14th International Advertising Show _4Nshow 2007_ by lanyuehua


									                            20th China Sign Expo (4Nshow 2013) & China LED Expo
                                   China International Exhibition Center (Old Center)
                                                   April 1-3, 2013

                                    APPLICATION FOR VISA INVITATION
1. Company and Attendee Information
Passport name: Mr. / Ms. __________________________________________________________________
Company Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Company Address: ______________________________________________________________________
phone: _________________________________________________ Fax: __________________________
Mobile: ________________________________________________________________________________
Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Website: _________________________________________________________________________________

2. About Your Company
 Company Type:                            Products Buying Interests:               Job Function:
 □Sign Supply Distributor                 □ Large Format Digital Printer           □Owner/CEO
 □Custom Sign Company                     □ Engraver, Cutter, Laminator            □Purchasing Manager
 □ Corporate Sign User                    □ Neon, LED, Light Box                   □ Graphic Designer
 □ Sign Association                       □ Display                                □ Sales Executive
 □ Non-exhibiting Product Manufacturer    □Signmaking Materials                    □ Government Official/City Planner
 □ Architectural Sign Companies           □Signmaking Consumables                  □ Consultant
 Other, please specify: _______________   □ Acrylics                               □ Student
                                          Other, please specify: _______________   Other, please specify: _______________

3. If invitations letters needed, please provide the following information:
Country to Apply for visa__________________________ Passport Number __________________________
Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy): __________________________□Male □ Female
Date of Arrival (mm/ dd / yyyy) _______________________________________________________________
Date of Departure (mm/ dd / yyyy) ______________________________________________________________
Please be kindly noted that the invitation letter is only applicable for the visit to China Sign Expo and China LED Expo,
and the period of stay in China can only be 10 days at the most.

Please return this form via fax or email to Ms. Cecilia Shan via fax: 0086-10-84415311-5380. Or email to:

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