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									Editor’s Corner
                                                                                        Vol. 2, No. 1 • Winter 2004

Bobby Curtis                                                                           In this Issue
     While the US economy has been propelled forward by a housing boom,                          Page 2
it appears that QAJAQ USA is being propelled forward by a kayak building              Self-Built Traditional
and rolling boom. Many kayak builders are creating their own boats along
the lines of the traditional craft that have been the mainstay through centuries
                                                                                           Style Boats
past. Others have been experimenting more with original ideas, and yet                           Page 3
remain connected to the design of those traditional craft. It’s refreshing to
see the members becoming more enlightened in the traditional culture of our             Events Calendar
Greenlandic friends. More and more I come upon the use of Greenlandic terms
on the QAJAQ USA forums and in the articles submitted to THE MASIK.                              Page 5
Even all those capsize maneuvers performed at the Greenland Kayaking                        Qajaq Talk
Championships are being learned and performed by a growing paddling
population here in the USA. Rolling skills are also being experimented with as                   Page 6
evidenced by the article in this issue
                                                                                       “Sea Pup SOF Kid
on maneuvers that are not on “The
List”. I am also delighted to find a                                                       Kayaks”
number of children are becoming                Qajaq USA is a non-profit
interested in building their own kayaks        membership organization that is                   Page 9
                                               officially recognized by Qaannat
and paddling them with “the skinny
                                               Kattuffiat (The Greenland Kayaking
                                                                                          Designing a
sticks”, as evidenced by the article
on the “Sea Pups”. With a growing
                                               Association). Qajaq USA is               Stitch-and-Glue
                                               committed to supporting Qaannat
interest in competition discussions            Kattuffiat and their efforts to
have perked up on the recently                 preserve, study and promote
established QAJAQ USA committee on             the traditions and techniques of                  Page 12
competition. A venue for competition           Greenland kayaking while seeking
is already established on the West             to further the appreciation and
                                                                                       “What Was That?”
coast with (SSTIKS) South Sound                development of Greenland-style
Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium,             kayaking in the United States.                    Page 14
and on the East coast “Qaannat on                                                        Qaannat on
Muhheakunnuk” had their first outing
on the Hudson in 2003 (See the article in this issue).                                  Muhheakunnuk
     All this burgeoning interest in the traditional ways has apparently sparked a
path to a lot of enjoyment for all those who are participating. For me personally,               Page 16
not only is all this experimentation is very healthy, it also is just a lot of fun.
                                                                                            Notes from
    Enjoy it all.                                                                          the Regions

    Ps I want to acknowledge Bill Price in Deary Idaho for his help in proof
reading the material in the MASIK.
                                                Self-Built Traditional Style Boats
     A publication of Qajaq USA                 A Regular MASIK Feature
        QAJAQ USA OFFICERS                      Finding My Perfect Boat
                 President                      Your perfect boat is out there too
              Greg Stamer                       By Joy McNeil
                                                                                                  JOY AND HER PERFECT BOAT
               Vice President
         Keith Attenborough

    Historical & Kayak Building Advisor
            Harvey Golden

              David Braun
                                                       My kayaking began with a half-day       shopping, a Northbay kit was ordered and
          PNW Regional Advisor
                                                 trip in the Camden, Maine area. I was         arrived at my door. The Northbay was
              Mike Hanks
                                                 scared to death in a plastic Necky that       chosen based on its beam and its style.
                                                 paddled like a barge. After an hour or        We had seen a modified Northbay and
           Forum Administrator                   so of light swells, my attitude began to      contacted a builder on the CLC site who
             Shawn Baker                         change. Back in Connecticut after the         had modified a Northbay. He turned out
           shawn@qajaqusa.org                    vacation was over, I found myself in          to be Bill Whitcomb, a fellow ConnYaker
                                                 Collinsville, buying a Kevlar Tchaika. I      and the owner of one of the boats I had
        Advisor, Greenland Liaison               liked the Tchaika because of the size and     liked one recent club paddle. A phone call
            Pavia Lumholt                        fit. After some time, I decided that I        later, we were on our way to his house
                                                 wanted a longer boat. I did some research     to get ideas for lowering the volume and
             Newsletter Editor                   on line and discovered that there were not    size. Shortly thereafter, I again ran into
             Bobby Curtis                        many boats on the market with a narrow        Bill at a ConnYak pool session. He got
           bobby@qajaqusa.org                    beam and smaller cockpit, which was           me into his boat and I immediately tipped
                                                 what I was looking for, given my 5’ 7”        over! Amazingly, I also immediately
                   Events                        frame and 135lb size. I finally found what    came back up. The thing seemed to roll
              Robin Snow                         seemed to be a good boat, an Anas Acuta.      itself. He also taught me to balance brace
            robin@qajaqusa.org                   At this point, I really didn’t know much      it in about 5 seconds. This was a kind of
        Archivist, Historical Advisor,           about Greenland style boats or paddling, I    revelation and I got excited about building
              Journal Editor                     was just looking for a tighter fit. After a   my modified Northbay.
           Vernon Doucette                       short test paddle in Rhode Island, the boat         The kit went together very easily,
           vernon@qajaqusa.org                   was mine.                                     including modifications recommended by
          archivist@qajaqusa.org                       My husband and I had now begun          Bill. Finished, it was 18’ 6” long with a
                                                 paddling with ConnYak and we began            beam of about 19”. I also modified the
             Graphic Designer                    seeing handmade strippers, S & G’s and        cockpit to match that of my Anas Acuta,
            Tamara Hanks                         skin boats. We also took a Greenland          as I liked the size and I could use the
           tamara@qajaqusa.org                   paddle making class at Mystic Seaport and     same spray skirt. I now had myself a
                                                 began favoring the Greenland style boats.     tight fitting, rolling machine! The only
                                                 Seeing so many handmade boats around,         problem was that it weather-cocked, so
                                                 we decided to consider making one             it became my play boat and I continued
                                                 ourselves. Because we had no experience       paddling the Anas.
                                                 in boat building, we decided to go with a           Later that summer, I got a call from
                                                 kit. As Christmas was upon us and with        a friend that I needed to go to Gloucester
                                                 my husband deciding that giving me a          to buy a boat. He had found a Betsie Bay
                                                 kit for Christmas would get him out of        Valkyrie that he insisted I had to buy.

2                               Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                          The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
As my husband had recently purchased a          three boats.
Recluse which he loved, we took the next
day off and went up to see the boat. It was
                                                      Although the spring weather was
                                                horrible, I was able to finish it for the
in great condition and the purchase was
made. This turned out to be a great boat.
                                                Meet at the Beach***. I was pretty
                                                nervous as I got in to paddle it for the
I loved the Greenland look and it paddled       first time. A few rolls later, I was really
great. However, it didn’t roll as well as       happy. Paddling across the bay with a
                                                                                                         SSTIKS 2004
                                                                                                South South Traditional Inuit
my Northbay and it was still not the fit        quartering wind, I got even happier: no
                                                                                                     Kayak Symposium
that I was looking for, with its 21” beam.      weather cocking! This was it, my perfect       “A weekend educational and cultural
So I now had three boats, none of which         boat. I’ve now used it for a season and          experience featuring the top US
was my perfect boat.                            my opinion of it stands. It is still my            Greenland-style paddlers”.
     Fall arrived, and my husband decided       perfect boat. The Northbay and Anus                    Qajaq USA Event
to try building a strip Greenland deck          Acuta now have happy homes with new
Night Heron. Since he was going to              owners, but I’ve kept the Valkyrie for        When:    June 11-13, 2004
be busy, I decided that I would build           winter paddling with my dry suit. The         Where:   Twanoh State Park
my perfect boat, based on my favorite           relief zipper is a little uncomfortable in             Belfair, Washington
characteristics of my three boats. I            the tighter fit of my own kayak. This         Contact: Mike Hanks
wanted the length and cockpit of the            winter I’ve been using it at the pool         E-mail: mike@qajaqusa.org
Anas Acuta, the paddling characteristics        sessions and my rolling ability has           Web:     www.qajaqpnw.org
of the Valkyrie, and finally, the rolling       increased. I credit much of this to my
and volume/fit of my Northbay. I                kayak. I actually pulled off a couple of
began by purchasing some inexpensive            elbow rolls with the directed assistance
luan plywood and creating a roughly             of Cheri Perry.                               DELMARVA RETREAT 2004
shaped bottom. After attempting many                  Having been bitten by the building
adjustments, I threw out the first bottom       bug, I now have a new project. I’m            This is one of the first all-Greenland
(good thing it was luan) as it didn’t come      building an Outer Island. I spoke to          events in the United States and the best
together quite right. I re-cut the bottom       Jay Babina about this project, as I’m         known event of its type. This event
                                                                                              is also known for bringing in guest
panels and modified them slightly, since        downsizing it by 10% and modifying
                                                                                              instructors from Greenland. In the
I wanted a narrower boat. I then cut out        the rear deck. (Designers please take         past Kaleraq Bech, Maligiaq Padilla
the side panels, making them very narrow        note: there are lots of great boat designs    and Pavia Lumholt have been guest
from just behind the foot area back to          out there, but for a smaller person, it       instructors.
the stern of the boat, giving it a lower        is difficult to find a good fit combined                 Qajaq USA Event
volume, just as I had done in modifying         with good performance.) The hull is
the Northbay. I stitched this hull together     completed and is about 19 1⁄4” wide x         When:    October 2004
and with tweaking here and there, came          17’ 2” long, with a rear deck height of 5              (Usually the first weekend
up with a 19 1⁄2” beam with about a 5 1⁄2”      1⁄2”. As I don’t have a heated work space,             of the month)
height at the rear of the cockpit and overall   the hull is hanging in the garage. But as     Where: Camp Arrowhead
length of about 17’. I then took the deck       soon as the weather turns and I can get                Rehoboth Bay
beam dimensions from my Northbay and            back to gluing not freezing, I’ll be back              Lewes, Deleware
made up a beam that gave me about 10”           at it. Who knows, I may have another          Contact: Robin Snow
of height at the front of the cockpit. I        perfect boat. Your perfect boat is out        E-mail: robin@qajaqusa.org
didn’t mock up a deck. I figured that since     there too. You just have to start building.
what I had so far looked good, the deck         See you at the Meet at the Beach***!
would probably come together on its own.
I ordered Okoume marine plywood and                  *** Meet at the Beach is a
the real building began. I had to do more       gathering of kayak builders at Bluff
tweaking along the way (nervously, with         Point State Park Groton, Connecticut.
the good plywood), as things didn’t fit         It usually takes place in June. http:
quite like a commercial kit, but everything     //www.kayakforum.com/meet.html
seemed to be working and it looked like a
Greenland style boat! I got the new hull            Joy is a retiree from the State of
glassed and then put on the deck. I cut         CT. She began paddling a kayak
in an Anas Acuta size cockpit and got my        about five years ag, and then caught
foam seat out of the Northbay. The fit          the paddle making, kayak-building,
seemed perfect, so I duplicated the foam        kayak rolling bugs. She can be
seat. It didn’t need any padding and felt       reached at denandjoy@snet.net.
more comfortable than any of my other

Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                           Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                           3
    QAJAQ USA                               Building My First Qajaq
    Patrons & Sustaining                    Is it becoming an obsession?
         Members                            By Jon Marien
                                                                                     LAUNCHED ON A MILD WINTER DAY
             Bill Price
             Deary, ID
        Marcus Williamson
           Seneca, SC
         Michael H. Morris
            Eureka, CA
            Larry Rich                                                                                 YELLOW PINE FRAME
            Naples, FL
          Gabriel Romeu
          Allentown, NJ
          David Pickering
           Herndon, VA
           Mark Molina
           Ft. Pierce, FL
        Warren Williamson
         Arlington, WA
                                             Length: 18.4’                                  to the point that I would not be able to find
         Richard Nonas                                                                      the perfect wood for the job.
        New York City, NY                    Width: 21”
                                                                                                     Now with a background of building
                                             Depth: 8”                                             and racing cars for the last 25 years, I
          Philadelphia, PA                                                                    thought that this project would be a snap.
                                                  Little did I know or if you were to say      The only problem that came to mind was
            Bill Lowe                        to me, a year ago that I would have started
         West Dennis, MA                                                                           where to build this project. I live in a
                                             kayaking or even thought that I would             small house without a garage and no real
     Qajaq PNW c/o Mike Hanks                have built one, I would have thought, no           space to build something this big. After
            Tacoma, WA                       way. It all started last May when I went          moving some furniture around, I decided
         Phil Ellis Sinking                  to a paddle day with a friend and tried a          that the living room was the place. The
            Spring, PA                       few different boats and thought to myself,        construction began on November 14 and
                                             Hey this is fun. Along I went through             was finished on December 26. Two days
          Turner Wilson
                                             the summer ‘till July, when I decided to               later, on a mild winter day, the qajaq
          Westford, MA
                                             purchase one. I ended up buying a NDK                was launched and paddled for the first
                                             Greenlander Pro. (A very nice boat). I              time. My first reaction was that it is so
         SUSTAINING                          took a safety and basic paddling course         much more responsive than my fiberglass
           Mark Starr                        and paddled this boat thru the summer             boat. That by the way, is the same width
       North Stonington, CT                  and fall almost every day and anywhere I            and just a few inches shorter. Both my
                                             could find a place to launch it, in the idea     friend and I tested it that day and it tracks
           Dave Murphy                       of becoming a good paddler.
           Ontario, NY                                                                           straight as well as being very nimble. I
                                                  The thought of building a qajaq more       did find out there are a few quirks about a
          Shawn W Baker                      or less came about after looking at the                                    Greenland kayak.
           Kalispell, MT                     pictures I had taken at the meet at the              Mostly the construction went
          Judy Kemmerer                      beach that had happened in June at Bluff       smoothly and I was amazed how strong
           Middlesex, NJ                     point. I was quite taken by the skin boats     the boat became when the lashing was
                                             that I had seen there. I purchased 3 books     done. The best part of this type of
           Matt Moskal
                                             on construction of Greenland kayaks by         construction is that there isn’t a wrong
           Middlesex, NJ
                                             Cunningham, Morris, and Starr. After           way to do things, just different ways. The
          James Tibensky                     reading them about 3 times each and
            Berwyn, IL                                                                      original plan called for the boat to be
                                             reading the Greenland forum, I decided it      about 17 feet, but the overall length ended
          David Miskell                      was time and off I went to search out the      up at 18.4. There are a few mistakes in
          Shelburne, VT                      material. The quest to find the right wood     the boat and, yes, it is not perfect by any
           Ron Johnson                       seemed never ending; in fact I was getting     means, but it is sound and paddles great.
           Linwood, NJ
4                           Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                           The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
I have looked at some of the builders         and made from red oak, coated with epoxy        References
qaannat and, yes, they are a work of art;     (I had to have some type of epoxy in here
                                                                                              Robert Morris: “Building Skin-on-Frame
mine is very nice looking, has I think        somewhere).
great lines and I made it. The total cost          My friend says that I am obsessed
of this project was around $250.00 and        with this qajaq project as it has consumed      Christopher Cunningham: “Building the
around 3 weeks total work time. The           much of my time building and researching            Greenland Kayak”
frame is made out of yellow pine 1x4 cut      the qaannat of Greenland. I can’t wait till     Mark Starr: “Building a Greenland
down to 3” wide for the gunwales; the         spring now as I look at the boat every day.        Kayak”
masik is laminated from western red cedar          Now what to do with the leftover           Dyson, Baidarka & Company
and poplar; the cross members are from        material from the first boat? Yes you are          435 West Holly St.,
western red cedar and white pine. The         right, build another. Qajaq number 2 is            Bellingham WA 98225
ribs are red oak, the coaming is made from    about halfway done; the deck is finished,
white ash, and the skin is 16 oz polyester    just waiting for the ribs. After number 2 is        Jon Marie is a shop foreman for a
from George Dyson. The frame was oiled        finished I will finish the 3 paddles that are   auto dealer in Old Saybrook Ct. He has
with a 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil        just sitting back waiting their turn.           been kayaking for eight months. Jon has
and turpentine. The skin was coated with           Someone I read a while ago stated          lived by the shore for the last 35 years,
Minwax polyurethane and the pigment           that, if you are into this sport long enough,   has a great love for the water, and has
was obtained from Home Depot. The             you will have many boats and a quiver of        been captivated by traditional kayaks,
deck lines are a polyester deck line (4mm)    paddles. I am thinking he was right. Now,       and kayaking in general.
from West Marine. The toggles are simple      does this sound like an obsession to you?

Qajaq Talk                                                            and faster service. Since migrating our services, the “uptime”
                                                                      of our website and forum has been very impressive (hopefully
Greg Stamer                                                           making “Forum Withdrawal” from outages a thing of the past).
                                                                      Our website was expanded and improved with a number of new
     This being the first issue of the MASIK for 2004, I feel it’s    features. These include the Qajaq USA photo gallery, events
worthwhile to look back upon Qajaq USA’s accomplishments              page, new video clips, and new articles. Perhaps the most
over the past year and also let you know where we’re heading in       exciting addition to the web page was the Greenlandic terms
the near future.                                                      and translations for the capsize maneuvers, and audio files of
     2003 was a very productive year for Qajaq USA. We now            Maligiaq Padilla speaking these terms.
have over 200 hundred members, effectively doubling our                    Moving forward we seek to increase our membership
membership from the previous year. We are still small, however,       interaction as well as grow our membership numbers. Elections
and to help fulfill our mission we need to reach out to the           for late this year are currently being planned. We now have
kayaking community. Please help spread the word far and wide          a very active committee, lead by Shawn Baker, laying the
to potential new members. If you are a “lurker” please consider       groundwork for future Qajaq USA competitions. .Jennifer
joining our ranks!                                                    Torres is heading a newly formed committee for Qajaq USA
     We held four Qajaq USA events in 2003 spanning from              retail products. This group will design, inventory and ship a
the Pacific Northwest (SSTIKS), to the Great Lakes (Michigan          number of products. It will also stock future items, such as
Training Camp), to the East Coast (Delmarva Retreat and Mystic        Qaannat Kattuffiat videos, as they become available. To support
Seaport). The Qajaq USA and Mystic Seaport Arctic Boat                this effort, the website will be enhanced with on-line payment
Weekend was an exciting new event, held at the rich and historic      capability. In addition to retail sales this will also enable you to
Mystic Seaport. We look forward to additional joint efforts           handle your Qajaq USA membership payment quickly and easily
with Mystic Seaport in the future. Delmarva participants were         (a boon for international members and for folks who procrastinate
treated to instruction from Greenland competition veteran Pavia       about mailing a check). The projects committee is a very small
Lumholt, who traveled from Denmark for the event. Qajaq USA           group who is interested in creating special projects, such as
members also assisted and instructed at a number of additional        sending paddle blanks to Greenland. It needs more members.
kayaking events including one in Japan. Many people worked            We are also rebuilding our public relations team. If you are
hard to make these events happen. We owe a great deal to the          interested in lending your talents to either of these teams, please
efforts of Robin Snow, Mike Hanks, Mark Starr, Dave Braun             let us know at info@qajaqusa.org.
and many others for making these events happen. I offer my                 2004 promises to be another rich year of events and
apologies to those folks whose name goes unmentioned.                 publications. Vernon is looking to produce one or possibly
     In 2003 we began publication of our printed Journal,             two issues of the Journal. Bobby and Tamara are continuing
“QAJAQ – A Journal Dedicated to the Study of Northern Native          their excellent work on the MASIK. Please give them your full
Watercraft” – edited by Vernon Doucette, and publication of our       support and feedback.
electronic newsletter, “the MASIK” – edited by Bobby Curtis                I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all of the Qajaq USA
and layout by Tamara Hanks. Three issues of the MASIK were            members and staff who provided their time, dedication and
published last year. We migrated our website to a new hosting         support in 2003! None of this would be possible without your
company to bring you better reliability, increased capability,        support.

Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                          Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                             5
“Sea Pup” SOF Kid Kayaks
Building Four Kid Kayaks, With Kids!
By Steve Phillips

     As always seems to happen with me,
a simple project got slightly out of hand.
I had known for some time that my ten-
year-old son, Calder, needed his own
kayak. (He’s named after Alexander
Calder, the ‘mobile’ artist, if anyone’s
curious). I had previously built two
stitch and glue kayaks, and I was eager                                                    CALDER LAUNCHING HIS SEA PUP
to build a skin-on-frame kayak. I fell in
love with SOF kayaks when I ran across             The Sea Pup is 14’-9” long and 19”      5’ wide yard, this rugged, pre-finished
Percy W. Blandford’s book “Canoes            wide. I know this sounds pretty long for      stuff is an incredible bargain! (When I
and Canoeing” about 25 years ago.            a ten-year-old kid, but these are petite      say rugged- I would bet you could hang
(‘Canoe’ is Brit-speak for ‘kayak’)          little boats and the boys handle them         a couple hundred pounds from a 1”
     I began reading the QAJAQ USA           easily. These kayaks will work for the        wide strap of this stuff). It doesn’t cut
and Guillemot boards looking for some        boys for years to come. I’m 5’-7” and         or scuff very easily, either. The fabric
design inspiration. Kid kayaks were          about 145 pounds, and I’m near the top        consists of a thin layer of polyester
often mentioned, but when I saw Tom          end for the Sea Pup. With the seat and        fabric with a layer of vinyl bonded to
Yost’s designs, especially his Sea Rider,    foot braces in, it weighs 23 pounds. I        each side. Lots of colors are available.
I knew I had found something special.        LOVE moving this boat around, or              Very light colors may not be a good
The kayak has great lines and a simple       should I say, I love watching Calder          idea, however, because apparently the
style of construction that would easily      carry his own boat!!                          glue will eventually turn brown where
translate to wood. Unfortunately, at over                                                  it’s left exposed. We went with black
17’, the Sea Rider was a bit large for my       ALLEN AND SEAN AT WORK                     hulls and red decks and the boats look
small ten-year-old. I wrote to Tom and                                                     great. At 18oz/yd it’s not a particularly
asked him if it would be okay if I ‘scaled                                                 lightweight fabric, but since you don’t
down’ his design and built a kid’s kayak.                                                  have to coat it, I suspect it’s no heavier
To my great delight, Tom generously                                                        in the end. It’s easily ordered from a
offered to do a custom design for me and                                                   company named Mauritzon located in
the final result is an outstanding boat.                                                   Chicago, http://www.mauritzononlin
                                                                                           e.com/ and they were great to work
    ELENA, DAVE, JOEL, & FRAME                                                             with. We kept pretty careful track of our
                                                                                           expenses and the total cost of each boat,
                                                                                           including the strongback, was about
                                                                                                 Certainly there are some challenging
                                                                                           parts to building these boats, but I’m
                                                                                           confident that anyone that’s at all
                                                                                           ‘handy’ would have no problem. Also, I
                                                                                           have to admit that the most ‘challenging’
                                                                                           part of the project is making everything
                                                                                           come out really perfect, which is totally
                                                                                           unnecessary. As far as the time it takes
                                                                                           to build one of these, I’d hate to estimate
                                                                                           the number of hours required, but I’ll
                                                   The construction is fairly simple and   say…somewhere around forty? I think
                                             straightforward, and the materials are        I could now build one in fewer than
                                             readily obtainable. The frame consists        thirty hours, but then I’ve been through
                                             of 1⁄2” plywood for the stations. We used     it and I build stuff all the time.
                                             BCX fir and the stringers are all clear             So, where was I? Oh, yes! I had
                                             pine. For the skin we used PVC, as            decided I wanted to build a kayak for
                                             recommended by Tom Yost. At $5 per            Calder and I wanted him to work with

6                          Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                           The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
me…you know- father/son bonding and               The frames went together very           a plywood coaming base to the station
all that. A friend had suggested that        quickly. By the end of the day, two          frames, and the base later gets covered
Calder might better enjoy the process if     or three of the frames were practically      with the deck fabric. Then the coaming
a friend were to build one with us. This     complete. This sort of progress was          itself, made of two layers of plywood,
sounded like a great idea, so we called      very satisfying, especially for the boys.    is screwed to the coaming base. Simple
Sean and his dad Allen. They were all        We learned a great deal very quickly         and effective, and it also looks great.
for it and since Calder and Sean hang        and soon realized there was no great
out with Joel; he couldn’t very well         advantage to being the first one done            JOEL PLEASED WITH THE
be excluded. Then, my buddy Daniel           with any particular step. The last guys                  FRAME
got wind of it, so he and his son Aidan      made WAY less ‘mistakes’. It was
signed up too. My two-car garage and         interesting to watch the different father/
four kayaks will be under construction at    son dynamics and to see who was really
the same time. Well, thank goodness for      doing all the work. Allen Sauté and his
the patio and easy So Cal weather!           son Sean took the award for ‘Greatest
     I got busy a couple of days before      Participation by the Kid’. Allen’s a
we were to start; I ordered the fabric and   middle-school teacher, and showed his
the vinyl cement, picked up the clear        skills at kid motivation and the ability
pine (each boat requires one 1”x6”x16’       to let go of control over every detail.
plus about four cheap 1”x2”x8’s),            I’m sort of a perfectionist and nowhere
bought the plywood for the frames,           near as able to let go. To be sure, some
coamings and strongbacks, and designed       of the ‘kid-made’ parts don’t look quite
the plywood frame stations using Tom         as perfect as the ‘dad-made’ ones, but         THE COMPLETED COAMING
Yost’s offset numbers.                       believe me, Sean’s kayak looks every
     Finally, it was August 18th and         bit as good and works just as well as
WOW! what a busy garage! We had              the other boats. There’s an important
one kid running the band saw, two kids       lesson here, somewhere… In any case,
using saber saws, the other kid at the       it was great watching those boys cutting,
belt sander, and the dads all looking at     shaping, and sanding wood.
me, hoping I knew what the heck I was             We laid out the station frame
doing! We quickly did a temporary            locations on the strongbacks, (a long,
assembly of one kayak frame; just            straight, strong wooden thing that keeps
enough to get into and did a hasty re-       everything in line during construction)
design of the plywood station frame          then screwed 1x2’s in pairs on the sides
your legs go through, opening up the         of the strongbacks at the marks. These
inside a bit. Put it back together… much     1x2’s stuck up above the strongback
better.                                      and provided mounting points for the              Once we had everything zip-tied
                                             plywood station frames. The Sea Pup          into place and had carefully looked
   DAVE SANDING THE FRAME                    has six frames, numbered from front          over the frames to make sure all the
                                             to back. The frames (made of 1⁄2” ply)       curves were fair, we epoxied and pinned
                                             are notched to accept the stringers and      all the joints. One nice thing about
                                             dictate the ultimate shape of the kayak.     having a strongback longer than the
                                             When I refer to the ‘stringers’, I mean      kayak is that you can invert the whole
                                             all the longitudinal strips of clear pine.   affair by hanging it from the ends of
                                             There are only five main stringers: the      the strongback on sawhorses. Once the
                                             keel, the chines, and the sheer clamps       frames were assembled, we installed
                                             or gunwales. There are also three small      provisions for mounting foot braces.
                                             deck stringers, one forward and two aft.     We used a simple device sort of like a
                                             Once the frames were all set level and at    spring-loaded toilet-paper holder and
                                             the correct heights, we set the stringers    the ends went into holes in a piece of
                                             into the notches and zip-tied them           ply that was epoxied to the sheer clamp.
                                             in place. These kayak frames come            A thin plywood footboard hangs from
                                             together surprisingly fast! The stem and     the spring-loaded rod and rests against
                                             stern pieces are made from 1⁄2” ply and      the keel. This arrangement was cheap,
                                             they dictate the shape of the bow and        easy, and works well, but adjusting the
                                             stern, as well as provide a strong point     position is pretty awkward. On my next
                                             for securing the ends of the stringers.      boat, I may use a factory made foot
                                             I found Tom Yost’s design for the            brace that can be adjusted with the feet.
                                             coaming to be a winner. We mounted

Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                        Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                       7
    SKINNED AND UNSKINNED                        SKINNING THE FRAME                      This was a terrific project. These
             PUPS                                                                   are excellent kayaks and I really enjoy
                                                                                    paddling Calder’s. It’s very fast, quite
                                                                                    maneuverable, and plenty rugged. I
                                                                                    have a very nice stitch and glue I built
                                                                                    about 7 years ago, but I’m planning
                                                                                    to build myself a Sea Rider (the Sea
                                                                                    Pup’s big brother) very soon. I will
                                                                                    probably sell my S&G.
                                                                                         I have written some fairly
                                                                                    comprehensive directions for building
                                                                                    the Sea Pup, and I’ve posted them
                                                                                    on my family web page. If you look
                                                After the hulls were covered, we    around the site, there are also lots
                                          finally removed the boats from the        of pictures of the Sea Pups under
     Once our frames were complete,
                                          strongbacks, and started skinning the     construction and in use. Here’s
we went over them with planes,
                                          decks. The decks go on pretty quickly     a link to the web page: http://
Surforms, and sanders. We then
                                          and, even around the coaming we           groups.msn.com/ThePhillipsFamilyAd
coated the frames with Varathane
                                          ended up with only one wrinkle on         venture/yourwebpage3.msnw
‘Crystal Clear Waterborne Diamond
Wood Finish Semi-Gloss Outdoor’.          each side. That was no problem to
                                          deal with and we used those spots to         STEVE SPLASHING IN A PUP
Can you tell I have the can in front
of me as I write this? The boys did       add a decorative piece. If it wasn’t
most of the coating work, which was       for those decorative patches, it would
one reason I picked a water-based         actually be difficult to tell the boats
finish. It seems to be holding up well.   apart.
I really don’t think that waterproofing         After the boats were skinned,
the wood is very important, because       we installed simple seats consisting
the boats will spend 99% of their lives   of nothing more than a sling of the
hanging in a dry garage.                  PVC, suspended from the chines, and
     Once the frames were done, we        allowing your backside to come as
moved on to skinning them. The            close to the keel as possible. These
hulls can be skinned in a couple of       were easy to do, and have been quite
                                                                                         Tom Yost, the designer, has
ways. We did three of the hulls in        comfortable. For the deck rigging,
                                                                                     expressed that if anyone wishes to
three pieces; one piece for the bottom    we used simple folded strips of the
                                                                                     build a Sea Pup, they should write
and another piece for each side. This     fabric and glued and stapled them
                                                                                     to him and he’ll gladly provide the
produced a beautiful, wrinkle-free        on the sheer clamps. These formed
                                                                                     offsets, from which you’ll dimension
skin, but it requires a long, carefully   little loops for the bungee to thread
                                                                                     the kayak. Tom’s email address is
glued seam at each chine. The main        through. The rub-strips help clamp
                                                                                     tom_yost@msn.com .Tom doesn’t
drawback to the PVC fabric is that it     these in place. Once this was done,
                                                                                     ask for any fees or anything, he just
only stretches a tiny bit and you can’t   we screwed on the coamings, installed
                                                                                     likes to know who’s building his
shrink it to tighten it up. The skin is   the rub strips, and went paddling!
                                                                                     designs and he asks that you do not
secured with rust proof Monel T-50
                                                                                     build his designs to sell. He is an
staples, lots of them. On the fourth           ELENA PADDLING A PUP
                                                                                     amazing resource and throughout our
boat, we covered the hull with one
                                                                                     four-boat build, he was incredibly
piece. This was quite a bit faster, but
                                                                                     helpful and generous with his time.
when you do it this way, you have to
                                                                                     No doubt you’ve seen his great
deal with large wrinkles on the sides.
                                                                                     designs on the kayak forums.
Fortunately, the gluing is so strong
and easy that it’s no big deal to slit
the wrinkles, glue them flat, and cover
them with reinforcement pieces.

   Steve Phillips is a worn-out contractor/stay-home dad who does carpentry and handyman work during school hours.
He hopes to soon be profitably building small boats. He lives with his wife and two sons in Newbury Park, California
and usually paddles in Ventura and Oxnard.

8                         Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                      The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
Designing a Stitch-and-Glue Qajariaq
Using anthropometric dimensioning
By Dave Murphy

Introduction                                 while the qajariaq is frameless. So if we     bottom panel), sheer (the curve where
     Through the efforts of QAJAQ USA,       were to compare a qajaq and a qajariaq        deck meets hull), rake (the angle that the
many paddlers have been introduced to        made to identical hull measurements,          bow and stern make, with respect to the
the advantages of paddling traditional       we would expect that the qajariaq would       waterline), and rocker (the contour of the
Inuit kayaks. The traditional skin-on-       have less foot room, and a sloppier fit.      keel). We can be guided by historical
frame building technique lends itself to     We’ll keep this in mind while choosing        examples and by the results of those who
producing a custom kayak perfectly sized     dimensions for the qajariaq.                  have built before us.
for the individual.                               Length will be about 3 armspans, so           Flare and deadrise of Greenland
     While traditional paddlers appreciate   let’s round to 18 feet, or 216 inches.        boats vary. From historical examples,
the high performance and close fit of a           Width should be somewhere                we see that deadrise is usually 10 to 20
traditional skin-on-frame kayak, some        between hips plus two fists and hips plus     degrees (at hull midpoint), and flare
may prefer a kayak with a hard shell,        flat hands; in this case, the range will      varies from 15 to 30 degrees, both wide
bulkheads and hatches. The following is      be from 18 to 22 inches. Our paddler          ranges! One more observation: in the
a design approach to loft the hull panels    already has a fleet of 22 inch boats, so      SOF books, the gunwale is torqued to 17
for such a craft assisted by a computer      he has decided to go to the lean side, 19     degrees. We notice that, in these boats,
program. This craft is referred to as        inches.                                       sometimes the bottom of the gunwale
qajariaq, meaning “like a qajaq.”                 The height of a SOF is usually a         is seen creasing the skin, sometimes
     This article is not intended as a       fistmele, or 6 inches, measured aft of        not. Here is a clue from those who have
construction tutorial. It is recommended     the cockpit. Here, our generic kayaker        built before us. Also note that these two
that the prospective builder already be      might run into a bit of trouble using the     dimensions greatly affect primary and
experienced with stitch-and-glue boat        anthropometric system. The paddler does       secondary stability. Let’s take a guess
building techniques. Familiarity with        not mind pointing his toes a bit while        that the flare will be about 20 degrees
the concepts of the anthropometric           paddling, nor does he have enormous           and the deadrise will be about 15
dimensioning system also will be             feet. Seven inches will make a fairly         degrees.
helpful. References appear at the end.       tight fit at the toes, but still be low
                                             enough for easy layback at the aft deck.      The Sheer
The Anthropometric Fit                       So far, this kayak is longer, narrower,            We want the gunwale to curve into
     The anthropometric dimensioning         and lower than any of the glass or plastic    about the same shape as what we would
system can be used to come up with           boats in his fleet.                           get using SOF construction. Sheer in
some numbers. The following is an                                                          a traditional kayak is produced in two
example of one possible design scenario.     Other Important Numbers                       ways: first, the gunwales are torqued
Please keep in mind that these design             Here is where the real fun begins.       inward to 17 degrees from vertical,
decisions are for a one-off boat; your       Since this is an article on the stitch and    which on our kayak would produce a
mileage may vary.                            glue qajariaq, we will design it to have      bit under 3 inches of curvature over the
     Suppose we are designing for a          the look of a SOF qajaq. We need some         length of the gunwale. Secondly, the
paddler 6 feet tall, 175 lbs., and size 10   starting points for flare (the angle of the   builder adds the stem and stern pieces,
shoe. His fistmele (fist with extended       side panel), deadrise (the angle of the       which add some curve right in the ends
thumb) measures 6 inches and his fist 3.5                            THE HULL BEGINS TO TAKE SHAPE
inches. Hands held flat are 1.5 inches.
His hips are 15 inches across. These
figures can be used to suggest some
important measurements for the hull.
     Here, it is worth mentioning that the
fit of the qajaq and that of the qajariaq
will differ in two important ways.
First, in the traditional SOF kayak, the
heels and toes can poke beyond the
frame, pressing into the skin, while in
the case of the hard-shell qajariaq, toe
room must be provided within the hard
shell. Secondly, the frame of the qajaq
occupies quite a bit of internal volume,

Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                         Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                          9
of the boat. Let’s add an extra 3.5 inches    are shown. The rest have been erased for      the principal “important points” were
of sheer to the bow and an extra 1.5 inch     clarity. Again, keep in mind that the X       modified, except that the program added
to the stern.                                 values are half widths.                       some thickness to the stems.
     The rake angle of the stem and stern
may be scaled from historical examples.                   OFFSET TABLE                      OFFSET TABLE FOR FAIRED HULL
The really cool looking boats are about
25 degrees, so let’s go with that.
     Greenland kayaks usually are more
rockered than other sea kayaks. One
approach is to have more rocker in the
bow, for maneuverability, and less aft, to
enhance tracking. Let’s assume 3 inches
forward of the midpoint and 1.5 inches
     Finally, we will need to know if the
craft will float and at what level. Let’s
assume the paddler at 175 lbs, a boat
at 50 lbs, and only 25 lbs of cargo for
a total of 250 lbs displacement. Most
traditional kayaks carry very little
freeboard. We will try for 1.5 to 2 inches,
     At this point, we have quite a bit of         Now, our important points are in the         After fairing, it is worth a look at the
the data needed to design a hull. Some of     design. The idea is to now leave these        hydrostatics. At the Calculations menu,
the numbers were measured directly and        points alone and fair the rest until it       choose “Displacement” and enter 250.
for the rest we used some high school         looks like a qajaq.                               The program produces meaningful
math. Here’s what we have so far.                  The remaining points can be moved        hydrostatic data for the hull.
                                              to produce a nice fair shape. Try not to
Computer Tools                                disturb the “important points” that were               HYDROSTATIC DATA
     There are many computer-aided            entered previously. In the plan view,
design programs suitable to design            move the remaining stations and points
the panels of a kayak. This design            to get the “pinch” desired. In the profile
example will use the Hulls.exe program        view, you can move your chine stringer
by Gregg Carlson. The program is              just as if you were trying to decide where
easy to use, calculates meaningful            to lash it on the real thing.
hydrostatic data, and will produce                 As an aid to fairing, it is useful to
panel offsets. Best of all, Mr. Carlson       turn off the “true view” option to give
shares this program for the low cost of       a distorted view of the kayak. Move the
$0.00. It can be downloaded at http://        points and bulkheads until the stems
www.carlsondesign.com/. Included in the       are straight, and the sheer and chine are
download is a nice tutorial. Read it.         smooth. Do this in all 3 views of the hull,        From the drop-down box, we learn
     We must input some of our                until a nice fair shape is achieved.          that the waterline is at 5.6 inches.
“important points” to the program. The             The “true view” feature is turned off,   Deducted from the 7 inch deck height,
program uses Cartesian coordinates;           producing a distorted side view. In this      that leaves 1.4 inches of freeboard,
X representing widths with respect to         mode, unfair lines are more easily seen       just what we wanted. The Carlson
centerline, Y representing heights with       and corrected.                                Hulls program has verified that the
respect to the lowest point of the keel,                                                    anthropometric dimensioning system has
and Z representing lengths from the                 TRUE VIEW TURNED OFF                    worked, as it has for thousands of years!
bow. Hulls.exe uses control points on the
surface of the hull, arranged in 5 stations                                                 The Deck and Cockpit
along the hull; in this program, they                                                            Also, from the drop-down box, we
are referred to as bulkheads. The first                                                     learn that the position of the center of
(BH0)and the last (BH4)stations will                                                        buoyancy is predicted to be at 109.2
be used for the stem and stern, and the                                                     inches from the bow. This will help
middle station (BH2) will most likely be                                                    determine the position of the cockpit
used for the position of maximum beam.                                                      opening. In the following illustration,
     Values from the sketch may be                                                          the position of the masik and isserfik
added directly to the offset table. Here is        After the fairing session, the offset    are shown as they would be in a skin-
where they go:                                table looks like this: Note that none of      on-frame kayak. The idea is to place the
     Here, only the points on the sketch                                                    center of gravity of the paddler at or a

10                          Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                            The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
                                                     DAVE’S QAJARIAQ                            Construction method, materials,
                                                                                            bulkheads, rigging, hatches, finish,
                                                                                            timetable, etc are all up to the builder!
                                                                                            Let your creativity and imagination be
                                                                                            your guide.

                                                                                                 In this design example, I have used
                                                                                            some measurements that certainly are not
                                                                                            appropriate for all paddlers. The use of
                                                                                            the anthropometric dimensioning system
little behind the center of buoyancy of        to create enough toe room. Most qajariaq     assures a custom fit for each kayak.
the hull. The center of gravity of the         designers plan on a flat deck forward of     Using this approach, the prospective
paddler can be found using plank in a          the paddler’s toes and aft of the cockpit.   builder may produce designs as unique
teeter-totter arrangement, as documented       My experience has been that the forward      as individual paddlers themselves.
in Chris Cunningham’s book. I have             cockpit area can be designed quite low
included measurements that I have taken        when compared with contemporary              Dave’s Design
from my own body; yours will differ.           “popular” kayak designs.                          Dave Murphy drew this wood
      In order for the kayak to float on its                                                kayak using anthropometric dimensions.
lines, the paddler must be seated in the       The Deck                                     Construction is wood/fiberglass/epoxy,
correct position.                                   There are many possibilities for        with 4mm Okoume hull panels, and a
                                               deck construction. The deck can be           cedar strip deck. Length is 17’10”, and
PADDLER IN CORRECT POSITION                    fabricated using 3-panel stitch and glue     the beam is 20”. This kayak features
                                               construction. Another possibility is to      a carbon fiber and fiberglass, fully
                                               “torture” the deck panels around forms       recessed cockpit coaming. The recessed
                                               like a CLC kayak. Or, temporary forms        coaming allows for a very easy layback.
                                               can be constructed and a deck can be         Some of you saw and paddled this kayak
                                               fabricated one strip at a time.              at the 2003 Newfound Rendezvous and
                                                    Sorry, Gregg Carlson’s Hulls            at the 2003 Delmarva Retreat.
                                               program is not much help in designing
                                               the deck.                                    References
                                                                                                 H.C. Petersen. “Qaanniornermut
                                               Generate Plate Dimensions                    ilitsersuut (Instruction in Kayak
                                                    The Hulls program has panel nesting     Building)”
                                               capability, meaning that it provides a            Robert Morris. “Building Skin-on-
     The paddler position now being            graphical tool to determine how best to
known, the position of the cockpit                                                          Frame Boats”
                                               arrange the hull panels onto the plywood.         Christopher Cunningham. “Building
coaming can be determined. At this             Within this part of the program, there
point, the builder needs to determine                                                       the Greenland Kayak”
                                               is a button that will produce a text file         Gregg Carlson. “Chine Hull
some deck heights. These really can only       containing the panel offsets. On this
be determined through measurement of                                                        Designer”
                                               particular design, the program produces
the paddler’s body. The idea here is to        an offset every 8 inches or so in the ends
make the deck at the masik area as low         of the panels and about every 2 feet
as possible (but high enough that the                                                           Dave Murphy became interested in
                                               otherwise.                                   Greenland kayaking techniques when
paddler can enter and exit the craft) and
                                                                                            he took instruction from Mark and
                                                                                            Becky Molina in the summer of 2002.
                                                                                            He launched his own qajariaq made to

                     Kayak Events                                                           his anthropometric dimensions in July
                                                                                            of 2003. “It was the first kayak I could
                                                                                            balance brace”, he says.
                                                                                                Dave resides on the South shore of
                       Find them and post them in                                           Lake Ontario, near Rochester NY. His
                                 The MASIK.                                                 wife and daughter refer to Greenland
                                                                                            kayaking techniques as “practicing
                                                                                            your death-rolls.” Dave usually
                    Send your event information to:                                         responds that he prefers to think of
                                                                                            them as “life-rolls”.
Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                          Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                           11
“What Was That?”
Some rolls that aren’t on ‘The List’
Text by Jonathan Long
Pictures by Mike Robinson
     This article is about some … different       Three Finish Positions                            forward finish is quite close to this classic
rolls. I hesitate to call them new because,                                                         dive position except the deck prevents the
                                                  1) Forward Finish Position
while I ‘made them up’ and they may                                                                 paddler from getting all the way to the
be new to you, I doubt very highly that           2) Center Finish Position                         knees.
no one has ever performed them in the             3) Layback Finish Position                              To begin the Loom Grip Pike Roll,
three or four thousand years that people               All rolls finish in one of these             Hold the paddle by the loom, palm down
have been rolling kayaks. There has               three positions and the finish position           with the roll side hand, then capsize with
certainly been enough Anglo/European              defines the type of movement required             the paddle by your shoulder or along the
arrogance claiming credit for practices that      to complete the roll. Most of this makes          gunwale on the roll side. Let your body
native peoples have been doing for time           inherent sense when you see the roll so           dive through to the surface on the roll side
unmeasured. In the realm of the collective        I will not belabor this prose description.        and extend the arm along the surface with
consciousness, I have ‘rediscovered’ these        FYI: Offside means the side opposite              the blade faces presented flat on the water.
rolls, and wanted to share them with Qajaq        the side you are rolling on. It does not          At this point, the back of your head is near
USA members.                                      refer to your weak side or left side. In the      the surface, your bicep is along your face
     None of these rolls or maneuvers is on       following descriptions, I will break the          and your elbow is bent. Straighten your
‘The List’: The Greenland Championships           rolls down into finish position categories.       arm, sit forward to the finish, and drive
Capsize Maneuvers list for competition.           For example: the Crucifix Roll is a               up with the roll side knee. My offside
http://www.qajaqusa.org/QK/rolls/                 layback finish roll.                              hand is usually static around the hull and
rolls.html To use a favorite expression,                                                            this helps me hug my body close to the
‘There is more than one way to skin a cat.’            FORWARD FINISH POSITION                      deck as I drive the knee up. This roll and
I suppose a cursory look at this article or                                                         the Crucifix Roll are great low energy
‘The List’ might beg the question “Why?”                                                            recovery rolls when you are trying a new
More than once I have been asked in                                                                 roll that is not working or you get screwed
a mildly mystified tone “When would                                                                 up underwater and need to start over.
you ever roll like that?” It is an honest                                                           They are one handed and, because of the
question usually by someone who has not                                                             forward or layback finishes, require very
yet conceived that people voluntarily roll                                                          little energy to complete.
kayaks for fun. As many of us who roll                  CENTER FINISH POSITION
for fun know, at some point a practical                                                             LOOM GRIP ‘PIKE’ ROLL (MIDDLE)
application for every single roll we
perform is moot. We do them because we
can. We do them because it is a challenge
and a puzzle and it is fun. So be it.
     All of the rolls that I am going
to show you utilize similar boat/body
mechanics to the throwing stick and hand               LAYBACK FINISH POSITION
rolls that are on the ‘The List.’ If you are
learning to roll with hands some of these                                                                2. Two Hand Pop-up Roll – this roll
may add fuel to your fire. Hand rolling is                                                          uses the chest brace position as a platform
no holy grail and with the right boat most                                                          to begin. Please note there are many
of us are physically able to do it. Persist,                                                        variations of these rolls with paddle, stick,
the mental part will come.                                                                          or hand and I am not going over all of
                                                  Forward Finish Rolls
     Also, please keep in mind that I                                                               them. Once you get the general idea it
                                                  1.   Loom Grip ‘Pike’ Roll                        will be quite obvious what your related
define the ‘roll side’ as the side that the
recovery is on, regardless of the side the        2.   Two Hand Pop-up Roll                         alternatives are. There are two static brace
capsize happens on. So if I roll up using              1. Loom Grip ‘Pike’ Roll – this roll is      positions we commonly see: the Chest
my right side it is a right side roll and ‘roll   essentially a forward finish hand roll using      Brace and the Back Brace (a sculling
side’ is the right side.                          the paddle for additional resistance. Pike        brace with no sculling), one is face down
     I have come to see the art of rolling        refers to the position of the paddler’s body      in the water and one is face up. Both can
from various perspectives. One of these           at the finish of the roll that is very close to   be used as a place to roll up from.
perspectives involves finish positions. For       a diver’s pike position. While standing,               This is no different than a good solid
me, there are three finish positions:             lean forward and pull your face to your           chest brace with a paddle except there
                                                  knees keeping the legs straight. The              is no paddle, so you are floating face

12                             Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                                The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
down in the water with arms away from           TWO HAND PADDLE POP-UP ROLL                        CRUCIFIX ROLL (BEGINNING)
the boat. This is a hand roll so timing                   (MIDDLE)
is more important than with stick and
paddle rolls. Reach up with your hands
from the elbow and in a sudden motion
simultaneously drive your hands away
from your shoulders and down while
driving up with the roll side knee. Here is
the big point: Do not sit up in your boat
instead sit forward into a forward finish.      TWO HAND PADDLE POP-UP ROLL
Your offside arm will slide over the deck                  (END)
                                                                                                        CRUCIFIX ROLL (END)
of the boat to the other side. This is a very
explosive roll so do it warmed up.


                                                     Some variations: .2. Roll Side Hand
Center Finish Rolls
                                                Paddle Pop-up Roll & 3. Offside Hand                  Variations: 2. Parallel Sculling – try
1.    Two Hand Paddle Pop-up Roll               Paddle Pop-up Roll – These are some             sculling with the paddle held on the loom,
2.    Roll Side Hand Paddle Pop-up Roll         great variations on the above roll. The         palm up, by feathering the leading edges
                                                Roll Side Hand Paddle Pop-up uses just          up and pushing the paddle back and forth
3.  Offside Hand Paddle Pop-up Roll
                                                your roll side hand on the paddle loom          as it lies nearly parallel to the boat. It is
    All three of these rolls use the Chest
                                                and ends in center finish. Incidentally, it     possible to scull your way to the surface
Brace position as a start platform and use
                                                is the same roll as the Loom Grip ‘Pike’        in this position if your head starts to slide
a paddle. As I mentioned previously there
                                                Roll except it finishes in the center finish.   beneath the surface. This is a viable
are myriad variations so have fun and
                                                The Offside Hand Paddle Pop-up uses just        alternative to the traditional Greenland
make up your own. These are all loosely
                                                the offside hand and ends in center finish.     sculling brace and it leaves one hand free
named the ‘Pop-up’ rolls as they require
                                                This one is tricky due to the very short        to tug in sagacious fashion on your beard.
an explosive burst and have a very short
                                                range of motion available due to having to
path to completion thus the paddler ‘pops’
                                                reach across with the offside hand.                     PARALLEL SCULLING
up out of the water.

     1. Two Hand Paddle Pop-up Roll –           Layback Finish Rolls
this roll is the Two Hand Pop-up Roll with      1.   Crucifix Roll
a paddle. There are three differences, you      2.   Parallel Sculling
will use a paddle, you will end in a center          1. Crucifix Roll – this is my bread and
finish not a forward finish, it is easier       butter recovery roll when I am practicing
due to the resistance the paddle affords        skills. It is a very low energy roll and
you. To begin: go into a chest brace, but       very solid. Go into a static Greenland
hold the paddle where you would for             Back Brace: face up, back arched, boat at
the forward stroke. Face down in the            90 degrees or a little less, roll side hand
water with arms extended away from the          on the loom of the paddle palm up with              Jonathan Long: Resident of the great
boat, elbows bent, paddle blades flat on        blades flat on the water. Using the paddle      state of Vermont has also lived in Japan,
the water. Remember: this roll is also          for resistance, roll up exactly as you would    California and Georgia. A member
explosive with a lot of potential resistance    doing a layback finish hand roll. Instead       of the unofficial paddling club ‘The
so mind your shoulders. Push away from          of rolling up from a brace, you can capsize     Frostbiters’ on Lake Champlain. Was
the shoulders and down pulling the paddle       on the opposite side and dive through           irresistibly drawn to sea kayaking after
along the surface toward your roll side hip     to the surface (see the picture to see me       a five year fight with cancer. Has built
as you drive up with the roll side knee.        coming to the surface) until you are close      two paddles and many throwing sticks,
You should finish with paddle along your        to a back brace position and roll up as         but no boats. Loves to roll, race, tour
roll side gunwale in a center finish with       described above.                                and teach. ACA and BCU trained, but
head bowed.                                                                                     resistant to both. Currently a junior in
                                                                                                UVM’s Nursing program. Boats: Mirage
                                                                                                22S, Kajaksport Viviane, Necky Elaho.
Editor’s Note: If you are interested in more detailed information about these rolls, contact Jonathan by emailjllong@uvm.edu or phone
(802 238 2258)
Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                            Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                            13
Qaannat on Muhheakunnuk
(Skin on Frame Kayaks (in Greenlandic) on the River that Flows
Both Ways (in Algonquin)
By Wayne Gilchrest
     In an effort to drum up some
excitement about Traditional/Greenland
style paddling, Hudson Valley Pack and
Paddle Adventures sponsored the first
Hudson River Greenland Festival at Mills-
Norrie State Park in Staatsburg. Held the
weekend after Delmarva, the enthusiasm
and momentum continued with our event.
The event allowed us to gather Greenland
enthusiasts and introduce others to
traditional kayaking.
     The participation of many talented
people made this event a success.
Homemade kayaks were abundant and
the builders (Gordon Adams, Mike
DiGiacomio, Jack Gilman, Alan Mapes,                   ROLLING PRACTICE BEFORE THE COMPETITION.
Dan Mehlman and Wes Ostertag) readily          L TO R—FEIT KLEE, MARK PRICE, MIKE DIGIACOMIO, WES OSTERTAG
debated and discussed the designs among
themselves and the spectators. With                Dessert consisted of a Hudson Valley     my first attempt at a brick roll (Ujaqqamik
Stitch and Glues, walruses, several skin on   tradition with an Arctic twist, Greenlandic   tigumisserluni) was successful on my
frames, and a stripper, the discussion was    apple bobbing. Terhune Orchards of            offside in front of a crowd! A short
great. Fred Feingold did a paddle making      Pleasant Valley, NY donated a bushel of       interlude of practice followed and then
demo and convinced several people to          fresh picked apples. We dumped these          the contest commenced. It was a great
undertake the task of carving a precision     into a big tub of cold water with icy         time as all successful rolls were greeted by
paddling and rolling tool with simple hand    chunks. The “ice cream headache” was a        applause from the crowd and unsuccessful
tools.                                        nice addition to the activity. Points were    attempts received yells of encouragement.
     A long (2.5 km) race began the day’s     gained for hang time without a wetsuit        Mike DiGiacomio and Jack Gilman
events and a short (800m) race ended the      hood.                                         were going roll for roll throughout the
day. Hand crafted qaannat (Greenland                                                        event. Mike’s successful brick roll and a
kayaks) dominated the race over the           WAYNE GILCHREST SETS UP FOR                   forward to backward handroll (Assamik
more common factory-made qajariaq (a            THE ELBOW CROOK ROLL                        nerfallaalugu) put him over the top. Many
kayak similar to a Greenland kayak). Wes                                                    were inspired to learn more rolls because
Ostertag and his Night Heron stripper                                                       of seeing the skills demonstrated. After
proved to be a formidable combination as                                                    an ice pop eating contest to involve all
they won both races. Greenlandic skills                                                     takers in a group brain freeze, the sprint
were demonstrated. I demonstrated a                                                         race began. The course was an out and
number of rope gymnastic moves and                                                          back 800 meters running diagonal to
several masochists hung, twirled or                                                         the tidal current. Handcrafted kayaks
otherwise experimented with gravity.                                                        dominated the top spots again (this was
Sore hands and bruises became “badges                                                       expected as over 70% were homemade…).
of honor” for the day. It made for an                                                       The day ended with an awards ceremony
entertaining pre-lunch activity.                                                            and some great prizes. Signed books
                                                   Transitioning from one immersion         by Christopher Cunningham and Mark
 THE AFTERNOON SPRINT RACE                    to another, I donned my tuilik to begin       Starr were quickly snapped up. Mike
                                              the rolling demonstration. Many were          DiGiacomio carved a beautiful storm
                                              unfamiliar with this essential piece of       paddle that now graces Maggie Atkins’
                                              traditional kayaking gear. I paddled          foredeck. NRS, Brooks, Hudson Valley
                                              out a short distance from the patio and       Pack and Paddle all donated paddle gear.
                                              worked my way through the Greenland           Qajaq USA gained two new members, one
                                              competition list as Mike DiGiacomio           membership as a prize and one through
                                              narrated. I answered questions along the      event recruitment.
                                              way and my happiest moment was when

14                          Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                            The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
  JOANN ROLICK IN THE “SKINNY                 event organizers and I wish to thank all of the
           WALRUS                             participants and donors that helped make this
                                              a great success.

                                              Long Race Results
                                                                  LONG RACE (2.5 KM)            RACE WINNERS

                                                Name                     Boat                                   Time     Place
                                                Wes Ostertag             Schade Night Heron                     15:30      1
                                                Jack Gilman              Gilman SOF                             15:35      2
                                                Mike DiGiacomio          “Micro-Walrus” SOF                     15:42      3
     Built by Mike DiGiacomio last year,        Gordon Adams             Shearwater Merganser 17                15:45      4
this is a highly modified Putz/Skene            Alan Mapes               Cunningham SOF                         16:35      5
Walrus. It is 17’ x 20.25” with a keyhole       Dan Mehlman              Cunningham SOF                         16:55      6
cockpit. It was constructed of select white     Margaret Atkins          Necky Elaho FG DS                      17:28     1W
pine and covered with 9 oz. nylon and           Chris Hunt               Old Town Millennium 174                18:24      7
Helmsman Spar Urethane.                         Catherine Segarra        CD Squamish                            19:06     2W
     Holding the event in a publicly            Franklin Demuth          Necky Elaho Rudder RM                  19:35      8
accessible area and only charging fees for      JoAnn Rollick            Perception Sole’                       20:34     3W
race/contest participants allowed many
park visitors to witness our antics. Many
people came to walk around the park on
the beautiful day and stayed to watch our     Short Race Results
activities. We enlightened many people                            SHORT RACE (800 M)            RACE WINNERS
that kayaking is not a recently-invented,
warm water sport in heavy, roomy boats,         Name                     Boat                                   Time     Place
but an elaborate culture refined by             Wes Ostertag             Schade Night Heron                     5:42       1
millennia of subsistence hunting in sleek,      Wayne R. Gilchrest       “Micro-Walrus” SOF                     5:54       2
lightweight boats. A reporter from our          Veit Klee                CLC West River S&G                     6:08       3
local newspaper was intrigued by our            Margaret Atkins          Necky Elaho FG DS                      6:30      1W
event and wrote a follow-up story about         Bob Trzcinski            CLC Chesapeake 16 S&G                  6:52       4
Greenland/traditional kayaking, our event,      Carol Clark              CD Caribou S                           7:02      2W
and my kayak workshop grant.                    JoAnn Rollick            “Skinny Walrus” SOF                    8:02      3W

                                              Rolling Results
                                                      ROLLING CONTEST (GREENLAND COMPETITION SCORING)

                                                Name                     Boat                            Score           Place
                                                Wayne R. Gilchrest       Necky Looksha LV                  185           Demo
                                                Mike DiGiacomio          Necky Elaho DS                     92             1
                                                Jack Gilman              Gilman SOF                         84             2
                                                Mark Price               Necky Elaho                        56             3
                                                Wes Ostertag             Schade Night Heron                 15             4
                                                Gordon Adams             Shearwater Merganser 17             9             5
                                                Margaret Atkins          Necky Elaho FG DS                   4            1W
                                                JoAnn Rollick            Perception Sole’                    2            2W

    As Bob Trzcinski summed up, “we                Wayne R. Gilchrest is an Environmental Science teacher in Hyde Park, NY. He is
planned on coming for a little while and        an ACA Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor, Paatit and norsaq carver, and hopeful
ended up being one of last people to leave.     competitor at Sisimiut 2005. He is constructing a Cunningham Rolling SOF and a
This is the time for this type of activity      Sea Spirit S&G for next summer. He can be reached at wrgilchrest@earthlink.net
and it will only grow in the future.” The

Web Site: http://www.qajaqusa.org/                          Forums Page: http://www.qajaqusa.org/forums.shtml                  15
       Notes from                             THE CANADIAN PROVINCES

      the Regions                                     Filed By: Nicolas Bertrand

                                                  Benoît Vincent of Varennes, Québec,
                                             completed construction of a 17 3/4” wide,
     THE GREAT LAKES AREA                    18’6” long S&G NBK. Outfitted with a
           Filed by: David Braun             tuiliq, he sucessfully balanced braced and
         QAJAQ USA Board Member              rolled his kayak on the first try.
              Membership.                         Mario Roy of St-Prime, and Jean-
           dave@qajaqusa.org                 Claude Vaillant of Chambly, Quebec are
                                             making good progress in the construction
     The “Qajaq Training Camp 04” in         of skin of frame Greenland kayak.
 Michigan – will take place August 27th-          Qaannat Kattuffiat president
 29th.                                       Jenseeraq Amondsen, his son Eric, and
                                             champion Maligiaq Padelle will visit
      If you’re in the Great Lakes Area,     Montreal July 30th to August 8th for the
 feel free to send in more tidbits for the   2004 World Games.
 next issue. dave@qajaqusa.org

          Filed By: Mike Hanks
     QAJAQ USA PNW Regional Advisor
         Filed By: Shawn Baker
      QAJAQ USA Forum administrator
          and backup webmaster
                                                  Share Those Happenings.
      Gisela Taranovski just completed                  Publish Your Experiences in the MASIK.
 making a red neoprene tuiliq, and
 Shawn Baker Just finished a white one.
       John Doornink, Henry Romer,              Any traditional kayaking related material is encouraged (e.g. baidarkas, etc).
 and Mike Hanks got together at John’s                    On average articles would be one – two pages in length.
 on Liberty Bay, to work on learning                                Longer articles would be acceptable.
 how to train others to paddle Greenland                          Best if composed with a word processor
 Style. We had both a video session and
 some on the water work.
      Shawn Baker will perform a
 Greenland-style paddling demonstration
                                                      Craftsmanship • Travel Skills •
 at the Kiwi Area Sea Kayak
 Symposium in Orewa, NZ, March 7,
                                                     Adventures Achievements • Other
 2004. ‘Bringing Greenland skills to
 their antipode!’                                              Accompany Your Text With Photos
      Shawn is planning some Greenland                   The optimal format: JPEG, 300DPI color, 4-6 inches wide.
 demonstrations and lessons for the
 Northern Rockies Paddlefest in Bigfork,                  Material submitted doesn’t have to be flawless.
 Montana, May 15-16, 2004. Some                              Grammar and spelling will be reviewed.
 West Coast Qajaq USA members may
 attend.                                                             Typos will be corrected.
                                                    Changes deemed necessary will be made only upon approval from author.
     If you’re in the Northwest, feel
 free to send in more tidbits for the                   A draft will be available to the author for review prior to publication.
 next issue. mike@qajaqusa.org
                                                               Send your material as email attachments to:

16                           Winter 2004: Volume 2, Number 1                           The MASIK: a quarterly newsletter of Qajaq USA
                                             QAJAQ USA
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                          We welcome members outside of the US, and overseas.
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