September 2005 - San Francisco Reef Divers by jianghongl


									  San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                    September 2005
  Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

                                                             Scuba club had the other half just like last year.
  DIVE BOAT PEACE Aug. 14-16, 2005                           There were a total of 23 divers this year. Our 1st
  from the dive log of Norm Knutson                          dive          was at “Window Pane” in 65 degree
                                                                            temp. Visibility was only about 25
    Some people only focus on the main event or                             feet the first day but got up to 70 feet
  destination, but I actually enjoy the trip                                   on day 2.       Lobsters were quite
  down there.       It seems like only                                        abundant and even saw a big Moray
  yesterday that we did our last annual                                  Eel in a rock hole. As usual, my three
  Channel Island dive trip. Gone are                                  buddies, Jim Vallario, Ray Will and Pam
  the days of getting off work at 5pm                                Radkey abandoned me but I ran into them at
  and making a mad dash to be on                                 the end of the dive.         They either looked
  the boat by midnight. Now,                                 disapointed that I showed up or gave me that “what
  some of us take the day off and                            happened” look. Either way, it looked good when
  enjoy the drive down trying to                             we all surfaced together.
  solve the problems of the world,
  gossip or just listen to our favorite driving music          We motored over to Pyramid Cove and dove a spot
  with a mandatory stop for lunch in Soledad or some         called Sun Point. There was a nice wall that led to a
  other small town along Hwy. 101. Just trying to add        couple of swim thrus, lots of lobsters. We noticed
  to my memory bank of good times of yesterday.              that the Sheephead are a lot smaller than they used to
                                                             be. They used to be so big and mean looking. This
  After a smooth crossing of the Santa Barbara               was one of those dives that I enjoyed slowly cruising
  channel we woke up next to San Clemente Island.            up through the kelp to the surface.
  The S.F. Reef Divers had half the boat and the Marin                                        Continue on page 4

       DON’T FORGET:                                                      SEPTEMBER 21
                                                                          SEPTEMBER 21
  SEPTEMBER 17 – MONTEREY                                               GENERAL MEETIING
                                                                        GENERAL MEET NG
                                                              Come and join us at Sinbad’s to meet up
              ORGAN ZERS
                RGAN ZERS                                     with the Marin Skin Divers.
       CLUBS IINC.. ((CENCAL))
         LUBS NC                                              For Entertainment Pierre and Gerda will
                                                              show pictures from their last trip to
Where:         Wharf II in Monterey
                                                              Socorro and previous trips to Alaska on
               (next to Del Monte Beach)
Time:          8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                                              the Nautilus Explorer.
Parking:       Free until 3 p.m.
Land check in: 8:00 a.m.
Dive           9:30 a.m.
BBQ:           1 p.m. on beach
Prize Awards: 1:30 p.m.

        San Francisco Reef Divers                                                      September 2005
        Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

              Der Stammtisch
                                                          2005 SFRD OFFICERS
  “Bond, James Bond” a by now familiar and
classic refrain to an inquiry from a woman; an
                                                    President        Gene Kramer     (650) 359-2785
always unfailingly attractive woman, invariably
followed by a cigarette chosen from a gunmetal
gray case and lit by a battered black Ronson
Premier Varaflame lighter. If you came of           Vice President   Steve Neff      (4150 876-4686
smoking age during a certain era, you’ll                                   
remember this lighter, it was sleek and marked
you as the kind of guy who when he threw a          Treasurer        Pierre Hurter   (415) 285-6293
party, provided a keg of Michelob for the guests.                          

                                                    Webmaster        Curt Degler     (707) 570-0457

                                                    Newsletter       Gerda Hurter    (415) 285-6293

                                                    Entertainment    Ken Gwin        (415) 648-7046

                                                    AMCR             Gene Kramer     (415) 339-2785
  Smoking has recently lost its pride of place,
but when it was cool, the British did it best.      CenCal           Debra Gilmore
There were Balkan Sobranies, filter less and ten    Representative         
to a tin, Black Russians, a matte black tube with
a gilt gold filter, and one of my favorites,        Membership       Armin Luggen    (415) 479-3240
English Ovals. And of course Bond’s cigarettes,     Chairperson            
upwards of 60 a day, a blend of Turkish and
Balkan tobaccos, put up for him by Morland’s of
Grovesnor Square. They featured three gold
bands on the filter, probably signifying his rank
of Commander in the Royal Navy.

  It was an era where you found ashtrays at your
doctor’s waiting room, you smoked at the
supermarket, in airplanes, the teachers lounge
and Frank Sinatra smoked while singing. For
those who were in the service you’ll remember
getting those little 4-packs of cigarettes, Pall
Mall, Luckies, Winston, Salem and Benson &
Hedges Menthol, along with a plastic toothpick
labeled “interdontal stimulator” some matches,            Payments for membership and activities
gum and toilet paper samples. All this in a                        should be mailed to:
sealed brown plastic pouch lying on top of the
cardboard box containing the C-rations or meal,                       Pierre Hurter
combat individual if you prefer. I credit C-                       515 Diamond Street
rations for my fondness for Tabasco sauce and
my habit of always having a roll of toilet paper                San Francisco, CA 94114
near at hand.

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  San Francisco Reef Divers                                                               September 2005
  Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

                            REEFER’S RAP 2005
           JANUARY                              FEBRUARY                                MARCH
01 - New Year’s Day - Breakwater      02 - Officers Meeting                 02 - Officers Meeting
05 - Officers Meeting                 12 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)          05 - Birthday Beach dive - Gerda
15 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)          16 - Meeting - Sinbad’s               12 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)
19 - Meeting - Sinbad’s                                                     16 - Meeting - Sinbad’s

              APRIL                                  MAY                                  JUNE
02 - Abalone Opener - Fort Ross -     04 - Officers Meeting                 01 - Officers Meeting
     CenCal                           07- Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)           11 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) - Sun
06 - Officers Meeting                 18 - Meeting - Sinbad’s               15 - Meeting - Sinbad’s
09 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) – Sat    21 - 22 Scuba Show 2005               TBD - Abalone Closer
20 - Meeting - Sinbad’s                    Long Beach Convention Center
                                      27 - 29 Channel Islands
                                           Aqua Safaris – 831-479-7380

               JULY                               AUGUST                             SEPTEMBER
01 - Channel Island Payment Due       03 - Officers Meeting                 04 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) - Sun
06 - Officers Meeting                 04 - Pt. Lobos Dive                        Pierre - 415.285.6293
09 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) - Sat.   13 - 16 - Channel Islands             07 - Officers Meeting
20 - Meeting - Sinbad’s               17 - Kayaking the Caves of Santa      09 - 11 - Lake Tahoe Dive
                                           Cruz Island - Norm Knutson            Norm Knutson
                                           510-381-1670                     17 - Monterey Beach Cleanup
                                      19 - 21 Camping - Salt Point               Debra Gilmore
                                           Marc Linowitch 925-437-7771      21 - Meeting - Sinbad’s
                                                                            TBD - Abalone Opener

           OCTOBER                              NOVEMBER                             DECEMBER
05 - Officers Meeting                 02 - Officers Meeting                 07 - Officers Meeting
08 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) - Sat.   16 - Meeting - Sinbad’s - Officer     10 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) - Sat
     Pierre - 415.285.6293 *               Elections!!!                          Pierre - 415.285.6293 *
14 - 16 - Camping at Van Damme        19 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) - Sat.   21 - Meeting - Sinbad’s - Christmas
     with Sacramento Seahorses             Pierre - 415.285.6293                 Party!!!
19 - Meeting - Sinbad’s – Officer     26 - 27 - Abalone Closer
    Nominations !!!                        Loretta 415.305.7517

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                  September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

Channel Islands 2005 from             kelp was so thick you could           Tragically, they were both killed
page 1                                almost walk on it.      Saw three     in a mountain climbing accident.
                                      Moray Eels, lobster and great         Anyway, just another example of
  Then it was off to East End and     geological formations. The next       the Swiss connection and perhaps
the sun started to come out which     dive we saw a Bat Ray at Cat          partially explains my affinity to
made the diving conditions seem       Canyon,        Spanish      Shawl     the character, though his early
much better. Our 4th dive that        nudibranchs and then to make it       preference for carrying a .25
day was at a place called “The        even more interesting, dozen of       caliber Beretta in a chamois
Bluffs”. The big wall here was        seals decided to check us out. I      shoulder harness has always been
not as prolific of life like          found a nice long and narrow          somewhat disconcerting.
Monterey/Carmel        but     was    swim through at one end. I liked
different. The night dive had lots    it so much I went through this 4        By now you might be
of lobsters running around and it     times during the dive. On top of      wondering what any of this has to
is always fun to do the mandatory     this reef, it looked like an          do with diving, well just go to
light show of waving your hands       aquarium with the bubbles             your nearest video store and get a
to watch the bioluminescence.         coming through the reef from the      copy of Thunderball. The movie
  Day 2 we woke up next to            divers bubbles below. What a          begins with a meeting between
Catalina Island. However when         sight! I ran into a Sea Hare that I   “M” and Bond during which 007
we woke up, we assumed it must        found quite attractive and became     is informed that his latest physical
have been quite windy during the      friendly with it. (Don’t ask, my      delivered terrible results due to
night because all of our dive gear    picture is already on the Sea Hare    his drinking and habit of smoking
was off the back of the boat and      post office). Susan Reneberg          sixty cigarettes a day. As a result,
inside the galley. What actually      pointed out some Light Bulb           “M” sends Bond on a vacation to
happened was a diver from the         Tunicates which are always quite      a health farm in the country so
Marin dive club felt chest pains      unusual to look at.                   that he can rest and get away
and was fatigued during the night.      On the way home, we stopped         from the office and work off
No chances were taken so Eric         in San Luis Obispo for dinner and     some of these bad habits. Upon
had a helicopter make a midnight      a change of driver.          Great    his return Bond is a new man,
pickup. We later found out that it    memories added to the ol memory       having a new diet and smoking
was not diving related and he is      bank and looking forward to the       considerably less. This "new"
ok now. The diving was so good        next Channel Island trip.             Bond is ready for action when
at Ship Rock on this first dive                                             MI6 receives a communiqué from
today that we asked Eric ( boat                                             a new terrorist organization,
captain/owner) to keep us here all    Stammtisch from page 2                S.P.E.C.T.R.E.; short for Special
morning. I ran into an octopus                                              Executive        for       Counter-
moving around the rocks and a          In fairness, the development of      intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge,
Horn Shark. Visibility was a          the rations also led to what is       and Extortion.
decent 70 ft. The temperature         probably the finest item of             What follows is the usual
even increased to 69 degrees.         equipment ever developed by the       combination of hijacked military
We saw the remains of a old sail      US military, the P-38 folding can     aircraft, the Vindicator, duped
boat ship wreck. There were lots      opener. Ostensibly named for the      NATO observer, the Bahamas, an
of schools of fish swimming           number of punctures, 38, which it     eye-patch wearing villain, Emilio
through the thick kelp. The walls     took to open the standard 12          Largo, a magnificent yacht, the
and canyon near the anchor            ounce can in the rations.             Disco Volante. All followed up
reminded us of the Temple of                                                with a bit of betrayal, murder, the
Doom in the Indiana Jones movie.                        Back to James       odd nuclear warheads aboard the
The afternoon diving was also                        Bond, the first        jet and the announcement by
spectacular at Bird Rock with a                      novel,     Casino      S.P.E.C.T.R.E. threatening to
nice swim through              and                   Royale made its        destroy a major city unless a
nudibranchs all over.                                debut almost the       ransom of £100,000,000 is paid.
  Day 3 we woke cruising to                          same year as I         This plan is dubbed "Plan
Santa Barbara Island. The dive                       did. As an aside,      Omega" by Ernst Stavros Blofeld
was actually a smaller island next                   it might be worth      and is overseen by Largo, who at
to Santa Barbara Island called                       noting        that     this point has the S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
Sutil Island. Great vis. of 70ft on                  James’s     father     designation "Number 1".
our 1st dive of the day but the       was Scottish, his mother, Swiss.                     Continue on page 6

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                 September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

 AUL LARK                            evening before. Our rented gear      screeches echoed and chasing the
  EMOR AL AYAK R P                   was quickly stowed away and we       very birds which had been
AUG..17,,2005                        were off to Scorpion Harbor one      disturbed by our entrance.
AUG 17 2005
                                     of the two landings on Santa Cruz
By Norm Knutson                      Island. The passage was spent          As darkness engulfed me, my
                                     sipping hot tea and coffee and       eyes slowly grew accustomed.
  After the Channel Island dive      reminiscing the last few days        Shadows seemed to dance on the
trip on the Peace, a group of us     while watching a large pod of        dark forbidding water and ragged
spent an extra night in Ventura      dolphins riding the bow’s wave.      edges of the cave’s walls, and I
and took the Island Packers boat                                          felt myself moving back in time. I
to Scorpion Anchorage at Santa          Once onshore we, well let’s       heard the sound of a magnificent
Cruz Island. The kayak store         just say we assembled the kayaks     organ and starring hard into the
surprised us by charging us less     on Reefdiver’s time and set out to   darkness fully anticipated to see
that what was quoted. Instead of     sea to explore the caves that lay    Hansel and Gretel’s Witch’s
$24 dollars ALL DAY, they only       south and north from us.             Kitchen being illuminated.
charged     us $20. This group
consisted of Jim and Mary Chris        We had left the mainland and         It felt as if I was back taking a
Vallario, Tim Howe, Ray Will,        encroaching fog bank behind and      ride on the Grottenbahn “Ride in
Pam Radkey, Ron Cohen,               found ourselves now bathed in        a grotto” in the heart of Vienna’s
Natasha Yankoffski and Norm          warm sunshine which danced           Wurstel Prater “Vienna’s main
Knutson. We gathered on the          with brilliant sparks over the       Amusement         Park”   at    the
beach on Santa Cruz Island next      surface. The paddles dipped          restaurant Zum Walfisch, the
to our kayaks and remembered         quietly into the blue green clear    “Whale Restaurant”.
Paul Clark, Reef Diver and friend    water propelling us to our first
to all that knew him. I know if      cave.                                This ride first opened in 1898 and
Paul went with us on this trip, he                                        is considered the oldest electric
would have wanted to kayak from        The dark entrance grew bigger      amusement park ride in Europe.
Ventura. But we took the easy        and bigger, looming, waves           One      was            transported
way with the Island Packers ferry.   crashing deep inside, beckoning      from                grotto        to
The crossing over was overcast       us, promising adventure.                                  grotto, to the
but as we got to the island, the                                                                 music of a
sun came out and we were treated       Listening and watching                                         majestic
to ideal kayak conditions. We        Pierre          being                                           organ on
explored tunnels and caves and       swallowed by the                                                     ‘the
kayaked along the cliffs of the      darkness, I                                                         back
island.     It was a beautiful                                                                           of a
experience       and       highly
recommend this to anyone.

  AYAK NG      ON
               ON    MEMORY
By Gerda Hurter                                                                                          giant
  What better way to end this
year’s Channel Island trip then to                                                 The Dragon wound it’s
head out to Santa Cruz Island to                                            way through pitch black
explore it’s caves.                  followed,                            tunnels to come to a rest in a
                                     feeling my                 neck      brilliantly lit grotto depicting
  Norm Knudson, Ray Will, Tim        hair     rise              while     fairy tail scenes like A visit to the
Howe, Pam Radkey, Jim and            cautiously working my kayak into     land of the Gnomes, Hansel and
Mary Chris Vallario, Ron and         the dimming, fading light.           Gretel’s Witch’s Kitchen, famous
Natasha met up with Pierre and I                                          operettas         and        natural
at the Island Packers ferry            The sounds grew more hollow        phenomenon such as The North
docking station just a couple        and intense, waves crashing in the   Pole or On the Bottom of the Sea.
hundred feet from where we had       dark with heavy thumbs, water
disembarked the Peace the            dripping from the walls, piercing                  Continue on page 6

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                     September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

Memory Lane from page 5                 beautiful girl or two, and then the    Gerda and I made our way down
                                        grand dénouement which involves       Highway 101 hooking up with the
After a while the Dragon started        an orgy of hose cutting, masks        Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)
to move again, heading through          being torn off in the best            and finally arriving in Ventura
another dark tunnel to the next         traditions of Mike Nelson, just at    some time after we left home.
scene.                                  a much larger scale and with way      We’d taken our time, stopping in
                                        more spear gun duels.                 San Luis Obispo for BBQ and
  While everyone was always                                                   Turkey nuts a local specialty at
sorry to move on it was always             Filmed entirely in Caribbean       McClintock’s on the main drag.
with anticipation to see what was       locales, Thunderball has some         This was my fourth time aboard
next.                                   remarkable underwater scenes;         the Peace, Gerda’s third. Another
                                        some say it helped to popularize      stop was in Santa Barbara, at
  I grew up ridding this weekend        scuba diving. Shake up a couple       Blue Water Hunters to check out
attraction, mesmerized by the           of martinis and rent or download      some Kevlar soled booties that I
music,      the    darkness     and     it the next time you feel the urge    had been told would evoke an
brilliantly lighted stages. It was a    for some vicarious diving             almost Zen experience. They
fantastic world one could dive          pleasure.                             were OK, but I think I’ll stop in at
into, a fantastic microcosm for                                               our own Otter Bay and take a
Old and Young to explore on the           I’d mentioned the joys of BBQ       look at their custom boots before
back of a Dragon. And it all            or more accurately grilling last      I get too excited. Anyway, we
started by being swallowed by a         month. I didn’t fully realize just    made it to Ventura on one tank of
gigantic leviathan as the entrance      how intertwined the BBQ is with       gas just in time to hook up with
was the huge orifice of a Whale.        modern American life. Take for        some other Reefers and enjoy a
This was a medium that enabled          example the 4th of July holiday;      quite dinner and a drink or two.
one to experience a world beyond        we managed to eat some 150
the everyday and to explore ones        million hotdogs. According to            On the way down I was
soul … I think Paul Clark would         the      Barbeque        Industry     listening to a story on the radio
have loved it.                          Association three of every four       concerning gas prices, it turns out
                                        American households own some          that Santa Barbara and the Bay
                                        sort of grill. The most popular       area have the highest gas prices in
Stammtisch from page 4                  items to char are hamburgers,         the state.    Now I understand
                                        steaks           hot        dogs,     supply and demand, or at least I
  Into this fray comes James                                                           thought I did, so how is it
Bond who hooks up with his old                                                            that the two places
buddy Felix Leiter of the CIA,                                                                 that actually have
you’ll remember Felix, he                                                                                refineries
lost an arm and a leg the                                                                                 and in
last time he worked                                                                                             the
with James. Then                                                                                              case
there is the beautiful                                                                                    of Santa
girl, Domino, the NATO                                                                                    Barbara,
observers sister and well                                                                             oil wells,
you can see where all this is                                                                       the gas costs
going. In-between the action,                                                                     more than in
one of the better quotes from a                                                                   other places. I
Bond movie; after making love to                                                   pondered that as I enjoyed the
the evil Fiona Volpe: “My dear                             chicken     and    glow of the refineries flare-off in
girl, don't flatter yourself. What I    spuds in that order.                  the near distance. Probably has
did this evening was for Queen                                                something       to      do      with
and country. You don't think it           If you’ve stayed with me this       transportation costs.
gave me any pleasure, do you?”          far, I’m going to segue into a dive
Add a bottle of Dom Perignon 55         report. There are some folks out        I have to confess, I really like
(though I recall he usually prefers     there who have this desperate         the Peace.      It’s not a well
the 53), an American nuclear            need to read one in every column.     reasoned point of view since I
submarine, followed by a massive        I say, bully, write up an
underwater        chase,      another   adventure, but until then …                         Continue on page 7

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                  September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

Stammtisch from page 6                the Island Packers and headed for     recommend the place and you
                                      Santa Cruz Island one of the five     could be forgiven for continuing
haven’t been on any of the other      islands which make up the             on. Once inside munching on
boats that ply the Channel            Channel Islands National Park.        your Maguro, you’ll be glad you
Islands. The Peace was my first       We      landed     at    Scorpion     took the chance. The drive home
liveaboard, when I was a green        Anchorage      and      proceeded     was uneventful, with Friday being
neophyte (versus the seasoned         kayaking along the coast,             spent rinsing and soaking gear,
neophyte) and I was a newbie to       exploring the caves and crannies      the garage festooned with
the club. I still remember sharing    while Tim pointed out the variety     dripping gloves, fins and odds
one of the middle bunks with the      of bird life specific to the area.    and ends.
plywood barrier between me and        The day went buy quickly and
my bunkmate, reminded me of           after an hours boat ride back to        Stop the presses, this just in,
the     colonial     practice    of   Ventura, we headed our separate       another dive report! For those
“bundling.”                           ways.                                 who haven’t been on the Cypress
                                                                            Sea for awhile it is worth noting
  At ten pm we slipped the              Gerda and I decided to stay         that they leave at 07:00 sharp!
mooring lines and headed for San      another night and explored the        When we arrived at 06:30, Xcott
Clemente Island. Next morning         old downtown. It’s an intriguing      was already on the dock
after some stick to the ribs          reminder     of     what      most    welcoming aboard that morning’s
oatmeal and a hot cup of coffee,      downtowns once looked like,           divers. We spent Sunday of
we made our first dive at Window      before the advent of malls and        Labor Day weekend aboard the
Pane. Great dive followed up by       “big box” retailers. Back when        Cypress Sea heading south
chocolate chip cookies and a nap      everything you wanted, or             towards, Flintstones, Mal Paso
topside on the Lido deck. I think     everything you could get anyway,      and finishing off at Aumentos
the best dive site on this trip was   was located on ones side or the       Reef. It seemed a fitting way to
at Ship Rock on                                         other of Main       celebrate the holiday. We had a
Santa     Catalina                                      Street.      The    fairly full boat for a change, Jim,
Island. We made                                         men’s       store   Norm, Pam, David, Steve, Jan,
three dives here                                        would almost        Loretta plus Gerda and I. The
with the visibility                                     invariably have     other half of the boat was also
upwards of 50                                           a large scale       full. Aside from some wave
feet. This is also                                      sitting in the      action after the second dive,
where          our                                      middle of the       conditions where good.
adventure began,                                        entryway, and
Elliot, of the                                          that       would      On our first dive at Flintstones,
Marin         Skin                                      usually be a        the visibility was around 50 feet,
Divers         was                                      sort of horse       with the water temperature not far
medivaced by the                                        shoe      shaped    removed at 52 degrees.          We
Coast      Guard.                                       affair with shop    dropped down to the triple digits
The jury is still                                       windows along       and explored the metridium fields
out on whatever                                         the sides and       and then slowly worked our way
may have caused                                         the door in the     up to the 70 foot range and
his aches and                                           back behind the     explored the corinactus covered
pains, but in the end it seems to     scale. Our first night downtown       walls. No surge to speak of and
have ended well for all involved.     we had migrated to the Annacapa       no current, great dive on this spot.
Turns out that as a club we have      Brewery.                              The next dive was at Mal Paso,
some history with this sort of                                              the visibility had dropped off a
thing, Jim and Norm debated at         On our second evening we went        bit, but still a good dive as we
length just how many medivacs         in search of a sushi bar              headed back to the anchor, we
there have been, but there have       recommend by Ron and Natasha,         found a small group of divers all
been several. Good reason to keep     they having been sent there by the    looking for the same thing, the
your gear stowed all the time.        Peace’s cook, Trish. If you are       anchor line. No luck, the boat
                                      ever in the need of a sushi fix in    had pulled free, so we all made
  After the adventure of the          Ventura, head straight for the        our way slowly towards the
Channel trip a few of us decided      Seaward Sushi Restaurant. From
to regroup the following day at       outside appearance gives little to                  Continue on page 8

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                   September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

Stammtisch from page 7                have a chance to do a little our dive master Kevin happened
                                      comparing recently after going on to glance at someone’s computer
surface, again no current so the      the Channel Islands Peace trip in and then look away with a wince.
swim to the back to the boat          August and the Monterey Cypress Remember boys and girls when
wasn’t far.                           Sea trip just last week.               your computer is flashing “error”
                                        The water temperature is the so are you!
 We sat out the third dive at         most obvious difference. There           The Cypress Sea trip was
Aumentos and instead enjoyed          were as many people diving wet without incident except for the
the sunshine and vegetated on the     as dry on the Peace and few end of the first dive. We rounded
deck. A great way to celebrate        complained of cold. Even the fish the pinnacle to where the anchor
Labor Day …"Labor Day differs         looked warmer and more laid line should have been but it
in every essential way from the       back. On the Cypress Sea dry wasn’t there. I thought my
other holidays of the year in any     suits were the norm and my navigation was to blame but
country," said Samuel Gompers,        fingers and toes reminded me the pretty soon most of the other
founder and longtime president of     water was 53 degrees (hats off to divers had joined me looking
the American Federation of            Norm who did all three dives in a around. It seems the anchor had
Labor. "All other holidays are in a   wetsuit!).                             slipped so we all had a little swim
more or less degree connected           The barnacles too were a back to the boat.
with conflicts and battles of man's   reminder of the cold, nutrient rich      My favorite dive site on the
prowess over man, of strife and       water. I saw them on every dive Peace was Ship Rock. This spot
discord for greed and power, of       stretching their delicate, feathery was so beautiful we stayed for
glories achieved by one nation        hands in search of food. Topside, three dives enjoying the kelp
over another. Labor          I’d have to say there was more forest, curious seals, a big
devoted to no man, living or dead,    excitement on the Peace. After octopus, and a bat ray. The best
to no sect, race, or nation."         the first day of the trip I awoke in site on the Cypress Sea was Que
                                                      the middle of the Pasa a lush pinnacle full of
  Afterwards        we                                night      distraught colorful anemones, barnacles,
made the rounds of                                    because I dreamed sponges and a large school of
some of the local dive                                my suit had blown blue fish.
shops who will be                                     away.     Somewhat       This article wouldn’t be
contributing to this                                  disoriented          I complete without mentioning my
year’s beach cleanup                                  decided to leave my buddies. On the Peace I did most
and after a stop at the                               bunk and make sure of my dives with the Three
London Pub for some                                   I     was      indeed Musketeers (or was it the Three
Fish and Chips made our way           dreaming. I climbed the stairs and Stooges? = Editor’s note – I did
home. That’s it until next week       found the galley piled high with not touch this!!!). Ray Will,
when we head for Norm’s annual        everyone’s        gear,   my      suit Norm Knutson, and Jim Vallario
Lake Tahoe bacchanal and              included. Unfortunately, Elliott kept me entertained underwater
crawdad extravaganza.        Until    from the Marin club hadn’t been by seducing sea hares, doing
then, dive often, dive deep; or at    feeling well                                                  underwater
least watch a couple diving           all day. So in                                            dances       and
                                                           BTW Pam has a pair of FINS
related videos.                       the middle of                                             navigating with
                                      the night, the       to give away - FREE – but            the infamous
NORTH       AND      SOUTH            Peace       had                                                   Mexican
   ORTH     AND
            AND      SOUTH
                      OUTH            motored to           don’t cut your toes off!!!           compass. On
  APOLOG ES TO L ZABETH               Catalina and                                              the      Cypress
   ASKELL                             a helicopter                                              Sea I dove with
By Pam Radkey                         had       taken                                           Loretta and Jan
                                      him to a hospital on the mainland. and enjoyed a slow meander
    My       non-diving   friends     Half the boat had slept through through the rocks and a sunfish
occasionally ask me whether I         the whole thing! Thanks to Melia, (mola mola) thanks to Loretta’s
like diving in Northern or            also, from the Marin club, who sharp eyes.
Southern California better. The       brought everyone’s gear in so the        So, diving up north or down
answer, as you can probably           chopper wouldn’t blow it all south? Enjoy them both!
guess, is I like them both! I did     away. Another incident was when

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                   September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

Hurricane Dennis rights the            Australian authorities’      burn     Shark fin soup anyone?
Spiegel Grove                          poacher’s boats
                                                                               Frustrated by what they see as a
  Hurricane Dennis’s legacy              The Australian government, in a     lack of action against shark-fining
won’t be all bad. When the USS         bid to send a strong message to       poachers in Costa Rica, a group
Spiegel Grove was sunk to form         Indonesian poachers, set five         has reportedly taken direct action,
an artificial reef in 130 feet of      boats on fire in Darwin harbor.       poisoning a batch of fins destined
water off Key Largo, in May 17,        Indonesian fishermen regularly        for Hong Kong’s markets.
2002, it rolled over and landed        enter Australian waters to fish for
upside down with its bow               shark and trocha shells among           Captain Paul Watson, founder
protruding from the water.             other catches.                        of the Sea Shepherd Conservation
                                                                             Society, said: “I have received
  Three weeks after the initial          Earlier this year, in a nine day    information from a reliable and
attempt, a salvage team managed        operation, about 20 boats and         trusted contact in Central
                                                                             America … that illegally obtained
to fully sink the 51-foot vessel,      some 200 crew were intercepted
but on its right side instead of its   off Australia's northern waters.      shark fins have been intercepted
keel. In the intervening three         The boats were found toi be           from poachers and washed in a
                                                                             solution of sodium cyanide.”
years, the Spiegel Grove has           carrying sophisticated navigation
become the most popular artificial     and communications equipment.
wreck in the Florida Keys, home                                                The fins, some 300 in all, were
                                                                             taken from a rooftop drying rack,
to some 166 different fish species.    Frenchman sets       new    depth     bathed in the solution and
                                       record for scuba                      returned to the roof to continue
  As hurricane Dennis passed by                                              drying.      The poachers were
200 miles to the west, it flipped       A French diver, Pascal Bernabe,      unaware of the removal and
the wreck to an upright position.      has set a new deep diving record      return of the fins.
Wave as high as 20 feet where          at 330 meters (1,082 feet); these
reported in the area, those waves      just weeks after South African          The action, he said, was to be
like created currents with enough      Nuno Gomes reached 318 meters         condemned. “As much as I abhor
force to right the wreck.              (1,043 feet) in the Egyptian Red      the trade in shark fins … I feel
                                       Sea. Bernabe broke the record in      that it is irresponsible to endanger
                                       Corsica on open circuit, with a       human life.”
                                       descent time of less than ten
                                       minutes     and    at   a    total
                                       decompression time of 529
                                       minutes decompression.

                                         The dive was the 41-year-old's
                                       fifth attempt at breaking the open
                                       circuit deep diving record, which
                                       carrying seven cylinders.        A
                                       further 20 cylinders were staged
                                       at various decompression stations.
                                       The dive was sponsored by Ralf        Mercury in shark fins
                                       Tech      a     dive    equipment
                                       manufacturer (Equipement pour          It now appears that shark fins, a
                                       plongee sous-marine), which           major delicacy in parts of Asia,
                                       involved a thirty-strong dive team    may contain dangerous levels of
                                       and 12 support divers.                mercury. The US based group
                                                                             WildAid says that testing of shark

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

fins bought in Bangkok had           document to enter or re-enter the
mercury levels up to 42 times        United States.                         Nima, pleaded guilty to entering
higher than what is considered         This is a change from prior         a marine conservation area for the
safe for humans.                     travel requirements and will          purpose of taking marine
                                     affect all United States citizens     resources. He was placed on
The tests were conducted by the      entering the United States from       three years probation and fined
state run Thailand Institute of      countries within the Western          $1,100. Both men were ordered
Scientific and Technological         Hemisphere who do not currently       to give up their fishing licenses,
Research. Tests in Hong Kong         possess valid passports.              and their scuba gear.
gave similar results. Australian
and New Zealand have issued          December 31, 2006 - Passport or
public health warnings to            other accepted document required      Is this the future of diving?
pregnant women about eating          for all travel (air/sea) to or from
shark meat.                          the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central
                                     and South America.

                                     December 31, 2007 - Passport or
                                     other accepted document required
                                     for all air and sea travel to or
                                     from Mexico and Canada.

                                       What other excepted documents
                                     you ask?        For land border
                                     crossings, other documents that
                                     are anticipated to be acceptable
                                     under the new Initiative are
                                     SENTRI, NEXUS and FAST
                                     program cards. These are current
                                     international frequent traveler
                                     programs. The Border Crossing
                                     Card (BCC - also known as “laser
                                     visa”) will also be acceptable as a
                                     substitute for a passport and a
                                     visa for citizens of Mexico
                                     traveling to the United States
                                     from contiguous territory.

                                     Divers who speared a giant
New passport requirements for
                                     black sea bass plead guilty
                                       The two scuba divers, Omid
  A reminder to all of you globe
                                     Adhami and Nima Hodaji, who
trotting Reef Divers. If you don’t                                         The more things change, the more
                                     were arrested in the spearing of
have a passport, you’ve been                                               they seem to remain the same.
                                     an endangered giant black sea
given a year’s reprieve.      The                                          Three divers, one wearing a 1
                                     bass back in April, pleaded guilty
Intelligence      Reform       and                                         atmosphere diving suit from
                                     to criminal charges.
Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004                                           Nuytco Research Ltd, one
requires that by January 1, 2008,                                          standard diving dress and the
                                        Omid, pleaded guilty to the
travelers to and from the                                                  third an early armored suit
                                     illegal taking of a protected fish.
Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama,                                                preparing to explore the wreck of
                                     He was sentenced to three years
Mexico and Canada have a                                                   the RMS Lusitiania, 1935.
                                     probation, 30 days of community
passport or other secure, accepted
                                     service and fined $1,100.

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                      September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

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San Francisco Reef Divers                                                  September 2005
Volume XXXVIII, No. 9

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