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					             MARCH 2012


          MARCH Col Col Col
    Col Col Col Col 2012
         S                 M               T              W                   T                   F                 S
                                                                      1                  2                 3
                                                                                          A La Carte
          Guest Day Promotion Ends on March 31st!!                                       Dinner Service
         Take Advantage of the Savings while you can!
                                                                                              Kids Night
4                  5                 6               7                8                  9                 10
Sunday Brunch Midlands Senior                         A La Carte          Metro Team      A La Carte       SCGA Pee Wee
 Dining Room  10am Shotgun                           Dinner Service         Matches      Dinner Service     Tournament
 11:30am-3pm     (bar open)                            6pm-9pm            9:30 Shotgun     6pm-9pm          Tee @ 12pm
                                                                                                               1pm Wedding

11                 12                13              14               15                       16        17
                                                                                          Mizuno Demo
SCGA Pee Wee       Blythewood Bengals Invitational    A La Carte                         Day @Pro Shop Two Man Better
 Tournament                                          Dinner Service                        1st Annual           Ball
                        (bar open)
  Tee @ 8am                                            6pm-9pm                           World Series of    Tournament
                                                                                                          (breakfast served)
                                                                                          Poker Tourn.
Sunday Brunch
                                                                                           A La Carte
 Dining Room
                                                                                          Dinner 6-9pm
18                 19                20              21               22                 23                24
Sunday Brunch      Blythewood JV                      A La Carte                          A La Carte
 Dining Room        Tournament                       Dinner Service                      Dinner Service
 11:30am-pm                                            6pm-9pm                             6pm-9pm
 Couples Golf
25                 26                27              28               29                 30                31
    Sunday Grand                                      A La Carte                          A La Carte           LGA "9 to 5"
        Buffet                                       Dinner Service                      Dinner Service          Member/
      Ballroom                                         6pm-9pm                             6pm-9pm               Member
    11:30am-3pm                                                                                                 Tournament
                                                                                                               1pm Shotgun
Ccc A LA CARTE Dining MENU - MARCH 2012
             * * * * * * * * * *
                             Friday, March 2nd
               Veal Scalopine / Blackened Salmon

                          Wednesday, March 7th
            Chef Benny’s Meatloaf / Fried Catfish Filet

                             Friday, March 9th
             Surf & Turf / Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

                          Wednesday, March 14th
                     Beaufort Stew / Beef Tips

                            Friday, March 16th
         Corned Beef & Cabbage / Stuffed Cornish Hen

                          Wednesday, March 21st
                Fried Pork Chop / Chicken Pot Pie

                            Friday, March 23rd
                  Fried Oysters / Beef Brouchets

                        Wednesday, March 28th
                     BBQ Chicken / Meat Lasagna

                            Friday, March 30th
                  Spare Ribs / Grilled Tuna Steak

 Please Remember: A La Carte Lunch Service on Saturday afternoon now runs
              until 3:30pm to better suit our afternoon golfers.

      Golfers Sunday Brunch Buffet now served in Small Dining Room.
                                               MGA NEWS
                                                          Weekly Results
                                        2/1 - Humphries, Necker, Beville, Stone - 58
                                              2/3 - Necker, Parkinson, Beville - 59
                                            2/8 - Brearton, Parkinson, Beville - 58
                                                         2/10 - Haffner, Descy - 61
                                     2/15 - Haffner, Parkinson, Beville, Magaro - 58
                                                 2/17 - Haffner, George, Descy - 55
                                            2/22 - Haffner, Parkinson, Magaro - 57
                                        2/27 - Brearton, Smith, Beville, Hance - 62

                                                                 CCC’s Three Club
                                THE SCGA’s                     Tournament Winners
                                   40 PLUS
                                                                 Overall Gross - 54
                                                               Dan Neal, Don Ries, Marvin
  First 40+ In 2012 - February 20th - Bluffton, SC
                                                                  Davis & Alan Tinder
CCC’s Dan Sullivan was the only player in the field able
to brave the cold windy conditions and still shoot par in
the first 40 Plus event of the year held at Belfair’s West
Course in Bluffton, SC. Sullivan was able to beat out Ron
                                                                   Overall Net - 53
Clontz and Joe Bryant by one shot to capture the victory.
                                                                Don McPherson, Chuck
The 40 Plus is a series of events conducted for the golfers
across SC, over the age of 40. The field consisted of 92         Rhoden, Phil Jenkins
players, playing on the 6,363 yard West Course in Belfair
Plantation. This event was the first of eight 40 Plus events
                                                                     & Joe Bolt
the SCGA will conduct in 2012. The next 40 Plus will
take place on March 12th at the Reserve Club @                 Congratulations Guys!!!
Woodside Plantation in Aiken.
                LGA NEWS
                                               Vikings’ Long Tapped As Coach At
            Weekly Results                             McDonald’s Game
                                                 Spring Valley girls basketball coach Anne Long has
                                                been selected as a head coach for the 2012 McDonald’s
                                                  All American Game. She will be coaching the East
       Bradford, Wiser & Hall - 58                Team. She is one of four (boys & girls) high school
                                               coaches chosen from across the country. Spring Valley
                                                  assistant girls varsity coach Doretha Garland and
                                                 Spring Valley JV girls coach Greg Bauldrick will be
 Saine, Greene, Frazier & McDonald - 58        assisting her. The Vikings’ Xylina McDaniel has been
                                               selected to play in the game. The double-header will be
                                                      televised on ESPNU on March 28th at 7pm.

  Moskovitz, Frazier, Hall & Dupre - 60
                                              Hi Ladies, Spring is around the corner! March 1st starts
                                              our 2012 season, hurray! Sandy Beville will have the
1st - Bradford, Greene, Fortson & Ward - 57   ringer board and birdie tree up. Don’t forget to put your
                                              birdies on the tree and mark your scores on the ringer
   2nd - Moskovitz, Frazier, Beville - 63     board. The new LGA directory should be ready by our
                                              next meeting day on March 20th. All of our members get
                                              a directory and a free locker, so if anyone is interested
                                              in joining the LGA please contact Nina Greene or DD
  Ullman, Dupre, Frazier & Fortson - 59       Masters.
                                              The Silver Cup starts the first week of April so be sure
                                              to watch for the sign up sheet in the locker room. This
                                              match play tournament requires a recent USGA
                                              handicap and is free to all LGA members. If you lose in
                                              the first round you proceed to the Consolation Cup. Lots
                                              of fun for everyone!
                                              Also the first team match is March 8th at CCC so if any
                                              ladies are around be sure to greet the members from the
                                              other clubs.
                                              Our first annual “Nine to Five” member/member
                                              tournament is on Saturday, March 31st with a 1 pm
                                              shotgun start. It will be a fun afternoon, so watch for
                                              the sign up sheet in the locker room in a couple weeks!
                                              All of our working ladies will be able to play!
                                              Hopefully, I will see all of you on the golf course soon!

 Heather Barley, Clubhouse Manager            DD Masters, LGA President
A Word From the Membership Committee Chairman.....
               The Membership Committee would like to welcome the following new members to the CCC family:

                                     Please take a few moments to welcome them to the club.
    A note to let everyone know the Membership Committee has had several meetings in February. The goal is to have a new
standardized dues structure. This will enable the staff to more easily explain our dues structure to prospective members.
    Our new structure will put more emphasis on gaining younger members who are just starting out and have small children
who want to enjoy a country club atmosphere. Finalized details will be announced within the month.
    The Membership Committee wishes everyone a safe and prosperous March. Please tell everyone you can how much they gain
by joining the Columbia Country Club family. It’s your club and your support makes it prosper.

                             Lamar Brabham - Membership Committee Chairman

A Word From Our Superintendent.....
    With springtime rapidly approaching, the golf course maintenance staff and I are trying to wrap up any of the remaining
winter projects. We have been fortunate this year with a mild, dry winter which allowed us to be extremely productive.
    Last month, we transplanted several trees to the left of #26 fairway to screen the new development, as well as transplanting
additional trees to #12. In addition, we completed the drainage project in front of #8 green. This area stayed wet during the
winter and received heavy traffic from pull carts, maintenance equipment and walkers. We added nearly 400 feet of drain pipe
and 16 tons of sand to help the area drain more effectively.
    In February, we completed our post-emergent herbicide application to control winter weeds. The mild winter caused us to
rotate our herbicide selection, but I feel that we received adequate control across the golf course. We have also completed our
fertilization of the ornamental plants around the club house and golf course.
    In March, we have scheduled a contractor to spread our summer pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer combination. This
product will help control crabgrass, goose grass and summer broadleaf weeds as well as providing a slow-release fertilizer for the
                   Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to seeing everyone on the golf course.

                                     Jim Young - Golf Course Superintendent

A Word From The Sports Committee Chairman........
    This month’s 3-Club tournament was a big success. We had 40 golfers wielding their 3 favorite clubs plus putter in an event
that proved that we could get by with few less clubs. Congratulations to the low gross and low net winners!
    To date we only have 16 Tournament Club members. With the Clemson Football schedule finally out this week we have
decided to move the Fall Member-Member to the weekend of October 13 & 14 to avoid a home game conflict for Clemson. This
means that all of the Fall tournaments are now on either off or away weekends for both the Gamecocks and the Tigers. If you were
concerned about possible conflicts, this is no longer a problem. Sign up for the Tournament Club today! It’s only $275 and offers a
big savings over paying for each tournament separately.
    So far we have 18 members signed up for the Buyer’s Club. Don’t forget to stop to sign up so you can take advantage of all of
the great buys in the Pro Shop.
                                    Bill Watkins - Sports Committee Chairman
The staff at CCC is ready for the golf season to begin. As the weather improves be sure to call the Golf Shop to schedule
  a tee time if you are planning to play. Warm weather and longer days mean a full tee sheet. Help us help you enjoy
    your round by scheduling tee times in advance. We try to accommodate everyone but some days this is difficult.
Be on the look out for CCC’s 2012 Junior Brochure. The golf staff is in the process of upgrading the junior program and
   elevating it to the next level. We welcome any comments or suggestions pertaining to the growth of this program.
 With the 2012 tournament season getting under way, I give a friendly reminder to all those interested in participating.
The Tournament Tees will be set between 6400-6600 yards while the Black Tees (62 and older) will be set between 5700-
  6000 yards. Your USGA HANDICAP INDEX will be used to determine your handicap for the event. All participants
 must have an established handicap through CCC and must have at least 10 scores posted in the past 12 months. Those
eligible to play the Black Tees will have their handicap adjusted 3 shots in accordance with USGA rules and regulations.
Walking will be permitted in the Club Championship, Senior Club Championship and Match Play Championship ONLY.
  Carts will be required in ALL other events. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the tournament program!
                               Chris Sparrow - Head PGA Golf Professional

  The Weekday Guest Deal will expire on March 31, 2012. Take advantage of the savings now before it’s too late!!
   March 16th - Mizuno Demo Day at CCC - Come by the club and look over their brand new line of equipment.
                        Schedule a fitting in the Pro Shop with a Mizuno custom fitter.

Those of you who participated in the ONE of the first two tournaments of 2012, a pro-rated Tournament Club fee of
  $250 will be offered. If you played in BOTH the first two tournaments the pro-rated fee is $225. If you did not
 participate in either of the first two tournaments, the full $275 fee will still apply. An updated Tournament Club
                   Point Sheet can be found in the Golf Shop. See Scott or Eric for your copy today.

       Mondays: 12pm-6pm (7pm for Daylight Savings) - Please check your calendar for Monday outings.

                             Tuesdays - Sundays: 8am - 6pm (7pm for Daylight Savings)

                             All golf carts need to be returned to the Golf Shop by 6pm.

           Driving Range - Mondays: Closed, Tuesday - Sunday: 8am - 6pm (7pm for Daylight Savings)

March 18, April 15, May 6, June 10, July 15, September 9, November 11 - All 1pm Shotgun Starts (12:30 on 11/11)

Saturday, March 18th - 10am Shotgun Start - Entry Fee: $25 - Breakfast Buffet available for purchase 8am-10am

    Two person teams compete in a better ball format. Sign up and kick start your game for the spring season!

Men’s Spring Member/Member - April 21 & 22                         Men’s Member/Guest - May 17th - 19th
                                        Columbia CC Bids Farewell....
                         Jason Crapps - Assistant Golf Professional
                   Dedicated 9 Years to CCC - You will be GREATLY missed!
                                           Samantha Strauss - Office Manager
                                       We wish you both luck in all your future endeavors!

                                                                               Eric Davis !!
   Taking over the position as Assistant Golf Professional is Newberry, SC native, Eric Davis.
  Eric is currently attending the University of South Carolina where he is pursuing a degree in
    hospitality with a specification in Club Management. He will be graduating this coming
 December. With his deep rooted background in golf, we are sure Eric will be a great fit here at
   Columbia CC. Take a moment to welcome Eric when you see him in the Golf Shop as he is
                                     eager to meet new faces!

A Word From The Clubhouse Manager.....
   I would first like to thank everyone for their attendance at the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dinner. This night was not
only a success financially, but the atmosphere and entertainment received a great response as well! I plan to introduce
many more intimate, candle lit Friday services in the near future. CCC’s First Annual Bunko Blast was also amazingly well
attended; I cannot thank all of the CCC ladies enough! Mrs. Masters, Mrs. Greene & Mrs. Jewell - I don’t know what I’d do
without you! The next Ladies Night will be scheduled for mid-April as our event concentration for March will be our St.
Patty’s Day themed Poker Night. Moving this from February to March due to lack of participation, I am now opening this
event up to all members and all guests. Come as a couple or bring a neighbor buddy - everyone is welcome! Adults only !
   Pool season is right around the corner everyone! We have had a great number of Summer Members sign up over the
past few weeks and hope to receive even more as we have extended the early sign up discount (only $550) to March 15th.
Should anyone have any friends/relatives/neighbors interested in joining our pool this summer, please forward me their
information and I will do all that I can to see to it that they join! Head Coach Jessie King is back and the Annual Swim Team
kick off party/ice cream social will be held on May 6th, 2012 at 2pm. It is at that time that sign up, payment, equipment
ordering and informational meeting will take place. Should anyone have questions prior to that event regarding swim team
rules & practice times, feel free to stop by the front office and I will provide you with this year’s finalized information.
   This spring & summer, I want to remind everyone about the TENNIS/PERSONAL TRAINING/ZUMBA offered at the club.
Flyers are posted with clinic/class schedules & contact info for Tennis Pro Brian Clark and the LGA has met with trainer
James Allen to devise a plan for the upcoming Zumba classes on Mondays & Wednesdays. These qualified individuals are
here for you - here to help CCC remain the full-service club we all know and love!
   Attention Parents! I am in the process of organizing a 2012 Summer Camp for the youngsters. My plan is to incorporate
swim, tennis & golf (as well as lunch & play time) into one complete package. I’d like to run this camp three days a week
from 9am-2pm, for eight weeks. A full package plan will introduced on April 1st. I am open to comments and ideas so
please don't hesitate to contact me with your thoughts! Also, don’t forget Kid’s Night -March 2nd. Reserve your spot today!
                                          Thank you for your continued support CCC!

                                     Heather Barley - Clubhouse Manager

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