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             Spring 2012

             Serving Texas Since 1952            Your Financial Partner for Life

                                                                                   CSC, a gift bag donated by, a $50 GTGift card
                                                                                   donated by SWBC, a $60 Visa gift card donated by Auto PI, a $50
                                  ANNUAL MEETING                                   Carino’s gift card donated by TSYS, and a $50 Simon gift card

& ANNIVERARY CELEBRATION                                                           donated by Liberty Mutual. At the end of the meeting, a cake
                                                                                   reception was held to celebrate another successful year.
                                                                                   For a copy of the 2011 Annual Report, please call (512) 458-2558
                                                                                   ext. 1158 or (800) 749-9732 ext. 1158, or visit
                                                                          or and click the About
                                                                                   Us menu and select Annual Report.

                                                                                   CRUISE INTO THE CELEBRATION - WE’RE 60!

                                                                                   2012 marks the 60th Anniversary of Greater TEXAS
                                                                                   Federal/Aggieland Credit Union. To commemorate our anniver-
                                                                                   sary, we are automatically entering every member into our
                                                                                   “Cruise in to the 60th Celebration” drawing for a chance to win
       2012 Board of Directors, from Left, front row: Penny Rychetsky,             one of 3 great prizes:
First Vice Chairperson; Tommy Seargeant, President/CEO; Damon Holditch,
                 Chairman; Charlotte Schneeman, Member.                                Grand Prize: 5 Day Carnival Cruise for 2 to Anywhere in the World
  From left, back row: Jane Woods, Second Vice Chairperson; Ben Moreno,                2nd Prize: $500 GTGift Card
Treasurer; Dorothye Harrison, Secretary; Ken Driska, Member (not pictured).            3rd Prize: $250 GTGift Card
                                                                                   We’re highlighting one of our fabulous products or services each
The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for Greater TEXAS
                                                                                   month. If you open or sign up for that month’s featured product or
Federal Credit Union members to participate in the election of
                                                                                   service you can receive additional entries for more chances to win.
the Board of Directors and to comment on the credit union’s
financial condition and its future goals. Approximately 300                        April – Open a Home Equity Loan –
members met on February 23, 2012, in the Public Hearing Room                       A home equity loan is a great way to use the
of the John H. Winters Complex in Austin for the 60th Annual                       equity you’ve built in your home to help pay
Meeting. After enjoying a BBQ dinner, the meeting was called to                    for anything from a home improvement project
order at 6 p.m.                                                                    to college. Plus, we’re offering a great low rate!
Board Chairman, Damon W. Holditch, conducted the meeting.                          May – Open a Truly FREE Checking Account –
                                                                                   With NO minimum balance requirement or monthly service fee,
He reviewed the previous year’s growth and thanked all of his
                                                                                   our checking accounts are just that, FREE. We offer a Visa Check
fellow board members, the Supervisory Committee, staff, and                        Card for free, overdraft protection, and pay dividends for
membership for all of their hard work and support. During the                      minimum daily balances.
Treasurer’s Report, Ben Moreno demonstrated how solid financial
                                                                                   June – Open a Credit Card with a Minimum Limit of $1,000 –
decisions were evident in the overall growth of the credit union.
                                                                                   Our no annual fee Visa and MasterCards make saving money
Larry Fisher, Supervisory Committee Chairman, reported on the
                                                                                   really simple. Transfer your high interest rate credit cards to one
Supervisory Committee’s responsibilities and again thanked the
                                                                                   low rate credit union Visa or MasterCard.* We offer a variety of
committee members for their many hours of volunteer work.
                                                                                   cards to fit your lifestyle.
An election was held to fill two, three-year positions on the Board
                                                                                   Be sure to check our website each month, where we will highlight
of Directors. The Nominating Committee- Chairman Kenneth L.
                                                                                   the product or service that qualifies for additional entries and
Owens and Members Reynaldo Morales and Crag C. Hatchett-
                                                                                   share member stories as well as photos of the credit union
nominated Ben Moreno and Penny V. Rychetsky. The nomina-
                                                                                   through the years. For questions about the “Cruise in to the 60th
tions were approved by acclamation.
                                                                                   Celebration” promotion please contact the Marketing Depart-
Tommy D. Seargeant, President/CEO, presented 5, 10, 15, and                        ment at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1158 or
20 “Years of Service Certificate” plaques to fourteen employees.                   *Minimum credit limit of $1,000 required for entry. All credit union members automatically
Mr. Seargeant and Mr. Holditch presented Ms. Jeffrey Archer                        receive one entry per member account number. Winners must be in good account standing.
with a Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer service on the                    Carnival Cruise grand prize does not include airfare. Drawing will be held September 14,
Supervisory Committee. Mr. Seargeant announced the winners of                      2012 and overseen by the Supervisory Committee. Business, organization, club, and
ten $60 door prizes, a $50 Olive Garden gift card donated by                       association accounts are not eligible. Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee Members
                                                                                   and employees of Greater TEXAS Federal/Aggieland Credit Union are not eligible.
                                                                          deadline, there is a real risk that your refund might be direct-
                                                                          deposited AFTER the deadline (causing you to lose the deduction for
                                                                          the applicable tax year). If you do end up deciding in March or April
                                                                          to put your refund into your IRA, it is safer to designate that deduct-
                                                                          ible IRA deposit for the COMING tax year, rather than risk having
                                                                          to amend your return. Of course, with a Roth IRA it is less compli-
                                                                          cated: there is no tax deduction involved. The IRS can also direct-
                                                                          deposit your refund into a SEP IRA, an HSA or a Coverdell ESA.
                                                                          Put it into your business or home. Why not replace a computer
                                                                          or copier? Why not upgrade (or create) a home office, or make
                                                                          your home more attractive or saleable?
                                                                          Split it. The IRS has a new form (Form 8888) that lets you split
                                                                          your refund among up to three accounts held by up to three differ-
                                                                          ent U.S. financial institutions (banks, credit unions, and invest-
                                                                          ment firms). So you can potentially divvy up your refund between
                                                                          savings, checking and investment accounts, if you wish.
                                                                          Before you make a move with your refund money, talk to a financial
IDEAS FOR YOUR REFUND                                                     professional about your options. Your refund money could help you
                                                                          meet a need, and if it is invested, that investment may grow to fund
Instead of simply spending it, consider the alternatives.                 a dream or two.
So it’s time for a question: if you’re in line for a four-figure refund   For all your financial needs, Contact Greg Erp, Financial Consul-
this year, where will it go? While many people spend their refund,        tant with Greater TEXAS Investment Center, at 512.458.2558 ext
there are other things you can do with it …                               1183 or today!
Pay down debt. Go ahead, make that extra mortgage payment or
                                                                                           GREGORY W. ERP,
credit card payment. You will not only reduce your balance, but                            Financial Consultant
also your interest costs.                                                                  Greater TEXAS Investment Center
Build your savings. You could start a new savings account via a                            Aggieland Investment Center
simple automatic payroll deduction. If you have a larger refund this                       512.458.2558 | ext. 1183
year thanks to an extra exemption for a new child, you could start an                      800.749.9732 | ext. 1183
education fund for that child. Your refund could also help you save
up for a down payment on a home, or build an emergency fund.              Securities offered through SWBC Investment Services, LLC, a registered
Put it into your IRA. You can do it yourself, or via direct deposit       broker/dealer. Member FINRA & SIPC. SWBC Investment Services, LLC is
by the IRS. But take note: if you have a tax-deductible IRA, you will     not affiliated with this institution. FUNDS SHOULD NOT BE CONSID-
want to authorize the direct deposit of the refund into that IRA way      ERED A DEPOSIT OF OR GUARANTEED BY THIS INSTITU-
before April 15th rolls around. There is often some lag time in this      TION, MAY LOSE VALUE, AND ARE NOT NCUSIF INSURED.
process, and if you authorize the direct deposit too close to the

                                                                          Ordering is Easy
Credit union members can now convert the cash you’ll need into
foreign currency at any branch location before embarking on                • Choose from over 100 foreign currencies
your newest worldly adventure. GTFCU and ACU now offer a                   • No limit on the currency amount
foreign currency exchange service with great U.S. rates. Our rates         • Check exchange rates before you buy.
                                                                             Visit or
are usually less than you’d pay aboard. Plus, upon your return, you
                                                                             for more information.
can sell back any unused paper money.                                      • Order online through the credit union website or
Your credit union has partnered with eZforex, a foreign exchange             in-person at any branch location
company established in 1991 that offers a simple, secure and               • Funds are pulled directly from your GTFCU
efficient way for credit union members to buy foreign currency.              or ACU account
You can have the currency you exchange delivered to your home              • Have the currency delivered to your home, business, or any
or any GTFCU/ACU branch.                                                     credit union branch. Please note, any order over $1,000 (US)
eZforex allows you to avoid long lines, unnecessary fees and                 shipped to the home or business will require a signature at the
inflated exchange rates in airports, hotels, and banks. And you can          time of delivery. A shipping and handling fee of $14.50/order
save the 1% of your total purchase fee you’re charged when using             is applied for both purchases and exchanges.
your GTFCU or ACU debit or credit card.                                   This is a great service for students studying aboard, out-of-country
                                                                          business travellers and world adventurers. For more information
                                                                          regarding eZforex, please visit us online or contact a credit union
                                                                          representative at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1003.
IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION                                                 PREPARE. PROTECT. PLAN.

Beginning July 1, 2012, recipients of eStatements will receive all     No one ever thinks they’ll need a lawyer. Until they need a
mailed notifications electronically via GTNet, our online bank-        lawyer. Just a few hours with a lawyer could cost you hundreds,
ing system. These notifications include NSF and Overdraft              sometimes thousands of dollars. Unless you have a money tree,
Privilege letters. If you currently receive eStatements, please        you need the Texas Legal Protection Plan. With TLPP, members
make sure we have your correct email address to ensure timely          receive the very same legal advice and representation as anyone
delivery of your electronic notices. Your email address can be         else, yet they don’t pay for the attorney. TLPP does.
updated by logging into GTNet. In GTNet, select Member Info            No, it isn’t too good to be true. And yes, there are some out of
under the Options tab. Enter your correct email address in the         pocket expenses, such as filing fees and other court costs, but
Email Address section. If you would like to receive your               the bulk expense of the legal matter, which is the costly hourly
statements and notifications electronically, please contact a          rate the attorney would charge, is paid by TLPP. Your member-
Member Services Representative at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1003.            ship connects you with the legal help you need and shields you
                                                                       from the legal expenses you can’t afford.
FEE SCHEDULE CORRECTION                                                There are many reasons to join the Texas Legal Protection Plan.
                                                                       For peace of mind, to protect your family and to ensure your
Effective April 1, 2012, the following fees have been updated:         finances aren’t wiped out when a legal issue comes your way.
                                                                       Discover for yourself just how valuable a TLPP membership
    • Remote Loan Payment by ACH or
                                                                       really is. Single coverage is $16.25 per month or $185 per year
      Debit/Credit Card fee is $5.00/payment
                                                                       and family coverage is $24.50 per month or $280 per year.
    • Draft (check) Printing fee for 150 checks is $18.65.
                                                                       Discover how having a plan can make all of the difference. Visit
      This fee depends on the style of draft ordered.
                                                              or call (512) 327-1372 for more information.
For an updated list of our current fees please visit
or, select Fees under the Rates tab.


GTFCU and ACU are excited to announce our newest partnership           you line by line through your credit report, as well as provide free
with Cornerstone Financial Education. Cornerstone is a HUD             counseling on ways to improve your credit score. If you are
certified, nonprofit credit counseling organization based in Austin,   interested in this free review, please contact Cornerstone at
TX, that helps consumers of all ages and income levels understand      800-336-1245 and setup a one-on-one appointment. Don't forget
their finances. Cornerstone is dedicated to empowering consum-         to let them know you are a member of Greater TEXAS
ers by helping reduce debt, maintain a monthly budget, under-          Federal/Aggieland Credit Union!
stand credit, prepare household finances to purchase a home and
                                                                       Cornerstone's counselors are both bilingual and HUD certified,
prevent foreclosure.
                                                                       and are available to assist you with all of your financial questions,
Do you feel like your debt has become overwhelming? Corner-            at no cost. Cornerstone's counselors are available by phone at
stone can help. In addition to their free counseling, Cornerstone      800-336-1245, 8:30am-7:00pm Monday- Thursday and 8:30am-
also offers a Debt Management Program to GTFCU and ACU                 5:00pm Friday. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session,
members at a reduced rate of $25 per month. With this program,         feel free to call and request an in-person appointment. Their
interest rates, on average, are lowered to just under 10%. That        offices are located at 3011 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78705,
means it will take you a significantly shorter amount of time to       just south of Seton Hospital. Or you can also visit the Cornerstone
become debt free and save thousands of dollars in interest. You        website at
can see for yourself, how much this would save you by visiting
                                                                       Greater TEXAS Federal/Aggieland Credit Union recognizes the
                                                                       concerns your finances can have on your daily life. Through our
As a credit counseling agency, Cornerstone Financial Education         new partnership with Cornerstone Financial Education, we are
also offers a free credit review to all Greater TEXAS                  happy to provide to you the resources and professional
Federal/Aggieland Credit Union members. This review will walk          guidance to continue your financial success.

                                                             Congratulations to Leo Salinas, the first quarter 2012 Employee of
                                                             the Quarter. Leo is a Teller Supervisor at the Edinburg Branch. He
                                                             was nominated for EOQ because he helps employees and members.
                                                             Leo always sets a good example. He continuously looks for ways to
                                                             improve the credit union and is a team player as well as a team
                                                             leader. Way to go, Leo!

                                                                            Board of Directors
                                                                            Chairman................................................. Damon W. Holditch

BRANCHES and More                                                           First Vice Chairman.................................. Penny V. Rychetsky
                                                                            Second Vice Chairman ............................. Jane L. Woods
                                                                            Treasurer.................................................. Benjamin Moreno
                                                                            Secretary ................................................. Dorothye Harrison
Arlington                        College Station – Northgate                Members ................................................. Charlotte Schneemann
Branch Manager: Reagan Martin    Branch Manager: Jason Nowak                                                                            Ken Driska
910 East Road to Six Flags       501 University Drive W.
                                                                            Supervisory Committee
Arlington, TX 76011              College Station, TX 77840
                                                                            Chairman................................................. Larry Fisher
(817) 548-0584                   (979) 696-1440
                                                                            Secretary.................................................. Linda Lothringer
Austin – Main Office              Dallas                                     Members ................................................. Marilyn Eaton
6411 North Lamar Blvd.           Branch Manager: Maida Gray                                                                             Wesley Yeager
Austin, TX 78752-4088            1317 Empire Central                                                                                    Mike Sheffield
(512) 458-2558                   Dallas, TX 75247                           Management
1-800-749-9732                   (214) 688-5504                             President/CEO.......................................... Tommy D. Seargeant
                                                                            Executive Vice President ........................... Patricia A. Aldridge, CCUE
Austin – Airport
                                 Edinburg                                   Senior Vice President/CFO ....................... Derrick Peterson
Branch Manager: Erik Juarez
                                 Branch Manager: Susana Rodriguez           Vice President .......................................... David Keller, CCUE
1180 Airport Blvd.
                                 416 South Jackson Rd.                      VP of Aggieland....................................... Jason Goodman
Austin, TX 78702
                                 Edinburg, TX 78539                         VP of Information Technologies ............... Carolyn Muise
(512) 458-2558
                                 (956) 316-8334
                                                                            Insights is an official publication of Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union
Austin – Winters
                                 Houston-290 Branch                         for the sole use of its members. Editor/Marketing Director, Brandy Logan.
Branch Manager: Monica Caudle
701 W. 51st St., Section F       Manager: Shirley Geary
2nd West                         5305 Bingle Road
Austin, TX 78769
(512) 438-4750
                                 Houston, TX 77092
                                 (713) 895-8659
                                                                            Holiday Closings
                                                                            Monday, May 28 in observance of Memorial Day
Bastrop                          Houston – Polk                             Wednesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day
Branch Manager: Jill McNabb      Branch Manager: Maria Ortega
115 Hunters Crossing Blvd.       5425 Polk St. B
Bastrop, TX 78602                Houston, TX 77023
(512) 332-2391                   (713) 923-5336
Metro (512) 303-6045
                                 Manor                                   Touch Tone Loans                               Internet Access
Bryan                            Branch Manager: Suzanne Hayes                                                
                                                                         Apply for a loan over the phone
Branch Manager: Tina Muth        11401 US HWY 290 E., Bldg. A                                                  or
                                                                         during regular business hours.
2127 E. William J. Bryan Pkwy.   Manor, TX 78653                                                              
                                                                         (512) 458-2558 ext. 1006
Bryan, TX 77802                  (512) 458-2558                                                                         for many more FREE or NO-FEE ATM
                                                                         (800) 749-9732 ext. 1006
(979) 696-1440                                                                                                          locations. You can use your ATM card
                                 San Antonio                                                                            at PLUS machines worldwide, but if you
Cedar Park                                                               GTCall 24 - hour Account Access
                                 Branch Manager: Anna Olivares                                                          use machines other than the ones listed
Branch Manager: Mystel Jensen                                            Automated voice response system
                                 3635 S.E. Military Dr., Ste. 100                                                       above, the first five transactions per
1600 N. Bell Blvd.                                                       lets you check your balance, transfer          month (seven per month for Golden
                                 San Antonio, TX 78223
Cedar Park, TX 78613                                                     money, even apply for a loan, all over         Star members) are free, and you will be
                                 (210) 337-3343
(512) 458-2558                                                           the phone, from anywhere in the world,         charged $2 for every transaction after
                                 San Antonio – Texas Transportation      24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free!           that.
College Station –                Branch Manager: Colleen Whitten         Austin: (512) 451-5195
Southwest Parkway                6318 Callaghan Road                     Nationwide toll-free: 1-800-749-0179
201 Southwest Pkwy. E.           San Antonio, TX 78229
P.O. Box 10091                   (210) 344-2011
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 696-1440                   For additional locations, visit
                                 to locate a Credit Union Service                                                                                     Federally Insured
                                 Center near you.                                                                                                     by the NCUA

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