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   21Ten Review
                                   Welcome to my 21Ten review. In this review we will go over the basics of 21Ten opportunity.

                                   There is a new MLM company called 21Ten which came into network marketing scene recently when it held its
                                   launch in February corporate event in Las Vegas. 21Ten is owned by a company called Oxyfresh that has been in
                                   the MLM industry for over 25 years.

                                   21Ten is marketing a nutritional drink product called Life Shotz that is said to promote anti-aging, natural energy
                                   boost, improving mood and immune system support. The product comes with ten sticks of powder the Life Shotz
                                   to be mixed with 8 to 12 ounces of water, at a cost of $ 30 per box. There is no cost to break with regard to the
                                   number of boxes purchased. You buy 8 boxes, you pay $ 240.

                                   Some of the hottest names in self-motivation to participate in their personal development pod casts, especially
                                   network marketing legend, author and mentor to Mark Yarnell and legendary NBA Lakers coach Phil Jackson

                                   21Ten decided not to go with premixed drinks and to go with a powder to be mixed at the time of consumption.
                                   This is for several reasons; the main reason being to help control the impact on the environment, the consumer
                                   can easily carry with them whenever they are, and shipping costs are dramatically reduced.

                                   The cost to enroll and become a distributor in 21Ten is $ 50 with an annual renewal fee of an additional $ 20 and
                                   includes the first kit.

                                   21Ten offers a lot of the same line of traditional support of most network marketing companies through seminars
                                   and meetings in certain places around the country to inform their partners and customers about their products and
                                   business opportunity. With your product, although unique, being a little expensive could be more than a hard sell
                                   to try to build a significant organization through friends, family and everyone in your social circle.

                                   Most 21 ten reviews will tell you that you need this or that to be successful and I am here to tell you guys no
                                   mater if you join 21Ten or any other MLM company you will need to learn how to market your business. I
                                   teach 1,000’s to market and actually make money in the home based business industry. I will actually take
                                   you inside my business and show you how I run and market my business. I will show you every tool,
                                   method and strategy I utilize daily to build and promote my business. Opt-in below and get on my mailing list and I
                                   will share with you my getting started the right way video training series.

                                   I will share with you the actual strategy that I used to get you here on my site and many more. I will not fill up your
                                   email with worthless offers and waste your time. This will not be what you normally see. You will see my daily
                                   activities, how I do it and for how long. Go ahead and fill in your name, email and phone number (optional) and
                                   see for yourself. If I do not come through on offering you real value, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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