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					Online Personal Training
When you walk into to your local gym,
 it s
 it's not long before you spot the novice
 gym user with a personal trainer
 standing beside them.
But there appears to be a rise in the
 number of applications from those
 wanting to keep fit and workout - to go
 for an online personal trainer.
Most people will be thinking how on earth
 online personal training can be safe
 and effective, well it can, and it has a
 number of distinct advantages.g
The first being on your wallet; hiring an
 online personal trainer is affordable and
 will cost a fraction of the fees one is
 likely to be charged by a personal trainer
 based at th local gym.
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But don't think for one moment you are
 going to allowed to slack

Online personal training will have the
 advantage of allowing you to work out in
 your time and when it best suits you, but
 these periods will need to be pre-
 arranged with your online personal
 trainer, so don't expect an easier ride.
Online personal training involves one-to-
 one phone calls with your trainer who will
 want to hear evidence that your workout
 session has been fulfilled and that you
 are not putting your feet up and
 watching the television while scoffing
Online personal training has its distinct
 advantages in flexibility and affordability
 You can of course choose to workout in
 the home and use your own exercise
 bike, treadmill or weights if you have the
 apparatus at home. But it's likely online
 personal training will be just as tough f for
 you as a personal trainer in-person is.
 Your online trainer will want to see
 evidence of what you are eating, what
 you are drinking and a detailed analysis
 of the workouts you have performed.
There are a number of apps available for
 smartphones that will record your
 exercise routines using GPS, so don't
 think you ca cheat when taking up online
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 personal training.
Your personal online trainer may well
 want to connect with you on social
 networks, but don't worry about them
 snooping in on y
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                 your private life as theyy
 will more than likely only use it to offer
 you video guides for specific exercises,
 see if you are doing your morning jogs,
 check on your run times and just
 generally be there for you to ask any
 burning questions you might have.
Online personal training will still provide
  motivation regular checks on fitness
  levels and best of all the flexibility to do
  the workouts without having to travel.
            It s
Come on! It's time to get fit!
Author box
Gerald Smith is a fitness blogger and
  personal trainer -- both online and off --
  whom thrives on providing his clients
  with healthy weight management
Calm yet firm, precise yet practical,
 Gerald s
 Gerald's approach is favored by clients
 who are seeking a personal trainer who
 can motivate and inspire. A p
                       p      published
 fitness author, Gerald holds a degree in
 Exercise, Nutrition and Health. If you are
 interested in knowing more about online
 personal training have a look at Gerald
 Smiths website

http://www slimmerfitterstronger com/

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Description: When you walk into to your local gym, it's not long before you spot the novice gym user with a personal trainer standing beside them.