Edition 3 - Algoma School District by xiangpeng


									                                          Every day teens all over America get ready for
                                   school. In some schools, they do not believe in dress
                                   codes. Some high schools require a uniform.
                                   However, Algoma High School
                                   believes in a dress code. The
                                   students are not required to
                                   wear uniforms, but there is a set
                                   of rules that come with how

  Midriff is not to be shown;      they should be dressing.
  therefore this would not be an
  acceptable shirt for school at      Some of the rules include
                              the following: no rips in jeans
                                                                Shorts can be worn
                              above the knee; no baggy jeans    at school only if they
that show boxers if you are a male; shorts cannot exceed        exceed finger length.
finger length; midriff, shoulders, and cleavage cannot be       The shorts above
                                                                would not be
shown if you are a female; no hats, caps, bandanas, scarves,    appropriate for
etc.; no clothing with writing, pictures, or symbols that are   school because the
                                                                girl’s fingers go past
suggestive, or obscene; and no clothing with images that        her shorts.
promote the use or consumption of tobacco, drugs, and/or
alcohol. Why are there so many rules as to what is and what is not acceptable?
                                    The dress code is enforced so that no one is
                              offended by another person’s outfit. Posters of the dress
                              code are up all over the school in classrooms, the office,
                              and the hallways. Also, someone can find the rules within
                              the handbook at the beginning of the student agenda.
                              Every year on the first day of school, Mr. Bush, principal
                              at Algoma High School, addresses the requirements for
Mr. Vandervest, a math
                              the dress code.
teacher at AHS, answers
questions regarding the               But why are some things seen as inappropriate?
dress code from the view       Some people do believe in self expression. Some teens
of a teacher.
                               feel very strongly that they should be able to wear
                           whatever they deem fitting that day. Could this be a
                           reason why some students feel the dress code is
                                 “I think it’s pointless. We should wear what we
                           want,” said Karey Karnitz, a junior at AHS.
                                 Now, even though there is a set of rules for
                           everyone, some people could possibly get away with some
                           clothing. A student’s shorts may be too short, etc., but do

 Jeans are an              any students actually get away with wearing clothes that
 acceptable piece of
 clothing for school, if
                           are seen as a violation to the dress code?
 they do not have any
 rips or holes in them.           When I asked Mr. Vandervest (a math teacher at
 The jeans above show      AHS) if he had noticed any students getting away with
 how jeans should be
                           violations, yet some did not he said, “I don’t know if I do or
 worn for school.
                           not. I think some are questionable.”
     When I asked Karey the same question she said, “Yes, it’s the quiet people
who get away with it.”
       Whether we like it or not, some students may
or may not get away with violations in the dress
code. Even though there is a set of rules for
everyone, some people might go unseen to a
violation. That is not fair to the people who do not
get away with it. Are there any punishments if a
student does break the dress code?
       “I just tell them to cover up. Put a sweatshirt
on or something,” said Mr. Vandervest.
                                                           Karnitz, junior
      As a teacher, one might be seeing a violation KareySchool, answersat Algoma
                                                     High                  questions
or two in the dress code. Teachers see students      with honesty about the dress
every day, all day. And with Algoma High School      code from the perspective of a
being a small school, some teacher may even see
students more than once. The administration, in most cases is too busy to be
walking around looking for students who are breaking the rules. So, who sees
the students the most, and what they are wearing that day? The teachers do.
      When asked if he saw a lot of violations in the
dress code every day, Mr. Vandervest said, “A lot,
no. But there are some violations every day by the
same students”
        I asked Karey if she had ever broken the
dress code, and if she had gotten away with it.
“Yeah, I broke it with the holes in my jeans, and
yes, I got away with it.”
       Punishments for violations are different for
                                                          Shoulders and cleavage are not
each teacher. Some teachers may make a student            allowed to be shown at AHS. If a
put tape over the holes in their jeans. If their shirt    student came to school wearing
                                                          a tank top like this, they would
has something suggestive on it, the student may           be told to cover up or be sent
be told to turn their shirt inside out. Female            home to change.
students are told to put a sweatshirt on if they are
showing shoulders or cleavage. Male students are told to put a belt on or pull
their pants up if their boxers are showing, but if all these warnings are ignored by
the student, matters go into the hands of the principal or the administration
office. One of the punishments for refusing to take care of the violation is being
sent home to change your clothes.
                                      Every student is aware of the punishment and
                                what they will be told if they come to school breaking
                                the code, but why still have a dress code if students
                                refuse to follow it? Is it still necessary?
                                     “Yes, the reason why, if people would just dress
                                appropriately it wouldn’t be an issue,” said Mr.
 A zip up sweatshirt with a            Besides the fact that if a person is getting away
 tank top would be              with certain clothes or not, is the dress code too strict,
 appropriate for school
 because shoulders, midriff,    or is it not strict enough?
 and cleavage or are covered.
                                 “I don’t think it is too strict. The reason why you
have to have guidelines for everyone to understand; you have to have shoulders
covered, everyone understands that. If you have exceptions everyone would see
how far they can go,” stated Mr. Vandervest.
        I asked Karey the same question, is it too strict?
“It’s too strict, because you have to cover everything,”
Karey replied.
      Every student knows the rules. The students
know the punishment. Every student at AHS has the
choice to not follow the rules. All students have the
choice to not follow the rules. The students of Algoma

High School should appreciate that they do only have       This is an example of a shirt
                                                           that can be worn at AHS. All
a dress code. It could be worse. AHS could have a          areas are covered that should
uniform that every student would be required to wear. be.
If every student at Algoma High school broke the rules
every day, uniforms could very possibly be in effect as soon as the administration
deems fit.
       No student wants to be wearing what every other student is wearing. That
is why students should choose to wear clothes that will be seen as appropriate for
school every day. Students can wear whatever they want outside of school, but
inside, they should be wearing the appropriate clothes. It is their choice as to
what they wear every day. Every student should make the right decision. If you
are a student at AHS, the choice is yours. Make the right decision when you are
getting ready in the morning.

                                                                        By: Kaitlyn
                                Halloween is just around the corner, and it is that time of

                         the year that the young, as well as the old, gather together and

                         enjoy the occasion. It includes everything from hay rides,

                         trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, watching scary

                         movies, and maybe even visiting numerous haunted houses.

                                One of the favorites in the area is, “Terror on the Fox.”

                         This haunted house is
  Beaker in the Tower
                         located at the National

Railroad Museum grounds, 2285 South

Broadway in Green Bay, WI.

      It is an event that is geared towards 13

year-olds and older. On kids’ day, which will be

held Sunday October 18th, there is a childrens’           Terror on the Fox t-shirt
matinee. This is scheduled during daylight hours and is down-scaled so the children

have fun, but will not be frightened. Admission is either $2.00 or two canned food items,

which will be donated to local shelters and pantries.

      “Terror on the Fox” is a collaboration between the Green Bay Preble Optimist

Club, the National Road Museum, and Bad Boys Scenic Designs. They are presently in

their 13th year of production and have raised over $300,000 for local youth programs

and charity organizations.
                                       The optimists is an organization dedicated to

                                fundraisers for youth activities, while the National

                                Railroad Museum attracts visitors seeking fun for the

                                family and people who want to learn about railroading

                                history. Bad Boys Scenic Design (also know as BBSB) is

                                comprised of local professional designers, who every

                                year construct one of the largest haunted house

                                attractions in the Midwest. Through this partnership,
       House Front
                                Terror on the Fox has been ranked as one of the top ten

haunted attractions in Wisconsin.

       On a clear night, lines can be long, and you may wait well over an hour to actually

get into the house. During the wait, actor’s pop out of the woods eager to scare

unaware victims. The train ride consists of macob music and scary characters popping

out of nowhere. General admission is $14.00, which includes parking, the train ride, a

walk through the woods, and the

main attraction, which is the

haunted house.

       One of BBSD’s main

designers of Terror on the Fox, Mike

Parpovich, also known as Beaker,

had this to say about building and

planning of the project. “This is a

year long process. We are constantly brainstorming ideas throughout the year about

how to make it bigger and better. It’s sort of like Christmas for us, you get psyched for

it, and then when it’s over, you have mixed emotions. You feel relieved, but also sad at
the same time. We begin gutting the walls of the house in March and start totally

redesigning the interior. We work on it any weekends we can; we are all scattered

around the state and have jobs and families.”

       This haunt is not for the weak-hearted. There is terror around every corner,

so if you’re looking for a fright-filled night, this is one attraction you won’t want to miss.

                                                                                 By: Tyler

                                            When you are young, you think you know
                                     what you want to be when you grow up until
                                     time passes, and you change your mind about
                                     1,000 times. Well at the age of 11, Jordan Ebert
                                     made up his mind about what he wanted to be
                                     when he grew up. Jordan wanted to follow in his
                                     dad’s footsteps and become a farmer. He

  Jordan concentrating on his        dreamed of becoming one someday, so he
  cow, Partee, so that she           started entering in cattle show competitions all
  makes no mistakes.                 around the state. Now, a sophomore at Algoma
                                     High School, Jordan still enters many
competitions. The most important ones to him are state fairs, county fairs, spring
shows, district shows, and state shows. Some of his recent awards that he won in
these competitions are Reserve Supreme
Champion at the Wisconsin State Fair, Grand
Champion Jersey Heifer at the Kewaunee
County Fair, and Grand Champion Jersey Heifer
and Cow at the Spring Show. Those were only
some of the many that he received just this

       Jordan belongs to a generation of            Jordan showing off his other
farmers all belonging on his dad’s side of the      cow that was entered in the
                                                    Holstein class.
family including his dad, his grandpa, and his
great grandpa. His two parents, Randy and Renee Ebert, own a big dairy farm
called Ebert Enterprises located in the small town, Algoma. Since its
establishment around 1990, Ebert Enterprises currently milks around 1,700 cows.

                                               Not only does Jordan enter in
                                        cattle show competitions, but he also
                                        helps out on the farm doing little jobs
                                        here and there. When I asked him what
                                        he liked the most about farming, he
                                        replied, “I would say probably being in
                                        the barn and working with the cows.” He
                                        says the busiest time of year for him is
                                        mostly the summer because there are
                                        more jobs to do. Jordan’s biggest job is
 Jordan and Whitney grooming Partee
 before the show.                       working with his show animals for big
                                        competitions such as the one he entered
recently- the World Dairy Expo.

      The World Dairy Expo is a five day event showcasing the finest in dairy
genetics and the newest technologies available to the dairy industry. Operating
for more than 40 years, it annually draws 65,000 dairy producers from more than
                                     80 different countries! This opportunity
                                     provides a global forum for the exchange of
                                     ideas and technologies from all over the
                                     world including countries like Australia, South
                                     Africa, and many more. Located in
                                     Wisconsin’s very own capitol, Madison, it is
                                     held in the Alliant Energy Center which is

 Jordan concentrating on his cow’s      more than 700,000 square feet! It is the
 movements.                             world’s largest, strictly dairy focused
                                        shopping mall of equipment and services to
help producers improve their industry. There are many reasons why so many
people attend this show. Some reasons would include the technological displays
that are presented there, it is a place to meet and do business with people from
all over the world, it is located in the heart of the American Dairy Land, and it’s a
beautiful place to be.

       The World Dairy Expo hosts a
wonderful cattle show, almost like a
cattle Olympics. It is one of the top
shows for most breeds in North
America, and it shows some of the
finest in genetics. Many workers of the
Dairy Expo believe that the quality of
the animals just gets better and better    Jordan showing off his prize winning
                                           cow, Partee at Budjon Last Call.
each year, making the competition
tougher and tougher each time. But of course, the cattle shows wouldn’t be
complete without the selection of the Supreme Champion. Only one animal from
each group can go home with this title which is what Jordan Ebert was able to do.

      After five long days of hard work and effort, Jordan was able to leave the
World Dairy Expo with a satisfaction that many competitors in the show tried to
achieve. He and his cow, Partee At Budjon Last Call, won The Jersey Class
Supreme Champion. The Jersey class that Jordan participated in was just one out
                                   of seven different breed groups in the show.
                                   The other groups included Guernsey, Milking
                                   Shorthorn, Ayshire, Junior and Regular
                                   Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Red and White.
                                   Judging each of these groups is similar and
                                   different in many ways. Judging is based on
                                   the same five characteristics- udder, frame,
                                   dairy character, feet and legs, and body
Jordan and his cow surrounded by   capacity- in each group, but they factor in each
many other cows in the Holstein    breed’s strengths and weaknesses to judge
Class.                             fairly and accurately.
Last Call.
       After judging and showing their cattle, the competitors will usually milk
out their cow and bring it back to the cattle barns until it is brought back home on
a trailer after the competition has ended. So what did Jordan do in his spare time
there? He answered, “Well I didn’t stay the whole week at the Expo, somebody
would watch our cow for us, but when I did stay, we watched the cows, played
cards, and did some chores.” He explained some of the chores that he did while
he was there, “When I was there, I took care of my cow by washing it, feeding it,
clipping it, and watching and monitoring
it daily.” It may sound like five long, busy
days, but according to Jordan, it’s a lot of
fun and it’s exciting. Of course, what
wouldn’t be more fun than winning a blue
ribbon, a glass vase, and the biggest
award of all, a big check! Not only do you
get real prizes, but you also get the
satisfaction of a great achievement. So,         Jordan showing his cow around the
how does Jordan feel about it? “My first         show ring.
year showing, I didn’t realize that I was
going up against the best show cows in the world, I didn’t really have a clue at all.
It was a little surprising when I won because it Last Call. accomplishment and
                                                 was a big
pretty exciting.” When I asked him how his family reacted, he replied, “I think my
dad sort of knew I had a chance to win, so he was happy, but not really surprised.
My mom and my grandma were also very
excited.” Doing such a great job this year, I
wondered if he was going to enter the
World Dairy Expo again, he confidently
replied, “Yeah, for sure.”

       What could be a greater award than
this? To be recognized as a Supreme

Champion throughout the whole world is        A proud Jordan Ebert after winning
an unbelievable success. So, is he going to   the Jersey Class Supreme
stick with the farming industry and           Champion.
possibly make it a future job? Answering the question hopefully, he replied,
“Yeah, I think so.”
                                               Last Call.

                                                                By: Samantha
     Working Through School and
      Helping the Community
                                               Are High School
                                         Students capable of building
                                         a house? The Door
                                         Kewaunee Business
                                         Economic Program funded
                                         through NWTC seems to
                                         think so. Every year a few
                                         select students from various
                                         schools in Kewaunee county
                                         and door county get together
                                         to build a home. While in the
All the boys from Algoma from left to     program they learn the
right Sam Barta, Jesse Fulwiler, Chase    fundamentals to building a
                                          house and along the way
Dawson, Austin Pleau, Michael
                                          learn carpentry and print
Boheinski                                 reading.
                                                 At the end they get to
collect a 1 year degree from NWTC for print reading and carpentry. The
program has been going on for 3 years now and is going strong. The
last two years the houses were built in sturgeon bay. This year they
went in a different direction and incorporated Luxemburg into the
group. Last year they incorporated Algoma.
     Students this year in the program are Chase Dawson, Austin
Pleau, Micheal Boheinski, Sam Barta, and Jesse Fulwiler. Austin and
Chase love the program, “We get fed every day and are happy to be
earning 16 college credits and 4
highscool credits for building a
house. Michael Boheinski says,
“It’s a good opportunity to learn
the trades of construction, and it
helps you figure out the trade you
want to get into.” Jesse Fulwiler
said, “It’s a great learning
experience and is something you

could use in the future.”
                                     Mr. Zastrow going over the plans with
     This year’s house is a 1,697    the boys
square foot three bedroom, two
bathroom, living room, dining kitchen area, two stall garage and
basement home.
      In an interview with Algoma High school superintendent Mr.
Welch stated, “I think the program is a great opportunity for students in
high school to get a head start in college or the work force. As for
funding it costs two thousand per student and there are five slots open
each year. The great thing about the program this year is that there’s
                                    more kids involved, compared to last
                                    year only having one from Algoma.
                                            Another work related subject
                                     around school is “Just Do
                                     Something”, the name of an
                                     afterschool program started at
                                     Algoma High school by Social Studies
                                     teacher Jessica Preder. It is a
    Brad Bouche hard at work         nationwide program encouraging kids
                                      to just do something to make the
world a better place. It’s all directed by the kids and for the kids while
Mrs. Preder is there to get the wheels turning and for connections, but
the kids get to make up their own projects and do what they want to do
            The beauty of the program is that there is little to no funding
involved and the kids involved do not
have to pay any dues. The program is
open to anyone who wants to get
involved. It’s also good way for
students to keep involved in the
community and teaches them values,
instead of going out and getting into

            As for this year the kids         Nailing the interior walls together.
who are involved are pioneers for the
program, discovering what it’s all about for the first time. It helps out
both environment and the students for this program. The students can
list on transcripts to college or applications for work while helping out
the community. Though there is no project made up yet next week will
be the first step for planning something out.

                                                              By: Gus Goffard
“Here is a Salmon that is starting to turn black. When the fish go up
the river they start to turn black because they are starting to die.”

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