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CALENDAR - Elements


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2009                                           Valley and the Volcanic Tableland,              october 22–25 Joint Conference: the          April 5–9 MRS Spring Meeting,
                                               California (GSA Field Forum), Bishop,           Asian Crystallographic Association with      San-Francisco, CA, USA. Web page:
september 1–3 The Mineralogical                CA, USA. Details: David A. Ferrill; e-mail:     the Chinese Crystallography Society          www.mrs.org/s_mrs/index.asp. Details:
Society’s Annual Meeting, in conjunction       dferrill@swri.org; web page: www.               (AsCA’09), Beijing, PRC. Web page:           Ian Graham, e-mail: i.graham@unsw.edu.au;
with the German and French Mineralo­           geosociety.org/fieldForums/09calif.htm          www.ciccst.org.cn/asca09
gical Societies: MAPT – Micro­Analysis,                                                                                                     April 6–9 13th Quadrennial IAGOD
Processes, Time, Edinburgh, Scotland.          september 13–19 8th International               october 25–29 First World Young              Symposium 2010, Giant Ore Deposits
Details: Simon Harley, e-mail: s.harley@       Carbon Dioxide Conference, Jena,                Earth Scientists Congress 2009, Beijing,     Down­Under, Adelaide, Australia. Web
ed.ac.uk; web page: www.minersoc.org/          Germany. Details: Felix Angermüller;            PRC. Details: Elyvin Nkhonjera; e-mail:      page: www.geology.cz/iagod/activities/
pages/ meetings/meetings.html                  e-mail: felix.angermueller@conventus.de;        elyvinnkhonjera@yahoo.co.uk; web page:       symposia/adelaide-2010
                                               web page: www.conventus.de/icdc8/               www.yescongress2009.org/index.php
september 1–4 AGU Chapman Confer­                                                                                                           April 18–21 2010 AAPG Annual
ence on the Biological Carbon Pump of          september 14–18 13th International              october 25–30 Materials Science &            Convention and Exhibition, New Orleans,
the Oceans, Brockenhurst, Hampshire,           IUPAC Conference on High Tempera­               Technology 2009 Conference and               LA, USA. www.aapg.org/meetings
England. Details: Richard Lampitt; e-mail:     ture Materials Chemistry, Davis, CA,            Exhibition – MS&T ’09 combined with
rsl@noc.soton.ac.uk; web page: www.            USA. Details: Alexandra Navrotsky;              the American Ceramic Society (ACerS)         May 19–28 American Crystallographic
agu.org/meetings/chapman/2009/dcall            e-mail: navea@UCDavis.edu; web page:            111th Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA,        Association (ACA) Annual Meeting,
                                               http://neat.ucdavis.edu/HTMC%2D13               USA. Web page: www.matscitech.org/           New Orleans, LA, USA. Web page:
september 6–9 3rd International                                                                                                             www.AmerCrystalAssn.org
Symposium on Advanced Micro­ and               september 17–18 International                   2008/pastmtgs.html
Mesoporous Materials, Albena, Bulgaria.        Symposium on Mineralogy, Environment            november 10–12 3rd Russian Conference        May 31–june 4 Cities on Volcanoes 6
Web page: micro2009.bg-conferences.            and Health, Marne-la-Vallée, France.                                                         ­ Tenerife 2010, Canary Islands, Spain.
                                                                                               on Organic Mineralogy with International
org/micro2009                                  Details: Stéphanie Rossano (rossano@                                                         Details: Dr. Nemesio M. Pérez; e-mail:
                                                                                               Participation, Institute of Geology,
                                               univ-paris-est.fr) or Eric van Hullebusch                                                    nperez@iter.es
september 6–9 4th International                                                                Syktyvkar, Russia. Details: Olga Kovaleva;
Conference on the Environmental Effects                                                        e-mail: orgmin@geo.komisc.ru;                june EURISPET: High­Temperature
                                               web page: www.univ-mlv.fr/master_
of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials,            geoenv/symposium2009.html                       web page: www.minsoc.ru/confs                Metamorphism and Crustal Melting,
Vienna, Austria. Web page:                                                                     november 11–14 Volcanoes, Landscapes         Padova, Italy. Details: Bernardo Cesare;
http://nano2009.univie.ac.at                   september 19–26 The International                                                            e-mail: bernardo.cesare@unipd.it;
                                               Committee for Coal and Organic                  and Cultures, Catania, Italy.
                                                                                               E-mail: conf-volcano@etnacatania2009.com;    web page: www.eurispet.eu
september 6–10 XII Conference on the           Petrology (ICCP) and The Society for
Physics of Non­Crystalline Solids (XII         Organic Petrology (TSOP) Joint Annual           website: www.etnacatania2009.com             june 6–11 SEA­CSSJ­CMS Trilateral
PNCS), Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil. Web          Meeting, Gramado/Porto Alegre, Brazil.          november 15–19 AAPG 2009                     Meeting on Clays, Madrid, Spain. Web
page: www.pncs-crystallization.com.br          E-mail: wolfgang.kalkreuth@ufrgs.br; web        International Conference and Exhibition,     page: wwwsoc.nii.ac.jp/
                                               page: www.ufrgs.br/ICCP_TSOP_2009               Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Web page:            cssj2/2010TrilateralClays1.pdf
september 7–10 MinPet 2009 & 4th
Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians            september 21–23 Geological Society              www.aapg.org/meetings                        june 6–11 Gordon Research
Conference, Budapest, Hungary. Web             William Smith Meeting: Environment,             november 30–December 4 MRS Fall              Conference: Crystal Engineering,
page: www.minpet2009mscc.org                   Pollution & Human Health, London,                                                            Waterville Valley, NH, USA. Web page:
                                                                                               Meeting, Boston, MA, USA. Web page:
                                               England. E-mail: e.valsami-jones@nhm.                                                        www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010
september 7–11 Geoanalysis 2009,               ac.uk; web-page: www.minersoc.org/                                                           &program=crystaleng
Drakensburg Region, South Africa.              pages/groups/emg/emg.html                       December 14–16 Clay Minerals Group
E-mail: maggi.loubser@up.ac.za;                                                                of the Mineralogical Society Annual          june 6–11 Gordon Research
web page: www.geoanalysis2009.org.za           september 21–25 Clays, Clay Minerals                                                         Conference: Natural Gas Hydrate
                                               and Layered Materials 2009, Moscow,             Meeting, Newcastle, UK. Details: Claire
                                                                                               Fialips; e-mail: C.I.M.Fialips@ncl.ac.uk;    Systems: Hydrate­Sediment­Fluid
september 9–11 Geoitalia 2009                  Russia. Web page: www.cmlm2009.ru                                                            Interactions at Pore to Regional Scale,
– VII Italian Forum of Earth Sciences,                                                         web page: www.minersoc.org/pages/
                                               september 24–27 Magmatism and                   groups/cmg/cmg.html#fialips                  Waterville, ME, USA. Web page: www.
Rimini, Italy. Details: Lorenza Fascio;                                                                                                     grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010&prog
e-mail: simp@dst.unipi.it;                     Metamorphism in the Holy Cross
                                               Mountains, XVI Meeting of the                   December 14–18 AGU Fall                      ram=naturalgas
web page: www.geoitalia.org                                                                    Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA.
                                               Petrology Group of the Mineralogical                                                         june 13–18 Gordon Research
september 9–12 XXIX Meeting of the             Society of Poland and VII Meeting of            E -mail: meetinginfo@agu.org; web
                                                                                               page: www.agu.org/meetings                   Conference: Environmental Bioinorga­
Sociedad Española de Mineralogía               the Mineralogical Society of Poland,                                                         nic Chemistry: Elements In The
(SEM), Salamanca, Spain. Web page:             ´ ety Krzy˙ , Poland. Web page: prac.
                                               Swi¸       z                                                                                 Environment, from Prokaryotes to
www.usal.es/~sem09                             us.edu.pl/~ptmin2009                                2010                                     Planets, Newport, RI, USA. Web page:
september 9–13 Low δ18O Rhyolites              september 25–27 New England                     january 3–9 2010 Winter Conference           www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010
and Crustal Melting: Growth and                Intercollegiate Geological Conference           on Plasma Spectrochemistry, Sanibel,         &program=envbiochem
Redistribution of the Continental              (NEIGC), Lyndonville, VT, USA. Web              FL, USA. E-mail: wc2010@chem.umass.          june 14–18 Goldschmidt 2010,
Crust, Twin Falls, ID, and Yellowstone         page: w3.salemstate.edu/~lhanson/NEIGC          edu; web page: http://icpinformation.org/    Knoxville, TN, USA. Web page: www.
National Park, WY, USA. Details: Peter                                                         2010_Winter_Conference.html                  geochemsoc.org/news/conferencelinks
                                               september 27–october 4 The          250th
Larson; e-mail: plarson@wsu.edu; web
                                               Anniversary of Volcán Jorullo’s Birth in        january 5–7 Sixth International
page: www.geosociety.org/                      Michoacán, México, Morelia, Michoacán,                                                       june 21–24 11th International
penrose/09idaho.htm                                                                            Conference on Environmental, Cultural,       Platinum Symposium, Sudbury, Canada.
                                               México. Web page: www.geofisica.                Economic and Social Sustainability,
                                               unam.mx/vulcanologia/jorullo                                                                 Details: Prof. Michael Lesher; e-mail:
september 10–13 9th International                                                              University of Cuenca, Ecuador. E-mail:       11ips@laurentian.ca; web page:
Symposium on Crystallization in Glasses        september 30–october 2 Alpine                   support@onsustainability.com; web page:      www.11IPS.laurentian.ca
and Liquids (Crystallization 2009),            Ophiolites and Modern Analogues, Parma,         www.SustainabilityConference.com
Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil web page:            Italy. E-mail: ophiolite2009@unipr.it; web                                                   june 27–july 2 Gordon Research
www.pncs-crystallization.com.br                                                                january 10–15 Gordon Research                Conference: Research at High Pressure,
                                               page: www.alpineophiolite2009.org
                                                                                               Conference: Origin of Life, Galveston, TX,   Holderness, NH, USA. Web page: www.
september 11 SMMP 2009: The Society            october 4–9 Tectonic Development of             USA. Web page: www.grc.org/programs.         grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010&prog
of Mineral Museum Professionals                the Amerasia Basin, Banff Centre, Alberta,      aspx?year=2010&program=origin                ram=highpress
Meeting, Denver, CO, USA. Web page:            Canada. Details: Victoria Pease (vicky.
www.agiweb.org/smmp/meetings.htm               pease@geo.su.se) or Lawrence Lawver             january 24–29 34th International             june 27–july 8 XXVth IUGG General
                                               (lawver@utig.ig.utexas.edu); web page:          Conference and Exposition on Advanced        Assembly, Melbourne, Australia.
september 13–17 5th International                                                              Ceramics and Composites, Daytona Beach,
                                               www.geosociety.org/penrose/09banff.htm                                                       Web page: www.iugg2011.com
Workshop on Infrared Microscopy and                                                            FL, USA. Web page: www.ceramics.org/
Spectroscopy with Accelerator Based            october 9–12 Fifth International                meetings/index.aspx                          july 4–9 16th International Zeolite
Sources, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Web           Symposium on Mineral Diversity ­ Research                                                    Conference, Sorrento, Italy. Details
page: www.lightsource.ca/wirms2009             and Preservation, Sofia, Bulgaria. Web page:    february 4–7 6th International Dyke          forthcoming; web page: www.iza-online.
                                               www.agiweb.org/smmp/MinDiv5.pdf                 Conference (IDC­6), Varanasi, India.         org/ConfSched.htm
september 13–17 Annual Meeting of                                                              E-mail: rajeshgeolbhu@gmail.com or
the German Mineralogical Association           october 18–21 Geological Society of             6idc2010@gmail.com; web page:                july 10 EMU School: High­Resolution
(DMG), Halle/Saale, Germany. E-mail:           America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR,           www.igpetbhu.com                             Electron Microscopy of Minerals,
dmg-faq@dmg-home.de; web page:                 USA. E-mail: meetings@geosociety.org;                                                        Nancy, France. Web page: www.univie.
www.DMG-Meeting.de                             web page: www.geosociety.org/                   March 1–5, 41st Lunar and Planetary          ac.at/Mineralogie/EMU/events.htm
                                               meetings/2009                                   Science Conference (LPSC 2010), The
september 13–18 European Planetary                                                             Woodlands, TX USA. Details forthcoming       july 10–18 Zeolite ‘10, the 8th
Science Congress (EPSC) 2009,                  october 18–23 XII Brazilian Geoche­                                                          International Conference on the
Potsdam, Germany. Web page:                    mical Congress/VIII International               March 21–25    239th
                                                                                                                  ACS National              Occurrence, Properties, and Utilization
http://meetings.copernicus.org/epsc2009        Symposium on Environmental                      Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco,         of Natural Zeolites, Sofia, Bulgaria. Web
                                               Geochemistry, Ouro Preto, Brazil. Web           CA, USA. Web page: www.acs.org               page: http://inza.nmt.edu
september 13–19 Structure and                  page: www.12cbgq.ufop.br/12cbgq
Neotectonic Evolution of Northern Owens

                                          E lEmEnts                                          198                                    J une 2009
july 22–31 American Crystallographic         August 22–27 20th General Meeting              november 14–18 Third International          A.T.M. Broekmans; e-mail: maarten.
Association (ACA) Annual Meeting,            of the International Mineralogical             Congress on Ceramics, Osaka, Japan.         broekmans@ngu.no; website:
Chicago, IL, USA. Webpage:                   Association, Budapest, Hungary.                Web page: www.ceramics.org/meetings/        www.icam2011.org
www.AmerCrystalAssn.org                      Website: www.univie.ac.at/Mineralogie/         index.aspx
                                             IMA_2010                                                                                   August 2011 74th Annual Meeting of
july 26–30 73rd Annual Meeting of the                                                                                                   the Meteoritical Society, Greenwich,
Meteoritical Society, New York, NY           september 1–4 International                        2011                                    England. Details: Gretchen Benedix,
USA. Details: forthcoming. Web page:         Symposium: Geology of Natural                                                              e-mail: greb@nhm.ac.uk
                                                                                            january 23–28 35th International
www.metsoc2010.org/                          Systems ­ Geo Iasi 2010, Iasi, Romania.
                                                                                            Conference and Exposition on                August 22-29 XXII Congress of the
                                             Web page: http://geology.uaic.ro/
August 1–6 Gordon Research                   symposium/index.php?act=inf                    Advanced Ceramics and Composites,           International Union of Crystallography,
Conference: Organic Geochemistry,                                                           Daytona Beach, FL, USA. Web page:           Madrid. Web page: www.ecanews.org/
Holderness, NH, USA. Web page: www.          september 5–10 11th Congress of the            www.ceramics.org/meetings/index.aspx        iucrs.php.
grc.org/programs.                            International Association for
                                             Engineering Geology and the                    March 27–31 241st American                  August 28–september 1 242nd
aspx?year=2010&program=orggeo                                                               Chemical Society (ACS) National
                                             Environment (IAEG2010), Auckland,                                                          American Chemical Society (ACS)
August 8–13 Gordon Research                  New Zealand. E-mail: iaeg2010@tcc.co.          Meeting & Exposition, Anaheim, CA,          National Meeting & Exposition, Denver,
Conference: Rock Deformation, Tilton,        nz; web page: www.iaeg2010.com                 USA. Web page: www.acs.org                  CO, USA. Web page: www.acs.org
NH, USA. Web page: www.grc.org/                                                             May 19–28 American Crystallographic
                                             september 29–october 5 European                                                            september 4–7 7th European Conference
programs.aspx?year=2010&program=rockdef                                                     Association (ACA) Annual Meeting,
                                             Crystallographic Meeting ECM­26 and                                                        on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy
                                             EPDIC XII, Darmstadt, Germany.                 New Orleans, LA, USA. Web page: www.        (ECMS 2011), Potsdam, Germany.
August 8–13 Gordon Research
                                             Webpage: www.lcm3b.uhp-nancy.fr/               AmerCrystalAssn.org                         E-mail: mkoch@gfz-potsdam.de
Conference: Water & Aqueous
Solutions, Holderness, NH, USA. Web          ecasig5/Activity.php                           May 25–27 Geological Association of         october 9–12 Geological Society of
page: www.grc.org/programs.                  september 30–october 9 Society for             Canada /Mineralogical Association of        America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis
aspx?year=2010&program=water                 Economic Geology 2010 Conference,              Canada Annual Meeting, Ottawa, Canada.      MN, USA. E-mail: meetings@geosociety.
                                             Keystone, CO, USA. Web page: www.              Web page: www.gacmacottawa2011.ca           org; web page: www.geosociety.org/
August 8–13 American Geophysical
Union 2010 Joint Assembly, Iguassu           seg2010.org/                                                                               meetings/index.htm
                                                                                            june 20 The Mineralogical Society’s
Falls, Brazil. Web page: www.agu.org/        october 17–21 Materials Science &              Annual Meeting: Frontiers in                october 16–20 Materials Science &
meetings                                     Technology 2010 Conference and                 Environmental Geoscience, University        Technology 2011 Conference and
                                             Exhibition – MS&T ‘10 combined with            of Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. Details: N.      Exhibition ­ MS&T ‘10 combined with
August 15–20 Gordon Research                                                                Pearce; e-mail: njp@aber.ac.uk; web page:
                                             the ACerS 112th Annual Meeting,                                                            the ACerS 113th Annual Meeting,
Conference: Biomineralization, New                                                          www.minersoc.org/pages/meetings/
                                             Houston, TX, USA. Web page: www.                                                           Columbus, OH, USA. Details forthcoming
London, NH, USA. Web page: www.grc.                                                         frontiers-2011/frontiers-2011.html
aspx?year=2010&program=biomin                october 31–november 3 Geological               june 26–july 1 Euroclay 2011, Antalya,
                                             Society of America Annual Meeting,             Turkey. Web page: www.aipea.org/                 The meetings convened by the
August 15–20 Gordon Research                 Denver, CO, USA. E-mail: meetings@             downloads/EUROCLAY-2011%20flyer.pdf
Conference: Solid State Studies in                                                                                                        societies participating in Elements are
                                             geosociety.org; web page: www.
Ceramics, New London, NH, USA. Web           geosociety.org/meetings/index.htm              june 27–july 8 XXVth IUGG General             highlighted in yellow. This meetings
page: www.grc.org/programs.                                                                 Assembly, Melbourne, Australia. E-mail:         calendar was compiled by Andrea
aspx?year=2010&program=ceramics              november EURISPET: Experimental                ray.cas@sci.monash.edu.au; website:
                                             Petrology and Rock Deformation,                                                               Koziol. To get meeting information
August 22–26 240th ACS National              Zürich, Switzerland. Details: Peter Ulmer,                                                      listed, please contact Andrea at
Meeting & Exposition, Boston, MA,            Swiss Federal Institute of Technology          August 2011 10th ICAM International            Andrea.Koziol@notes.udayton.edu
USA. Web page: www.acs.org                   (ETH) Zürich; e-mail: peter.ulmer@erdw.        Congress for Applied Mineralogy,
                                             ethz.ch; web page: www.eurispet.eu             Strasbourg, France. Details: Maarten

                                                                                                  Postdoctoral Position
                                                                                                  in Environmental Geochemistry
                                                                                                  Behavior of Uranium in
    seM 2009 AnnuAl Meeting                                                                       Nanoporous environment
    AND WORKSHOP ON SYNCHROTRON                                                                   University of Wisconsin – Madison
                                                                                                  A postdoctoral position is available in the Department
      9–11 SEPTEMBER 2009, SALAMANCA, SPAIN_                                                      of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin–
                                                                                                  Madison for experimental research on the role of
    The meeting of the Mineralogical Society of Spain gathers,                                    nanopores in uranium sorption, desorption, and redox
    once a year, researchers from Spain and abroad specialized                                    behaviors. The project seeks to understand the nanopore
    in the broad fields of mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry.                                effects in both model oxide systems and natural subsurface
    Like in previous events, the meeting will be preceded by                                      sediments. A PhD in geochemistry, environmental
    a topical workshop entitled “Synchrotron Radiation in                                         chemistry, or mineralogy is required; laboratory
    Mineralogy.” The meeting and seminar will be held in                                          experience in wet chemistry and manipulation of
    Salamanca, Spain, from September 9–11, 2009, and is                                           microorganisms is highly desirable.
    coordinated by Mercedes Suárez on behalf of SEM. Do
    join us in this historic city and privileged destination of                                   Please submit by email a cover letter and CV with the
    thousands of international students each year. Please,                                        contact information of three potential references to
    check the registration fees and full meeting information                                      Prof. Huifang Xu (hfxu@geology.wisc.edu) or
    at http://campus.usal.es/~sem09                                                               Prof. Eric Roden (eroden@geology.wisc.edu).

                                                                                                  a pplication   Will be considered Until the position is filled.
    Abstracts, elaborated with the template
    that can be downloaded from                                                                   Department of Geology and Geophysics
    http://campus.usal.es/~sem09/comunicaciones.html                                              University of Wisconsin-Madison
    can be submitted directly to the organizing committee                                         1215 West Dayton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
                                                                                                  608/265-5887 – Fax: 608/262-0693 – www.geology.wisc.edu
    by sending an e-mail to sem09@usal.es

                                        E lEmEnts                                         199                                    J une 2009

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