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									                      2013 Luminaria Participating Artist Bios
Aztec Gold
Victor Payan and Pocha Peña are award-winning filmmakers and media artists whose work has
been featured on international television and museums and cultural centers. Their approach
uses humor, technology and interactive audience experiences to inspire participation and
whimsy. "Eye Te Watcho" will create eight "Video Nickelodeons" consisting of scenes from San
Antonio history as well as internal video cameras that project the eyes of people looking into
the boxes onto a large wall.

Bianca Pitman
A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio who earned a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art
with a focus in Black and White Darkroom Photography, Pitman is a professional photographer
and artist living and working in San Antonio, Texas. She states she is, “driven to create art about
personal life “events” that are typically kept private, which allows both me and my viewers a
chance to find a healing connection.”

Erik Bosse & S.T. Shimi
A member of the Jump-Start Performance Co., ST Shimi has created and performed several
original solo shows about topics like irreligion, South Asian feminism & mythology, torture and
detention and the downside of the tourist economy. As a "glam"tertainer, she has bellydanced,
hula hooped, aerial danced and eaten fire as a soloist and as a troupe member at various
venues locally, nationally and internationally.Erik Bosse provides original video designs for
several central Texas theater and dance companies. In 2011 and 2012, Erik created half a dozen
large scale multi-channel site-specific video installations and live cinema presentations. His
series of short stories (collectively titled Tales of Lost Southtown) are currently being developed
for the stage with a live cinema component, and will be produced in 2014.

Meteo-Hahn is a new work in collaboration with data visualization specialist Bruce Hahn
(Texas), and musician Mari Kimura (New York). Together they present an interactive
audio/visual work using weather patterns and data. The photographic imagery is accompanied
by the ferocious and frenzied soaring of her violin.

Hladeka (Joseph Hladek)
As an experimental filmmaker, Joseph Hladek’s vision is creating a visual narrative experience
breaking the rules of convention enabling personal exploration of a visual story beyond the
confines of the picture plane for an observing audience. “Agenda Divide Complete” is a multi
video installation to be projected on the raw exterior surface of a building incorporating the
structure's architecture aesthetic into the visual composition.

Ruth Leonela Buentello & Joseph Todd Lopez
A mixed media illumination installation that is based on visual biographies and identities of San
Antonio families which also invites the audience to contribute feedback Ruth Leonela
Buentello has experience in painting, mixed media, and public art. She received a B.F.A. from
the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Joseph Todd Lopez is a professional videographer and
photographer. He has a B.S, M.A., and a PhD. from the University of Texas in Austin in Radio,
Television, and Film. Lopez currently runs the Convergent Media Program at University of
Incarnate Word.

Sarah & Victor Pagona
A professional artist and teacher for over 10 years Sarah Pagona partners with Victor Pagona,
an artist with over 25 years experience and chair of the Photography Department at the
Southwest School of Art. They create a photo based house structure that slowly reveals a child
drawing and writing - showcasing free association in child play and the beauty of simple

Seme Jatib Proyectos en Movimiento
In 2006, Seme Jatib founded the dance group Proyectos en Movimiento. She is a contemporary
dancer, choreographer and media artist who has been working professionally for 10 years.
Jatib’s work developed in close collaboration with other artistic disciplines, such as film, media
arts and music, allowing a new approach to movement expression and the art of
choreographing. She says, “I work both alternative and traditional performance space because I
feel the need to connect with the audience not only in a public performing space, but also in
the privacy of their own personal space using the Internet.”

Andrea Sanderson
Andrea Sanderson (aka Vocab) is a hip-hop, spoken word artist who performs to music, writes
her own music, and uses her words to express loss, love, and lore with commentary on gender,
race, and social change as it is in San Antonio, the USA, the world today.

Gemini Ink/Children’s Reading Circle
An event for parents and children of dramatic, dynamic, regional, and magical storytelling by
Xavier Garza, author of Lucho Libre and other works, and Sarah Loden, storyteller
extraordinaire who plyes her trade generally at the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA).

Gemini Ink/Libro Libre
Gemini Ink, San Antonio's multi-purpose literary arts center since 1997, has hosted Libro Libre
at Luminaria since the first year of the festival. This year, once again, we have a vintage truck
and books galore to give away to all readers and future writers of all ages across San Antonio,
to anyone who attends our very own festival of lights.

Jazz Poets of San Antonio
Eduardo Garza has been presenting the jazz poetry combination of words and sounds since
1977. Jazz Poets has appeared J in Austin, Corpus Christi, Phoenix, AZ, Albuquerque, N.M. and
San Antonio, TX. Although it has had other names, such as Teatro Poecia, Jazz Poet Society, and
others, The Jazz Poets of San Antonio continue to provide a stage for poets/musicians/artists to
express themselves through poetry and music. They meet every Tuesday at San Antonio's
Espresso Gallery to practice their art.

Viktoria Valenzuela
Writer living in San Antonio, editor of the Arts United Magazine, Viktoria has created this
dramatic poetry reading based on images and oral histories to celebrate the musical life of her
grandfather, part of the west-side of San Antonio's heritage of Orquesta.

Art Cars of Houston
Art Cars of Houston, creator of GlowOrama, was founded by Art Car Artists to advance the Art
Car craft, advocate, and encourage new works and opportunities. These are the most advanced
Art Cars - fusing technology and art, often featuring kinetic parts, exotic lighting and even

Austin Bike Zoo
The Austin Bike Zoo’s Human Powered Puppetry is dedicated to inspiring communities through
the creation of unique human powered vehicles, bicycle-based theatrical performances and
educational programs for youth. Our work was born out of a passion to combine the beauty
and strength of human movement with the artistry and theater of puppets and a dedication to
creating interactive works which engage our community.

Carol Salmanson
Carol Salmanson is a Brooklyn-based artist working with light and reflective materials. She uses
optics along with a variety of lighting technologies and reflective materials to create large
installations and unique objects with light as both medium and subject. Salmanson says that
her art “explores the energy embedded in subconscious perceptions and calculations, the
things you see and know without realizing it.”

Cathy Cunningham-Little
A sculptor, Cathy Cunningham-Little uses glass, light, shadow, reflections, and color
interactions, along with sound elements, to explore perceptual phenomena. Her exploration of
ideas revolves around perception, utilizing color and light to provide sensory information. Since
1983 Cathy has run a business in San Antonio called Cunningham Glass Studios, LLC, specializing
in client commissions for Stained Glass, Neon, Etched Glass and other glass related products.
She has completed several public art projects in Texas and teaches workshops at Southwest
School of Art.

Charles Harrison Pompa
San Antonio artist Charles Harrison Pompa studied art in both Mexico and the United States.
Pompa’s art work is inspired by mistakes, ideas, and risk taking and believes painting is a
universal language just like mathematics. His new massive sculptures take pleasure in
geometric shapes, painted surface and luminescence.

Chris Sauter
A working artist since 1995, Chris Sauter holds a BA from the University of the Incarnate Word
and an MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His work explores the links between
biology and culture, the present and the past, the personal and the universal. In the process,
popular dichotomies are recognized and then collapsed into multifaceted wholes. “My principal
strategies are, the transformation of common objects into other recognizable objects, extreme
scale shifts, and the juxtaposition of disparate materials and images. The work draws from
varied sources such as architecture, history, science, agriculture and rodeo” says Sauter.

Daniel Armstrong
A ceramicist who prefers to jump between numerous mediums: painting, mixed media,
taxidermy, concrete and clay, Daniel Armstrong, likes to make things that are fun, functional
and fantastic. Armstrong’s new sculpture series of iconic San Antonio buildings are transformed
into luminarias for one night along the famed riverwalk.

David Rangel
San Antonio artist shows new photographs taken at night in ambient light.
Diana Martinez
With a degree in Interior Design from the University of the Incarnate Word, artist Diana
Martinez creates art that allows her to experiment with different materials and techniques. She
hopes that viewers “will be enticed and will see how everyday utilitarian objects can be
transfigured into something extraordinary and will hopefully walk away with a positive

Doerte Weber
Having returned to weaving after a long absence, Weber finds herself inspired by Bauhaus
Weavers. They were forced into weaving and having taught themselves how to weave, created
from it beautiful and unique works of art. Weber says, “Most of the materials I normally use are
hand dyed or hand spun. This yields an individuality to a medium traditionally bound by

James Hetherington
A self taught artist whose belief that recovering objects reinforces sustainability, Hetherington
approaches his work through researching the environment, then reclaiming and transforming
materials. “These sculptures provide evidence of my conviction that it is possible to create a
spiritual balance between infrastructure and nature,” notes Hetherington.
James Supa Medrano
James Supa Medrano is a Texas based multi-media artist whose work questions subjects
pertaining to religion and violence. His paintings use negative white space and colorful
geometric designs that makes it current and contemporary.

Jonathan Sims
San Antonio painter Jonathan Sims creates compelling compositions that turn on subtle
geometric manipulations of form. “This, my first large-scale sculpture, with integrate my recent
explorations of invented language and the enigmatic with twenty-first century lighting
technology. My work will combine the simplest three-dimensional object, a pyramid, with the
glowing beauty of electroluminescent wire,” notes Sims.

Jose del Rio
Mexican photographer who delights in the play of traditional black and white photography
exhibits a new series.

Judith Cottrell & Kim Bishop
Co-founder of Art To The Third Power and 3rd Space Art Gallery, artist Kim Bishop creates
installations with paint, color, light, and objects that allow the viewer to experience rather than
just observe the work. In each of my solo exhibitions my intent has been to create a visual
narrative in which the viewers own experiences are combined with visual aesthetics to provoke
a behavioral reaction, impress new experiential memories and spark existing memories
Born in Arizona, visual artist Judith Cottrell earned a BFA from the University of Houston and an
MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio where she currently resides. She works in
drawing, sculpture, installation and performance art. In this collaboration, Cottrell and create a
visual experience with the physical and visual light aesthetics of all different types and sizes of
lamps. These lamps have been contributed by the community and represent many

Kate Temple
Kate Temple is a painter, printmaker and installation artist born in France, raised in the
countryside of southern New Hampshire and living in New York city. She received her BFA in
printmaking from Carnegie Mellon and went on to complete a four-year training in color, based
on the work of Goethe and Liane Collot d’Herbois. Her work has been exhibited nationally and
internationally in many galleries and museums including in New York, Pennsylvania, Italy, and
Turkey. This site specific installation in the frame of a historic adobe house uses materials
indigenous to San Antonio and the glow of one word. Flashlights will also be available as a tool
of hope, discovery and illumination.

Katy Silva
An art student at Trinity University majoring in studio art and minoring in art history, painter
Katy Silva incorporates three-dimensional elements into her work that interacts with the viewer
and their spatial perception. “I seek to achieve an arresting pattern in my work that suppresses
time and begs you to take a moment to map out the composition of silhouettes rendered,”
states Silva.
Kia Neill
Kia Neill is a mixed-media artist working in installation art, sculpture, drawing & painting, and
digital photography. Neill says, “Through my work I explore a sense of fantasy, sanctuary,
research and spirituality within nature. I am interested in a cultural understanding of nature,
how we compose nature to serve our purposes and how in turn this effects our perception of
and relationship to nature.”

Lullwood Group
The Lullwood Group is a San Antonio-based artist collective that seeks to encourage audience
participation, foster exploration and promote art discovery in many forms. Members (as of
January 2013) are Angel Axioma Alcala, Emily Baker, Chris Castillo, Esteban Delgado, Joseph
Duarte, Joe Harjo, Julie Ledet, Clay McClure, Willie Sanchez, Connie Swann and Josh Williams.
Mark Menjivar
Mark is a San Antonio artist and photographer who will install his ongoing project, “The Luck
Archive.” The Luck Archive is a collection of anecdotes, antidotes and artifacts that use luck as
a starting point to explore belief, tradition, superstition and culture in diverse ways.

Melissa Potter & Paul Cantanese
Expressed through a wide range of media including ethnographic video, animation, handmade
paper, drawing, sculpture and painting, this work is an ongoing dialog about the organization of
society through gender codes, rituals, and discrimination. Paul Catanese is a hybrid media artist,
Associate Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia
College Chicago and the President of the New Media Caucus, a College Art Association Affiliate

Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf was created in February of 2008 by a group of 30 artists hoping to supply Santa Fe,
New Mexico with an alternative arts and music venue. Since its conception, Meow Wolf has
produced 11 large-scale, multi-media, fully-immersive art installations, a few group shows, a
theater performance, an annual public performance event, and three award-winning short

Michelle Graves
A text-based interdisciplinary artist, Michelle Graves combines personal life experiences with
scientific and philosophical research, namely anatomy, neuroscience, phenomenology and
existentialism, as well as hints of quantum physics. She practices writing stream-of-
consciousness as non-linear, color-specific, textual drawings or large murals, to discover
intersecting points of factual science and contemplative philosophy through the frame of her

S.O. O’Brien
Brooklyn artist O’Brien presents Sonic Pendulums, a series of interactive installations that solicit
visitors in intimate interactions through the use of micro-controllers and kinetic sculpture. The
public will be invited to engage with sensors that record and translate their vital signs into
movement and sound.

San Anto Cultural Arts
The mission of San Anto Cultural Arts is to foster human and community development through
community-based arts. This is achieved by serving the community with programs such as El
Placazo Community Newspaper, the Mentor Program, and the Community Mural/Public Art
Program. For Luminaria they have developed an onsite T-shirt factory that utilizes wood-block
printing with designs created by favorite local artists. Over 1,000 hand-printed T-shirts will be
created during the event.

Southwest School of Art
River barges were a common 19th century mode of transportation, and it is during the late 19 th
century that experimentation with still photography lead to the creation of new art genre --
moving pictures. The Southwest School of Art’s Luminaria project takes a look back at this
period, showcasing historical moving pictures projected on a moving river barge that will travel
along the San Antonio River Walk. The Southwest School of Art is a leading independent art
school located in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Stacy Berlfein
Stacy Berfein is a local artist who specializes in drawing. She received her BFA from the
University of Texas in Austin and MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio

Whoop Dee Doo
Whoop Dee Doo is a non-profit faux public access television show that is based in Kansas City,
MO that is lead by approximately twenty Kansas City-based artists and volunteers. Whoop Dee
Doo hosts live, free shows and workshops with the community and under-served youth
Whoop Dee Doo aims to engage the most drastically diverse audiences and collaborate with a
wild range of performers from science teachers and Celtic bagpipers to clogging troupes, drill
teams, punk bands and drag queens – all in the attendance of wide-eyed children. The
presence of this chaotic mix is an awkward, yet endearing experience, embracing a huge range
of tastes and sensibilities, and stripping away divisions between high and low art.

A’lante Flamenco Dance Ensemble
Led by Olivia Chacon, who has performed flamenco professionally for over 10 years, both in
Texas and internationally, A’lante Flamenco Dance Ensemble performs two complete
productions: "Sonidos Negros," a suite of six dances that embrace tradition while tweaking the
typical image of flamenco, and "The Red Shoes: A Flamenco Fairytale," is an innovative new
flamenco interpretation of the deliciously dark fable by Hans Christian Andersen, including live
music and a video projection.

ARTheism performs a new movement language by combining hand-controlled animation
projected over modern dance. Sam Beasley is lead dancer, choreographer and co-creator of
ARTheism. With over 17 years of dance experience, she studied tap at the French American
School in Portland, OR. Topher Sipes is lead visualist, creative director and co-creator of
ARTheism. With over 25 years of drawing experience, he’s studied with animators and
entertainment designers, has a BFA in Communication Design.

Capacitor Performance synthesizes the human body with abstract structures and interactive
media to create science-inspired shows that deepen audience connection with the natural
world. Capacitor encourages contact with scientific concepts in ways that allow audiences of all
ages to see patterns and relationships inherent in nature and the cosmos. Capacitor will be
presenting Okeanos, a multidisciplinary portrait of the ocean as body, environment, resource,
metaphor, and force. It is a performance to inspire and educate audiences about the ocean and
connect them deeply to ocean conservation.

Capoeira Luanda
Born out of a collaboration between the Carver Community Cultural Center and Capoeira
Master/Choreographer Jelon Vieira, Ile Bahia de San Antonio was created in 1993 to sponsor
educational programs and fine art events dedicated to the promotion, appreciation and
advancement of African-Brazilian culture, with a heavy emphasis on local at-risk youth.
Capoeira is Brazil’s fast and graceful Afro-Brazilian art form, which blends dance, martial arts,
and acrobatics into one beautiful art like no other.

Kalalaya Indian Performing Arts
San Antonio's first Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music School will present a contemporary
Bharatnatyam piece exploring the rhythmic sequences of Indian classical dance which everyone
can enjoy. with Laura DiPasquale & Kelly Ramos
"Velocity Wrapped" is a collaboration between three artists, a contemporary dance
choreographer and two aerial dancers. Laura DiPasquale has been an aerialist for over three
years. Kelly Ramos is a choreographer and performer specializing in aerial fabric who freelances
her aerial works for local and private events in San Antonio. Amber Ortega-Perez is a
contemporary choreographer and is the director of, a local modern dance
company. Also performing are Jenny Franckowiak, Tara Smartnick, and Josh Grohman.

San Antonio Dance Fringe
San Antonio Dance Fringe is a collaboration of dancers from different backgrounds with the
common goal to just dance. Their style is mainly contemporary jazz but they embrace several
other genres as well. They have performed countless times at Jump-Start's WIP, WIP creme,
and Performance Party, as well as at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Shay Ishii
Led by choreographer and artistic director Shay Ishii, the Shay Ishii Dance Company will
collaborate with Merge Dance Company and Texas State University Choral Ensemble to create a
new work that will experiment with various manifestations of light that the dancers can
manipulate and embody. The new work includes three sections of modern choreography
accompanied by live choral music.

Theatre & Performance
Anna De Luna
Anna De Luna, a native San Antonian, received her training at the American Academy of
Dramatic Arts in New York City. She has toured the United States with the National Theater of
the Performing Arts and also acted/directed for the American Theater Company in Brussels,
Belgium. Anna has performed throughout San Antonio with many organizations including the
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, the Jump Start Performance Co, Majik Theater, Attic Rep,
Northwest Vista College, SAC, UTSA and the 24th St. Experiment at Our Lady of the Lake

Ashram 5 Monks
A mix of young, raw energy and the seasoned wisdom of decades of experiences, Ashram 5
Monks is a multidisciplinary, international group of artists that collides in med-mobs or public
performances of meditative, nature-based sound vibrations and mantras.
Jesse Borrego & Oscar Alvarado
Created by Oscar Alvarado in 2010, the ArtCart features artists in unexpected places
throughout San Antonio. There have been visual artists, performance artists, students and
musicians in the ArtCart performing in this personal portable studio and gallery. For Luminaira,
the ArtCart is transformed into a stationary multi tiered performance platform. It will feature
actor Jesse Borrego performing and interacting with attendees in several short musical, dancing
and speaking bits throughout the night.

Matari Productions
Led by Artistic Director Eduardo Escobar, Matari Productions will present a new play, Lux
Bellum, written by Escobar and based on exercises created by the actors. Eduardo Escobar has
worked as an artistic director, playwright, and actor since 1994, and has participated in many
artistic projects in Mexico, Australia and the USA.

Proxy Theatre Company
Proxy Theatre Company is a San Antonio based organization founded in April of 2011 by a
group of Trinity University graduates. The young artists were eager to continue their creative
journey by producing electrifying theatre for the local community. The Proxy Theatre Company
is dedicated to creating a space where we can experience and evaluate the danger, ardor, and
play of life. They are committed to telling the human story through striking theatre that excites,
enriches, and captivates the imagination of the San Antonio community.

Rick Stemm
With a degree in film from the UW Madison, Rick Stemm is a writer, designer, and fight
choreographer, specializing in interactive theater and video games. He creates comedy,
adventure, action, and spectacle rooted in smart writing with strong storytelling and characters.

Sasha Zeilig and Ordinary Spaces
Sasha Zeilig is a generative artist who has professionally acted (stage and camera), directed,
produced, written, adapted, and founded performance organizations in the USA and Europe.
She has taught theatre to children, teens, and adults. Zeilig is an activist, feminist, director,
actor, teacher, traveler, poi-spinner, and hula hoop dancer. She hopes to inspire a new era of
theatre where audiences are no longer asked to sit and watch the performance, but are
included in the experience by participating.

The Aesthetic of Waste
The Aesthetic of Waste is a theatrical collective of performers, visual artists, writers and
directors operating at the Overtime Theater. Their current production of We Stole This features
30 original shows in an hour, borrowing a format used by the NeoFuturists of Chicago and New
York. The performers of the AoW draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including the
Futurists, the Dadaists and their descendants.

Ashlee Rose
A Texas Native with roots in music, Ashlee Rose wrote her first song at age twelve and made
her first album at age fifteen while going to school at the North East School of the Arts in San
Antonio, TX. After graduating, Ashlee worked at Sea World of San Antonio and also on Holland
America Line Cruise Ships.

Blacktop Legends
A hip hop duo, Blacktop Legends has evolved their sound and included an intellectual point of
view. Both performers are college graduates and are striving to promote a positive message
within the hip hop community.

Bleep Attack!
Val Yayumi Tapia is a vocalist, creator, keyboardist/synthesist and songwriter. Vince Reyna is a
guitarist, videographer and programmer. Together they form San Antonio electropop band,
Bleep Attack!, whose live performances consist of a video projection set in conjunction with
performance art, theatrics, music, and lights.

Melding various influences- including reggae, cumbia, hip hop, rock, Latino funk -San Antonio’s
“Barrio Big Band” Bombasta, is a ten piece ensemble, brandishes a full horn section, along with
samples, electronics, guitars, keyboards, lots of percussion and one of the tightest rhythm
sections around. They turn any gathering into a movement.

Musicians/artists, R.e.L. and Progeny came together in 2011 to form CHISME, a hip-hop duo
more concerned with music than with rapping. They make use of Imaginative wordplay and
incredible production to deliver an energetic performance.

Dixon’s Violin
Returning to Luminaria for a second year, Dixon’s Violin showcases classically-trained violin
mastery, improvised on a 5-string electric violin through digital foot-pedal effects and a looper
to create an all-live one-man symphony of other-worldly sound! The world's premier digital
violinist, Dixon's Violin bares his soul through his unique instrument in a mesmerizing one-man
show unlike anything you've experienced.

Greg G
Prepared to be inspired through musical fusion of hip hop and R&B combined with jazz,
cumbia, and contemporary rock- all mixed with a message of hope. Greg G and his musical
fusion of instrumentalists from all different backgrounds tell their life stories through song.
Collaborator, visual artist Brandon Faucett, brings the music to life with his innovative video
and light technology.

The Invincible Czars
The Invincible Czars are one of Austin's most adventurous rock bands. In addition to creating
and performing original music with an enormous breadth of influences and styles, the band also
performs their own modernized and ‘Austinized’ arrangements of works by classical composers.

Jacinto Guevara, leader of “Jacinto y Ray y Joaquín”
“Jacinto y Ray y Joaquín” is a band whose members include Jacinto Guevara, Ray Symczyk,
Joaquín Abrego, and Carlos De La Garza. The band produces a sound that is an accumulation of
music in various genres: Tex Mex song and instrumental traditions; 1920’s “jazz” pop music,
Cajun/Zydeco songs, Chinese folk/pop songs, and Japanese Enka.

Joel Laviolette and Rattletree Marimba
Rattletree has been performing in Texas and around the nation for the last 13 years. They play
high-energy Zimbabwean influenced dance music that merges dubstep, glitch, and downtempo
electronica on giant hand-built marimbas (wooden xylophones).

Jai Roots and the Herb-N-Café
Jai Roots and the Herb-N-Café has a positive lyrical message to reach the audience via the
captivating fusion of raggae, traditional drums, and Latin funk. Certain parts are chill, allowing
you to feel relaxed. Others parts will call you to the dance floor. Jai Roots, the lead vocalist, has
performed worldwide with Mono Blanco, a master group from Mexico. Other members of the
group hail from Spain, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, and Venezuela allowing for a fusion of sounds and

Los #3 Dinners
The Godfathers of local garage rock, Los #3 Dinners present their unique San Antonio sound.

Los Inocentes
Los Inocentes are dedicated to performing the roots music and acoustic music traditions of
their Latin cultural heritage. "LUNADA IN SAN ANTONIO" Lunada is a traditional gathering of
friends and relatives around a campfire under the moonlight. Time goes by playing the guitar
and singing in the moonlighted night, making a pause here and there to tell interesting stories
and anecdotes. Los Inocentes will present their own Lunada in San Antonio to re-create this
folkloric-artistic performance.

Los Nahuatlatos
Formed of the sacred tierra on both sides of the South Texas/Mexico border, Los Nahuatlatos
are composed of musicians with traditional, yet modern sensibilities. While some band
members are trained in classical folkloric music and dance, others are self-taught and immersed
in contemporary expressionism. As individuals with distinct musical backgrounds, they’ve come
together to create a sound reflective of fronterísmo— music that reflects both the conflict and
harmony of the “ni de aquì, nì de alla” experience. Thriving on the contradictions of the
borderlands, los Nahuatlatos are at once rural and urban, rascuache and urbane.

Los Padrinos
Los Padrinos creates Tex-Mex conjunto music from San Antonio and South Texas, with an
educational component to teach neophytes about this native music. They explain the history of
Texas from the original Tejano settlers to the coming of the Germans who brought the diatonic
button accordion. They showcase the melding of two cultures that made Conjunto music a
unique blend of Mexican and German music born in South Texas and Northern Mexico.

Melissa Ludwig Band
When Melissa Ludwig found her musical soul mate in Mitch Connell, the couple wasted no time
giving flight to a host of songs bottled up inside a nine-to-five existence.
Originally called Raleigh Maroon, the duo started playing acoustic gigs in San Antonio coffee
shops in 2008, polishing songs Ludwig had penned over the years and writing new ones
together. Drummer AJ Navarro and bassist Douglas Turley joined the band in 2010. Ludwig’s
songs feel at home across genres, from radio-friendly pop to alternative country without the

Michael Garfield
Musician Michael Garfield improvises instrumental live electronic music using the acoustic
guitar and voice as the sole sound sources – routing them through an intricate hardware effects
array- to create lush, textural, driving, and melodic music that you wouldn't know was made up
on the spot. Music ranges in flavor from folk to rock to jazz, foreground anthems to background
ambience. He uses all four limbs, playing guitar with his hands while turning knobs and pressing
buttons with his toes.

Pop Pistol
Pop Pistol is a three-piece modern rock band, featuring Alex Scheel, Jorge Gonzalez, and George
Garza that incorporates layers of electronic music into their rock compositions. Pop Pistol
communicates a spacey, yet technically precise, aethetic in their live performances.

Saakred is an electronic project that uses heavy rhythms and programmed beat manipulation in
a non-traditional format. Saakred produces a multi-layered wall of sound incorporating sounds
from the natural world (such as radio waves from planets and pulsars, whale vocalizations,
native birds and insects) and everyday environments (such as kids playing in the streets and
neighborhood ice cream trucks). Saakred also puts images to the sonar experience.

The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio
The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio is comprised of over 200 talented and dedicated young
musicians from San Antonio and surrounding communities. Founded in 1983 by Marguerite
McCormick, CCSA’s mission is to bring the highest quality choral music education and
performance opportunities to children throughout the metropolitan area. In addition to
presenting its own concert series, CCSA regularly sings with the San Antonio Symphony and

The Hares
From the depths of the Harvey House on the southside of San Antonio, TX, the Hares fromed in
late 2011, writing original tunes and drunkenly slaughtering standards and obscure songs from
all walks of life. The Hares play everything from old school rock n roll, to r&b, to rockabilly, to
blues and soul. If it's got a pulse, the Hares do their damndest to make it rock, swing, or groove.

The San Antonio Choral Society
Comprised of approximately 80 voices, The San Antonio Choral Society is an auditioned
community chorus with members who share a love for choral singing. Singers range from high
school students to senior citizens and come together from numerous walks of life. The choir
performs standard choral repertoire and major works with orchestral ensembles. It also
champions innovative new works. The Choral Society is under the musical leadership of artistic
director Jennifer L. Seighman, assistant conductor Charles M. Flores, Jr. and accompanist Dr. N.
Seth Nelson.

Urban 15 Group
Formed in 1974, URBAN-15 is a multi-disciplined performance ensemble of community artists.
URBAN-15 is known for its innovative costumes, sculptural sets and technology designs and the
ensemble has been an important part of San Antonio’s and Texas’ artistic celebrations in
parades, concert appearances, arts education programs, sports, and festivals. With a
commitment to performance and education, URBAN-15 has pursued a strategy to provide
lifelong access to arts participation. It has created method that allows people at every age to
be a part of an ensemble artistic experience.

Viet Ruse
Viet-Ruse is a latin/reggae infused punk rock band from the southside of San Antonio, Texas.
Viet-Ruse believes is imperative that we, as individuals, be aware of the world around us. They
draw inspiration from these observations and they hope to shed light on world and local issues.
They also hope to help people gain perspective on their own lives.

Youth Orchestra of San Antonio
YOSA (Youth Orchestra of San Antonio), comprised of the very best student musicians in the
San Antonio region, performs a professional-level repertoire in premier venues at home and
abroad. They collaborate regularly with internationally renowned soloists and composers.

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