up in May.
Our goal and focus in our preparation for the holiest days of the year was
to continue our commitment to spiritual growth. We are striving for greater
heights by trying to engage in more learning, davening with more kavanah
and by giving more Tzedakah. Since that time, we have accomplished…
• The office staff, Shira and Rivky, sending out the Yomim Noraim
    mailing, organizing the reservations, and preparing the Yom Tov
• The seating committee, Hilly Kagan, Larry Ziffer and Avi Zuckerbrod,
    talking to our members and assigning seats to best fit everyone’s needs
• The Gabbei Tzedakah, Yosef Wolf, collecting and dividing the extra
    Tzedakah collections
• David Zuckerbrod, compiling the Book of Life
• Hillel Soclof, overseeing the memorial plaques
• The Gabbaim, David Bienenstock, Myron Froehlich, Tzvi Atlas, Chaim
    Wealcatch and Alan Taragin, preparing for both Minyanim
• Yosef Shpilman, organizing the tables for the auxiliary minyan
• Rosemary Warschawski and Shimmy Weichbrod, compiling and
    publishing the Kol Hashomrim publication
• The Sisterhood, Leah Berry, Rebbetzin Marwick and Risa Levi arranging
    the babysitting program
• The many Baalei tefillah, Baalei Kriah, and Baalei Tekiah have been
    practicing and preparing
• The members who have been researching and learning in order to give
This list goes on and on….
As you can see from the preparation of the Yomim Noraim and the most
recent events listed above, nothing falls into place at Shomrei Emunah
without the dedication of selfless individuals for our Tzibur. For that, we all
applaud them and say THANK YOU for your endless devotion to our Shul.
I want to take this opportunity to personally wish you and your family a
Shana Tova U’Mesuka and a Chasiva V’Chasima Tova. Thank you for your
support, encouragement, and dedication to our Kehilla. And may we
continue to share in many simchos with each other, B’ezras Hashem, this
coming year in Yerushalayim.
Have a wonderful Shabbos and a good yom tov,

Shul Notes
•   Please check the website or the shul lobby for Selichos and Rosh Hashanah schedules. Also, please note that some of the selichos times have changed.
•   The New Kol Hashomrim for Yomim Noraim 5773 is now available online and in the shul lobby.
•   Rabbi Marwick’s Shiurim are now available online in MP3 format. A link is available on the Shomrei Website (
•   Aliyos If you have a Bar Mitzvah or Aufruf coming up, please contact David Bienenstock at to arrange your Aliyos.
•   Shomrei Emunah Women's Summer Lecture Series 5772 This year’s topic is “Me’arba Kanfot Ha’aretz – Jewish Communities Around the World”. The Shiur
    will take place in the G. Leonard Rubin Bais Medrash at 5:00 PM. The final lecture, given this week, is on subject is on St. Petersburg, given by Esther Krug.
•   Janet Sunness' Sunday 8:00 PM class for women on Rav Schwab on Prayer will not be held for the next few weeks. It will resume on September 23, 8pm,
    with the study of Baruch She’amar.
•   Nesivos Shalom Shiur given by Dr. Tommy Weiss, takes place each Shabbos morning at 8:30am in the Board Room.
•   Shomrei Emunah's Chessed Committee is involved in Bikur Cholim, meal preparation and delivery, and various other types of assistance within our
    kehilla. In times of stress or uncertainty, there is a helping hand. The Chessed volunteers will support you in whatever way is necessary. All you have to do is
    let us know by calling the shul office at (410) 358-8604 or by emailing Rochel Katz, the committee chair, at To volunteer for
    any of the categories listed above, please contact Rochel Katz, the committee chair, at
•   Shidduch Meeting Sunday Sept 23, 8-10 pm at the home of Bonnie Pollak, 2526 Willow Glen Drive.

                                                                                                                                                                 V1 SW
                Shabbos Parshas Nitzavim                                          Mazel Tov
                                                                                  • Rabbi and Mrs. Asher Stein on the birth of a grandson to their children
       September 15, 2012 / 28 of Elul 5772                                         Yisroel Yaakov and Michal Stein of Norfolk, VA. Mazel Tov to the other
                                                                                    grandparents Yosey and Sima Goldstein and a special Mazel Tov to the
Mincha:       7:00pm                       Candle Lighting: 6:57pm                  great-grandparents Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Stein.

Shacharis: 7:00am                         Nesivos Shalom: 8:30am
                                                                                  Memorial Donations
                                                                                  • Bruce and Julie Fried in memory of Julie’s father, Rabbi Jerry Pruzansky,
              8:15am                            Sof Z'man                           2 of Tishrei. Donation of flowers for Rosh Hashanah.
              9:00am                          Krias Sh'ma: 9:54am
Mincha:       2:00pm                                Daf Yomi: 4:45pm              Daf Yomi
              4:15pm                                    Shiur: 5:45pm             • Pearl and Dr. Marcel Reischer in memory of Pearl’s father, Shmuel
                                                                                    Weizenfeld, 21 of Elul.
              7:05pm                                                              • Margerite Shulman in memory of her mother, Emma Stein, 4 of Tishrei.
Maariv:       7:58pm
Shalosh Seudos Speaker: Seymour Kleiman
                                                                                        !!!! Shomrei Emunah Sukkos Sale !!!!
Shalosh Seudos Sponsor
• Pearl and Dr. Marcel Reischer in memory of Pearl’s father, Shmuel               In addition to the Arba Minim pre-orders processed through the Shul
  Weizenfeld, 21 of Elul.                                                         office, Shomrei Emunah Youth will once again be running a community-
• Seymour Kleiman in memory of his mother, Ida, 3 of Tishrei.                     wide sale benefitting Shomrei Youth programs, where Arba Minim and
                                                                                  other Sukkos items will be available.
Notes for this week:
⇒ Pirkei Avos Chapter 5, 6.                                                       The sale will take place in the hallways and Social Hall from Thursday
                                                                                  September 20th through Erev Sukkos.
Next Week: Shabbos Shuvah - Parshas Vayelech
                                                                                  Please remind your non-Shul member friends about this great way to
Mincha:       6:50pm                       Candle Lighting: 6:46pm                support our youth programs, and if you did not pre-order we look
                                                                                  forward to seeing you as well!
                    Fast of Tzom Gedaliah
                     Wesnesday, September 19th                                         Shomrei Emunah's website has been
                                                                                          completely redone! Visit us at
     Fast Begins: 5:39am                 Ma’ariv:          7:30pm
                                                                           to see our new and
     Mincha:               6:45pm        Fast Ends:        7:51pm                               improved look!

Herschey     Hawk          Mother      28 Elul      Celia      Hawk
Rachel       Frankel       Mother      29 Elul      Pepa       Bruh
David        Finkelstein   Father       1 Tishrei   Bernard    Finkelstein
Sam          Finkelstein   Father       1 Tishrei   Bernard    Finkelstein
Michael      Lowenstein    Grandmother 1 Tishrei    Else       Lowenstein
William      Benjamin      Sister       2 Tishrei   Elaine     Gaby
Julie        Fried         Father       2 Tishrei   Jerry      Pruzansky
Helaine      Bondar        Father       3 Tishrei   George     Gross
Seymour      Kleiman       Mother       3 Tishrei   Ida        Kleiman
Tessa        Lebinger      Father       4 Tishrei   Max        Gorenstein
Zena         Haber         Husband      4 Tishrei   Harry      Haber
Chaim        Haber         Father       4 Tishrei   Harry      Haber
Barbara      Bass          Father       4 Tishrei   William    Kaplan
Margerite    Shulman       Mother       4 Tishrei   Emma       Stein

Shachris Selichos times are in italic                                 DAVENING TIMES
  Erev R”H                               Tzom Gedaliah                               Legal Holidays             Rosh Chodesh        This Week: 9/20:
   Sunday             Rosh Hashana       Wednesday       Thursday      Friday    S, Tu, W, F Mon, Thu         Sunday    Weekday     Mincha: 5:40pm (BM)
  5:35 (MS)                               5:40 (BM)      5:45 (BM)   5:55 (BM)
                                                                                                                                            6:55pm (MS)
  6:20 (MS)                               6:20 (BM)      6:20 (BM)   6:30 (BM)   6:20 (MS)    6:10 (MS)       6:05 (MS)   6:10 (BM)
                                          6:05 (MS)      6:10 (MS)   6:20 (MS)                                                      Maariv: After Mincha,
                                          7:00 (MS)      6:50 (MS)   7:00 (MS)                                            6:40 (MS)         10:00pm
  6:15(BM)                                6:40 (SH)      6:40 (SH)   6:50 (SH)
  7:15 (BM)                               7:20 (BM)      7:20 (BM)   7:30 (BM)   7:15 (BM)    7:15 (BM)       7:15 (BM)   7:15 (BM)   Additionl Selichos:
  6:45 (MS)                               7:30 (MS)      7:30 (MS)   7:30 (MS)                                                                10:00pm
  8:00 (MS)                               8:00 (MS)      8:00 (MS)   8:00 (MS)   8:00 (MS)    8:00 (MS)       8:00 (MS)   8:00 (MS)
  8:15 (MS)                               8:25 (MS)      8:25 (MS)   8:25 (MS)
  9:00 (MS)                               8:50 (MS)      8:50 (MS)   8:50 (MS)   9:00 (MS)    9:00 (MS)       9:00 (MS)   9:00 (MS)
MS - Main Shul, BM - Bais Medrash, SH - Social Hall
 • Shiur For Men 35 and Under Given by Rabbi Marwick. The Shiur
                                                                                              YOUTH                         NEWS
    meets every other Monday, from *9:00-10:00pm to study Ramban                  Shabbos Youth Programs
    Al HaTorah. Next meeting date is TBD. Please contact Noam                     •   Older Boys Groups - Tower Classroom 1, 10:20
    Shiman at
                                                                                  •   Beginner’s Minyan - Classroom 1, 10:00 - end of Shul
 • *NEW TIME: Rabbi Marwick's New Parsha Shiur for Men and                        •   Older Girls Groups - Kallah Room,10:00 - end of Shul
    Women! This Shiur takes place in the main shul on alternating                 •   Younger girls groups - Board Room,10:00- end of Shul
    Monday evenings at *7:30pm, followed by Mincha/Maariv. Next                   •   Babysitting - Classroom 2 , Time: 9:15 - end of Shul
    meeting date is TBD. Contact Barry Levi at                •   Youth (Teen) Minyan - Classroom 3, 9:15
    with any questions.

 • The    “Shomrei Post-Carpool Shiur for Women” Join                             Happy Birthday to all Shomrei Youth with
    Rabbi Marwick on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 in Classroom #1 for
    a weekly discussion of contemporary issues connected to the
                                                                                  September Birthdays!!
                                                                                  Is your child’s birthday in September and not on this list? Fill out the
    Parsha.    Please      contact    Rabbi       Marwick      at
                                                                                  youth survey on the Shul web site! with any questions.
                                                                                   Chaya Bernard            Eliyahu Levi             Daniella Tikva
 • Thursday Morning Shiur on Contemporary Halachic Issues                          Baruch Friedman          Aliza Marwick              Shields
    This Shiur is given by Rabbi Marwick for men in Classroom #1.                  Leah Friedman            Doni Mayer               Yehoshua Soskil
    Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am. For more information please
    contact David Bienenstock at
                                                                                   Eden Gershman            Chaim Meth               Talya Stehley
                                                                                   Gila Gershman            Rui Miller               Aliza Taragin
 • *Note New Time*: “Pizza & Parsha” for Students & Young                          Meira Gross              Kayla Perlmutter         Raizy Volosov
    Professionals ages 17-29 Join Rabbi Marwick for a weekly Torah                 Yaakov Hurvitz           Tehilla Portnoy          Chaya Wealcatch
    discussion group on Thursday nights at Congregation Shomrei                    Dara Kagan               Avrumi Portnoy           Noam Weichbrod
    Emunah in classroom 3 at *6:30 p.m. This program is dedicated L’ilui           Rivka Lasson             Eitan Robbins            Yaakov Simcha
    Nishmas Gilad Schwartz and is funded in part by a grant from the
    Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education through
    its Jewish Educational Enhancement Program. The series for 5772 is            All Shabbos morning programs will take
    sponsored in memory of Dr.’s Eliot & Sandra Shimoff.
                                                                                  place as usual this week.
 • Halachic Themes from the Parsha Shiur Join Rabbi Marwick on
    Thursday evenings from 10:15-11:00 p.m. This past week's topic:
    Kneeling and Bowing on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur: What is
    the Paper Towel for?".
                                                                                                Shomrei Youth Sukkos Events
 • The Rav’s Mishnayos Shiur! Attention Boys entering 5th, 6th &
    7th grade. The Rav’s Mishnayos club. Place: Rav’s Office @                    Details regarding the annual Decorate the Shomrei Sukkah Event,
    5:15p.m. Topic: Maseches Yoma. Refreshments will be provided.                 The Shomrei Youth Sukkah Hop and the Chol Hamoed Paintball
                                                                                  Trip will be in future bulletins and Shul emails. Stay tuned!
 • Shabbos Afternoon Shiur - Brachos 30a: The Proper Direction of
    Prayer: Towards Eretz Yisrael or the Aron Kodesh?                             Please be aware that our regular youth groups will not be taking
                                                                                  place during Rosh Hashana.

          Please Daven for a Refuah Sheleimah for:
                     Rivkah bas Yehudis (Rivkah Mako)
                             Miriam bas Celia
                                                                                           AFFORDABLE ASSISTED LIVING
                   Moshe Avraham ben Alexandra Simone                                            "STERLING HOSPITALITY"
                    Gellah bas Leah– Greta Schlossberg
                          Refael Danial Ben Sarah                                          PROVIDES LOVING CARE WITH DIGNITY
                         Yonatan Chaim ben Malka
                         Yosef Nachum ben Malka                                                    7015 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE
                           Miriam bas Shprintza                                                  EMAIL STERLINGCARE@MSN.COM
                    Yeshayah Shalom ben Malka Gittel
                             Yonah ben Hendel
                                                                                                      OR CALL 410-318 -8999
                           Yoel Yisroel Ben Gittel
 *Please note: we have updated the Cholim list; to request a name, please email

YOMIM NORAIM INFORMATION:                                                                                Save the Date!
Bidding on Aliyos will close at midnight on September 13. Please be sure to
                                                                                                             March 1, 2013
submit your bid. If you have already placed a bid, please be sure to check
online for the current status.
                                                                                               Shabbos Across America
Shofar Blowing                                                                                         More Details to Come.
Anyone who needs Shofar blowing for the homebound, please contact
David Bienenstock ASAP at 443-928-7718.
Community Notes
• Help Hatzalah of Baltimore receive up to $250,000 by simply              • Reminder: Halfway to Sinai-Ayshel Avraham remains open through
  visiting and casting                 Simchas Torah 5773, b'ezras Hashem. If you will be walking to
  your vote! You can receive an extra vote by sharing a link from the        Sinai Hospital, Levindale or any other far-away places on Shabbos
  Chase Community Giving app to your timeline. If one of your                or Yom Tov, you can have a cold drink and rest your feet on the
  friends’ links back to the Chase Community Giving app and casts a          porch of 3000 Glen Avenue (corner Key Ave.) or 5932 Cross
  vote of their own, you’ll earn an extra vote! You can use your extra       Country Blvd (corner Simmonds Ave.). For more information, call
  vote on one of the two charities you already voted for, or a new           410-466-3132.
  charity—it’s up to you! In addition as special thanks, Chase             • Talmudical Academy’s Chol Hamoed Outing- at "Players"
  customers will have two extra votes. To use your customer                  Thursday, October 4th (2nd day Chol Hamoed) 1PM-6PM, call T.A.
  appreciation votes, just go to, log in,              410-484-6600 x315 for details.”
  search for Hatzalah of Baltimore, and cast your vote! If you have
  questions about Hatzalah of Baltimore or would like to get
  involved        with     this project,         please      contact or call 410-585-0054.

                                                                                            JobKatif Benefit Concert
                                                                                      ‘Music and the Message of Gratitude’
                                                                                      Featuring an All Star cast of Musicians
                                                                              Directed by Avraham Rosenblum of the Diaspora Band
                                                                            Featuring 12 accomplished musicians: Yehuda Bergman, Avrohom
                                                                            Finkelstein, Zev Goldenberg, Nossi Gross, Gary Honick, Shlomo
             LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN!                                    Horwitz, Steve Levin, Max Mesinter, Yehudah Mond, Avraham Reich,
The Daf-a-Week Shiur will be iy”H be finishing Maseches Avoda               Avraham Rosenblum, and Shmuel Simenowitz.
Zara around Succos time, and will then begin Maseches Kiddushin.            • Motzei Shabbat, November 17th, 8:30 p.m.
We learn hard, play hard and pray hard. 30 minutes a day,                   • Esteemed community Rabbis Goldberger, Hauer, Marwick, & Silber
Monday through Friday. Starts at 7:45am.                                    • Beth Tfiloh’s Mintzes Theatre
We strive for clarity in the Gemara, Rashi, some Tosafos and                • All proceeds matched by the Israeli Government on 3 to 1 basis.
Rishonim, and periodically review the halachic outcomes of a given          • Additional information, please contact Mike Lowenstein at 410-409-
topic. Because the pace is more relaxed, we have the ability to                8967
review the previous day's learning, and everyone has the
opportunity to ask questions. (Some questions are even answered).
As a result, we don't always finish the full daf in one week. But that's
ok, abi m'lernt.
Topics include marriage, Eved Ivri, Kibud Av v'Em, Shlichus (use of an            CONGREGATION SHOMREI EMUNAH
agent), Mamzerus and others. Find out why Kiddushin has been a
favorite in the Yeshiva world for centuries. For details, please speak             
to Shlomo Horwitz. Watch this space for the exact time we will                      6221 Greenspring Avenue Baltimore, MD 21209
begin Kiddushin.                                                                        410 358 8604      Fax 410 358 0664

                                                                                                           OFFICE HOURS:
       CORNER OF FORDS LANE                                                             Billing: Monday through Friday 9:00am-12:00pm
                                                                                                   Rentals & General Information:
                  6404 REISTERSTOWN ROAD                                                         Monday-Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                                                     Friday 8:30am-12:30pm
     REFUA PHARMACY &                                                                                    PHONE CONTACTS:

     MEDICAL SUPPLY INC.                                                                           Office: 410-358-8604 ext 2
                                                                                                  Rabbi Binyamin Marwick: ext 1
                   410-585-0055                                                                     Mr. Yosef Shpilman: ext 6

              ALL INSURANCE ACCEPTED                                        EMAIL CONTACTS:
                   FREE DELIVERY                                            Rabbi Marwick ...........................................
                                                                            Avi Greenlinger, President ....................
                                                                            Yosef Shpilman..........................................
                       NOW ON SALE:                                         Rivky Carriger .................................................
                                                                            Shira Glickman .................................................
                SUPPORT LEG WEAR
                                                                            Josh Zaslow ......................................................
                  DIABETIC SOCKS                                            Bulletin ............................................................
   BACK TO SCHOOL: KNEE SOCKS - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE                            Chessed Committee ....................................
                                                                            Sisterhood ................................................

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