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youth tennis san diego junior yearbook 2008 - Barnes Tennis Center


  • pg 1
                                                                  Non-Profit Org.
Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                                   U.S. Postage
4490 West Point Loma Boulevard
                                                                      PA I D
San Diego, CA 92107                                               San Diego, CA
                                                                   Permit #1911
                                                                                   YOUTH TENNIS SAN DIEGO   JUNIOR YEARBOOK 2008

                                    Printed by

                     926 Turquoise Street • San Diego, CA 92109
                        (858) 488-4871 • Fax (858) 488-8020
                                                      Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                      Past Presidents 1953-2007
                                                      Fred Kinne 1952, ’53, ’54, ’55
Table of                                              Robert Galloway 1956, ’57
                                                      Hugh Weckerly 1958, ’59, ’60, ’61

Contents                                              Bob Berrey 1962, ’63
                                                      Garnet Glenney 1964, ’65, ’66
                                                      Jonathan Pierce 1967, ’68, ’69
                                                      Mary Ann Shelton 1970, ’71, ’72
                                                      Tom Boyle 1973, ’74, ’75
 1 President’s                                        Pierce Kavanagh 1976, ’77
                                                      Dick Treat 1978, ’79, ’80
   Message                                            Jean Kremm 1981, ’82, ’83
                                                      Dennis Askvig 1984, ’85
 2 Awards                                             Jamil Khoury 1986, ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90
                                                      Ron Baker 1991
 8 Open                                               George Adams 1992, ’93
                                                      Dal Watkins 1994
   Tournament                                         Kimberly Miller 1995, ’96
   Results                                            Bill Kellogg 1997, ’98
                                                      Kathy Willette 1999, 2000
10 Junior Rankings                                    Rick Evans 2001, ’02
                                                      Peter Garchie 2003
                                                      Joe Zesbaugh 2003
12 National                                           Scott Rogers 2003, ’04, ’05
14 Community          2008 Officers
   Tennis             Michael Bandemer - President
                      Jonathan Atun - Treasurer
   Highlights         Lee Booth - Secretary

16 After School       2008 Board of Directors
   Tennis             Bob Alden, George Alexander, Jonathan Atun, Michelle Baker, Liz Blum, Lee Booth,
                      Lori Faierman, Jim Frakes, Judge Charles Hayes, Bruce Hunt, Steve Kappes,
17 Novice/Satellite   Greg Klawitter, Brian Lorenz, Marty Molden, Scott Rogers, Kristen Rosen, Anne Rosser,
                      Maria Salas, Julie Watts, Kathy Willette, Kevin Wood
20 YTSD               Kerry Blum - Executive Director
   Foundation         Linn Walker - Executive Director- YTSD Foundation
                      Lee Booth - Director of Education
22 Programs at        Steve Bickham - Facility/Tennis Director
                      Lynn Jennings - After School Tennis Coordinator
   the Barnes         Eric Mann - Adult Program Coordinator
   Tennis Center      Tom O’Brien - Program Director
                      Anne Podney - Tournament Director
                      Calla Vastola - Fund Development
24 2008-09            Paula Flesher - Accounting Manager
   Tournament         George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis Center
                      4490 West Point Loma Blvd. • San Diego, CA 92107
   Schedule           619-221-9000 • FAX 619-221-9076
                      E-mail: • Website:
                      Youth Tennis San Diego, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, owns and operates the
                      George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis Center.

                      The 2008 Junior Tennis Yearbook was compiled by Youth Tennis San Diego.
                      Special thanks to Anne Podney, Calla Vastola and Simone Llerandi.
                      Printed by North Shores Printery • 926 Turquoise Street • San Diego, CA 92109
President’s Message
        erving one more year as President of Youth Tennis San Diego (YTSD),


                                                                                                                 Photo by Diane Schafer
        I am excited by the many new Board members who joined our
        organization this year. They have promised huge commitments of
time and energy and I know they will help spread the mission of our organi-
zation throughout the community.
   The plans for our new Education Center, funded by a generous donation
from the Booth family, are progressing well. The City of San Diego has
revised the Conditional Use Permit and we have presented the project to
the Coastal Commission—so we may be seeing some light at the end of
the bureaucratic tunnel. We hope to have a groundbreaking on the project
this spring. Specific plans and naming opportunities will be in the lobby at         Mike Bandemer, President
                                                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego
the Barnes Tennis Center soon.
   In 2007, the After School Tennis program continued to expand—more
than 112 schools now participate in this program, which serves our multi-
cultural community and makes a lasting impact on all who participate.
   Our programs and tournaments continue to grow and attract new junior
players. Our success is largely due to the efforts of our devoted and enthusi-
astic staff. Our dedicated Board of Directors is joined by many hard-working
volunteers and they all help make a lasting impact on our community.
   I look forward to this final year of my presidency. I am proud to be part of
such a remarkable organization with such a long history of service to the
youth of San Diego through tennis and education.                                     Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                                                     is a nonprofit organization
                                                                                     whose purpose is to
                                                                                     promote the Educational,
                                                                                     Physical and Social
                                                                                     Development of all youth
                                                                                     through organized tennis
                                                                                     and educational activities.

                                                                                     Our community programs
                                                                                     encourage youth partici-
                                                                                     pation, personal integrity,
                                                                                     leadership, and competi-
                                                                                     tive spirit in a friendly
                                                                                     environment that builds
                                                                                     responsible citizens.

                                                                       Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook                      1
Service to Tennis
                           OLIVE R. PIERCE AWARD
                           Presented to an adult for outstanding contribution to the welfare and development
                           of tennis in San Diego. In memory of Olive R. Pierce, wife of Jonathan Pierce,
                           San Diego Tennis Patrons President 1967-69.
                           2007   Sandie Kindred     1996 Steve Ruzic           1986   Gary Edwards          1975   Virginia Glass
                           2006   Leslie Evans       1995 George Adams &        1985   Kathy Willette        1974   John Tsumas
                           2005   Marty Molden            Gil West              1984   Jack Campbell         1973   Tom Boyle
                           2004   Ellen Ehlers       1994 George Peterson       1983   Clyde Crockett        1972   Mary Anne Oberle
                           2003   Anne Podney        1993 George E. Barnes      1982   Jean Kremm            1971   Jean F. Boothby
                           2002   Fred Circo         1992 Janet Rostovsky       1981   Louis Nargi           1970   Powell Blankenship
Sandie Kindred             2001   Gerri Gullen       1991 Homer Peabody, Jr.    1980   Ed Collins            1969   Lillian Herrick
                           2000   Bob Alden          1990 Jim Wright            1979   Gloria Nixon          1968   Robert L. Galloway
                           1999   Marilyn Streed     1989 Bill Kellogg          1978   Mr. & Mrs. R. Brock   1967   Ralph Trembley
                           1998   Jim Hillman        1988 Ben Press             1977   Steve Cushman
                           1997   Charles Wax        1987 Jamil Khoury          1976   Alex Gordon

                           BILL DUDASH MEMORIAL AWARD
                           Presented for outstanding service to tennis by a girl or boy.
                           Bill Dudash was a San Diego umpire who enjoyed working with junior tennis players.
                           2007   Alex Frakes        1999   Dana Bacalla        1991   Jamie Saben           1984 Stephanie Hake &
                           2006   Alexandra Preece   1998   Amy Molden          1990   Ron Marquez                Nancy Shore
                           2005   Caroline Ehlers    1997   Marc Lucero         1989   Ron Marquez           1983 Stephanie Hake &
                           2004   Tam Vo             1996   Alonso Velasco      1988   Geoffrey Harris            Lisa Lareau
                           2003   Katherine Jan      1995   Bo Navarro          1987   Adrian Cordova        1982 Jennifer Chapin
                           2002   Carol Erickson     1994   Tony Marquez        1986   Naomi Hotta           1981 Oscar Quinones
                           2001   Cindy Chu          1993   Ulysses Marquez     1985   Patti Elson           1980 Tenley Treat &
Alex Frakes                2000   Jose Barajas       1992   Candice Donahoe                                       Connie Lemon

                           Presented for dedication, participation and devotion to tennis. Sophie Custado is the
                           Grandmother of the Redondo Family who devoted many hours to junior tennis.
                           2007   Lexi Provancha     1998   Michael Coelho      1989   Branaca Elsberry      1980   Alex Levie
                           2006   Natasha Makarova   1997   Lindsey Green       1988   Jeff Miyamoto         1979   Jackie Geller
                           2005   Thad Mostowtt      1996   Scott Kintz         1987   Kerry Safdie          1978   Steve Pearson
                           2004   Thomas Keiffer     1995   Katie Umekubo       1986   Julie Coakley         1977   Shelly Stillman
                           2003   Andrew Haynes      1994   Candice Donahoe     1985   Katrina Crawford      1976   Susan Hagey
                           2002   Cindy Chu          1993   Molly Gavin         1984   Kathy Mulvehal        1975   Walter Redondo
                           2001   Brandon Wai        1992   Brian Kintz         1983   Colette Kavanagh      1974   Walter Redondo
Lexi Provancha             2000   Amy Molden         1991   Nicole Willette     1982   Jack Griffin
                           1999   Jody Sheldt        1990   Lee Ann Rostovsky   1981   Lynn Lewis

                           Presented to a 14 and under boy and girl.
                           2007 Axel Cramer          2000 Lawrence Kourie       1993 Leo Docuyanan
                                Morgan McCray             Rebecca Lin                Erica Tower
                           2006 Cameron Bernhardt    1999 Rolando Cadua         1992 George Moungvong
                                Hailey Johnson            Esther Cadua               Katie Umekubo
                           2005 Warren Wood          1998 Jonathan Vo           1991 Tony Marquez
                                Sofia Ruiz                Kaitlin Callan             Katie Umekubo
                           2004 Remi Martin          1997 A.J. James            1990 Eric Wang
                                Jake Fellows              Liddy Bartell              Candice Donahoe
                           2003 Steven Henderson     1996 Derek Betyar          1989 Brian Kintz
Axel Cramer                                                                                                   Morgan McCray
                                Anna Yang                 Amy Molden                 Erin Lowrey
                           2002 Bobby DeSimone       1995 Brent Davis
                                Leanne Milliken           Ashley Backus
                           2001 George Pritzker      1994 Kevin Chen
                                Kristin Strimple          Andrea Sanders

2   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                  Presented to a 16 or 18 and under girl. Margaret Weckerly and her family have
                  been long-standing supporters of junior tennis in San Diego.
                  2007   Hannah Holladay   1994   Laura Scher        1981 Maria Melbourne        1969   Ruan Smith
                  2006   Remi Martin       1993   Michelle Morris    1980 Deanne Loonin          1968   Ann Lebedeff
                  2005   Julie Chao        1992   Kristen Nicita     1979 Maria Pe               1967   Mary Struthers
                  2004   Natasha Black     1991   Angela Cruz        1978 Karen Mulvehal         1966   Valerie Ziegenfuss
                  2003   Kari Barklis      1990   Suzy Drage         1977 Cecilia Kavanagh       1965   Kathy Apple
                  2002   Ashley Coulson    1989   Lynn Coakley       1976 Liz Smith              1964   Suzanne Herrick
                  2001   Kristina Pierce   1988   Kristin Costi      1975 Paula Smith            1963   Lucinda Danielson
Hannah Holladay   2000   Leigh Roberts     1987   Veena Prabhakar    1974 Anne “Bunny”           1962   Kathy Blake
                  1999   Heather Leslie    1986   Linda Allred            Bruning                1961   Molly Danielson
                  1998   Dara Walsh        1985   Kim Rostovsky      1973 Margaret Teague        1960   Kathy Chabot
                  1997   Erica Tower       1984   Jennifer Steen     1972 Margie Strode          1959   Judy Minna
                  1996   Kirsten Olsen     1983   Mary Graber        1971 Rory MacEwing
                  1995   Jenny Lee         1982   Taiche Kanter      1970 Avriel Shroth

                  Presented to a 16 or 18 and under boy. Roland Brock was one of the founders
                  of the San Diego Tennis Patrons.
                  2007 Duke Miller         1995   Andrew Evans       1982 Todd Khoury            1970   Raul Ramirez
                  2006 Adam Biddlecome     1994   Alan Regala        1981 Danny Stack            1969   Steve Kremm
                  2005 Benjamin Roy        1993   Simon Shen         1980 Stan Perry             1968   John Burrmann
                  2004 Yen-Ming Chen       1992   Brian Kintz        1979 Mark McMahon           1967   Dwight Frerichs
                  2003 Alex McDaniel       1991   Simon Kurth        1978 John Graber            1966   Jim Logan
                  2002 Thomas Yancey       1990   Jerry Miyamoto     1977 Roger Knapp            1965   Steve Avoyer
                  2001 Casey and           1989   Michael DeGuzman   1976 Carlos Mora            1964   John Rolph
Duke Miller            Kyle McMakin        1988   Sean Willette      1975 Walter Redondo         1963   Rocky Jarvis
                  2000 Jason Gapud         1987   Peter Morawiecki   1974 Brad Rowe              1962   Larry Amador
                  1999 Zach Fox            1986   Erik Johnson       1973 Warren Eber            1961   Roy Barth
                  1998 Zac Markham         1985   Reid Middleton     1972 Tim Kremm              1960   John Bennett
                  1997 Pocholo Mangubat    1984   Tim Budnack        1971 James Hagey            1959   Ruben Carriedo
                  1996 Michael Huss        1983   Otis Allmon             Edward Hagey

                  Presented to a high school senior at the Harper Ink Tournament. Bob Carrothers was a junior
                  player in the 30’s and 40’s in San Diego and well-known for his outstanding sportsmanship.
                  2007   Jason Sinkoff     1996   Katie Umekubo      1986 Katrina Crawford       1977 Joan Carson
                  2006   Waylon Mobley     1995   David White             Kevin Klabunde              Roger Knapp
                  2005   Andrew Haynes     1994   Michelle Morris    1985 Craig Ellison          1976 Hale Maher
                  2004   Alyse Tyson       1993   Allan Jurlina      1984 Otis Allmon            1975 Paul Press
                  2003   Jonathan Luo      1992   Jamie Saben        1983 Taiche Kantner         1974 Del Tulao
                  2002   Eric Yandoc       1991   Jerry Miyamoto     1982 Connie Lemon           1973 Tim Kremm
                  2001   not presented     1990   Branaca Elsberry   1981 Dave Kuhn              1972 Larry Belinsky
Jason Sinkoff     2000   Fatoumata Keita   1989   Jeff Miyamoto      1980 Tom Adams              1971 John Bennett
                  1999   Denis Kolenovic   1988   Kerry Safdie       1979 Doug Bradley           1970 Bernie Feldman
                  1998   Sara Heron        1987   Linda Allred       1978 Kathy O’Brien          1969 Lucy Kable
                  1997   Uly Marquez

                  Presented by the Molden Family to a boy and girl 12 and under
                  who displays outstanding sportsmanship. Jean Kremm was YTSD
                  tournament director from 1975 to 1998.
                  2007 Gregory Garcia
                       Rozel Hernandez

Gregory Garcia                                                                                     Rozel Hernandez

                                                                          Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook      3
    Award Winners                                    Wilbur Folsom Award for
    14s Jonathan Lo, Lindsey Kostas
                                                     Most Improved Players
    16s Alex Yermanos, Gabrielle Desimone            Presented by San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club.
    18s Steven Henderson, Stephanie Hoffpauir
    14s Thomas Pham, Lacey Smyth
    16s Alex Johnson, Stephanie Hoffpauir
    18s Bradley Klahn, Kimberly Haynes           18s
    14s Amelia Herring, Miguel Danet
    16s Natasha Makarova, Bradley Klahn
    18s Rebecca Kwan, Steven Forman
    14s Jacquie Harrison, Michael Lin
    16s Rebecca Kwan, Steve Forman
    18s Rebecca Lin, Michael Caldwell
    14s Leisl Lewis, Bradley Klahn
    16s Kristin Strimple, Jason McNaughton
    18s Esther Cadua, Hardy Ehlers
    14s Carling Donovan, Jason McNaughton
    16s Hardy Ehlers, Esther Cadua
    18s John Caldwell, Patricia Ruman
                                                     Steven Henderson                  Stephanie Hoffpauir
    14s Jason McNaughton, Rebecca Lin
    16s Jeff Nguyen, Ashley Strimple
    18s Dan Tontz, Sheila Lewis
    18s Andrew James, Joslynn Burkett
    16s Daniel Andrus, Sheila Lewis
    14s Hardy Ehlers, Lindsay McBride
    18s Eric Scheldt, Katie Foos
    16s Kalan Baisden, Lauren Perl
    14s Michael Hirshman, Carol Erickson
    18s Derek Miller, Heather Shelby
    16s Brian Wilson, Katherine Foos
    14s Jordan Belinsky, Lauren Perl
    18s Michael Coelho, Laresa Marino
    14s Armando Carrascosa, Sheila Lewis
    18s Pocholo Mangubat, Kendra Strandemo           Alex Yermanos                     Gabrielle Desimone
    16s Glen Miller, Jody Scheldt
    18s David White, Kirsten Olsen
    14s Mike Placek, Anna Sieczka                14s
    18s Scott Lippitt, Leah Fisher
    14s Joshua Berner, Abi Spears
    18s Brad Humphreys, Erin Lowrey
    14s Brad Vo, Sara Arguilla
    18s Bobby Hrdina, Tami Byrd
    14s Trent Miller, Lindsey Green
    18s Tim Burke, Molly Gavin
    14s Hector Cortez, Marissa Velasco
    Jimmy Brown, Ingrid Kurta

                                                     Jonathan Lo                       Lindsey Kostas

4    2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
 Junior Players                                                 Award Winners
 of the Year 2006                                               2007
                                                                14s Daniel Faierman, Hailey Johnson
 Highest nationally ranked players in San Diego County.         16s Zach Leslie, Lacey Smyth
                                                                18s Bradley Klahn, Coco Vanderweghe
                                                                14s Campbell Johnson, Gabrielle Desimone

18s                                                             16s Bradley Klahn, Coco Vanderweghe
                                                                18s Jason McNaughton, Kimberly Haynes
                                                                14s Michael Lin, Lacey Smyth
                                                                16s Bradley Klahn, Natasha Makarova
                                                                18s Gregory Hirshman, Rebecca Lin
                                                                14s Bradley Klahn, CoCo Vandeweghe
                                                                16s Steve Forman, Nadia Abdala
                                                                18s Brett Condon, Esther Cadua
                                                                14s Steven Forman, Natasha Makarova
                                                                16s Jason McNaughton, Julie Chao
                                                                18s Brandon Wai, Emma Taylor
                                                                14s Jason McNaughton, Carling Donovan
                                                                16s Brandon Wai, Esther Cadua
                                                                18s Brandon Wai, Julianna Gates
 Bradley Klahn                       Coco Vanderweghe
                                                                14s Bijan Moallemi, Esther Cadua
                                                                16s Brandon Wai, Julianna Gates
16s                                                             18s Daniel Andrus, Amber Liu
                                                                14s Brandon Wai, Camelia Todorova
                                                                16s Byron Cole, Lauren Perl
                                                                18s Brian Wilson, Amber Liu
                                                                14s Eric Riley, Cindy Chu
                                                                16s Ryan McNaughton, Jody Scheldt
                                                                18s Jason Pongsrikul, Amber Liu
                                                                14s Eric Yandoc, Lauren Perl
                                                                16s Mike Placek, Amber Liu
                                                                18s Derick Miller, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                14s A.J. James, Amber Liu
                                                                16s Ryan Redondo, Natilie Mikolich
                                                                18s Anthony Mateljan, Alexandra Stevenson
 Zach Leslie                         Lacey Smyth                1996
                                                                14s Ryan Redondo, Natalie Mikolich
                                                                16s Derek Miller, Allison Bradshaw

14s                                                             18s Trent Miller, Alexandra Stevenson
                                                                14s David Giorgis, Abi Spears
                                                                16s Anthony Mateljian, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                18s Trent Miller, Marisa Velasco
                                                                14s Derek Miller, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                16s Trent Miller, Alexandra Stevenson
                                                                18s Vo Chu, Marisa Velasco
                                                                14s Brad Vo, Alexandra Stevenson
                                                                16s Brad Humphreys, Candice Donahoe
                                                                18s Vo Chu, Molly Gavin
                                                                14s Andrew Evans, Gee Gee Garvin
                                                                16s Taryn Burgk, Vanessa Rooks
                                                                18s Jon Elsberry, Tami Byrd
 Daniel Faierman                     Hailey Johnson

                                                          Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook     5
6   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Outstanding Role Model
                       Presented to a junior for being outstanding role models while
                       participating in programs at the Barnes Tennis Center.
                       2007 Gerardo De La Concha   2003 Axel Cramer            1999 Andrew Haynes
                            Laina Matsuda          2002 Niko Karnopp                Tori Hoeft
                       2006 Alex Yermanos               Elizabeth Becker       1998 Brian Sullivan
                            Joulia Likhanskaia     2001 Sasha Altshteyn             Kari Olsen
                       2005 Patricia Guinea             Tamara Sarafijanovic   1997 Ryan Garchie
                       2004 Bryce Bettwy           2000 Michael Hervey              Amy Molden
Gerardo De La Concha                                    Lexi Provancha                                         Laina Matsuda

                       Presented to recognize special achievement in Junior Tennis.
                       2007   Dana Mathewson       2002   not awarded          1996   Sean Defreitas
                       2006   Ryan Graff           2001   Margaret Lennon      1995   Eddie Sengendo
                       2005   Ben Fishbourne       2000   Austin Trisdell      1994   Todd Short
                       2004   not awarded          1998   Jason Uribe          1993   Angela McMahon
                       2003   Waylon Mobley        1997   Aimee Rosenberg

Dana Mathewson

After School Tennis Program
                       Presented for outstanding sportsmanship by a girl in the After School Tennis Program. Kathy
                       Chabot Willette is a former YTSD President and founded the After School Tennis Program.
                       2007 Emily Burke            2003   Alexandra Weiss      1998   Jerrica Escoto         1993 Noukahm
                       2006 Shu Yang Mo            2002   Stephanie Bours      1997   Fanny Tang                  Phouangsavanh
                       2005 Isabel Huynh           2001   Jaclynn Torres       1996   Effie Hsu              1992 Khonesavanh
                       2004 Alexandria             2000   Irene Salazar        1995   Barbie Davis                Souriyavong
                            Palaferria Schieber    1999   Jovita Sanders       1994   Clare Long

Emily Burke

                       Presented to an outstanding boy in the After School Tennis Program. Angel Lopez
                       is a long-time, generous friend of Youth Tennis San Diego.
                       2007   Andre Maillie        2002   Jesse Klein          1997   Virac Dith             1992 Steven Shira
                       2006   Mateo Santini        2001   Albert Terrones      1996   Garrison Ly            1991 Tom Stuart
                       2005   Kevin Torrones       2000   Alex Camacho         1995   Joe Raines
                       2004   Adrian Rivera        1999   Chri Christensen     1994   Roberto Hernandez
                       2003   Eric Beatty          1998   Brent Hughs          1993   Wesley Stewart

Andre Maillie

                       BELINSKY FAMILY AWARD
                       Presented for outstanding sportsmanship displayed by a boy and a girl in
                       the After School Tennis Program in the South Bay region. The Belinsky
                       Family have been long-time supporters of junior tennis in San Diego.
                       2007 Andre Gonawela         2003 Jose Lopez             2000 Cesar Solario
                            Vilan Nguyen                Luis Lopez                  Judith Perez
                       2006 Sara Brant             2002 Robbie Greystone       1999 Taryn Irby
                            Daniel Khouli               Valeria Cuevas         1998 Ragini Sarma
                       2005 Martin Marin           2001 Oscar Santiago         1997 Anastasia Opata
Andre Gonawela              Lisa Meng                   Trang Phan             1996 Aaron Fischer-Chen         Vilan Nguyen
                       2004 Armando Gutierrez                                  1995 Nallely Gaspar

                                                                                      Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook   7
            Youth Tennis
              San Diego
Esme Pearson Memorial Tournament                        DOUBLES
SINGLES                                                 B 18 A. Biddlecome/B. Stevenson d. N. Karnopp/
B 18 Bozhidar Katsarov d. Jason Linn 6-3; 6-2                K. Van Buskirk 6-3; 6-0
B 16 Lawrence Formentera d. Warren Hardie 6-0; 6-0      B 16 K. DeLeon /R. Hernandez d. E. Hernandez/
B 14 Gregory Scott d. Spencer Simon 2-6; 7-6; 6-3            C. Strong 2-6; 6-2; 14-12
B 12 Gregory Garcia d. Garrett Auproux 6-4; 7-6         B 14 D. Klein/I. Stone d. A. Cramer/G. De La Concha Wo(ill)
B 10 Henry Ji d. Bradley Cummins 4-6; 6-4; 6-1          B 12 J. Roberts/O. Welsh d. L. Muela/I. Strode 6-1; 6-2
G 18 Coco Vandeweghe d. Catherine Isip 6-4; 6-3         G 12 R. Hernandez/L. Kafka d. P. Vandenberg/H. Vandenberg 6-2; 6-3
G 16 April Bisherat d. Jessica Harrow 6-4; 7-5
G 14 Joanna Smith d. Danielle Flores 6-3; 6-2
G 12 Alyssa Smith d. Dominique Cetale 6-2; 6-2          73rd Harper Ink Memorial Tournament
G 10 Chiara Schwab d. Geneva Lewis 7-6; 6-1             SINGLES
                                                        B 18 Joe Young d. Andrey Savin 6-1; 6-0
                                                        B 16 Denis Nguyen d. Ali Makmalchi 6-4; 6-3
58th Annual San Diego Metropolitan                      B 14 Nathan Lewis d. Romar Hernandez 3-6; 6-4; 7-5
SINGLES                                                 B 12 Jake De Vries d. Adam Bagdy 2-6; 6-3; 6-1
B 18 Steven Henderson d. Kaiser De Leon 6-1; 6-0        B 10 Bradley Cummins d. Martin Marin 6-1; 6-1
B 16 Ian Brown d. Mario Lopez 6-2; 6-1                  G 18 Stephanie Hoffpauir d. Lina Xu 6-1; 3-6; 6-0
B 14 Cameron Bernhardt d. Michael Rabinovich 6-0; 6-1   G 16 Elena Najera-Salas d. Megan Heneghan 7-5; 6-3
B 12 Cristian Guzman d. Franco Rubio 6-2; 6-2           G 14 Hailey Johnson d. Jana McCord 6-1; 6-1
B 10 Taylor Fritz d. Jared Roberts 6-1; 6-1             G 12 Anna Rudakov d. Joulia Likhanskaia 6-3; 6-2
G 18 Mary Carmen Perez d. Amanda Lin 6-0; 6-2           G 10 Carolyn Xie d. Kelsey Chen 6-1; 6-0
G 16 Marcela Jimenez-Ramos d. Bella Genkina 7-6; 6-2
G 14 Ashley MacKey d. Jenny Borck 7-6; 2-6; 6-4         DOUBLES
G 12 Anna Rudakov d. Marion Bouillin 6-0; 6-0           B 18 C. Frakes/A. Frakes d. J. Sinkoff/S. Turner 6-4; 6-3
G 10 Maryann Zhao d. Kendal McGinnis 6-1; 6-1           B 16 D. Nguyen/T. Pham d. D. Faierman/A. Yermanos 7-5; 6-2
                                                        B 14 D. Blakeley/A. Scheinman d. R. Obregon/S. Obregon 6-0; 6-4
                                                        B 12 J. Amos/A. Bagdy d. B. Chao/O. Welsh 6-2; 6-2
                                                        G 18 M. Aloia/A. Yang (round robin winners)
                                                        G 16 D. Flores/E. Najera-Salas d. J. Blakeley/M. Heneghan 3-6; 7-5; 10-6
                                                        G 14 J. McCord/T. Parravi d. M. Sheehan Dizon/H. Stone 7-5; 6-4
                                                        G 12 B. Desnoes/A. Pereira d. K. McGinnis/E. Nesses 7-5; 6-1
2007 Harper Ink Winners

8   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
37th Maureen Connolly Tournament
B 18 Freddy Quintos d. Torsten Keil-long 6-4; 1-0 (ret.)
B 16 David Doehring d. Armen Abagyan 6-3; 6-1
B 14 Stefan Menichella d. Gregory Garcia 6-4; 4-6; 6-0
B 12 Cristian Guzman d. Fernando Obregon 7-5; 6-1
B 10 Martin Marin d. Logan Smith 6-1; 6-3
G 18 Elena Najera-Salas d. Margie Milliken 6-4; 6-1
G 16 Meri Joy Gacayan d. Marcela Jimenez-Ramos 6-1; 6-1
G 14 Tory Parravi d. Jana McCord 6-0; 6-3
G 12 Christina Makarova d. Carolyn Xie 6-0; 6-2
G 10 Kendal McGinnis d. Jiana Huang 6-2; 6-1

18    M. Milliken/N. Karnopp (round robin winners)                        Mixed Doubles 16 and 18 Winners, San Diego Doubles Tournament
14    L. Kostas/S. Menichella d. C. Pattugalan/
      R. Hernandez 6-4; 6-7; 10-4
12    R. Hernandez/J. Roberts d. K. Haviland/T. Chavez 6-2; 7-6           MIXED
                                                                          18      M. Heneghan/T. Keil-Long d. E. Johnson/N. Karnopp 6-2; 6-2
                                                                          16      D. Flores/A. Yermanos d. E. Najera-Salas/M. Elortegui 6-2; 4-6; 10-2
34th Wilbur Folsom Memorial Tournament                                    14      S. Gealer/D. Faierman d. D. Krawczyk/J. Hammel 3-6; 6-4; 10-4
SINGLES                                                                   12      G. Andrews/G. Garcia d. B. Desnoes/G. Auproux 6-2; 6-2
B 18 Alex Frakes d. Kyle Van Buskirk 6-4; 6-2
B 16 Rafael Martinez d. Michael Saria 6-0; 6-3
B 14 Gregory Garcia d. T. Pham 6-1; 6-4                                   Thanksgiving Vacation Tournament
B 12 Everett Waterman d. Naomichi Yamamoto 6-2; 4-6; 6-4                  SINGLES
B 10 Carlos Tinoco d. I. Strode 6-2; 6-2                                  B 18 Jake Frost d. Kyle Van Buskirk 7-5; 6-1
G 18 Lexi Provancha d. P. Vazquez 6-2; 6-4                                B 16 Francesco D’Arcangelo d. Cameron Bernhardt 6-1; 6-2
G 16 Hailey Johnson d. Malorie Dela Cruz 1-6; 6-2; 6-2                    B 14 Sean Rodriguez d. Hiromichi Yamamoto 6-2; 6-1
G 14 Bryn Raschke d. Diane Ji 6-2; 6-3                                    B 12 Luis Miranda d. Adam Ferguson 7-6; 6-3
G 12 Megan McCray d. Yolanda Pham 6-1; 6-3                                B 10 Martin Marin d. Billy Rowe 7-6; 6-4
G 10 Paulina Ferrari d. Emily Kuo 6-1; 6-3                                G 18 Taylor Raney d. Kristina Voytsekhovich 6-0; 6-1
                                                                          G 16 Anna Rudakov d. Tory Parravi 6-4; 2-6; 6-1
DOUBLES                                                                   G 14 Kendall Heitzner d. Erica Nesses 6-0; 6-1
B 18 N. Karnopp/K. Van Buskirk (round robin winners)                      G 12 Megan McCray d. Marion Bouillin 6-0; 6-4
B 16 D. Klein/I. Stone d. J. Garcia/J. Karnopp 6-4; 6-3                   G 10 Jessica Failla d. Emily Connolly 6-0; 3-6; 6-4
G 16 P. Press/B. Raschke d. R. Bischoff/H. Johnson 5-7; 6-3; 6-3
                                                                          B 16 B. Bettwy/J. Lo d. K. Dang/K. Smyth 6-2; 6-2
18th Annual Todd Short Memorial Tournament                                B 14 J. Boyd/Adam Levie d, C. Bosvay/S. Rodriguez 6-3; 6-2
SINGLES                                                                   G 16 T. Parravi/B. Raschke d. C. Cueva/V. Moreno 6-1; 6-3
B 18 Daniel Faierman d. Adam Biddlecome 6-4; 7-5                          G 14 E. Ebken/E. James (round robin winner)
B 16 Warren Wood d. Cameron Bernhardt 6-1; 6-2                            G 12 V. Robertson/N. Yermanos d. K. McGinnis/M. Zhao (ret./ill)
B 14 Jack Murphy d. Eric Miller 6-1; 6-1
B 12 Tyler Hansen d. William Chiu 6-4; 2-6; 6-3
B 10 Isaiah Strode d. Carols Tinoco 6-0; 7-5                              Homer Peabody Holiday
G 18 Marcela Jimenez-Ramos d. Taylor Raney 4-6; 6-0; 6-4                  SINGLES
G 16 Malorie Dela Cruz d. Joy Backer 6-0; 6-2                             B 18 Torsten Keil-Long d. Kaiser DeLeon 6-1; 6-3
G 14 Jana McCord d. A. Pereira 6-0; 6-0                                   B 16 Framcesco D’Arcangelo d. Warren Wood 7-6; 6-0
G 12 Megan McCray d. Yolanda Pham 6-1; 6-1                                B 14 Sean Rodriguez d. Axel Cramer 6-3; 6-3
G 10 Emily Kuo d. Bettina Olah 6-1; 6-3                                   B 12 William Chiu d. Jonathan Sorn 6-1; 6-3
                                                                          B 10 Isaiah Strode d. Billy Rowe 3-6; 6-3; 6-3
                                                                          G 18 Sarah Weng d. Jessica Eung 6-2; 6-1
23rd San Diego Doubles Tournament                                         G 16 Ciria Mariscal d. Carina Cueva 6-3; 6-3
B 18   T. Keil-long/T. Pham d. Z. Leslie/M. Lin 6-1; 4-6; 10-7            G 14 Laina Matsuda d. Erica Nesses 6-1; 7-6
B 16   M. Elortegui/V. Quinton d. S. Davis/A. Karagezian 7-5; 7-6         G 12 Megan McCray d. Monica Robinson 6-2; 6-3
B 14   J. Agbayani/R. Baylon d. J. Hammel/C. Hernandez 1-6; 6-4; 10-6     G 10 Catherine Kreslin d. Nicole Yermanos 5-7; 6-3; 6-3
B 12   G. Auproux/G. Garcia d. G. Brymer/S. Menichella 6-3; 6-3
B 10   J. Barber/J. Sorn d. T. Fritz/I. Strode 7-5; 6-4                   DOUBLES
G 18   V. Reibstein/Z. Scandalis d. E. Johnson/L. Provancha 6-4; 7-5      B 14 A. Cramer/A. Marvin d. C. Amyot/D. Trent 6-2; 1-6; 6-2
G 16   D. Flores/E. Najera-Salas d. B. Genkina/K. Schultz 6-3; 6-3        B 12 O. Welsh/N. Yamamoto d. A. Ferguson/J. Sorn 6-0; 6-0
G 14   K. Nguyen/D. Tang d. S. Gealer/D. Krawczyk 6-3; 2-6; 10-6          G 16 C. Alexander/S. Leon d. P. Press/B. Raschke 7-6; 7-5
G 12   B. Desnoes/A. Pereira d. J. Almaguer/R. Hernandez 2-6; 6-1; 10-7   G 14 C. Makarova/A. Pereira d. J. Likhanskaia/L. Matsuda 1-6; 7-5; 6-4

                                                                                             Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook          9
Rankings                                                                                                    Sop

2007 Juniors

                                                                                                                                 a l as
Girls 18s                              12    Marcela Jimenez-Ramos
 1   Anna Chkhikvishvili               13    Mimi Hamling
 2   Stephanie Hoffpauir               14    Elizabeth Johnson
 3   Zoe Scandalis                     15    Malorie Dela Cruz
 4   Remi Martin                       16    Kristina Voytsekhovich
 5   Maria Raygada                     17    Constance Alexander
 6   Jacquie Harrison                  18    Kaley Schultz
 7   Lexi Provancha                    19    Jwany Sherif
 8   Hannah Holladay                   20    Tory Parravi
 9   Angelique Corpuz                  21    Sabastiani Leon
10   Margie Milliken                   22    Joy Backer                5   Sophia Najera-Salas       22   Skyler Schaar
11   Jazmin Ortiz                      23    Rachel Wieck              6   Jana McCord               23   Jiana Huang
12   Kimberly Cox                      24    Vivian Moreno             7   Dominique Cetale          24   Edith Martinez
13   Elizabeth Alexander               25    Analese Snyder            8   Tory Parravi              25   Brook Ronney
14   Siana May                         26    Hillary Ramage            9   Monica Pastor             26   JennaWillett
15   Amanda Lin                        27    Wileen Chiu              10   Melinda Chu
16   Samantha Mohr                     28    Elizabeth Alexander      11   Paige Press               Girls 10s
17   Kelly Peters                      29    Ciria Mariscal           12   Micaela Boreyko            1   Carolyn Xie
18   Harmony Saunders                  30    Taylor McCully           13   Alexis Marquez             2   Paulina Ferrari
                                       31    Pearl Isoko              14   Bryn Raschke               3   Kendal McGinnis
Girls 16s                              32    Natalia Gomez            15   Jessica Willett            4   Emily Kuo
 1   Lacey Smyth                       33    Tamara Sarafijanovic     16   Morgan McCray              5   Emily Connelly
 2   Gabrielle Desimone                34    Courtney Gulihur         17   Tiffany Filipovich         6   Caroline Lappe
 3   April Bisharat                    35    Jordyn Bounds            18   Mariel Castillo Casta      7   Madison Ross
 4   Stephanie Hoffpauir               36    Jessica Eung             19   Meika Adair                8   Yemisi Ayeni
 5   Amelia Herring                    37    Margaux Lawton           20   Lamella Belgica            9   Catherine Kreslin
 6   Sophia Bursulaya                                                 21   Ashley Osorno             10   Nicole Yermanos
 7   Danielle Flores                   Girls 14s                      22   Maria Meyer               11   Carissa Bernhardt
 8   Elena Najera-Salas                  1   Hailey Johnson           23   Kelley Nguyen             12   Nicole Anderson
 9   Anna Yang                           2   Lindsey Kostas           24   Lucy Lacosta              13   Hayley Scarano
10   Sarah Weng                          3   Bella Genkina            25   Alexis Ronney             14   Sasha Banks
11   Jessica Kwan                        4   Karen Forman
                                                                      Girls 12s                      Boys 18s
                                                                       1   Anna Rudakov               1   Bradley Klahn
                                                                       2   Jana McCord                2   Steven Henderson
                                                                       3   Joulia Likhanskaia         3   Alexander Johnson
                                                                       4   Sarah Kwan                 4   Duke Miller

                                                                       5   Christina Makarova         5   Michael Miller

                                                                       6   Megan McCray               6   Alexander Frakes
  le F

                                                                       7   Yolanda Pham               7   Chad Rubin

                                                                       8   Marion Bouillin            8   Kyle Van Buskirk
                                                                       9   Rozel Hernandez            9   Weston Leopold
                                                                      10   Lynn San Ramon            10   Nikolai Karnopp
                                                                      11   Sophia Costes             11   Adam Biddlecome
                                                                      12   Christina Krasnikova      12   Joey Calenzo
                                                                      13   Monica Robinson           13   James Howard
                                                                      14   Tiara Cabrera             14   Paul Zimmer
                                                                      15   Phyllis Vandenberg        15   Benjamin Ward
                                                                      16   Paige Wilkinson           16   George Anastopoulos
                                                                      17   Alejandra Jimenez-Ramos
                                                                      18   Sheridan Rice             Boys 16s
                                                                      19   Victoria Robertson         1 Zachary Leslie
                                                                      20   Hanli Vandenberg           2 Thomas Pham
                                                                      21   Paola Yee                  3 Michael Lin

10       2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
 4   Campbell Johnson    40 Nicholas Szyndlar

 5   Alex Yermanos       41 Wesley Shinto

 6   Miguel Danet
                         Boys 14s

 7   Daniel Faierman
 8   Romar Hernandez      1   Daniel Faierman

 9   Bryce Bettwy         2   David Doehring
10   Ian Brown            3   Warren Wood
11   Dane Thomson         4   Cameron Bernhardt
12   Jonathan Lo          5   Jonathan Lo
13   Erik Rosner          6   Rodrigo Obregon
14   Jonathan Wechter     7   Christopher Chan
15   Dylan Trent          8   Axel Bouillin
16   Kevin Camballa       9   Giordano Valdez
17   Erwin Hernandez     10   Cameron Amyot
18   Mason Radford       11   Aaron Marvin
19   Mitchell Somach     12   Tyler Pham
20   Nikolas Marino      13   James Boyd
21   Sean Kent           14   Samuel Todd
22   Benjamin Ward       15   Derek Klein            33   Tyler Hansen                   26   Ibrahim Akbar
23   Jerry Lin           16   Axel Cramer            34   Robert Shaw                    27   Trevor Brown
24   Jordan Brown        17   Dylan Trent            35   Sho Adachi                     28   Brandon Prussak
25   Zubin Anklesaria    18   Gerardo De La Concha   36   Bijan Mirfakhrai               29   Andy Tran
26   Kyle Rapp           19   Guy Giubilato          37   Luke Meoli                     30   Andrew Barr
27   Brandon Beardsley   20   Adam Levie             38   Jakob Karnopp                  31   Vicente Lopez Bahena
28   Nathaniel Johnson   21   Vincent Doan           39   Alec Connelly                  32   Justin Lio
                                                     40   Corey Bosvay                   33   Burim Bajrami
                                                     41   Austin Wang                    34   German Aragon
                                                     42   Conner Eck                     35   Alafia Ayeni
                                                     43   Andrew Burt
                                                     44   Mentor Bajrami                 Boys 10s

                                                     45   Alexander Tyner                 1   Logan Smith

                                                     46   Jackson Autry                   2   Martin Marin

                                                     47   Gabe Allen                      3   Taylor Fritz

                                                                                          4   Jared Roberts
                                                     Boys 12s                             5   Kimo Barrere

                                                      1   Gregory Garcia                  6   Carlos Tinoco
                                                      2   Lucas Gomez                     7   Peter Trhac
                                                      3   Adam Levie                      8   Isaiah Strode
                                                      4   Logan Smith                     9   Billy Rowe
                                                      5   Ryan Rosen                     10   Alejandro Hernandez
                                                      6   Everett Waterman               11   Jack Barber
                                                      7   Tyler Hansen                   12   Francis Filipovich
                                                      8   Oliver Welsh                   13   Simon Yundov
                                                      9   William Chiu                   14   Alex Rokosz
                                                     10   Naomichi Yamamoto              15   Kalman Boyd
                                                     11   Henry Ji                       16   Henry Gordon
                                                     12   Justin Chanthalangsy           17   Charlie Rowe
                                                     13   Christopher Bernhardt          18   Zachary Cohen
                                                     14   Amir Ferry                     19   Michael Rosen
29   Grant Shooter       22   Brandon Beardsley      15   Sean Lee                       20   Patrick Trhac
30   Robert Xie          23   Eric Miller            16   Adam Ferguson                  21   Ivan Thamma
31   Brett Pearce        24   Akash Parida           17   Javier Raygada                 22   Max Liu
32   Zhikai Wang         25   Anthony Kim            18   Jared Brungard                 23   Timothy Sah
33   Walter Henderson    26   Jack McCullers         19   Gregory Lyon                   24   Alafia Ayeni
34   Taylor Hindle       27   Mark Kirzon            20   Alan Lamas                     25   Liam Caruana
35   David Smith         28   Kevin Wieck            21   Parker Wilson                  26   Max Mereles
36   John Todd           29   Joel Garcia            22   Chad Stone                     27   Jacob Brumm
37   Matthew Scarano     30   David Demarest         23   Chase Friedman                 28   Logan Rinder
38   Josh Isaacs         31   Daniel Milliken        24   Jordan Sadowsky                29   Chad Osorno
39   Maxwell Bauer       32   Alexander Mirbod       25   Kimo Barrere                   30   Dean Tuazon

                                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook   11
National Championships
At the Barnes Tennis Center
The Barnes Center hosts four National Champion-                  The Boys’ 14 Natonal Hardcourt Open and the National
ships. The largest of these is the USTA Girls’ 16                Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Hardcourt were also held at
National Championships. It is one of the nation’s                the Barnes Center. Several San Diego juniors joined their par-
most prestigious junior tournaments. Tournament                  ents to play in this tournament. The Boys’ 14 also had many
Director Steve Bickham made the tournament an                    San Diego juniors participating.
event to be remembered for all who participated.

                                                                                                          Photo by Diane Schafer
                                            Hannah and John Holladay (finalists in the Father/                                     Daniel Faierman and Cameron
                                            Daughter), Libby and D.J. Jaehnig (finalists in Mother Son)                            Bernhardt were the Doubles
                                            and Carolyn Dadian-Bernhardt and Cameron Bernhardt                                     Winners in the Boys’ 14s
                                            (Mother/Son third place)

San Diego girls who participated included
Gabrielle Desimone, April Bisherat,
Elizabeth Johnson, Elena Najera-Salas
and Danielle Flores.                                                                                               Billie Jean King WTT
                                                                                                                   National Championships
                                                                                                                   Sixteen teams from all over
  Tournament                                                                                                       the United States competed
  Sponsors                                                                                                         in the World Team Tennis (WTT)
                                                                                                                   Junior Nationals August 16-19.
  Ace Foundation/Circuit Sponsor                                                                                   Youth Tennis San Diego
  Angel Lopez Tennis Academy                                                                                       (the “Seals”) team members
                                                                                                                   were Elena Najera-Salas,
  Mr. George E. Barnes
                                                                                                                   Lisa Johnson, Lexi Provancha,
  Rick Evans and John Wright
                                                                                                                   Weston Leopold, Alex Yermanos
  The Jacobs Family                                                                                                and Niko Karnopp.
  Junior Player Council of YTSD
  King of the Painters, Inc.
  La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club            Wheelchair Tennis
  The McMahon Family                        San Diego bids farewell to the U.S.
  Mrs. Betty Peabody                        Open USTA National Wheelchair
  The Russ Pearson Family                   Championships. 2007 was the last
                                            year the event will be held at the

  The Ben Press Family
                                            Barnes Center. Drawing over 150
  Mr. George Sanderlin & Family
                                            players from around the world to the
  San Diego District Tennis                 Center in September, this was the pre-
     Association                            miere wheelchair tennis tournament in
  Dr. John Sheposh                          the United States. San Diego junior
  Melanie and Bill Silva                    wheelchair athlete, Dana Mathewson
  Southern California Tennis                won the Mixed Doubles event with
                                            Todd Hanover. The event kicked off
                                            with a friendly doubles competition of
                                            “One Up, One Down.” San Diego play-
  Thank You!                                ers, spectators and volunteers will
                                            sorely miss this inspiring tournament.

12   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                                                      “La Jolla’s Tennis Experts”
     San Diego County Tennis Umpires                                                             7548 Draper Ave.
                                                                                                La Jolla, CA 92037
     Serving the San Diego tennis community                                                           Mon.-Fri. 9-6
        since 1974, ensuring fairness and                                                            Saturday 10-5
               equity to all players.                                                              (858) 454-2778

            Interested individuals contact:
        Mark Kasimatis (858) 638-7634                     RACKET STRINGING WORKSHOP

  Commercial • Construction • Land • Note Purchases
                   Trust Deed Investments
Maria Salas
Loan Consultant
FEDERAL HOME LOANS CORPORATION                   •1978•
A Licensed California Loan Brokerage Firm
                                  (858) 560-6555
                                  (858) 560-8800 Fax                                                Tel (858) 513-7190
                                  (800) 362-7940          “Setting the Standard”                    Fax (858) 513-7191
                                  (619) 247-4377 Cell
                                                                                                     12575 Stowe Drive
       5540 Ruffin Road • San Diego • CA 92123
                                                                                           Poway, California 92064-6805
    P.O. Box 421217 • San Diego • CA • 92142-1217

                                                                       Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook      13
Community Tennis
                                                                 USA Team Tennis
                                                                 Team tennis leagues played throughout the year in San
                                                                 Diego. Participating park and recreation centers and local
                                                                 tennis clubs formed teams to compete against each
                                                                 other. Boys and girls (ages 10-18) competed in beginner,
                                                                 intermediate and advanced divisions. Each team played
                                                                 one another at least once in the 10-week season.
                                                                    This season San Diego had 35 teams competing, with
                                                                 the winning teams being invited to play at Sectionals.
                                                                 At Sectionals, three San Diego teams were winners:
                                                                 Westview Attackers (12-and-under advanced),
 (left to right) Elizabeth Alexander, Rachel Shinto,             Palomas (18-and-under intermediate), and Surf and Turf
 Rebecca Sicile-Kira, Tanya Mullen, Joy Backer, Paige Press
 (front) Coach Alex Levie, Surf and Turf coach
                                                                 (18-and-under advanced).

 USTA 10-and-under Coaches Camp
 On September 29-30, the Barnes Tennis
 Center hosted a USTA National Coaches
 Commission Camp for 10-and-under play-
 ers. Bobby Bernstein, USTA national
 Coaches Commission director at the USTA
 national training center in Florida, supervised
 the camp. Among other activities, he
 showed all of the players films of their
 serves, which he had taken during the camp.
   Three teams of boys and girls from
 Southern California, Northern California and
 the Pacific Northwest competed in a round
                                                              Urban Village
 robin format of singles, doubles, and mixed
                                                              The Urban Village site in Center City continued to serve the
 doubles. The Southern California team
                                                              tennis community in the surrounding neighborhood. Eight
 included San Diego boys Taylor Fritz, Carlos                 schools used the site for their After School Tennis programs.
 Tinoco and Martin Marin, and girls Carolyn                   These schools met regularly with Director Stan Jefferson,
 Xie, Chiara Schwab, and Kelsey Chen.                         YTSD manager of the Center, and coach Fred Ayree.

         2007 Award
     Banquet Winners
         “Under the Sea” was the theme for this year’s
 Junior Awards Banquet and over 100 juniors and their
      families attended the event planned by the Junior
     Player Council. Guest speaker was Eliot Teltscher,
       past director of High Performance for the USTA.

14   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                           Junior Player Council
                           The Junior Player Council, headed by Lexi
                           Provancha, is dedicated to serving junior
                           tennis and has contributed much to the
                           community this year. The Council helped
                           sponsor a tournament, served as court
                           monitors, adopted a family who lost their                                                             Front: Lori Faierman (adult
                                                                                                                                 advisor), Alexi Archambault,
                           home in the October fires, and assisted at                                                            Hillary Preece, Elena Najera-

                           After School Tennis events. The Council                                                               Salas, Lexi Provancha.
                           also plans and produces the Annual Junior                                                             Back: Adam Biddlecome,
                                                                                                                                 Jaston Mostowtt, Alex Frakes
                           Awards Banquet.                                                                                       and Alex Yermanos.

                           Outreach Programs
                           Youth Tennis San Diego’s outreach program
                           is run by the education division. This year participants include the
                           Ocean Beach Elementary School, Monarch School and Special
                           Olympics. It is a unique opportunity for children to learn tennis and
                           also receive academic assistance.

                                                                                                         2007 College Scholarship Recipients
                                                                                                         Kelsey Easterly     YTSD Scholarship
                                                                                                         Daniel Finch        Booth Family Scholarship
                                                                                                         Natasha Makarova    Marion Ketchum Scholarship
                                                                                                         Brett Nissinoff     Booth Family Scholarship
                                                                                                         Anai Novoa          Angel Lopez Scholarship
                                                                                                         Emily Pyle          Booth Family Scholarship
                                                                                                         Benjamin Roy        Booth Family Scholarship
                                                                                                         P.J. Woolley        YTSD Scholarship

                             2007 CIF Results                                                             CIF Boys Singles
                                                                                                   Gregory Hirshman (finalist,
                                                                                                      La Jolla Country Day),
                                                 CIF Girls Singles                                    Bradley Klahn (winner,
                                                 Gabi Desimone (winner,                                     Poway) 6-4, 6-1
                                                 Cathedral Catholic) with
                                                 Zoe Scandalis (finalist,
                                                 San Pasqual) 7-6, 6-2
                                                                                                                                CIF Boys Doubles
                                                                                                                   Alex and Chris Frakes (finalists,
                                                                                                         Rancho Bernardo), Steven Henderson and
                                                                                                           Michael Miller (winners, Poway) 6-3, 6-2
Susan Cooper Photography

                                                                    CIF Girls Doubles
                                                                    Isabelle Tumini and
                                                                    Samantha Mohr (finalists,
                                                                    Poway), Jessica Kwan and
                                                                    Mimi Hamling (winners,
                                                                    Torrey Pines) 6-4, 6-4

                                                                                                          Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook   15
                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego’s (YTSD’s) After School Tennis (AST) pro-
                                                     vides a safe and secure school-based program to encourage chil-
                                                     dren to be physically active. Seventeen years after it began, the pro-
                                                     gram continues to grow and excite both children and their parents.
                                                        From Oceanside to San Ysidro, this outreach program involves
                                                     hundreds of children. Youth Tennis San Diego provides racquets,
                                                     balls and insurance. Given the plusses of AST, it is no wonder that

 Thank You!                                          86 schools throughout San Diego County are partnering with YTSD
                                                     to provide the program to more than 7,000 students.
                                                        After School Tennis is an entry-level program conducted in the
 After School                                        security of the school environment held September through May.
 Tennis Sponsors                                     Students receive two hours of instruction a week and participate in
                                                     regularly scheduled special events at the Barnes Tennis Center.
 • Wilbur May Foundation                                To kick off the season, YTSD holds a free half-day tennis camp for
 • San Diego District Tennis Association             all participants at the Center. At the end of the school year, the AST
                                                     Field Day is always a huge success. Children rotate from court-to-
 • John and Smokey Sutherland                        court playing a variety of tennis games for prizes. Lunch is provided
   & Associates                                      and the children are given a chance to shop for clothes and items
 • Wilson Racquet Sports                             donated by our many sponsors.
                                                        The program is available to all children, regardless of economic
 • The Belinsky Family                               background. More than 90% of the students receive financial assis-
 • Griff Ordway                                      tance which is made possible by the sponsors of the program.
 • Weingart-Price Foundation                         Youth Tennis San Diego has a planned pathway of development for
                                                     any child who wants to proceed beyond AST.
 • Gloria Schiff
 • Margo and Scott Rogers
                                                                      “WE SUPPORT YOUTH TENNIS”
 • City of San Diego
 • Angel Lopez
 • Westfield Shoppingtowns
                                                                European Cake Gallery
                                                                              specializing in
 • Ace Foundation                                                       "Swiss Black Forest" cakes
 • Amateur Athletic Foundation                                                619-222-3377
 • Kimmelman Family                                                          3661 Voltaire St.
 • The Chabot Family                                                      San Diego, CA 92106
 • USTA (Community Development)
 • Advanta
 • Billie Jean King–WTT
 • and an Anonymous Donor

16   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
2007 San Diego Novice and                                                  2008 San Diego Novice and
Satellite Junior Tournament Results                                        Satellite Junior Tournament
                                                                           Eligibility Information
                     Dr. John P. Sheposh Memorial Satellite                Listed below are the eligibility requirements for
                                                                           Satellite tournaments. Please note that in order to
                     B 10   Isaiah M. Strode def. Alex Rokosz              have the tournament count as a “win”, the player
                     B 12   Francis Filipovich def. Ian Barr               must have won the tournament and won three or
                     B 14   Guy Giubilato def. Brandon Beardsley           more matches (not including byes or defaults, unless
                                                                           the default is in the finals) to win the tournament.
                     B 16   Sean Ellerbrock def. Josh Isaacs
                                                                              Winners of sanctioned Novice and Satellite
                     B 18   Benjamin Ward def. Jorge Benitez               divisions will be eligible to participate in a “Masters”
                     G 10   Carissa Bernhardt def. Kendall Hicks           event at the end of the year. Any player can play as
                     G 12   Sheridan Rice def. Kelsey Chen                 high a level of tournament as he or she likes. Only
                                                                           matches played in the sanctioned Novice and
                     G 14   Tiffany Filipovich def. Paige Andreotti        Satellite tournaments are eligible for the “Masters”
                     G 16   Arielle Kubetschek def. Madeline Caropino      tournament.
                     G 18   Harmony Saunders def. Alexandra Bain
                                                                           Junior Novice Tournaments
                                                                           Novice tournaments are recommended for beginner
Dean Tuazon and      Angel Lopez Satellite                                 players. Most Novice events are round robin format.
Max Mereles
                     B 10   Max Mereles def. Dean Tuazon                   Junior Novice Eligibility Rules
                     B 12   Xavier Gonzalez def. Ian Barr                  1. A player who has won a match in the first
                     B 14   Eric Miller def. Steven Sherman                   main draw round in any Open tournament will
                                                                              not be eligible.
                     B 16   Roman Ortega def. Genaro Favela
                                                                           2. Players who win two rounds in a main draw
                     B 18   Diego Salinas def. Vidal Castillo                 Satellite tournament are not eligible.
                     G 10   Yemisi Ayeni def. Caroline Lappe               3. Players who win two Novice tournaments
                     G 12   Kelsey Chen def. Paulina Ferrari                  (with six or more in the draw) must move up
                                                                              to Satellite tournaments regardless of the age
                     G 14   Daniella Arratia def. Hannah Palkowitz            division(s) they won.
                     G 16   Shelby Roberts def. Kasey Matthess
                     G 18   Alexandra Stone def. Amy Scarano               Junior Satellite Tournaments
                                                                           Satellite tournaments are recommended for interme-
                                                                           diate players. Satellite tournaments will be two out
                     Syril Press Memorial Satellite Tournament             of three sets, regular scoring.
                     B 10   Liam Caruana def. Jack Stronach                Junior Satellite Eligibility Rules
Susana Nesses and    B 12   Luis Miranda def. Ibrahim Akbar                1. Players ranked in the top 50 (Top 40 in the 10s)
Becky Prolman                                                                 by the SCTA, any other section, at the FINAL
                     B 14   Adam Lohnes def. Dominic Gareri
                                                                              published year-end ranking are not eligible.
                     B 16   Anthony Kim def. Mark Kirzon
                                                                           2. Players that win three or more rounds in one
                     B 18   Spencer Davidson def. Daniel Harrington           Open tournament are no longer eligible for satellite
                     G 10   Catherine Kreslin def. Nicole Yermanos            play in the division that they won those rounds in.
                                                                              They may play up one division provided that they
                     G 12   Victoria Robertson def. Paola Yee
                                                                              don’t win three or more rounds in two separate
                     G 14   Emily Keach def. Alejandra Jimenez-Ramos          Open tournaments. At that time, they would be
                     G 16   Susanna Nesses def. Becky Prolman                 ineligible for satellite play.
                     G 18   Alyssa Paraiso def. Harmony Saunders           3. A player may win a maximum of two Satellite
                                                                              tournaments in the same age division (each with
                                                                              three rounds or more). The player must then
                     Fall Novice Tournament                                   move up to the next higher age division where
                                                                              they may win a maximum of two tournaments
                     B 10 Emilio Moreno def. Pierce Schneider                 in that age division.
                     B 12 Kevin Karhu def. Mitchell Sitzer                 4. A player may win no more than four Satellite
                     B 14 Blaine Lam def. Brandon Wong                        tournaments during a calendar year. However,
                                                                              a player may not win more than five Satellite
Mia Sciuto and       B 16 Alex Torres def. Bryan Clark                        tournaments during the junior’s career.
Erin Finley          G 10 Savannah Goode def. Alisha Sharma                5. It is the player’s responsibility to notify the tourna-
                     G 12 Cass Idema def Rachel Marren                        ment director in any subsequent Junior Satellite
                                                                              Tournament(s) of any change in his/her status as a
                     G 14/16 Erin Finley def. Mia Sciuto
                                                                              result of winning a Junior Satellite Tournament. If
                                                                              such notification is made prior to play, the player
                                                                              is entitled to a refund of any entry fee paid, or
                     Spring Classic Novice Tournament                         may request to be moved up an age division.
                     B 10   Trevor Brown def. Adolfo Martinez              6. If you plan to enter a Junior Novice or Satellite
                     B 12   Justin Lio def. Pierce Schneider                  Tournament, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure
                     B 14   Brandon Beardsley def. Jonathan Young             that you are eligible to play in those levels of tourna-
                                                                              ments. Players who repeatedly enter levels of tour-
                     B 16   Anthony Shirley def. Joel Cowen                   naments they are ineligible for are subject to proba-
                     B 18   Andrew Buckner def. Spencer Polk                  tion or suspension from tournament play. If have
                     G 10   Gracelia Rosos def. Savannah Goode                questions about your eligibility, contact the SCTA
                                                                              office directly. (310) 208-3838.
                     G 12   Karla Bernal def. Julia May                    7. Singles eligibility determines doubles eligibility.
                     G 14   Nikki Waniek def. Alisa Feinswog               8. A Round Robin tournament winner is eligible for
                     G 16   Katie Hoffman def. Elisa Garcia                   the Satellite Masters, as long as the player wins
Savannah Goode and                                                            three matches (not including defaults).
Alisha Sharma

                                                                        Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook               17
18   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
2007 San Diego Competition                                             Adult Programs in 2007
Training Center                                                        Adult programs went through a great deal
                                                                       of growth and change in 2007. The evening
      he Barnes Tennis Center became the home of the San Diego

T     Competition Training Center (CTC) team in 2007.
      Competition Training Center is a national USTA Player
Development program in which the top-ranked 12-and-under boys
                                                                       classes started the year with four levels:
                                                                       Introduction to Tennis, Adult Beginning, Adult
                                                                       Intermediate, and Advanced Workout. The
                                                                       year ended with classes based on specific
and girls in each area are selected to train and compete in singles,
                                                                       instructional themes: Tennis Fundamentals,
doubles, and mixed doubles with other CTC teams.
                                                                       Tennis Strategy, Doubles Clinic, Happy Feet,
  The CTC season starts in February and culminates in June with
                                                                       and Adult Workout. The evening classes were
a Southern California sectional team tournament; the San Diego
                                                                       on a drop-in basis, with an Adult Programs
team placed third in 2007. The San Diego CTC team played
                                                                       card good for any 10 classes.
dual matches against teams from San Gabriel Valley and Orange
                                                                          The popular Cardio Tennis Workouts and
County. Practices were held Sunday evenings at the Barnes
                                                                       Friday Evening Mixers expanded as they attract-
Tennis Center, with special practices conducted by coaches Eric
                                                                       ed many new players. The morning clinics:
Steidlmayer and Liz LaPlante at UCSD and by coach Rich Hills
                                                                       Doubles Strategy Clinic, Singles Strategy Clinic,
at Point Loma Nazarene University.
                                                                       and Beginners and Advanced Beginners Clinic
  The girls on the San Diego CTC team were: Micaela Boreyko,
                                                                       continued with six-week sessions. The morning
Dominique Cetale, Tiffany Filipovich, Rozel Hernandez, Lindsey
                                                                       women’s doubles league, Ad-In, continued to
Kostas, Sarah Kwan, Joulia Likhanskaia, Ashley Mackey, Christina
                                                                       grow on Wednesday and Thursday mornings
Makarova, Jana McCord, Meagan and Morgan McCray, Emily
                                                                       with Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer leagues
Olson, and Anna Rudakov. The boys on the San Diego team were:
                                                                       with a variety of levels of play.
James Boyd, Henry Craig, Gregory Garcia, Lucas Gomez, Jacob
                                                                          The First Annual Barnes Tennis Center
Johnson, Derek Klein, Adam Levie, Aaron Meltzer, Jack Murphy,
                                                                       Adult Tournament held on November 2-4 was
Adrian and Santiago Ortiz, Tyler Pham, Robert Shaw, and
                                                                       a great success, showcasing the top senior
Hiromichi Yamamoto.
                                                                       players in San Diego. The plans for next year
  Head coach, Eric Mann, was assisted by a variety of assistant
                                                                       are to expand this tournament to include
coaches, including Luda Makarova, Dylan Mann, Victor Matsuda,
                                                                       NTRP divisions.
Ed Collins, Bill Foley, Tyler Deming, and Dan Tontz.

                                                                        Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook      19
                           VIP Night
        his year, Youth Tennis San
        Diego (YTSD) honored Raquel
        Giscafre and Jane Stratton—
the owners of the tournament—for
their years of support. For the past
15 years, they have donated the VIP
tent and tickets for the evening’s
matches to YTSD. It has been an
                                             at the Acura Classic

excellent opportunity for YTSD to
treat its wonderful volunteers and
donors to a memorable evening.
Giscafre and Stratton were honored
for their generosity, monetary sup-
port and friendship to YTSD kids for
so many years. San Diego tennis will
miss this fantastic tournament.

                         Booth Education
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    Two years ago, Lee and
                                                    Steve Booth made a gen-
                                                    erous $2 million donation
                                                    so that the children who
                                                    frequent the Barnes
                                                    Tennis Center will have
                                                    an expanded education
                                                    program. The Booths
                                                    have long been devoted
                         to the Center; hopefully they will see the culmina-
                         tion of their dreams for the children who play at
                         the Center come true in 2008.
                            The Booth Building will include three classrooms,
                         a large art and creative area, an expanded home-
                         work assistance room with computers and other
                         learning tools, and a playground. A timeline has
                         been developed for the project and groundbreaking
                         is expected this spring.

20                        2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                         2007 MatchPoint Ball                                          Billie Jean King was the guest of
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                       honor at this year’s MatchPoint
                                                                                       Ball, the gala fundraiser held each
                                                                                       year to raise money for the pro-
                                                                                       grams of Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                                                       (YTSD). Three hundred and fifty
                                                                                       friends and guests honored King as
                                                                                       a champion, innovator and visionary.
                                                                                          A silent auction took place in the
                                                                                       foyer of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.
                                                                                       San Diego newswoman Carol Le Beau
                                                                                       served as the Master of Ceremonies and
                                                                                       greeted everyone as they entered the ball-
                                                                                       room for the dinner and live auction. Leslie
                                                                                       Evans and Kathy Willette co-chaired the Ball.
                         Leslie Evans, Billie Jean King, Kathy Willette                   After dinner, King captivated the
                                                                                       audience by sharing challenges
                         she has faced in life—and how she met them. She congratulated YTSD for its vision in developing
                         its unique tennis and educational programs.
                            Past President Scott Rogers thanked King for her commitment to the
                         children of YTSD and announced a scholarship program for needy
                         children that was being funded that evening in King’s name. More
                         than $35,000 was donated to fund the scholarship. Thanks to
                         generous bidding by the guests at the live auction, $135,000 was
                         raised during the special evening!

                           YTSD Foundation
                                 he mission of the Youth Tennis San Diego (YTSD) Foundation is to develop a long term endowment and

                           T     support the programs of YTSD and the Barnes Tennis Center. The board is comprised of outstanding com-
                                 munity members devoted to this mission who have a strong concern for children. The Foundation board
                           works year long to create sources of funding. Some of these funds are given to YTSD each year for operations
                           and programming and a portion of the funds are invested for long term growth.
                             The 2007 Youth Tennis San Diego Foundation Board of Directors is led by Chairman Kathy Willette, Secretary
                           Wendy McWethy and Treasurer Rick Evans. Board members are: Larry Belinsky, Robert Bowden, Raquel
                           Giscafre, Angel Lopez, Kerry Payne, Betty Peabody and Larry Willens. Honorary Members include: Arnold
                           Belinsky, Rolf Benirschke, Betty and Gary Biszantz, Lee and Steve Booth, Dick Enberg, Elliott Feuerstein,
                           Kathy May Fritz, Ruth Jorgensen, Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, Ben Press, Margo and Scott Rogers,
                           John Schroeder and Pam Shriver. They are assisted in all their endeavors by Executive Director Linn Walker.

                                                                                                   Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook   21
Programs Center
At The Barnes Tennis
   t’s a wonderful jungle of programs at the Barnes Tennis Center! Barnes tennis programs create an amazing junior
   tennis “habitat” for kids. At Barnes, national-champion juniors become role models for novice tennis “rookies.”
   Every day, kids hooked on TV and X-Box get to know kids who are hooked on tennis.
  Our environment provides so much more than just tennis. In addition to 21 hard courts and four clay courts (all lit
for evening play), there’s a computer-lab, library/study room, snack bar, basketball court and two volleyball/beach-
tennis courts. So grab a vine and swing into our amazing jungle of wonderful programs for kids of all different stripes!

Tennis Academy Programs                                         stress, competitive experience for kids ages 6-18, with
From fun, introductory classes to High Performance pro-         bronze, silver, and gold ability levels. Our Barnes tennis
grams to our Elite Barnes Team curriculum, there’s a full       pros assist parents and participants with advice on
spectrum of academy programs available. Sports Skills and       sportsmanship and tournament etiquette.
Rising Stars provide a wonderful introduction to tennis, with
a “games approach” to learning the basics. Kids (ages 4-13)     Junior Team Tennis
learn the fundamentals of groundstrokes, serves, volleys,       The team environment is important for kids; Junior Team
and overheads, and have a great time doing it!                  Tennis gives kids a chance to compete on a team with,
  The High Performance programs are the next level of           and against their buddies. On Sundays, these nine-week
junior tennis development at the Center. Put simply, “HP”       sessions provide thorough instruction in all of the aspects
classes are for competitors—from Barnes Cup novices             of competition, and feature a Davis Cup-like team format
to nationally ranked juniors. Mental, physical, and tactical    that kids love.
development is required progress for these kids. High
Performance programs provide these kids with individual
attention and a challenging atmosphere.
  The Elite Barnes Team is designed for players working
on improving their national ranking. By invitation only, the
“Barnes Team” program offers top San Diego juniors the
environment and the opportunity to train and compete while
preparing for collegiate play. Fitness, matches, and workout
play is included.

                                                                Summer Tennis Camps
                                                                Our most exciting time of the year is summer! From June
                                                                to August, the Barnes Center is filled with kids of all levels
                                                                of play who want to have fun and work hard on their game.
                                                                Highlights of each camp include tennis instruction, games,
                                                                match play and a personal skills evaluation. Full-day
                                                                campers get to participate in Davis Cup team skits, arts
                                                                and crafts, and more structured match play.

                                                                After School Tennis and Education Program
                                                                This low-cost “tennis and homework” program provides a
                                                                wonderful opportunity for kids to learn the game of tennis
Barnes Cup Tournaments                                          and receive classroom assistance from a certified teacher.
Barnes Cup Tournaments are designed for the first-time          Designed for elementary and middle school students, these
tournament rookies, more experienced novices, and inter-        kids get a tennis experience they’ll love and the homework
mediate players. These round-robin events provide a low-        help and physical fitness experience they need.

22   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook   23
2008–2009 San Diego County
Junior Open, Novice & Satellite Schedule
April 2008                         May 2008                      June 2008                       JUNE 21-22
APRIL 11-13                        MAY 10-11                     JUNE 6-8                        1st Annual Rancho
Non-Sanctioned                     Satellite                     Open                            San Diego Satellite
Little Mo-(Sectionals)             4th Annual Rancho             San Diego Regional Jr           USTA ID # 651802308
USTA ID # n/a                      Penasquitos Satellite         Public Parks Tournament         Site: Valhalla H.S.
Barnes Tennis Center               USTA ID # 651800508           USTA ID # 651812908             Don Ackerly 619-922-7143
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.              RPTC 12350 Black Mtn. Rd.     Community Tennis Services
SD 92107                           SD 92129                      Po Box 83105
Steve Bickham 619-221-9000         Carol Donahue 858-484-0745    SD 92138                        JUNE 23-27                 Virginia Glass                  Open
                                                                 619-224-5746                    92nd Annual La Jolla Jr.
APRIL 12-13                        MAY 17-18                                                     Championships
Novice                             Novice                        JUNE 6-8                        USTA ID # 651813608
Scripps Tennis Jr. Novice          Damoytt May Novice            Satellite                       La Jolla Tennis Club
USTA ID # 651802608                USTA ID # 651812708           Dr. John P. Sheposh Memorial    7632 Draper Ave.
Scripps Ranch H.S.                 Site: Coronado Tennis Club    USTA ID # 651813308             LJ 92037
10410 Treena St.                   Entries to: 632 21st St.      Barnes Tennis Center            Scott Farr 858-454-4434
SD 92131                           SD 92102                      4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd. 
Tom Hufford 619-322-0821           Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781   SD 92107           Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000        JUNE 27-29
APRIL 19-20                        MAY 17-21                                                     Carmel Valley Satellite
Novice                             Open                          JUNE 7-8                        USTA ID # 651804608
North County Tennis Patrons        USTA Boys 14 National Open    Novice                          Site: Westview H.S.
USTA ID # 651811808                National Level 2              12th Annual Glenda              Strode Tennis
2658 DelMar Hgts. Rd. #210         USTA ID # 651860108           Hasselo Memorial                532 Willet St.
Del Mar 92014                      Barnes Tennis Center          USTA ID # 651813108             El Cajon 92020
Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900          4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.         2658 DelMar Hgts. Rd. #210      Skip Strode 619-808-5454               SD 92107                      Del Mar 92014         
                                   Anne Podney 619-221-9000      Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900
APRIL 19-20                          JUNE 28-29
Satellite                                                                                        Novice
Damoytt Tennis Spring Satellite    MAY 17-18, MAY 24-26          JUNE 14-15                      Youth Tennis San Diego
USTA ID # 651802208                Open                          Novice                          Summer Classic
Site: Astiz Tennis Ranch           21st Annual Powell            West Coast Tennis Academy       USTA ID # 651805108
Entries to: 632 21st St.           Blankenship Memorial          USTA ID # 651813408             Barnes Tennis Center
SD 92102                           Pacific Beach Open            Site: Bobby Riggs Tennis Club   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781        USTA ID # 651812508           Entries to: WCTA P.O. 230132    SD 92107         Pacific Beach Tennis Club     Encinitas 92023                 Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000
                                   2639 Grand Ave.               Paige Farmer 760-753-5530
APRIL 19-20, APRIL 26-27           SD 92109            
Open                               Anne Podney 858-551-1162                                      JUNE 30-JULY 4
38th Annual Maureen Connolly            JUNE 21-22                      Open
Memorial Tournament                                              Novice                          35th Annual Wilbur Folsom
USTA ID # 651811708                MAY 24-25                     Carmel Valley Novice            Memorial Jr. Tournament
Barnes Tennis Center               Novice                        USTA ID # 651804508             USTA ID # 651861408
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.              North County Tennis Patrons   Site: Westview H.S.             Barnes Tennis Center
SD 92107                           USTA ID # 651812408           Strode Tennis                   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
Anne Podney 619-221-9000           2658 DelMar Hgts. Rd. #210    532 Willet St.                  SD 92107             Del Mar 92014                 El Cajon 92020                  Anne Podney 619-221-9000
                                   Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900     Skip Strode 619-808-5454

24   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
July 2008                        JULY 28-AUG 1                   AUG 15-17                        SEPT 13-14
                                 Open                            Satellite                        Novice
JULY 5-6                         13th Balboa Jr. Championships   East County CTA Jr. Satellite    North County Tennis Patrons
Novice                           USTA ID # 651862208             USTA ID # 651805808              USTA ID # 651863108
Wimbledon Eastlake               Balboa Tennis Club              Site: Helix High School          2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd.#210
Style Novice                     2221 Morley Field Dr.           Lowell and University Ave        Del Mar 92014
USTA ID # 651802908              SD 92104                        SD 91941                         Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900
900 Duncan Ranch Rd.             Geoff Griffin 619-291-5248      Lois Sczepaniak 619-463-6564
Chula Vista 91914        
John Villanueva 619-687-3606                                                                      SEPT 20-21            August 2008                     AUG 18-22                        Satellite
                                                                 Open                             Damoytt Fall Satellite
JULY 7-11                        AUG 2-3
                                                                 19th Todd Short Memorial         USTA ID # 651802008
Open                             Novice
                                                                 Tournament                       Site Lincoln H.S.
23rd Annual Fallbrook Jr. Open   1st Annual
                                                                 USTA ID # 651862708              Entries to: 632 21st. St.
USTA ID # 651861708              Rancho San Diego Novice
                                                                 Barnes Tennis Center             SD 92102
Fallbrook Tennis Club            USTA ID # 651803808
                                                                 4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.            Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781
2141 S. Mission Rd.              Site: Valhalla H.S.
                                                                 SD 92107               
Fallbrook 92088                  Entries to: RSTD PO Box 177
                                                                 Anne Podney 619-221-9000
Dorothy Roth 760-728-1100        Don Ackerly 619-922-7143
                                                                  SEPT 26-28      
                                                                 AUG 22-24                        Little Mo-(Regionals)
JULY 11-13, JULY 19-20           AUGUST 2-3
                                                                 Satellite                        USTA ID # n/a
Open                             Satellite
                                                                 Damoytt Summer Satellite         Barnes Tennis Center
7th Annual Rancho                K & W Classic Satellite
                                                                 USTA ID # 651801708              4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
Penasquitos Tennis Center        USTA ID # 651803708
                                                                 Site Lincoln H.S.                SD 92107
Jr Open                          Site: Peninsula Tennis Club
                                                                 Entries to: 632 21st. St.        Steve Bickham 619-221-9000
USTA ID # 651862008              Entries to: K & W Tennis
                                                                 SD 92102               
Rancho Penasquitos               PO 1121
                                                                 Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781
Tennis Center                    Spring Valley 91979
                                                              SEPT 27-28, OCT 4-5
12350 Black Mtn. Rd.             Winston Strozier
SD 92129                         619-549-2518
                                                                 AUG 30-SEPT 1                    West Coast Tennis Academy
Carol Donahue 858-484-0745                                       Open                             Fall Jr. Open Tournament            AUG 3-10
                                                                 24th Annual San Diego            USTA ID # 651864008
                                                                 Jr. Doubles                      Site: Bobby Riggs Tennis Club
JULY 12-13                       USTA Girls 16 National
                                                                 National Level 4                 Entries to: WCTA P.O. 230132
Satellite                        Championships
                                                                 USTA ID # 651862908              Encinitas 92023
K & W Summer Satellite           National Level 1
                                                                 Barnes Tennis Center             Paige Farmer 760-753-5530
USTA ID # 651803508              USTA ID # 651860208
                                                                 4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.  
Site: Balboa Tennis Club         Barnes Tennis Center
                                                                 SD 92107
Entries to: K & W Tennis         4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
                                 SD 92107
                                                                 Anne Podney 619-221-9000         October 2008
PO 1121                                                
Spring Valley 91979              Steve Bickham 619-221-9000                                       OCT 4-5
Winston Strozier                                                       Novice
                                                                 September 2008
619-549-2518                                                                                      Youth Tennis San Diego
                                 AUG 4-8                         SEPT 6-7                         Fall Classic
JULY 19-20                       Open                            Novice                           USTA ID # 651864608
Novice                           13th Annual San Dieguito        Damoytt Summer Novice            Barnes Tennis Center
East County CTA Jr. Novice       Junior Championships            USTA ID # 651801108              4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
USTA ID # 651862108              USTA ID # 651862408             Site: Urban Village              SD 92107
Site: Helix High School          San Dieguito Tennis Club        Entries to: 632 21st St.         Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000
Lowell and University Ave        1414 Tennis Club Dr.            SD 92102               
SD 91941                         Encinitas 92024                 Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781
Lois Sczepaniak 619-463-6564     Brad Humphreys               OCTOBER 4-5                760-942-9725                                                     Satellite
                                                                 SEPT 6-7 & SEPT 13-14            K & W Fall Classic Satellite
JULY 25-27                       AUG 11-15                       Satellite                        USTA ID # 651804108
Satellite                        Open                            24th Annual Fallbrook            Site: Peninsula Tennis Club
Angel Lopez Jr. Satellite        3rd Annual University City      Fall Jr Satellite                Entries to: K & W Tennis
USTA ID # 651861908              Racquet Club Jr. Open           USTA ID # 651863208              PO Box 1121
Barnes Tennis Center             USTA ID # 651803908             Fallbrook Tennis Club            Spring Valley 91979
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.            University City Racquet Club    2141 S. Mission Rd.              Winston Strozier
SD 92107                         3585 Governor Dr.               Fallbrook 92088                  619-549-2518
Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000         SD 92122                        Dorothy Roth 760-728-1100                 Jim Ferrari 858-452-5683

                                                                                Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook    25
Tournament Schedule continued
OCT 11-12                          NOV 22-23                       DEC 27-29                          JAN 31-FEB 1
Novice                             Novice                          Satellite                          Novice
North County Tennis Patrons        Damoytt Thanksgiving Novice     Christmas Vacation Jr. Satellite   Owenita & John Sanderlin
USTA ID # 651863708                USTA ID # 651801208             USTA ID # 651805708                Memorial
2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210        Site: Astiz Tennis Ranch        Barnes Tennis Center               USTA ID # 651810809
Del Mar 92014                      Entries to: 632 21st St.        4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.              Barnes Tennis Center
Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900          SD 92102                        SD 92107                           4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.               Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781     Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000           SD 92107
                                            Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000
OCT 17-19                                                                                   
Satellite                          December 2008                   January 2009
Syrill Press Memorial Satellite                                                                       February 2009
                                   DEC 6-7, DEC 13-14              JAN 3-4 & JAN 10-12
USTA ID # 651890008
                                   Open                            Open                               FEB 7-8
Barnes Tennis Center
                                   Homer Peabody                   Esme Pearson Memorial              Novice
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
                                   Holiday Jr. Open                San Diego Designated               North County Tennis Patrons
SD 92107
                                   USTA ID # 651814408             Open Designated                    USTA ID # 651810709
Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000
                                   Barnes Tennis Center            National Level 5                   2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210
                                   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.           USTA ID # 651810109                Del Mar 92014
                                   SD 92107                        Barnes Tennis Center               Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900
November 2008                      Steve Bickham 619-221-9000      4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.    
NOV 8-9                                 SD 92107
Novice                                                             Anne Podney 619-221-9000           FEB 14-15 & FEB 21-22
North County Tennis Patrons        DEC 6-7 & 13-14                    Open
USTA ID # 651864408                Satellite                                                          60th Annual San Diego
2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210        West Coast Tennis Academy       JAN 10-11                          Metropolitan Jr. Tournament
Del Mar 92014                      Winter Satellite                Novice                             USTA ID # 651811009
Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900          USTA ID # 651814208             North County Tennis Patrons        Barnes Tennis Center               Site: Bobby Riggs Tennis Club   USTA ID # 651810209                4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
                                   Entries to: WCTA P.O. 230132    2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210        SD 92107
NOV 8-9                            Encinitas 92023                 Del Mar 92014                      Anne Podney 619-221-9000
Satellite                          Paige Farmer 760-753-5530       Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900
K & W Winter Satellite   
USTA ID # 651804208                                                                                   FEB 21-22
Site: Balboa Tennis Club           DEC 20-21                       JAN 10-11 & 17-18                  Satellite
Entries to: K & W Tennis           Novice                          Satellite                          Damoytt Tennis Winter Satellite
PO 1121                            Damoytt Winter-Holiday Novice   23rd Annual Fallbrook              USTA ID # 651802109
Spring Valley 91979                New Tournament                  Winter Tournament                  Site: Balboa Tennis Club
Winston Strozier                   Site: Miramar College           USTA ID # 651810509                Entries to: 632 21st St.
619-549-2518                       Entries to: 632 21st St.        Fallbrook Tennis Club              SD 92102
                                   SD 92102                        2141 S. Mission Rd.                Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781
NOV 8-9, NOV 15-16                 Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781     Fallbrook 92088          
Open                           Dorothy Roth 760-728-1100
Thanksgiving Vacation                                                      FEB 28-MAR 1
Jr. Tournament                     DEC 26-30                                                          Novice
USTA ID # 651813808                Open                            JAN 24-25                          Damoytt Spring Novice
Barnes Tennis Center               Carmel Valley                   Novice                             USTA ID # 651811209
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.              Christmas Jr. Open              SCTA Novice Jamboree               Site: Miramar College
SD 92107                           Site: Westview H.S.             USTA ID # N/A                      Entries to: 632 21st St.
Anne Podney 619-221-9000           Strode Tennis                   Barnes Tennis Center               SD 92102             532 Willet St.                  4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.              Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781
                                   El Cajon 92020                  SD 92107                 
NOV 15-16                          Skip Strode 619-808-5454        Darren Potkey
Novice                             310-208-3838 x303
Scripps Tennis Jr. Novice                                
USTA ID # 651802808
Scripps Ranch H.S.
10410 Treena St.
SD 92131
Tom Hufford 619-322-0821

26   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
March 2009                    APRIL 18-19                       MAY 16-17, MAY 23-24             JUNE 13-14
                              Novice                            Open                             Novice
MAR 14-15                     North County Tennis Patrons       22nd Annual Powell               West Coast Tennis Academy
Novice                        USTA ID # 651811809               Blankenship Memorial             USTA ID # 651813409
North County Tennis Patrons   2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210       Pacific Beach Open               Site: Bobby Riggs Tennis Club
USTA ID # 651811509           Del Mar 92014                     USTA ID # 651812509              Entries to: WCTA P.O. 230132
2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210   Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900         Pacific Beach Tennis Club        Encinitas 92024
Del Mar 92014                     2639 Grand Ave.                  Paige Farmer 760-753-5530
Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900                                       SD 92109                         APRIL 18-19                       Anne Podney 858-551-1162
                              Satellite                              JUNE 20-21
MAR 14-15 & MAR 21-22         Damoytt Tennis Spring Satellite                                    Novice
Open                          USTA ID # 651802208               MAY 23-24                        Carmel Valley Novice
9th Annual JCC Junior Open    Site: Lincoln H.S.                Novice                           USTA ID # 651804509
USTA ID # 651863409           Entries to: 632 21st. St.         North County Tennis Patrons      Site: Westview H.S.
Jewish Community Center       SD 92102                          USTA ID # 651812409              Entries to: RSTD PO Box 177
4126 Executive Dr.            Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781       2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210      Strode Tennis
LJ 92037                    Del Mar 92014                    532 Willet St.
Marc Pinckney 858-362-7136                                      Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900        El Cajon 92020               May 2009                             Skip Strode 619-808-5454
MARCH 21-22                   MAY 2-3 & 9-10
                                                                MAY 23-25
Novice                        Open
                                                                Satellite                        JUNE 20-21
Youth Tennis San Diego        39th Annual Maureen Connolly
                                                                Damoytt Tennis                   Satellite
Spring Classic                Memorial Tournament
                                                                Memorial Day Satellite           2nd Annual
USTA ID # 651863609           USTA ID # 651811709
                                                                New Tournament                   Rancho San Diego Satellite
Barnes Tennis Center          Barnes Tennis Center
                                                                Site Lincoln H.S.                USTA ID # 651802308
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.         4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
                                                                Entries to: 632 21st. St.        Site: Valhalla H.S.
SD 92107                      SD 92107
                                                                SD 92102                         Don Ackerly 619-922-7143
Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000      Anne Podney 619-221-9000
                                                                Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781    
                                                                                                 JUNE 22-26
MAR 28-29, APR 4-5            MAY 9-10
                                                                June 2009                        Open
Open                          Satellite
                                                                                                 93rd Annual La Jolla
75th Annual Harper Ink        6th Annual Rancho                 JUNE 5-7
                                                                                                 Jr. Championships
National Level 5              Penasquitos Satellite             Open
                                                                                                 USTA ID # 651813609
USTA ID # 651812009           USTA ID # 651800509               San Diego Regional Jr
                                                                                                 La Jolla Tennis Club
Barnes Tennis Center          RPTC                              Public Parks Tournament
                                                                                                 7632 Draper Ave.
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.         12350 Black Mtn. Rd.              USTA ID # 651812909
                                                                                                 LJ 92037
SD 92107                      SD 92129                          Community Tennis Services
                                                                                                 Scott Farr 858-454-4434
Anne Podney 619-221-9000      Carol Donahue 858-484-0745        Po Box 83105
                                                                                                    SD 92138
                                                                Virginia Glass 619-224-5746
                                                                                                 JUNE 26-28
April 2009                    MAY 16-17
                              Novice                            JUNE 5-7
APRIL 4-5                                                                                        Carmel Valley Satellite
                              Damoytt May Novice                Satellite
Novice                                                                                           USTA ID # 651804609
                              USTA ID # 651812709               Dr. John P. Sheposh
Scripps Ranch Jr. Novice                                                                         Site: Westview H.S.
                              Site: Coronado Tennis Club        Memorial Satellite
USTA ID # 651802609                                                                              Strode Tennis
                              Entries to: 632 21st St.          USTA ID # 651813309
Scripps Ranch H.S.                                                                               532 Willet St.
                              SD 92102                          Barnes Tennis Center
10410 Treena St.                                                                                 El Cajon 92020
                              Stan Jefferson 619-230-1781       4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
SD 92131                                                                                         Skip Strode 619-808-5454
                            SD 92107
Tom Hufford 619-322-0821                                                               
                                                                Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000            MAY 16-20               
                                                                                                 JUNE 27-28
APRIL 10-12                                                                                      Novice
                              USTA Boys 14 National Open        JUNE 6-7
Non-Sanctioned                                                                                   Youth Tennis San Diego
                              National Level 2                  Novice
Little Mo-(Sectionals)                                                                           Summer Classic
                              USTA ID # 651860109               12th Annual Glenda
USTA ID # n/a                                                                                    USTA ID # 651805109
                              Barnes Tennis Center              Hasselo Memorial
Barnes Tennis Center                                                                             Barnes Tennis Center
                              4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.             USTA ID # 651813109
4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.                                                                            4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd.
                              SD 92107                          2658 Del Mar Hgts. Rd. #210
SD 92107                                                                                         SD 92107
                              Anne Podney 619-221-9000          Del Mar 92014
Steve Bickham 619-221-9000                                                                       Tom O’Brien 619-221-9000
                                Tyler Hayden 760-402-8900                                                                      

                                                                               Youth Tennis San Diego | 2008 Junior Yearbook   27
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28   2008 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
          San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club’s
           Junior Players of the Year 2007

Izzy Richardson, Corey Smith, Gabrielle DeSimone, Angel Lopez, Hillary Preece, Nathaniel Johnson

                                Director of Tennis
                           Angel Lopez Tennis Academy
                                      Angel Lopez
                                Junior Boy of the Year
                                      Corey Smith
                                Junior Girl of the Year
                                Gabrielle DeSimone
                                  Most Improved Boy
                                 Nathaniel Johnson
                                  Most Improved Girl
                      Izzy Richardson & Hillary Preece

                                                                       Angel Lopez
                                                                      TENNIS ACADEMY

            (619) 275-3270 4848 TECOLOTE RD SAN DIEGO, CA 92110

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