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					                      Information booklet
                 Green Team work opportunities

Information booklet
Green Team work opportunities in
our Sports Department
(Green Team · Events · Personal Training/
Training Centre)

Do you have the feeling you only live to work and you feel
tempted to experience more of life? Club La Santa offers
great work opportunities, but most importantly a wonderful
lifestyle. Optimally enjoy yourself in a sporty and sunny
environment, so that you notice you work to live and not the
opposite way!

                     Club La Santa, 30.01.2013

                                    Information booklet
                               Green Team work opportunities

Welcome to the wonderful world of sun,
sport & leisure!
Just a few hours flying time and you could be at Europe’s premiere sport and leisure resort, Club La
Santa, on the volcanic island of Lanzarote. Only 100 miles off Morocco’s North African coast line you
will experience a perfect climate – and a perfect holiday for active and enthusiastic people along with
a range of sports facilities to satisfy the most dedicated individuals and especially families.

Club La Santa offers a superb choice of activities and sports in a healthy and friendly environment
where you can do as much- or as little as you want. Club La Santa offers over 30 sports, group
instruction and entertainment free of charge.

Our team of qualified and experienced sports instructors, “the Green Team”, is on hand to ensure
that each holiday is extra special. There is an organized activity program that includes daily runs of
varying distances, a weekly half marathon or mini triathlon, tennis/ windsurf/ badminton/ golf/ squash
instructions, seminars, tournaments, relaxation classes, mountain bike and road bike tours on the
island, entertainment, … and so on. All these activities and facilities, makes Club La Santa a totally
dedicated healthy holiday resort with an “Olympic Village” atmosphere.

On top of the weekly activities, Club La Santa organizes special theme weeks (e.g. Total Body
Conditioning Weeks, Bike Weeks, Training Camps in different disciplines) and sports events (e.g.
Ironman Lanzarote Spain, Club La Santa Cycling Trophy, International Running Challenge) to provide
the customers with a more professional and intensive approach of particular sports.

In the following information package, you will find more details regarding job openings in the Green

Step into the healthy world of Club La Santa, transmit our lifestyle to our guests and feel the great and unique
work atmosphere! We will offer you a package with valuable experience, good conditions and great fun in a
superb climate and lifestyle.

I thank you for your interest in Club La Santa and I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

Best regards,

Laurent Sillon
Sports Manager


                            Information booklet
                       Green Team work opportunities

                             Table of contents:

Chapter 1:   Sports Department                                                          4

Chapter 2:   Job description                                                            5
             General information and requirements for all basic Green Team positions
             Qualifications per position:
                       Aerobic instructor                                              8
                       Bike mechanic/ -guide                                           8
                       Body Bike instructor                                            8
                       Fitness instructor                                              9
                       Golf instructor                                                 9
                       Guide                                                           9
                       “Handy man” (mechanical)                                       10
                       Multi-sport instructor                                         10
                                Badminton instructor                                  10
                                Squash instructor                                     10
                       Play Time (children activity assistant)                        10
                       Sports Booking/ Sports receptionist                            11
                       Swimming instructor                                            12
                       Tennis instructor                                              12
                       Windsurf instructor                                            13

Chapter 3:   Employment & General conditions                                           14

Chapter 4:   Student Placements                                                        17

                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

Chapter 1:                 Sports Department
The responsibility for all activities at Club La Santa lies with the Sports Department, which has
approx. 50 employees and consists of 3 subdivisions: Green Team, Personal Training/Test-Training
Centre and Events.


The Green Team exists out of approx. 40 instructors, handy-men/ mechanics, guides, children
animators and sports receptionists. They are all qualified and/ or experienced employees with very
good language skills who are employed in order to use their skills and education in a dynamic sports-
resort in the sun. They arrange the many weekly activities, competitions and tournaments for the
guests, and they also participate weekly in the Green Team shows.

The Green Team activities are usually free and constitute the basic concept of Club La Santa. The Green
Team activities consist of a large range of instructions, tournaments and competitions offered by our
sports team. These activities are listed in the weekly programme. In this programme you can see
both: when the activities take place and which levels are offered. We distinguish between green level
for beginners, blue level for slightly experienced and red level for experienced


Apart from this free basic concept, Club La Santa also offers personnel coaching according to the
special needs and wishes of each client. The idea is to offer a personnel and professional service to
each guest or group against extra payment. Among other things, the Personal instructors offer:
personnel coaching in several sports activities, individual training programmes, etc. The Personal
instructors are highly qualified persons with a considerable experience and expertise on their fields.


Races are some special sport events during the year at Club La Santa or on Lanzarote. The most well
known event is the IRONMAN Race, which is held every year by the end of May in collaboration with
the public authorities of Lanzarote. Other examples of events arranged by the Sports Department
are: IRONMAN 70.3 (half distance), The Wine Run, The Volcano Triathlon, The Challenge week, 4
Stage Mountain Bike Race and the Duathlon Competition.

As an important addition to the Weekly Programme, Club La Santa organizes more than 60 special
event weeks and training camps to provide a more intensive and professional approach to particular
sports – such as Total Body Conditioning Week, Bike Weeks, Triathlon Training Camps. Swim
Camps, Zumba® Weeks, Hip-Hop, Functional Training, goodlife, Boxing, etc.

                                 Information booklet
                            Green Team work opportunities

Chapter 2:                Job descriptions
Please see the following pages for an explanation of all basic Green Team positions. If you wish to
receive more detailed information on other positions (Manager Positions, administrational positions,
etc.), then please contact us to get a job description.

General information and requirements for all basic Green Team positions:

Minimum age:
23 years old.

Employment period:
Minimum period 9 months.

Working hours:
40 hours per week excluded the show rehearsals. The worker must be prepared to work weekends/
evenings. The work will be distributed on 5 working days a week.
On the days where major events/races CLS organizes are held all staff in Sports Department has to
work, despite that this day might be your normal day off.

Job assignment:
Each Green Team member has its own main responsibility in one of the positions mentioned on the
following pages. Besides this all employees must have the ability and motivation to lead other
activities/ jobs:

-       Taking part in excursions and transfers when needed.
-       Taking part in other jobs, such as:
                 -        Photocopying
                 -        Racket restringing
                 -        Making posters
                 -        Repairs in general
-       To help and give service to our guests “24 hours” a day
-       Be able to provide First Aid
-       Instruction and organisation of tournaments, competitions, social games and other activities
        such as:

       Beach Day
        On this day the guests can participate in different games on the beach, like for example: eggs
        throwing, bolas.
       Morning Run
        The guests can participate in a 2k run, 3k run, 3k walk and 5k run in the morning. It is
        necessary that an instructor can follow the speed of the guest.
       Fitness centre
        The Fitness centre is a place where each guest is training. Professional and non-professional.
        For this you need to be able to give them advice on how to use machines and how to train in
        a right way.
       Presentation of diplomas
       8k Hill Run, 5/10k Race, Duathlon, Mini-Triathlon, ½ Marathon, Off-road runs, Aquathlon
        These small competitions are being held in Club La Santa. It is necessary to explain the rules
        and to lead the races.
       Info tours
        As the complex is quit extended, we offer the clients an information tour. This will be for
        the English and Danish guests and will be accompanied by some of the members of the
        Green Team.
       Sports Booking
        This is the reception of the Sport Department. In this department the guests can book for
        the facilities, material, instructions, excursions and they can also buy souvenirs of the Club
        (mainly clothes).

                                   Information booklet
                              Green Team work opportunities

        Play Time
         Play Time is a playing area for children between 3 and 12 years old - where they can
         participate in different activities organized and supervised by the Green Team members.

        Events
         Club La Santa is regularly organizing different events (races & theme weeks), such as Ironman
         Lanzarote Spain, IM 70.3, Volcano Triathlon, Bike Weeks, Training Camps, etc. During these
         events organized by the Sports Department it is necessary to have full assistance of all staff. It
         is therefore not possible to have Green Team members participating in the events.

-        Participating in the evening entertainment:
         *        Green Team Show:
                  Every Monday you have to be a part of the Green Team show. This show requires
                  abilities of dancing and performing sketches in front of an audience of up to 1100
                  people. The show is a mixture of music, dances and sketches. Further it requires an
                  outgoing personality and the enthusiasm to try out something you might never have
                  done before. Every week you will have three hours schedule for rehearsal of the
         *        Show “Club la Santa Stars”:
                  Every Wednesday evening there is a show called “Club La Santa Stars” at the
                  square. It is a show where guests take part. The Green Team does not take part,
                  but organize the show. You will be on a team to help out but only every third week.
                  This job requires some organisation skills and people who can keep their head cool
                  among 40-55 enthusiastic kids.
         *        Green Team Socials:
                  Evening entertainment for clients such as Social games, Kids disco, etc.

General requirements:
    You should have an outgoing personality, ready smile, flexibility and a 100% service minded
    You should be able to work both in a team and independently;
    Ability to think practically and creatively;
    Ability to work under pressure;
    In possession of a recent First Aid Certificate.

Other requirements:
    You need to be a member of the European Community in order to get official work
       permission in Lanzarote.

Different instruction levels in Club La Santa:
For most classes we offer instructions on beginners, intermediate and advanced level. These levels are
distinguished by green (beginners), blue (intermediate) and red (advanced). The level in Club La Santa
can be compared as a “family level” and not professional.

We offer:
We can offer you a job in our well known international Sports Complex situated in the warm climate
of the volcanic island Lanzarote. You will be part of our enthusiastic sports team and you will receive
a monthly salary and unlimited use of our different sport facilities, as well as the possibility to stay in
an apartment of the complex according to availability. Furthermore you will receive assistance in
administrational matters with regard to Spanish authorities.

All in all we can offer you a package with tremendous fun, valuable experience and good conditions!

                                Information booklet
                           Green Team work opportunities

Employment procedure:
        Read the INFORMATION PACKAGE thoroughly;
        Fill out the APPLICATION FORM;
        Please return the form (IN ENGLISH) with all references, certifications and a PICTURE
         of yourself by (preferably) email (you can also download all information from our
         website to or by regular mail to:

Club La Santa
Attn: Green Team Manager Leen De Brabandere
Avda. Krogager s/n
35560 Tinajo/ Lanzarote
Canary Islands

In case of doubts or more enquiries, please call Leen De Brabandere, Green Team Manager:
TLF (direct):             +34 928 59 99 95 # 4410
TLF (reception):          +34 928 59 99 99

                                   Information booklet
                              Green Team work opportunities

Qualifications per position:

Job description:
Teaching aerobics outside, in English and for a large group of people. Approximately 6 hours per
week. The rest of the working time has to be combined with another main area (e.g. Fitness
instructor or Spinning instructor, etc.) depending on your qualification/ experience.

             Education to teach in Aerobics, Step, body toning and stretching. It would be an
              advantage if you are educated as a fitness or spinning instructor and if you are able to
              teach Aqua aerobics, Body Combat or Pilates;
             Work experience of at least two years with Aerobics;
             Capability of adjusting and instructing on beginners, intermediate and advanced level;
             Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.
How to apply?
With the application form enclosed in this information package, you should also send us a DVD with
yourself teaching aerobics. We need to see an intermediate instruction for some students of ½ -hour
step and ½ hour low/ high aerobics (full choreography).

Job description:
Repairing bikes in the Bike Centre of Club La Santa. Club La Santa’s Bike Centre stocks more than
100 Cannondale bikes, which need to be assembled, repaired and cleaned. Guests can borrow racing
bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, children’s bikes, tandems and baby joggers.
As a bike mechanic you should be able to serve the customers in the bike centre and lead the various
bike tours. These tours (both racing- and mountain biking) are of a distance from 12k till 90k and
consist out of groups with beginners, intermediate and advanced persons. The approx. hours of
guiding the bike tours are 8 hours per week.

             Educated and/ or experience as a bike mechanic;
             Some years of experience as a cyclist;
             Ability to correct bike positions and giving advice to the guests;
             Ability to adjust front/ back gears/ brakes, fix wheels and assemble bikes from the
             Knowledge of the newest equipment of Shimano and Campagnolo;
             Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Job description:
Body biking is a squad style session, combining music with aerobic and anaerobic exercise, finishing
with a thorough cool down and stretch. The guests have the possibility to sit on the Body Bikes
situated in a purpose built room within the fitness centre and follow the instructions of the Green
Team instructor.
As a Body Bike instructor you should have the qualifications as a fitness instructor (see below). You
will be teaching body bike approx. 2-4 hours per week. The rest of the hours should be within the
collective tasks mentioned on page 6.

             Ability to give guidelines of resistance, technical skills, the length of intervals and the time
              spent on the bike on beginners, intermediate and advanced level;
             Experienced and/ or educated Body Bike instructor;
             Knowledge of Virtual Heart Rate System or similar.
             Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

Job description:
Instructing in the modern and professional fitness centre of Club La Santa. This fitness centre is
equipped with machines for limbering-up exercise, warming up, fat burning, body bikes, machines for
training every muscle group of the body, as well as a large range of free weights and steppers,
treadmills, rowing machines and body building. There is a special room for the weight lifters in the
fitness centre. In this room the guests can use the heavy weights. The power lifting room contains 2
training platforms and is ideal for weight lifters and others who like intensive training on the big
muscle groups.

The fitness centre welcomes clients who range from beginners to elite athletes in most sports. These
different guests require motivated and effective training advice. Naturally the daily maintenance and
tiding up the fitness equipment is part of the job.

    Experienced and/ or educated fitness instructor;
    Ability to advise guests about training, how to use the different machines, construct specific
         programmes, carry out fitness tests, measure body fat percentage and answer all the fitness/
         training questions;
    Basic knowledge of anatomy & physiology;
    Knowledge of the fitness equipment and machines;
    Frequent user of gym yourselves, general interest in fitness training and a wish to improve
         personnel skills in this area;
    Knowledge of Functional training such as TRX, Kettle bell training, CrossFit or similar
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Job description:
Instructing the guests on the golf facilities at the golf course at Costa Teguise one day a week, using
their practice areas. Besides instructing on these facilities, you also need to offer your skills on the
golf courses of Golf Costa Teguise (alternatively at Tias.) There is one tour weekly at different levels
to the 18-hole golf course. You will be teaching golf approx. 4-6 hours and leading 1 day of golf tour
per week.

The rest of the hours should be within the collective tasks mentioned on page 5.
The equipment we offer to our guests is clubs for men and ladies (right handed and left handed) in
variety of Mizuno, Fuko and Powerbilt clubs.

    Experienced golf instructor with a handicap of 15 or lower;
    Ability to teach children and adults in groups and individual on beginners and intermediate
    Ability to explain golf techniques (position, grip and swing) good, clear, easy and
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

Job description:
The guides are mainly organizing and taking care of the transfer to and from the airport, showing the
guests around in the hotel (“information tours”) and helping the guests in case they have to go to the
hospital or police station. They also help the guests to find suitable excursions on the island and serve
the clients in the Guide office (administrating and selling excursions).

    Educated and/ or experienced guide;
    Experience in the service industry;
    Being in possession of driving licence;
    Knowledge in writing and speaking at least English and preferably Spanish;
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Job description:
A “handy man” is a person who is able to help us with the technical and practical things in the sports
department. The “handy man” hours are 40 hours a week. Some of the hours will be Green Team
work which includes the sound, music and light for the entertainment (shows and events).

    Preferably educated carpenter or electrician or else similar experience in this line of
    Ability and interest to instruct in a sport or to have bike mechanic skills would be an
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Job description:
The multi sports instructor is responsible for conducting and instructing guests in fitness and sports
activities. They are directly responsible for the guests enjoying their stay through the medium of
exercise, fitness and recreational activities, managing weekly events e.g. mini triathlon, road races,
working in the Sports Booking selling merchandise, rental of sports equipment and reservations of
So you can see that the Multi-sports instructor’s position is one, which requires the individual to
“wear many hats” so to speak and not just sport shoes.

    Ability to instruct in at least one racket sport at intermediate level; see details under as to
         Badminton and Squash, and under Tennis for Tennis and Padel Tennis.
    Preferably experienced/ educated to instruct our guests in swimming;
    Experienced/ educated to instruct our guests in the correct use of our fitness equipment;
    Experience in organizing tournaments, competitions and activities;
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

    Job description:
    Instructing badminton for both single persons and groups (up to 16 persons), for children and
    adults in the sport hall of Club La Santa. You will be teaching badminton approx. 3 hours and
    leading 6 hours tournaments per week. The rest of the hours should be within the collective
    tasks mentioned on page 6. This multi-use badminton hall has six courts according to
    international standards with Sportson Combi R/30 Hard Court floor. The courses are between
    ½ hour and 1 hour.

    • At least one training course and two years of experience as a badminton coach;
                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

    • Ability to teach both children and adults in groups or single;
    • Ability to instruct advanced badminton groups in short backhand service, high backhand,
    forehand- and backhand cut, the tactics of the game (both single and double) etc.

    Job description:
    Instructing our guests in one of our four squash courts, from which two are glass-backed courts
    so that spectators can watch your game. You will be teaching squash approx. 3 hours and leading
    4 hours tournaments per week. The rest of the hours should be within the collective tasks
    mentioned on page 5.

    • Experienced squash coach with ability to teach children and adults in groups and individually
       on beginners, intermediate (and advanced level).
    • Preferably educated coach (UK: England Squash, minimum level 2);
    • Ability to lead squash tournaments;

Job description:
While the parents are enjoying their sport, their children can have great fun and meet new friends in
the playground called Play Time, which is under constant supervision by the Green Team.
There are always new children arriving in Play Time. The guests use this facility normally for one or
two weeks. That’s why Play Time needs to have a lot of different activities. The programme for the
many different activities is advertised every day, e.g. Olympic Games in the athletics stadium, treasure
hunt, beach day etc. Because of all these activities, the Play Time shouldn’t be seen as a normal daily
It is a playing area for children between 3 and 12 years old - where they can play while being looked

    Preferably experience/ education as a nurse, school-, kindergarten- and/ or nursery teacher;
    Great interest in working with children;
    Creative
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Job description:
The Sports Booking is where all guests book themselves into the different sports facilities and
activities/ events in connection with the weekly programme. Guests can also book Personal
instruction in different sports, babysitting, etc.

Moreover the guests can borrow different sports equipment and buy balls/ shuttles for racket sport in
the Sports Booking. We also sell a wide range of Club La Santa products.

As a Sports Booking Assistant you are dealing with the daily running of the Sports Booking under the
supervision of the Sports Booking Manager. You will have both administrative tasks (booking of
facilities and rental bikes, preparation and updating programmes and information, internal information,
stocktaking, purchasing, correspondence, etc.) and receptionist duties (serving customers). As a
Sports Booking Assistant you will work most time in the Sports Booking and a small part in another
area (preferably as a Children Activity Assistant in the Play Time area).

    Preferably education within Hotel Management/ Receptionist;
    Experience in the service industry (and administration);
    Counter/ Till experience;
    Computer knowledge (Words and Excel);
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

Job description:
Giving instructions to children and adult guests, both individual and in groups. Club La Santa's open-air
Olympic Pool has 8 lanes each separated by ropes, and timing pace clocks at both ends of the pool.
The Green Team offer regular free Swim Instructions for both Children and Adults at different levels,
from beginner through to advanced. We also offer instruction in turns and starts.

You will be teaching swimming approx. 6 hours and leading other swim related activities in the pool
for children, such as Flip´n Fun & Rookie Lifeguard (Children´s Lifesaving). The rest of the hours
should be within the collective tasks mentioned on page 5.

    Having one or more training courses and at least 3 years’ experience as a swim coach
    Level Two ASA Swimming Teacher/Coach or equivalent
    Attendance of regular CPD (Continually Professional Development) seminars
    Ability to instruct both children and adults in groups and individually at beginners,
         intermediate and advanced level.
    Ability to do analysis of swimmers and give feedback and instruction based on this using
         over/under water camera.
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Training will be given for over/underwater camera along with Flip´n Fun and Rookie Lifeguard.

Job description:
Giving instructions to children and guests, both individual and in groups. Club La Santa has nine tennis
courts available for daily use. The Deco Turf surface is the same as they use for the US Open and at
the Olympic Games.The courts are enclosed by windbreakers to reduce the strength of the wind on
them. All the courts have floodlighting, and they can be used until 22.00.
You will be teaching tennis approx. 6-10 hours and leading 9-12 hours tournaments per week. The
rest of the hours should be within the collective tasks mentioned on page 5.
In addition to tennis, you will be giving introduction to padel tennis and leading padel tennis
tournaments as well. We have 3 padel tennis courts at the CLS.

    Having one or more training courses and at least 3 years experience as a tennis coach;
    Ability to instruct both children and adults in groups and individually on beginners,
         intermediate and advanced level.
    Ability to instruct advanced tennis groups in spin service, stop volley, slice and topspin;
    Ability to instruct the tactics of the game (both single and double).
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

Job description:
Instructing the guests on Club La Santa’s man made lagoon. Here it is safe to practise the difficult art
of windsurfing without drifting out to sea. Lanzarote’s characteristic windy climate gives windsurfers
great pleasure. Club La Santa’s windsurf Station is located within 10m of the water’s edge.

In addition to a variety of wind surf boards and sails, the guests can also borrow kayaks, sea kayaks
and stand up paddle boards at the wind surf station.

The instructor conducts instructions daily seven days a week (approx. 20 hrs per week). They also
organise windsurf races and windsurf shows (approx. 3 hrs). The rest of the hours should be within
the collective tasks mentioned on page 5.

                                Information booklet
                           Green Team work opportunities

    Experience and very good knowledge of sailing all-round boards with dagger board. You
         must be able to have secured skills in manoeuvring, tacking, jibing and the beach start;
    Experience and knowledge on short fun boards under 300 cm. You must be able to have
         secure skills in jibing and the water start;
    Very good knowledge of elementary things like swimming, rigging, safety on sea and normal
         sailing terms (winds, knots and ropes);
    Experience with instructing. The best would be if you have followed courses like for example
         Danish sailor union, the well-known German surf course VDWS (Verband Deutsche
         Windsurfing Schule) or the English surf course RYA (minimum instructor level – RYA-2);
    Minimal two years experience with surfing;
    Please see the general information and requirements on page 5.

                                     Information booklet
                                Green Team work opportunities

Chapter 3:                    Employment & General conditions

Employment Conditions as per January, 30th 2013

Job           Green Team Instructor,
designation   Green Team Sports Booking,
              Green Team Play Time,
              Green Team Guide
              Green Team Mechanic
              Green Team Entertainment

Tasks         See job description (page 8 -12).

Salary/Tax            Salary/holiday pay:
              The salary for the basic Green Team positions is 1.244,79 € bruto per month 12 times
              a year.

              Besides this monthly salary you also receive three extra payments during the year:

              1) Extra payment in December: max. 1.244,79 € bruto.
              However, the first year the extra payment will be calculated proportionally to the number of
              months the worker has been employed.

              2) Extra payment in June: max. 1.244,79 € bruto.
              However, the first year the extra payment will be calculated proportionally to the number of
              months the worker has been employed.

              3) Holiday pay: Calculated according to how long the worker has been employed (max.
              1.209,95 € bruto/ year)

              All salary is paid in Euros. The salary is paid before the 5th of the following month.

              Example of payment statement for basic Green Team positions:

              I.          Wages
                              Basic salary                                   1.244,79
                               Shoes                                             4,06
                                             A. Total Wages                                  1.248,85

              insurance        1.557,14 4,70        73,19                           Unemployment        1.557,14
                  1,55      24,14
                                Professional education 1.557,14     0,10       1,56

                                Total Social Security                         98,89

                                Taxes of persons         1.248,85 13,00      162,35

                                              B. Total to deduct                             261,24

                                    Total to receive                                         987,61

              The apartment rent (150,25 EUR per person) for staff living in Club La Santa (employed on a full
              time contract) will automatically deducted from the netto monthly salary (987,61 €).

              The tax is automatically deducted from the salary.
              As you can see in the payment statement above, the current tax rate is appr. 13% and the
              instructor will pay appr. 6% per month to social services. A total of 19% will be deducted from the
                                   Information booklet
                              Green Team work opportunities

Working      Contract:
conditions   All employees are working with an open-ended contract. The minimum period of employment is 9
             months, starting with 2 months probationary period.

             The first week will be used for training and observation of the different activities and excursions.

             Working hours:
             Working hours will be 40 hours a week (excluded show rehearsals). The worker must be ready
             to work weekends/evenings. The work will be distributed on 5 working days a week.

             Your working day can be seen a few days ahead of schedule.

             A typical working day:

             First shift:
             07.45 - 08.45       Morning gymnastics
                                 Morning run with the guests (2, 3,5 km or 3 km walk)
             08.45 - 12.30       Sports booking, instructions, tournaments etc.
             12.30 - 13.30       Lunch
             13.30 - 14.45       Sports booking, instructions, tournaments etc.
             14.45 - 15.45       Rehearsal for show

             Second shift:
             11.00 – 12.00       Rehearsal for show
             12.00 – 13.30       Sports booking, instructions, tournaments etc.
             13.30 - 14.30       Lunch
             14.30 – 19.00       Sports booking, instructions, tournaments etc.
                                 Green Team Show Monday evening: 20.30-23.00
                                 Children & Guest show Wednesday evening: 20.00-22.00

             Holidays/days off:
             2 weekly days off, distributed by Club La Santa.

             Holidays: 30 days a year + 18 days off as compensation for work on public holidays and changing
             working hours. This way, the employee gains 4 holidays/days off per month.

             The minimum days of holiday to take are 7 days and the maximum is 21 days (including the normal
             2 days off per week).

             If you are employed after February 1, you ”take over” the holiday periods originally assigned to
             the former employee.

             It is not allowed to go on holiday during the week 42, Christmas, New Year, Easter and during the
             following big events; Volcano triathlon/ Ironman (May), Challenge Week (November) IM 70.3.

             Moreover, the holidays must be held according to Spanish legislation.

             Working permit, etc.:
             Club La Santa will provide the working permit (only for members of the European Community).

             Resignation, etc.:
             The employee has a 2 months resignation notice.
             In consideration of the planning and the appointment of a new instructor, we do ask the
             employees to give notice as early as possible.
             In case Club La Santa discharges the instructor, the notice period depends on how long the
             instructor has been employed, according to Spanish legislation.

             The instructor will receive one free meal on all working days in the staff canteen.

                                    Information booklet
                               Green Team work opportunities

General conditions

              The instructor can choose one of two possibilities according to avaailability
Housing            1) Share an apartment at Club La Santa. The apartment is shared with another employee
                        and consists of a living room with a small kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. Rent per
                        person per month: 150,25 Euros/month (this will be automatically deducted from your
                        salary). Incl. cleaning every two weeks, changes of towels, etc.
                   2) Find own residence in nearby village (approx. 1,5 k away).

              The employee will pay flight expenses to Lanzarote. No guarantee for available flights in
Flight        connection with holidays (only for Danish fligths).

              The employee will be integrated in the Spanish social security system, which implies free medical
Medical       assistance (only in case of sickness or accident at home)
insurance –   The instructor’s part of the expenses to Seguridad Social is, as mentioned above, currently 6% of
Seguridad     the salary which is automatically deducted. This amount is equivalent to appr. 1/5 of the expenses
Social        for Seguridad Social. The employer pays the remaining 4/5. Please see the payment statement on
              page 13 for more details.

              You automatically pay to the unemployment fund through your salary. Please see the payment
Unemploym     statement on page 13 for more details.
ent fund
              Health/ Medical insurance:
Insurance     See above. But we recommend you take a private accident insurance.
              In case of a work accident, Club La Santa’s accident insurance is covering you.

              Casualty insurance:
              You will be covered by Club La Santa’s casualty insurance from the first to the last working day,
              but only in connection with work. We recommend that you take out a personnel insurance to
              cover you in your spare time.

              Other insurance:
              You will not be covered by Club La Santa’s insurance for any of your personal items. We
              recommend you to take a private housing insurance.

              The use of telephone in the apartment is not included in the rent. Calls within Club La Santa are
Telephone     free, but calls out of Club La Santa are at your own expense.

              All employees in the Sports Department can use the internet/ email for free in the “private” (work
Internet      office of the Green Team) subject to availability (work has priority).

              Club La Santa provides the employees with a free uniform. However, shoes and socks are not
Uniform       included.

              The employee agrees to put all his/her work capacity at the disposal of the company. Therefore
Comments      the employee shall not without prior permission from the company undertake any other tasks or
              jobs which may be considered incompatible with the satisfactory execution of his/her obligations
              towards the company.

              In case the employee displays negligence such as serious disregard of duties and responsibilities in
              relation to the job, committing breach of confidence, taking up other private tasks or jobs without
              prior written permission, intoxication during working hours, behaving or acting in a manner which
              causes serious public and/or private offences and thus being detrimental to interests of the
              company, these acts are to be considered as serious breach of the contract and entitles the
              company to the immediate dismissal of the employee.

              The employee is not permitted to enter into Club La Santa’s major Events .

                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

Chapter 4:                 Student Placements
Club La Santa gives some students the opportunity to do their practise at Club La Santa. Like the
normal employee procedure we make a selection of all student candidates depending on their skills
and the hotel occupation. Please read the following information thoroughly and consider all details
together with your study coordinator. You can show your continuous interest by filling out and
returning the application form.

It is only possible to do a placement that is applicable to the Green Team, e.g. sports education or
teacher/ nurse education. It is not possible to be a student in the Green Team during a high school

Areas of practise:
It is only possible to obtain a student placement in combined in the different areas of Green Team
such as Fitness, Multi Sport, Aerobic, Sports Booking and Play Time. It is not possible to perform a
practice in e.g. physiotherapy, events, nutrition or management.

Students with e.g. Sports education or teacher/ nurse education might have a possibility to do
instructions. However, this will be considered during the practise and cannot be guaranteed

In chapter 2 you will find short description of the different work areas in the Green Team. Besides
these areas, the student should also assist during general activities (e.g. morning activities,
Entertainment and Club La Santa event races). Please note that Club La Santa will make a decision of
your working areas with regard to your education, need of staff and duration of practise.

Minimum age:
The minimum age to perform a practise in the Green Team is 21 years old.

The minimum period for student placements is 8 weeks. The maximum is by mutual agreement.

The direct coordinator of student practises will be the Supervisor of the Green Team. Furthermore
you will always work under supervision of qualified/ experienced Green Team employees.
You will get a special introduction programme during your first week. In this week you will visit and
assist within different areas of Club La Santa together with other Green Team members.

           Working week of 5 days and 2 days off;
           Approximately 40 hours per week. Additionally the Green Team + Children and Guest
            Show and rehearsals;
           Student won’t receive salary and will have to defray own costs (see below for more
           Club La Santa will offer a daily lunch in the staff canteen and free use of sports facilities
            and equipment (subject to availability: client has priority!);
           Students will have to accept the same rules, mentioned in the information package, as all
            other employees;
           Students will have to wear a Green Team (Student) uniform during working hours;
           Students won’t have any insurance during their stay at Club La Santa. This means no
            health insurance, no insurance for possession, or anything else. Club La Santa’s insurance
            will only cover the students if something happens during the working time.

The students have to sign an internal contract at arrival. An example will be send to the student
before arrival.

                                  Information booklet
                             Green Team work opportunities

Costs and salary:
Unfortunately students won’t receive salary and will have to pay for own costs.

CLS will provide accommodation, apartment to share with other CLS employee.

Danish applicants can have a special staff price for flights from Copenhagen or Billund. Applicants from
other countries than Denmark can contact the Club La Santa sales offices in England (Manchester:
+44 161 790 98 90) or Germany (Hamburg: +49 40 551 00 34) for flight prices.

Club La Santa offers you one meal in the canteen during working days.

There is a kitchen available in the apartment. However, there is also the possibility to have half board
in the hotel’s restaurant Atlantico. Please contact us for prices.

        We look forward to welcoming
                            You in our team.


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