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									                 Resume Guidelines                                                                                            VANGU ARD U NIVERSITY CAREER CENTER

An excellent resume reflects your unique experience and style. Be descriptive and focused in
communicating what makes you stand out as the best candidate for the position. Remember,
resumes read almost like a newspaper. The information should be concise, easy to read, and       Tips
contain the most relevant info up top. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-formatted,
                                                                                                 • Customize your resume to match the job/employer. You want to make it easy
high quality resume!
                                                                                                   for the employer to see that your experience is relevant to the position that
                                                                                                   they have open.
Sections                                                                                         • Use specific examples of your accomplishments, skills and results to paint a
• Contact Information                                                                              clear picture of your value as an employee.
  Include your professional email address, only one telephone number and an address local        • Describe your experiences using action verbs. Avoid passive descriptions,
  to the job when possible                                                                         such as “Respvonsible for…”.
• Objective                                                                                      • Quantify results whenever possible (e.g., “increased sales by 10%” or
  Keep it short and tailor it to the job to which you are applying using the company name          “served up to 100 customers per shift”).
  and title of the position
                                                                                                 • Proofread carefully for grammatical and spelling errors and check for
• Education                                                                                        consistent spacing and font selection throughout your resume.
  Include your anticipated graduation date, a GPA above 3.0, check into your “Major
                                                                                                 • Be clear and concise. Almost all resumes are one page, although some
  GPA”, bold your major/minor, and generally leave off community college information
                                                                                                   education resumes require two pages.
• Experience
                                                                                                 • Attend a Career Services resume workshop, resume clinic, or make an
  Use words in your headings that are used in the position description, i.e., for a non-profit
                                                                                                   appointment with a Career Coach to take your resume to the next level!
  management internship position, title your first heading “Management Experience”.
• Class projects
  Describe group projects, significant research papers or class required community               Samples
  involvement in the same way you would describe work experience                                 Use the following samples to create your own unique resume to make an
• Miscellaneous categories unique to your resume                                                 outstanding impression on employers.
  Foreign Languages, Laboratory Skills, Athletic Accomplishments, International Experience,      For further assistance call the Career Center at 714.619.6474 or visit or
  Honors, Research, Publications, Military Experience                                            website:
• Leadership Involvement
  Campus organizations, clubs, professional affiliations
• Skills
  Computer/Technical/Language/Presentation/Certifications such as CPR/first aid
• Community Involvement
  Church and volunteer experience, one-day or on-going projects
                Sample Resumes                                                                                                                   VANGU ARD U NIVERSITY CAREER CENTER

                                       Anna Forester                                                                                          Jenica Dominguez
     4775 Street Dr. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 805-279-4445                        • 805.543.2242 • 4778 Balboa Street Newport Beach • CA 94778

                                                                                                        OBJECTIVE An internship position with CIP Real Estate
Community Counselor position with Costa Mesa Unified School District                                    SUMMARY
                                                                                                        • Three years experience providing quality customer service
                                                                                                        • Extensive use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
Vanguard University of Southern California, Costa Mesa, CA
                                                                                                        • Proven ability to establish rapport with customers and co-workers
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, June 2004            GPA: 3.2
                                                                                                        • Financed 100% of college expenses
                                                                                                        • Fluent in Spanish
Counseling Experience
Flowers Elementary, Costa Mesa, CA                                 September 2009 – present             EDUCATION
Guidance Intern                                                                                         Vanguard University
• Counseled students individually and in groups based on teacher referral and observed                  Bachelor of Science: Business Administration, expected May 2011
   behavioral or academic issues                                                                        Concentration: Marketing Minor: Spanish
                                                                                                        GPA 3.2 Major GPA 3.4
• Performed behavior modification exercises and group activities to improve behavior and
   encourage learning                                                                                   University of Alicante, Spain - Study Abroad, 2007

Vista West Continuation High School, Irvine, CA                          May – December, 2009           MARKETING EXPERIENCE
Intervention Intern                                                                                     Clear Channel Radio San Luis Obispo, CA                                                      3/08 – 9/08
• Observed group counseling alongside the Intervention Specialist.                                      Marketing Internship
• Advised self-referring students with issues from scheduling issues to difficulties with classmates.   • Updated information and maintained client relationships
                                                                                                        • Performed market research to compare competitor prices
California State University, Long Beach, CA                              January – June, 2009
                                                                                                        • Attended several sales calls
Alcohol and Drug Education Committee Intern
                                                                                                        • Created and edited sales reports using Excel
• Completed Certified Peer Educator training and applied the training to educate peers of the
  consequences of alcohol and drug abuse.                                                               Lucero and Dunne Advertising Newport Beach, CA                                               Summer 2007
• Gathered data using a student alcohol screening test for use in the Department Effectiveness          Summer Intern
  Evaluation.                                                                                           • Assisted Media Buyer with all trafficking of commercials, budgets and campaign proposals
                                                                                                        • Organized co-op advertising for Account Executives
Work Experience                                                                                         • Re-organized monthly billing process
Brethren Christian High School, Huntington Beach, CA            August 2007 – August 2009               • Extensive use of software including Excel, Access, Word, and Smart Plus (media buying software)
Office Support Staff                                                                                    Marketing Project: Marketing Career Day                                                           05/2009
• Assisted in the Admissions Department processing Financial Aid and Freshmen Orientation, as           • In a team of 10 students, coordinated first annual Marketing Career Day with 20 corporate representatives
   well as creating postcards, flyers, mailings.                                                          and 125 students in attendance
• Designed campus and community publications using Photoshop and Publisher while organizing             • Created prospecting letters, evaluation forms and informational student packets
   fundraising events.                                                                                  • Developed flyers and creative emails to market event to students
• Advised ASB students who were responsible for planning of a weekly school-wide event.
                                                                                                        WORK EXPERIENCE
Vanguard University of Southern California                            March 2006 – July 2007            Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse, San Luis Obispo, CA                                      05/2006 – present
Academic Records Coordinator                                                                            Front Manager/Server
• Managed student degree audits, grades, transcripts, and enrollment verifications.                     • Train, schedule and motivate seven hostesses
• Assisted in developing and maintaining policies, procedure, and desk manuals.                         • Liaison between front staff and upper management
• Coordinated a timely flow of information to students, faculty, administration, and the general        • Open and close restaurant and administer daily cash receipts
  public.                                                                                               • Employee Customer Service Award, three times
Professional Involvement                                                                                LEADERSHIP/INVOLVEMENT
• Vanguard University Psychological Counseling Association, Member, 2008-present                        American Marketing Association, Los Angeles, CA                                           03/2005 – 05/2008
• Psychological Counseling Association, Membership Chair, 2008                                          Vice President of Promotions/Advertising
• Chi Sigma Lota, International Honors Society for Counseling Professionals, 2009-present               • Worked closely with 13 board members in one of the largest clubs on campus
                                                                                                        • Responsible for all promotion and advertising for the club including posters, flyers and pens
                                                                                                        • Facilitated and delegated responsibilities to 15-member promotions committee
               Sample Resumes                                                                                                                VANGU ARD U NIVERSITY CAREER CENTER

Jennifer A. McGuire                                                                                                                       Michael J. Williams
                                                                                                                         55 Fair Drive #5     Costa Mesa, CA      92626     714.626.5954
805 Audrey Court, Huntington Beach, CA
607.748.8192                                                                                               OBJECTIVE
                                                                                                           Seeking a full-time administrative position with a non-profit organization
A position in the Leadership Development Training Program at Enterprise Rent-A-Car                         Vanguard University of Southern California, Costa Mesa, California
                                                                                                           Bachelor of Arts: International Business                       GPA: 3.65
                                                                                                           Graduation Date: Anticipated December 2009
Vanguard University of Southern California
Bachelor of Arts, anticipated May 2010                                                                     SUMMARY OF ATTRIBUTES
Major: English      Minor: Religion                                                                        • International non-profit community development experience in Uganda
Overall GPA: 3.6 Major GPA: 4.00                                                                           • Extensive administrative knowledge
                                                                                                           • Leadership and Counseling training
SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
Leadership:      ASB Activities Director for 2 consecutive years; President of Creative Writing            • Volunteer and cross-cultural experience
                 Club for 3 consecutive years                                                              NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE
Communication:   Proficient in business professional communication                                         Krochet Kids International, Costa Mesa, CA                           January 2009 – Present
Interpersonal:   Trained in conflict resolution and customer service                                       Administrative Intern
Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint and Mac applications                     • Created accounting processes for various events and needs
                                                                                                           • Designed and implemented accounting protocol for standard form use and trained staff to
CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE                                                                                  manage the new system
Food Services, Lockheed Martin, Irvine CA                                                                  • Facilitated administrative responsibilities raising $50,000 in donations in one event
Summer Supervisor                                                                                          • Arranged and organized the schedule for the office
May - August 2009                                                                                          • Balanced account for all monies received in the Southern California branch of Krochet
• Gained experience in various aspects of food service including planning, producing, and serving            Kids International
  meals for 5000 employees.
                                                                                                           Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA                            September 2008 – May 2009
• Trained and supervised new employees to ensure a high level of service throughout the department.
                                                                                                           Resident Assistant
• Named “Employee of the Month” for 2 months for excellent customer service.
                                                                                                           • Acted as a resource person and referral agent for University services
                                                                                                           • Carried out assigned administrative functions promptly
Vanguard University of Southern California
                                                                                                           • Developed leadership skills and invested in resident’s future in both creative and
August 2008 – May, 2009
Resident Advisor                                                                                             administrative ways
• Assist residents in developing a community environment that is conducive to learning and good            • Aided in organization of growth strategies for resident facilities
  study conditions.                                                                                        • Facilitated the spiritual, academic, and social development of the students under my care
• Coordinated room assignments, complete check-in/out forms, report property damage and                    ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE
  housekeeping deficiencies to the Residence Director.                                                     The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Columbia, MD                            May 2003- July 2008
• Served as a liaison and referral agent for University services such as physical trainers, counselors,    Administrative Assistant
  academic advisors, learning skills coordinator.                                                          • Coordinated deliveries and sales efforts as well as technical responsibilities including
                                                                                                             inventory, financial recording, and internet updates
Vanguard University of Southern California                                                                 • Streamlined the special orders process and mastered the customer familiarity concept
September 2008 – 2009                                                                                      • Developed relationships with repeated customers, distributors, and suppliers overtime and
Event Relations Office Clerk                                                                                 facilitated product deliveries and orders
• Planned and designated where campus events were to be held.
• Effectively communicated while interacting with faculty, staff, student and off campus constituents to   COMPUTER SKILLS
  coordinate proper venue and scheduling.                                                                  Microsoft Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Quickbooks; Access; Google Docs; Skype
                                                                                                           LEADERSHIP and INVOLVEMENT
                                                                                                             Vanguard University Chorale member, September 2007 – 2009
Calvary Chapel Church, Cypress, CA                                                                           Beachside Community Church, Huntington Beach, Children’s ministry volunteer,
Summer 2007 & 2008                                                                                           Summer 2007, 2008
Children’s Ministry Volunteer                                                                                Serve Day volunteer, served in community outreach to Garden Creek Assisted Living
• Prepared lessons, taught and managed classroom of 12-15 third – fifth graders                              community, 2009
Action Verbs List                                                                           FAQs
Use these verbs to describe what you have accomplished related to work.                     What if my GPA is below a 3.0?
Administrative/     Communication       Creative             Financial      Helping
Detail              Addressed           Acted                Administered   Advised
                                                                                            Check to see if your major GPA is above a 3.0. If so, include that GPA only. If it is low for a
Approved            Arbitrated          Conceptualized       Allocated      Assessed        reason such as working 20+ hours per week while in school, it is appropriate to state this in
Arranged            Authored            Created              Analyzed       Assisted
Catalogued          Collaborated        Customized           Appraised      Attended        your resume’s education section.
Classified          Convinced           Designed             Audited        Clarified
Collated            Corresponded        Developed            Balanced       Coached
Collected           Created             Enhanced             Budgeted       Counseled       Should I include a cover letter with my resume?
Compared            Developed           Established          Calculated     Demonstrated
Compiled            Directed            Founded              Computed       Diagnosed       A cover letter is commonly overlooked in the job application process, and yet it is always
Coordinated         Drafted             Generated            Controlled     Directed        appropriate and often necessary. It sets you apart from many other applicants and gives you
Dispatched          Edited              Illustrated          Detailed       Educated
Executed            Enlisted            Imagined             Developed      Facilitated     the chance to show your communication skills, which will make a positive impression on the
Facilitated         Formulated          Initiated            Forecasted     Familiarized    hiring manager.
Filed               Influenced          Innovated            Managed        Guided
Generated           Interpreted         Integrated           Planned        Led
Implemented         Lectured            Introduced           Prepared       Listened
Inspected           Led                 Invented             Projected      Mentored        Should I include my international experience?
Monitored           Manipulated         Originated           Researched     Motivated
Operated            Mediated            Performed            Solved         Perceived       Yes! These experiences teach you many transferable skills such as independence,
Organized           Motivated           Planned                             Referred        resourcefulness and multi-cultural communication. You might include it as its own section titled
Prepared            Negotiated          Revitalized                         Rehabilitated
Processed           Persuaded           Shaped                              Related         “International Involvement”, or mention it in job experience if you worked or volunteered
Proofread           Promoted            Visualized                          Represented     abroad. If you studied abroad, consider putting it in your education section.
Purchased           Read                Wrote                               Spoke
Recorded            Reasoned
Responded           Recruited
Retrieved           Sold
                                                                                            Should I include references on my resume?
Screened            Spoke
                                                                                            Not on a resume. It’s good to have a separate reference list available if an employer asks for
Specified           Wrote
Systematized                                                                                one. Just make sure to use the same heading and paper selection for this page as you did for
                                                                                            your resume and cover letter.

Leadership/         Research            Results              Teaching/      Technical
Management          Abstracted          Accelerated          Training       Analyzed        My mom, dad, brother, professor, former employer etc. says…
Administered        Analyzed            Accomplished         Adapted        Automated
Analyzed            Clarified           Achieved             Adopted        Built
                                                                                            There are lots of different opinions on resumes and a variety of acceptable approaches.
Assigned            Collected           Attained             Advised        Calculated      Professional, very relevant, and well-organized are some of the underlying themes to a good
Chaired             Compiled            Awarded              Briefed        Computed
Contracted          Conducted           Completed            Clarified      Configured
                                                                                            resume. Consider these while working with a career professional and you will be able to
Coordinated         Critiqued           Contributed          Coached        Constructed     create an effective resume for universal purposes.
Delegated           Diagnosed           Decreased            Communicated   Converted
Developed           Evaluated           Eliminated           Coordinated    Designed
Directed            Examined            Established          Counseled      Diagnosed
Evaluated           Experimented        Expanded             Developed
                                                                                            What if my resume doesn’t take up a whole page?
Executed            Extracted           Improved             Encouraged     Engineered      There are many things that are often mistakenly left off of resumes. Have you included your
Facilitated         Extrapolated        Increased            Enlightened    Fabricated
Hired               Gathered            Initiated            Evaluated      Inspected       on-campus job, Serve Day, R.A., Frontline, study abroad, summer or winter break seasonal
Implemented         Identified          Introduced           Explained      Installed       work experience, significant academic projects or leadership positions at your church? Once
Improved            Inspected           Launched             Facilitated    Invented
Increased           Interpreted         Pioneered            Guided         Maintained      these types of activities are all considered, you might have to decide what to take off your
Initiated           Interviewed         Recognized as        Helped         Manufactured    resume! You might also consider the “gaps” in your experiences, which would substantiate
Led                 Investigated        Reduced              Influenced     Operated
Managed             Observed            Resolved             Informed       Overhauled      your resume. Choose some new work, volunteer or club experiences to start building your
Motivated           Organized           Selected as          Initiated      Performed
Organized           Perceived           Succeeded            Instructed
                                                                                            professional resume and setting you apart from other candidates!
Oversaw             Researched                               Mentored       Programmed
Performed           Reviewed                                 Persuaded      Remodeled
Planned             Studied                                  Stimulated     Repaired
Prioritized         Summarized                               Trained        Solved
Produced            Surveyed                                 Valued         Tested
Recommended         Synthesized                                             Troubleshot
Reviewed            Systematized                                            Upgraded
Strengthened        Theorized                                               Validated
Supervised          Validated                                               Verified

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