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2009                                          Server, Lekeitio, Spain. Web page:              web page:         web page:
                                                   Meetings/fromcoretocrust_09.pdf             man/2009/dcall
May 24-27 AGU (American Geophysical           bilbao2009.php
Union) Joint Assembly and Geological                                                          July 21–24 Third International Works-       September 7–10 MinPet 2009 & 4th
Association of Canada /Mineralogical          June 22–26 Goldschmidt 2009,                    hop on Mars Polar Energy Balance and        Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians
Association of Canada Annual Meeting,         Davos, Switzerland. E-mail: info@               the CO2 Cycle, Seattle, WA, USA. Details:   Conference, Budapest, Hungary. Web
Toronto, Canada. E-mail: meetinginfo@; website:                   Timothy Titus; e-mail:;     page:; web page:                              web page:
meetings                                                                                      mpeb2009/                                   September 7–11 Geoanalysis 2009,
                                              June 26–July 5 EURISPET: High-Pressure                                                      Drakensburg Region, South Africa.
June 1–3 Modeling Martian Hydrous             Metamorphism and Subduction Zones,              July 25–30 American Crystallographic        E-mail:;
Environments Workshop, Houston, TX,           Granada, Spain. Details: Bernardo Cesare;       Association (ACA) Annual Meeting,           web page:
USA. Details: Susanne Schwenzer; e-mail:      e-mail:;               Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Details: James; web page: www.                                                        F. Britten; e-mail:;    September 9–11 Geoitalia 2009 – VII             June 29–July 3 6th International                web page:          Italian Forum of Earth Sciences, Rimini,
                                              Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior                                                             Italy. Details: Lorenza Fascio; e-mail:
June 1–4 IAGS 2009 – 24th International       (BIOGEOMON 2009), Helsinki, Finland.            July 26–31 International Conference; web page: www.
Applied Geochemistry Symposium,               Web page:           on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
Fredericton, NB, Canada. E-mail: lodge@       asp?contentid=266595&lan=EN                     (XAFS XIV), Camerino, Italy. Web page:; web page:                                                                               September 9–12 XXIX Meeting of the
ences/IAGS2009                                July 5–10 Gordon Research Conference:                                                       Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
                                              Origin of Solar Systems, Mount Holyoke          July 31–August 4 Symmetry Festival:         (SEM), Salamanca, Spain. Web page:
June 1–5 XI International Conference:         College, South Hadley, MA, USA.                 Symmetry in the History of Science, Art,
Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Its Ap-            Web page:                 Technology and Medicine, Budapest,
plications, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Details:    aspx?year=2009&program=origins                  Hungary. E-mail: symmetry09@conferen-       September 9–13 Low δ18O Rhyolites
Dr. Anton Litvinov; e-mail: litvinov@imp.                                           ; web page:       and Crustal Melting: Growth and Re-; web page:           July 7–10 American Association of               symmetry2009                                distribution of the Continental Crust,
moessbauer                                    Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual                                                          Twin Falls, ID, and Yellowstone National
                                              Meeting, Denver, CO, USA. Web page:             August 3–7 International Symposium          Park, WY, USA. Details: Peter Larson; e-mail:
June 4–14 High-Pressure Crystallogra-             on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals; web page: www.
phy: From Novel Experimental Approa-                                                          2009 (ZMPC 2009), Tokyo, Japan.   
ches to Applications in Cutting-Edge          July 9–13 16th Meeting of the Associa-          E-mail:; web
Technologies, Erice, Italy. Web page:         tion of European Geological Societies           page:       September 11 SMMP 2009: The Society                 (MAEGS-16) and the Annual Meeting               zmpc-e.html                                 of Mineral Museum Professionals Mee-
                                              of the Romanian Geological Society                                                          ting, Denver, CO, USA. Web page: www.
June 5–11 46th Annual Meeting of the          (GSR), Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Web                August 9–19 8th International Eclogite
Clay Minerals Society, Billings, Montana,     page:                  Conference, Xining, China. E-mail:
USA. Details: Richard Brown; e-mail:                                                ; web page: www.      September 13–17 5th International; web page: www.             July 11–13 Experimentation and               Workshop on Infrared Microscopy and         Modeling in Cosmochemistry, Nancy,                                                          Spectroscopy with Accelerator Based
                                              France. Details: Guy Libourel; e-mail:          August 14–16 Symmetry and Crystal-          Sources, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Web
June 7–10 AAPG Annual Convention    ; web page:             lography in Turkish Art and Culture,        page:
and Exhibition, Denver, CO, USA.                        Istanbul, Turkey. Web page: www.crystal-
Web page:              wrkshop.html                                September 13–17 Annual Meeting of
misc_mtgs.cfm                                                                                                                             the German Mineralogical Association
                                              July 12–17 Gordon Research Confer-              August 16–20 American Chemical              (DMG), Halle/Saale, Germany. E-mail:
June 7–11 New Diamond and Nano                ence: Catchment Science: Interactions           Society 238th ACS National Meeting; web page:
Carbons Conference, Traverse City, MI,        of Hydrology, Biology & Geochemistry,           & Exposition, Washington, DC, USA.
USA. Web page:             Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, USA.              Web page:
index.asp                                     Web page:                                                             September 13–18 European Planetary
                                              aspx?year=2009&program=catch                    August 16–21 25th European Crystal-         Science Congress (EPSC) 2009, Pots-
                th                                                                            lographic Meeting (ECM25), Istanbul,
June 14–17 12 EuCheMS Interna-                                                                                                            dam, Germany. Web page: meetings.
tional Conference on Chemistry and            July 12–17 Gordon Research                      Turkey. E-mail:; web
the Environment, Stockholm, Sweden.           Conference: Thin Film and Crystal               page:
Web page:            Growth Mechanisms, Colby-Sawyer                                                             September 13–19 Structure and Neo-
icce2009.htm                                  College, New London, NH, USA.                   August 17–20 Society for Geology            tectonic Evolution of Northern Owens
                                              Web page:                 Applied to Mineral Deposits 10th Bien-      Valley and the Volcanic Tableland,
June 14–19 Gordon Research Confe-             aspx?year=2009&program=thinfilm                 nial Meeting, Townsville, Qld, Australia.   California (GSA Field Forum), Bishop,
rence: Interior of the Earth, Mount                                                           E-mail:                  CA, USA. Details: David A. Ferrill; e-mail:
Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA,            July 13–15 Granulites & Granulites                                                ; web page: www.geoso-
USA. Web page:          2009, Hrubá Skála, Czech Republic.              August 23–28 32nd British Zeolite 
aspx?year=2009&program=interior               Web page:             Association Meeting, Ambleside, United
                                              conference                                      Kingdom. E-mail:;         September 13–19 8th International
June 14–20 14th International Clay                                                            web page:            Carbon Dioxide Conference, Jena,
Conference, Castellaneta Marina,              July 13–18 71st Annual Meeting of the           bza2009                                     Germany. Details: Mr Felix Angermüller;
Italy. Details: Saverio Fiore; e-mail:        Meteoritical Society, Nancy, France.                                                        e-mail: felix.angermueller@conventus. or;            Web page:                    August 30–September 4 8th Symposium         de; web page: http://www.conventus.
webpage:                                                             on Applied Isotope Geochemistry             de/icdc8/
                                              July 14–18 Advances in the Characte-            (AIG-8), Quebec, Canada. E-mail:
June 16–18 2009 Xi’an Ni-Cu Sympo-            rization of Industrial Minerals, Chania,; web page:                 September 14–18 13th International
sium Research Progress on Magmatic            Greece. Details: George Christidis;                           IUPAC Conference on High Tempera-
Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits: Mineralization        e-mail; webpage:                                                       ture Materials Chemistry, Davis, CA,
in Small Intrusions and Conduits,                      August 30–September 6 PEG 2009 –            USA. Details: Alexandra Navrotsky;
Xi’an, China. Dr. Yan Wang;                   EMU_School_2009/welcome.htm                     4th International Symposium on Granitic     e-mail:; web page:
e-mail:                                                                    Pegmatites, Recife, Brazil. Web page:
                                              July 19–24 Gordon Research Confer-    
June 17–21 Eighteenth Croatian-               ence: Clusters, Nanocrystals and Na-                                                        September 17–18 International Sym-
Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting,           nostructures, Mount Holyoke College,            September 1–3 The Mineralogical So-         posium on Mineralogy, Environment
Varaždin, Croatia. Details: Professor         South Hadley, MA, USA. Web page:                ciety’s Annual Meeting, in conjunction      and Health, Marne-la-Vallée, France. De-
Stanko Popovi´ ; e-mail: spopovic@phy.
              c                                                with the German and French Mineralo-        tails: Stéphanie Rossano (rossano@univ-
hr; web page:      aspx?year=2009&program=clusters                 gical Societies: MAPT – Micro-Analysis, or Eric van Hullebusch (Eric.
varazdinmeeting/index.htm                                                                     Processes, Time, Edinburgh, Scotland.; web
                                              July 19–24 International Conference             Details: Simon Harley, e-mail: s.harley@    page:
June 19–21 Thermodynamics and                 on the Applications of the Mössbauer  ; web page:       symposium2009.html
Kinetics of Fluid–Rock Interaction            Effect, Vienna, Austria. E-mail: secretary@     pages/ meetings/meetings.html
Short Course, Davos, Switzerland. Web; web page:                                                           September 21–23 Geological Society
page: or                             September 1–4 AGU Chapman                   William Smith Meeting: Environment,                                                             Conference on the Biological Carbon         Pollution & Human Health, London,
                                              July 20–24 From Core to Crust: Towards          Pump of the Oceans, Brockenhurst,           England. E-mail: e.valsami-jones@nhm.
June 21–29 Crystallography Online:            an Integrated Vision of Earth’s Interior,       Hampshire, England. Details: Richard; web-page:
International School on the Use and           Trieste, Italy. E-mail:;        Lampitt; e-mail:;       pages/groups/emg/emg.html
Application of the Bilbao Crystallographic

                                         E lEmEnts                                          134                                   A pr il 2009
September 21–25 Clays, Clay Minerals            December 14–18 AGU Fall                        July 10–18 Zeolite ‘10, the 8th Interna-      2011
and Layered Materials 2009, Moscow,             Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA.               tional Conference on the Occurrence,
Russia. Web page:               E -mail:; web              Properties, and Utilization of Natural       January 23–28 35th International
                                                page:                     Zeolites, Sofia, Bulgaria. Web page:         Conference and Exposition on Advan-
September 24–27 Magmatism and                                                                                  ced Ceramics and Composites, Daytona
Metamorphism in the Holy Cross                                                                                                              Beach, FL, USA. Web page: www.cera-
Mountains, XVI Meeting of the                    2010                                          July 22–31 American Crystallographic
Petrology Group of the Mineralogical            January 24–29 34th International               Association (ACA) Annual Meeting,
Society of Poland and VII Meeting of                                                           Chicago, IL, USA. Webpage:                   June 20 The Mineralogical Society’s
                                                Conference and Exposition on Advan-                                                         Annual Meeting: Frontiers in Environ-
the Mineralogical Society of Poland,            ced Ceramics and Composites, Daytona 
´ ety Krzy˙ , Poland. Web page: prac.
Swi¸       z                                                                                                                                mental Geoscience, University of Abe-
                                                Beach, FL, USA. Web page: www.cera-                                                         rystwyth, Wales, UK. Details: N. Pearce;                                                                           August 8–13 American Geophysical
                                                                                                      e-mail:; web page: www.
                                                                                               Union 2010 Joint Assembly, Iguassu
September 27–October 4 The                      February 4–7 6th International Dyke            Falls, Brazil. Web page:
250th Anniversary of Volcán Jorullo’s           Conference (IDC-6), Varanasi, India.           meetings                                     tiers-2011/frontiers-2011.html
Birth in Michoacán, México, Morelia,            E-mail: or
Michoacán, México. Web page: www.                                                              August 22–26 240th ACS National              August 2011 10th ICAM International
                                      ; web page: www.                                                          Congress for Applied Mineralogy,                                                         Meeting & Exposition, Boston, MA,
                                                                                                                      Strasbourg, France. Details: Maarten
                                                                                               USA. Web page:
September 30–October 2 Alpine                   March 21–25 239th ACS National                                                              A.T.M. Broekmans; e-mail: maarten.
Ophiolites and Modern Analogues,                                                               August 22–27 20th General Meeting  ; website: www.
                                                Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco,
Parma, Italy. E-mail: ophiolite2009@                                                           of the International Mineralogical 
                                                CA, USA. Web page:; web page: www.alpineophio-                                                           Association, Budapest, Hungary.                                    April 5–9 MRS Spring Meeting, San-             Website:       August 2011 74th Annual Meeting of
                                                Francisco, CA, USA. Web page: www.             IMA_2010                                     the Meteoritical Society, Greenwich,
October 4–9 Tectonic Development       Details: Ian                                                       England. Details: Gretchen Benedix,
of the Amerasia Basin, Banff Centre,                                                           September 29–October 5 European              e-mail:
                                                Graham, email:;
Alberta, Canada. Details: Victoria Pease                                                       Crystallographic Meeting ECM-26 and
( or Lawrence             April 6–9 13th Quadrennial IAGOD               EPDIC XII, Darmstadt, Germany. Web-          August 22-29 XXII Congress of the
Lawver (;             Symposium 2010, Giant Ore Deposits             page:        International Union of Crystallogra-
web page:                   Down-Under, Adelaide, Australia. Web           Activity.php                                 phy, Madrid. Web page: www.ecanews.
penrose/09banff.htm                             page:                                                      org/iucrs.php.
                                                                                               September 30–October 9 Society for
                                                symposia/adelaide-2010                                                                      October 9–12 Geological Society of
October 9–12 Fifth International Sym-                                                          Economic Geology 2010 Conference,
posium on Mineral Diversity - Research          April 18–21 2010 AAPG Annual                   Keystone, CO, USA. Web page: www.            America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis
and Preservation, Sofia, Bulgaria. Web          Convention and Exhibition, New Or-                                    MN, USA. E-mail: meetings@geosociety.
page:               leans, LA, USA.                                                       org; web page:
                                                                                               October 17–21 Materials Science &            meetings/index.htm
                                                May 19–28 American Crystallographic            Technology 2010 Conference and Exhi-
October 18–21 Geological Society                Association (ACA) Annual Meeting,              bition – MS&T ‘10 combined with the          October 16–20 Materials Science
of America Annual Meeting, Portland,            New Orleans, LA, USA. Web page: www.           ACerS 112th Annual Meeting, Houston,         & Technology 2011 Conference and
OR, USA. E-mail: meetings@geosociety.                             TX, USA. Web page:         Exhibition - MS&T ‘10 combined with
org; web page:                                                             meetings/index.aspx                          the ACerS 113th Annual Meeting, Co-
meetings/2009                                   May 25–27 Geological Association                                                            lumbus, OH, USA. Details forthcoming
                                                of Canada /Mineralogical Association           October 31–November 3 Geological
October 18–23 XII Brazilian Geo-                of Canada Annual Meeting, Ottawa,              Society of America Annual Meeting,
chemical Congress/VIII International            Canada. www.mineralogicalassociation.          Denver, CO, USA. E-mail: meetings@
Symposium on Environmental Geoche-              ca/index.php?p=35                    ; web page: www. geoso-
mistry, Ouro Preto, Brazil. Web page:                                                                        The meetings convened by the                       May 31–June 4 Cities on Volcanoes                                                              societies participating in Elements are
                                                6 - Tenerife 2010, Canary Islands, Spain.      November EURISPET: Experimental
                                                                                                                                               highlighted in yellow. This meetings
October 22–25 Joint Conference: the             Details: Dr. Nemesio M. Pérez; e-mail:         Petrology and Rock Deformation,
                                                                                                                                                 calendar was compiled by Andrea
Asian Crystallographic Association with                                 Zürich, Switzerland. Details: Peter Ulmer,
                                                                                                                                                Koziol. To get meeting information
the Chinese Crystallography Society                                                            Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
                                                                                                                                                listed, please contact Andrea at An-
(AsCA’09), Beijing, PRC. Web page:              June EURISPET: High-Temperature                (ETH) Zürich; e-mail: peter.ulmer@erdw.
                                                                                                                                                                 Metamorphism and Crustal Melting,    ; web page:
                                                Padova, Italy. Details: Bernardo Cesare;
October 25–29 First World Young                 e-mail:;              November 14–18 Third International
Earth Scientists Congress 2009, Beijing,        web page:                      Congress on Ceramics, Osaka, Japan.
PRC. Details: Elyvin Nkhonjera; e-mail:                                                        Web page:; web page:          June 6–11 SEA-CSSJ-CMS Trilateral               Meeting on Clays, Madrid, Spain.
                                                Details forthcoming                                                         pArtiNg QuOte
October 25–30 Materials Science
& Technology 2009 Conference and                June 14–18 Goldschmidt 2010,                         THE ESSENCE OF SCIENCE: ASK AN IMPERTINENT QUESTION,
Exhibition – MS&T ’09 combined with             Knoxville, TN, USA. Web page: www.                     AND YOU ARE ON THE WAY TO A PERTINENT ANSWER.
the American Ceramic Society (ACerS)  
111th Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA,                                                                                     Jacob bronowski 1908–1974
USA. Web page:              June 21–24 11th International Plati-
2008/pastmtgs.html                              num Symposium, Sudbury, Canada.
                                                Details: Prof. Michael Lesher; e-mail:
November 11–14 Volcanoes, Landsca-    ; web page:                                          ADvertiSerS iN thiS iSSue
pes and Cultures, Catania, Italy. E-mail:;                                                                  Advanced Mineral Technologies                                               98
website:                June 27–July 8 XXVth IUGG General
                                                Assembly, Melbourne, Australia. Web                Amcol International                                                         82
November 15–19 AAPG 2009 Interna-               page:
tional Conference and Exhibition, Rio                                                              Excalibur Mineral Corporation                                               82
de Janeiro, Brazil. Web page: www.aapg.         July 72nd Annual Meeting of the
                                                Meteoritical Society, Toronto, Canada.             ioGlobal                                                  Inside back cover
                                                Details: Dr. G. Srinivasan; e-mail: srini@
                                                                                                   RockWare                                                          Back cover
November 30–December 4 MRS Fall       
Meeting, Boston, MA, USA. Web page:                                                                Savillex                                                  Inside front cover                     July 4–9  16th
                                                             International Zeolite
                                                Conference, Sorrento, Italy. Details               Smart Elements                                                              81
December 14–16 Clay Minerals Group              forthcoming; web page: www.iza-online.
of the Mineralogical Society Annual             org/ConfSched.htm
Meeting, Newcastle, UK. Details: Claire
Fialips; e-mail:;       July 10 EMU School: High-Resolution                                              JOb pOStiNgS
web page:               Electron Microscopy of Minerals,
groups/cmg/cmg.html#fialips                     Nancy, France. Web page: www.univie.                          See also

                                           E lEmEnts                                         135                                    A pr il 2009

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