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FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board
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Public Safety Communications

The FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board met on August 5, 2004 at 1:30 p.m. Present: Tom Bartz, Mike Brooks, Pat O’Brien, Jerry Pagel, Dan DeBonis, Brian Leonhardt, Jim Nickel, Brad Gehring, Paul Hirte, Sherri McNamara

Also Present: Karen Carlson, Howard Mezera, Tom Pynaker, Paula Newton-Geiger, Lori O’Bright

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The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. Minutes of June 3, 2004, and notes of July 1, 2004. MOTION: Pat O’Brien/Sherri McNamara moved approval of the minutes and notes as printed. Motion carried. August 5, 2004 Agenda. MOTION: Pat O’Brien/Sherri McNamara moved approval of the agenda as printed. Motion carried. County Updates Brown County – Jim Nickel reported:  Another week of records training had been held. Green Bay is getting a separate server to run Printrak with IBRS reporting. Approvals were received to proceed from the Green Bay City Council and the State for grant funding. The additional server will also assist with the volume of calls Green Bay receives. Discussion took place about grants available through OJA for IBRS reporting and staffing requirements for IBRS.  The Mobile Users Group (MUG) has been reviewing MDT’s and what would make the system better. As part of their evaluation, the MUG group reviewed Advance Public Safety software, which would allow receiving fundamental voice command information. Approximate costs would be a one-time fee of $5,000 and a per unit charge of $100. The County will seek grant funding for adding this enhancement. Howard Mezera reported that he had received information at the User Technical Committee from the presentation given by Advance Public Safety. Calumet County – Howard Mezera reported that last week, version 8.5.1 of Hummingbird B-I Query was received. The version will be installed on one machine to view the enhancements before being generally released. Karen reported that the server would need to be upgraded prior to the client receiving the upgraded version. Outagamie County – Tom Pynaker reported the RFP’s are being finalized for RMS for both fire and law enforcement. Sherri reported that the local FoxComm Planning Committee is meeting to review Outagamie County’s progress with FoxComm in a few weeks. Until then, no new information is available. Winnebago County – Tom Bartz reported:




FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board August 5, 2004 Page 2 of 5 ____________________  Winnebago County received the new version of Hummingbird, but the server will need to be upgraded first, and they are awaiting the training that will occur in September. Karen reported that a firm date has not been established in September. Also, this training will not be beneficial to many of the users as they currently have knowledge of the basics (cost to hold a training session direct from Hummingbird is $10,000 for a 5-day class). The Hummingbird User Group (HUG) continues to explore obtaining more advanced training by utilizing the individual from Washington State, who will be receiving one-on-one training from Hummingbird the week of August 26.  Karen further reported that RMS version 5.3.2 would be released the end of September to mid-October. The screen shots on the new release have been received and they look fine. 5. User Technical Committee (UTC) Report

Howard Mezera reported:

Router Maintenance – An evaluation was made and it has been determined that there is only one router for the primary line and back-up line at Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties. Consequently, UTC is recommending that FoxComm purchase a back-up router in case of failure and that it be kept in Outagamie County for accessibility. Each county would be responsible for backing up the software. Additionally, UTC is recommending that FoxComm purchase the basic maintenance coverage for the routers at a cost of $979, which would be included in the 2005 budget. The router purchase cost is $4,497.

Sherri McNamara questioned the costs for maintenance coverage as it was reported as the previous meeting that router coverage would be $1,928/annually. Karen reported that the original cost estimate was for 24/7 coverage. With purchase of a spare router, it was determined that maintenance coverage needed would be Monday-Friday coverage (next business day) for all the routers. Karen further reported that Brown County does not have IS staff knowledge on how to install a router should there be a failure. Consequently, there would need to be an agreement for staff assistance. Tom Pynaker reported that Outagamie County does have staff and that space could be allocated for the spare router. Sherri reported that an agreement should be drafted with details on how the spare router would be handled. Members agreed that an agreement or procedure should be drafted and discussed at a subsequent FAB meeting. MOTION: Pat O’Brien/Jim Nickel moved to approve the purchase of a spare router at a cost of $4,497 from 2004 funds and to include the basic coverage for router maintenance in the 2005 budget ($997). Motion carried.

Tom Bartz reported that he received a copy of the Premier MDC booklet (explanation of ―what to do‖ for issues) from Outagamie County, and he applauded the booklet and content. Staffing—systems support/backup 24x7


FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board August 5, 2004 Page 3 of 5 ____________________ Tom Bartz reported that backup from all of the counties has still not been established. Brad Gehring reported that Outagamie County has identified Donna Potter as a resource and details are being worked out for her to begin these duties. Mike Brooks has reported that Winnebago County is also working out details with an individual to provide backup support. 7. M.I.C. Report

Karen Carlson reported:

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Discussion are continuing with Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing (WIJIS) regarding funding for FoxComm information sharing (Gateway). FoxComm continues to be one of the entities to be considered. In reviewing the criteria for IBRS, Winnebago County is collecting all but three areas of information. WIJIS continues to collect more information from FoxComm to determine funding award. Potentially, $1.5 million could be awarded. If awarded, the funding will be structured as to what it can be utilized for information sharing. Other entities being targeted besides FoxComm include pilots in LaCrosse County, Dane County, and Kenosha County. The OJA federal engineering study has included three pages of text on FoxComm and its structure. Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT) has inquired about the concept of FoxComm and how the intergovernmental agreements are structured. WDOT is also conducting an interoperability study. WDOT is also looking at how CAD information could be interfaced with road, bridge, and rail information (i.e. closings). Back-up Dispatch Center discussions are continuing including discussions with NWTC on training opportunities. Karen continues working on status calls, trouble-shooting, and technical support issues. In July, she worked on ProQA, technical support policies and procedures issues with the 24/7 individuals, and clean up on the CAD database. Work has been done on Hummingbird web access, and the problem was identified. Work continues on FRMS interfaces. Goals for August – Get the web page up and running, complete policies and procedures for the 24/7 support, and setting up long-standing subcommittees such as Law Enforcement subcommittee, Fire subcommittee, and a Research & Development subcommittee for an approval process for changes on the CAD system. Discussions have been held with Winnebago Corporation Counsel John Bodnar on the county to municipal inter-governmental agreements. John would like to attend the next FAB meeting to discuss the agreements and sanctions that might be included in the agreements. Discussion took place on the agreements and whether they needed to be set up as annual agreements. Proposed 2005 Budget


A revised copy of the 2005 budget was sent via e-mail to members.

FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board August 5, 2004 Page 4 of 5 ____________________ MOTION: Pat O’Brient/Sherri McNamara moved approval of the 2005 Budget as presented. Motion carried. 9. Grant(s) Update

Paula Newton-Geiger distributed an update report on grants and reported:
    

Connective Communications Project Grant submitted to Wisconsin OJA was not approved. OJA elected to submit two statewide grants and a small request from Kenosha for Federal funding. Paula does not know if these projects were awarded. FoxComm has been promised funding of a data-sharing grant (Gateway) through OJA (see Karen Carlson’s report above). Daily research and analysis is continuing through, eCivis, and OJA websites. A requested was made to eCivis for a Specialized Grant Report concerning FoxComm initiatives. ECivis’ reply was distributed to members. One of eCivis’ recommendations was to add a research component to future grant applications.

Sherri questioned whether any further information was received on the funding Drake Fleege was working on with the federal government. Karen reported that no future information would be received until the legislature reconvenes in September. 10. Arcview mapping changes Karen reported:

  

 

Another proposal was received from Motorola and they state that a new system would be coming out and would be provided to replace the GGM. Karen questioned Motorola to see if the software upgrade would then be provided at no cost. Motorola replied that implementation fees would be charged and that there would be no software fees. Karen is still trying to determine what charges are required for implementation fees. ARC editor 9.0 will be required on each of the County’s machines. Advantages include: 1) it will be a system everyone knows; 2) it will eliminate a PC; and 3) accuracy will be enhanced. Outagamie County will need to upgrade their PC in the Planning Office, which is scheduled to be completed by November 1. Discussion took place about the PC upgrade occurring sooner than scheduled so that the Arcview upgrade could be facilitated earlier. Discussion also took place on the CAD upgrade. A net-live demonstration will be held the week of August 9. One license will be provided per county and maintenance will be $4,000 for the four counties, which will be in the 2006 budget.

11. Wireless 911 Consultant RFP A revised RFP was sent to members via e-mail. Karen reported:

FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board August 5, 2004 Page 5 of 5 ____________________



Brown County Purchasing will put the RFP on a web site and send out a cover letter to potential consultants. Sherri reported that at the last meeting, information was distributed regarding Public Technology Inc. (PTI) services. She has since learned that PTI will respond to RFP’s, and Sherri requested they be sent a cover letter regarding the RFP. Discussion took place on a subcommittee to review RFP’s received. Members decided the following team would be involved: Karen Carlson, Jim Nickel, Mary Schuelke, Kelly Sippel, and Cheryl Michler. The RFP will request responses be returned in 45 days.

MOTION: Pat O’Brien/Sherri McNamara moved approval of the releasing the RFP for wireless consultant as distributed. Motion carried. 12. Next Meeting/Adjournment MOTION: Mike Brooks/Pat O’Brien moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m. The next meeting will be held September 2, 2004, at 1:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Lori O’Bright Executive Administrative Assistant Outagamie County Executive’s Office