Suites 1 and 2_ Brindley Court Gresley Road_ Warndon by xiaopangnv


									                                                                                              Suites 1 and 2,
                                                                                               Brindley Court
                                                                                               Gresley Road,
                                                                                     WORCESTER, WR4 9FD
                                                                                               14th May 2012
Emma Worley
Assistant Development Manager (Planning)
Wychavon District Council
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Worcestershire WR10 1PT

Dear Emma

Planning Application Ref. W10/02896/O - Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership Response

I refer to your email of the 26th April 2012 regarding the above application and have the following

The application is welcomed by the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership in that it signifies
further ambition to provide badly needed homes together with a limited amount of new
employment land. However we are concerned that the current draft South Worcestershire
Development Plan indicates very little further allocation of employment land in the Droitwich area,
yet Droitwich is the largest population conurbation in the Wychavon district. Droitwich also
benefits from direct access to the motorway network and should therefore be an attractive location
for the expansion of employment and therefore the local economy.

Whilst we welcome the inclusion of 14,000 sq m of employment provision in this application, we
do not believe this to be enough for the town. We are also acutely aware that such ‘minority’
allocations within residential areas are not promoted as such and all to often are lost at a later date
under appeal pressure to convert that land to housing.

We would therefore prefer to see a major part of this very accessible and attractive site allocated for
employment, with the balance of housing provision sited elsewhere, possibly on the Yew Tree Lane

You will appreciate that we have not commented on details, but would be happy to discuss the
issues further should you so require.

Yours sincerely

Gary Woodman
Executive Director
Worcestershire LEP

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