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					MITIE Induction – Human Resources

•   Emergency exit and arrangements.

•   Mobile phones switched off.

•   Toilets.

•   No smoking.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to MITIE

   You are now part of an incredibly successful organisation
   Mitie Group plc

   MITIE Group plc is a FTSE 250 company which employs
   over 50k + employees in over 100 offices

   Proud of its history – founded in 1987 – rapid growth

   5 divisions: Facilities Management (includes MCES),
   Property Management, Asset Management, Strategic
   Outsourcing, Overseas and Emerging Markets.
To help you integrate into MITIE - You should have at least
the following

   Local induction to site/office/job – your line manager
   should do this.

   MITIE 1-Day Induction

   If you don’t know something, …Just Ask!
The Role of the HR Function
 The HR function is divided into 4 regions
        South West/South East
 Head of HR – Chris Townsend
        based in 10 Brook Office Park (Emersons Green)

 Within each HR region there is
        HR Business Partner
        HR Managers

 Shared Service Centre – HR Support
       Dedicated team of HR Advisors providing front line HR advice to MITIE Managers
       Helping our Managers ‘Manage’ effectively
       Step by step guidance on all HR related issues
              Absence, Disciplinary, Redundancy, Grievance etc

        Team Structure:
             SSC Manager
             Team Leader
             5 HR Advisors

        Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, Tel: 0870 609 3966
HR Geographical Regions
Employee Services
Head of Employee Services – Stephen Funnell
     2 centres – Bristol / Manchester

Employee Service Manager – Adrian Evans Employee Services Deputy Manager – Maria
Employee Services - Administration Team deal with the maintenance of employee payroll
records up to gross on SAP and administration relating to items such as the following:-
      Offer letters/contracts
      New starters & RTW Compliance
      Recruitment advertisement
      Maintenance of personnel files

Group Payroll Manager – Paul McGuinness
Employee Services - Payroll Team deal with the maintenance of employee records from
gross to net on SAP and the processing of timesheets, technical enquiries, year-end inculidng
P11d’s and correspondence with HRMC.
       1 Payroll Manager in Bristol – Janina Rodd
       1 Payroll Manager in Manchester – Anne Hollywood
       Benefits Team

System, Controls and Reporting Manager– Sarah Godfrey
Employee Services – system, controls and reporting team are responsible for delivering
system enhancements, Employee Services compliance, bespoke reporting, data cleanse
and BAU support.
Booking Leave
For full information see the MITIE Employee Handbook

Holiday year : 1st April - 31st March
    No allowance to carry forward untaken holiday

Holiday requested to be made on Leave Request form –
    Request not authorised until line manager has signed
    To be sent to central HR admin by Mail or scanned to shared
    email in-box (preference)

Paternity/Adoption leave form – MG(F) 507
Reporting Sickness
For full information see the MITIE Employee Handbook

Must notify line manager on first day of incapacity at the earliest opportunity
     Should try to give indication of expected return date
     Notification to be made personally
     Text messages are unacceptable
     Un-notified absence – treated as unauthorised / unpaid

If incapacity extends to more than 7 days
       Medical certificate required
       Notification of continued incapacity once per week thereafter

Return to work
     Completion of Self Certification form MG(F)506 and Leave Notification form
     MG(F)505 (if appropriate)
     Return to work interview with line manager
Personal Details
 Any change in personal details needs to be amended by
 completing – Staff Change of Details form MG(F)504 – and
 returning to central HR admin

     Telephone numbers
     Personal email address
     Marital status
     Next of kin
     Emergency contact
     Banking details
     Change form must be signed
Pension/Private Health/Life Cover
 Pension/Private Health Care
     Entitlement detailed in terms & conditions
     6 months service before invited to join
     The intakes is every month after 6 months service
     Benefits team will send employees invitations to join the schemes
     (where appropriate)
     Your responsibility to complete the necessary documentation and
     return to the benefits team.

 Life Cover
     Open to all employees, form sent out with offer letter
     Your responsibility to complete and return to the Benefits team
     If not returned – will not be covered
Investors in People
 We are proud to have the Investors in People (IIP)

 IIP obtained for all divisions and specialist companies
 within MCES in 2007
Performance & Work Standards
 Performance Standards

  World- class service
  Clear communication
  Personal integrity
  Working with others
  Commercial awareness

 Work Standards

  Technical expertise
  Company procedures
  Presentation and image
Employee Benefits
 A company called Asperity provide a comprehensive benefits package to MITIE employees.
 Benefits include:

 Fantastic discounts, offers and competitions for our employees. Discounts will be available
 with over 1500 retailers, both offline and online, examples include:

 10% off at Comet, 20% off at food outlets such as Upper Crust, Burger King, Millie’s Cookies,
 Delice de France, 15% at Halfords, 10% at Mothercare, Malmaison Hotels (special weekend rate
 of £59), 20% at Tickets4You

 Reloadable cards with Asda, Sainsbury’s (both 5% off all groceries), Top Shop, Top Man,
 Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Evans, Miss Selfridge (all 10% off)

 Discounted gift vouchers such as M&S (5% off), Thomas Cook (5% off), Boots (7.5% off), Habitat
 (9% off), Iceland (7.5% off), HMV (9% off), Argos (5% off), Homebase (7.5% off)

 Healthcare cash plan

 Bikes to work scheme and Big Instore Card (local high street discount card) launching in 2010
Childcare vouchers
Childcare voucher scheme:

   Save up to £1,195 per year
   Sacrifice part of your pay for
   Pay for registered childcare;
   Available for children up to 15 years
   Tax-free and National Insurance
Save As You Earn
 Government sponsored three year scheme which operates
 on an annual basis

 An opportunity to save direct from pay on a regular basis
 with an option to buy shares in MITIE

 A SAYE contract is set up with Halifax Bank Plc,
 contributions accumulate interest over a period of three
 years and a tax free bonus at the end

 Eligibility after six months’ continuous service

 You can choose how much you save (from £5 to £250) per

      Saving made simple!
MITIE Stars award
MITIE Stars recognises and
celebrates the excellent work
that our colleagues carry out
This is an opportunity for both
client and colleague to
nominate those who consistently
deliver exceptional service
Details of how to nominate can
be found
- On the intranet or website
- Email
- Call on 0845 408 4065
- Contact your HR department
MITIE Skills Centres
 7 Skills Centres across the
 UK in:
     Bristol, Manchester,
     Birmingham, Ipswich,
     London, Sunderland
     and Airdrie.
 Over 500 students are
 currently studying on
 nationally recognised
 vocational courses in
The Real Apprentice
There are over 343
apprentices employed
across the business -
many from the award
winning Real
Apprentice scheme.
 We support regional charities
 MITIE pirates taking on the MITIE marauders
in a dragon boat race in Bristol
last year for the charity CLIC Sargent
It’s not just about donating money,
we also give our time.
 For more information on ways to get
involved contact your local
office manager or HR Manager
Equality and diversity
What we do and why we do it?

   Equality is about ‘creating a fairer society, where everyone
       can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their
                       potential’ (DN, 2004);
What we do
      Develop people’s talent, whilst recognising their differences;
      Treat people fairly and equally, accepting their diversity;
      E&D policy is available and communicated via intranet;
      We offer comprehensive diversity training packages.

Why we do it
     We’re passionate about helping people reach their full
     potential, the more successful they are, the more successful
     we are.
 Equality and diversity
 Everyone in the company has a role to play in promoting
 diversity and eliminating discrimination. We all have the
 responsibility to behave with respect and consideration
 towards everyone we come into contact with in the course
 of our employment;

 We all benefit from working in a diverse, fair, inclusive
 environment, it is essential for the future success and
 prosperity of the company.
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