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					April 2012

      ABATE Events that you do not want to miss!
                                                                                     Socialize Liberally - Drink Responsibly

                                                                                    Jack Daniel’s Experience
                                                                                   Fundraiser Friday, May 11th
                                                                                      Tickets on sale April 2nd at all
                                                                                     Captain Jacks locations and the
                                                                                               ABATE office.
                                                                                         Rooms Available at Ramkota Inn &
                                                                                         Express Way Inn - Mention ABATE

                                                                          THE ROAD
                                                                          THE ROAD

                                                                      MOTORCYCLES ARE
                                                                           Watch for May is Motorcycle Safety and
   June 8th - 10th 2012                                                       Awareness events in your district.
     ABATE Membership Party - Must be 21                                 Make sure to buy your Share the Road card at
    Menoken Grove - 13 miles east of Bismarck.                                   participating businesses.
             If your membership EXPIRES in APRIL or before. THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST NEWSLETTER!! PLEASE RENEW TODAY!!!
                     1001 S 22ND ST Bismarck ND 58504 • 701-223-5609 • 1-800-726-4094 • www.abatend.com

      Permit No. 419
       Mailed From
        US Postage
      Nonprofit Org.
April 2012                                          `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                                       Volume 37 Issue 4

                                                                                             DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                               District 1                     Divide-Williams-Mountrail-McKenzie
                                                                               Craig “Rattler” Metcalf                          701-774-8463

                                                                               District 2          Burke -Renville-Bottineau-Ward -McHenry-Pierce
                                                                               Woody & June Seemann                             701-721-5560
       ABATE OF ND                   STATE OFFICERS
Executive Officers:                                                             District 3           Rolette -Towner-Eddy-Benson-Ramsey-Cavalier
Don Faber President           don@abatend.com . .             .   226-4884
                                                                               Frank Johanson                                   701-662-7198
Roy Towne V Pres              towneroy@yahoo.com              .   226-1469
                                                                               Doug Hursman                                     701-370-9692
Larry Stevahn Treasurer       larstevahn42@q.com .            .   223-9737
Genie Sauvageau Secretary genie_sauvageau@mmi.net.            .   471-0352
                                                                               District 4                     Pembina-Walsh-Nelson-Grand Forks
                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                               Open - Interested? Call or email the ABATE office
Tom Birkholz           tbirk@btinet.net . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 214-3194
Coop                   coopjr69@hotmail.com . . . . . . . . 471-3388           District 5                                         Steele-Traill-Cass
Kim Brandner           kimbrandner@hotmail.com . . . . . 220-5669
                                                                               Wayne Halverson                                  701-893-5394
Randy Love             rl@bis.midco.net . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 220-1655
                                                                               Matt Maier                                       701-321-5683
Jay “Bird” Toepke      jbirdt@bis.midco.net . . . . . . . . . . 226-9030
                                                                               District 6                              Ransom - Richland - Sargent
                       OFFICE STAFF                                            Open - Interested? Call or email the ABATE office
Executive Director
Michael “Cutter” Jay cutter@abatend.com. . . . .701-391-3062                   District 7                   Barnes-Dickey-Foster-Griggs-LaMoure
Administrative Assistant -Part time mornings                                   Kurt “Jerry” Isakson                             701-883-4493
Roxie Hopfauf         roxie@abatend.com . . . . .701-223-5609
                                                                               District 8                  Kidder-Logan-McIntosh-Stutsman-Wells
Marketing & Promotions Director                                                Al Martell                                       701-320-0351
Janet Frost         janet@abatend.com . . . . .701-471-2231                    George Quigley                                   701-320-5355
Membership Coordinator/Office Assistant - Part time afternoons
Alice Mosbrucker   alice@abatend.com . . . . .701-223-5609                     District 9                     Burleigh-Emmons-McLean-Sheridan
                                                                               Kent Fischer                                     701-255-3584

             NDMSP           RIDER COACHES
                                                                               District 10                 Grant - Mercer - Oliver - Morton - Sioux
          Greg Haug - Sheldon Babeck - Lonnie Bertsch                          Kim Brandner                                     701-220-5669
    Mike Cooper - David Kilber - Dave Mills - Wayne Maruska
 Jim & Jan Bailey - Mark Arndt - Thomas Johnston - Derek Schatz
                                                                               District 10 North           Grant - Mercer - Oliver - Morton - Sioux
                                                                               Rick Drown                                       701-891-1662
     Ed Strenkowski - Brock Callina - Todd & Jennifer Zewick
                                                                               Kim & Alice Grinsteinner                         701-891-8565
   Michael Hauf - Suzette Perron - Rod Krause - Dave Parsons
   Glen Weinmann - Jim Keal - Kevin Bernier - Joseph Grotjohn
            Steve & Marge Hohnadel - Paul Lenzmeier                            District 11                      Billings-Dunn-Golden Valley-Stark
                                                                               Kevin Wojahn                                     701-227-1508

The North Dakota Motorcyclist is the official monthly publica-                  District 12                        Adams-Bowman-Hettinger-Slope
tion for ABATE of ND. Abate is a non-profit organization whose
                                                                               Doug & Terry Storer                              701-523-5814
primary purpose is to educate our citizens on motorcycle safety.
                                                                               Drew & Nichole Henderson                         701-212-2147
The state office is located at 1001 S 22nd St Bismarck, ND 58504
      A.B.A.T.E. of North Dakota
                                                                                  ABATE OF ND MEMBERSHIP FEES
       American Bikers Aiming Toward Education
                                                                                    US: $25 Annually Canadian: $30 Annually
                                                                                Your membership entitles you to: $3000 Insurance policy for an
        Membership Reward Incentives                                           Accidental Death or Dismemberment. Discounts to ABATE events
                                                                                nationwide. Possible insurance discounts. 12 issues of The North
  Sign up Three NEW Members - next year is free!                                Dakota Motorcyclist, our way of informing you on events across
  Sign up Ten NEW Members - receive an embroidered lined                         the nation and of Legislative issues pertaining to motorcycling.
  denim shirt with the ABATE logo.
  Sign up Twenty NEW members - receive $100 product line                         CHECK YOUR CARDS FOR YOUR RENEW DATE.
  shopping spree.                                                                If your renew date is April 2012, (04/2012) or before this will
                                                                                be your last newsletter. Renew online today at www.abatend.com

April 2012                                             “Let’s Ride Together”                          Volume 37 Issue 4

A message from our President...
Greetings fellow
ABATE members.
Well it looks as if
spring has sprung
early this year.
With a warmer and
dry winter this season.
I have seen a lot
of bikes out on the
nicer days. Before youu                                                  “Get out of your place
know it, summer will
be knocking on the d door.                                                                     ”
                                                                        and get into Our Place!”
Until then we have bike shows and preventative maintenance
to get us ready for the season. The bike shows are a great way
to get out and visit with friends, checkout some cool bikes,
see what new products are out there from the vendors and
support a good cause as most of the bike shows are raising
money for various charities in their area.                                      Live Music - Fun People -
As far as preventative maintenance, before you get the urge                    Pool & Darts and Cold Beer!
to jump on your scoot and go, did you think to check your
tires? Low tire pressure can make for a lousy ride. What about          Monday - Friday: 1:00 pm - 1:00 am
weather checking - of your tires. Just because that tire has              Saturday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
tread and holds air doesn’t make it a good tire. If your not
into doing your own maintenance then get your scoot into a
shop early so you don’t miss a single day of summer riding.         223-1901        1305 E Front Ave, Bismarck
Now lets talk about maintaining our own skill level and
health. I have met a lot of people in my life but I have never
met anyone who was perfect. (except my wife) We all could
use a refresher course from time to time to hone our skills
and make us better riders.
Last year we had too many fatal crashes and I don’t want
to lose anymore friends. So check over your bike and think
about your skill set before it’s too late. ABATE of ND has
gone above and beyond to make it well worth your time to
take a safety course with our new incentives for members.
The only thing you need to do is take responsibility for your-
self, get trained, ride within you own limitations and always
ride responsibly. We owe it to ourselves, our families and to
all riders to set a good example. Well that’s about enough of
that, for this time.
Until next month.....Ride Free // Ride Safe
                                            Don Faber

April 2012                                  `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                              Volume 37 Issue 4

                                                                  $1000 check to MRF. Coop, 2nd. Janet will make two baskets
                                                                  of Pride of Dakota Products to use as silent auction items.
                                                                  The Menoken Committees have been filled and our meeting
                                                                  will be extended to cover Menoken plans.
                                                                  May is Motorcycle Awareness Month: Janet has been getting
                                                                  cards ready for the “donate a $1” fundraiser. You will see
                                                                  “Share the Road” cards at all participating supporters. With
                                                                  the help of our district reps, we will have the whole state cov-
                                                                  ered. Janet is working on a promotion to pitch to motorcycle
      Tuesday, March 6th                                          shops statewide. The goal is to raise awareness, raise money
Attendance: Don, Roy, Jay, Randy, Genie, Cutter, Coop, Tom,       and provide training. She will keep us informed on this.
Janet, Kent, Cutter, Larry, Little Herm                           Kent and Janet have be thinking of combing the Toy Run and
Order: 7 pm                                                       the ABATE Family Rally. These events can benefit each other
                                                                  and maybe create new awareness on the Family Rally.
Secretary Minutes: Approved Coop, Larry 2nd
                                                                  The AMVETS asked if we would like to advertise in their
Treasure Report: Gaming: $3,423.41 General: $1,485.53 Sav-        State Convention booklet for $100. Coop, Genie 2nd.
ings: $49,327.66 Little Spoke: $10,988.48 and Trust: $2,421.55
Jay, Randy 2nd                                                    Membership Report: Our numbers are up in all categories
                                                                  which is wonderful! Alice is working on a new membership
Gaming Report: The Hide-A-Way location is doing extremely         reporting method and will show it to us when it is finalized.
well!! We appreciate all your support at this location.
                                                                  Old Business /New Business: We have met with C-RAM.
Education Report: The reservations have been made for             The ABATE site will get a new look as requested other than
Greg and Lonnie to attend Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s          the color. Coop made a motion to accept the cost estimate of
Training update in Kentucky. Lonnie will stay longer for more     changes and Alice’s training up to date the site. Tom 2nd.
training to be a Lead Rider Coach.
                                                                  Kent mentioned he was asked if we are doing the ABATE
Cutter and our people in Fargo have found a new location for      night at the races again. We’ll pass on this for this year.
the NDMSP site. This property has easy access and is reason-
ably priced. Cutter will get going on the lease standards and     Randy made a motion to donate two JD Experience tickets
will contact the BOD with all the details hopefully before the    the DAV silent auction, Motion passed Roy 2nd.
April meeting.                                                    Don contacted the Menoken 4H to see where we are with the
All the sites are lined up for the 2012 training season. Alice    approval to put in a new stage. He has a price to get the stage
and Roxie are working on a letter for all the new members we      done and will work to get it pushed through 4H.
signed up thru NDMSP last year. We hope they will renew           We spoke about getting higher quality Membership Awards
their memberships and continue their education by taking the      Jackets. These are for people that sign up 10 -15 new mem-
ERC course. We have great membership benefits, so please, if       bers a year. We will keep you updated. on what we find out.
you have any potential new members, get them signed up!!
                                                                  Cutter was contacted by some lawyers to help sponsor a bill
Cutter met with the National Guard to speak to them about         against the trucking industry and having covered loads. He
a training ad and putting their talents to work. He has worked    will keep us informed on the details as he learns more.
with Midcontinent Communications on a storyboard for a
drinking and driving campaign as well. Tom, Roy 2nd                MRF Report: Tom gave us a short report on what’s going
                                                                  on around the country. Tom will have more next month after
Marketing / Promotions: Janet has been getting all the details    returning from Heartland STEAM.
worked out for the Jack Daniel’s Experience event coming up
on May 11th. The promo bag stuffers are at all the Captain        Adjourn: 9:20pm Randy, Larry 2nd
Jacks locations, you can get your tickets there beginning April   Till we meet again: Your Secretary!
2nd. VIP Tickets are $90 and Experience $70.
Janet has been busy getting ready for all the Bike Shows and
will be traveling to call on our sponsors and meetings.
                                                                       Next BOD/Membership meeting
Cutter, Don, Roy and Tom will be attending Heartland Steam               Tuesday, April 3rd. ABATE Ofce 7pm
in Omaha. Jay made a motion to donate the annual support                           Everyone Welcome.
April 2012                                            “Let’s Ride Together”                                     Volume 37 Issue 4

Greetings Fellow Abate members                                    That is exactly why you need to Just Ask your fellow rid-
                                                                  ers and friends whether they ride or not are you an ABATE
We have over two hundred people registered for classes as         Member? Come ride with us. We can only continue to fight
of March 10th. It is great people are planing ahead. Our new      the fight with our existing members and new members.
safety training site in Fargo is in the final stages of getting    Numbers matter when you try to accomplish your agenda.
ready for our purchase/lease option. Fargo schedules for          Remember our goal is to at least double our membership
classes are now online at ndmsp.com.                              over the next two years. If we can accomplish that we would
Lonnie and Greg are off to Richmond, Kentucky in May for          still only represent ten percent of all registered Motorcyclist.
Motorcycle Safety Foundation training. Lonnie will be staying     At the end of 2011 North Dakota had a little over thirty four
two weeks longer while he is in training to become a Lead         thousand registered motorcycles.
Rider Coach to assist our program and Greg.                       With the weather being as nice as it has been remember to T-
I will be traveling with some of the BOD to attend the annual     Clock your ride and be aware there is still a ton of you know
MRF Heartland STEAM in Omaha, Nebraska the end of this            what on the street. Be safe
month. I always look forward this conference. This a great
opportunity to discuss with the various leaders in our seven
state region of what cause or latest intrusion of our rights                          cutter@abatend.com
that we need to be aware of. I have never met more dedicated
SMRO, ABATE, Independents and Motorcycle Clubs than
the people that you will find at this and other MRF, MSF,
SMSA conventions held at various times and location across
our great country. The power behind these type of people
and ABATE Members is staggering and truly remarkable. I
would hate to imagine if we all became complacent with our
State, Federal or other entities and accepted whatever they
decide for our present and future kids and grandchildren.

                           Main Bar Appreciation Party
                                        2pm - Saturday May 5th
      Celebrating 20 years of good times and good friends.

                                                                 Celebrate feef's birthday & 20 Years
                                                                    of Main Bar's Great customers!

                                                                          Pool & Dart Tournament

                                                       DJ Music in the afternoon
                                                    Live Music by Road Trip at 8pm.

                                                         4H Building at the Missouri Valley Fair Gounds - Bismarck

April 2012                                    `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                              Volume 37 Issue 4

                                                                   This is not the time to show how macho you are. After the
                                                                   actual collision, take a few minutes to check yourself out. The
                                                                   initial shock may numb you as to how injured you really are.
                                                                   Remember, the human body is not made to be bounced off
                                                                   the ground. It is a good idea (and will aid in showing the va-
                                                                   lidity of your case) to get checked out at the local emergency
                                                                   room (hospital) or by your own doctor. Be sure to explain all
                                                                   your pains to the doctor so he or she can make a complete
Accident Information Collection                                    evaluation and treat you appropriately for the injuries.
“What Should I do if I Go Down?”                                   NO STATEMENTS
The most serious problem bikers have to deal with is the           When you are contacted by the insurance company, (which is
inevitable traffic accident. Approximately 70% of all multi-        usually immediately - even right at your hospital bed) tell the
vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle are not the motor-        adjuster you don’t wish to give a statement at that time. Even
cyclist’s fault. The following will help you protect your rights   if your statement seems favorable to you, the insurance com-
and answer the question: What should I do if I go down?            pany would have lots of time to pick out the flaws.
INFORMATION TO GET IMMEDIATELY                                     Keep in mind that the adjuster’s job is to save the insurance
1. Witnesses: This is listed first for they will disappear the      company money and, therefore, any money offered as a “fair
fastest (especially due to the public’s fear of bikers). Try and   settlement” will usually only be fair to the insurance company.
get some sort of identification so they might be contacted          CALL A PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY
later, i.e., name, address, phone number, license plate number,
                                                                   The first 24 hours after an accident are crucial for your case.
where they work, etc.
                                                                   An immediate investigation should be started including pho-
2. Other Driver: All traditional information is needed: name,      tographs showing your injuries, the accident scene and the
address, phone number (at home and work), driver’s license,        involved vehicles. Statements from witnesses and the other
make/model/color and license of the vehicle. In addition, a        driver should be gotten as soon as possible. The police report
very helpful piece of information is the insurance carrier of      should be requested and an inspection of the point of impact
the driver of the car. If this is not obtained and if the other    for skid marks and other material evidence should be made.
driver does not respond to letters sent by your attorney, you      You will notice that I advised you to call an attorney who spe-
will find that most states require long waiting periods before      cializes in personal injury. The law, as with medicine, is highly
supplying the necessary information to pursue your case -          specialized, and you are entitled to be represented by an
that means recovery for your injury could be delayed.              attorney who is best qualified to obtain a maximum recovery
3. One Final Thing: Listen to and memorize statements              for your damages. A quick call to the attorney entitles you to
made by the other driver. These statements (also known as          the following services:
admissions) may be used as evidence in many jurisdictions.         1. Protection from insurance company employees - the magic
An example of this would be the driver of the left turning         words are: “I am represented by counsel and don’t wish to
car saying, “I didn’t see you”. His statement could be used to     make a statement.”
prove the accident was his fault. NOTE: Remember, this also
                                                                   2. A “house call” if you are unable to go to the office.
works in reverse. Anything you say can be used against you.
                                                                   3. Immediate investigation of your claim.
                                                                   4. The possibility that your bike will be fixed prior to the set-
Although most of what is recorded in a police report can-
                                                                   tlement of your injuries and a rented vehicle while you wait.
not be used in court, it is a great negotiating tool. Keep in
mind that most personal injury cases are settled rather than       5. The evaluation and protection of your legal rights.
go to trial. A favorable police report can be instrumental in
bringing you a quick and generous recovery for your injuries.
As we all know, cops can be a mixed bag. However, (in an            ¤ RIDE FREE ¤ ¤ KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ¤
accident situation) I have found most police to be fair in their            ¤ RIDE PROTECTED ¤
assessment of fault. This is especially true of the motorcycle

April 2012                                                                   “Let’s Ride Together”                                     Volume 37 Issue 4

District 1                                                                               District 2
Divide - Williams                                                                        Burke - Renvlle - Bottineau
Mountrail - McKenzie                                                                     Ward - McHenry - Pierce
Hi ABATE                                                                                 Greetings Dist 2
Well, this has been great weather                                                        Well the bike shows are over, and
for riding. The roads up here didn’t                                                     it is riding season. It looks like it is
seem to get any worse over the                                                           starting early this year, and that is
winter, but the frost is just start-                                                     GREAT! A big thank you to the
ing to come out so we will have to see how they do. In town                              Ramblers M/C for their hospitality, and giving us space at
is another story. There is a lot of sand on the streets. Seems                           the bike show to promote ABATE. I want to thank all of the
funny because I only saw the sand trucks out a few times,                                new members who joined ABATE, and welcome back all of
which was great because we didn’t have much snow. There                                  you who renewed. Your support in the form of dues is what
were a lot of bikes out, that was cool it helps to remind other                          makes this great organization work, and able to promote
motorist that we are here and made me see how many people                                the motorcycle safety program, and the May is Motorcycle
I need to sign up for ABATE.                                                             Awareness Program. Speaking of, I have Share the Road yard
                                                                                         signs, and the window stickers available, for the awareness
Well with riding season getting under hand I like to remind                              program. If you would like some, call or email us.
every one to do that safety check on your bike before riding
tire pressure, oil level,turn signals, head lights, horn, tags and                       Another thank you to all of the District 2 members who
muffler bearings.                                                                         came to help at the bike show, and to all of the people who
                                                                                         came up from Bismarck to help too. We are all in the same
Well that’s all for now because I’m getting reedy to go for
another ride my self so be safe, courteous and look twice.                               boat together, so we all need to work together. It is so much
                                                                                         better when we go to the legislature to have a large number
                                                                     Rattler             of members, not just a few.
                           rattler@nemont.net                                            Just ask your riding buddy if they are a member. If they
                                                                                         aren’t or if their membership has lapsed, ask them to renew.
                                                                                         If you need a form, there is one in this magazine. If you
                                                                                         want, get it to me, and I will pay the postage to send it in.
                                                                                         Really, ABATE is a good deal for what you get. If you believe
                                                                                         in this organization, it is an easy sell.
                                                                                         Don’t forget, there is an ERC class on the 26th of May here
                                                                                         in Minot. Starting at 1:00 and it is approximately 6 hrs long,
                                                                                         and it will be fun, Todd promises. You will ride away with a
                                                                                         greater sense of being an evasive safer rider. With the traffic
                                                                                         in this part of the state, who doesn’t need this. I will be at
                                                                                         this class, so I hope to see many of you there. Right John?
                                                                                         Please check the calendar in this newsletter for upcoming
                                                                                         events. The MOB ride events, and ride schedule are now
                                                                                         printed, and should be at all of the sponsors and dealers now.
                                                                                         If you need a copy, just let us know.
        2004 Road King - Red - $10,800 - - 2005 Soft Tail Night Train $11,200            Next meeting; April, 2nd, Rollin Pin Restaurant, 7:00 PM.
                1994 Red w/flames SIN Custom Wide Glide $15,000 OBO                      Come and join us for supper at 6:00, and bring your sweetie.
  2001 Honda Valkyrie Trike Shop $15,300 OBO - - 2008 Suzuki C90 Lehman at $24,700 OBO
                   2011 H-D Sportster 883 Super Low - $10,500 OBO                        See ya on the road,
                          Call Street is Neat for your custom trike!                     Ride safe, Ride Far, and Ride Often

                            street is neatinc.com                                                         Woody & June Seemann
                        200 Main Street, Oslo, MN 56744


April 2012                                  `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                               Volume 37 Issue 4

District 3                                                        plan an event or
Rolette - Towner - Eddy                                           meeting [Social]
Benson - Ramsey - Cavalier                                        together.
                                                                  Andy’s H.D. brought
Hello fellow Abate members,                                       over some very
                                                                  nice bikes too. The
The calendar is running a little
                                                                  Lunacy MC really
slow this year--did someone forget
                                                                  did it up good--very
to wind it? Now we’re having
                                                                  nice display guys!!
winter when spring should be coming. It used to be fun to
                                                                  Everyone did a good
get stuck in the house on a storm day. If you get bored
                                                                  job, it takes a lot of
while you’re stormed in you could call the radio station and
                                                                  work but it’s worth it when everyone has a good time.
cancel all the schools--kids will love you! Or sit on the couch
with the remote control and change the channel as soon as         May 19th kicks off our riding season with the annual CMA
everyone else gets interested in a program. Or if you operate     Breakfast and the 11th Annual Weinersnitzel Run. It seems to
a snow plow wait until everyone has cleaned their driveway        be a ways off but it comes fast. When the weather gets nice
and drop off all the snow in front of it from the street! Or      we get to busy and the summer just flys by.
bake cookies and eat them in front of everyone else! Or use       We need to plan for an ERC this spring--possibly 2 classes
someone else’s cell phone to call 911 & order a pizza! I’ve       if we have enough intereste. If you’re an Abate member
heard the North Dakota weather keeps the riff-raff out, but it    you’ll get half the money back plus a $50.00 gift card toward
doesn’t--I’m still here!! Good thing--spring is almost here.      protective gear. Maybe we can get an instructor up from
We were lucky and had very nice weather the week-end of           Bismarck and have it about noon on a Sunday! Let me know
our bike show. We had almost double the bikes as before and       what you think and we’ll get a list going.
everyone seemed to be having a good time. Thanks Roy for          I heard a redhead joke which is different--the redhead went
stopping in and helping to represent Abate. Also thanks to        to her doctor and said her body hurt wherever she touched it.
Loren and Tammie for showing an interest in Dist. 4--that         The Doc. said, show me, so she pushed on her left shoulder,
would be great to have a Dist. Rep. there. Maybe we could         her elbow, her knee, her ankle. She screamed every time. Doc.
                                                                   said you’re not really a redhead, are you? Well no, I’m actual-
                                                                   ly a blonde! I thought so, the doctor said, Your finger is bro-
                                                                   ken! ---------I’m sorry Janet, I didn’t know it would end like
                                                                   that! As long as I’m already in trouble, I’ve got a couple of
                                                                   blonde jokes--A Russian, an American, and a Blonde were
                                                                   talking one day. The Russian said, We were the first in space!
                                                                   The American said, We were the first on the moon! The
                                                                   Blonde said, so what? We’re going to be the first on the sun!
                                                                   The other two looked at each other and shook their heads.
                                                                   You can’t land on the sun, you’ll burn up. The Blonde said
                                                                   we’re not stupid--we’re going at night!! A girl was visiting her
                                                                   blonde friend, who had acquired two new dogs, and asked
                                                                   her what their names were. The blonde said one was named
                                                                   Rolex and the other was Timex. Her friend said, Whoever
                                                                   heard of someone naming dogs like that? HELLLOOO---
                                                                   answered the blonde. THEY’RE WATCH DOGS!!
                                                                  Our next Abate District meeting will be at the DL Speedway,
                                                                  Saturday April 14th, 1pm.
                                                                  Until next month--Pray for our troops and each other to stay
                                                                  healthy and safe. Who has more fun than people? Bikers

                                                                                                    Frank Johanson

April 2012                                              “Let’s Ride Together”                                    Volume 37 Issue 4

District 3                                                         District 5
It’s a good thing that Janet sent out                              Steele - Traill - Cass
an e-mail about the ABATE article                                  Hello everyone!
being due. It had slipped my mind
which has been a bit preoccupied.                                  We held our meeting on Feb.
                                                                   22nd, at the Silver Dollar Bar in
It has been one of those weeks                                     West Fargo and another one on
with a lot of things to get done. As                               March 8th, at Hagge’s Bar and
I am writing this, I have the Harley                               Grill in Mapleton. We had quite
sitting in the trailer and am heading toward Daytona in the        the turnout thanks to Gary from the Spirit Lake Riders and
morning. I am convinced it should be a good time although          Barb from The GM Doctor in Fargo. They got the word out
according to the forecast for ND it sounds like temperatures       to people they know and brought some of them to meet with
in the 50 to 60 degree range are in store for us. What a short     us. The help is greatly appreciated.
and enjoyable winter it has been.
                                                                   We decided that we are going to hold our meetings/get-
As we fire up the bikes and take to the road this spring we all     togethers on the second Thursday of the month with rotating
need to take care and watch out for the potholes and loose         locations. We also talked about different ideas and events to
sand and gravel that has collected on the roadways through         tie into these meetings such as 50/50 raffles and others.
the winter. I know that they don’t have that problem in            We are looking forward to holding these events and to meet-
Florida but there will be lots of traffic to watch for and my       ing more of our members. Our next meeting will be on April
luck would be to find a gator crossing the road when I least        12 at 7:30pm, Border Town Bar and Grill, West Fargo.
expect it. My pickup and I had a run in with a deer about a
week ago right by Lakota, but thanks to the heavy duty bum-        As some of you know, we started the “Just Cause” Ride two
per and grill guard system that I have there was no damage to      years ago to raise awareness and to help Abate, witch lead us
the pickup but the deer didn’t fare so well.                       to be districts reps. At our meeting we made the date official.
                                                                   The third annual “Just Cause” Ride will be held on Sunday.
 Well I will keep it short and sweet this month as I still need    September 16th, 2012. All we need now is the start and end
to pack my clothes and hit the hay. Take in the up coming          locations, any ideas/suggestions are welcome.
bike shows around the state in the next month and who
knows it may be warm enough to go to them on your own              As spring nears and the weather becomes favorable for riding
bike.                                                              just remember to use caution and keep your eyes open as
                                                                   people are not always looking for motorcycles. Also watch for
Take care and ride safe.                                           gravel and debris on the road, this could cause big problems.
                                                                   That will do it for now - so until next time, have fun and be
                                   Doug Hursman safe.
                                                                        Wayne Halverson & Matt Maier
                                                                     wishekyguy@yahoo.com          whitegamer04@gmail.com

                                                                          “Yea - I know, I look like
        CYCLES, COLOR & CHROME                                             I‘m ready for a Cruise!
                                                                         Cruise - Schmuz!
        SEE US FOR ALL YOUR TIRE NEEDS                                 “I’m ready to strap on some leather
  CHECK OUT THE NEW MICHELIN COMMANDER II                              and Ride my Big Bad Motorscooter!!

        OR THE DUNLOP AMERICAN ELITE                                  Go see my Grandpa Ross -
                                                                      he has everything you need to get
  THE HIGH MILEAGE, ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE                            your bad scooter ready to ride!
                                                                      Remember to tell him I sent you.
                                                                      I am still working on my bike!!!
                  “IT’S WORTH THE TRIP”
             Y      BEULAH ND 701 87
                     EUL H    701 7
     405 HIWAY 49 S BEULAH ND 701-873-4395                                           2014 Memorial Hwy Mandan 667-2033

April 2012                                   `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                            Volume 37 Issue 4

District 7                                                       District 8
Barnes - Dickey - foster - Griggs                                Kidder - Logan - McIntosh
LaMoure                                                          Stutsman - Wells
Greetings District 7                                             Greetings again, well here it is
The Liq’r Pigz MC Car and Bike                                   March! Time for another letter,
show will be held on May 12th in                                 seems like I just wrote one a few
Lisbon at the Lisbon Expo Center.                                days ago! Time really flies if you
Also the Dakota Riders MC are                                    keep healthy and stay busy. Mother Nature has been good to
holding their Shotgun Run in Valley City on May 26th.            us so far. Sure we had some snow, but we needed it for the
                                                                 moisture to start and have a good year.
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 37th Annual
Abate of North Dakota State Rally at Menoken Grove, June         For a lot of us, this is membership renewal time. Did you
8th - 10th. This is a great kick-off to our riding season.       know that if you “Just Ask” your friends and sign up three
We will hold an Abate District 7 meeting 7pm, at Rudy’s Bar      new members, your next year is free? It’s a good deal.
in Oakes on April 6th. If you have any upcoming events           Our State Rally at Menoken Grove is only a few months away.
please bring them to the meeting so we can get them posted       We always need volunteers, the shifts are only 4 hours and it
in the Abate paper.                                              is a great way to meet new people and see the old ones.
We will also be holding meetings at the Sheyenne Saloon in       Remember to support ABATE, our members, sponsors and
Kathryn and CM’s Place in Wimbledon.                             club sponsors. Wear Red on Fridays in support of our troops.
Take Care and Ride Safe
                                                                 Until next time (I hope) Ride Safe - Stay Alive - Don’t text
                                        Jerry Isakson while you drive.
                                                                                                             Al Martell

                                                                       We’re in our NEW LOCATION!
                                                                     Check out our new Expanded Show Room
                                                                        and State of the Art Service Shop.
                                Now Authorized                      Experienced service for only...
                                                                   We can handle anything from:
                                                                      Basic oil change
                                                                                                            57    Per Hour

                                                                      Tire installation or accessory installation
                                                                      Fuel system diagnostics
                                       Dealership                     Electrical systems
                                                                      Engine building
      “Ready to Race”

  1101 Airport Road Bismarck                                              3930 Memorial Highway - Mandan

   222-1999                                                                            planetpowersportz.com

 Mon - Fri - 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 1pm

April 2012                                                    “Let’s Ride Together”                                          Volume 37 Issue 4

    “If someone is
                                                                               WE’RE READY FOR SPRING. . .
   to take you for a

     R I D E ...
            hop on,
     we’ll take this
                                                                           GEAR UP. STAND OUT!
                             MYHRE LAW OFFICE                                 H-D STYLIN’
                         Russell J. Myhre, Attorney at Law
                                                                              Saturday, April 28th & 29th
                       Proud to be North Dakota Born and                    SPRING OPEN HOUSE
                        Serve all people of North Dakota!                    Brats and Beans complimentary
          Criminal Law ~ Civil Law ~ Real Estate ~ Business Law             lunch Saturday from 11am - 2pm.
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                   341 Central Avenue North, Suite 3
                    Valley City, North Dakota 58072                                         252-5271 2501 3rd Ave SW Jamestown
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       Tables - Chairs - Tents - Event & Wedding Items
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April 2012                                   `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                             Volume 37 Issue 4

District 9                                                        District 9
Greetings, It’s Spring!                                           Burleigh - Emmons
Well we just finished with the                                     McLean - Sheridan
Jamestown Individuals Bike Show                                   Hello fellow ABATE members.
and I think it was the best show,
the best variety of bikes we ever                                 PLEASE NOTE: next meeting-
had. Definitely the best weather                                   1:00 PM March 24th at the Lone-
ever. Tony Krogh, with his awe-                                   some Dove upper Level
some Fallen Heroes tribute bike took Best Paint and Best           The signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The robins
Display. Jackie Soulis took the Peoples Choice award. Stock       are back, the sky is filled with large flocks of geese heading
Class 1st place went to Bob Moszer, 2003 HD Heritage              north, the roar of motorcycles fills the air and bike shows fill
Softail. Street Custom 1st went to Jackie Soulis, 2006 HD         the calendar. By the time you get this newsletter the robins
Deuce. Radical Custom 1st place winner was Allen Anderson,        will have their nests built, the geese should be at their sum-
Twisted chopper. Dresser Class went to Tony Krogh, 2005           mer nesting grounds and the bike shows will be done but the
HD ElectraGlide Ultra. Carroll Randall took 1st place in the      roar of the motorcycle will continue to fill the air.
Sportster Class. Street Custom 1st place winner was Ranell
                                                                  It has been said many times before but it has to be said again.
Hatch, 1994 HD XL. Your’s Truly :) me - took 1st place in
                                                                  Watch out for debris left on the road by the winter season, i.e.
the Antique Class - the bike - not me - 1956 HD FLH Pan-
                                                                  sand and gravel. Watch and watch out for the other drivers on
head. Mike Shaw took first in the Foregin Class with a 2006
                                                                  the road. They may not be paying as much attention to what’s
Yamaha Roadliner. 500cc & under 1st palce went to Cole
                                                                  coming down the road or street and so they may not see you.
Mindt, 1978 HD SS175. Loren Kitzman won the Trike Class
                                                                  Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. Don’t let sharp
with his 2012 HD TriGlide.
                                                                  corners and road debris sneak up on you.
Also, in my last newsletter I had a little leprechaun get in my   If you are a new rider, then you should take the Basic Rider
computer and change a bunch of stuff and well anyway the          Course. If you have been riding for several years, then you
best splash award went to Brad not Brian (Earl) Ehrlich w/o       should take the Experienced Rider Course. There are many
the K. I know Brian is a lot less anal but Brad is the one that   testimonials form riders who firmly believe that having taken
got wet.                                                          one of these courses saved them from a crash or kept the
Now onto up coming events: The Jack Daniels Experience,           crash from being a fatal crash.
is Friday, May 11th at the Ramkota in Bismarck. I have some       Here are a couple things we are tossing around for our
tickets if you are interested. We are encouraging everyone to     districts this summer. One is a ride down 1804 to Mobridge
take the ERC rider classes, take the class and make $25.00 ask    and back on 1806. The idea is District 2 would ride down and
me how. Get FREE Menoken Grove passes, sign up 10 new             meet District 9/10 North in either Underwood or Washburn
members and get your next year’s membership free plus two         and then meet up with District 9/10 South at the ABATE
tickets to Menoken Grove.                                         office then head out for the ride. The other idea is a ride
Everyone that rides should be an Abate member so it should        planned for going to the Lindeman Museum in Golden Val-
be easy to get 10 signed up. May is Motorcycle Safety and         ley. For this one Districts 2, 9 and 10 would meet in Riverdale
Awareness month, we will be selling plaques @ Wonder Bar          or Pick City then ride as a group to Golden Valley. We are still
(Abate sponsor) to raise money for rider program.                 working on the dates for these.
                                                                  Schedule for the next meetings: 1:00 PM March 24th at the
Lots of stuff going on, People are riding again now so watch
                                                                  Lonesome Dove upper Level.
out for the dumb-asses. Look twice save a bike. Sand on the
streets is like ice, be careful.                                  Until next time…

Ride safe, See you on the road, support our troops.
                                                                                                         Kent Fischer
                                  George Quigley
      Al Martell 320-0351 bugspitt1@hotmail.com                   Sign up today for a safety class!

April 2012                                            “Let’s Ride Together”                                         Volume 37 Issue 4

District 9/10 North                                              Washburn. We are hoping to plan some summer rides for our
                                                                 district at the meeting so please join us as we need your input!
First of all a HUGE THANK YOU       U                            A meeting schedule for the upcoming months will also be
to Michelle Rime and Hometown                                    discussed. As reps we represent ABATE but we want to hear
Tavern in Garrison for everything                                from you the member as to what you want!
they did to give us a wonderful
Valentine’s Party. We all had a great                            By the way-60 degrees and warmer next week-make sure your
time!! The food was amazing and the   e                          bike is road ready and ride safe!
door prizes were awesome!                                                                           Kim Grinsteinner
Congratulations to the dart and pool tournament winners.
                                                                          rickd@westriv.com              akg@westriv.com
Spring and summer dates are filling up fast. As with all sum-
mers there is not enough weekends to take in everything!
Some of the upcoming events in our district include the
River Riders from Washburn are hosting a Comedy Supper in
Washburn on April 21st to raise funds to resurface the track
in their hometown. Don’t forget Menoken June 8th - 10th.
and also remember to support the Roughriders Motorcycle
Club 30th Anniversary Party June 15th!
Mark your calendar for the 11th Annual Benefit Run on July
7th in Hazen. This year we will give all proceeds to a riding
buddy of ours-Dean Unterseher who was diagnosed with
The next meeting for District 9 & 10 North is scheduled for
April 4, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. CT at the Lewis & Clark Bar in

                                                 JOIN US FOR OUR
                                                 SPRING OPEN HOUSE
                                                 APRIL 14TH
                                                                       Roughrider Harley-Davidson
                                                                   3708 Memorial Highway - Mandan   515 20th Ave - Minot
                                                                   663-2220 www.roughriderhd.com    839-6330 www.roughriderhdminot.com

April 2012                                `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                             Volume 37 Issue 4

District 11                                                   District 12
Billings - Dunn - Golden Valley                               Adams - Bowman
Stark                                                         Hettinger - Slope
Spring is on it’s way, we all have                            Hello Abate People!
bills to pay. The roads can be slick
                                                              What a nice winter we have had! We e
in different places, and politicians
                                                              were due for a nice one, it was 65
can wear many faces.
                                                              today, I hope spring is here.
We did have a district meeting
                                                              Our 9th Annual Abate Easter Egg
on Feb. 24th. Eleven members attended, and we had good
                                                              Hunt.is April 7th at 11am at the Butte View Campground in
discussion about up coming events. We have plans for some
                                                              Bowman. We will be setting up at the Campground at 9am.
rides and fundraisers. Hopefully we will have more members
                                                              I hope everybody can make it to help us hide the eggs. We
at our next meeting which will be March 29th or 30th de-
                                                              would like to Thank everyone that came to help stuff eggs.
pending on location. So get those machines ready and don’t
                                                                                              What a great turnout 25 peo-
forget to wear your teddy!
                                                                                              ple! The kids love this event.
BUGUTZ__________                                                                              It takes us hours to stuff
                                                                                              them and hide them. it takes
             wojahnmachine@ndsupernet.com                                                     them about 10 minutes to find
                                                                                              them. I think we have about
                   District 12 Easter Egg Hunt                                                6,000 eggs this year. We’ll give
                         April 7th - 11am                                                     away 6 bikes, 6 easter baskets
                                                                                              and 3 savings bonds.
                      Butte View Campground
                                                                                              The NDMSP web site is up
                                                                                              and running for enrolling for
                                                                                              classes. The Bowman course
                                                                                              is May 11th. Abate members
                                                                                              can get 50% of their money
                                                                                              back and a $50 gift certificate
                                                                                              for protective gear purchase
                                                                                              at participating shops.
                                                                                              Menoken Grove is just around
                                                                                              the corner. About 2 months
                                                                                              away. We can’t wait it’s our
                                                                                              funniest time of the year. This
                                                                                              will be our 22nd year! We
                                                                                              wouldn’t miss it.
                                                                                              The riding season is almost
                                                                                              here. We got a new bike this
                                                                                              year. I can’t wait. That last bike
                                                                                              was not comfortable, my butt
                                                                                              will not hurt this year.
                                                                                              Please wear Red on Fridays in
                                                                                                 support of our rroops.
                                                                                                   Let’s Ride Together!


                                                                terber@ndsupernet.com spimmmbler@gmail.com

April 2012                                                                                                  “Let’s Ride Together”                                                   Volume 37 Issue 4

                                         27th Annual
                                    NCOM CONVENTION                                                                                                            &
                                      May 10 - 13, 2012                                                                                                Silent Auction
                                       J W MARRIOTT                                                                                    Benefit to help support the resurfacing of our local
                                     INDIANAPOLIS, IN.
                           10 S. West St. - For Reservations call 800/266-9432
                                                                                                                                            Southern Mclean Roughriders
                                       or http//resweb.passkey.com/go/motorcycle                                                                   Track & Field
                           MENTION NCOM FOR SPECIAL RATE OF $99.00

                                                                                                                                                 Sat. April 21st, 2012
                                                                                                                                               Washburn Memorial Hall
                                                                                   CHRISTIAN UNITY
                                                     U.S. Defenders                  CONFERENCE
                                                                                                                                                          $15.00 each
          1, National Overview                    Your rights during                 1. Prayer/Fellowship
          2. How to Lobby                            Traffic stops                         meeting
          Sport Bike Laws                                 and                      2. Motorcycle Response                                     Entertainment Provided by:
                and                                   Roadblocks                         Team (MRT)
            3.T snakes & Gators
               ar                                                                                                                        ‘X-O-BITCH-N-IST’ – Rhonda Mayes
                                                                                                                                             Standup Adult Comedy Show

                            CONFEDERATION                              WOMEN IN MOTORCYCLING
                                                                                                                                            6:30 – 8:00 Silent Auction Bidding
                                CLUBS                                    How to Start a MRO                                                     7:00 – 8:00 Buffet Supper
                                                                          and Maintain It                                                   8:00 - ?? Auction & Comedy Show
                                   1.Profiling                                     also
                                2. Patch holder                               Clean & Sober
                                    meeting                                    Round Table
                                                         Plus more.....                                                                Come help support the local Track & Field Team.
                                                                                                                            It’s been over 10 years since we’ve hosted a track meet in Washburn.
   Pre-registrer NOW to Reserve Your Place in Biker History - Must be received by APRIL 30, 2012 or can pay at convention

   Name:__________________________________________________                   Phone (_______)_____________
                            First                    Last                                                                                            For More Information:
                                        Street Address
                                                                                                                                                     Bill Reilly – 426-9611
            _____________________________________                ________              ____________                                                 Jeff Carlson – 228-8542
                         City                                      State                  Zipcode
                                                                                                                                                  Neda Degenstein – 400-8528

   _____ $80.00     Full Convention Registration (includes Silver Spoke Awards Banquet)
                    Main course choice (cirlce one) Chicken         Beef   Vegetarian                                                 ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE AT LOCAL BUSINESSES
   _____ $45.00 Convention Registration (banquet not included)
                                      For more information contact 800/531-2424                                                          Event Hosted by the River Riders RC
  Make checks payable and mail to: Richard M. Lester, 7334 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Suite 200, Canoga Park, CA 91303            ** Please Note – This is an ADULT comedy show **

                                      Fun Has Never Been So

        4120 Memorial Highway Mandan
                 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat - 9am - 1pm
                 openroad-honda.com 663-4023

April 2012                                   `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                               Volume 37 Issue 4

                                                                   Meanwhile, over on the House side, their version (HR 7) of
                                                                   the highway bill has an even more bizarre story. The House
                                                                   bill would spend $260 billion over five years. This bill also
                             MRF E-MAIL NEWS                       has zero anti-motorcycle language. It does have the language
                             Motorcycle Riders Foundation          from HR 904 rolled into it, banning motorcycle-only check-
                             236 Massachusetts Ave. NE |           points. Although the annual cost is actually less with the
                             Suite 510 | Washington, DC            House bill, the overall cost proved to be too much for some
                                                                   Republicans in Congress, and they planned a revolt. The
                                                                   threat of the revolt was enough to force Speaker Boehner to
                             202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-           divide the bill into three smaller bills; an odd choice of strat-
                             546-0986 (fax) | http://www.          egy. None of those bills have been brought to the floor. Sup-
                             mrf.org                               posedly there is so much rancor that the House may now take
                                                                   up the smaller Senate bill as a supplement, as it’s more likely
                 12NR05 - MRF News Release                         to get signed into law before the end of the month. But even
                 -                                                 that is long shot.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                              In other news, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed
9 March 2012                                                       into law a piece of legislation that bans law enforcement
                                                                   agencies from conducting motorcycle-only roadside check-
How’s the Federal Highway Bill?                                    points. The ban takes effect July 1, 2012.

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks, with Washington focusing         The MRF will keep you updated on the progress of the fed-
all of its attention on the federal highway bill. The mam-         eral highway bill, and all federal motorcycling issues.
moth piece of legislation that paves new roads and fixes
crumbling bridges has been a ghost for the past three years,
when the old law expired. Since 2009, the bill has lurched
from temporary extension to temporary extension, and the
most recent expires at the end of this month. The Motorcycle
Riders Foundation (MRF) believes that another extension is
a foregone conclusion at this point. The only question is how
long will it be. Here is a quick rundown of where we are and
where we have been.                                                     We’re Ready for Spring -Are You?
The Senate passed a bill (S 1813) out of committee back
in December. That bill is awaiting consideration by the full
                                                                                      Monthly Tanning $30
Senate, but it failed a cloture motion earlier this week. A vote
against cloture is a vote to keep debating the bill and not                            Free Parifin Dip with            Anne
begin voting on the bill. Failing a cloture vote is oftentimes                         Manicure/P    edicures

the beginning of the end. Not always though, as we may see                                  by Amanda or Anne

with this bill. Sources close to the MRF are saying that a deal            Keep your style updated with the latest trends &
has been reached between Senate Democrats and Republi-                   still have money to go out & show new your look off.
cans, and votes on amendments may wrap up next week. The
Senate bill spends $109 billion over two years and has no anti-                        663-0555
motorcycle language or helmet language of any kind.                                          118 E. Main Street   Mandan

April 2012                                              “Let’s Ride Together”                                                                        Volume 37 Issue 4

                      Is Proud to Announce Our

               ANNUAL FILTER
                & TOOL SALE
                  March 26th-April 7th
              Enjoy the biggest discounts of the year on the
               entire line of NAPA GOLD Filters, Tools,
               Equipment, Batteries, Supplies, and much,
                               much more!

                             1730 East Main Ave
                             Bismarck ND 58501

                             Phone: 223-2681

    Open                                           Drink
  Sundays!                                        Specials

                                                                    Daniel W. Raak, CPA
      TRY SOME GREAT FOOD!                                             701-530-9351
  Hamburgers, Patty Melts & Much more order
                                                                                              Northbrook Professional Center
       to go or dine in. Give us a call.                                             1929 N Washington St Suite JJ Bismarck, ND 58501
        Darts - Pull Tabs - Pool Tables                                   Bookkeeping, Accounting & Payroll Services.
                                                                           Tax Services such as Individual & Business Income Tax Preparation, Amended or Back Tax Returns,
  Watch all your favorite Sports or Show on one                       Tax Planning & Consultation, IRS representation/Correspondence, Secretary of State Domestic Annual Reports.
               of our Plasma TV’s                                        Consulting Services:
                                                                        General Business Consultation, Internal Controls Assessments, Financial Planning & Retirement Planning.
        Take the Sunset Exit just off 1-94
                                                                                  Providing rock solid financial advice.
   1000 Boundary Rd - Mandan 663-8362

April 2012                                                  `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                                                          Volume 37 Issue 4

      T-CLOCSSM Inspection Checklist

        T-CLOCS ITEM          WHAT TO CHECK            WHAT TO LOOK FOR                                                                                    CHECK-OFF
        T-TIRES & WHEELS
        Tires                       Condition          Tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, embedded objects.                               Front         Rear

                                   Air Pressure        Check when cold, adjust to load.                                                                      Front         Rear

        Wheels                       Spokes            Bent, broken, missing, tension, check at top of wheel: “ring” = OK — “thud” = loose spoke.            Front         Rear

                                      Cast             Cracks, dents.                                                                                        Front         Rear

                                      Rims             Out of round/true = 5mm. Spin wheel, index against stationary pointer.                                Front         Rear

                                    Bearings           Grab top and bottom of tire and flex: No freeplay (click) between hub and axle,                       Front         Rear
                                                       no growl when spinning.
                                      Seals            Cracked, cut or torn, excessive grease on outside, reddish-brown around outside.                      Front         Rear

        Brakes                      Function           Each brake alone keeps bike from rolling.                                                             Front         Rear

        Handlebars                  Condition          Bars are straight, turn freely, handgrips and bar ends are secure.
        Levers and Pedal            Condition          Broken, bent, cracked, mounts tight, ball ends on handlebar levers, proper adjustment.
                                      Pivots           Lubricated.
        Cables                      Condition          Fraying, kinks, lubrication: ends and interior.
                                     Routing           No interference or pulling at steering head, suspension, no sharp angles, wire supports in place.
        Hoses                       Condition          Cuts, cracks, leaks, bulges, chafing, deterioration.
                                     Routing           No interference or pulling at steering head, suspension, no sharp angles, hose supports in place.
        Throttle                   Operation           Moves freely, snaps closed, no revving when handlebars are turned.
        Battery                     Condition          Terminals; clean and tight, electrolyte level, held down securely.
                                    Vent Tube          Not kinked, routed properly, not plugged.
        Headlamp                    Condition          Cracks, reflector, mounting and adjustment system.
                                      Aim              Height and right/left.
        Tail lamp/brake             Condition          Cracks, clean and tight.
                                   Operation           Activates upon front brake/rear brake application.
        Turn signals               Operation           Flashes correctly.                                                                                  Front left   Front right
                                                                                                                                                           Rear left    Rear right
        Switches                   Operation           All switches function correctly: engine cut-off, hi/low beam, turn signal.
        Mirrors                     Condition          Cracks, clean, tight mounts and swivel joints.
                                      Aim              Adjust when seated on bike.
        Lenses & Reflectors         Condition          Cracked, broken, securely mounted, excessive condensation.
        Wiring                      Condition          Fraying, chafing, insulation.
                                     Routing           Pinched, no interference or pulling at steering head or suspension, wire looms and ties in place,
                                                       connectors tight, clean.
        Levels                     Engine Oil          Check warm on center stand on level ground, dipstick, sight glass.
                              Hypoid Gear Oil, Shaft   Transmission, rear drive, shaft.
                                 Hydraulic Fluid       Brakes, clutch, reservoir or sight glass.
                                     Coolant           Reservoir and/or coolant recovery tank — check only when cool.
                                      Fuel             Tank or gauge.
        Leaks                      Engine Oil          Gaskets, housings, seals.
                              Hypoid Gear Oil, Shaft   Gaskets, seals, breathers.
                                 Hydraulic Fluid       Hoses, master cylinders, calipers.
                                     Coolant           Radiator, hoses, tanks, fittings, pipes.
                                      Fuel             Lines, fuel valve, carbs.
        Frame                       Condition          Cracks at gussets, accessory mounts, look for paint lifting.
                              Steering-Head Bear-      No detent or tight spots through full travel, raise front wheel, check for play
                                      ings             by pulling/pushing forks.
                              Swingarm Bushings/       Raise rear wheel, check for play by pushing/pulling swingarm.
        Suspension                 Front Forks         Smooth travel, equal air pressure/damping, anti-dive settings.                                        Left         Right

                                  Rear Shock(s)        Smooth travel, equal pre-load/air pressure/damping settings, linkage moves                            Left         Right
                                                       freely and is lubricated.
        Chain or Belt                Tension           Check at tightest point.
                                   Lubrication         Side plates when hot. Note: do not lubricate belts.
                                    Sprockets          Teeth not hooked, securely mounted
        Fasteners                   Threaded           Tight, missing bolts, nuts.
                               Clips & Cotter Pins     Broken, missing.
        Center stand                Condition          Cracks, bent.
                                    Retention          Springs in place, tension to hold position.
        Side stand                  Condition          Cracks, bent (safety cut-out switch or pad equipped).
                                    Retention          Springs in place, tension to hold position.

April 2012                                  “Let’s Ride Together”                          Volume 37 Issue 4

   Giving the clients we serve more
     than they expect to receive!
                                                                             217 38th St S • Fargo, ND
       Copiers/MFP’s         Printers
       Service & Supplies   IT Services
       Shredders            Specialty Products
       Business Telecommunications

  www.MidwestBusinessSystems.com                            umotorsinc.com
                       ABATE of North Dakota Endorses this program for its members

April 2012                                   `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                               Volume 37 Issue 4

                                         EXPER ENCE
                                        May 11th
                                        May 11th
                                          Ramkota Inn - Bismarck
      ABATE of North Dakota Fundraiser
             A Grand Jack Daniel’s Experience!                                        Jack Daniel’s Attire Appreciated!

      Meet Jack Daniels National Ambassador
                  Angelo Lucchesi
           Enjoy a wonderful 5 Star Dinner
  Receive a Personally Selected, Signed Single Barrel

                            n Limited V.I.P Tickets $90 n
                                Includes: Private Social, Jack Daniel’s Gift Bag, 5 Star Dinner
                                 Personally Selected & Engraved Single Barrel Bottle Whiskey
                                                  Signed by Angelo Lucchesi!

                                                 Experience Tickets $70
                               Includes: 5 Star Dinner & Personally Selected Single Barrel Bottle
                                                  Signed by Angelo Lucchesi!

                             Rooms Reserved at Ramkota Inn & Expressway Inn - Mention ABATE for discount
                                                       Taxi Vouchers Available.

                                 Socialize Liberally                       Drink Responsibly

                  Tickets available April 2nd at all Captain Jacks & ABATE of North Dakota

April 2012                                             “Let’s Ride Together”                                              Volume 37 Issue 4

                                                                                                                     RIDING FOR THE SON
                                                                                                                                 Fargo - Minot
                            American                                                                                               Bismarck
                             Breed                                                                                                 Bowman
                                                                                                                                 Grand Forks

                                                                                                                      COME RIDE WITH US!
      Minot, ND                                       Chapter 75 • Williston, ND                                     www.cmancr3.org

                                                                                   PO Box 12 • Bismarck 58502

                                                        GLEN ULLIN
                                                      MOTORCYCLE CLUB

                          JAMESTOWN                        JAMESTOWN
                          INDIVIDUALS                 LADIES INDIVIDUALS MC
                          MOTORCYCLE CLUB

                                   PO Box 12
                                                       PO Box 1403 • Jamestown

                                                                                      OUR PLACE
                                                                                   MOTORCYCLE CLUB
 ndpatriotguard.org                                                                 BOX 16 - BISMARCK ND

              PO Box
                                                       RAMBLERS MC
 prometheusmc@gmail.com                                  Box 171 • Ray ND          MINOT          Flying Drug Free

               Spirit                                 Valley Ramblers MC                                               Your Club Card
                Lake        Support                                                                                    Could be here...
               Riders      your local                                                                                Only $100 a year for
               PO Box
                          SONS OF                                                                                     all 12 issues and a
                                                                                                                     FREE 1/4 page ad.
                                                                                                                         Call today!
                                                         Grand Forks 58208

April 2012                                 `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                         Volume 37 Issue 4

                   ABATE of ND Membership Awards WINNERS!

                                  “Just Ask” their friends, and fellow riders to join ABATE.
 Congratulations to our members that took the time to
      “Just Ask” - Help us build a stronger ABATE of North Dakota
Sign up 3 NEW Members                                         Sign up 20 NEW Members or more,
Earn a FREE membership                                        in Lonnie’s case.
                                                              $100 ABATE Gift Certificate
Frank Johanson      9           Ed Karhan            3
Kim Brandner        8           Mike Oster           3        Lonnie Bertsch        71 - Awsome Job Lonnie!!!
Terry Storer        7           Darren Rime          3
Woody Seemann       7           Raymond Bertsch      3        Sign up 10 NEW Members
Wayne Halverson     6           Krystal Haibeck      3        Earn an ABATE Jacket
Monica Bender       6           Doug Lawson          3
Kent Fischer        6           Jesse Long           3        Mike Kelly            18
Steve Huffman       5           Matt Maier           3        Mike Cooper           15
Cory Walz           5           Dave Mills           3        Don Faber             12
Greg Haug           5           Bret Schonauer       3        Roxie Hopfauf         11
Mary Jo Mastel      4           Dean Beehler         3        Todd Zewick           11
Alice Thompson      4           Brian Rime           3        Rick Drown            10
Matt Maier          4           Carol Stevahn        3
Deloris Johanson    4           Craig Metcalf        3                     NEW CHALLENGE!
Debbie Bertsch      4           Doug Hursman         3
Gary Fenner         4           Ed Karhan            3
                                                                       Menoken Membership Drive
Randy Love          4           Jimi Johnson         3
                                                                         March 1st - May 20th
                                                                        Sign up ten new members and receive
Alice Mosbrucker    3           June Seemann         3
Reggie Trieb        3           Kevin Lill           3                Two Free Tickets to Menoken!
Jason Smith         3           Lynn Johnson         3           You know you & your friends are coming to the Rally -
June Seeman         3           Thomas Bell Jr.      3                        sign them up and get in free!
Rocky Houchen       3                                                  Plus - you will earn your Member Jacket!!

 The 2012    “Just Ask”              Membership contest runs from March 1st - December 31st - this year.
Remember - Just Ask if your friends are CURRENT members. Just because they have and ABATE of ND
patch on their vest or jacket dose not mean they are members, just ask and you will be rewarded!

        ABATE of ND Annual Membership Application -$25pp/U.S. or $30pp Canadian
   Mr. Mrs._________________________________Address/POBox_____________________________________
   City__________________________State_______Zip________ Phone_____________email____________________
   Referred by________________________________________ NEW?_____RENEW?_____Want Newsletter?_______
         Age Group ___14-20 ___21-35 ___36-49 ___50+          Would you prefer contact by _____mail? _____email?
                        Online registration payable via Credit Card or Debit Card at www.abatend.com
             Please mail registrations to: ABATE of North Dakota - 1001 South 22nd St - Bismarck ND 58504
   Memb. entered ____/____ Sent ____/____ Paid on ____/____/____ Paid by: Cash____CC____Check#__________

April 2012                                                           “Let’s Ride Together”                                               Volume 37 Issue 4

2007 Harley Davidson Streetglide - Black, 17,000 miles, 96 ci. 6 speed,          2007 - 27 Ft Toy hauler/camper -Nomad-Skyline, front bedroom with
cruise, many chrome extras. $12,500.00 call Bruce 661-0478. (312)               kitchen & bathroom. Sleeps 4. Excellent condition. Call 701-220-2108. (212)
1977 750 Honda Matic Motorcycle $650 Call Gary 799-0654. (312)                  Road King Sport locking black leather hard saddle bags w/rails. Excellent
                                                                                condition. Fits 87 -2 007 touring models. $450.00. Tom 663-4315. (212)
1976 Harley FLH Electia Glide original stock, 18,000 miles Can be seen
on Bisman. Call Doug 701-206-1183 (212)                                         1 Full basket case Sportster with title, 1/2 basket case - parts only -
                                                                                numerous HD parts, take all for $1,500 OBO call Mike 225-9711. (112)
2007 Harley Davidson Street Glide, Special Military Addition. 103/6
speed, made only for 5 months. Must have DD214 to purchase. 667-8802            2001 Cadillac SLS Seville, loaded, low miles. Call Virgil 667-8802 (112)
                                                                                Harley Davidson Men’s Harness Biker Boot (black) size 11 Worn once. $50
2007 Susuki M50 - about 3,400 miles, custom paint job and the asking            223-5609 Ask for Roxie (111)
price is $4800.00. For info call 701-212-6192. The bike is in Steele (1111)
                                                                                Heated winter motorcycle storage for rent in Bismarck - call Mike 391-0490
1996 Ultra Classic - No tour pack. fuel Injected, Andrews 27 cams, after        or 220-5595. (1111)
market exhaust. New front tire. Blue/Silver, 31,000 miles. $8500. Call Buck
                                                                                NEW 2011 96” V-Twin HD Motor call Brent Bugbee 641-8874. (911)
425 3949 c 221-9645 h leave a message. (1111)
                                                                                Electric MC or ATV Load and Lift Hauler for pickup box. $2400. Call Jeff
1994 Ultra Classic - 28,000 miles Green/Silver, after market exhaust.
                                                                                for details 471-3458. (811)
Needs cosmetic repairs to right saddle bag, tour pack and rear fender.
$6400. Call Buck 425 3949 c 221-9645 h leave a message. (1111)                  Tank - Both fenders - Both Side Covers - Speedo & Dash for 99 Road
                                                                                King. John 258-0094 or 202-9534 leave message. (811)
2000 HD 883 with windshield and saddlebags 3168 miles Call 626-2348 or
525-6699. Pete’s Pub and Grub in Karlsruhe - Pete and Bev (911)                 HD Chrome Softail Frame Swingarm Cover/Trim Kit #48490-00 asking
                                                                                $42 - HD Softail Chrome Billet Swingarm Pivot Bolt Covers #43314-01
2001 HD Lowrider, black, 35,000 miles $8,300 Call Joel 223-6216 (911)
                                                                                asking $32 Kury Akyn Harley Davidson Cruise Arm Mark III #7914. Bike
2007 Heritage Softail Classic - Rare color combination in this area             floorboard mount, adjustable asking $140. Call 255-6733 or email harley-
Burgandy/Creme color, 4 yrs of extra warranty available. 6,500 miles.           wheelin@yahoo.com. (911)
Call Bob for more info at 701-286-7155, Wing. (811)
                                                                                Mustang Wide Studded Super Touring Seat, #75405, fits HD 96- 03 Dyna
2006 Honda Rebel - 250cc White Metallic paint, 400 miles, crash bar,            Wide Glide, FXDWG, Excellent Condition, $300. Stock HD 2 Piece Seat,
windshield, backrest, luggage rack. $2,500 OBO Call Kaddy - 746-1801 (811)      came from a HD 2003 FLSTCI, should fit 84-06 Softails, $100. HD 14
                                                                                Inches Wide Studded Passenger Pillion, HD #52912-00, fits HD 84-06
$10,000 OBO - Must Sell - MCC Custom Chopper. Baker 6 speed, 113                Softails with 2 piece HD seats, $100 OBO on all, call John 220-3657. (811)
cubic inch, SS Superglide Winder, Mint, Show Winner, must see. Call Rick
at 220-1068. (811)                                                              Vance & Hines long shots for Evo motors, will fit 90’s Softail $150. Call
                                                                                Steve 247-2213 - evenings and weekends. (811)
2008 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic - Black w/ghost flames 425 miles,
asking $5,500 call Norm 391-4339. (811)                                         Mustang Solo Seat for 05 FLHT, used one season. Saddlemen Solo Seat for
                                                                                05 FLHT used one November. HD pillow touring seat for 99 Sportster.
2003 Heritage Softail, Mint - 11K Gun Metal Pearl, 100th Anniversary            Call 572-0762.
Edition, Bags, Sheilds, Bottom Boards, plus. 60 Years old and want a trike.
$12,200 call 218-329-9632. (811)                                                Drag bars for Big Twin Harley - $40. New Front Fender with Chrome
                                                                                brackets $40. Call Ronney at 662-5669. (811)
2003 Susuki Volusia Intruder 800cc 5744 miles, Pearl White, Retro Dials,
Crash Bars, asking $5,500. Call Bernie 673-3393 or 471-7633. (811)              WANTED TO BUY
1975 Harley Sportster custom built by a former HA member in the 70’s.           Red or Black kitchen appliances for apartment project. Roger 391-5678 (312)
Hardtail frame, extended front end, coffin tank, invader wheels, SU carb,
andrews cam and gears. One of a kind $6,000. Call Ronney 662-5669. (811)        Neon Signs (Broken or dead - Any condition). Call Tony 400-9336 (1111)

1982 Harley Davidson WideGlide, 88 cubic inch, new bars, cables, seat,          Rear fender for a 1994 Ultra Classic. Call Buck c 425 3949 h 221-9645 (1111)
battery. Very low miles. $8500 or best offer. Call 701-537-4073. (811)          1983 Silverwing left side panel name “SilverWing”. Email Joe at
1981 Honda CM400E - $1200 OBO 5142 miles, clear title, two helmets,             GeneralC_USA@yahoo.com (811)
Clymer’s manual 330-3346.(811)                                                  Tour Pack and Rack for ‘04 Road King - call Tim 626-7372
MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE:                                                         Classified ads are free to our members. The ads will run until you notify us
                                                                                that the item has sold or if more ads come in, the older ads will be deleted.
Super Reduced-Reach seat that came off my 2011 HD Superlow. Great buy
                                                                                Ads must be in by the 10th of each month.
at $75. Only used it for a few hundred miles, didn’t need the shorter reach.
Like-new condition. Call Deb or Robin at 230-2650 or 351-8195.                  Notice: Due to circumstances in our club, the Apehanger MC, Garrison
                                                                                with a majority vote, have decided to dissolve. Therefore there will be no
1972 750 Honda Trike Project Harley Davidson Serv A Cart Rearend
                                                                                Centennial Park Rally on July 13th - 15th or no Fall Bash on Sept 15th.
- $3,500. 1971 Cushman 3 Wheeler Old Devils Lake Police Meter maid
                                                                                Sorry for this inconvenience.
Vechile - Make Offer Call Gary 799-0654. (312)
                                                                                        Please send all Newsletter inquires to
Motorcycle Trailer - Hauls one motorcycle $200. Call Gary 799-0654. (312)

April 2012                                         `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                                  Volume 37 Issue 4

          Business sponsors outside of North Dakota                                         District 5 Steele-Trail-Cass
CROOKED CREEK #1 BAR &                                                  THE GM DOCTOR 277-3209             BRAND TRUCKING, LTD
GRILL 605-576-3233                                                      1822 Main Ave W West Fargo         282-4630 5617 19th Ave N
Hwy 85 Ludlow S.D                                                       www.thegmdoctor.com                Fargo
                                                                        U MOTORS 277-1518                  FULL THROTTLE LEATHERS
        District 1 Divide-McKenzie-Mountrail-Williams                   217 38th St S W Fargo ND           541-6868 fullthrottleleathers.com
ARNIE”S MOTORCYCLE SHOP             WHISPERS 774-8399                   SHEYENNE BAR 282-0532              ROAD WOLF MOTORCYCLE
572-3382 503 2nd St Williston       #3 Main St Williston                412 Main St Horace ND              SPECIALTIES 364-1275
                                                                        SPECK’S BAR 232-0202               3130 Fiechtner Drive Unit D
                                                                        2611 Main Ave, Fargo               Fargo roadwolfmotorcycles.com
                                                                        SILVER DOLLAR BAR 281-0715         DAVE’S WEST FARGO TIRE
                                                                        221 Sheyenne St West Fargo         277-8618 1225 E Main West Fargo
District 2 Burke-Renville-Bottineau-Ward- McHenry-Pierce                BORDER TOWN BAR & GRILL
COWBOY’S CORNER BAR 624-5468        THE LANDING BAR & BOTTLE            277-1968 807 Main Ave
102 1st Street W Sawyer             SHOP 852-4523 - 2015 N              West Fargo
cowboyscorner@srt.com               Broadway Minot                      IVORY LEATHERS 282-2526
PETE’S PUB & GRUB 525-669           ROLL-N-PIN RESTAURANT               901 Main Ave E - West Fargo
#24 Main St Karlsruhe               839-8774                            ivoryleathers.net
HUBER’S CAN-DAK LOUNGE              2145 N Broadway Minot               HOME BUILDERS CARE OF FARGO
245-9692                            PURE HONDA 852-7873                 MOORHEAD FOUNDATION
#60 Main St Westhope                1520 Hwy 2 East Minot               232-5846 - 1802-32nd Ave S Fargo
112 Main St Sherwood                DAVIDSON 839-6330                   282-7066
                                    515 20th Ave SE Minot               460 7th Ave NE West Fargo
338-2816 Velva, Butte, Drake,       ACTION CYCLES 839-6875
Martin                              2815 S Broadway Minot                             District 6 Richland- Sargent- Ransom
BEN’S TAVERN 720-7765               actioncycles@ziplip.com
                                                                        CATTLEMAN’S CLUB
220 6th St NE Minot                                                     683-4341 409 Main St Lisbon

  District 3 Rolette-Towner-Eddy-Benson-Ramsy-Cavalier
BOBCAT OF DEVILS LAKE               DURUM HOUSE 968-4582
662-5331 - 705 12th Ave SE          Highway 281 Cando                         District 7 Barnes-Dickey-Foster-Griggs-Lamoure
Devils Lake                         KAREN’S PLACE 798-9991
VINING OIL & GAS / CLARK            Tue- Bingo - Friday - Darts.        SHEYENNE SALOON -796-8441          RUDY’S - THE OTHERSIDE
662-0890 - 8685 Hwy 2 East          104 Main Ave W Oberon               303 1st Avenue Kathryn             742-2436 416 Main St Oakes
Devils Lake                                                             GABLE MASONRY
CHAMPIONS DOWNTOWN BAR              DAKOTA SPIRITS 473-5714             CONSTRUCTION 490-0360
662-4352 - 312 4th St Devils Lake   Minnewaukan                         2541 116 Ave SE Valley City
WHITE HOUSE CAFE 662-4852           PAIN RELIEVER 949-2211 Nekoma       CM’S PLACE 435-2303
425 College Dr S (Holiday Mall)     SHEYENNE BAR 996-2240               Main St Wimbledon
Devils Lake                         115 Main St Sheyenne
NITE OWL LOUNGE 662-3008            HALVERSON MOTOR SPORTS                   District 8 Kidder-Logan-McIntosh-Stutsman-Wells
448 Hwy 2 West Devils Lake          662-1044                            STUTSMAN HARLEY-DAVIDSON           REISTER MEATS & CATERING
PROZ END OF THE LINE                1410 Kelly Dr Devils Lake           252-5271 Jamestown                 424-3426
662-2101 College Drive & 6th St     SCHWAN OIL CO. 662-4219             www.stutsmanh-d.com                4640 52nd St SE Streeter
Devils Lake                         803 College Dr North                WONDER BAR 252-1635
GREATER DAKOTA CLASSICS             Devils Lake                         121 2nd St SW Jamestown
662-7222                            DEVILS LAKE SPEEDWAY BAR &
Hwy 2 & 3rd Ave Devils Lake                                             J&L CONCESSIONS 320-0790
                                    GRILl 398-3577 www.dlspeedway.com   Spiritwood
MILITARY SERVICE CLUB 662-0221      4374 98th Avve SE Devils Lake
4417 HWY 20 Devils Lake                                                 SPORTSMAN’S BAR CAFE & GAS
                                    BUCK ITS 947-2455                   252-9090 209 Main Spiritwood
TOPPER MOTEL 662-4089               6900 15th St NE Devils Lake
1515 Hwy E Devils Lake
                                                                                District 9 Burleigh-Emmons-McLean-Sheridan
GORDY’S BAR 968-3221
409 Main St Cando
                                                                        C-RAM COMPUTERS 223-3109           NORTHERN PLAINS PLUMBING
                                                                        1401 S 12th St Bismarck            HEATING & AIR 222-2155
           District 4 Pembina - Nelson - Grand Forks                    www.c-ram.com                      2510 Vermont Ave Bismarck
CAVALIER MOTORCYCLE                 REVOLUTION POWER SPORTS             DVORAK MOTORS 223-8554             northern-plains.com
RIDE-IN - Cavalier 265-4559         746-4997 4225 36th Ave S,           1107 Airport Road Bismarck
cavaliermotocycleridein.com         Grand Forks
                                                                        RAAK & ASSOCIATES 530-9351
DACOTAH LEATHER CO.                 L&J’S BAR 262-4990                  Certified Public Accountants
775-9231 1-800-303-9231             118 N Main St Tolna                 1929 N Washington Suite JJ Bis.
918 N 6th St Grand Forks                                                www.raakcpa.com

April 2012                                                      “Let’s Ride Together”                                           Volume 37 Issue 4

        District 9 Burleigh-Emmons-McLean-Sheridan                                 District 10 Grant-Mercer-Morton-Oliver-Sioux
VINJE LAW FIRM 258 9475               ACE 24 HOUR TOWING                   HIWAY EXPRESS 748-2950                 THE MEDICINE SHOPPE 663-1151
411 N 4th Street Suite #6             258-0451 - Bismarck                  709 3rd Ave NW Hazen                   116 2nd Ave NW · Mandan
Bismarck                              NIGHTLIFE ENTERTAINMENT              HAZEN MOTORS 748-2750                  www.medicineshoppe.com
ALLTHREAT TACTICAL GROUP &            & LIMOUSINE 222-0202                 10 Central Ave S - Hazen               SILVER DOLLAR BAR 663-5248
CCW ACADEMY 701-540-5825              1235 S 12th St Bismarck              www.hazenmotors.com                    200 East Main St - Mandan
www.ccwacademy.com                    CAPITAL CITY MOTOR WORX              WOLFS COMPLETE CYCLE REPAIR            silverdollarbar.com
BAYSIDE RESORT - 254-5540             250-9090 1828 E Main Ave             751-3484 - 104 2nd St NW Mandan        SCOOTER SHAK 667-2033
RV- Restaurant/Bar-C Store            HARBOR BAR 442-3129                  ACTION MOTORSPORTS                     2014 Memorial Hwy, Mandan
www.baysideoahe.com                   207 Frontage Rd SE Coleharbor        667-4524 victory-usa.com               ROUGHRIDER HARLEY-DAVIDSON
GOEBEL ELECTRIC - 223-3274            UNCLE JESSE’S BAR 387-9425           1417 39th Ave - Mandan                 663-2220 3708 Memorial Hwy
Bismarck                              31 Main St S Driscoll                BLACK SHEEP DESIGN & GASOLINE          Mandan roughriderhd.com
DANDEE SERVICES INC                   SEIB’S SPORTS BAR 584-3066           MAGAZINE 202- 0683 630 6th Ave         GOLDEN COMB 663-0555
226-4884                              120 N Main St Elgin                  SE Mandan chad@baaabaaa.com            118 Main St East -Mandan
7750 Belmont Lane Bismarck                                                 www.baaabaaa.com                       MANDAN AUTO GLASS 663-0474
                                      SAKAKAWEA RV 720-0996
STEEP ME A CUP OF TEA 751-8327        250 5th AVE SE Garrison              DEAN’S STEAK HOUSE 751-4567            1406 1st St NE Mandan
311 S 3rd St Bismarck                                                      2815 Memorial Hwy, Mandan              THE HIDE-AWAY 663-8362
steepme.com                           FARMERS UNION OIL CO
                                      463-2256 1-800-801-0916.             HOWARD’S SIDING &                      1000 Boundary Road - Mandan
M&M SAUSAGE 224-8898                  Hwy. 37 Garrison                     INSULATING
2901 N 19th St Bismarck                                                    221-9508 OR 214-3938                   OPEN ROAD HONDA 663-4023
                                      GARRISON MOTEL 463-2858              807 Woodland Trail Mandan              4607 Memorial Hwy Mandan
WARREN’S LOCKS & KEYS                 4th Ave SE Garrison
223-0938 214 East Main Bismarck                                            NORM’S EATERY & CATERING               LONESOME DOVE 633-2793
                                      HOMETOWN TAVERN & BOTTLE             391-4339 Catering Bis/Man and events   3929 Memorial Hwy Mandan
RAMADA LIMITED 221-3030               SHOP 463-2586
I-94 Exit 161 Bismarck reservations                                        in ND. www.normseatery.com             THE FIELD 843-7020
                                      31 South Main Garrison
1-800-272-6232 www.ramada.com                                              BIS-MAN TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT           506 Main Ave - New Salem
                                      GARRISON BAY EXPRESS                 663-6068 1819 43rd Ave SE
FIRESIDE OFFICE PLUS                  463-2966 Hwy 37 Garrison                                                    FARMERS UNION OIL
258-8586 firesideop.com                                                     Mandan www.bismante.com                241 West Main St New Town
1713 East Bis Expwy Bismarck          MASTEL TRANSFER 782-4157             FREEWAY 147. ROLLING HILLS
                                      120 Main St Hazelton                                                        UPSTREAM LIQUORS 487-3300
RUNWAY EXPRESS MART INC                                                    RESTAURANT 3825 Highway 25             151 Main Road SE Pick City
223-4207 1740 Airport Road Bis        THE QUENCHER BAR 336-7123            Mandan
                                      307 Main Ave West, Hague                                                    DAM BAR & STEAKHOUSE 487-331
CAMP BROTHERS HEATING &                                                    COLONIAL LOUNGE 663-0355               35 Main Rd E Pick City
AIR 223-4154 1925 Lovett Ave          THE AMVETS POST #23 336-7123         4631 Memorial Hwy
                                      PO Box 2, Hague                                                             LITTLE BAR & GRILL 487-3636
Bismarck                                                                   DAKOTA EXPRESS 663- 5660               22 1st Lane NE Pick City
BARNES TRANSMISSION & MORE            MARTIN REBEL RUN INC                 2901 Memorial Hwy - Mandan
                                      113 Herr Ave Martin                                                         SCOTT’S BAIT & TACKLE
MAINTENANCE CENTER 224-9074                                                WESTSIDE BAR & GRILL                   71 Main Road East Pick City
124 S Hannifin St Bismarck             KNIGHTS BAR & GRILL 654-9559         663-3020 501 Burlington St SE
                                      401 3rd St Riverdale                 Mandan                                 THE RIVER RUN 745-3399
HOOTERS OF BISMARCK 751-2575                                                                                      200 Harmon Ave Stanton
3130 N 14th St Bismarck               STERLING BAR 114 Service
                                      Road, Sterling                                                              SMITHS WELDING 948-2858
ACCU-TEMP HEATING &                                                                                               701 County Road 13 - Zap
COOLING 250-6411                      PJ’S PLACE 442-3040
1313 Republic St Bismarck             216 Lincoln Ave Underwood                     District 11 Billings-Dunn-Golden Valley-Stark
A&J DIRTWORK 226-8766                 CAPTAINS CABIN 462-8383
John Albrecht- Bismarck                                                    HOLLYWOOD NITES VIDEO                  ESQUIRE CLUB 483-4495
                                      1608 Dakota Drive Washburn           264-7081 2184 2nd Ave W #3             43 Sims Street - Dickinson
TRUCK COLLISION CENTER                LEWIS & CLARK SALOON                 Dickinson                              www.rentadrinkingbuddy.com
250-6597 1-877-203-6175               462-8226 717 Main Ave Washburn
1810 Revere Drive - Bismarck                                               SPUR BAR & LOUNGE 483-5202             PATRIOT CUSTOM CYCLES
                                      TIME OUT TAVERN 734-9394             1306 W Villard St Dickinson            483-1635 656 West Villard
SCHERR PLASTERING &                   100 Dakota Ave Wilton                                                       Dickinson
DRYWALL 223-8856                                                           ALPHA 6 SECURITY 225-9335
215 Airport Rd Bismarck               SPORTSMAN’S BAR 734-6465             PO Box 248 Gladstone                   THE BACKYARD 872-4967
                                      21 Dakota Ave Wilton                                                        21 West Main - Beach
                                                                           I DON’T KNOW BAR 677-5852              www.thebackyardbar.com
                                                                           207 4th St NW South Heart
        District 10 Grant-Mercer-Morton-Oliver-Sioux                       www.idontknowbar.com
873-4395 405 Hway 49 S.               794-3418 Center                               District 12 Adams-Bowman-Hettinger-Slope
Beulah ccnc@westriv.com               WET SPOT LIQUOR 348 3866             BORDERLINE BAR & GRILL                 SAX MOTOR CO 523-5222
NITE OWL BAR 873-4391                 6482 Hwy 49 Glen Ullin               853-2700 Reeder                        PO Box 38 Bowman
127 West Main Beulah                                                       BOWMAN SALES & SERVICE                 www.sax-motor.com
                                      LINDEMANNS GARAGE
ALIBIS LOUNGE 873-2242                983-4611 Golden Valley               523-3257 12 S Main Bowman              CRYSTAL BAR 523-5774
1200 Hwy 49N Beulah                   Call for appointment                 THE WATERHOLE 279-9850                 24 S Main St Bowman
MAIN BAR 873-5139                     BOXES BAR 748-2302                   55 Main St Rhame
100 West Main St Beulah               17 East Main St - Hazen              MAIN BAR & GRILL 275-9243
ROUGHRIDER RV’S 873-2103              LONGSHOTS 748-2552                   Scranton
Beulah roughriderrvs.net              906 Hwy 200 Hazen                    PASTIME CLUB & STEAK HOUSE
WOLFIE’S PLACE BAR 794-3518                                                279-9843 14 Main St.
101 Main St Center                                                         Marmarth

April 2012                                 `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                          Volume 37 Issue 4

                Clip and Save so you don’t miss any of the fun this year.

* ABATE sponsored events are indented & bold.                  Devils Lake. For more info call Stan 740-7340.
MARCH                                                          2nd - Silver Fox Run - Bismarck.
23rd - 25th - ABATE of Nebraska hosts the Annual Heart-        2nd - FM Crusaders MC - Big Bikes and Little Tykes -
land S.T.E.A.M. Omaha NE.                                      Ramada Plaza Suites. Call Thumper 218-979-1035.
                                                               2nd - Prairie Rattlers MC - Spring Party. Call Bruno 570-1222
APRIL                                                          3rd - Pure Performance - Tuff Enuf to Ride Pink. 11am
        7th - District 12 Abate Easter Egg Hunt.               Pure Performance, Fargo.
14th - 15th - Red River Valley Motorcyclists Bike Show -               8th - 10th - 37th- Annual ABATE of ND State
Alerus Center - Grand Forks.                                   Rally at Menoken Grove. Gates open at Noon on Friday.
21st - Comedy & Silent Auction Benefit to help support the      Menoken is always the 2nd weekend in June - we get the
resurfacing the Southern Mclean Roughriders Track and          season started!! Make your plans to attend today.
Field. Washburn Memorial Hall. See ad in this newsletter.      16th - Rough Riders MC - 30 Year Anniversary Party,
                                                               Riverside Park, Beulah.
MAY                                                            15th - 17th - 16th Annual Cavalier Motorcycle Ride In,
5th - CMA Run for the Son & Bike Blessing Leave from the       Cavalier. cavaliermotorcycleridein.com /Nancy at 265-4559
General Store, Sabin, MN Noon. Call Butch 220-9153             16th - Liq’r Pigz MC 3rd Annual Pigz Rib Cook-off. 5pm
                                                               Cattlemans, Lisbon Call Tommy J 680-2163.
5th - CMA Run for the Son & Bike Blessing. 10am
Big Sioux Truck Stop, Grand Forks Mark 213-2902.               16th - Dakota Riders MC Fargo Chapter Fun Run.
5th-6th - Prometheus MC 8th Annual Bike Show                   17th - Dakota Riders MC Valley Chapter Hill Climb.
Best Western, Fergus Falls. Call Will 212-7647.                22nd - Freedom Riders MC Ma’s Run 6pm.
6th - CMA Bikers Sunday & Bike Blessing Harvest Outreach       21st-24th - Prometheus MC 27th Annual Zoo Run and Rally
Church, 10 am Wahpeton, Butch 220-9153.                        at The Farm, Fergus Falls, MN – Run leaves zoo in Wahpeton
                                                               Eric 238-3695.
       11th - ABATE of ND Jack Daniels Experience
Dinner & Silent Auction Ramkota Inn, Bis. 223-5609.            23rd - Norsemen MC - B. F. D. RUN--(Bikers Fighting Dia-
                                                               betes) - Rugby. More details to come.
12th - Liq’r Pigz MC 4th Annual Bike and Car Show
Lisbon Expo Center, Noon - Dana 680-0947.                             30th - ABATE District 9/10 North Fish Fry &
                                                               Burgers at PJ’s Place, Underwood. 223-5609.
19th-11th Annual Weinersnitzel Run & Supper, leave Buck-it’s
New Rockford at 11:30am. More info call Carter 302-0389.               30th - ABATE District 2 - Bikini bike Wash -
                                                               10am - 2pm Roughrider Harley-Davidson, Minot
19th - Dakota Riders MC Java Run Mandan.
                                                               29th - 30th - The 1st Annual Kickin’ Cancer Ride & Rally -
19th - Sons of Silence MC Spring Run - Party & Maureen’s       Wolfie’s Place Bar. Center. Fri -Biker Social - Tips & Balls
Charity Silent Auction.                                        Tourn. Sat - Ride $20 pp inc. supper, band and camping. Sign
19th - CMA Hamar Breakfast Run 9am - Devils Lake               up at 11am - leave at Noon. Call Kenny 426-1094.
Theater Wayne 304-0014.                                        30th - 1st Annual Riders for Freedom Fighters Ride leaves
20th - Freedom Riders MC - Jan’s Run - Noon FRMC Club          West Fargo VFW 12:30 pm sharp. Registration 10:30 am to
House- Brandon 391-7818.                                       12:30 pm Contact: U.S. Military Vets - Wood 630-1158
26th- 2nd Annual Vets Run from Cowboy Corner in Sawyer.        Spirit lake Riders MC - Matthews 799-0654.
26th - Dakota Riders MC Shotgun Run Valley City.
26th-27th - Spirit Lake Riders MC Rodeo and Rally Devils
                                                                       7th - District 8 10th Annual B.A.D. Run (Bikers
Lake. For more info call Craig 429-8075.
                                                               Against Diabetes) Jamestown. For more info call George
26th - Glen Ullin MC Annual Memorial Run.                      at 320-5355.
                                                               7th - 11th Annual Benefit Run in Hazen.
JUNE                                                           7th - ROW Ride for NDMSP. 10am - Leave from Pure
1st - 3rd - 20th Annual Devils Run Car & Bike show in          Honda, Minot. Call Woody 721-5560 for info.

April 2012                                              “Let’s Ride Together”                                     Volume 37 Issue 4

                      Clip and Save so you don’t miss any of the fun this year.

6th-8th - CMA ND State Rally Lakewood Bible Camp,                   18th - Norsemen MC Ride in Bike Show at the Dockside
Devils Lake. Call Wayne 304-0014 or Jeff 701-642-6041.              Lounge Lake Metagoshe. More details to come.
13th-14th - 6th Annual NDPG Fallen Heroes Memorial &                18th-19th - Dakota Riders MC, Tug-of-War, Mandan.
Honor Ride - Dickinson Rec Center. Friday - Steak Fry and           18th - FM Crusaders MC - Annual Street Dance Sabin, MN.
entertainment. Saturday - Memorial Program, Honor Ride,
                                                                    Call Thumper 218-979-1035.
Meal and entertainment.www.ndpatriotguard.org for info.
Reserve rooms soon!                                                 24th - 26th - Bottoms Up Run - Marmarth.
14th - Martin Rebel Fun Run.                                        25th - Liq’r Pigz MC - 19th Annual Hairbear Run
14th - Ramblers MC Ray Kulach Memorial Party. Ramblers              First & Last Chance Bar, Lisbon at Noon. For more info
Club House, Wheelock. Food and music by Balderdash, keg             call Tommy J 680-2163.
beer and camping, free for patch holders - non - $10.               SEPTEMBER
14th - 4th Annual Mike Mastel Memorial Poker Run and                8th - I II V Fallen Brothers Run leaves the Ranger Bar in
Fundraiser for American Heart Association.                          Minot at Noon.
15th - CMA Grand Forks Biker Sunday, Victory Free Lu-               8th - Individuals MC - Tiger Meat Run, Jamestown.
theran Church, Park River. 11am For more info call Mark
                                                                    8th - Rough Riders MC - Charity Ride, Main Bar at Noon.
20th-22nd - ND Ladies Run - Wahpeton.
                                                                    8th - FM Crusaders MC 45th Reunion.
     21st - ABATE District 2 ride to Beulah Wildlife
Museum leaves BWW at 9am. Woody 721-5560 for info.                  16th - 3rd Annual “Just Cause” Ride, Fargo.
21st - OPMC Run Noon - Our Place Tavern.                            15th - Prometheus MC - 4th Annual Wild Ride - Red River
21st - Individuals MC,Christmas in July - For more info call        Zoo, Fargo. Craig 371-5870.
Twitch 320-9267.                                                    15th - Freedom Riders MC - Fallen Brothers Run. Noon.
28th - Freedom Riders MC Pre-Sturgis Run. 2pm. For more             Brandon 391-7818.
info call Brandon 391-7818.                                         22nd - Prairie Rattlers MC Fall Party Williston. For more info
28th - Liq’r Pigz MC - 8th Annual Headstart/Al Johnson Run          call Bruno 570-1222.
- Noon. For more info call Cat-Tales, Gwinner, Jerry or Mary        29th - FM Crusaders MC ‘61 for 61’ Mystery Ride 10am.
678-2426.                                                           Call Lyn 430-9884 for more info.
8th - 4th Annual Debbie Gabel Memorial Cancer Ride and
Raffle. Call Rocky at 490-0099 for more information.
                                                                    6th - Ramblers MC Fall Bash at Wheelock. Call Shannon
AUGUST                                                              340-1150 for info.
       ABATE District 2 Sunset Moonlight Ride.
Leaves Rollin Pin at 7:30pm. Woody 721-5560 for info.               13th - Sons of Silence MC Halloween party.
4th - CMA Angel Tree Run Leave from the General Store,              DECEMBER
Sabin, MN Noon. Call Butch 220-9153 for more info.                       1st - ABATE of ND Annual Santa Day
6th thru 12th, 2012 - 72nd Anniversary Sturgis Rally.               ABATE Office, Bismarck, 223-5609. Noon-3pm
11th - Liq’r Pigz MC - 7th Annual Pigz Party Run, Lisbon
Eagles, Noon. Call Lucky 541-0709.                                         Clip and save this calendar.
18th - Lunacy MC 3rd Annual Search and Rescue Run,                  Events are listed free for our ABATE Business Supporters,
Devils Lake, ND. Ride Leaves from Pops Bar 11:00 a.m.,              Club Supporters and Advertisers. All listings must be sub-
registration 10:00 a.m. Ride will end at 6:00 p.m. at Thirtsy’s     mitted by the 10th of each month to meet deadline require-
Bar for Steak Fry and Street Dance. For more info contact           ments. The What’s Happening section may be reduced to one
Peepshow 701-230-2051.                                              page during the busy time of the year. At that time submis-
                                                                    sions closest to publication date will be featured.
        17th - 18th - ABATE Family Weekend. Great fun
for the whole family. Lots of games and prizes for the              When you move - you must submit an address change to the
kids. Fun run, Bike Rodeo, Dinner on Saturday night.                ABATE State Office to ensure delivery of your newsletter.

April 2012                                                                       `ABATE of ND - 37 Years of Riding Free                                                          Volume 37 Issue 4

  Complete Lawn
  Care & Fertilizer
  Snow Removal
  Residential &

                                                                                                                                         LINCOLN STORAGE
                                                                                                                                            Cold Storage - Metal Walls - Concrete Floors
                                                                                                                                         Now Renting Units
                                                                                                                                                  For Sizes and Rates please call us at

                                                                                                                                                                  Main Bar
                                                                                                                                                             Package Store
                                                                                                                                                              Happy Hour Mon - Sat
                                                                                                                                                                  5pm -6:30pm
                                                                                                                                                               Blackjack, Pull tabs,
                                                                                                                                                                 Pool and Darts.
                                                                                                                   804 East Main Ave, Bismarck 223-2284

                                                                                                                                                         We’ll fix your car/truck right the first time with

        Fueling up Your Life!
                                                                                                     C OFF
                                                                                                                                                         COMPUTER $
                                                                                                                                                         DIAGNOSTICS                      40
   Fresh Deli
   Off Sale
                Fresh Coffees
              Car Wash Gas
          91 Octane at ALL locations!
                                                                 Diesel                    5         Per Gallon
                                                                                                     of Gasoline
                                                                                                                   Quality Service on Autos and Trucks
                                                                                                                                                           Udell Auto Repair
                                                                                                                                                         Formally Steve’s Auto - Kevin Udell Owner/Tech
            www.gosimonson.com                                                                                                                                    212 S Bell St. Bismarck
  Williston - Dickinson - Minot - Bismarck - Grafton - Grand Forks - Fargo - Wahpeton - Bemidji - Alexandria

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