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September - High Sierra Bar _ Grill


									 September 2012                                                    Web Page                                                  Volume 25 Issue 9

     IL State Cookoff Celebrates 20 Years                                                           Burk's Falls, ON State Open

                                                                     Photo by Cheryl Pierson

 Seated: John Gastaldello, the 2012 IL State Champion. Standing, past IL Champs (l to r):
 Candy Thomas, 2004; Bret Centers, 2002; Bill Thomas, 2010; Wes Carlson, 1996 & 2011;
Mike Usiak, 2009; Jeff Netser, First Place 2001; Kathy Martin 2001; Jim Filgut, 1998; Gloria
              Stevens, 1995 & 1999; Mike Stevens, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2007.
                                                                                                                                             Photo by David Mitchell

                                                                                                      Zachariah and Grace Mitchel help their dad, David Mitchell,
     BATAVIA, IL - The TWENTIETH ILLINOIS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP was held                                              support his championship trophy.
July 28, 2012, as usual, at Batavia’s Riverwalk Park. Like much of the country, it has been
very dry in the Chicago area. Two weeks before the cookoff the grounds resembled the Old              BURK'S FALLS, ON - August 11, 2012, was the 1ST
320 at the Ranch. However, a little rain the week before let the grass green up, and look         ANNUAL BURK'S FALLS LIONS CLUB STATE OPEN AND
close to normal. Our usual contingent of out of state cooks was a little small this year, but     COUNTRY JAMBOREE. Despite hard rains and occasional high
we did draw a representative from Arizona, Oklahoma, Iowa, and two from Indiana. We               winds our intrepid chili cooks delivered pot after pot of the best
also welcomed back a couple cooks who have been inactive the last few years.                      Texas chili this side of the Magnetawan. The competition was
     Twenty years is a long time to do anything, so we felt a party was in order, and we had      fierce and the judging was tight. After all was said and done David
it. We truly appreciate all the cooks who made the effort to help us celebrate 20 years of        (Dark Horse) Mitchell reigned supreme. After the cooking came
CASI chili in Illinois.                                                                           the sampling and the music. A small but enthusiastic cook off and
     John Gastaldello continued his hot streak and is the 2012 Illinois State Champion. John      a great bunch of cooks who will all return next year with secret
also won the 20th Chillini Pod Cookoff in May, so he has a new nickname, “John 2:20.”             recipies and weapons to foil Dark Horse Mitchell.
Kathy Martin was second and Georgia Weller third, and Mike and Morty Stevens of Dumb
                                                                                                  Reporting from Burk’s Falls
                                                                           Continued on page 18   Peter Hall

                                                                                                                                                   Non Profit
  CASI Hot Line                                            Chili Appreciation Society International Inc.
                                                           4110 Caravel Ct
                                                                                                                                                 US Postage Paid
  888-CASIHOT                                              Missouri City TX 77459
                                                                                                                                                 Kerrville, Texas
                                                                                                                                                  Permit No. 81
If you have a cookoff coming up in the month of
November your cookoff information must be in the
hands of the CASI Upcomings Director, Lee
Kroencke, by September 15th to meet the cookoff
advertising requirement - see page 21.
Page 2                                                              Terlingua Trails                                                           September 2012
    TERLINGUA TRAILS                                                                                 From the President
                                                                                 Hot, hot, hot! It’s now that time of the year when the heat is on to get one’s final points
                                                                          to become qualified to cook at the 2012 Terlingua International Chili Championship. In a trek
                                                                          to Buda, Texas to cook at the US National Open Chili Championship, Larry and Janie Burruss
                                                                          welcomed us with lower temperatures this year. It was in the low 100’s. Whew! Better is
                                                                          relative. Still, there was the usual camaraderie amongst the cooks and a familiar name called,
                                                                          our past TICC Champion: Tom Dozier. Congratulations!
                                                                                 As we go to press, the Tropics are firing up and the fun will be flowing in the Virgin
                                                                          Islands. Good luck to all that make the trip. This is one of the International Championships
                                                                          that put the “I” in CASI as Erik Ackerson loves to remind us. Good luck to all and have a
                                                      Now to the business of CASI, it’s here: the 2012 Great Peppers Meeting. I hope you are already registered, your
                                                 Pod Credentials approved and your GPS tuned to the DoubleTree in Irving. The Meeting is the focal point of our
   Editor & Publisher: Dana Plocheck             event, but there will be a Board meeting to start Friday’s schedule, followed by an assortment of breakout sessions
                                                 including the Candidates’ Forum. Arriving Thursday afternoon or evening to get settled is a good idea. Join folks in
            Contributing Editors:                the Hospitality Rooms for some food and beverages. Mixed in with the fun is the important opportunity to meet new
    Upcoming Cookoffs - Lee Kroencke
                                                 friends and share ideas.
     Cookoff Results - Jenny Windsor
                                                      On a note about the day to day operations of CASI, please remember that your Directors are volunteers just as
                                                 with every Pod Officer and CASI Official. Most of us have day jobs and when we receive an inquiry on a matter, will
   Kerrville Daily Times - Kerrville, Texas
                                                 do our best to timely respond. Sometimes it will be quick, but other times it may take some time. If you observe a
                                                 problem, let us know; then allow us some time to resolve it and get you an answer. We are a family and let’s all keep
         CASI INSURANCE                          the objectives clear: Chili, Charity and Fun.

  To get a certificate (proof of insurance)      Ed Blair
     for your cookoff, please contact
                Janice Miller
 Phone: 325-947-8753; Cell: 325-650-1854
     Email:                                                             Reflections from the ED
                                                                                 This is the last article I will be writing for the Terlingua Trails as your Executive Director.
                                                                            I want to thank each of you for your support and encouragement. I could not name
        ED'S REFLECTIONS                                                    everybody who has assisted me during the last 4 years. I will miss all of you. But, I will still
                                                                            be out there supporting and promoting CASI. I believe in our mission! As I record the Annual
Information from CASI’s Executive Director,                                 Credential Report, I realize how many charities and how much money we have supported!
               Janice Miller                                                We have made a difference for organizations and people in so many ways.
                                                                                 I am excited that Richard Knight will be taking over as your new Executive Director. He
                                                                            has been a part of CASI from its conception and is one of the Founding Fathers. Please give
    CASI members, please check your
        personal information in the
                                                                            him support and encouragement.
         CASI Information System.                                                As each of you know, that this 2011-2012 CASI Chili year is quickly coming to a close. I
Corrections and additions should be sent to     hope each of you have qualified for TICC. If you have not, there are several CCOs this month at which you still have a
 Janice Miller at        chance to get those last points. Here’s hoping that you each do that.
                                                     It is exciting that we have 2 new pods. We have the Proud of Texas Pod (POT) which is located in Central Texas
                                                and the Sho-Me Pod located in the Kansas City, MO area. They have presented the necessary documents required to
     UPCOMING COOKOFFS                          request to be a seeded CASI POD.
                                                     It is also exciting that we have 2 new International CCOs. On August 11, 2012 there was a CCO in Burk Falls
     Lee Kroencke - CASI Upcomings              Alberta, Canada and on September 15 there will be a CASI CCO in Shanghai, China. Thanks to Bill Pierson for training
               P.O. Box 15239                   referees for both of these CCOs.
          Lenexa, KS 66285-5239
                                                     Sadly we have several pods that are no longer active and will be either put on probation for the 2012-2013 CASI
                                                Chili year or are suspended for no report for the last 2 years. I hope that some of them will be able to regenerate
                                                interest in CASI and can again become an active pod.
                                                     I want to remind the Regional Referees that they need to send to the Executive Director (ED) or the TallyMaster
       COOKOFF RESULTS                          (TM) the referee assigned to each CCO so that it can be reported in CIS. This provides these 2 directors a contact
                                                person if a problem has been identified for a specific cookoff.
 Please send all CCO results along with entry        If you are still in need of a log on for CIS, please send that request to me. After September, this request will go to
            sheets and money to:                the new Executive Director. Remember that you must use Internet Explorer to access CIS.
        Jenny Windsor – TallyMaster                  As I close my final article for the Terlingua Trails, I want to again thank all of you for your support during the last
               390 South Drive
                                                4 years. I want to give a special thanks to my husband, Cliff Miller, who as often served as my secretary (he has
          Severna Park, MD 21146
                                                resigned several times, but I have rehired him). He has been a great support to me and has been there to give me
                                                     Remember our motto: Chili, Charity and Fun! See you down the Chili Trail!

September 2012   Terlingua Trails   Page 3
Page 4                                                                      Terlingua Trails                                                       September 2012
                                                                                                Paul Mulkey – Hobbs, NM                  Noal Truitt – Friendswood, TX
                              CASI MEMBERSHIP                                                   James Murry – Como, MS                   Jon Tupper – Joplin, MO
                                                                                                Lynne Murry – Como, MS                   Sheryl Valentine – Amarillo, TX
                                   REPORT                                                       Janet Nash – Shreveport, LA
                                                                                                Jeff Netser – Seymour, IN
                                                                                                                                         Paul VanHoorebeke – Lubbock, TX
                                                                                                                                         Larry Velasquez – Mission, KS
                                  Please help me welcome all of our new, annual, life, and      Julie Netser – Seymour, IN               Georgia Weller – Rockton, IL
                               corporate members. Your dedication to supporting local           Melissa Pate – Houston, TX               Jim Weller – Rockton, IL
                               charities shines every month when I am able to list all of the   Rolland Pate – Houston, TX               Gregg Wilson – Odessa, TX
                               membership renewals, and new members who are joining             Amy Patton – Odessa, TX
                               CASI with the ambition of helping us achieve our goals of        Keith Patton – Odessa, TX                      CASI welcomes these new and renewing
                               CHILI, CHARITY, AND FUN. Please help our new members             James “Rick” Poston – Paris, TX          members. It is also always good to see some
                               feel like part of our chili family. When you renew your          Teddie Poston – Paris, TX                of our past members return to active
membership, please remember to include your CASI membership number on your renewal              Bob Pulliam – Burleson, TX               participation in our organization. Please
form, on your check or PayPal. It just helps me process your dues quicker. And as always,       Pam Riley – Odessa, TX                   note, you can pay your annual dues by
please don’t hesitate to contact me with any of your membership questions. I can be reached     Cecilia Rivera – Lenexa, KS              PayPal without having a PayPal account.
by email at or by phone at 317-856-3231 home or 317-319-4961 cell.     Donald Ryba – Greenville, TX             Just click on the “Join CASI Now” on the
Membership address: CASI, P.O. BOX 421034, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46242-1034.                         Mark Schneider – Albuquerque, NM         left side of our website .
                                                                                                Stephanie Schuckenbrock – Victoria, TX         Remember if you’re moving, please let
New Life CASI Members                           Jerry Cobb – Woodstock, GA                      Steve Shepherd – Pittsburg, KS           us know. Your Trails will not follow you
Steve Doss – Shreveport, LA                     Donna Conrad – Crawford, TX                     Ronin Short – Burleson, TX               without an address change. You can contact
Charles Stock – Orange Park, FL                 Matthew Cox – Amarillo, TX                      Kevin Smith – Farlington, KS             me by phone at (317-856-3231) or email your
                                                Jack Curry – Peoria, AZ                         Sharyn Smith – Odessa, TX                information to
New Annual CASI Members                         Weldon Daniels – Wichita Falls, TX              John Stevens – Summerfield, NC                 I urge everyone to take advantage of
Douglas Beasley – Houston, TX                   Alan Dean – Johnson City, TX                    Kris Stewart – Arlington, TX             the CASI Information System (CIS). You can
Mark Branning – Dallas, TX                      Susan Dean – Johnson City, TX                   Dianne Stimson – Crawford, TX            check on your personal information and
Ronald Branning – Southlake, TX                 Steve Dixon – Summerfield, NC                   Matt Stippich – Wauwatosa, WI            points, access the CASI Organization
Tom Carey – Birmingham, AL                      Dara Doss – Fort Smith, AR                      Kevin Strauch – Scottsbluff, NE          Groups, CASI history, and get contact
Tommy Coler – Pearland, TX                      Sharon Dozier – Houston, TX                     Blailock Strickland – Fort Worth, TX     numbers and addresses for your fellow
Paula Hughes – Whitehouse, TX                   Kelly Draper – Tahoka, TX                       Kelly Talavera – San Marcos, TX          members of the CASI Family.
Bob Ledet – Cheyenne, WY                        Kim Draper – Tahoka, TX                         Robert Talavera – San Marcos, TX
Dustin Ludwig – Torrington, WY                  Bert Dunn – Homosassa, FL                       Jose Torres – Orland Park, IL
Ernest Mathews – VanAlstyne, TX                 Kimberly Dunn – Sierra Vista, AZ                                                         Darin Jester
                                                                                                Mike Tracy – Odessa, TX
Laury McCullough – Austin, TX                   Gail Edwards – Sierra Vista, AZ                 Molly Truitt – Friendswood, TX           Membership Director
Mindy McMillin – Santa Fe, TX                   Tom Edwards – Sierra Vista, AZ
Andrew Mitcheltree – Gordonville, TX            Trey Field – Big Canoe, GA
Rachel Nolan – Kernersville, NC                 Joe Giles – Prairie Grove, AR
Martha Richardson – Dimmitt, TX                 John Goforth – Boerne, TX
Edna Rogers – Ennis, TX                         Delora Goin – Valley View, TX
Larry Rolen – Amarillo, TX                      Ann Grossman – Corning, NY
Steve Skaggs – Carthage, MO                     David Grossman – Corning, NY
Randy Squires – Langley, BC, Canada             Ray Hall – Tulsa, OK
                                                Linda Harris – Scottsbluff, NE
Renewing Members                                Scott Harris – Scottsbluff, NE
Frank Arevalo – Wellington, FL                  Vicki Harvey – Houston, TX
Kenneth Armand – Houston, TX                    Richard Hewlett – Haysville, KS
Susan Armand – Houston, TX                      Cathy Hill – Fort Smith, AR
Trent Atwood – Shelbyville, IN                  Timothy Hoffman – Montello, WI
Kathi Auten – Seguin, TX                        Jim Howard – Belcher, LA
Lee Bailey – Maumelle, AR                       Eric Jensen – Tyler, TX
Ron Baker – Ennis, TX                           Barry Karnei – Weesatche, TX
Karin Barnes – Houston, TX                      Nadine Karnei – Weesatche, TX
Phil Barnes – Houston, TX                       Peggy Kirk-Velasquez – Kansas City, KS
Amy Beams – Homosassa, FL                       Sabrina Klietz – Seguin, TX
Millie Bingham – Amarillo, TX                   Lee Kroencke – Lenexa, KS
John Blackwell – Kennesaw, GA                   Shelley Kroencke – Lenexa, KS
Lane Blair – Douglasville, GA                   Ken Large – Midland, TX
Lynette Blair – Douglasville, GA                David Lazarus – Killeen, TX
Traci Bond – Kerrville, TX                      Jerry D. Lee – Wittmann, AZ
Dave Boone – Odessa, TX                         Maxine Lee – Cornville, AZ
Kathy Boone – Odessa, TX                        Sally Lee – San Antonio, TX
Sue Ann Brooks – Helotes, TX                    Margarett Lopez – Pampa, TX
Morris Bryan – Lubbock, TX                      Steve Lopez – Pampa, TX
Tricia Byrom – Kerrville, TX                    Robert MacNaughton – San Antonio, TX
Johnny Campbell – Meadowlakes, TX               Kathy Martin – Huntley, IL
Wes Carlson – Loves Park, IL                    Travis McCauley – Pittsburg, KS
Donna Cobb – Woodstock, GA                      Laura McDaniel – San Antonio, TX
Jack Cobb – Suwanee, GA                         Kathy Mulkey – Hobbs, NM
September 2012   Terlingua Trails   Page 5
Page 6   Terlingua Trails   September 2012
September 2012                                               Terlingua Trails                                                                        Page 7
                            TALLYMASTER'S                                                         Qualified As Of
                               REPORT                                                             August 15, 2012
                             YEAR-TO-DATE COOKOFF
                                                                          299   Don Stoppiro, El Paso TX               329   Earl W. “Who?” Gorhum, Montgomery TX
                                                                          300   John P Gastaldello Downers Grove IL    330   Robert Broncy, Edwards AFB CA
                                                                          301   Drucella “Dru” Stewart, Hurst TX       331   Kelly “U Go Girl” Draper, Tahoka TX
                            *********CURRENT YEAR********
                                                                          302   Bonnie Loxterman, Rowlett TX           332   Brandy Reid, Hobbs NM
                            REQ COOKOFFS   CHILIS   MONEY                 303   Christi Batie, Loveland CO             333   Dan Barefoot, Canton GA
STATE                       PTS      HELD JUDGED    RAISED                304   John Montgomery, Golden CO             334   Doris Field, Big Canoe GA
ALABAMA                        6        2      30    1,110.00             305   Linda Wilkinson, Loveland CO           335   Jerry Cobb, Woodstock GA
ARKANSAS                      12       17     356   44,070.00             306   Jarren Tupper, Joplin MO               336   Chuck Stock, Orange Park FL
ARIZONA                       12       19     377   37,342.00             307   Georgia Weller, Rockton IL             337   Randall (Randy) Pittman, San Antonio TX
BRITISH COLUMBIA               6        3      61   13,900.00             308   Jim Weller, Rockton IL                 338   Lisa Rider, Richardson TX
CALIFORNIA                     6        2      50    4,200.00             309   Kris Hudspeth, Garland TX              339   Phyllis Patton, Odessa TX
                                                                          310   Harvey West, Telephone TX              340   Kathi Hudson, Odessa TX
COLORADO                       6        3      50   19,600.00
                                                                          311   Doris Greenlees, Houston TX            341   Mike Tracy, Odessa TX
FLORIDA                        6        6     113   62,718.00             312   Tommy Garza, San Antonio TX            342   Donna Foley, Galveston TX
GEORGIA                        6        5      80   15,220.00             313   Annell Causey, Seguin TX               343   Lewis Garrett, Houston TX
IOWA                           9        7     134    5,560.00             314   Carolann Gibson, Seguin TX             344   Stuart Frye, Little Rock AR
ILLINOIS                      12        9     174    5,225.00             315   Elaine Lopez, San Antonio TX           345   Tina Barnes, Euless TX
INDIANA                        9        6     124   63,918.00             316   Carrie Kinnison, Marble Falls TX       346   Raymon “Doodie” Johnson, Irving TX
KANSAS                        12       18     400   19,729.00             317   Rick Hanson, Las Cruces NM             347   Dusty Hudspeth, Irving TX
LOUISIANA                      6        4     135    8,187.00             318   Donna Ungvarsky, Anthony NM            348   Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff NE
                                                                          319   Norm Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ             349   Judy Haberman, Scottsbluff NE
MARYLAND                       6        2      30   31,550.00
                                                                          320   Denise Cabello, Tucson AZ              350   Brooke Dollarhide, Gering NE
MISSOURI                       9        6      92    8,366.00             321   Tom J. Klug, Gold Canyon AZ            351   Carol Straughan, El Paso TX
MISSISSIPPI                    6        5      85   12,321.00             322   Leah Moy, Burnaby BC                   352   Randy Squires, Langley V2TOK7 BC
MEXICO                         6        4     102   63,200.00             323   Grier Goldsby, Port Coquitlam BC       353   Steve Burnfield, Vancouver BC
NORTH CAROLINA                 9        8     143   50,190.00             324   Ross Lunbeck, Lacey WA                 354   Kiowan Gardner, El Lago TX
NEBRASKA                       6        1      23    2,500.00             325   Dylan McKay, North Vancouver BC        355   Joyce Jowers, San Antonio TX
NEW MEXICO                     9       12     290   11,078.00             326   Kathy Martin, Huntley IL               356   Penny Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ
NEW YORK                       6        1      14    1,000.00             327   Julie Netser, Seymour IN               357   John C. Johnson, Sierra Vista AZ
OKLAHOMA                      12        9     336   48,379.00             328   Jeff Netser, Seymour IN
TENNESSEE                      6        2      70   65,000.00
TEXAS                         12      295   9,833  751,245.53                                       SHOW TEAMS
VIRGINIA                       6        3      57      845.00             122 Purple People Eaters, El Paso TX         133 Dumb & Dumber, Homer Glen IL
VIRGIN ISLANDS                 6        1      21   15,000.00                 Rosberg, Jason                               Stevens, Mike
WASHINGTON                     6        2      35    1,300.00             123 Cloverleaf #2, San Antonio TX            134 Gosto’s Chicago Chili, Downers Grove IL
WISCONSIN                      6        2      31   10,000.00                 Cielencki Sr, Fread E                        Gastaldello, John P
WYOMING                        6        2      62   23,300.00             124 Flaming-O, San Antonio TX                135 T-9, San Angelo TX
GRAND TOTAL                           456 13,308 1396,053.53                  McDaniel, Laura                              Thorp, Gina
                                                                          125 2 Monkeys, No Waiting, Chicago IL        136 Grease is the word Chili, Dimmitt TX
                                                                              Gustafson, Patrick                           Richardson, Martha
                                                                          126 God Bless America, Broomfield CO         137 Kustom Chili, Jal NM
DELINQUENT COOKOFFS - Cookoffs held before 07/01/12 for which
                                                                              Hendricks, Karen                             Essman, Gary
results have not yet been received.                                       127 4th Down and Goal, Golden CO             138 State Line Chili, Hobbs NM
Oct 8, 2011-018 - Grand Prairie TX, Hard Core Texas/ Tommy Alverson CO.       Montgomery, John                             Sherfield, Jennifer
Apr 21, 2012-003 – The Colony TX, S.A.L Annual Cookoff                    128 Chili, Dallas TX             139 Silver Wings, Niceville FL
                                                                              Heaser, Steve                                Maturo, Jimmy L.
                                                                          129 Big Kahuna Chili – Prince, Cibolo TX     140 Mr. Tracy Chili, Odessa TX
                                                                              Knight, Christine                            Tracy, Mike
                                                                          130 Peditos De Chili, Anthony NM             141 No Name Yet Chili, Lancaster TX
                                                                              Chaney, Thomas                               Gadberry, Frank
                                                                          131 Travelin Hors d’ oeuvres, Terlingua TX   142 Hot Trottin’ Chili, Scottsbluff NE
                                                                              Taylor, Barbara C.                           Harris, Scott
                                                                          132 Retro Inferno, Casa Grande AZ            143 Que Chili, Sierra Vista AZ
                                                                              Johnson, Lily                                Dunn, Penny
Page 8                                                                       Terlingua Trails                                                       September 2012

                                                 Cook Off Winners
May 13, 2012-001 - Converse TX                   5 Lynne Brokaw, Seattle WA                     1 Retro Inferno, Casa Grande AZ           Jul 8, 2012-001 - El Paso TX
Annual Spring Fling Day After CCO, 15 CHILIS     6 Ross Lunbeck, Lacey WA                         Lily Johnson                            Handlebar Annual CCO, 15 CHILIS
CHILI WINNERS                                    7 Dylan McKay, North Vancouver BC              2 Que Chili, Sierra Vista AZ              CHILI WINNERS
1 Chris Ober, Spring TX                          8 Jerry Doucette, Surrey BC                      Penny Dunn                              1 Jason Rosberg, El Paso TX
2 David Richardson, San Antonio TX               9 June Fettback, Langley BC                    3 Dixie Chili, Atlantic Beach FL          2 Don Stoppiro, El Paso TX
3 Brent Allen, George West TX                    10 Dave McKay, North Vancouver BC                Tish Hubbard                            3 Jonathan Elliott, El Paso TX
4 Christine Knight, Cibolo TX                                                                                                             4 Christine Hernandez, El Paso TX
5 Annell Causey, Seguin TX                       Jun 30, 2012-001 - Sierra Blanca TX            Jul 6, 2012-001 - Joplin MO               5 Thomas Chaney, Anthony NM
6 Glenn Rummel, San Antonio TX                   Annual Sierra Blanca CCO, 15 CHILIS            MoKan Summer Pod CCO, 15 CHILIS           6 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX
7 Don Causey, Seguin TX                          CHILI WINNERS                                  CHILI WINNERS                             7 Marcia Gamino, El Paso TX
8 Laura McDaniel, San Antonio TX                 1 Bobby Elliott, El Paso TX                    1 Josh Tupper, Joplin MO                  8 Samantha Medrano, El Paso TX
9 Doyle Smith, San Antonio TX                    2 Carol Straughan, El Paso TX                  2 Jarren Tupper, Joplin MO                9 Bobby Elliott, El Paso TX
10 Fread E Cielencki Sr, San Antonio TX          3 Don Stoppiro, El Paso TX                     3 Jon Tupper, Joplin MO                   10 Selina Montoya, El Paso TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              4 Kathy Stoppiro, El Paso TX                   4 Georgia Weller, Rockton IL              SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
1 Big Kahuna Chili-Princess Edition, Cibolo TX   5 Marion “Bud” Barrick, Organ NM               5 Jim Weller, Rockton IL                  1 Purple People Eaters, El Paso TX
   Christine Knight                              6 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX                   6 Larry Knight, Joplin MO                    Jason Rosberg
2 Cloverleaf #2, San Antonio TX                  7 Paul Press, Chaparral NM                     7 Steve Shepherd, Pittsburg KS            2 Black Garter, El Paso TX
   Fread E Cielencki Sr                          8 Garrett Dunning, Sierra Blanca TX            8 Anette Clark, Pinellas Park FL             Eve DuMond
3 Flaming-O, San Antonio TX                      9 Gary Buck, Chaparral NM                      9 Aaron Amersher, Pittsburg KS            3 Peditos De Chili, Anthony NM
   Laura McDaniel                                10 Donna Von Gentz, El Paso TX                 10 Dennis Howard, Carl Junction MO           Thomas Chaney
                                                 SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
May 19, 2012-009 - Amarillo TX                   1 Miasis Dragon, Chaparral NM                  Jul 7, 2012-002 - Telephone TX            Jul 8, 2012-002 - Telephone TX
Homer’s Backyard Ball Music, 20 CHILIS              Gary Buck                                   Red River Valley Pod Cookoff, 38 CHILIS   Day After Red River Cookoff, 19 CHILIS
CHILI WINNERS                                    2 Dunn-Right Chili, Sierra Blanca TX           CHILI WINNERS                             CHILI WINNERS
1 Tiffany Messer, Amarillo TX                       Garrett Dunning                             1 Jerry R. Hunt, Shreveport LA            1 Larry Russell, Shreveport LA
2 Millie Bingham, Amarillo TX                    3 Exposure Chili, El Paso TX                   2 Judy Russell, Shreveport LA             2 Toni Bowman, Rowlett TX
3 Denny Antel, Amarillo TX                          Don Stoppiro                                3 Ramonda Casey, Arlington TX             3 Drucella “Dru” Stewart, Hurst TX
4 Vickie L. Childers, Amarillo TX                                                               4 Toni Bowman, Rowlett TX                 4 Janet Nash, Shreveport LA
5 Scott Campbell, Amarillo TX                    Jun 30, 2012-003 - Hernando MS                 5 Clint Wooster, Wichita Falls TX         5 Bonnie Loxterman, Rowlett TX
6 Butch Bingham, Amarillo TX                     Hernando VFW Chili Cookoff, 15 CHILIS          6 Tammie Wooster, Wichita Falls TX        6 Gerald Casey, Arlington TX
7 Kristal McCollum, Amarillo TX                  CHILI WINNERS                                  7 Delora Goin, Valley View TX             7 Raymon “Doodie” Johnson, Irving TX
8 Jim Casey, Amarrilo TX                         1 Lynne Murry, Como MS                         8 Larry Russell, Shreveport LA            8 Alan Fennell, Irving TX
9 Pam Matheson, Amarillo TX                      2 Tanna M. Jones, Horn Lake MS                 9 Gary Brignon, Ennis TX                  9 Judy Russell, Shreveport LA
10 Melvin Sanders, Amarillo TX                   3 James Murry, Como MS                         10 Keith Nash, Shreveport LA              10 Darrell Baxter, Grand Prairie TX
                                                 4 Donell Dickerson, Horn Lake MS               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
Jun 23, 2012-001 - Grand Lake CO                 5 Donna Foshee, Southaven MS                   1 Lagniappe 2, Shreveport LA              Jul 14, 2012-001 - Lenexa KS
29th Annual State of Colorado, 20 CHILIS         6 John Billy Murray, Kingwood TX                  Janet Nash                             Backyard Bash CCO, 15 CHILIS
CHILI WINNERS                                    7 Rodney Foshee, Southaven MS                  2 Freedom, Winona TX                      CHILI WINNERS
1 Rolland Pate, Houston TX                       8 Linda Nickle, North Little Rock AR              John Daniels                           1 Ethel Hewlett, Haysville KS
2 Christi Batie, Loveland CO                     9 Preston Nickle, North Little Rock AR         3 Hard Hat Chili, Grand Prairie TX        2 Shelley Kroencke, Lenexa KS
3 Lyman Wilkinson, Loveland CO                   10 Sara Vannucia, Cordova TN                      Darrell Baxter                         3 Lee Kroencke, Lenexa KS
4 Douglas “Bucky” Seelig, Fredericksburg TX      SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                      4 Cecila Rivera, Lenexa KS
5 John Montgomery, Golden CO                     1 Kings Hot Chili, Como MS                     Jul 7, 2012-003 - Joplin MO               5 Ryan Reynolds, Kansas City MO
6 Rocky Kimball, Highlands Ranch CO                 James Murry                                 Joplin Elks Lodge # 501 CCO, 15 CHILIS    6 Jerri Dowdy, Kansas City MO
7 Genee R. Jolliffe, Tucson AZ                   2 Blue Dragon, Southaven MS                    CHILI WINNERS                             7 Katrina Rivera, Lenexa KS
8 Linda Wilkinson, Loveland CO                      Donna Foshee                                1 Jarren Tupper, Joplin MO                8 Anne Warren, Shawnee KS
9 Wayne R. Jolliffe, Tucson AZ                   3 Buffalo Nickle Chili, North Little Rock AR   2 Georgia Weller, Rockton IL              9 Tracy Donovan, Gardner KS
10 Mark Huft, Castle Rock CO                        Linda Nickle                                3 Bo Prewitt, North Little Rock AR        10 Steve Dowdy, Kansas City MO
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                             4 Kyle knight, Joplin MO
1 God Bless America, Broomfield CO               Jul 4, 2012-001 - Sierra Vista AZ              5 Josh Tupper, Joplin MO                  Jul 14, 2012-002 - Pinetop AZ
   Karen Hendricks                               22nd Annual Welcome Home Desert, 21 CHILIS     6 Eric Rosenblad, Pittsburg KS            CCO in the Pines Regional Open, 25 CHILIS
2 Chili Shack, The, Loveland CO                  CHILI WINNERS                                  7 Jim Weller, Rockton IL                  CHILI WINNERS
   Lyman Wilkinson                               1 Penny Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ                  8 Stuart Frye, Little Rock AR             1 Norm Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ
3 4th Down and Goal, Golden CO                   2 Kimberly A. (Kim) Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ      9 Steve Shepherd, Pittsburg KS            2 Denise Cabello, Tucson AZ
   John Montgomery                               3 Linda Johnson, Casa Grande AZ                10 Dennis Howard, Carl Junction MO        3 Tom J. Klug, Gold Canyon AZ
                                                 4 Mary Ann Thames, Sierra Vista AZ             SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                       4 Sunny Fichtl, Sierra Vista AZ
Jun 23, 2012-005 - Langley BC                    5 Lynette Land, Sierra Vista AZ                1 Fuzzy Packers, Carl Junction MO         5 Ted Fichtl, Sierra Vista AZ
B.C. Provincial Championship, 17 CHILIS          6 Norm Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ                      Dennis Howard                          6 Ken Brown, Gold Canyon AZ
CHILI WINNERS                                    7 John C. Johnson, Sierra Vista AZ             2 Rusty Shovel Chili, Joplin MO           7 Jay Scott McCleery, Peoria AZ
1 Leah Moy, Burnaby BC                           8 Roy Fisher, Sierra Vista AZ                     Jon Tupper                             8 Jill Burrows, Lockhart TX
2 Jonathan “Spud” Griffin, Arp TX                9 Jim Tomlin, Sierra Vista AZ                  3 Hafta Hunt Chili, Pittsburg KS          9 Tom Edwards, Sierra Vista AZ
3 Grier Goldsby, Port Coquitlam BC               10 Russ Hite, Sierra Vista AZ                     Steve Shepherd                         10 Pamela (Pam) Diffin, Cottonwood AZ
4 Diane Mee, Everett WA                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                      SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
September 2012   Terlingua Trails   Page 9
Page 10   Terlingua Trails                                                     September 2012
                   1 Retro Inferno, Casa Grande AZ                   CHILI WINNERS
                     Lily Johnson                                    1 Judy Haberman, Scottsbluff NE
                   2 Cottonwood Chili Chicks, Cottonwood AZ          2 Dustin Ludwig, Torrington WY
                     Pamela (Pam) Diffin                             3 Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff NE
                   3 Que Chili, Sierra Vista AZ                      4 Brooke Dollarhide, Gering NE
                     Penny Dunn                                      5 Robin Darnall, Harrisburg NE
                                                                     6 Dorothy Evelyn, Casper WY
                   Jul 14, 2012-003 - Schertz TX                     7 UNCLAIMED
                   Summer Heat, 31 CHILIS                            8 Scott Harris, Scottsbluff NE
                   CHILI WINNERS                                     9 Michael G. (Mike) Horton, Omaha NE
                   1 Joyce Jowers, San Antonio TX                    10 Linda Harris, Scottsbluff NE
                   2 Tim LaLanne, Pipe Creek TX                      SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                   3 Randall (Randy) Pittman, San Antonio TX         1 Hot Trottin’ Chili, Scottsbluff NE
                   4 Brent Allen, George West TX                        Scott Harris
                   5 George K Jowers III, San Antonio TX             2 Jamaican Me Hot, Harrisburg NE
                   6 Annell Causey, Seguin TX                           Robin Darnall
                   7 Debbie LaLanne, Pipe Creek TX                   3 Marines, Morrill NE
                   8 Sally Lee, San Antonio TX                          Mike Adkins
                   9 Laura McDaniel, San Antonio TX
                   10 Christine Knight, Cibolo TX                    Jul 14, 2012-008 - Burleson TX
                   SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                               3rd Annual Cooter Brown’s CCO, 30 CHILIS
                   1 Pirate Chili, Houston TX                        CHILI WINNERS
                      Lewis Garrett                                  1 Barry Carter, Garland TX
                   2 Flaming-O, San Antonio TX                       2 Delora Goin, Valley View TX
                      Laura McDaniel                                 3 Darlena Hay, Burleson TX
                   3 UNCLAIMED                                       4 Tim Wardlaw, Burleson TX
                                                                     5 Beth Moon, Hurst TX
                   Jul 14, 2012-004 - Batavia IL                     6 Mack Walker, Marshall TX
                   Batavia Viking Lodge Chili Cookoff, 15 CHILIS     7 Samuel Roberts, Arlington TX
                   CHILI WINNERS                                     8 Bob Pulliam, Burleson TX
                   1 John P Gastaldello, Downers Grove IL            9 Joe McCurdy, Burleson TX
                   2 Virgil Johnson, Ottumwa IA                      10 Patrick Sullivan, Mansfield TX
                   3 Cheryl L Pierson, Batavia IL                    SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                   4 Kathy Martin, Huntley IL                        1 Rods & Wheels, Burleson TX
                   5 William C “Bill” Pierson, Batavia IL               Bob Pulliam
                   6 Roylene Johnson, Ottumwa IA                     2 Texas Chili Chicks, Burleson TX
                   7 Gloria Molitor, St. Charles IL                     Robin Short
                   8 Patrick Gustafson, Chicago IL                   3 Snake Farm Chili, Burleson TX
                   9 Richard (Rick) Geiger, Midlothian IL               Kenny Short
                   10 Wes Carlson, Loves Park IL
                   SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                               Jul 14, 2012-009 - Amarillo TX
                   1 2 Monkeys, No Waiting, Chicago IL               Elks Lodge Mud Volley Ball CCO, 15 CHILIS
                      Patrick Gustafson                              CHILI WINNERS
                   2 Packer Chili, Batavia IL                        1 Butch Bingham, Amarillo TX
                      Larry Anderson                                 2 Rodney Lilly, Amarillo TX
                   3 Diamond Coyote, Batavia IL                      3 Susan Campbell, Amarillo TX
                      Cheryl L Pierson                               4 Scott Campbell, Amarillo TX
                                                                     5 Margarett Lopez, Pampa TX
                   Jul 14, 2012-005 - West Tawakoni TX               6 Matthew Cox, Amarillo TX
                   Amvets Mens Charity Cookoff, 24 CHILIS            7 Steven A Lopez, Pampa TX
                   CHILI WINNERS                                     8 Ted Hoover, Dalhart TX
                   1 Kris Hudspeth, Garland TX                       9 Lisa J Williams, Amarillo TX
                   2 Edna Rogers, Ennis TX                           10 Pam Matheson, Amarillo TX
                   3 Frank Gadberry, Lancaster TX                    SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                   4 Steve Heaser, Dallas TX                         1 Bite Me Chili, Amarillo TX
                   5 Brandon Garcia, Waxahachie TX                      Lisa Russell
                   6 Kathy Williams, Waxahachie TX                   2 Snake Bite, Dalhart TX
                   7 Paul Seastrunk, Garland TX                         Ted Hoover
                   8 Jennifer Hansen, Plano TX                       3 Hawg Wild, Amarillo TX
                   9 Doris Coats, Irving TX                             Rodney Lilly
                   10 Harvey West, Telephone TX
                   SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                   1 Chili, Dallas TX                    Jul 15, 2012-001 - Schertz TX
                      Steve Heaser                                   Summer Heat, 19 CHILIS
                   2 Road Warriors Roadkill Chili Brew, Terrell TX   CHILI WINNERS
                      Larry Wampler                                  1 Christine Knight, Cibolo TX
                   3 No Name Yet Chili, Lancaster TX                 2 Elaine Lopez, San Antonio TX
                      Frank Gadberry                                 3 Randall (Randy) Pittman, San Antonio TX
                                                                     4 Tim LaLanne, Pipe Creek TX
                   Jul 14, 2012-006 - Gering NE                      5 Lewis Garrett, Houston TX
                   26th Annual Nebraska State Open, 23 CHILIS        6 Cindy Nohavitza, San Antonio TX
September 2012                                                                    Terlingua Trails   Page 11
7 Lisa Rider, Richardson TX                          Dan Barefoot
8 Renee F Moore, Bastrop TX                        3 Silver Wings, Niceville FL
9 Annell Causey, Seguin TX                           Jimmy L. Maturo
10 Sally Lee, San Antonio TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                Jul 21, 2012-002 - Cloudcroft NM
1 Big Kahuna Chili - Princess Edition, Cibolo TX   18th Annual Cloudcroft CCO, 28 CHILIS
   Christine Knight                                CHILI WINNERS
2 Flaming-O, San Antonio TX                        1 Kathy Mulkey, Hobbs NM
   Laura McDaniel                                  2 David “Red Bean” Boone, Odessa TX
3 Pirate Chili, Houston TX                         3 Carrie Kinnison, Marble Falls TX
   Lewis Garrett                                   4 Rick Hanson, Las Cruces NM
                                                   5 Barbara C. Taylor, Terlingua TX
Jul 20, 2012-001 - Jasper GA                       6 Connie Collier, Snyder TX
Peachtree State Pod CCO, 15 CHILIS                 7 Sunny Fichtl, Sierra Vista AZ
CHILI WINNERS                                      8 Richard (Dick) Rogers, La Luz NM
1 Chuck Stock, Orange Park FL                      9 Rick Thomas, Alto NM
2 Lynette Blair, Douglasville GA                   10 Larry “Doc” Kinnison, Marble Falls TX
3 Betty F. Barefoot, Canton GA                     SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
4 Dan Barefoot, Canton GA                          1 Peditos De Chili, Anthony NM
5 Richard Knight, Lebanon TN                          Thomas Chaney
6 Donna Cobb, Woodstock GA                         2 Pink Pig Chili, Organ NM
7 Harford “Trey” Field III, Big Canoe GA              Christine “Peaches” Cleary
8 Jimmy L. Maturo, Niceville FL                    3 Travelin Hors d’ oeuvres, Terlingua TX
9 Lane Blair, Douglasville GA                         Barbara C. Taylor
10 Tom Carey, Birmingham AL
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                Jul 21, 2012-003 - Fredericksburg TX
1 Silver Wings, Niceville FL                       Horse Racing and Chili Cookoff, 23 CHILIS
   Jimmy L. Maturo                                 CHILI WINNERS
2 Chihuahua Chili, Douglasville GA                 1 John Goforth, Boerne TX
   Lynette Blair                                   2 George K Jowers III, San Antonio TX
3 Fatty Blair’s Chili Emporium, Douglasville GA    3 Ruby Ross, Marble Falls TX
   Lane Blair                                      4 Lynette Smith, Hye TX
                                                   5 Kathy Moore, Comfort TX
Jul 20, 2012-002 - San Angelo TX                   6 Eldon Hiley, Hye TX
Big Brothers Big Sisters Cookoff, 15 CHILIS        7 Tim LaLanne, Pipe Creek TX
CHILI WINNERS                                      8 Joyce Jowers, San Antonio TX
1 Tom Dozier, Irving TX                            9 Caroline Wilson, Kerrville TX
2 Jeff Johnson, San Angelo TX                      10 Douglas “Bucky” Seelig,
3 Delana Johnson, San Angelo TX                    Fredericksburg TX
4 Barbara Herrin, Paint Rock TX                    SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
5 Karen Sedlak, Paint Rock TX                      1 Tye Dyed Cook Team 2, Comfort TX
6 Janice Miller, San Angelo TX                        Larry C. Moore
7 Laura L. Coad, San Angelo TX                     2 UNCLAIMED
8 Sue Yates, San Angelo TX                         3 UNCLAIMED
9 Sherry J. Maus, San Angelo TX
10 Robert Broncy, Edwards AFB CA                   Jul 21, 2012-005 - Wauwatosa WI
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                Chili’n on the Avenue, 16 CHILIS
1 Miss Kitty’s Arcade Games, San Angelo TX         CHILI WINNERS
   Sue Yates                                       1 Wes Carlson, Loves Park IL
2 T-9, San Angelo TX                               2 William C “Bill” Pierson, Batavia IL
   Gina Thorp                                      3 Jim Weller, Rockton IL
3 Pepper-up, San Angelo TX                         4 Jill Goldberg, Madison WI
   Sherry J. Maus                                  5 Georgia Weller, Rockton IL
                                                   6 Kime Weller, Milwaukee WI
Jul 21, 2012-001 - Jasper GA                       7 Debbie Wasik, Chandler TX
Georgia State Championship, 18 CHILIS              8 Mike Goodman, Pewaukee WI
CHILI WINNERS                                      9 Chris Tait, Wauwatosa WI
1 Betty F. Barefoot, Canton GA                     10 Matthew J. Stippich, Wauwatosa WI
2 Dan Barefoot, Canton GA                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
3 Doris Field, Big Canoe GA                        1 Dos Sombreros, Wauwatosa WI
4 Chuck Stock, Orange Park FL                         Scott Miller
5 Richard Knight, Lebanon TN                       2 Packin Some Heat, Wauwatosa WI
6 John S. Blackwell, Kennesaw GA                      Chris Tait
7 Jack Cobb, Suwanee GA                            3 Jill’s Leapin Lambeau Chili, Madison WI
8 Jerry Cobb, Woodstock GA                            Jill Goldberg
9 Lane Blair, Douglasville GA
10 Kristina (Kristi) Knight, Lebanon TN            Jul 21, 2012-006 - Geronimo TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                Purgatory Creek Pod Cook off, 41 CHILIS
1 Fatty Blair’s Chili Emporium, Douglasville GA    CHILI WINNERS
   Lane Blair                                      1 Annell Causey, Seguin TX
2 Barefoot’s Toe Jam Chili, Canton GA              2 Jennifer Cyrus, Cibolo TX
Page 12                                                                   Terlingua Trails                                                             September 2012
3 Delfino Flores, Schertz TX                  5 Jeff Johnson, San Angelo TX                 7 Debbie LaLanne, Pipe Creek TX                 3 Road Warriors Roadkill Chili Brew, Terrell TX
4 Harvey L. Haynes, Spring Branch TX          6 Clifford (Cliff) Miller, San Angelo TX      8 David Esser, Kendalia TX                        Larry Wampler
5 Tamara Dees, Bulverde TX                    7 Barbara Herrin, Paint Rock TX               9 John Goforth, Boerne TX
6 Terry Kasmiroski, Seguin TX                 8 Delana Johnson, San Angelo TX               10 Eldon Hiley, Hye TX                          Jul 28, 2012-002 - Batavia IL
7 Bill Dees, Bulverde TX                      9 Laura L. Coad, San Angelo TX                                                                The Twentieth Illinois State Open, 26 CHILIS
8 Matthew “Matt” Rumelhart, Katy TX           10 Robert Broncy, Edwards AFB CA              Jul 22, 2012-004 - Geronimo TX                  CHILI WINNERS
9 Doris Greenlees, Houston TX                 SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                           Purgatory Creek Pod Day After CCO, 30 CHILIS    1 John P Gastaldello, Downers Grove IL
10 John Koch, Moulton TX                      1 T-9, San Angelo TX                          CHILI WINNERS                                   2 Kathy Martin, Huntley IL
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              Gina Thorp                                 1 Tommy Garza, San Antonio TX                   3 Georgia Weller, Rockton IL
1 Swamp Gas Giggles, Seguin TX                2 Miss Kitty’s Show, San Angelo TX            2 Donna Foley, Galveston TX                     4 Jim Weller, Rockton IL
   Margaret Shoemaker                            Sue Yates                                  3 Annell Causey, Seguin TX                      5 Julie Netser, Seymour IN
2 Sister’s Sisters, Round Rock TX             3 Pepper-up, San Angelo TX                    4 Mike Klade, New Braunfels TX                  6 Wes Carlson, Loves Park IL
   Cathy Edmonson                                Sherry J. Maus                             5 Joyce Keith, Austin TX                        7 Jeff Netser, Seymour IN
3 Road Kill, Seguin TX                                                                      6 Patricia K. King, Seguin TX                   8 D Brian Spencer, Champaign IL
   Ron Walden                                 Jul 22, 2012-001 - Cloudcroft NM              7 Lisa Rider, Richardson TX                     9 Gloria Molitor, St. Charles IL
                                              The Day After Cloudcroft CCO, 21 CHILIS       8 Lisa R Duggan, Del Valle TX                   10 David E. Thordarson, Bloomfield IA
Jul 21, 2012-007 - Odessa TX                  CHILI WINNERS                                 9 Kevin Cyrus, Cibolo TX                        SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
Sons of American Legion Post 430, 15 CHILIS   1 Larry “Doc” Kinnison, Marble Falls TX       10 Carolann Gibson, Seguin TX                   1 Dumb & Dumber, Homer Glen IL
CHILI WINNERS                                 2 Lynn Hejtmancik, Buda TX                    SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                Mike Stevens
1 Phyllis Patton, Odessa TX                   3 Carrie Kinnison, Marble Falls TX            1 Swamp Gas Giggles, Seguin TX                  2 2 Monkeys, No Waiting, Chicago IL
2 Kathi Hudson, Odessa TX                     4 Mary L. Rogers, La Luz NM                      Margaret Shoemaker                              Patrick Gustafson
3 Mica Phillips, Crane TX                     5 Thomas Chaney, Anthony NM                   2 Road Kill, Seguin TX                          3 2nd Wind, Owasso OK
4 Keith Patton, Odessa TX                     6 Paul Mulkey, Hobbs NM                          Ron Walden                                      Mike Mayenschein
5 James Timmons, Crane TX                     7 Barbara C. Taylor, Terlingua TX             3 Pirate Chili, Houston TX
6 Gregg Wilson, Odessa TX                     8 Sunny Fichtl, Sierra Vista AZ                  Lewis Garrett                                Jul 28, 2012-003 - Austin TX
7 Jeannie Struck, Odessa TX                   9 Michele Ungvarsky, Anthony NM                                                               Lone Star Weekend, 69 CHILIS
8 Pat Timmons, Crane TX                       10 Donna Ungvarsky, Anthony NM                Jul 28, 2012-001 - Garland TX                   CHILI WINNERS
9 Mike Tracy, Odessa TX                       SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                           5th Annual Epsilon Sigma Alpha CCO, 28 CHILIS   1 Melissa Pate, Houston TX
10 Donald (Donnie) Warner, Odessa TX          1 Sundae Chili Gal, The, El Paso TX           CHILI WINNERS                                   2 Earl W. “Who?” Gorhum, Montgomery TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              Samantha Medrano                           1 Dusty Hudspeth, Irving TX                     3 David Lefler, Bardwell TX
1 Farm Chili, Odessa TX                       2 Travelin Hors d’ oeuvres, Terlingua TX      2 T.J. Cannon, Corinth TX                       4 Cynthia “Kay” Lefler, Bardwell TX
   Donald (Donnie) Warner                        Barbara C. Taylor                          3 Tom Dozier, Irving TX                         5 Jessie Waguespack, Austin TX
2 Mr. Tracy Chili, Odessa TX                  3 Peditos De Chili, Anthony NM                4 Toni Bowman, Rowlett TX                       6 David Manske, Fort Worth TX
   Mike Tracy                                    Thomas Chaney                              5 Jason Clark, Arlington TX                     7 Becky Allen, George West TX
3 Cow Patty Chili, Odessa TX                                                                6 Toby Hawley, Dallas TX                        8 Lynn Delgado, Houston TX
   Amy Patton                                 Jul 22, 2012-002 - Fredericksburg TX          7 Jerry R. Hunt, Shreveport LA                  9 Jennifer Cyrus, Cibolo TX
                                              Horse Racing &Chili Cookoff 2nd, 17 CHILIS    8 Morris Moss, Garland TX                       10 Brent Allen, George West TX
Jul 21, 2012-008 - San Angelo TX              CHILI WINNERS                                 9 Robin Short, Burleson TX                      SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
1st San Angelo Bandits Cookoff, 15 CHILIS     1 Joyce Jowers, San Antonio TX                10 Jennifer Hansen, Plano TX                    1 Ain’t No Chili Show, Garland TX
CHILI WINNERS                                 2 Douglas “Bucky” Seelig, Fredericksburg TX   SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                Bill Lester
1 Janice Miller, San Angelo TX                3 Lynette Smith, Hye TX                       1 No Name Yet Chili, Lancaster TX               2 Tall Girl Frog, Rockdale TX
2 Tom Dozier, Irving TX                       4 Kim Hiley, Hye TX                              Frank Gadberry                                  Betty Sue Caffey
3 Sue Yates, San Angelo TX                    5 Jessica Smith, Hye TX                       2 Texas Chili Chicks, Burleson TX               3 Biker Babe Chili, San Antonio TX
4 Karen Sedlak, Paint Rock TX                 6 Tim LaLanne, Pipe Creek TX                     Robin Short                                     Melodie Smith

                                                                CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP
                             PLEASE WELCOME AND THANK THESE CASI MEMBERS. They have invested in our Society as Annual Corporate
                             Members. If you live in their area PLEASE stop by and thank them personally.

  9 Fingers Jeep Tours – Odessa, TX                               Giddy-Ups - Manchaca, TX                                   Shotgun’s Bar – Odessa, TX
  American Legion Post 490 – Houston, TX                          High Sierra Bar & Grill – Terlingua, TX                    Southwest Abstract & Title Co. – Rankin, TX
  Ballenger & Associates, Inc. – DeLeon, TX                       International River Runners – Austin, TX                   Southwest Horn Toad Raisers Assn. – Odessa, TX
  Bottom of the Barrel Gang – Irving, TX                          Irving Elks Lodge #2334 – Irving, TX                       Star Ranch – McDade, TX
  Carefree RV Resorts – Scottsdale, AZ                            Long Draw Pizza – Terlingua, TX                            Texa-Chem Specialties of Midland – Midland, TX
  Cherokee Lakes, Inc – Alexander, AR                             Passport America – Long Beach, MS                          Thunderbird Machinery – Odessa, TX
  Chisos Mining Co. Hotel – Terlingua, TX                         R & R Construction, Inc. – Monahans, TX                    Wally’s Pole & Grill – Hobbs, NM
  Chisos Mountains Lodge – Big Ben National Park, TX              Renfro Foods, Inc. – Fort Worth, TX                        Wolfie’s - Lake Conroe – Montgomery, TX
  City of Madison, Georgia – Madison, GA                          RU2 Systems, Inc. – Mesa, AZ                               WPI Firefighters Fund – Ft. Worth, TX
  Cottonwood General Store – Terlingua, TX                        Saltwater Cowboy Cantina – Terlingua, TX
  Cycletek – Terlingua, TX                                        Southwest Canopy of Texas, Inc. – Houston, TX
September 2012   Terlingua Trails   Page 13
Page 14                                                                    Terlingua Trails                                                              September 2012
                                             SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                4 Margarett Lopez, Pampa TX                   4 Deanna Castillo, Terlingua TX
Jul 28, 2012-004 - Moulton TX                1 Grease is the Word Chili, Dimmitt TX             5 Matthew Cox, Amarillo TX                    5 Tracy Heflin, San Angelo TX
Moulton Town & Country Jamboree, 44 CHILIS     Martha Richardson                                6 Ted Hoover, Dalhart TX                      6 Valerie Canada, Hobbs NM
CHILI WINNERS                                2 Kustom Chili, Jal NM                             7 Steven A Lopez, Pampa TX                    7 Delana Johnson, San Angelo TX
1 Nancy Netardus, Houston TX                   Gary Essman                                      8 Mike Parker, Fritch TX                      8 Kim Draper, Tahoka TX
2 Matthew “Matt” Rumelhart, Katy TX          3 Go Wild or Go Home, Amarillo TX                  9 Carol Lilly, Amarillo TX                    9 Gene Everett, Odessa TX
3 Ed Nesbitt, Houston TX                       Sheryl Valentine                                 10 Lynn Dawson, Hereford TX                   10 Brandy Reid, Hobbs NM
4 Jeffery Bauer, LaVernia TX                                                                                                                  SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
5 Renee F Moore, Bastrop TX                  Jul 28, 2012-006 - Canyon Lake TX                  Jul 29, 2012-001 - Batavia IL                 1 Kustom Chili, Jal NM
6 Donna Foley, Galveston TX                  9th Annual Canyon Lake Chili, 36 CHILIS            21st Windmill City Chili Cookoff, 17 CHILIS      Gary Essman
7 April McDonald, Victoria TX                CHILI WINNERS                                      CHILI WINNERS                                 2 State Line Chili, Hobbs NM
8 Monte Brown, Sandia TX                     1 R. Bruce Jones, Canyon Lake TX                   1 Jeff Netser, Seymour IN                        Jennifer Sherfield
9 Joyce Keith, Austin TX                     2 Christine Knight, Cibolo TX                      2 Julie Netser, Seymour IN                    3 UNCLAIMED
10 Linda J. McDonald, Victoria TX            3 Cindy Nohavitza, San Antonio TX                  3 Jill Goldberg, Madison WI
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                          4 Cindy McKinzie Patteson, Canyon Lake TX          4 Patrick Gustafson, Chicago IL               Jul 29, 2012-003 - Canyon Lake TX
1 Double Barrel Cookers, Moulton TX          5 Roger “R W” Patteson, Canyon Lake TX             5 D Brian Spencer, Champaign IL               9th Annual Canyon Lake Chili, 18 CHILIS
   Elizabeth Buehring                        6 Randall (Randy) Pittman, San Antonio TX          6 Cheryl L Pierson, Batavia IL                CHILI WINNERS
2 Margaritaville Cookers, Moulton TX         7 James Stephens, Canyon Lake TX                   7 Wes Carlson, Loves Park IL                  1 Chris Ober, Spring TX
   Robert Shockley                           8 Mary Stephens, Canyon Lake TX                    8 William C “Bill” Pierson, Batavia IL        2 Randall (Randy) Pittman, San Antonio TX
3 Pivo Loco Cookers, Katy TX                 9 Sherry Snelson, Midland TX                       9 David E. Thordarson, Bloomfield IA          3 R. Bruce Jones, Canyon Lake TX
   Chris Heinrich                            10 Chris Ober, Spring TX                           10 Georgia Weller, Rockton IL                 4 Fred Thomas, Austin TX
                                             SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                           5 Billy Bob Weatherly, Canyon Lake TX
Jul 28, 2012-005 - Hobbs NM                  1 TX Martini Girls, Cedar Creek TX                 1 2 Monkeys, No Waiting, Chicago IL           6 Cindy Nohavitza, San Antonio TX
8th No Adult Supervision Chili, 40 CHILIS       Debbi Tucker                                       Patrick Gustafson                          7 Lisa Rider, Richardson TX
CHILI WINNERS                                2 Dancing Dawgs Chili, Spring Branch TX            2 Diamond Coyote, Batavia IL                  8 James Stephens, Canyon Lake TX
1 Patsy Childress, Midland TX                   Cindy Burk                                         Cheryl L Pierson                           9 Tim Gillespie, Austin TX
2 Lee Roy Childress, Midland TX              3 Big Kahuna Chili - Princess Edition, Cibolo TX   3 Gosto’s Chicago Chili, Downers Grove IL     10 Rex Morgan, Buda TX
3 Tim Collier, Snyder TX                        Christine Knight                                   John P Gastaldello                         SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
4 Sheryl Valentine, Amarillo TX                                                                                                               1 Big Kahuna Chili - Princess Edition, Cibolo TX
5 Kelly “U Go Girl” Draper, Tahoka TX        Jul 28, 2012-008 - Stinett TX                      Jul 29, 2012-002 - Hobbs NM                      Christine Knight
6 Tricia Tenery Byrom, Kerrville TX          5th Nutter Ville Lone Star BBQ&CCO, 15 CHILIS      Day After No Adult Supervision, 29 CHILIS     2 UNCLAIMED
7 Clifford (Cliff) Miller, San Angelo TX     CHILI WINNERS                                      CHILI WINNERS                                 3 UNCLAIMED
8 Delana Johnson, San Angelo TX              1 Karla Hoover, Dalhart TX                         1 Patsy Childress, Midland TX
9 Lisa Brown, Rankin TX                      2 Rodney Lilly, Amarillo TX                        2 Lee Roy Childress, Midland TX               Aug 4, 2012-001 - El Paso TX
10 Jeff Johnson, San Angelo TX               3 Lauren Brazile, Valle De Oro TX                  3 Jennifer Sherfield, Hobbs NM                Annual Pod of the Pass CCO, 15 CHILIS
September 2012                                                                Terlingua Trails   Page 15
CHILI WINNERS                                     8 Jeremy Schroder, Bothell WA
1 Matthew Elliott, El Paso TX                     9 Janet Nash, Shreveport LA
2 Carol Straughan, El Paso TX                     10 Leah Moy, Burnaby BC
3 Billie Dell French, Sierra Blanca TX
4 Bobby Elliott, El Paso TX                       Aug 4, 2012-007 - Burleson TX
5 Marion “Bud” Barrick, Organ NM                  Schooner’s Bar and Grill, 18 CHILIS
6 Christine “Peaches” Cleary, Organ NM            CHILI WINNERS
7 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX                      1 Tina Barnes, Euless TX
8 Samantha Medrano, El Paso TX                    2 Kenny Short, Burleson TX
9 Rocio Williams, Chaparral NM                    3 Bob Pulliam, Burleson TX
10 Rick Hanson, Las Cruces NM                     4 Beth Moon, Hurst TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                               5 Robin Short, Burleson TX
1 Boop Boop B Doop, Sierra Blanca TX              6 Ramonda Casey, Arlington TX
   Billie Dell French                             7 Jimmy Moon, Hurst TX
2 Miasis Dragon, Chaparral NM                     8 Dee Palmer, Mansfield TX
   Gary Buck                                      9 Benny Hay, Burleson TX
3 Sundae Chili Gal, The, El Paso TX               10 Tim Wardlaw, Burleson TX
   Samantha Medrano                               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                                                  1 Red Hot Mama, Lancaster TX
Aug 4, 2012-004 - Wills Point TX                     Natalia McClarey
Pondarosa Resort CCO, 15 CHILIS                   2 No Name Yet Chili, Lancaster TX
CHILI WINNERS                                        Frank Gadberry
1 Ron Baker, Ennis TX                             3 Snake Farm Chili, Burleson TX
2 Johnnie L. Sullivan, Ennis TX                      Kenny Short
3 Gil Hewlett, Tyler TX
4 Harvey Meeks, Wills Point TX                    Aug 4, 2012-008 - Fort Smith AR
5 Ray Medlin, Rowlett TX                          Fun at the Station, 17 CHILIS
6 Jennifer Hansen, Plano TX                       CHILI WINNERS
7 Lou Hewlett, Tyler TX                           1 Guy E. Smith, Fort Smith AR
8 Steve Doss, Shreveport LA                       2 Heather Beene, Fort Smith AR
9 Cherry Baker, Shreveport LA                     3 Stuart Frye, Little Rock AR
10 Larry Wampler, Terrell TX                      4 Reggie Graves, Shreveport LA
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                               5 Patti Meyers, Fort Smith AR
1 Road Warriors Roadkill Chili Brew, Terrell TX   6 Cathy Hill, Fort Smith AR
   Larry Wampler                                  7 John Doss, Ft Smith AR
2 Midway Point, Plano TX                          8 Dara Hopson Doss, Fort Smith AR
   Jennifer Hansen                                9 Debbie Anderson, Greenwood AR
3 Cherry Bomb, Shreveport LA                      10 Tammie Qualls, Pocola OK
   Cherry Baker                                   SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                                                  1 DTWACP, Greenwood AR
Aug 4, 2012-005 - Schulenburg TX                     Debbie Anderson
Schulenburg Festival, 50 CHILIS                   2 Queen Bee, Greenwood AR
CHILI WINNERS                                        Jayne Ann Spahn
1 Donna Foley, Galveston TX                       3 Sooner Chili, Greenwood AR
2 Nadine Karnei, Weesatche TX                        David Anderson
3 David Pitts, Katy TX
4 Pat Krenek, Houston TX                          Aug 5, 2012-003 - Irving TX
5 Jean H. Barkley, Weimar TX                      Team Challenge CCO, 30 CHILIS
6 Billy Reiter III, Houston TX                    CHILI WINNERS
7 Trey Quintero, Humble TX                        1 Diana Baker, Richland Hills TX
8 Marolyn “Mayo” Blair, Houston TX                2 Raymon “Doodie” Johnson, Irving TX
9 Sharon Dozier, Houston TX                       3 Dusty Hudspeth, Irving TX
10 Lewis Garrett, Houston TX                      4 Michael L. Moore, Irving TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                               5 Doris Coats, Irving TX
1 Chili Commanders, Leander TX                    6 Jimmy Rodgers, Denton TX
   Tim McKelrey                                   7 Jennifer Moore, Irving TX
2 Pants on the Ground, Paige TX                   8 Benny Hay, Burleson TX
   Troy Thorp                                     9 Samuel Roberts, Arlington TX
3 Gold Brand, Blooming Grove TX                   10 Beth Moon, Hurst TX
   Jeff Golden                                    SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                                                  1 A-Roma Chili, Saginaw TX
Aug 4, 2012-006 - Whistler BC                        Roma Kilpatrick
Canadian International Championship, 29 CHILIS    2 Blondies Rip Snortin Chili, Euless TX
CHILI WINNERS                                        Tina Barnes
1 Randy Squires, Langley V2TOK7 BC                3 Bottom of the Barrel–Texas, Irving TX
2 Steve Burnfield, Vancouver BC                      Doris Coats
3 Kiowan Gardner, El Lago TX
4 Greg Ewert, N. Vancouver V7P2H3 BC
5 S Ian Bayliss, Burnaby BC
6 Ross Lunbeck, Lacey WA
7 Kent Kammermayer, Vancouver V5Z4P1 BC
Page 16                                                                 Terlingua Trails                                                     September 2012

DONATIONS AND MEMORIALS                                                                                    2           SCHOLARSHIP
                were made to the CASI Scholarship Fund by:                                                               PROGRAM
                  Alamo Area Pod in memory of Ray King                                                                         It has been a wonderful four years. When I
                    Belch Pod in memory of Debby Cagle                                                                    took on this endeavor, there were no guidelines or
                    Jim Ezell in memory of Theresa Ewing                                                                  instructions on how the CASI Scholarship
             Mary Hernandez in memory of Jeremy Talamentes                                                                Program should be run. With the help of several
                                                                                                                          individuals including the Great Peppers and the
          Cliff and Janice Miller in memory of Theresa Foltz Ewing
                                                                                                                          Board of Directors, the program now has a
            Mel and Sharon Neff in memory of Pauline Howard
                                                                                                                          structure to help guide us.
        Pod of the Pass in memory of past Pod of the Pass members                                                              I want to thank the Great Peppers and the
         Wendell and Carole Rankin in memory of Joyce Bogle and                                                           Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity
                         Theresa Marie Foltz Ewing                                                                        to work with this program. I also want to thank
                George Rockwell in memory of Debbie Cagle                                                                 all those who have served and continue to serve
              Guy and Erma Smith in memory of Debby Cagle                  3                                              on the Scholarship Committee. I also want to
       Thompson Print and Mailing Solutions in memory of Ira Duffield                   thank all of you who let me run my ideas by you before we ever put anything
                                                                                        into print. Last but not least, I want to thank all of you who have contributed to
                                                                                        the Scholarship Fund. Without you we would not have been able to grant forty-
  4                                                                                     four (44) scholarships during the last four years.
                    CONDOLENCES                                                             As my term is coming to a close, I will be more than happy to let someone
      Please keep these families and friends in your thoughts and prayers.              else “grow” this program to greater heights.

                                                                                        Barbara Herrin
                                                                                        CASI Scholarship Program Administrator
                                          Charles Atherton, July 27, 2012,
                                                  Fort Worth, TX                                                 To Janice Miller and members of the CASI Board of

                                                                                                                      I am interested in the position of Scholarship
                                                                                                                 Program Administrator. I work in the secondary
                                                                                                                 education field and have for the last 25 years. I have
  Linda & Jessica Morris on the loss of their mother, Bobbie Mattingly,
                                                                                                                 dealt with many students on a personal basis as they
                          8/6/12, St. Louis, MO                                                                  prepare to move on to post-secondary education. I also
Dusty DeBerry on the loss of his mother, Mary DeBerry, 8/7/12, Austin, TX                                        completed my own post-secondary education as an
  Richard Inmon on the loss of his son, Tony Inmon, 8/7/12, Denton, TX                                           adult and had firsthand experience of the workings of
                                                                                                                 the college environment. In addition, I have seen my
       Doodie Johnson on the loss of his mother, Pauline Howard,
                                                                                                                 two children thru college and even law school for one
                        8/16/12, Midlothian, TX                                         child.
                                                                                             I have been a substitute teacher in the Garland Independent School District
                                                                                        for 25 years. I work strictly in the high school setting.
             Remember Loved Ones                                                             I have a college degree in Business Administration. I worked for the Federal
Contributions to the CASI National Scholarship Fund in memory of a loved one or to      Government for 10 years with the Social Security Administration and the
honor a birthday, wedding, anniversary or special occasion are always appreciated.      Department of Defense. I also worked part time for H & R Block as a Tax
Please feel free to utilize this form when submitting a donation. Donations should be   Associate for the last 5 years.
mailed to: Barbara Herrin, Scholarship Program Administrator, 7291 FM                        As a parent I have been volunteering in the school system for many years. I
380, Paint Rock, TX 76866.                                                              served as PTA President for two years and Treasurer of the PTA for two
                                                                                        years. I also served as Band Booster President for 5 years and Band Booster
           A contribution is enclosed in the amount of $____________.                   Treasurer for one year. Those positions called upon me to direct many different
                                                                                        committees and complete many tasks within limited time frames.
This contribution is in memory of or in honor of: __________________________
                                                                                             I have served on the Scholarship Committee for the last three years
Please send acknowledgement to: _____________________________________
                                                                                        submitting 20 applications in 2010, 40 in 2011 and 54 in 2012. I have been
                                                    (Name)                              Treasurer of the DAM Pod for the last seven years and have been Regional
_______________________________________________________________                         Referee for the last two years. I have also volunteered at the last eight years at
 (Street Address)                             (City, State, Zip)                        TICC in many different positions. I have organized and ran many CASI Cook-
Indicate acknowledgement is from:_____________________________________                  offs. I believe I have demonstrated my ability to organize and carry out many
                                                  (Name)                                assigned tasks.
(Street Address)                             (City, State, Zip)
                                                                                        Nancy Hewlett
September 2012                                                      Terlingua Trails                                                                Page 17
                    Thank You CASI!                                                       Duke Running for the Board
Dear CASI Scholarship Committee,                                                                            To: All CASI Great Peppers and Board of
     Thank you so much for choosing me to
receive the CASI scholarship. I am very excited                                                                 After very serious consideration I would like to
to start a new chapter in my life! This scholarship                                                          announce my candidacy for a position to the CASI
will most definitely help me out. I am going to                                                              Board of Directors. My involvement with CASI and
attend Victoria College to become a Medical                                                                  TICC started in 2004. I have been the Great
Laboratory Technician.                                                                                       Pepper of Central Texas Pod for 8 years and have
                                                                                                             participated in every Great Peppers meeting during
To My Chili Cook-off Family,                                                                                 those years. The Central Texas Pod has grown from
                                                                                                             1 cook-off a year to 8-10 a year and has grown in
    You have always been the greatest people I have known. Thank you for           membership as well. I am a good listener and welcome your concerns and
being there!                                                                       requests. I will present your requests with an open mind to the Board for their
                                                                                   consideration. If elected I will take my position very seriously because CASI
Sincerely,                                                                         has a very special place in my life and it makes me proud to serve this
                                                                                   organization. I promise to serve the CASI members and TICC to the best of
Felicia Borgfeld                                                                   my ability. Thank you for your consideration and support.

                                                                                   Randy Duke
                                                                                   Great Pepper Central Texas Pod
Chili Appreciation Society International,

     I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for the very generous
scholarship. The day that I received the letter saying I had won your
scholarship had been a rough day. It was coming near the end of the school
year, and I was very confused and stressed about which university was right
for me and what my future would hold. School had been busy and I had just
lost an important softball game. When I read the letter, I was speechless. My
dad had to take if from my hands to know what it said. I suddenly was calm
and knew everything would be okay now. Because of your scholarship I can
attend my first choice of university. I feel very humbled that out of all the
applications, a small-town Arizona girl was chosen. Thank you so much! I
know it is after all of your hard work that I received it. I will use it wisely.
Thank you for opening a window of opportunity for me.

Thank you,

Natalie Jones.

CASI Foundation,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting me as a
recipient of your scholarship. I can’t even begin to express how much I
appreciate your help in allowing me to pursue a higher education and to
continue to strive for academic success!


Megan Skiles
Page 18                                                               Terlingua Trails                                                       September 2012

2012 in the Orchards of Charlie Clark’s Steakhouse. The event set a record attendance and we
had the largest amount of money raised for the charity, The Love Kitchen, who feed the homeless.
 The event is an automatic qualifier and the winners for CASI Chili were, pictured l to r, Norm
Dunn, Sierra Vista, AZ, 1st Place; Denise Cabello, Tucson, AZ, 2nd Place; and Tom Klug, Gold
Canyon, AZ, 3rd Place. First Place Show went to Lily Johnson, Casa Grande, AZ.

Travis Tonzi
                                                                                                                                                  Photos by Carol Schumacher
IL Championship Continued

and Dumber fame won Showmanship. Mike Mayenschein from Owasso OK won the                                 BUDA, TX - August 11,
Green Chile competition. Former champion, Jim Filgut brought out his Dr Feelgood chili              2012 will go down as one of the
and won People’s Choice. Julie Netser won the early registration cooking table.                     hottest days in August 2012. It
    We were able to raise in the neighborhood of $1200 for the Batavia Teen Center. On              also will be remembered as one
Sunday we held the 21st renewal of the                                                              of the toughest championships
Windmill City Chili Cookoff. This was the first                                                     because of the number of
CASI chili cookoff in Illinois. We were able to                                                     champions both international,
raise around $500 for the Batavia Interfaith                                                        regional and state (both men &
Food Pantry. The weekend was a great                                                                women) to enter and compete.
celebration of Chili, Charity and Fun.                                                              Congratulations go to automatic
                                                                                                    qualifiers Barbara Taylor of
Bill Pierson                                                                                        Cedar Park - 3rd place chili,
Coordinator                                                                                         Don Hoy of Cuero - 2nd place
                                                                                                    chili, and champion of the third
                                                                                                    annual U S NATIONAL OPEN
                                                                                                    CHILI CHAMPIONSHIP Tom
                                                                                                    Dozier. Tom’s chili proved to be
                                                                                                    better than the other 88 chilies          Tom Dozier is all smiles!
                                                                      The satisfied look of a       turned in for judging out of 95
                                                                                                    entries. Tom of course is no stranger to winning large, prestigious
                                                                      state champion.
                                                                                                    cook-offs. Larry Moore and his Tie Die Cook Team #2 took the
                                                                                                    honors of first place show to qualify for TICC.
                                                                                                         Many thanks to the Board of Directors of the U S National
                                                                                                    Open Championship, Robert and Connie Schrade, Roger and Cindy
                                                                                                    Patteson, Larry and Janie Burruss. A special thanks to Ed Blair and
                                                                                                    his tally crew for his third year in a row. Many thanks to all the chili
                                                                                                    cooks and friends that pitched in on monitoring, running drinks,
                                                                      You never know what
                                                                                                    cleaning and setting up tables, etc. Although specifically unnamed
                                                                      might put on a pot of chili
                                                                                                    we could not succeed without you and you are truly appreciated.
                                                                      in Illinois
                            Photos by “The Horse” Patrick Gustafson                                                                                      Continued on page 19
September 2012                                                        Terlingua Trails                                                                   Page 19
       The Different Looks of Success!                                                            TEQUILA ROSE TOASTS!

                                                                                                                                            Photo by Connie Collier

                      Photo by Aaron Yates                           Photo by Bill Pierson          CLOUDCROFT, NM - 18TH ANNUAL CLOUDCROFT
                                                                                                             COOKOFF, July 21, 2012.
     KERRVILLE, TX - At the 2ND                   BATAVIA, IL - Chillini Pod Great
ANNUAL KERRFEST, August 11,                  Pepper, John Gastaldello, Downers
2012, Mike Park, Bastrop, TX, won the        Creek, IL, took first place and qualified
1st Place Bronze trophy and tried it on      for TICC at the BATAVIA VIKING
for size.                                    LODGE CHILI COOKOFF held July
                                             14, 2012.

Buda continued

    The committee wishes to thank all the awards sponsors with a special thanks to
Mild Bill’s Spices for their participation. Thanks to all the cooks that chose to brave
the heat and the judges that helped to choose the best chilies. Last but not least we
thank out host Cabela’s of Buda for the site and additional help.
    Look for a date change in 2013. COOLER

                                                                                                                                               Photo by Susie Shaw
Larry Burruss
                                                                                                   PARSONS, TN - HOT POD COOKOFF, August 11, 2012

Larry Moore and the Tie
Die Cooking Team take top
honors in Showmanship

                                                                                                                                            Photo by Connie Collier

                                                                                                 CLOUDCROFT, NM – Pictured are winners of the 18TH
                                                                                             ANNUAL CLOUDCROFT COOKOFF held July 21, 2012. Standing,
                                                                      All the Winners        from l to r, Peaches Cleary, 2nd Show; Carrie Kinnison, 3rd Chili; Doc
                                                                                             Kinnison, 10th Chili; Barbara Taylor, 5th Chili and 3rd Show; Dave Boon,
                                                                                             2nd Chili; and Rick Hanson, 4th Chili. Knealing, Sunny Fichtl, 7th Chili;
                                                                                             Connie Collier, 6th Chili; Kathy Mulkey, 1st Chili; and Rick Thomas, 9th
                                         Photos by Warren McDonald                           Chili. Not pictured are Dick Rogers, 8th Chili and Tom Chaney, 1st Show.
Page 20                                                                  Terlingua Trails       September 2012
     PARSONS, TN - August 11, 2012, HOT Pod members and many friends of
CASI worked very hard to elevate “Chili, Charity, and Fun” to a new level during
this year’s annual HOT POD COOKOFF at our Ranch. Some of the highlights
     • Six states represented by CASI members, vying to cook the best bowl of red.
     • Top Ten winners from 4 different states
     • Colorful, embroidered beach towels for the winners
     • Swimming pool full of kids and adults
     • Hot tub overflowing with beautiful ladies
     • Food – Food – Food…… featuring…
          Smoked tenderloin from Indiana… Thanks Darin & Tonya!
          Pork ribs, prepared on site by a Tennessee Championship BBQ team!
          Grilled marinated chicken & veggies … thanks Rick Seadler!
          Soon-to-be-famous smoked sausage by Rick Williams!
          Roasted pork butts… thanks Cindy and members of the Wild Turkey
          A 10-POUND Tequila Rose cake!
          Remarkable quantities of every vegetable, fruit, pasta, and desserts to
             suit every desire!
     • Another special treat for everyone was when the area life-flight helicopter
       landed in the front yard for a sample of the championship chili! (This event
       did cause quite a stir in our country neighborhood, but everyone soon
       was alerted that it was a social call and no one had died eating chili!)
     Special thanks to the Wild Turkey Federation Club for judging, and to our faithful
friends and family for all the help in making this 3-day event a success. Preston and
I could not have handled it without you … especially the Knight, Jester, Sharp, and
Seadler crews!
     We enjoy promoting CASI by having our friends at our ranch, and are already
planning for 2013 to be as much fun. (However, Preston insists that the “Shaw
RV Park” may need more that 7 hook-up sites!)
     Again, THANK YOU to all of the cooks, friends, and family, AND a big
congratulations to the Champion, Carol Knight, and the other Top Ten Winners.
     Yall come see us when you can. We will leave the gate open for you! Until
     Keep Lovin’ What Ya Do and Doin’ what Ya Love… Cooking Chili for
Charity with CASI!                                                                          1
Susie Shaw


                                                                Photo by Darin Jester

       Flight Paramedic, Richard Knight, Susy Shaw, Darin Jester, Pilot, Flight RN

September 2012                                                        Terlingua Trails                                                                                    Page 21

                                      Cooking With CASI
                                Greetings!                                            Sep 1, 2012-001 - Manchaca TX CASI. “Faces          Parking lot There will be a Jackpot Beans
                                    If you have an upcoming cookoff for               of Hep C” Giddy Ups Saloon, Manchaca Rd,            Competition. The Entry Fee will be $5.00 and
                                                                                      Manchaca, TX Bloody Mary’s 10:30 turn in -          the turn in time will be 1:00 PM. Chili turn in will
                                November, your cookoff must be submitted no later     Beans noon turn in. RV Parking no hookups -         be at 2:00 PM. Entry fee $18.00. Payable to
                                than September 15th.                                  Music Friday and Saturday evening. Contact          Concho Valley Chili Pod. This is a 3 day CCO.
                                    As a reminder, please follow these simple steps   Nancy - 512-280-4742 cookoff host. Cookoff          See Sunday’s and Monday’s information. There
                                                                                      next day same location                              will be a 50/50 Raffle. For more Information
                                to submit your cookoff;
                                                                                                                                          contact Janice Miller at 325-947 8753 or Boomer
                                    1. Use email as your first choice to submit a     Sep 1, 2012-002 - Kemah TX CASI. 4th Annual         Kingston at 325-234-205. It wil1 be CHILI
                                cookoff. Send it to            Elks & CASI CCO Located at The Elks 2322            GRIND ONLY
                                    2. Use your phone a second choice. Call your      Clear Lake (Kemah) Lodge 623 Hanson Road,
                                                                                      Kemah, TX 77565 $10 Elks Challenge (Members         Sep 2, 2012-001 - Manchaca TX CASI. “The
                                cookoff to 913-754-6074                               & Guests). $10 Jackpot Beans. $10 Jackpot           Shootout” Giddy Ups Saloon, Manchaca Rd,
                                    3. Use the US Postal Service as a last resort.    Salsa. $20 CASI Chili. Chili Grind Only. Turn in    Manchaca, TX Last day of the “Shootout” so
                                Use this as a last choice, it is slow and             times: Salsa 11:00AM, Beans Noon, Elks open         come support your team.
problematic. The address is:                                                          chili 1:00PM and CASI Chili 2:00PM. Cake
                                                                                      Walk - 50/50s - Booze Basket Raffle, Swimming,      Sep 2, 2012-002 - Kemah TX CASI. 4th Annual
                                   CASI Upcomings                                     Pot luck dinner. This is a two day cook off see     Elks & CASI 2nd Day CCO Located at The Elks
                                    P.O. Box 15239                                    September 2nd for Sunday information. Contact       2322 Clear Lake (Kemah) Lodge 623 Hanson
                               Lenexa, KS 66285-5239                                  Al Austin @ 281-326-8050 or 713-203-1217            Road, Kemah, TX 77565. CASI entry fee $20,
     4. Enter the cook off in the CIS system yourself.                                                                                    turn in noon. Chili Grind Only. This is a two day
                                                                                      Sep 1, 2012-003 - Pittsburg KS CASI. Little         cook off see September 1 for Saturday information.
     It is an honor and privilege to serve as your Upcomings Director. Thanks for     Balkans Chili Cook off Held at 2nd and Broadway,    Contact Al Austin 281-326-8050 or 713-203-
all you do for CASI and charities in your area, and best wishes for your upcoming     Pittsburg KS 66762. CASI entry fee $20, turn in     1217
cookoff.                                                                              Noon. Other events include Hot Wing competition
                                                                                      any style $5, Home Style chili $5, Salsa $5,        Sep 2, 2012-003 - Durant OK CASI. Hooch Pod
                                                                                      Rookie $5, People’s Choice and Junior Chili         CCO Held at Choctaw casino 4216 S. Hwy 69/
Lee Kroencke                                                                          Free. Turn in times TBA. First year CASI cooks      75 Durant Ok. Entry fee $20.00, turn in 1:00PM
Upcomings Director                                                                    1/2 price. Goody Bags to the first 20 cooks to      Make checks payable to the Hooch Pod. Contact
                                                                                      register. We get great public throw-down            Joe Spears 405-650- 3354, email
                                                                                      participation for charity and appreciate cooks Chili Grind Only. BIG
                                                                                      preparing extra! Benefits Habitat For Humanity.     SCREEN TV FOR 1st PLACE CHILI.
                                                                                      Make checks payable to Kansas Legal Services.
                                                                                      Contact Eric Rosenblad 620-232-1330;                Sep 2, 2012-004 - San Angelo TX CASI. Boy’s
                                                                                                           Ranch Day 2 of a 3 day CCO. It benefits Boys
                                                                                                                                          Ranch. Location Suez Shrine.Chili turn in will be
                                                                                      Sep 1, 2012-004 - El Paso TX CASI. 5th Annual       at 2:00 PM.Entry fee $18.00. Payable to Concho
                                                                                      Franklin Mtn St Park CCO This CCO will be held      Valley Chili Pod. This is a 3 day CCO. See
                                                                                      at the RV parking area located within the park at   Saturday’s and Monday’s information. There
                                                                                      Tom May’s Unit of Franklin Mountain Park            will be a Cake Auction. Contact Janice Miller at
                                                                                      located just off Transmountain Rd on the West       325-947-8753 or Boomer Kingston at 325-234-
                                                                                      side of Franklin Mountains. From 1-10 take the      205. It wil1 be CHILI GRIND ONLY.
                                                                                      Transmountain Rd exit, travel 3 miles and the
                                                                                      entrance gate will be on your left. From Hwy 54     Sep 3, 2012-001 - San Angelo TX CASI. Suez
                                                                                      in El Paso, take the Transmountain Rd exit and      Shrine Fall Festival Day 3 Day 3 of a 3 day CCO.
                                                                                      travel about 7 miles, over the summit, and the      It benefits the Jerry’s Kids MDA. Location Suez
                                                                                      entrance will be on your right. Once in the park,   Shrine. Chili turn in will be at 12:00 PM. Entry
                                                                                      check the signs. Turn- in 1:00PM. Entry fee         fee $18.00. Payable to Concho Valley Chili Pod.
                                                                                      $20.00. Bean competition entry fee $5. Make         This is a 3 day CCO. See Saturday’s and Sunday’s
                                                                                      checks payable to Pod of the Pass. Bud Barrick      information. There will be a 50/50 Raffle. Contact
                                                                                      575-382-5107                        Janice Miller at 325-947 8753 or Boomer
                                                                                                                                          Kingston at 325-234-205. It wil1 be CHILI
                                                                                      Sep 1, 2012-005 - Durant OK CASI. Oklahoma          GRIND ONLY.
                                                                                      State Championship Held at Choctaw casino
                                                                                      4216 S. Hwy 69/75 Durant Ok. Benefits KOA           Sep 7, 2012-001 - Amarillo TX CASI. “There’s
                                                                                      Care Camp. Turn in time 2:00PM and entry is         NO EXCUSE for Child Abuse” Western
                                                                                      $25.00. Junior division turn in 1:00PM entry fee    Cowpunchers Hwy 287 North, Exit FM 1719 on
                                                                                      $10.00. Make checks payable to Hooch Pod.           access/frontage road. Benefits Evyn Vaughn
                                                                                      Contact Joe Spears 405- 650-3354,                   Foundation. CASI entry fee $25, turn in 8:30PM.
                                                                             Chili Grind Only.            Salsa entry fee $20, turn in 7:30PM. Saturday
                                                                                      Accommodations available at the following,          Bar-B-Que (I.B.C.A.) Sanctioned) $1,500 to
                                                                                      Holiday Inn, 580-924-9777 Hampton Inn, 580-         2,000 in prize $ pay backs depending on number
                                                                                      924-0300 Comfort Inn, 580-924-8881 Micro            of entries per category. All Bar-B-Que entry fee
                                                                                      Tell , 800-771-7171 Mention your a chili cook       $150.00 must enter all three meats for Grand
                                                                                      for discounts.                                      Champion. Brisket turn in 5:30PM. Ribs Pork
                                                                                                                                          Spare turn in 4:00PM, 1/2 Chicken turn in
                                                                                      Sep 1, 2012-006 - San Angelo TX CASI. Suez          2:00PM, Cook’s Choice turn in 3:00PM with an
                                                                                      Shrine Fall Festival Suez Shrine Fall Festival      entry fee of $25, Beans/Dry Pinto type turn in
                                                                                      CCO. Day 1 of a 3 day CCO. It benefits Suez         1:00PM with entry fee of $25. Best tastin burger
                                                                                      Shrine Charities. Location at the Suez Shrine       contest entry fee $20 turn in 11:00AM, Green
Page 22   Terlingua Trails                                                         September 2012
                   Chili entry fee $20, turn in 10:00AM, Margarita     to and mail to: Cicero Friends of the Park, PO Box
                   Mix-Off entry fee $20, turn in 12:00PM Raffle,      754, Cicero, IN 46034. Contact Christy Wilson
                   Door Prizes, Silent Auction items, Live bands all or Darin Jester
                   day Saturday. Fun carnival style for the kids.      317.319.4961,
                   Come join the fun and help raise awareness of
                   Child Abuse. Contact Carmen Nichols 806- 640-       Sep 15, 2012-004 - West Tawakoni TX CASI.
                   7431, 806-351-3244;             West Tawakoni 18th Annual CCO Chili by the
                                                                       Lake Cookoff. Held in AM VETS parking lot, 9
                   Sep 8, 2012-001 - Edgerton WI CASI. Chilimania      miles east of Quinlan on Hwy 276. Benefits
                   WI State Championship and Music Festival.           AMVETS Scholarship Fund Entry fee $18 turn-
                   Held at the intersection of Henry and Canal         in 1 PM. Jackpot Beans entry $5 turn in Noon.
                   Streets, one block off the intersection of Hwys     Info Jackie Grose 5640 Hwy 34 South, Quinlan,
                   59 and 51 in downtown Edgerton, WI. Benefits        TX 75474. 903- 883-4916.
                   scholarships and various community
                   improvement projects. Automatic Qualifier for       Sep 15, 2012-005 - Palos Park IL CASI. Autumn
                   TICC, Top 3 WI cooks and 1st place WI               in the Park CCO Held at 8901 W 123rd St, on
                   Showmanship. Entry fee $25. Turn- in time           Village Green behind Recreation Center. Make
                   1:30PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Make checks               checks payable to Village of Palos Park. Entry fee
                   payable to Chilimania Inc. Contact Bridget Keeler   $20 turn-in 1:00PM. Contact Sally Kinney 708-
                   at or 608-239- 5316.            671-3705, email

                   Sep 8, 2012-002 - Lubbock TX CASI. 2nd              Sep 15, 2012-006 - Shanghai CH CASI. Shanghai
                   Annual Panhandle Cookoff Buffalo Springs Lake       Provincial (State) Located at Bubba’s Hongqiao,
                   9999 High Meadow Road Lubbock, TX. (806-            2262 Hongqian Lu, Shanghai, China. The entry
                   747- 3353)Benefits Eagle Boys Basketball. Entry     fee is 100rmb. The winner and/or the top 3 China
                   fee $20.00, turn in 2:00PM. Grind Only. Make        residents auto qualify for the 2012 Terlingua
                   checks payable to Panhandle BBQ Association.        International Championship. CASI rules apply.
                   Contact Toby or Ursula Cooksey 6405 E FM 40         In addition to the Chili Cookoff there will be a
                   Lubbock, TX 79403; 806-632-2482;                    BBQ contest. This is our 7th year. This will be
                                       our first year to be affiliated with CASI. For more
                                                                       information                                contact
                   Sep 8, 2012-003 - Lee’s Summit MO CASI. 10th
                   Annual Kick It Up Chilifest Located in front of
                   the City Hall in Downtown Lee’s Summit, MO.         Sep 15, 2012-007 - Summerfield NC CASI.
                   CASI entry fee $20, turn in 12:00 noon. Benefits    CHIC2K15 Held at Mt. Bethel Church, 8130 NC
                   Polio Plus. Contact Steven King 250 W. 2nd St.      65 Summerfield, NC 27358. Entry fee $20.00 for
                   Apt 4105 Kansas City, MO. 64105. 816-668-           first chili and $10.00 for second. Juniors free.
                   3815;                       Make checks payable to Piedmont Pepper Pod.
                                                                       Categories: CASI, freestyle, and Jr’s. No
                   Sep 8, 2012-004 - Corsicana TX CASI. 1st            showmanship. Meat is cooks choice. Please
                   Annual Never Forget Memorial The 1st Annual         contact John at or 336-
                   “Never Forget Memorial Celebration” will benefit    420- 4696. Turn-in 12 Noon. Benefits Mt. Bethel
                   the American Legion Post 22 located at 632 N        Church CHIC Event.
                   Beaton in Corsicana, TX 75110 on September
                   8th. 50/50 Bean entry is $10-turn in at 12 noon.    Sep 15, 2012-008 - Greenwood LA CASI. Pioneer
                   CASI chili entry is $20-turn in at 1PM. CHILI       Days Chili Cookoff Located at 7042 Howell St.
                   GRIND ONLY. This will be an all day event with      First Baptist Church (no alcohol) Greenwood,
                   vendors and entertainment. Come see us and get      LA 71033. Turn in 1 pm, entry fee $20 CASI
                   those last chance points!!! Please contact Andy     rules apply Benefits K-9 Unit Greenwood Police
                   Williams        at      903-851-7360          or    Dept. Checks made out to and contact Veronica
          for any questions.       Brown: PO Box 195, Greenwood, LA 711033.
                                                                       phone 318-938-7261
                   Sep 15, 2012-001 - Norwich KS CASI. Norwich
                   Classic Chili Cook Off Norwich Classic Chili        Sep 15, 2012-009 - Scottsbluff NE CASI. Pepe’s
                   Cook Off, Main street downtown Norwich.             Pod Cook Off - 2nd Annual United Way Rubber
                   Held in conjunction with the 2012 K42/2 Car and     Duck Dash Chili Cook off. Held at the YMCA
                   Bike Show. CASI fee $20 turn in 12PM,               trails west, Scottsbluff, NE. Set up is at 8:00am.
                   Homestyle fee $10 turn in 12:30PM, Salsa fee $5     CASI entry fee $20, turn in 10:30AM. Open chili
                   turn in 1PM. Contact Ed Parks, 620-478-2265.        $10.00 or $5.00 if entering CASI. Make checks
                                                                       payable to Pepe’s Pod. Benefits Pepe’s Pod
                   Sep 15, 2012-002 - Gonzales TX CASI. First          charities. Contact Pepe’s Pod c/o Linda Harris
                   Shot Cook-Off Located at JB Wells Park, HWY         4202 Pleasant Drive Scottsbluff, NE 69361; 308-
                   183 S and HWY 97 in Gonzales, TX. (South of         641-2528
                   the Guadalupe River. CASI entry fee $20, turn
                   in 2:30PM. Chili Grind only. IBCA Cook-off          Sep 15, 2012-010 - Payson AZ CASI. Chili Cook
                   (Brisket,Chicken,Ribs,Jackpot beans) Hook-ups       Off in High Country Location information to
                   available from city $20 per day 830-672-3192.       follow. Benefits Rodeo Scholarship Committee.
                   See Sunday 9-16-2012 for second day                 CASI entry fee $15, turn in 2:00PM. Make
                   information. Contact Sissy Mills 830-857-6247;      checks payable to CASA. Contact Travis Tonzi
          or Shirley Breitschopf         16707 E Emerald Dr. Fountain Hills AZ 85268;
                   830-857-4142                                        480-837- 5888; 480-299-6738;
                                                                       *    FLAGRANT           VIOLATION         OF
                   Sep 15, 2012-003 - Cicero IN CASI. Indiana          ADVERTISING RULE 5A2. *
                   State Chili Championship Red Bridge Park, 697
                   W. Jackson St on Morse Reservoir. Benefits          Sep 15, 2012-011 - Crane TX CASI. Crane JR
                   Cicero Friends of the Park. CASI $25, Homestyle     Livestock Show CCO Held at 6th Street (behind
                   $15, Salsa $5, Jr’s $5. Turn-in 12 Noon for all     the swimming pool) Benefits Crane JR Livestock
                   categories. People’s Choice $10 (must make a        Show. Entry fee $18, turn in 2:00PM. Ground
                   minimum of 3 gallons of chili) Auto qualifier for   Meat Only. Kids cook off $5 entry, turn in noon.
                   TICC. CASI Rules Apply. Make checks payable         Make advanced checks payable to Crane JR
September 2012                                                                         Terlingua Trails    Page 23
Livestock Show. Contact Trisha Barker 509             home,   325     650    1854 cell   or
Dorothea,     Crane,      TX      79731;    , or Charolotte         FLAGRANT                 Underwood at 224 8597.
                                                      Sep 22, 2012-006 - St Jo TX CASI. 1st Annual
Sep 16, 2012-001 - Gonzales TX CASI. First            Head of the Elm CCO Come get the points you
Shot Cook-off Located at JB Wells Park, HWY           may need at the 1st annual Head of the Elm chili
183 S and HWY 97 in Gonzales, TX. (South of           cook off. Cook off will be held at the Saint Jo
the Guadalupe River. This is the second day of        Riding Club rodeo arena and will benefit the Saint
the two day cookoff. CASI entry fee $20, turn in      Jo Riding Club scholarship fund. 50/50 beans
Noon. Chili Grind only. Hook-ups available            entry fee $10.00 turn in at noon, Junior chili
from city $20 per day 830-672-3192. Contact           $5.00 turn in 1PM, CASI chili $20.00 turn in
Sissy          Mills          830-857-6247;           1PM. Grind only. Plenty of shade and room for or Shirley Breitschopf           RV’s NO HOOK UPS. For more info contact Eli
830-857-4142                                          Casey 940.366.1913
                                                      Hope to see you there.
Sep 22, 2012-001 - Midland TX CASI. Black
Gold Fall Roundup September 22, 2012 - Black          Sep 22, 2012-007 - Binghamton NY CASI.
Gold Fall Roundup Chili Cookoff. Halfway              Empire State Pod Cook Off Held at Otsiningo
between Midland and Odessa at Legacy Harley           Park. Take I-81 South to Exit 5 (Front Street).
Davidson, 12100 W. Hwy 80 East, Odessa, TX            Turn left at the traffic signal onto Front Street
COME CELEBRATE FALL WITH US! CASI                     (Rt. 11 South). Turn left at the second traffic
rules apply. Chili Grind Only. Entry Fee $18.         signal onto Bevier Street. Otsiningo Park entrance
Plenty of RV Parking-no hookups available.            is immediately on the left. CASI entry fee $25,
Turn-in 2pm. Make Checks payable to Black             turn in 1:00PM. CASI Rules Apply. Benefits
Gold Chili Pod. Benefit TBA. Contact Guy W.           Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse. Make
Bates 432-559-5922 or Shirley Bates 432-770-          checks payable to Empire State Pod. Contact Ed
1952.                                                 Blaine 607-759-8770;

Sep 22, 2012-002 - Walnut Springs TX CASI.            Sep 22, 2012-008 - Crosby TX CASI. 8th
Walnut Springs City Park Held at the Walnut           Annual Hotter ~n~ Hell CCO Held at Bob ~n~
Springs City Park. Entry Fee $18.00 Turn in time      Jeans, 4700 FM 1942, Crosby, TX, 281-421-
2p. CHILI GRIND ONLY. We can cook INSIDE.             5650. Benefits the Laura Recovery Center.
There is a RV Park close by with Approx. 20           Jackpot Beans, pays top 3 places - $10 entry fee
spots. For more information on the CHILI cook         and turn in at 12:00 noon. CASI Chili - $20 entry
off contact Donna Conrad @         fee and turn in at 2:00 p.m. 50/50 pot and Cook’s
or 254-855- 4733 On the RV information contact        party with a Chicken Spaghetti dinner and live
Mayor Larry Stafford 254-396-6034 see next            music from 9:00 ‘til. RV parking available - no
day cook off. So if your still chasing those points   hookups and no open fires. For more information
for TICC come on out and get qualified.               call Teena Miller @ 832-414-9699.

Sep 22, 2012-003 - El Paso TX CASI. Smokey’s          Sep 22, 2012-009 - Little Rock AR CASI. VFW
Chili Cook Off Held at Smokey’s Bar & Grill,          9095 Ladies Auxillary Fall CCO Held at VFW
1700 N. Zaragosa, El Paso, TX (rear parking) lot.     9095, 1121 Gamble Rd, Little Rock. Entry fee
Chili entry fee $20. Chili turn-in at 4:00PM.         $25.00. Turn in 1:00 PM. Benefits Ladies
Salsa contest, entry fee $5.00. Benefits El Paso’s    Auxillary charities. Contact James Mosley 501-
Children’s Hospital. Make checks payable to           837-8106
Pod of the Pass. Contact Carol Straughan 915-
852-3599,                          Sep 22, 2012-010 - Amarillo TX CASI. Rolling
                                                      Hills Riding Club Chili CCO Located at Seiri
Sep 22, 2012-004 - Farlington KS CASI.                Hills Rd. off of Northwestern in Amarillo. This
Crawford State Park CCO Held at the Crawford          is a CASI sanctioned event that Benifits Rolling
State Park. Free entrance weekend - No entry fee      Hills Riding Club. Make checks payable to the
or vehicle permit required. Friday night cooks        same. Turn-in 2 pm. Entry fee 25$. Contact
party 6:30PM. Saturday CASI, Home Style,              Larry Rolen 500 Wallace, Amarillo, TX 79108.
Salsa and Junior divisions. CASI entry fee $20,       phone 806-231-3149 or Vickie Childers 806-
turn in 4:00PM. Chili Grind Only. Salsa $5, turn      355-7387. Chili Grind Only.
in 3:00PM. Home Style $20, turn in
4:30PM.Juniors no charge, turn in 4:30PM.             Sep 23, 2012-001 - Walnut Springs TX CASI.
Enjoy one of Kansas’ best kept secret, Crawford       Walnut Springs City Park Sunday 9-23-2012
County State Park,”Very relaxing environment,         Walnut Springs,Texas Held at the Walnut Springs
friendly folks, clean cabins, easy access to entire   City Park. Entry Fee $18.00 Turn in time 1pm.
park, the playground for the children is top          CHILI GRIND ONLY. We can cook INSIDE.
notch.” Contact Lee Kroencke 913-754- 6074,           There is a RV Park close by with Approx. 20                              hook ups. For more information on the chili cook
                                                      off contact Donna Conrad @
Sep 22, 2012-005 - San Angelo TX CASI. Elks           or 254-855- 4733 For more information on the
Fall Festival Located at the Elks Lodge at 2121       RV spots contact Mayor Larry Stafford @ 254-
S Chadbourne, San Angelo, TXLocated at The            396-6034 See previous day cook off! So if your
first annual Elks Fall Festival at the Elks Lodge     still chasing points come on out and get qualified
located at 2121 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo,          for TICC.
TX, CASI. Friday Night Cooks Party at 7:00PM.
Saturday will have Beans and Chili competition.       Sep 23, 2012-002 - Dallas TX CASI. State Fair
Jackpot Beans with turn in at 12:00 noon with a       Of Texas Held at Fair Park. Enter Lagow Gate
entry Fee of $5.00. Chili entry fee is $18.00 with    from Fitzhugh Avenue to cooks area, by livestock
the turn in time at 2:00 PM. Chili Grind Only.        pavillion. Fire Extinguisher required. Pump-up
Make checks payable to Concho Valley Chili            style stove, no propane. Chili Grind Only. Meat
Pod There will be a 50/50 pot, Cake Auction, and      must be cooled in ice chest. Chili Entry fee $15,
Raffle. RV Parking with no hook ups. For more         turn-in 1 PM. The Charity is The Creative Arts
information, contact Janice Miller, 325 947 8753      Dept. Checks payable to State Fair of Texas.
Page 24   Terlingua Trails                                                          September 2012
                   Contact Creative Arts Dept, 214-421-8744.             Kong City Resturant. CASIrules apply. Entry
                   Kathy Bennett. We also            Fee: $20.00 Turn in 2:00pm Contact and Checks
                   will have a No Rules Local Chili(fillers              Payable to: Jerry Hunt 318-797- 0719, 10006
                   allowed)cook off, For those that want to cook         Ferry Creek Shreveport, LA 71106.
                   their own version of Chili. If you cook CASI chili
                   rules you may enter both chili cook-offs from the     Sep 29, 2012-004 - Hobbs NM CASI. United
                   same pot of chili. Entry is $15. Turn in time is      Way Chili Fest Held at Lea County Event Center,
                   1:30PM. BBQ Pork Ribs(7) and 1/2 Chicken              next to Zia Park Raceway and Casino, 5101
                   entry fee $15 each. Chicken turn- in Noon, Rib        Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM. There will be Live
                   turn-in 1:30 PM. WEB site for          Music; an Auction, a 50/50 pot, and a Large Craft
                   entry form. No public tasting of chili allowed.       Show on site. There are RV Hook-ups as well as
                   This is a pre-Fair event and all cooks will receive   Dry Camping available. This is a 2 Day CCO.
                   a one day Fair Pass (valued at $16 as well as a one   Day 1 benefits the United Way of Hobbs. It is a
                   day parking pass (valued at $15)to the State Fair     CASI Chili Cookoff. The entry fee is $18 with a
                   of Texas any day except Saturday, October 13,         Turn In Time of 1:00 PM MST. It is CHILI
                   2012. We also have some great prizes, same as         GRIND ONLY. For more information contact:
                   last year, to include $100 gift cards for 1st place   Paul Mulkey 575-390-6184, Kathy Mulkey
                   Chili and Show.                                       575-390-6675                 or           email
                                                                *New Mexico
                   Sep 23, 2012-003 - Crosby TX CASI. 1st Joan           Health-Environmental Inspections Possible* To
                   Brack Memorial CCO Held at Bob ~n~ Jeans,             make RV Hookups Reservations, call 575- 391-
                   4700 FM 1943, Crosby, TX, 281-421-5650.               2900. There will be Pot luck on Friday night with
                   Joan started the Bob ~n~ Jean’s Hotter ~n~ Hell       meat provided.
                   cookoff and lost her battle with cancer in February
                   2011. Proceeds will go to the American Cancer         Sep 29, 2012-005 - Ross TX CASI. Ross TX
                   Society. CASI Chili - $20 entry fee and turn in at    CCO Located at 1476 Ross Rd. Benefits the Ross
                   1:00 p.m. For more information call Teena Miller      VFD. Chili turn in 2PM, entry fee $18. GRIND
                   @ 832-414-9699.                                       ONLY. Plenty of RV, plenty of shade no hook
                                                                         ups. Last chance weekend for TICC points CCO.
                   Sep 28, 2012-001 - Meridian TX CASI. Hill             For more info contact Randy @
                   Country Bar Grill Last Chance Located at Hill or 254-405-4333 or
                   Country Bar & Grill 9307 Hwy 6 South, Meridian,       Angie @ or 254-405-4334.
                   TX 76665. Still need points for TICC? Well this       See September 30, 2012 for next day cook off
                   is your lucky chance. This is the 1st night of a 3    same location.
                   day event. Turn in time 8pm. Entry fee $18.00.
                   CHILI GRIND ONLY! There are 15 full RV                Sep 29, 2012-006 - De Soto KS CASI. De Soto
                   hook ups onsite plus plenty of RV parking             Rotary Chili Cook Off Held at the Zimmerman
                   without hook ups. There is also a Motel onsite.       Farm. CASI entry fee $20, turn in 12:00PM,
                   Benefits St. Judes Hospital. For more informatiion    Home Style entry fee $20, turn in 12:30PM. Last
                   on the cook off contact Dianne Stimson @              chance to earn points for 2012 Terlingua. Contact
          or 254-855- 2767 For             Lee      Kroencke          913-754-        6074;
                   more information on RV spaces & Motel       
                   Information call 254-435-2751. See next day for
                   more cook off information.                            Sep 29, 2012-007 - Girard KS CASI. Girard Fall
                                                                         Festival Chili Cook Off Fall festival cookoff to
                   Sep 29, 2012-001 - Columbus NM CASI. 19th             be held on the square in downtown Girard. Event
                   Pancho Villa Last Chance CCO This is an NMCS          to support Girard Alumni Association. CASI
                   Pod Cook off. Held at South End of Poncho Villa       chili entry fee is $20.00, turn in 12:00PM. Chili
                   State Park. RV spaces with hook- ups are available    Grind Only. Homestyle entry fee $10.00, turn in
                   in the park on a “first come, first served” basis,    12:30PM. Or cook both CASI and Home Style
                   $14.00 per night. Lodging is available at Martha’s    for $25.00. Youth Chili is Free, must be 16 or
                   Bed and Breakfast, 575-531-2467 and at Hacienda       younger. Chili Grind only. Salsa entry fee $5.00,
                   De Villa, 575-531-2711. For info on the park, call    turn in 11:30AM. Last Chance for CASI Points.
                   575- 531-2711. There will be a steak dinner for       Contact Steve Shepherd @ 620-249-2101 or
                   the cooks on Friday evening. Entry fee $20.00.        620-347-8429;
                   Turn- in 2:00 PM. Contact Bobby Elliott at 915-
                   755-4419 or email Make checks        Sep 29, 2012-008 - North Little Rock AR CASI.
                   payable to New Mexico Chili Society.                  Spectators Grill & Pub CCO Located at 1012 W
                                                                         34th Street, Entry fee $20. Turn-in 1:00 pm.
                   Sep 29, 2012-002 - Meridian TX CASI. Hill             Make checks payable to Spectators Grill and
                   Country Bar Grill Last Chance Located at Hill         Pub. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Contact Preaton
                   Country Bar & Grill 9307 Hwy 6th South                Nickle 501-791- 2191.
                   Meridian, TX 76665. Still need points for TICC?
                   Well here’s your chance! 2nd day of a 3 day           Sep 29, 2012-009 - Stafford TX CASI. No Frills
                   event. Turn in time 2pm Entry fee $18.00. CHILI       Last Chance CCO Held at the Stafford Elks
                   GRIND ONLY! Jackpot Beans, winner takes               Lodge 151, 10150 W. Airport Blvd, Stafford,
                   ALL. Entry Fee $10.00. 50/50 Raffle. Benefits St      TX. Chili grind only. Turn in at 2:00. Entry
                   Judes Hospital. 15 full RV hook ups onsite!           $20.00. Showmanship at 2:30. Benefits Stafford
                   Plenty of RV parking without hook ups. Motel          Elks Lodge 151. More information to follow.
                   also onsite. For more information on the cook off
                   contact         Dianne        Stimson          @      Sep 29, 2012-010 - Dimmitt TX CASI. Highway
          or 254-855-2767. For             to Hello Terlingua Held at South Hwy 385 and
                   RV spaces & Motel Information call 254-435-           Co Road 316 Dimmitt, TX 79027. CASI Entry
                   2751. See previous & next day for more                Fee 20.00, Chili Grind Only. CASI Turn in time
                   information on cook offs.                             2:00 PM. Benefits Dimmitt Volunteer Fire
                                                                         Department. Dry Hook up camping only. Make
                   Sep 29, 2012-003 - Shreveport LA CASI. LA             advanced checks payable to Martha Richardson.
                   CASI Louisianne POD Cookoff Held at Uncle             Contact Martha Richardson, 1508 South Hwy
                   Bennie’s Tavern, 752 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy.        385, Dimmitt, TX 79027 860-240-1038;
                   Shreveport, LA. Location in the rear of Hong
September 2012   Terlingua Trails   Page 25
Page 26   Terlingua Trails   September 2012
September 2012                                                                          Terlingua Trails                                                                                        Page 27
Sep 29, 2012-011 - Indian Land SC CASI. SC           TN          37363;         423-648-2496;
State Chili Championship SC State Chili    
Championship Indian Land, LOCATION
CHANGE to CITY OF LIGHTS, 300 WORLD                  Sep 30, 2012-005 - Garland TX CASI. Garland
REACH DRIVE, CHARLOTTE HIGHWAY                       Elks Lodge Last Chance CCO Garland Elks Last
INDIAN LAND, SC. The cookoff is still part of        Chance CCO. Held at 3825 Duck Creek Drive.
the Indian Land Fall Festival, but will not be at    Cross street is Centerville and Duck Creek. 972-
the school this year. SC State CASI Chili benefits   278-5300. CASI Chili entry $20 with noon turn
Indian Land Rotary Charities. Automatic qualifier    in. Lots of Motor home trailer parking with hook
for TICC for top 3 SC residents. CASI Rules          ups (water & electric) 1st come 1st served. $10
Apply. Entry fee $20, turn in Noon. CHILI            fee for campers. We will have Raffles. Make
GRIND ONLY. Chili sample kits are sold to raise      check payable to Garland Elks Lodge #1984,
funds. Large crowd expected, so bring lots of        Contact Dave Hewlett 214-695-3806
throw down. Look for display ad in this issue of Benefits Garland Elks
the Trails for more info. Contact Denise Helms       lodge #1984 Charities. CHILI GRIND ONLY.
(, 803-578-4229)
or                 Stacy                Thomas       Oct 6, 2012-001 - Wisconsin Dells WI CASI.
(, 803-578-              Dells Chili Cook Off Location is downtown
4202) for more info or check out the Piedmont        Wisconsin Dells, WI
Pepper Pod Facebook page for details. Please         is our website. Fee includes a 10X10 spot in tent.
register by September 22, so we can get an           Entry fee $25. Chili Grind Only. Turn in is
accurate head count of cooks for this event.         12PM. Applications after Sept 15, 2012 will be
                                                     $50 entry fee. Contact Tracy Hoffman, 608-566-
Sep 30, 2012-001 - Meridian TX CASI. Hill            3996 or
Country Bar Grill Last Chance Located at Hill
Country Bar & Grill 9307 Hwy 6 South Meridian,       Oct 6, 2012-002 - Tulsa OK CASI. Oklahoma
TX 76665. Still looking for points for TICC?         Men’s State Cook Off Oklahoma Men’s State
Well this is truly your LAST CHANCE. The last        Cook Off - Travel money for TICC to 1st Place
day of a 3 day event. Turn in 1pm. Entry fee         OklahoMan.Held at Tulsa State Fairgrounds,
$18.00. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Benefits St Judes          Quicktrip Center, 4145 East 21st, Tulsa, Ok.
Hospital. There are 15 full RV hook ups onsite.      Entry $25.00. Turn in 1:00 pm. Ground meat
Plenty of RV parking without hook ups. There         only. Benefiting: Tulsa Area United Way. Cook-
is also a Motel onsite. For information on the       off is held in conjunction with the Tulsa State
cook off contact Dianne Stimson @                    Fair. Free entry into fair for cooks and team or 254-855- 2767 For            members. Cooks need to arrive no later than
information on RV spaces or Motel call 254-435-      10:00am for entry into lower south side of QT
2751. See previous day for more information on       Building. For more information contact Amanda
cook offs. Looking forward to getting as many        Bretz       918-744-1113         X2080       or
people qualified for TICC as possible at this Lorinda Crawford 918-
event as we can so come on out.                      271-2421 or
                                                                                                            Oct 6, 2012-006 - Weatherford TX CASI. Clark        CHILI GRIND ONLY Concessions available,
Sep 30, 2012-002 - Hobbs NM CASI. Last               Oct 6, 2012-003 - Tulsa OK CASI. Oklahoma
                                                                                                            Gardens Spiciest Festival Held at Clark Gardens     and as always, lots of fun!!! Contact Margaret
Chance CCO This is a 2 Day CCO See Saturday          Women’s State Cook Off Oklahoma Women’s
                                                                                                            567 Maddux Rd, Weatherford, TX 76088. Entry         Hobbs Phone 972-740- 2224 (leave message) or
for more details. Held at Lea County Event           State Cook Off - Travel money for TICC to 1st
                                                                                                            fee $15, turn in 4:00PM. Benefits Clark Gardens     email or VFW Post
Center, next to Zia Park Raceway and Casino,         Place OklahoWoman. Held at Tulsa State
                                                                                                            Educational Programs.Contact Beverly Hayes          2494 972-790-1611
5101 Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM. Charity               Fairgrounds, Quicktrip Center, 4145 East 21st,
                                                                                                            567 Maddux Rd Weatherford, TX 76088; 940-
TBA. There will be a 50/50 pot and a Large Craft     Tulsa, Ok. Entry $25.00. Turn in 1:00 pm.
                                                                                                            682-            4856;         817-304-1391;         Oct 6, 2012-009 - Hico TX CASI. Hico TX Chili
Show on Site. RV Hook-ups and Dry Camping            Ground meat only. Benefiting: Tulsa Area United
                                                                                                                              Cook off Held in downtown Hico. This is a 2 day
is available. This is a Chili Grind Only. CASI       Way. Cook-off is held in conjunction with the
                                                                                                                                                                event plenty of paved parking with limited
Chili Entry Fee is $18 and the turn in time is 12    Tulsa State Fair. Free entry into fair for cooks and
                                                                                                            Oct 6, 2012-007 - Montgomery TX CASI.               hookups. Saturday benefits the Billy the kid
MST. Make checks payable to SENMCS. For              team members. Cooks need to arrive no later than
                                                                                                            Wolfie’s Sports Bar and Restaurant 2nd Annual       museum. 50/50 Beans, entry fee $10 turn in
more information contact: Paul Mulkey 575-           10:00am for entry into lower south side of QT
                                                                                                            1st Chance Cookoff. Held at Wolfies Lake Conroe     11AM. Chili entry fee $18 turn in 2PM. GRIND
390-6184 or Kathy Mulkey 575-390-6675 *New           Building. For more information contact Amanda
                                                                                                            14954 Highway 105 West Montgomery, Texas            ONLY. Live Bands with street dance 10AM till
Mexico Health Environmental Inspections              Bretz       918-744-1113            X2080         or
                                                                                                            Benefiting CASI Scholarship program. Sponsored      10PM. Donations will be accepted. There will be
Possible* To make RV Hookup Reservations    Lorinda Crawford 918-
                                                                                                            by the Gulf Coast Area Pods. CASI chili $20.00      more information to follow. Watch the trails in
call 575-391-2900.                                   271-2421 or
                                                                                                            turn-in 2:00PM Showmanship 12:30 to 1:30 PM         the up coming issues. If you want to come to a
                                                                                                            Jackpot Beans $10.00 turn-in noon Silent auctions   great cook off this is it. There will be a Wendell
Sep 30, 2012-003 - Ross TX CASI. Ross TX             Oct 6, 2012-004 - Neosho MO CASI. Barn Yard
                                                                                                            and Raffles contact Earl Who? at                    Rankin stove to be raffled off also. Contact
Next Day CCO Located at 1476 Ross Rd. Benefit        Days - Boobapolooza *NOTE: This cookoff has
                                                                                                   cell 713-724-5736          Randy            Duke            254-405-4333;
TBA. Chili turn in 12 noon, entry fee $18.           been Cancelled. Located at the Circle R Ranch
                                                                                                            Home 936-447- 1060 Dana Blake Manager      or Angie Duke 254-
GRIND ONLY. For more info contact Randy @            10970 Old Scenic Drive. CASI entry fee $25,
                                                                                                            Wolfies 936-648-           405-4334; Also check out
254-405-4333, or               turn in Noon. Chili Grind Only. Home Style $10,
                                                                                                            1756 Wolfies buisness 936-588-8200 Live bands       Website: Oct 7,
Angie @ 254-405-4334                turn in 1:00PM. Taste Kits donation $2.00. Full
                                                                                                            Fri and Sat nights. Good Food and Partying.         2012- Hico TX. CASI next day CCO same
                                                     Festival Activities - Arts, Music, Food. Contact
                                                                                                            Limited RV parking no hookups Hotels in the         location Benefits the CTC Pod. Chili entry fee
Sep 30, 2012-004 - Chattanooga TN CASI. 10th         Jon Tupper 3730 Ferguson Rd Joplin, MO
                                                                                                            area are Best Western and Super 8 across the        $18 turn in 1PM. GRIND ONLY. More
Annual Chattanooga CCO Held at First Tennessee       64804;              417-439-              8605;
                                                                                                            Highway                                             information to follow. For information contact
Pavilion, 1829 Reggie White Blvd, Chattanooga,
                                                                                                                                                                Randy            Duke            254-405-4333;
TN 37408. Join us for this last chance cookoff
                                                                                                            Oct 6, 2012-008 - Irving TX CASI. 11th Annual Angie Duke
benefiting the Chattanooga Public Market, the        Oct 6, 2012-005 - Fort Wayne IN CASI. ChiliFest
                                                                                                            Veterans Memorial CCO Held at 3375 N. Belt
regions largest farmers and arts market. Located     - “Fire in the Fort” Held at Headwaters Park -
                                                                                                            Line Irving, TX.(don’t use Google, Mapquest,
at the First Tennessee Pavilion in Downtown          West Plaza 333 S. Clinton Fort Wayne, IN
                                                                                                            Yahoo Maps, etc., they will get you lost!!)         Oct 6, 2012-010 - Helotes TX CASI. 4th Annual
Chattanooga. Both CASI and open chili                46802. Entry fee $25, Categories CASI with a
                                                                                                            Behind the Skateland on Belt Line. From I-30 go     Helotes Cook Off (we are having back to back
competition. Live music and entertainment            turn in time of noon. Red, White, Verde, Salsa,
                                                                                                            2 1/2 miles north, or from 183 go south 3 miles,    cookoffs this year. CASI. 4th Annula Chili
throughout the day! If registered prior to           Beans, JR’s. with turn in times to be determined.
                                                                                                            1 block south of Shady Grove. Campers welcome       Cookoff. Held in Old Town Helotes in
September 1st: single cookoff is $15, both           Tasting between noon and 4PM. Benefits
                                                                                                            (no hookups/self-contained only). Benefits VFW      conjunction with Marketplace Day. Get your
cookoffs $25. After September 1st an extra $5        Alzheimer’s Association. Make checks payable
                                                                                                            Post 2494 Ladies Aux. Saturday: Registration        first chili points for 2013! If you bring and serve
per cookoff. Turn in 1:30PM. Make checks             to ChiliFest. Contact Bob Anweiler 618
                                                                                                            begins at 9:00AM. Free breakfast while it lasts.    at least 2 gallons of People’s Choice chili there is
payable to The Chattanooga Public Market. To         Professional Park New Haven, IN 46774; 260-
                                                                                                            Bean Entry $5 - turn in at 1:00PM, 100%             no entry fee. If you don’t want to serve People
register go to ;         418-2170;
                                                                                                            payback. Chili turn-in at 2:00PM. Entry fee $20.    Choice Chili, your entry fee is $50!! Chili Grind
Contact Steve Brehm. PO Box 810, Ooltewah,
Page 28                                                                              Terlingua Trails                                                                         September 2012
                                                                                                           Annual NM State Open Championship. Ruidoso             Oct 7, 2012-002 - Hico TX CASI. 2nd Day Hico
                                                                                                           Downs Race Track & Billy the Kid Casino, 1466          TX CTC Pod CCO Held in downtown Hico.
                                                                                                           Hwy 70 West, Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico.                Benefits the CTC Pod. Chili entry fee $18 turn
                                                                                                           This Cook Off is an automatic qualifier for the 1st    in 1PM. GRIND ONLY. More information to
                                                                                                           Place overall winner and top three NM Cooks            follow. For information contact Randy Duke
                                                                                                           and Automatic Qualifier for first place show.          254-405-4333; Angie
                                                                                                           Cooks pot luck party Friday evening. The meat          Duke Or visit
                                                                                                           will be provided. Please bring a side dish. Cook’s
                                                                                                           breakfast Saturday morning. On site dry camping
                                                                                                           is available. Local lodging nearby the cook site.      Oct 7, 2012-003 - Austin TX CASI. SOT Pod
                                                                                                           USDA approved meat must be used, your                  2013 Pod Cook Off & Sight State of Texas Pod
                                                                                                           purchase receipt will be required by inspectors        and 2nd Points for Sight present the 2013 Sot Pod
                                                                                                           as proof. Entry fee $25 turn-in 2 PM. Contact          cook off, held at Giddy Ups Saloon, south of
                                                                                                           Paul Mulkey 575-390-6184                               Slaughter Lane, off Manchaca Road. Dry camping
                                                                                                                                                                  only and Chili Grind only. CASI rules. Entry is
                                                                                                           Oct 6, 2012-015 - St. Charles IL CASI. Great           $20.00 and turn in is at 1:00PM. Make checks
                                                                                                           Peppers Chili Cookoff St. Charles VFW Post             payable to ALSCC. Come early and eat some of
                                                                                                           5036 119 N. Third St.(SW Corner of Third and           those famous biscuits and gravy that John Caffey
                                                                                                           State Streets). CASI Chili Entry Fee $20.00 Turn       makes and support SOT and Sight and Nancy, a
                                                                                                           in time: 1PM, Jackpot Beans Entry Fee $5.00            Corporate Sponsor. See Saturday ad for more
                                                                                                           Turn in 2:00 pm. Checks payable to Chillini Pod.       info about weekend details. John Caffey 512-
                                                                                                           Contact John P. Gastaldello 5125 Grand Ave.            760-5274 Sue caffey 512-760-8789. God Bless
                                                                                                           Downers Grove,IL. 60515 H # 630-963-0160 C             us all and God Bless America.
                                                                                                           # 630-687-5202 e-mail
                                                                                                                                                                  Oct 7, 2012-004 - Hallsville TX CASI. 10th
                                                                                                           Oct 6, 2012-016 - Madison GA CASI. Madison             Annual East Texas Pod CCO Hallsville, TX.
                                                                                                           8th Annual CCO located at 218 W. Jefferson             10th Annual East Texas Chili Pod Cookoff held
                                                                                                           Street. Benefits the volunteer Fire Department         at 2515 Quail Lane. See previous day for
                                                                                                           Entry fee is $18 turn-in is at 12:30 pm. Chili         directions $20.00 entry fee. Turn in at 12:00
                                                                                                           Grind only. Open chili is $35 and turn in is           Noon. Chili Grind Only. Contact David Trice for
                                                                                                           11:30am. Peoples choice by popular vote. Pre           info at or call 903-
                                                                                                           register by 9-21 for chefs bag. Final deadline is 9-   720-4138
                                                                                                           28. COntact Collen at 706-342-1251 x 208
                                                                                                                                     Oct 7, 2012-005 - Ruidoso TX CASI. SENMCS
                                                                                                                                                                  Pod CCO Oct 7, 2012-003 - South-Eastern New
                                                                                                           Oct 6, 2012-017 - Dalhart TX CASI. Road Kill           Mexico Chili Society CASI. SENMCS Pod CCO
                                                                                                           & Rolaids Chili Cook Off Dalhart Rotary Club’s         This is a pod cookoff. Dry camping is available.
                                                                                                           CCO held at the Rita Blanca Coliseum. 1219             Local lodging is available near the cook site. Only
                                                                                                           West FM 281, Dalhart, TX. CASI turn in 4:30            USDA approved meat can be used so bring your
                                                                                                           pm. Entry fee $25. CASI Rules apply. Green             purchase receipt to show inspectors as proof.
                                                                                                           Chili - Entry Fee $25.00, Turn in time 5:00 pm         Cookoff held at Ruidoso Downs Race Track &
only; turn-in at 2 pm. Salsa turn-in at 10:00 a.m.    Oct 6, 2012-012 - Hallsville TX CASI. 15th
                                                                                                           Beans - Entry Fee $10.00, turn in time 5:30 pm         Billy the Kid Casino, 1466 Hwy 70 West. Entry
$10 and beans turn in at 12 noon entry fee $10.       Annual Hallsville Western Days Hallsville, TX.
                                                                                                           Salsa - Entry Fee $10.00, turn in time 5:45 pm.        fee $20. Turnin Noon. Make checks payable to
Cook on the street of Old Town Helotes, you can       15th Annual Hallsville Western Days Chili
                                                                                                           We ask all cooks to bring Turn Out Chili, additional   SENMCS Contact Paul Mulkey (H) 575-390-
cook at your vehicle on the street, but the street    Cookoff, 2515 Quail Lane. Exit I- 20 at Loop 281
                                                                                                           meat will be provide upon request. Winners             6184. CHILI GRIND ONLY.
will be blocked at 9 AM so come early. We will        onto Hwy 968, go east 2.4 miles, turn right onto
                                                                                                           announced at 7:30pm Contact Kristine Olsen
be serving free coffee, rolls, biscuits and gravy     Quail Lane. Benefits East Texas Angel Network.
                                                                                                                                   Oct 7, 2012-006 - Helotes TX CASI. Day After
and other pot luck stuff people bring. The Charity    Entry fee $20.00. Turn in 1:00. Chili Grind Only.
                                                                                                                                                                  Chili Cookoff Held behind Wine 101 in Old
is Helotes Parks and Recreation. Contact Sharon       Beans $5.00, turn in at noon. Please bring tasting
                                                                                                           Oct 6, 2012-018 - Congress AZ CASI. Old                Town Helote. Come cook under the big oaks trees
Pinnell 210.240.5483            chili for Peoples’s Choice. Goody Bags first 50.
                                                                                                           Congress Days CCO Held at 26750 South Santa            and shop Old Town Helotes. Chili entry fee is
or Great handmade                 Cooks feed Friday and Saturday night. Civil war
                                                                                                           Fe Road (behind the Senior Center) CASI Rules          $20 turn in at 1PM. People’s Choice chili is
windmill trophies to 1st place show, people’s         reenactment also. Visit
                                                                                                           Apply. Peoples choice chili at 11:00AM, Red            optional on Sunday; chili grind only. Benefits
choice and chili. Free Dry RV camping behind          for directions. Contact David Trice for info at
                                                                                                           Chili turn in at 1:00PM. Entry fee $12 Make            San Antonio Elks #216. Contact Bruce Pinnell
Wine 101 (on the West end of downtown) for the or call 903-720-4138
                                                                                                           checks payable to YCS. Contact Jerry Lee at 623        210.372.0469
weekend, but please let us know if you are
                                                                                                           388-9748 or
bringing an RV. There will be a domino tournament     Oct 6, 2012-013 - Grand Prairie TX CASI.
                                                                                                                                                                  Oct 7, 2012-007 - Tulsa OK CASI. TFCU
with a $50+ prize on Friday and Saturday nights       Tommy Alverson’s Family Gathering Located
                                                                                                           Oct 6, 2012-019 - Dubuque IA CASI. Tri-States          “Nothing” But Chili and Fun Sponsored by
if we have at least 8 contestants. We will have       at Loyd Park on Joe Poole lake. 3401 Ragland Rd
                                                                                                           Largest Chili Cook Off Tri-States Largest Chili        Tulsa Federal Credit Union. Held at 9323 E. 21st
some free beer and snacks on Friday night.            Grand Prairie, TX. The cookoff is in conjunction
                                                                                                           Cook Off 4th and Bluff, downtown Dubuque,              Street, Tulsa, OK. Beneifts the United Way. Set
                                                      with Tommy Alverson’s Family Gathering which
                                                                                                           Iowa. CASI Rules Apply. Benefits Hills and             up in the parking lot. CASI Rules Apply. CASI,
Oct 6, 2012-011 - Austin TX CASI. lst Points for      is a 3 day music festival with Texas Country
                                                                                                           Dales of Dubuque CASI entry fee $25, turn in           Open and Junior Divisions. Entry fee $20, turn
Sight and SOT Pod Giddy Ups Saloon, South of          artists. Lots of fun, music, and shade. Right on
                                                                                                           12:30PM. Also Open chili entry $20, Business           in 1:00PM. Ground Meat Only. Juniors entry
Slaughter Lane, off Manchaca Road, Austin, TX.        the lake and off the beaten path for right in the
                                                                                                           Chili entry fee $20, Junior chili-entry fee $10 and    fee $10. Make checks payable to Tulsa Federal
CASI Rules. Grind Only. Beans $5.00, turn in          Metroplex. Cooks have to pay the music event
                                                                                                           homemade salsa entry fee $5, all 1:00PM turn in.       Credit Union. Great prizes for top 10 cooks and
1:00 PM Chili $20.00, turn in 2:00 PM Silent          entry fee of $25. All cooks can purchase an
                                                                                                           Make checks payable to Cable Car Square                top 3 show. Contact Janet Keirsey 918-743-
Auction Saturday Only. Cooks’ Party Friday            advance one day pass for $10.00 if pre register by
                                                                                                           Association. Contact Teri Connely 63 Carter            3105, 918-694-3193;
night. Breakfast Saturday morning. Potluck            09/29/12. Advance one day passes must be
                                                                                                           Court East Dubuque, IL 61025; 563-599-5358 or
Saturday night. Stay over for 2nd points and the      purchased no later than 09/29/12! All one day
                                                                                                           Mary Pregler 409-682-5691                              Oct 7, 2012-008 - Garland TX CASI. 2nd Annual
Pod Cook off for SOT Pod 2013 on Sunday.              passes purchased after 09/29/12 will cost $ 25.00
                                                                                                                                                                  GELKS FOC CCO Garland Elks Lodge #1984,
Come on out and support Sight and SOT and             at the gate. Contact Ed Richer for advance passes.
                                                                                                           Oct 7, 2012-001 - Montgomery TX CASI. Wolfies          3825 Duck Creek Drive. Come to our first,
Nancy at Giddy Ups, a CASI Corporate Sponsor.         This is a chili grind only CCO Chili Entry fee $20
                                                                                                           Sports Bar and Restaurant Wolfies Funday               second chance 2012 CCO on Sunday. Beans $5
Can come in Thursday. Park in field behind            turn- in 2PM. This fee is separate from the music
                                                                                                           Sunday 2nd Annual held at Wolfies Lake Conroe          turn in noon, CASI Chili grind only $20 turn in
saloon, no hook ups, but lots of friendliness, fun,   entry fee. Contact Ed Richer
                                                                                                           14954 Highway 105 west Montgomery Texas                at 1PM. Make checks payable to GarlandElks
and food. Our Lions, Mama Sue and Papa John,          214-686- 7330. Make checks payable to TAFG
                                                                                                           77356 Casi Chili $20.00 turn-in 1:00PM Proceeds        Lodge #1984. Plenty of RV camping with a small
all their SOT kids Thank You for your “help”.         #15. Benefits FARM AID http://
                                                                                                           benefit Bridgewood Farms for Intellectually            fee for hookups. $4 Burgers and fries. Benefits
God Bless us all and God Bless America. Contact lakeparks/mapofpark.htm
                                                                                                           Disabled Adults Silent auctions and raffles NFL        the Friends of CASI for the Garland Elks. Contact
John Caffey 512-760-5274 or Sue Caffey 512-
                                                                                                           Games on multiple TV’s inside. contacts same as        Dave           Hewlett           214-695-3806
760-8789                                              Oct 6, 2012-014 - Ruidoso TX CASI. 31st
                                                                                                           October 6th cookoff.                         
                                                      Annual NM State Open Oct 6, 2012-005 - South-
                                                      Eastern New Mexico Chili Sociaty CASI. 31st
September 2012                                                                           Terlingua Trails                                                                                          Page 29
Oct 13, 2012-001 - MIDLAND TX CASI.                   Entry fee $20, 2:00PM turn in. Make checks              Oct 13, 2012-006 - San Antonio TX CASI. SAP-          Great Auctions Silent and Live. Saturday Night
12TH ANNUAL BREAST CANCER                             payable to Friends of Country Day. Goody bag            CASI Fall Fest Cook-off Held at Elks Lodge            Live Concert by the Larry Wilson Band. General
AWARENESS Annual Breast Cancer Awareness              for all head cooks. Trophies for 1-10 Chili and 1-      #216, 15650 Market Hill, San Antonio, TX -            Admission $10. For event information contact
Chili and BBQ Cookoff, American Legion Woods          3 Show. Throw Down cups sold to benefit Cedar           location is in NW San Antonio near the La             Wanda      Schopp        @     512-480-9074
Lynch Post 19 501 Veterans Airpark Road,              Hill ISD Education Foundation so please plan to         Cantera Shopping Center and the UTSA Campus 
Midland, Texas. CASI sanctioned Chili, CASI           make extra chili! Addition of a large Motorcycle        on 1604. There is Dry RV camping space available
rules apply.2:00 PM turn in; Showmanship 2:00         Show this year as well as a few roving Mariachi         - no hookups. The bar will be open Thursday           Oct 13, 2012-008 - Mansfield TX CASI. “The
TO 4:00 PM; Lone Star sanctioned BBQ; half            or Zydeco bands. Starting with a parade at 9 AM         night, all day Friday and Saturday. There will be     Heat is On” “The Heat is On” CCO held in front
jointed Chicken turn in at noon, Spareribs (no        and concluding at 6 PM, the 75th Annual Country         a cooks’ party on Friday night with beer, snacks      of Alexander Portrait Design, Downtown
babyback) turn in at 1:00pm; Beef Brisket turn        Day on the Hill Fair includes numerous stages           and Hobo Stew. There will be a Drink Pour-off         Mansfield - 209 North Main St #200, Mansfield,
in at 3:00 PM. 50-50 Drawing; Raffle items;           with Music, Dancing, Arts & Crafts, Food &              Extravaganza at 9 pm. Your chance to show off         TX 76063 It is CASI CCO. It will benefit the
Specialty raffle and silent auction. Plenty of        Games. Take Hwy 67 South toward Cleburn Exit            your best drink ideas. A free breakfast of eggs,      Mansfield Citizens Fire Academy Alumni
rooms for motorhomes,trailers, and pits. All dry      Beltline Rd in Cedar Hill go West. Signs directing      biscuits and gravy, hash browns and coffee will       Association. Chili Entry fee is $20.00 and turn in
camping-no hookups. Set up can begin Thursday,        you to cook off site start at the 2nd stop light. Set   be served on Saturday. There will also be a           is at 1:30 PM. It is an Open Meat CCO. We are
October 11th after 2:00pm. Fish Fry Friday,           up begins at 8 AM. Contact Teril Woodward               SALSA off for $5 and a Bean Cook-off for $10.         asking everyone to make additional chili to sell to
October 12th at 6:00 pm for cooks, sponsors and       2849 Singletree Cove Cedar Hill, TX 75104; 214-         Bean turn-in at 12 noon, Chili turn- in 2pm. Chili    the public. (3 gallons). For more information,
helpers Benefits Allison Cancer Center Gifts of       679-9120;                           Grind. Entry fee $20 per day or $35 for both          contact Mike Frazier at Box 2026, Mansfield, TS
Hope. Contact:Patsy Childress (HM) 432-520-                                                                   days. The Elks would also like to help host a         76063, email Phone 817-233
4433;      CELL        432-425-4473         OR        Oct 13, 2012-005 - Tomball TX CASI. 13th                domino tournament on Saturday night - entry fee       9433.                                  Annual Piney Woods Pod Cookoff Tomball                  of $5 - with an additional $50 prize. The Elks will
                                                      VFW Post 2427 14406 Alice Road Tomball, TX.             have other food available for lunch and dinner -      Oct 13, 2012-009 - Amarillo TX CASI. Working
Oct 13, 2012-002 - Homosassa FL CASI. Florida         Come enjoy Friday night cooks get together in           famous pulled pork sandwiches for lunch on            Ranch Women’s Rodeo CCO Held at the Tri
State Open Top 3 winners automatically qualify        the Bunker and Bingo in the Hall. Saturday              Saturday for $5. Potluck Supper Saturday              State Fairgrounds, Rex Baxter Bldg., $25 entry,
for the International Championship in Terlingua       morning breakfast casseroles, Saturday night            evening. Information please contact Sue Ann           chili grind ONLY, benefits Coors Cowboy Club
Tx 2013. Charity is for The Cancer Society. Held      spaghetti Dinner and Sunday morning pancakes.           Brooks                210-639-               1524     Scholarship Fund. Turn in 2PM, For more
at Natures RV Resort on the waterfront http://        Jackpot Beans $10.00, turn in 1:00 PM. CASI                                 information contact Butch Bingham, 806-679- 10359 W Halls River          chili $20.00 turn in 2:00 PM. High Noon Margarita                                                             5878. Checks payable to Coors Cowboy Club
Road Homosassa, FL. Entry fee $20, CASI turn-         Pour-Off $5.00 Benefits VFW Post 2427                   Oct 13, 2012-007 - Smithville TX CASI.                Scholarship Fund.
in 2 PM. Open and CASI catagory. RV sites and         Scholarship fund. Plenty of RV Parking - No             Chilirado Riverbend Park, 107 Hwy 71 East,
Cabins available at special rates for Chili Cooks,    hookups. Directions: From SH-249 Bear left at           Smithville TX 78957 RV’s must take Colorado           Oct 13, 2012-010 - Grand Lake OK CASI. CCO
call Frieda at 800- 301-7880 for reservation at the   the Bypass/Business 249 intersection. Stay on           Drive Exit. Come and join us for this truly unique    at Pelicans Landing Located on Grand Lake,
chili rate. Friday and Saturday night cooks get       feeder of new road and turn left at Alice. The hall     experience benefiting the Make a Wish                 Oklahoma. Turn in time is 12:00 noon. Entry fee
together at the marina lounge and bar. POD            is on the right hand side. From FM- 2920 turn           Foundation. Plenty of room for RV’s. Covered          is $25. CASI rules apply. Junior division $10.
cookoff next day same location. Contact Candi         south on the feeder of the new bypass. Stay on          Pavillion with indoor facilities. Entertainment       Benefits the Chamber Fire Works 2013 at Grand
Knight-Arevalo             right side of the feeder and turn right at Alice        (Variety Show) and Gourmet Dinner 5pm-11pm            Lake.         Contact        Lorinda         at
                                                      Road. Contact Earl Who? Gorhum 713-724-                 Friday Night. Free entry for registered cooks, all
Oct 13, 2012-003 - Cedar Hill TX CASI. Cedar          5736; or Keith Karaff          others $15 per person. Chili, Jackpot Beans,
Hill Chili Cook off Held in the historic downtown                                          Salsa, and Bloody Mary Competitions, and              Oct 13, 2012-011 - Sanger TX CASI. Lake Ray
area of Cedar Hill, highest point in 100 miles!                                                               Horseshoe Tournament. CASI entry fee $20,             RrobertsArea Elks 2nd annu Located at Lake Ray
                                                                                                              turn in 2:00PM. Chili Grind Only. Raffles and         Roberts Area Elks Lodge 1601 Marina Cr. Sanger,
Page 30                                                                                Terlingua Trails                                                                        September 2012
Tx 76266. 940-4548-2862 Turn in 1:00 pm entry           Oct 13, 2012-017 - Whitney TX CASI. Thousand         Oct 14, 2012-006 - Sanger TX CASI. CUT Pod            Fire Extinguisher Required. No RV parking.
fee $20. new RV park adjacent to parking lot. see       Trails Whitney Held five miles north of Whitney      Cookoff see cookoff on saturday. Located at           Space to park and put up a pop up. Entry fee $20.
cookoff next day. contact Barbara 940-595-6326          on FM933. Saturday and Sunday Chili Cook-            Lake Ray Roberts Area Elks Lodge 1601 Marina          More details and flyer to follow. Contact                               Off. Pot luck dinner Friday and Saturday evening     Cr. Sanger, Tx 76266. 940-4548-2862 Turn in           Meredith Dowdy 972.919.2631 13000 William
                                                        @ 6:00 PM. CASI Rules Apply. CASI entry fee          1:00 pm entry fee $18. CUT POD new RV park            Dodson Pkwy. Farmers Branch, TX 75234
Oct 13, 2012-012 - Dalhart TX CASI. Road Kill           $20, turn in 1:00PM. Free hook ups for RV’S and      adjacent to parking lot. see cookoff next day.
& Rolaids Chili Cook Off THE DATE FOR                   also Cabins can be rented if you need a place to     contact Jimmy Rogers 940-594-7301
THIS COOK OFF HAS CHANGED - SEE                         stay. They no longer have rental trailers. Please                                   Oct 20, 2012-004 - Lenexa KS CASI. Lenexa
October 6, 2012 - Dalhart Rotary Club’s CCO             call 254-694-2583 and for a map go to Google                                                               Chili Challenge Located in Downtown Lenexa,
held at the Rita Blanca Coliseum. 1219 West FM          Maps and type this web address. 417 Thousand         Oct 14, 2012-007 - Tyler TX CASI. Tyler Elks          KS. CASI, Home Style, Salsa, Pico De gallo and
281, Dalhart, TX. CASI turn in 4:30 pm. Entry           Trails Drive, Whitney, TX 76692. Contact Darrell     CCO #215 Held at 13618 State Hwy 31, across           Wings. Entry fee for CASI or Home Style $35.00
fee $25. CASI Rules apply. Contact Kristine             Baxter 972-523-3354;            from old Goodyear Plant about 3 miles West of         each. Turn in time 12:00 noon. Entry for Salsa,
Olsen                                                                                  Loop 323. Benefits Elks Scholarships and              Pico and Wings $10.00 per category. Friday
                                                        Oct 13, 2012-018 - Southhaven MS CASI.               Disabled Children. Beans $5.00, 50/50 turn in         night cook’s party. Fireworks at 8:00PM Friday
Oct 13, 2012-013 - Marshall TX CASI. Annual             Sportsman Warehouse Held at 130 Marathon             11:30. Pay 1st place. CASI Chili turn 12:00           night. Benefits Juvenile Diabetes Research
Fireant Festival CCO Held at the Corner of              way in Southaven, MS. CASI Rules Apply.              Noon, $20.00 - Chili Ground Only. Bring thrown        Foundation. Registration deadline 9.21.12. Make
Austin & Wellington Streets (Downtown Area)             Entry fee $20.00, turn in 1:00PM. Benefits           down chili. Good Raffle Items $1.00 each or 6 for     checks payable to Lenexa Chili Challenge. Watch
CASI Rules Apply. Benefits Marshall Elks                Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness.              $5.00. Cooks Dinner Saturday Night. Come              City of Lenexa website for updated information.
Charities. Turn-in 1:00pm. Entry Fee $20.00.            Please wear pink for the cause. For information      Cook in the Chandler CASI CCO Saturday, then          Emails will be sent to last year’s participates.
Chili Grind. 50/50 Beans - $5.00 Entry Fee - Turn       contract Lynne Murry @ 662-526-5722;                 drive down 5 miles to the Elks Lodge to camp
in Noon. Make checks payable to Marshall                                       Saturday night and be ready to cook Sunday at         Oct 20, 2012-005 - Livingston TX CASI. Indian
BPOE. Limited RV Hook Us Available / No                                                                      the Elks. Plenty RV parking with limited hook         Springs V.F.D. Annual CCO Located 1 block off
charge - Call John Oswalt to reserve in advance.        Oct 13, 2012-019 - Sierra Vista AZ CASI. Elks        ups. RSVP, contact Homer George 903- 539-             hwy 190 east between Livingston & Woodville
(903-407-2586) Arrive Friday night and enjoy            Chili Cook Off Held at 1 ELks Drive Sierra Vista,    8965, or Lodge 903-             Chili Grind only. $20.00 entry turn-in 2 oclock.
lots of food, fun, live music and other activities      AZ. Benefits BPOE #2065. CASI Rules Apply.           592-6508 - Mon-Fri after 4:00. .                      Jackpot Beans $10.00 entry-turn-in 1 oclock 50/
set to take place in the downtown area. Many            Entry fee $20, turn in 1:00PM. Make checks                                                                 50 1st place—Gumbo chicken/sausage may be
FireAnt Festival events and entertainment are           payable to High Desert Pod. Cooks meeting at         Oct 14, 2012-008 - Whitney TX CASI. Thousand          pre- cooked turn-in Noon 50/50 1st place.
scheduled all day Saturday and downtown will be         8:30AM. Start cooking at 9:00AM. Contact             Trails POD CC This is the second day of a two         Showmanship 12:30 for more information call
crawling with festival goers. Some events include       Tom Edwards 3806 E Maya Court Sierra Vista,          day cookoff. The Thousand Trails - Pod cookoff        Pat      936-      563-4420       or      email
a parade, outdoor music concerts, classic car           AZ     85650.      Phone       520-678-9823;         is being held five miles north of Whitney on
show, contests, food, craft and gift vendors and                                    FM933. Pot luck dinner Friday and Saturday
other family oriented activities. Contact John                                                               evening @ 6:00 PM. CASI Rules Apply. CASI             Oct 20, 2012-006 - Canyon Lake TX CASI.
Oswalt 312 East Carolanne Blvd, Marshall,               Oct 14, 2012-001 - Homosassa FL CASI.                entry fee $20, turn in at Noon. Chili Grind Only.     Fraternal Order of Canyon Men CCO Held at
Texas 75672. 903-407-2586                               Sunshine State Chili Pod Cookoff Day after the       Free hook ups for RV’S and also Cabins can be         Riverside Resort - 13190 FM 306 - Canyon Lake,
                                                        Florida State Open Chili Championship. CASI          rented if you need a place to stay. They no longer    TX 830-964- 3629. Camping sites and RV Spots
Oct 13, 2012-014 - Chandler TX CASI. 6th                only catagory, no Open. Sunday at Natures RV         have rental trailers. Please call 254-694-2583 and    available.www.hillcountryriverside
annual Pow Wow Chili Cook-off Located at                Campground & Resort, 10359 W Halls River             for a map go to Google Maps and type this web         Entry fee $18 for CASI chili - Turn-in 2pm
Winchester Park in Chandler Texas. From Tyler,          Road. Homosassa, FL 34448. Entry fee $15,            address. 417 Thousand Trails Drive, Whitney,          CHILI GRIND ONLY!! Bean entry fee $15 -
take State Highway 31W approximately 12 miles           turn-in       noon.      Contact        Candi        TX 76692. Contact Darrell Baxter 972-523-             turn in 1pm For information contact Troy Cates
to Chandler and turn left at the light on Highway For reservations go      3354;                            830-386-9441 -or- Sue Ann
315 S, go about 3/4 mile to the Park and follow         to                                                                         Brooks                        210-639-1524
the signs. Part of the annual Pow Wow festival                                                               Oct 20, 2012-001 - Fort Smith AR CASI. 5th  
and parade attended by over 5,000 people                Oct 14, 2012-002 - Tomball TX CASI. 13th             Annual Elks Chili Cookoff Oct.20,2012 Fort
annually. Parade, entertainment, food and craft         Annual Day After Piney Woods Pod Cook off.           Smith, AR, CASI 5th Annual Elks Chili Cook            Oct 20, 2012-007 - Cleburne TX CASI. Cleburne
booths and rides with an “ol’ time country flair.       Tomball VFW Post 2427 14406 Alice Road               Off, held at Elks Lodge parking lot at 5504           Elks Lodge #811 Fall CCO Hwy 67 & FM 1434
Benefits Chandler Historical Society. CASI,             Tomball, TX. Come enjoy Friday night cooks get       Massard Road, Fort Smith, AR. Benefitting Elks        Cleburne, TX. RV Hook-Ups first come first
Showmanship and People’s Choice divisions.              together in the Bunker and Bingo in the Hall.        ENF. Fee $20, turn-in 1pm. GROUND MEAT                serve. Chili cooks camp free. Non cooks $10.00
Also 50/50 beans, turn in noon, $5. CASI entry          Saturday morning breakfast casseroles, Saturday      ONLY. Elks division $10. Jackpot bean cookoff,        per night. Elec. & Water only. Dump Station on
$20, chili grind only, turn in at 1:00pm. Great         night Spagetti Dinner and Sunday morning             turn-in noon (12pm). Dutch Oven cookoff,              site. Cooks party Friday Night. Pot Luck furnished
spots under the trees right along parade route.         pancakes. CASI chili $20.00 turn in 1:00 PM.         Catagory- potato turn-in time to be announced.        by Cleburne Elks Lodge # 811. Free Live band
Limited RV hook-ups available. Fantastic prizes         Benefits Piney Woods Pod Charities. Plenty of        Make checks payable to Elks #341 - ENF.               Saturday night. Saturday entry fee $20, Chili
and goody bags for the first 20 entries. Parade         RV Parking - No hookups. Directions: From SH-        Limited RV parking, no hook ups. More info:           Grind Only. CASI & Elks division. Turn in
starts at 10 so cooks need to arrive early as streets   249 Bear left at the Bypass/Business 249             Guy Smith 479-646- 9444 or 479-650-9444 or            2:00PM. Jackpot Beans $5, turn in 12:00PM.
are blocked for parade. For information contact         intersection. Stay on feeder of new road and turn                                  Sunday entry fee $18.00 turn in 1:00PM. Contact
Sheila Haskins at City Hall, 903-849- 6853 or           left at Alice. The hass is on the right hand side.                                                         Lodge at 817-645-9079 or Jerry Brown 817-645-
email Rick Ford at          From FM- 2920 turn south on the feeder of the        Oct 20, 2012-002 - BIG LAKE TX CASI. WEST             6117; 817-648-2195;
                                                        new bypass. Stay on right side of the feeder and     TEXAS CRUDE BIKE RALLY West Texas
Oct 13, 2012-015 - Overland Park KS CASI.               turn right at Alice Road. Contact Earl Who?          Crude Bike Rally Chili and BBQ Cook-off.              Oct 20, 2012-008 - Fort Collins CO CASI. 22nd
VFW Post 846 Camp Out Located at 8804 Grant             Gorhum                          713-724-5736;        Reagan County Park. Hook-ups will be provided         Annual Sundance CCO 22nd Annual Sundance
Street, Overland Park. KS. 66212.VFW Post 846  or Keith Karaff             for $25. Bike Rally Fri, 10-19 thru 21, 2012. Chili   Family Festival and Chili Cookoff. Held at the
Camp Out and Chili Cookoff. Casi entry fee $15.                                       and BBQ Sat 10-20-2012. Chili sanctioned CASI         Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Drive
Turn in 6:00pm. Chili grind only. Build the Best                                                             rules apply, $20 entry fee. BBQ Lone Star BBQ         Fort Collins, CO 80526 Live music, local micro
Burger Contest $5, turn- in 7pm. Beans $5, turn         Oct 14, 2012-004 - San Antonio TX CASI. SAP-         Assoc., sanctioned. Dry Pinto Beans Turn-in           brew beer tasting, craft vendors and kids activities.
in 7:30pm. Wings $5 turn in 7:30pm. Choose              CASI Day After FallFest Cookoff Held at Elks         11AM.Chicken (1/2 jointed) turn in at 12 noon.        Set-up: 9 AM. Cooks Meeting 10 AM. Turn-in:
three catagories for $20. Benefits VFW local            Lodge #216, 15650 Market Hill, San Antonio,          Pork Spareribs turn-in at 1PM. Chili turn-in at       1 PM. Entry fee $15.00 Benefits Fort Collins
charities. Camping available with limited hookups.      TX - location is in NW San Antonio near the La       2PM. Brisket turn-in at 3PM. Vendors, crafts,         Senior Center. Entry form and information at
For information contact Shelley at                      Cantera Shopping Center and the UTSA Campus          food, children’s entertainment, bull riding Fri Mail entry form and                                on 1604. Chili turn-in 1pm. Chili Grind. Entry       eve. Set up on Thurs after 5PM. Live music all        check to: Colorado Chili Pod c/o John
                                                        fee $20 per day or $35 for both days. Information    day Sat. Contact Nancy Jackson 325-450- 3215          Montgomery 1670 Broadway, Suite 3000
Oct 13, 2012-016 - Love Valley NC CASI. 17th            please contact Sue Ann Brooks 210-639-1524                                     Denver, CO 80202
Annual Love Valley CCO Mule Association       
Chili Cookoff, Karoke, Crafts, Yard Sale Items,                                                              Oct 20, 2012-003 - Farmers Branch TX CASI.            Oct 20, 2012-009 - Jal NM CASI. Jalarama Held
Food and more. Starts at 9:00AM. Held at Love           Oct 14, 2012-005 - Smithville TX CASI. Day           1st CCO City of Farmers Branch City Of Farmers        at Jal Lake, Whitworth Drive off Hwy 128 south
Valley Jolly Field event arena. CASI Rules Apply.       After Chilirado Riverbend Park, 107 Hwy 71           Branch CCO and Blue Grass Festival. Located at        of town. Limited hook ups. Entry fee $20 turn-
Entry fee $20. Please make checks payable to            East, Smithville TX 78957 RV’s must take             Farmers Branch Historical Park 2540 Farmers           in 1:00PM MCDT. Chili grind only. Live Band
Piedmont Pepper Pod. Turn in is 1:00PM. Please          Colorado Drive Exit. Come Join Us. Chilirado         Branch Lane, Farmers Branch, TX. Entry by             all day “antisipating big name band”, large
bring throw down for the large crowd expected.          Part II. The river goes on forever and the cookoff   cooks MUST be before 10AM. Chili Grind only.          motorcyle and car show. Contact Gary Essman
Benefits Love Valley Mule Assn. Contact                 never ends. CASI Entry fee $20, turn in 1:00PM.      Beans $5 pay out 50/30/20. Very large Blue            575-441-5952 or Paul for more information.                  Chili Grind Only. Contact Joe Trigo 512-589-         Grass festival. Many other vendors present.           Mulkey 575-390-6184
                                                        2314;                           Lots of music and large crowds. Turn- in 2PM.
September 2012   Terlingua Trails   Page 31
Page 32                                                                                 Terlingua Trails                                                                        September 2012
Oct 20, 2012-010 - Water Valley TX CASI. Fall           CASI Rules Apply. $25 entry fee, turn in 1:00PM.      Oct 21, 2012-001 - Carthage MO CASI. Maple            Fee $18. Chili Grind Only. Few Hook Ups.
Festival Day 1 of Fall Festival CCO, Benefits           Proceeds to Georgia Mountains Hospice. Bring          Leaf Chili Fest Held at the Carthage MO               Contact Dodie Simpson 432 559 3537 or Pat
KLST Christmas Tree Held at Water Valley Park           or make extra for the crowd to sample. Rocco’s        Municipal Park - Youth Fair Grounds. CASI             Timmons 432 631 5806.
located on South FM 2034 off of US Highway 87.          Pub, 47 Mountainside Village Parkway,Jasper,          entry fee $25, turn in 1:00PM Chili Grind Only.
Limit number of hook ups. $20/night. Jackpot            GA 30143 off GA-515. From the south it’s 1 mile       Home Style $10, turn in 1:30PM. Contact Jon           Oct 26, 2012-002 - Del Rio TX CASI. Bonnie &
beans with turn in at 12 noon and the entry fee         past GA-108 light. For information and advanced       Tupper 3730 Ferguson Rd Joplin, MO 64804.             Cliff Everett Memorial Start your party in Del
is $5.00. Chili turn in is at 2 PM. The entry fee       registration contact Trey Field 770-335-3553 or       417-439-8605;               Rio. This is the 20th year in this location. Join the
is $18.00. CHILI GRIND ONLY. There will be                                                                                                celebration on the road to Terlingua it’s lots of
a cake auction and a 50/50 pot. Payable to                                                                    Oct 21, 2012-002 - Cleburne TX CASI. Cleburne         fun with good friends. CASI entry fee $18, turn
Concho Valley Chili Pod. There will be a Saturday       Oct 20, 2012-016 - Maple Park IL CASI. Cooking        Elks Lodge #811 Fall CCO Hwy 67 & FM 1434             in 2:00PM. Chili Grind Only. CASI Rules
night Potluck. This is a 2 day CCO. See Sunday’s        Up Comfort Kuipers Family Farm Chili Cookoff          Cleburne, TX. RV Hook-Ups first come first            Apply.Benefits Del Rio Girls & Boys Club.
information. For more information contact Janice        to benefit Conley Outreach Grief Programs. Held       serve. Chili cooks camp free. Non cooks $10.00        Make checks payable to Holiday Trav-L- Park.
Miller, 3214 Oak Mountain Trail, San Angelo,            at 1N318 Watson Road just north of Kesslinger         per night. Elec. & Water only. Dump Station on        Cook’s party is providing lunch 12-1 “make
TX         76904,           325-947        8753,        Rd, Maple Park IL. Fun for the whole family and       site. Cooks party Friday Night. Pot Luck furnished    your own deli sandwiches” YUM. See previous                                 chili too at Kuipers Family Farm. Entry fee $20,      by Cleburne Elks Lodge # 811. Free Live band          day event at Lorina’s Cantina. Contact Jimmy
                                                        turn in 2:00PM. CASI Rules Apply. Make                Saturday night. Chili Grind Only. CASI & Elks         McIntyre 800-545- 2364;
Oct 20, 2012-011 - Amarillo TX CASI. Chili and          checks payable to Conley Outreach Community           division. Entry fee $18.00 Turn in 1:00PM.
BBQ Cookoff located at 9th and Clyde in                 Services. Info Cheryl Hackbarth, 815-827-5200         Contact Lodge at 817-645-9079 or Jerry Brown          Oct 27, 2012-001 - Crane TX CASI. On The
Amarillo. $20 entry fee, turn in at 2:00pm Chili        X103, For                 817-         645-6117;           817-648-2195;        Road to TERLINGUA Held at 6th Street County
Grind Only. CASI rules apply. Chicken 1pm               information about Conley Outreach Grief Care                                   Park behind the swimming pool off HWY 329.
Ribs 3pm Brisket 4pm. Pay out for Bar B Q is            Programs, contact Carol Alfrey, 630-365- 2880.                                                              Benefits Crane Chamber. CASI Rules Apply.
80% and entry for all bar b q is $75 or $30 for each                                                          Oct 21, 2012-003 - Water Valley TX CASI. Fall         Make advance checks payable to Crane Chamber
meat entry. Lone Star BBQ sanctioned. contact           Oct 20, 2012-017 - Culpeper VA CASI. 11th             Festival, Day 2 Day 2 of Fall Festival CCO.           of Commerce. CASI entry fee $20, turn in Noon.
Pam Matheson 806-674-8423                               Annual Old House Vineyards CCO Held at Old            Benefits Concho Valley Chili Pod Charities.           Chili Grind Only. Contact Pat Timmons 401
                                                        House Vineyards 18351 Corky’s Lane Culpeper           Held at the Water Valley Park located on South        Dorothea Crane, TX 79731. 432.631.5806
Oct 20, 2012-012 - Lodi CA CASI. 10th Annual            VA 22701. Benefits Grafitti House. Make               FM 2034 off of US Highway 87. Limit number
Chili CCO and Car Show Welcome to the 10th              advanced checks payable to CASINOVA POD.              of hook ups $20/night. Chili turn in is at 12 noon    Oct 27, 2012-002 - Russellville AR CASI.
annual Chili Cook-off and Car Show at the               Entry fee $22, turn in 2:00PM. CASI Rules             Entry fee is $18.00. CHILI GRIND ONLY.                Downtown Fall Festival & Chili CCO Held at the
Woodbridge Winery near Lodi, CA. Lodi Wine              Apply. Contact Dick DeiTos 3230 Atlanta St            Payable to Concho Valley Chili Pod. There will        Corner of N. Commerce and W.C. Street near the
Country is located about 90 miles east of San           Fairfax, VA 22030;               be a Saturday night Potluck. This is a 2 day CCO.     Russellville Depot. CASI Rules Apply. Entry
Francisco, nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada                                                           See Saturday’s information. Janice Miller, 3214       fee $25, turn in Noon. Benefits Main Street
foothills. Here you’ll enjoy warm days and cool,        Oct 20, 2012-018 - Kaufman TX CASI. 13th              Oak Mountain Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904              Russellville. Contact Nicole Finkenbinder 819 S.
pleasant evenings. This event is the official Chili     Annual American Legion #165 Held at the      325-947-8753                  Arkansas Ave. Russellville, AR 72801; 479-
Appreciation Society International (CASI)               American Legion Post 165 100 S. Shannon Street.                                                             453-           0690;            479-967-1437;
California State Championship and proceeds              CASI Rules Apply. CASI entry fee $18, turn in         Oct 21, 2012-004 - Canyon Lake TX CASI.     
will benefit the Lodi Public Library Foundation.        3:00PM. Beans entry fee $5, turn in noon. Make        Canyon Men Day After Cookoff Held at
This year’s cookoff will feature competition in         checks payable to American Legion Post 165.           Riverside Resort - 13190 FM 306 - Canyon Lake,        Oct 27, 2012-003 - Flatonia TX CASI. Flatonia
five categories: CASI-sanctioned chili, People’s        Contact Wayne R. Thomas PO box 67 Kaufman,            TX 830-964- 3629. Camping sites and RV Spots          Czhilispiel Czhili Cookoff Held at Main St.
Choice chili, salsa, guacamole and CASI                 TX 75142; 214-669- 4861 or 972-932-6083;              available.         Flatonia TX, between Haugton & San Antonio
showmanship.This event will also feature one of                                Entry fee $18 for CASI chili, turn-in time to be      off of I-10. CASI Rules Apply. Entry fee $20 if
the largest car shows inNorthern California! The                                                              determined. CHILI GRIND ONLY!! For                    registered before October 13, 2012, $25 after,
centerpiece of the cookoff is chili and a traditional   Oct 20, 2012-019 - Pflugerville TX CASI.              information contact Troy Cates 830-386-9441           turn in 2:00PM. Benefits Flatonia Fire Dept,
bowl of red is the goal. This event will be             Pflugerville Pfall ChiliPfest 5th Annual     -or- Sue Ann Brooks 210-639-          Food Bank and Flatonia EMS. Make advanced
sanctioned by the Chili Appreciation Society            Pflugerville Pfall ChiliPfest. NEW DATE.              1524                         checks payable to Czhilispiel Czhili Cook off.
Intl and the winning cook plus the top three            Located downtown on Main Street. Event benefits                                                             BBQ & Rita contest, Robert Earl Keen, Bellamy
California-resident cooks will automatically            Pflugerville Downtown Development (PF4). This         Oct 21, 2012-005 - Jal TX CASI. Jal 2nd day Jal       Bros. Orginal Velvets, Pale Horses Parade,
qualify to compete in the legendary Terlingua           is a dual (CASI and community) cook-off. No           2nd day. Held at Jal Lake, Whitworth Drive off        Carnival, Arts & Crafts - Family Fun. Contact
International Chili Championship (TICC) in              RVs on Main Street. Cooks will need to unload         Hwy 128 south of town. Limited hook ups.              Flatonia Chamber of Commerce PO Box 610
November, 2013. Contact Larry Pilmaier                  and move all vehicles prior to 10 AM as the street    Entry fee $18 turn-in 12:00PM MCDT. Chili             Flatonia, TX 78941; 316-865-3920; 316-865-, 209-365- 8139.                will be closed to vehicles at that time. Late         grind only. CASI Rules Apply. Contact Gary            2451
Entry fee is $25, turn-in 2 PM. Checks payable          arrivals will have to pack in (1/2 block). Bring an   Essman 575- 441-5952;
to Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.                        extra pot and chili for tasting as we will have a     or Paul Mulkey 575-390-6184                           Oct 28, 2012-001 - Terlingua TX CASI. Last
                                                        crowd of thousands. Chili tasting will be between                                                           Stop on the Road to Terlingua. Held at the
Oct 20, 2012-013 - Wabash IN CASI. 10th Anniv           noon and 3:30 PM. Community cooks turn-in at          Oct 21, 2012-006 - Pflugerville TX CASI. 5th          Community Center. Entry fee $20 turn-in Noon.
Wabash Chili for Charity Don’t miss the largest         noon and CASI turn-in is at 2 PM. Entry fee           Annual Green Red Barn CCO Held at 901 Old             Contact Dorathy Williams 371-2595. Benefits
chili cookoff east of the Mississippi. Chili for        $20.00 Ground meat only. CASI Rules Apply.            Austin-Hutto Rd., Pflugerville, TX. Ground            Terlingua Fire & EMS.
Charity benefits 16 Wabash County                       There will be a music concert after trophies. RV      meat only. Event benefits Pflugerville Parks.
Organizations. Held at Paradise Spring Historical       parking will be at The Green Red Barn, 901 Old        Cook at RV sites or in the barn. CASI entry fee       Oct 30, 2012-001 - Terlingua TX CASI. Sotol
Park, 351 E Market St, Wabash, IN. Setup begins         Austin-Hutto Rd., site of the Sunday event. For       $20, turn-in 1 PM. CASI Rules Apply. See              Pod Cookoff. Roadrunner Chili Cookoff. Held at
at 7am; Cook’s Meeting at 8:15am. Entry fee             further info contact Warren McDonald 512-773-         Saturday event also. For further info contact         the CASI site. Entry fee $20 turn- in 2 PM.
$25. Turn-in 12noon. Make checks payable to             8684 or                     Warren McDonald 512- 773-8684 or                      Contact Dorathy Williams 371-2595. Benefits
Wabash Cannonball Chili for Charity, Inc. and                                                                                    the Terlingua School, in Memory of Carolyn
mail to PO Box 115, Wabash, IN 46992. Contact:          Oct 20, 2012-020 - Kerens TX CASI. Cotton                                                                   Hejtmancik.
Nancy      Bowman,        260.571.5777         or       Harvest Festival Located at S. Colket Ave South       Oct 25, 2012-001 - Del Rio TX CASI. 6th Annual Check out the website          on I45 from Dallas to SH31 (Corsicana) East           Lorina’s Cantina Located at 9087 West Hwy 90,         Nov 3, 2012-001 - Whitewright TX CASI. Grand
for more categories and information                     about 20 miles. CASI rules apply. Entry Fee $20,      Del Rio, TX approx. 5 miles west of the               Street Fall Festival Firefighters Chili Cook off.                                turn-in 2:00pm.Benifits friends of Kerens             “Y”Located at Goody Bags to the first 20 registered   Located Downtown Whitewright Grand Street
                                                        Library. Contact Cindy Scott 903-396-2971             cooks. Cook’s party furnished. Beautiful Lake         Fall Festival. Benefits Volunteer Fire
Oct 20, 2012-014 - Tucson AZ CASI. 2ND Nam                                  view. Come early as Wednesday nite is steak           Departments of North Texas. Entry fee $20, turn
Jam CCO Held at Gene Reid Park Concert Place                                                                  nite: 12oz ribeye with all the trimmings for          in 12:30PM. Pre- register by November 2nd,
entrance off Country Club and 22nd St. Northeast        Oct 20, 2012-021 - Canyon Lake TX CASI.               $15.00. Stay over for 20th annual cco at the          2012. Make checks payable to WWA-COC for
corner. Benefits Vietnam Veterans of America.           Fraternal Order of Canyon Men CCO Held at             Holiday Trav-L-Park next day. This is a good          Firefighters cook off. Contact Ella Fitzbag 113
Make advance checks payable to VVA Chapter              Riverside RV Resort, 13190 FM 306, Satler, TX         one, don’t miss it, special fun, friends, food and    West Grand Street, Whitewright, TX 75491.
106. CASI entry fee $15.00 turn in 1:00PM.              CASI Rules Apply. Bean Entry fee $10 turn-in          lots more. Contact Lorina Harris 830 703-6315. 903-818-9023; 903-364-
CASI Rules Apply. Contact Paul (Paublo) Hetrick         1PM. CASI Entry fee $20. Turn-in 2PM. CHILI                                                                 2000.
PO Box 17562, Tucson, AZ 85731 520.336.8683             GRIND ONLY. Make checks payable to                    Oct 26, 2012-001 - Crane TX CASI. 21st Annual
                                                        F.O.C.M. For more information contact Riverside       Guess Where Caravan Located Crane City Park,          Nov 3, 2012-002 - Terlingua TX CASI. 46th
Oct 20, 2012-015 - Jasper GA CASI. Rocco’s              RV Resort or Troy Cates @             West Hwy 329 behind the swimming pool.                Annual Terlingua International Chili
Pub Chili Challenge Georgia Mountain Fall                                                                     Benefitting the CASI Memorial Board Fund.             Championship. Held at Rancho CASI de los
Festival Challenge with live music, food and fun.                                                             CASI RULES APPLY. Turn in is at 6pm. Entry            Chisos. Must be qualified to cook. Thursday is
September 2012                                                                       Terlingua Trails                                                                                       Page 33
the BBQ Championship open to the public to          Benefits Rusk County Community Emergency             patients. There will be a silent auction, and a 50/   Nov 17, 2012-004 - Seguin TX CASI. Classic
participate. Friday is National Scholarship Day     Response Team. CASI entry fee $20, turn in           50 drawing. Chili entry fee is $ 25.00 (chili grind   CASI Pod Fall Festival Classic CASI Pod Fall
competition Beans, Salsa,& World Championship       1:00PM, Ground Meat Only. Beans $5.                  only). Turn in at 2:00PM. Bar B Que entries are       Festival at Lake McQueeney Lions Club HWY
Hot Buffalo Wings open to the public. Public        Additional prizes for Furthest away and people’s     $ 25.00 each. Chicken turn in at 12:00 noon, Ribs     78 at Lake McQueeney. Entry fee $20, turn in
may dry camp all week for $30 entrance fee per      choice. Discount offered at Best Western,            turn in at 1:00PM, and Brisket turn in at 3:00PM.     2:00PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. CASI Rules
person.       Contact        Janice      Miller     Henderson. Contact Sherry Adams,                     Payback on BBQ 50% and $100.00 to grand               Apply. $38 for both days. Charity Christian 325-947-8753.                903.655.6256;          champion. Room for RVs and Pits. Dry                  Free Clinic. Cooks Party Friday night, Games on
                                                                                                         camping.Cooks party Friday. For more                  Saturday. Pot Luck Saturday night. Pod will
Nov 10, 2012-001 - Mabank TX CASI. Autumn           Nov 11, 2012-001 - Mabank TX CASI. Day 2             information call Connie Melton at 432-208-7329        serve brunch on Sunday. Make checks payable
Fun Fair & CASI Chili CCO November 10, 2012         Autumn Fun Fair & CCO November 11, 2012 -            or Phyllis Patton 432-553-1403.                       to Classic CASI Pod 214 Signal Hill, Seguin, TX
- Mabank, TX. Autumn Fun Fair & CASI Chili          Mabank, TX. Day 2 Autumn Fun Fest & CASI                                                                   78155. Contact Annell Causey 830-379- 6565 or
Cookoff. Location: The Pavilion, Hwy. 175 east      Chili Cookoff. Location: The Pavilion, Hwy. 175      Nov 17, 2012-002 - Rowlett TX CASI. Sixteenth         Sabrina       Klietz      830-379-       6918;
from Dallas to Mabank Business 175, go approx.      east from Dallas to Mabank Business 175, go          Annual Texas Holiday Chili-bration Cookoff. 
one mile and turn right just before the Rodeo       approx. one mile and turn right just before the      Benefits Amateur Community Theatre of
grounds. RV’s are welcome but there are no hook     Rodeo grounds. RV’s are welcome but there are        Rowlett. Held on the 3800 block of Main St.           Nov 17, 2012-005 - Katy TX CASI. Katy Elks
ups. You can back your vehicle up to the covered    no hook ups. You can back your vehicle up to the     Downtown Rowlett. Entry fee $20.00 CASI and           14th Annual Uncle Ronnie’s Memorial Cookoff
Pavilion where you will be cooking. There will be   covered Pavilion where you will be cooking. Chili    Local Chili turn in 1:00 PM. Jackpot Beans Noon       and Lodge Turkey Shoot. 1050 Katy- Fort Bend
Jackpot Beans with a turn-in at 12 noon and the     turn in is at Noon. The entry fee is $20.00. Chili   turn in, entry fee $5.00. Christmas Parade begins     Rd, Katy, TX. Benefits Elks Charities. Jackpot
entry fee is $5.00. Top 3 will split the proceeds   grind only. Make checks payable to Friends of        at 11:00 AM. Please be on site by 9:00 AM. The        (50/50) Beans, Jackpot (50/50) Salsa, CASI
by 50-30-20. Chili turn- in is at 1 PM. The entry   the Tri- County Library. This is day 2 of a 2 day    City of Rowlett Police Department closes Main         Chili. Chili Grind Only. CASI Rules Apply.
fee is $20.00. Chili grind only. First 20 to pre-   event. Go to the Tri- County Library website:        Street to traffic at 9:15 AM. Make checks payable     Entry Fees: Beans $10, Salsa $10, Chili $20.
register will receive goodie bags. Make checks for more information        to ACTOR and mail to Tom Fulton, 3809 Main            Turn In Times: Beans Noon, Salsa 1PM, Chili
payable to Friends of the Tri-County Library.       about the Chili Cookoff. Contact Madelyn Healey      St., Rowlett, TX 75088, 972-475- 4330                 2PM. Plenty of RV Parking, limited hookups.
Proceeds will be donated to The Tri-County          at 903-880-3699 to receive a registration form or                                                          Information contact Nancy Draper 281 395-
Library. This is day 1 of a 2 day event. See        email at                    Nov 17, 2012-003 - Denton TX CASI. Foxy               2388 or 713 562-2798. Lodge Telephone 281
Sunday information. Contact Madelyn Healey                                                               Lady’s annual ENF Cookoff Denton Elks Lodge           391-2763. See Cookoff Next Day.
903-880- 3699 to recieve a registration form or     Nov 17, 2012-001 - Odessa TX CASI. 1st               228 E. Oak St Denton, Tx 76201 940-387-8124.
email at                    Annual CASI CCO & Lonestar BBQ The                   RV parking is available across the street, no         Nov 18, 2012-001 - Denton TX CASI. Denton
                                                    American Legion Post 430 on east 8th St. n           hookups. CASI turn in 1 pm, $20 entry fee.Chili       Elks Day After Denton Elks Lodge 228 E. Oak
Nov 10, 2012-002 - Henderson TX CASI.               Odessa will host the 1st Annual Casi Chili and       grind only. contact Delra Goin 940-230-3238           St. Denton, Tx 76201 940-387-8124 see ad for
Heritage Syrup Festival Rusk Co Cert CCO held       Lonestar Bar B Que Cancer Cook- Off for the                                   previous day. 1 pm turn in $18 entry fee.
at 115 North Main, Henderson, TX 75652              Odessa Gifts of Hope to provide help for cancer
Page 34                                                                            Terlingua Trails                                                             September 2012
Nov 18, 2012-002 - Katy TX CASI. Katy Elks         CASI rules apply. Setup at your leisure after
Day After Cook Off Held at 1050 Katy-Fort          4:00pm. Table and chairs provided - limited                   Advertising Rate Schedule-Effective 01/01/2003
Bend Rd., Katy, TX. Benefits Elks Charities.       room for showmanship. Includes dinner, party
Chili Grind Only. Entry Fee $18. Turn in 1PM.      favors & adult midnight toasting                                                 Full Page 10" X 11" - $250.00
Information contact Nancy Draper 281 395-          beverage.EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION is
2388 or 713 562-2798. Lodge Telephone 281          $25 if paid by 12/15/11. Make checks payable to                                   1/2 Page 5" X 11" - $130.00
391-2763.                                          Gladiator Chili Pod. For information contact                                    1/2 page 10" X 5 1/2" - $130.00
                                                   Shelley at Plan to                                      1/4 Page 5" X 5 1/2" - $90.00
Nov 18, 2012-003 - Seguin TX CASI. Classic         sleep over for the VFW Post 846 Hangover
CASI Day After Pod CCO Classic CASI Day            Cookoff on Sunday, January 1, 2013.
                                                                                                                                      1/8 Page 5" X 3" - $60.00
after Chili Cook Off at Lake McQueeney Lions                                                                                      Bottom Banner 10” X 3” - $90.00
Club HWY 78 at Lake McQueeney. Entry fee           Jan 1, 2013-001 - Overland Park KS CASI. VFW                                        Business Card - $40.00
$20 or $38 for both days. CASI Rules Apply.        Post 846 Hangover Chili This is the second day
Benefits Pod Charities. Pod will serve brunch on   of a two day event - with safety sleepover ~ drink
                                                                                                                                 Classifieds - $40 - 2 inch - 3 Months
Sunday. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Turn in 1:00             responsibly. Located at 8804 Grant Street,
PM Make checks payable to Classic CASI Pod         Overland Park. KS. 66212, VFW Post 846. Casi                          All Prices Are For Camera Ready Ads (.jpg)
214 Signal Hill, Seguin, TX 78155. Contact         entry fee $15. Turn in 12:00pm. Chili grind only.
Annell Causey 830-379-6565 or Sabrina Klietz       Homestlye $15, turn-in 12:30 pm. Blackeyed
                                                                                                                                        Multiple Month Ads:
830-379-6918                                       Pea contest ~ $5 Turn in 12:30pm. Cornbread                           3 to 5 month running ad, 15% discount per month
                                                   contest ~ $5 turn in at 12:30 pm. Benefits VFW                        6 to 11 month running ad, 20% discount per month
Nov 23, 2012-001 - Victoria TX CASI. Day           local charities. Camping available with limited                          12 months or more, 25% discount per month
After Thanksgiving Chili CCO Held at 3023          hookups. For information contact Shelley at
Camp Colet Road, Colet Inn Bar & Grill. CASI
entry fee $18, turn in 4PM.                                                                                                                 Send ads to
in 1:30 pm. Beans $5, turn in 1:30 pm. Benefits    Jan 5, 2013-001 - Bastrop TX CASI. American                                             Dana Plocheck
VFW local charities. Camping available with        Legion Aux 533 CCO Chili Cook Off at American
limited hookups. For information contact Shelley   Legion Hall located at 3003 Loop 150 East,                                
at                        Bastrop, Texas, across from the Golf Course.                                          Fax 281-531-2888
                                                   Chili Grind Only. Indoor Bathrooms, indoor
Dec 15, 2012-001 - Belton TX CASI. H-E-B           judging, Cooks feed Saturday night. Turn in
Belton 2nd Annual This is the 2nd Annual H-E-      2:00PM. Entry fee $20. Make checks payable to
B Belton Chili Cook Off located at the NEW         ALA 533. Plenty of room for day trippers to
Belton store parking lot this year. Located @
2508 West Main Street in Belton, Texas. Entry
                                                   cook on outside pavilion. Dry camping. Great
                                                   Silent Auction and Dessert wheel. Kaoroke on
                                                                                                                Free Quarter Page Ad
Fee $18.00 Turn in 2pm CHILI GRIND ONLY.
                                                   Saturday night. Promise you a good time and a
                                                   good cook off on Sunday. See details for Sunday.
                                                                                                           to CASI Pods, State, Regional and
over and come to the next day Cook off at Temple
H-E-B #1. Plenty of room for day trippers too!
                                                   Questions call Crystal Dear 512-844-6668 cell
                                                   and 512-253-6835.                                             International Opens
(See Next Day Cook Off) As ALWAYS NO
OPEN CONTAINERS IT’S A TABC LAW                    Jan 6, 2013-001 - Bastop TX CASI. American                As a CASI Pod you are required to put on a pod cookoff once a year. To help
THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. H-                    Legion Aux 533 CCO Held at 3003 Loop 150              you advertise your pod cookoff we allow each pod to place one quarter page ad in
E-B (this store did A LOT for CASI many times      East. Entry fee $18, turn-in 1pm. CHILI GRIND
so let’s help them out and have a GREAT TURN       ONLY. Benefits Local charities. Make checks           the Terlingua Trails, each year, free of charge. This ad should run the month before
OUT. PLUS you can do your last minute              payable to ALA 533 Contact Crystal Dear 512-          your cookoff occurs. Should you decide that you need an ad larger than a quarter
CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. For information                844-6668.                                             page we will simply bill you for the difference in price. This ad should not be
contact Donna Conrad @
or 254-855- 4733 Looking forward to an awesome     Jan 20, 2013-001 - Overland Park KS CASI.             confused with the article advertising your cookoff in the "Cooking with CASI
turn out to both days. SEE NEXT DAY COOK           Overland Park Elks Chili Cookoff Located at in        Calendar" section in the Terlingua Trails. That article will start to run as soon as you
OFF.                                               Overland Park, KS. Details to follow. Contact         request your cookoff packet and will run until your cookoff occurs.
                                                   Shelley at
Dec 16, 2012-001 - Temple TX CASI. H-E-B                                                                                    Send ads to:       Dana Plocheck
Temple #1 5 Annual Cookoff This is Temple #1       Jan 26, 2013-001 - High Hill TX CASI. Fayette                                     
H-E-B’s 5th Annual Chili Cook Off. It is a ONE     County Texas Exes 3rd Annual Hot on the Hill                                                Fax 281-531-2888
DAY ONLY COOK OFF. Held in their parking           Chili Cook-off will be held at the pavilion of St.
lot once again and they are very excited about     Mary’s Catholic Church, 2833 FM 2672, High
having us back. So let’s not disappoint them and   Hill, TX (Just north of Schulenburg). Proceeds
have a BIG TURN OUT PLUS you can always            go to fund scholarships to the University of
get that last minute CHRISTMAS SHOPPING            Texas for Fayette County students. Cook under
DONE THAT YOU FORGOT AT BELTON.                    cover. Start 10AM-turn in 2PM. Awards 4PM.                                        Non Board
There is PLENTY of room for RV PARKING             CASI Rules Apply. Entry fee for chili $20. Chili
SORRY NO HOOK UPS. Plenty of room for              grind only. From 2-4 the public is invited to taste                          Contributing Members
day trippers. Entry Fee $18.00. Turn in time       chili. Prizes will be given to those who raise the
1pm. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Come on over from           most scholarship money during public tasting.
the Belton H-E-B Cook Off (see previous day)       New this year Jackpot Beans -$15! Turn in at             Ralph Hay                                  Don Hoy
ONCE AGAIN DUE TO TABC LAW NO                      1:30PM. Snacks and drinks available. Make                Old 320 Alcalde                            Krazy Flats Coordinator
OPEN CONTAINERS. THANK YOU FOR                     check payable to Fayette County Texas Exes.              2505 Easy Street                           3680 FM 3157
UNDERSTANDING. For more information                For more information visit our web site at
contact Donna Conrad @ , email
                                                                                                            Pasadena, TX 77502-3234                    Cuero, TX 77954-6667
or 254-855- 4733. So come on let’s have a or call                 Home: (713) 475-1660                       Cell:   (361) 648-6950
GREAT TURN OUT. And give a little back to          Marie Watts at 713-628- 9065                             E-mail:                 E-mail:
H-E-B since they give SO MUCH TO CASI.

Dec 31, 2012-001 - Overland Park KS CASI.             For more Upcoming Cookoffs                            Barbara Herrin                             Jim Stateczney
Ring in the New Year w Chili Located at 8804                                                                CASI Scholarship Program Administrator     Computer Services
Grant Street, Overland Park. KS. 66212, VFW
                                                                                                            7291 FM 380                                4 Green Cedar Road
Post 846. Casi entry fee $30. Turn in 10:00pm.
Chili grind only. Homestlye $20, turn- in 10:30
                                                                                                            Paint Rock, TX 76866                       Boerne, Texas 78006-7929
pm. Benefits VFW local charities. Outragious                                                                Home: (325) 732-4292                       Work: (830) 537-4381
evening attire encouraged. Sleep over indoors at                                                            E-mail:              E-mail:
the VFW or camp in the lot with limited hookups.
September 2012                                                        Terlingua Trails                                                              Page 35
            2011/2012 CASI Board of Directors
                                                             CASI - Chili Appreciation Society International - Membership Application
 Ed Blair - President                                                    (New Member) - (Renewal Member) - (Corporate Member) - Circle One
 P O Box 307                                                        Mail form and membership fee to CASI - P O Box 421034, Indianapolis IN 46242
 Bellaire, TX 77402-0307
                                                             Individual Membership: North American Annual Dues are $15.00 (US, US Protectorates, Canada and
 Home: (713) 686-4520
 Cell: (832) 567-5558                                               Mexico), International Annual Dues are $15.00 and receive e-copy of Terlingua Trails.
 E-mail:                                          Lifetime Dues are $225.00 (Not available to our International Members)
                                                                                        Annual Corporate Memberships are $100.00
 Jim Ezell - Vice President / Sponsorship
 3987 Hwy 79 South
                                                                                                   Please Print Clearly
 Wichita Falls, TX 76310
 Cell: (214) 392-3499                                       Name: ______________________________________________              Your CASI      No.____________
 E-mail:                                         (For Corporate Memberships - Owner Name)                                  (Renewals Only)
 Dana Plocheck - Vice President / Terlingua Trails Editor
 4110 Caravel Ct                                            Corporate/Business Name: ________________________________________________________
 Missouri City, TX 77459                                                               (Corporate Membership Only - List as you wish on your Plaque)
 Home: (281) 208-1926
 Work: (281) 848-4222
                                                            Chili Team Name: __________________________________             Occupation: ___________________
 Cell: (713) 444-5066
                                                            Street Address or PO Box: __________________________           Telephone No:)(____)____________
 Roger Foltz - Secretary
 5024 Milam                                                 City, State, Zip+4: ______________________________          E-Mail: __________________________
 Dallas, TX 75206
 Cell: (214) 914-3733
                                                                                Upcoming Cookoff Information Sheet
 David Sexton - Treasurer
 P O Box 720387
 Dallas, TX 75372                                            FILL OUT AND MAIL TO: CASI Upcomings - PO Box 15239 - Lenexa, KS 66285-5239
 Cell: (817) 793-0656                                        Phone 913-754-6074 or Please list the following Upcoming Cookoff in the
 E-mail:                                   Terlingua Trails.
 Janice Miller - Executive Director
 3014 Oak Mountain Trail
                                                             Date and City: ________________________________________________________________
 San Angelo, TX 76904
 Home: (325) 947-8753                                        Cookoff Name:________________________________________________________________
 Cell: (325) 650-1854
                                                             Street Address/Location:_________________________________________________________
 Darin Jester - Membership
 P O Box 421034                                              ___________________________________________________________________________
 Indianapolis, IN 46242
 Home: (317) 856-3231                                        CASI Sanctioned: _______        Charity: _______________________________________________
 Cell: (317) 319-4961
                                                             Turn-in Time: ___________________          Entry Fee:_____________________________________
 Lee Kroencke - Upcomings
 P O Box 15239                                               Checks Payable to: _____________________________________________________________
 Lenexa, KS 66285-5239
 Cell: 913-754-6074
 E-mail:                              Information Contact: ____________________________________________________________

 Robert Schrade - Ranch Manager                              Contact Address: ______________________________________________________________
 2231 Silver Mt.
 San Antonio, TX 78264
 Cell: (210) 823-3602
                                                             Contact Phone Number:__________________________________________________________
                                                             Preregistration Deadline (If Applicable): __________________      Special Meat: _______________
 Glenda Vrba
 PO Box 450907
                                                             Mail   Judging Packet    to: _________________________________________________________
 Garland, TX 75045
 Cell: 469-386-5600
 E-mail:                                ____________________________________________________________________________

 Jenny Windsor - TallyMaster                                 Need Rule Book: (Yes) or (No)                        Chili Grind Only: (Yes) or (No)
 390 South Drive
 Severna Park, MD 21146
                                                             Send _______ Boxes of Terlingua Trails - Each box contains 25 copies of the Terlingua Trails
 Cell: (443) 878-7999
 Fax:    (410) 544-2094                                      Send me CASI Judging Cup Tickets (no charge): Yes No , approximate number of tickets: ______

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