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									Popularize Your Fitness Blog
A Fitness Blog are the most ideal online
 publications for fitness fanatics and
 health professionals most especially
 those who want to make some money on  y
 the worldwide web. The amazing thing
 about blogs is that you can practically
 start one without spending anything.
Add to this the fact that creating and
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 publishing blogs does not require any
 special skill or knowledge and one does
 not have to be techie to be able to
 successfully manage a blog site.
What are blogs?
Blog was coined from another computer
 term known as “weblog” which points to
 a site where an individual sends and
 updates information on a steady basis.
The postings are arranged in sequential
 order. For sure, you have already come
 across a number of blogs at some point
 while you are browsing.
Your blogs can be used to make money
 by marketing your own products or
 someone else’s. The latter is called
 affiliate marketing and a lot of bloggers
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 are earning large amounts of money by
 using their blog sites as marketing spots
 for                f
 f the products of other people.
The ideal blog size would be a short,
 informative article composed of 500
 words or less, something that discusses
 new and helpful things about y
               p       g       your
 particular fitness forte.
          j   y
The majority of online readers want their
 information short and substantial and
 that is the reason why your blogs need to
 be h t       d t i ht t th     i t
 b short and straight to the point.
A Fitness blog works like any other
 website; each post is a totally new page
 If you are continuously adding fresh
 content that would look good by Google
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 standards and your blogs may rank high
 in the SERPs.
Google always keeps its eye out on new
 content and yours, if relevant, may be
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 added t th search engine li ti         That
 is the wisdom of making sure that you
 have fresh and enlightening content
 available to publish on a regular basis.
There are a lot of fitness blogs around
 and that makes popularizing your blog
 very challenging. The most important
 thing to do is make sure that y
     g                           your
 content is exceptional and up to date.
 You will notice that the more popular
 blogs show a bit of the writer’s
                       d fi it l      t
Thi means you can definitely create your
 own and become popular on your own
 terms and styles When writing fitness
 blogs, you can follow these simple rules:
People patronize ideas, products, and
 services from entities and people they
 like. Popularizing a blog is all about trust.
 People will p
     p                 y              y
              patiently watch out for your
 next blogs if they know and expect that
 they will be served fresh information,
                            f f
 things that they will benefit from, not a
 rehash of old information.
Making a fit
M ki               bl        l     t il
            fitness blog popular entails
 earning the trust of your readers.
Key points to remember if you want
 to popularize your fitness blogblog.
Update your blog regularly and if possible
Use keywords in your tittle to get traffic
 from Google.
Write interesting original content.
Write posts that are 500 words long
Author box
Gerald Smith is a online personal trainer
 and fitness blogger who guides clients
 toward their fitness goals using a holistic
 approach to health and weight loss. Calm
 y         p       y p
 yet firm, precise yet practical, Gerald's
 approach is favored by clients who are
 seeking a personal trainer who can
    ti t     d inspire.
 motivate and i     i
A published fitness author, Gerald holds
 a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and
 Health. Check out Gerald’s Fitness Blog
 for the latest fitness trends and hot
 topics in the world of fitness.


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