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									                                                         Vellano Times
                                                       Dear Members:
Volume 7, Issue 1                                     It has been a busy first part of 2012 and it has been great seeing so many
May/June 2012                                         of you at the club and enjoying the many events. March and April were
                                                      busy months with St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Fling and Easter Brunch. Our
                                                      first Spring Fling turned out great with an excellent band, wonderful
                                                      food and members and their guests enjoying a nice evening at Vellano. In
                                                      addition, many of you enjoyed celebrating Heidi Franzoni’s birthday that
Inside this Issue:                                    night and got to see John Sleeger sit in with
                                                      the band for a few songs. We enjoyed another
Letter from GM               1    spectacular Easter Brunch with Chef Marin creating a wonderful
New Classes Begin            1    display of foods, the Easter Bunny taking pictures and spending
Golf Shop Happenings         2    time with the kids and everyone hunting for Easter eggs. Many
Golf Tips                    2    of you have been enjoying magician Phil at many of our events,
Golf Course Update           2    his table side magic is incredible and has many of us scratching
Food and Beverage            3    our heads. The Club has many more great events planned
Vellano Catering             3    with Surf and Turf and Mother’s Day Brunch right around the
                                  corner. Don’t forget to make your plans.
Membership Office            4
Vellano Aquatics             4    Many of you have already met our new Chef, Gustavo Marin. Chef Matt Mattison was
Spring Fling                 5    offered a great opportunity with a large hotel, so we were lucky to fill his shoes as quickly as
Easter Brunch                5    we did. Chef Marin and I have worked together before, and as I reached out to him, he was
                                  intrigued by the opportunity himself and decided to come on board. He has 30 plus years
May/June Calendars           6    experience at country clubs and Ritz Carlton hotels. Be sure to say hello as he enjoys being
                                  on the floor talking to members.
                                  Summer is right around the corner; the golf course is coming out of dormancy nicely and
                                  will be in the best shape of the year as the Bermuda grass thrives in the warm weather.
Vellano Country Club
                                  Please, everyone do their part to ensure it stays in great shape by respecting directional signs,
                                  raking bunkers, filling divots and repairing ball marks. We all enjoy pristine conditions, but
                                  we can only achieve them if everyone does their part.
      909.597.2801                See you around the Club,
Mike Hurd                         Michael Hurd
General Manager        ext. 120
Scott Wilson                                   2012 NEW CLASSES Begin this June!
Director of Golf       ext. 105
                                   ¶ H20 BOOT CAMP - June 5-28, TTh 7-8PM – $65 (8 classes) 4-10 participants max, 14+Older
Art Munda                            • H2O Boot Camp is a HIGH INTENSITY circuit, fitness class that will challenge any person combining
Membership Director ext. 113           the benefits of being able to perform plyometrics, cardio and resistance exercises in the pool, with
Robert Schwarz                         limited or no impact on the joints, in water. Swimming ability NOT required, but swim suit is A
F&B Director           ext. 117
                                   ¶ GOLF FITNESS & CONDITIONING in the Fitness Center – June 5-28, TTh 7-8AM - $65 (8 classes) 4 min
Nichole Tudor                        • Whether you are striving to advance through the competitive ranks, or simply take a couple strokes
Catering Director      ext. 119        off your game, participating in a well-designed strength and conditioning program can significantly
Alex LaFavre                           improve your performance. Golf fitness & conditioning class is a 4 week class that incorporates a
Controller             ext. 111        combination of strength, flexibility and power training specific to golf, to optimize force development
                                       throughout the entire kinetic chain of golfing to perform at a higher level and reduce the risk of
Grille Room            ext. 152        injury. This class is based on Jay Dawes, MS, NSCA-CPT “General Golf Conditioning Program.” Private
Golf Shop              ext. 100        training available upon request. See for more info.

Reservations           ext. 101
                                                 2441 Vellano Club Drive | Chino Hills, California 91709
Real Estate            ext. 131     Pro Shop: 909.597.2801 | Membership: 909.597.2801 |
Vellano Times                                                                                              May/June 2012

Golf Shop Happenings                                                    GOLF TIP OF THE MONTH
                    Spring always seems to bring out the
                    golfers as the days are warmer, there
                    are more hours of daylight and another
                                                                                     Curve it like Bubba
                    great Masters kicks off a summer long          One of the most impressive shots I’ve seen in recent memory is the
                    schedule of events. We have many new           second shot Bubba Watson hit on the second playoff hole in the
                    events scheduled for you and your              Masters. If you didn’t see it, Bubba was deep in the trees on the
                    families to participate in. The Men’s          10th hole and he hit a 30 yard hook with a pitching wedge onto the
                    and Women’s Clubs have full slates with        green that eventually earned him the Masters green jacket.
events scheduled monthly. The next two major events will           It is wise to learn how to maneuver the ball. Not only is it fun to
be May 5-6 Men’s Member-Guest and the Women’s Club                 curve the ball out of the trees, it’s more rewarding when you can
championship May 18-20. Good luck to all participants! All         alleviate a defective ball flight pattern. A slice and a hook swing are
scheduled events are listed on the Vellano website under           opposite ends of the spectrum.
the MEMBER CALENDAR section and you can view it by
clicking on the MEMBER LOGIN AREA button at
                                                                   To hook the ball (curve the ball right to left for a right handed
                                                                   • Aim the clubface at the target
Other events that are scheduled currently are the Patriot
Pro-Am Qualifier, Sunday Afternoon Couples, Vellano US
                                                                   • Align your body (feet, knees, hips and shoulders) to the right of
Open and many more! Events that the Golf Shop Staff are
                                                                     the target
currently working on scheduling are Junior Golf lessons,           • Swing the club out to the right
Junior Golf tournaments, Short Game Clinics, Beginner Golf         This will impart hook spin or topspin on the ball like a forehand in
Clinics of which all will be posted and notices emailed to the     tennis. As a result, the ball will roll more. By learning to hook the
membership as soon as we have dates set. We will also have         ball, you can achieve more distance with your drives.
several fun sales and raffles in the Golf Shop!
                                                                   To slice the ball (curve the ball left to right for a right handed golfer)
One of our more popular events during our opening was
                                                                   • Aim the clubface at the target
“Show us your Vellano”. If you recall, this is taking photos of
members and their families showing off Vellano logowear or         • Align your body left of the target
with a “V” hand signal from great locations. Over the years        •Swing the club to the left
we had photos from Italy, France, Japan, Mexico and from           This will impart backspin like a volley in tennis. As a result, the ball
many interesting locations in the US. We want to bring “Show       will land softly with minimal roll. By learning to slice the ball, you
us your Vellano” back so please send your vacation photos to       can produce high shots around the green that stop quickly.
Art Munda or Scott Wilson and we will share them on the            By practicing curve shots, you will not only get yourself out of
website, in newsletters and on the new foyer television in the     trouble, but you will have a better understanding of how to correct
clubhouse.                                                         the troublesome shot in your swing. If you have any further
We are here to help, if you ever need anything at the club         questions about curving the ball, feel free to contact me at
please let me know at 909-597-2801 or drop by the Golf Shop!
Scott Wilson, PGA                                                  Bob Emmons, PGA
Director of Golf                                                   Lead Golf Professional

On the Golf Course
                     It has been a mild spring so far but as you can see, the Bermuda grass continues to thrive. It continues to be
                     healthy and is starting to turn that rich green color we are looking forward to!
                     Also because of the recent cold weather, the recuperation of the greens from aerification has been a little bit
                     slow. Ideally warm weather after aerification encourages growth and more rapid healing of the greens. As we get
                     more consistent warmer weather, you will not only see a greener golf course, but it will also help us get to our
                     normal speed of the greens.
                     Also as the weather warms up, we tend to see more wildlife activity. We ask to exercise care in entering the
brush areas, especially where the natural vegetation has grown in.
As we get to the busy part of the year, please continue to fix your ball marks, sand your divots and rake the bunkers after playing
out of them. Please help keep Vellano’s playing conditions the best in the Inland Empire.
Dario Olivares
Golf Course Superintendent
Vellano Times                                                                                    May/June 2012

                                                                    Major Events at Vellano
Food and Beverage Update
                       Well, we have had a great spring
                       so far. Spring Fling was really fun
                       and enjoyed by everyone. We need            Mother’s Day Brunch
                       to get the band, Crash Dance, back
                       soon! We are looking forward to
                                                                   Sunday, May 13
                       our upcoming May Member Dinner
                                                                   Carving Station, Seafood Station, Salad Bar,
                       Prime Rib Night Friday May 18th.
                                                                   Breakfast & Lunch Entrees, Desserts and Pastries
                       Also, Mother’s Day is just around the
                                                                   $39.95 adults and $19.95 for Children 13 and Under
corner, so make your reservations now to avoid missing
out. The qualit y, display, and amount of food for Easter          SS
Brunch was outstanding, so you should look forward to              Prime Rib Night
our Mother’s Day Brunch to be equally impressive. Of               Friday, May 18
course Father’s Day in June will be recognized along with
all the graduations. Please contact us if there is something
we can do to help you host an event for any graduate in            SS
your family. Again it is always helpful when reservations          Memorial Day BBQ
are made in advance to staff all our events effectively.           Monday, May 28
At this time we would like to introduce you to our new             11am-4pm
Executive Chef Gustavo Marin. Gustavo comes to us with             SS
over 25 years of experience from SeaCliff Country Club
in Huntington Beach. Gustavo has some great ideas for
                                                                   Wine Pairing Dinner
upcoming member dinners. He is also looking to upgrade             Friday, June 1
our existing menu to appeal to most members, along with            6-8pm
bringing a necessary sophistication for any of our needs.          SS
Let’s all please welcome Gustavo.
                                                                   Cooking Class – How to Grill
Robert Schwarz                                                     Tuesday, June 5
Director of Food & Beverage                                        6-8pm
                                                                   Wine Tasting on the Patio
From the Catering Department                                       Saturday, June 9
                     Happy Spring to All! The Catering
                     Department is in full swing for               SS
                     wedding season but we still have              Dads and Grads Sunday Brunch
                     availability for those special events         Sunday, June 17
                     you are looking to host here at the           10am-2pm
                     club. Please stop by the Catering
                     Office to inquire about our special
                     rates for our Tuesday-Thursday                Build Your Own Pizza Night
Events and business meetings. We can’t wait to see you             Friday, June 22
and help make your event a memorable one!                          6-8pm
Nichole Tudor                                                       For more information or to make reservations, please
Catering and Special Events Director                                contact our receptionist at 909-597-2801 ext. 101 or

   Vellano Times                                                                                                          May/June 2012July     2009

From the Membership Office...
                                                                                   not played. Soooo…if you’ve got someone interested in joining
                     Referrals, Referrals, Referrals                               the club, let me know and I will be glad to show them around
                      I often get the question on how I think the                  and share the details of our current programs. I can share with
                      best way to grow the club is. It is plain and                you the rules of our Las Vegas referral golf trip as well.
                      simple…through referrals. More often than
                                                                                   Recently, we rolled out a corporate membership program. It
                      not, referrals have already been exposed to
                                                                                   is designed for individuals primarily employed by the same
                      the club and that makes joining a little bit
                                                                                   company to enjoy membership privileges at Vellano. While the
                      easier because the new members already have
                                                                                   privileges are limited (e.g. golf only on weekdays), it is still a
                      a friend at the club. It makes the assimilation
                                                                                   wonderful opportunit y for certain companies to entertain their
process much more seamless. Also a lot of times, the newly
                                                                                   clients at our wonderful club. If you have someone that might be
referred member shall have similar interests to the referring
                                                                                   interested in this opportunit y, refer them to me and I can share
member and this allows us to grow member events such as the
                                                                                   those details too.
Spring Fling. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
                                                                                   Lastly, our referral gifts are not limited to current members
We do some external marketing as well, but we try to focus
                                                                                   who refer new members. Scott, who is responsible for booking
on “encouraging” our members to refer their friends, relatives,
                                                                                   outside (Monday) tournaments, has a referral gift. Nichole, who
neighbors, associates, etc. In the past, we have provided the
                                                                                   handles our catering and banquet events, has one too. Help
referring member with a club credit for referring a friend who
                                                                                   us make your club more successful and we will make sure you
joins the club. We have recently changed our referral gift to a
                                                                                   receive a nice “thank you” gift from the club.
golf trip to Las Vegas! Who doesn’t like Vegas, especially with
some golf tied in. While the absolute details are currently being                  Have a great summer and see you at the Club!
finalized, please be assured that this trip will include luxury                    Art Munda
accommodations and golf courses that most of our members have                      Membership Director

                                                  VELLANO AQUATICS
    SUMMER 2012 – Vellano Aquatics are in full force this summer with some exciting new programs for kids and adults.
    Registration information can be found at or by emailing
    ✦GROUP SWIM LESSONS – 2 week sessions start June 18th, ENROLL now!
       - Levels 1-6 (8-40 min. lessons, 1:5 ratio) Pre-Team 1-2 (4-60 min. lessons, 1:4 Ratio)
    ✦ PRIVATE Adult/child/Infant & Toddler swim instruction available year round
    ✦ ADULT MASTERS Swim & Lap Swimming - MW 7-8PM and/or independently track laps
       - Free members, $40/month Guests
    ✦ POOL PARTIES – Schedule a pool party with full catering, water games and lifeguards all summer!
       - Join the Vellano Swim Team and discover the great sport of competitive swimming. Enjoy meeting new friends or prepare
          for high school swimming in a positive environment. SPACE LIMITED
       - Developmental Team practice TWTh 4-5:15pm, Int./Age-Group Team TWTh 5-7pm, F 4-5:30pm

                                        POOL SUMMER SCHEDULE BEGINS JUNE 1st
POOL              MON                  TUES                     WED                      THUR                     FRI                     SAT   SUN
10am-noon         Group Lessons/       Group Lessons/           Group Lessons/ Partial   Group Lessons/ Partial
                  Partial pool closure Partial pool closure     pool closure             pool closure
12pm – 4pm
3:50pm-7pm                             Swim Team/Pool Closed    Swim Team/Pool Closed    Swim Team/Pool Closed    Swim Team/Pool Closed
7pm-8pm           Masters/Lap          H20 Boot Camp            Masters/Lap Swimming     H20 Boot Camp
FITNESS CENTER                         7am-8am Golf Fitness &                            7am-8am Golf Fitness &
                                       Conditioning                                      Conditioning

Vellano Times                   May/June 2012July   2009

                Spring Fling

                Easter Brunch
Vellano Times
                             Vellano Country Club May 2012 Calendar
                                          May 2012
                                                            November/December 2011
       SUNDAY                MONDAY             TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY        THURSDAY                           FRIDAY              SATURDAY
                                           1                       2                3                                4                       5
                                                                                    Member Dining –                  Men’s Member            Men’s Member
                                                                                    Pasta Night                      Guest                   Guest
                                                                                    Grille Room

  6                    7                   8                       9                10                               11                      12
  Men’s Member         Club Closed                                 Rotary Club      Member Dining –
  Guest                                                            7:00pm-9:00pm    Asian Night
                                                                   Grand Room       5:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                    Grille Room

  13                   14                  15                      16               17                               18                      19
     Mothers Day       Club Closed                                 Rotary Club      Member Dining – BBQ              Women’s Club            Women’s Club
    Sunday Brunch                                                  7:00pm-9:00pm    Night                            Championship            Championship and
                                                                   Grand Room       5:30pm-8:30pm
     10am- 2pm                                                                      Grille Room
                                                                                                                     Member Prime Rib

  20                   21                  22                      23               24                               25                      26
    Women’s Club       Club Closed          Ladies Team Play       Rotary Club      Member Dining –
   Championship and                        hosting Yorba Linda     7:00pm-9:00pm    Mexican Night
                                                                   Grand Room       5:30pm-8:30pm
       Seniors                                   CC 9 am
                                                                                    Grille Room

  27                   28                  29                      30               31
                            Memorial Day   Club Closed             Rotary Club       Ladies Team Play
                                           Maintenance Light Top   7:00pm-9:00pm          hosting
                                           Dress                   Wine Cellar
                                                                                     Candlewood CC 9
                                                                                          am SG
                                                                                    Member Dining –
                                                                                    Pasta Night
                       Memorial Day BBQ
                         11am-4pm                                                   Grille Room

                            Vellano Country Club June 2012 Calendar
                                         June 2012
       SUNDAY                MONDAY             TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY                          FRIDAY                 SATURDAY
                                                                                                                      1                      2
                                                                                                                      Wine Pairing Dinner    Men’s Club
                                                                                                                      6-8pm                  “Monster Day”

  3                    4                   5                       6               7                                  8                      9
  Sunday Brunch        Club Closed         Chef’s Cooking Class-   Rotary Club     Member Dining – Asian                                     Women’s Club
                                           How to Grill            7:00pm-9:00pm   5:30pm-8:30pm
  10am-2pm                                                                         Grille Room
                                                                                                                                             Year End 9 Hole
                                           6-8pm                   Grand Room

                                                                                                                                             Wine Tasting on the

                                                                                   Member   Dining   –   BBQ
  10                   11                  12                      13              14                                 15                     16
                       Club Closed                                 Rotary Club                                                               Club Event
                                                                                   Grille  Room
                                                                   7:00pm-9:00pm                                                             “US Open”
                                                                   Grand Room

  17                   18                  19                      20              21                                 22                     23
  Dads and Grads       Club Closed                                 Rotary Club     Vellano Shark Shootout             Build Your Own Pizza
  Sunday Brunch                                                    7:00pm-9:00pm   Pro-Am 12noon                      Night

                                                                                   Member   Dining   -­‐   Mexican
                                                                   Grand Room                                         6-8pm


                                                                                   Grille  Room

  24                   25                  26                      27              28                                 29                     30
  Couples Tournament   Club Closed                                 Women’s Club    Member Dining – Pasta
      2:00pm SG                                                    Guest Day       Grille Room

                                                                   Rotary Club
                                                                   Grand Room

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