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									                             Hosting an SHRM Representative at
                                   Your State Conference

Having an SHRM representative at your state conference will draw more SHRM members into
your chapters. More members in your chapters means more financial assistance from SHRM, so
making sure that SHRM has a booth and a presence at your conference ultimately helps your

Your Field Services Director will have the following available at the SHRM booth:
    Information about SHRM membership
    SHRM publications
    Information about HR Certification Institute and certification
    PHR/SPHR ribbons
    Local chapter contact information (individual chapters can provide chapter brochures and
        member information)

Before the Conference

      Since it is imperative that your SHRM Field Services Director attend your state
        conference, please be sure to provide your him/her with the dates of your conference, as
        well as the location, mailing address, and phone number for the conference site as soon
        as possible.
      Since all state conference information is available on the SHRM web site, it will help you
        in advertising your conference if we have all the correct and most current information.
        Check the site at
        <> to ensure that your conference is listed
        and that the information there is correct and current.
      Please provide a complete conference brochure and conference itinerary to the SHRM
        representative, including all exhibitor information.
        SHRM ships several boxes of supplies (HR Magazine , etc.) to the conference location
        prior to the conference, so please work with the conference center or hotel to make
        sure they will accept such shipments. Also, please make sure that your Field
        Services Director has the shipping address (not a P. O. box) and phone number for
        the location of the conference.
      Understand that SHRM has a booth at conferences at NO COST to SHRM.
      If you would like to promote SHRM, we will be happy to provide you with “bag stuffers” for
        your conference bags, such as SHRM membership applications, certification brochures,

Booth Needs

      SHRM has a booth at no cost. SHRM’s presence at your conference will draw more
        SHRM members to your chapters.
      SHRM’s booth should be in a location where all conference attendees can visit it easily.
        Near the registration booth, right inside the main exhibit hall doors, etc., are good
      If the SHRM representative will be sharing a booth with a member of the state council,
        another SHRM volunteer, or any other group, please provide two table tops. The SHRM
        booth set up is quite large, and we bring many giveaways to conferences, so we need
        plenty of space.
      If the state’s Legislative Director requests space at the SHRM booth to help members
        understand how to write letters via HRVoice online, please provide Internet access for
        him/her. SHRM does not cover these expenses.
      Please provide a trashcan and two chairs at the SHRM booth.


      SHRM cannot provide sponsorships or large prizes to give away at conferences. We
        can, however, provide a gift certificate to the SHRMStore or an SHRM logo item upon
        request. Ordering these items takes several weeks, so please request them early.

Exhibitor Information

      Please add the SHRM Field Services Director or representative to your exhibitor mailing
        lists. Since SHRM will be an exhibitor, the representative needs to know what the other
        exhibitors know about check-in times, etc.
      Please list SHRM as an exhibitor in the program and on other exhibitor lists.

Recognizing the SHRM Representative

      It is customary for the SHRM representative to be recognized at some point during the
        conference. It is important for the attendees to know that an SHRM staff member is
        attending the conference. It is also customary to allow the SHRM representative to have
        a few moments at the conference welcome session to say a few words.
      If the representative is the Field Services Director, he/she can also be a speaker at the
        conference if requested. There is no cost for a Field Services Director to speak, and no
        travel costs to be covered by the conference. Basically, Field Services Directors are
        FREE speakers. The presentation usually requested is “SHRM is the Solution.” Topics
        covered in the presentation are use of the web site, the resources available from SHRM,
        etc. Other Speakers’ Bureau presentations may be available.

Recognizing the Conference Committee and State Council Members

      The members of the conference committee should be recognized during the conference,
        as well as any members of the state council or other SHRM staff members who are in
      Many chapter members who may be attending do not understand what the state council
        is, and this would be a good opportunity for them to meet council members and to
        understand the larger picture of the SHRM volunteer leader structure. The same is true
        for SHRM staff. It is a good idea for the members of the state council to wear matching
        shirts. It is also a nice touch for the conference committee to wear matching shirts. This
        is just one more way for attendees to be able to easily find those who would be able to
        answer questions, etc.

If you have any questions about hosting an SHRM representative, please contact a member of
your Regional Team.

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