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					27 July 2005                                                                           05/21
School News
Welcome back! We hope all families have had an enjoyable break.
Term Three Important Dates
02 August             Assembly at 9.30am and morning tea to farewell Mrs Hatten
02 August             Cultural Day
09 August             MeNZB 2nd dose
09 August             Board of Trustees Meeting
16 August             Cultural Day
17 August             Food Day
24 August             New Entrant Information Evening
27 August             Shotz Photography
06 September          Cultural Day
19 September          Year 6 Camp week
23 September          End of Term 3 (3.00pm)

Mrs Huggins is still on sick leave. Mark Drummond will continue to teach in Room 2 for the remainder of
Term 3.
Bethany Webster, a student teacher, will be working in Mr Farrand’s classroom this week, on 02 and 09
August, 06 and 20 September, and for five weeks from 10 October to 11 November.

Farewell to Mrs Hatten
After many years’ association with Greenacres School, Mrs Hatten is retiring. There will be an assembly
next Tuesday, 02 August, to farewell Mrs Hatten, followed by morning tea. All parents and caregivers
are invited to come along for assembly and morning tea.
Long Term Plan
Attached for your information is the Long Term Plan for Term 3.

Centre of Interest
Our current Centre of Interest “From Beginning to End”.
Specific learning outcomes are:
   Level 1
        Able to describe the position of basic foods on the food pyramid
   Level 2
        Able to describe where basic foods are placed on the food pyramid and relate this to their
           own diet.
   Level 3
        Able to relate the effects of different food groups on the body.
   Level 1
       Able to describe a healthy lunch.
       Able to describe how specific raw materials are gathered, transported and processed.
       Is able to describe why retailers stock more of some items than others.
   Level 2
       Able to compare current lunches with the food pyramid.
       Able to describe a healthy lunch.
       Able to produce a healthy lunch.
       Using a flow chart, can describe how raw material is processed.
   Level 3
       Able to identify areas of need for more healthy lunches within the school.
       Is able to suggest ways that the lunches brought to school could be improved.
       Using a flow chart can describe how raw material is processed into food.
       Able to describe the advantages and disadvantages of fast food.

                            New Entrant Information Evening
                                7.30pm, 24 August 2005
                            Greenacres School, Raroa Terrace

                What Happens When Your Child Starts School?
                What really goes on in a modern New Entrant classroom?

  Have these and all your other questions answered at the Greenacres School New Entrant
                      Information Evening on 24 August. All welcome.

Thank you to all staff, students, parents and other helpers for all the effort you put in to the production. It
was a great occasion.

Parent Teacher Interviews
Thank you to those parents/caregivers who came along to the interviews. Those who didn’t manage to
make an appointment or missed their appointment will need to arrange a suitable time with their child’s

Cultural Days
Thank you to the parents who have offered to help with this programme. Our first cultural day will take
place next Tuesday, 02 August. The cost of the Cultural Day programme is $6 per student. Could this
be paid by the end of this week please, so that we can purchase the necessary items.

Lunch Collators and Distributors for Term 3
Thank you to the people who have offered to help with lunch collation or distribution this term. However
we are still short of people for collating on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 until approx 9.20am.
If you now find that you are able to help, please contact the school office. To make providing school
lunches viable we need to have helpers on these days.

Fair Play Certificates
Congratulations to the following who received “Fair Play” Certificates recently.
    Tim Gillum                        Kiwi hockey
    Vishmi Heleratne                  Tui hockey
    Vishmi Heleratne                  Netball
    Damian Cumming                    Miniball
    Lidia Cookson                     6-a-side hockey
    Joti Singh                        6-a-side hockey
    Tessa Guest                       6-a-side hockey
More will be published next week as results come in.

Hockey 6-a-side Practice
There will be practice tomorrow, Thursday 28 July, wet or fine at 3.15pm. If wet, students are to meet in
room 9.
Life Education Trust
The Life Education Trust van will be at school all this week. If the $3 cost of this for your child has not
been paid, your child will not be able to attend the sessions. The programme they are running has
been linked to our current Centre of Interest.

Upgrade of PE Shed
A very big thank you to Zac Rose from Room 2 for being a fantastic helper with the recent upgrade to the
PE shed.

Events Committee
Shotz Photography
Shotz Photography will be here on 27 August between 9am and 4pm. More information will be sent
home next week, but in the meantime you can check out their website www.shotzphotography.co.nz.
If you would like to make an advance booking please telephone Prue Elwood on 232 4989.

Carpet Pieces
We currently have an assortment of brand new carpet pieces, in neutral colours, 1.8m x 1.2m in size.
These are for sale for $20 each. If you are interested, please contact Mrs Farrand.


Deputy Principal
                         Greenacres School

LONG TERM PLAN                                     TERM 3 2005

                                    Colours of Food

WEEK            UNIT STUDIES          PHYS ED          ART            MUSIC

25 July        Beginning to End       Gymnastics    Construction     Musical Styles

01 August

08 August

15 August

22 August      The Middle Ages
               (Social Studies)
29 August

05 September

12 September

19 September

Maths units for the term are          R1 – R6       Statistics       3 weeks
                                                    Algebra/Number   6 weeks
                                      R7 – R9       Number           3 weeks
                                                    Algebra          2 weeks
                                                    Measurement      3 weeks
                                                    Statistics       1 weeks
Self Esteem will be incorporated into all areas.

Our Essential Skills focus for the term is Work & Study Skills.

All Unit Studies will have cross curriculum references.

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