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									II.    JOB SUMMARY

       Briefly describe the general purpose of the job in one or two sentences.

       This position is a call center representative for the Office of Student Accounts. The call center is a venue for WVU’s
       customers (students, parents, faculty, departments, vendors, etc.) to bring their questions/ issues to the attention of the
       Office of Student Accounts and/or make a payment on a student account. The call center representatives disseminate
       information to various individuals including faculty, staff, students, parents, vendors, government representatives, etc.
       in a helpful and courteous manner; maintaining university goodwill, using decision making and analytical skills.
       Position also ascertains customer complaints, critical issues and problems and disseminates information to the
       appropriate office or area for immediate action.


       List and completely explain the current duties and responsibilities of the position. Indicate the average percentage of time spent
       performing each separate job duty. Describe what the duties and responsibilities are and how they are performed. Consider work
       performance over a 12-month period. Employees must use their own words to describe duties and responsibilities. The copying
       of a generic job description or another employee’s PIQ verbatim is not acceptable and the PIQ will be returned. The
       percentages must total 100%. Duties that take less than five (5) percent should be combined into at least five (5) percent.

% of time                                                        Duties and Responsibilities

75%               Assists parents, students, and external constituents on a wide range of billing, payment and loan problems or questions.
                  Processes inquiries for and disseminates information to WVU customers, using data obtained from the student
                  information system, payment portal and tuition pay systems. These activities include, but are not limited to the

                          posting student payments by credit card (BANNER only), tuition deposits, Mountie Bounty payments to
                           student receivable ;
                          collecting and analyzing student account information;
                          pursuing collection with students and/or agencies on overdue receivables and delinquent accounts by written
                           or verbal correspondence;
                          recommending payment options
                          etc.

                  Updates the Call Center database with their incoming calls whether resolved or unresolved. In working with the Lead
                  determines if the call should go to the next level of management or the appropriate department. If data is unavailable,
                  the incumbent is responsible for researching the request and then, if deemed necessary, forwarding it to the proper
                  Student Account representative or appropriate department for handling.

                  Interprets and develops understanding University policies and procedures to ensure that proper guidance is
                  communicated to our customers. Questions, problems and inquiries are of a wide variety, including, but not limited to:
                  student payment, student accounts receivable data inclusive of room and board, Mountie Bounty and Dining Dollars;
                  financial aid information, financial due dates, registration information, student withdrawals, refunds, and third party
                  sponsor payments. This also includes various problems that our customers may report regarding problems with the
                  web, problems reaching other departments, etc. Thus, in addition to the student accounts receivable the call center
                  representatives must have a general knowledge of policy, procedure and systems for the Admissions, Registrar,
                  Financial Aid, Housing, Extended Learning, and other student operations of the university.

                  Maintains privacy of all student account information. Interaction occurs in a high volume customer service
                  environment and the subject matter can sometimes be sensitive or confidential. Customer confidence must be
                  maintained in order to protect operations and keep all information confidential. Maintains and projects West Virginia
                  University’s professional reputation.

                  Performs cashiering functions by processing credit card payments; analyzes accounts, answers inquiries giving
                  instructions, and recommending payment options. Ensures accuracy of transactions posted to Student Information
                  System by balancing daily activity. Resolves discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information. Prepares daily
                  deposit at the close of each business day. Ensures that all credit card data received by the call center representatives is
                  kept confidential and is properly secured.

15%               At the direction of the Lead this position is responsible for the accounts receivable collections activity to place calls to
                  students to remind them of important payment deadlines, payment options, refund options, outstanding balances, etc.
                  during non-peak periods of the Call Center.
10%               Responsible for the daily receipt and disbursement processing in the University’s student information accounting
                  system, student loan system, and the State’s accounting system. Acts as liaison for all day-to-day issues. This requires
                  close interaction with the students, parents, sponsoring agencies (internal and external to WVU), loan servicers, ,
                  banking partners, collection agencies, private lenders, and the State Treasurer’s Office. Daily processing includes, but
                  is not limited to the following:

                          posting student payments by cash, check, and credit card (BANNER only), adjustments, miscellaneous loan
                           and scholarship checks, tuition deposits, Mountie Bounty payments, loan ACH payments, transcript payments,
                           and wire payments to student receivable or student loan system;
                          collecting and analyzing student account information;
                          reviewing and analyzing student information system reports to determine which accounts should receive
                          reviewing and analyzing student information and loan system reports to determine which accounts should
                           have holds posted or lifted;
                          pursuing collection with students and/or agencies on overdue receivables and delinquent accounts by written
                           or verbal correspondence;
                          processing daily deposit of student account and inter-departmental revenue and preparing manifest for
                           delivery to Huntington National Bank;
                          processing returned award forms for miscellaneous scholarships and loans and returning to donors and lenders
                           accompanied by reimbursement check;
                          processing special deferments from Financial Aid Office or Office of International Students and Scholars;
                          processing returned refund checks; involves checking for balance owed or whether stop payment has been
                           placed before contacting student about returned check

                  Brings to management’s attention critical problems needing immediate action. Assists in training student workers,
                  temporaries, and other personnel on the system and departmental/state and federal polices and procedures, as

                  Participates in job-related continuing education seminars and workshops.

                  Acts as backup to other positions within the unit and may be required to perform other duties as assigned.

                  Carries out special projects to achieve institutional missions and unit objectives as time and work load dictates.
                  Participation may include coordinating and leading assigned project team, innovating new or improved methods of
                  operation, developing policy or procedure drafts.

                  Positions within Financial Services participate in several institutional processes such as Student Services Days which
                  require limited amounts of extended day and/or weekend work hours.

                                  TOTAL OF ALL PERCENTAGES MUST EQUAL 100%



      1.   List the level and type of minimum education required to qualify for this position not for the incumbent.

           Associate Degree in Business, Accounting, or Banking and/or equivalent combination of education or experience.

      2.   What licenses or certification(s) (e.g. electrician’s license) if any, are required for the position? Specifically state the reason
           for this licensor requirement (supervisor’s preference, state or federal law, etc.).


      3.   What specific skills are required in order to carry out the duties of the position?

              Excellent Customer Service skills and the ability to promote and maintain university goodwill
              Highly motivated work ethic in order to perform some repetitive, but important duties; must be innovative and
              Ability to identify critical issues.
                  Ability to work with confidential issues and information in a professional and responsible manner.
                  Ability to listen, empathize, and comfort parents and students in difficult situations.
                  Computer knowledge, specifically Student Information systems and other software programs (i.e. Banner,
                   Oracle, Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, etc.
                  Ability to be thorough, obtaining complete and accurate information.
                  Ability to develop and maintain rapport with others; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
                  Ability to perform multiple tasks.
                  Good mathematical skills necessary to perform calculations.
                  Thorough knowledge of the university’s “student service” departments; policies and procedures.
                  Ability to maintain proper unit attendance and punctuality standards.
                  Ability to operate standard office equipment.
                  Excellent Telephone skills and etiquette.
                  Ability to make independent decisions
                  Must portray a professional appearance
                  Good typing skills


          1.   In addition to the knowledge/education, please describe the type and least amount of prior directly related work experience
               typically required, if any, for a person coming into this position. Experience listed here is considered as concurrent not

Type of Experience Needed                                                                    Amount of Experienced Needed (Months/Years)

         Customer service                                                                           1 year
     Current work experience in finance, accounting, or banking.                                 1 year
The knowledge, skills and abilities listed above are typically acquired through the levels of education and experience listed.

          This section measures the degree of problem solving required, the types of problems encountered, and how these problems are
          solved. Consider the amount of judgment and thought required as determined by the complexity of duties. Also consider whether
          guidelines, standards, and precedents are available to assist in solving problems.

          Please list the common types of problems faced in this position and the course of action you take to solve these problems.

          Problem resolution in this position can be complex and require extensive research and resourcefulness. Problems
          encountered would require incumbent to be able to determine when other personnel must be consulted and who would
          be best to field such problems. Decision-making skills are essential in this position. Some inquiries may have specific
          instructions or procedures readily available, however, in those instances when information is not available; the
          employee exercises considerable judgment and discretion and must determine the best source of action to obtain the
          information in the quickest manner in order to generate a fast and accurate response. Problems need to be evaluated on
          an individual basis to determine the best course of action.


          This section measures the degree to which the position is structured as is determined by the types of control placed on work
          assignments. Controls are exercised in the way assignments are made, how instructions are given to the employee, how work
          assignments are checked, and how priorities, deadlines and objectives are set. Controls are exercised through established
          precedents, policies, procedures, laws and regulations which tend to limit the employee’s freedom of action.

          1.   Describe the type of guidance and review the supervisor gives the incumbent in this job and how often (i.e., daily, weekly) the
               supervisor checks or inspects the work.

          Type of Guidance and Review                                                                               How Often

                  General direction given, while supervisor continues to set overall goals, projects, etc                  As needed
                  Questionable situations/trouble reports may require Lead Work or Managerial
                   attention.                                                                                               As appropriate

          2.   Describe the policies and procedures or formal regulations, which guide the actions in this job.
                   Actions of this position are guided by: Management; University policies and procedures; Governing Board
                    policies; Higher Education Policy Commission policies; and Federal and State Regulations.


           This section measures the position’s responsibility for accomplishing the mission of the institution and West Virginia higher
           education systems. Describe the types of decisions regularly required of the position, and how the position’s work product
           supports, guides or develops the goals of the work unit, department, and institution. Take into consideration the size of the area
           that could be affected if the position’s duties were preformed incorrectly and any long-term affects of such an error. Assume that
           any error is not due to sabotage, mischief or lack of responsible attention and care for the duties of the position.

              Position is critical to meeting the goals of the Office of Student Accounts and West Virginia University and
               contributes significantly to the credibility, accuracy, reliability and acceptability of processes, services and
               functions of the Office of Student Accounts and consequently the Financial Aid Office, Office of Admissions and
               Records, and the Housing Office. The position could have a direct effect on increasing student retention,
               providing excellent customer service, and maintaining goodwill. The effect of a job well done or a job poorly
               done directly impacts West Virginia University. Delays, mistakes, or poor judgment may result in disruption of
               effective, efficient, and coordinated professional services as well as affect students’ enrollment at WVU.
               Consequences potentially could include lower student retention rates, lost revenues, bad public relations, and
               frustrated students and parents.

              Good working relationships and coordination exist with area personnel and with management. Assistance is
               provided to other service representatives and staff as needed. Supervisors are appropriately informed of area

           For what functional area(s) does this job have formal and ongoing management accountability and responsibility? List the specific
           functional areas of management responsibility and briefly indicate the level of responsibility and accountability with respect to
           primary activities performed.

                            [Note: Not applicable to classified positions at WVU. No information needed here.]

Functional Area                                                             Management Responsibility/Accountability

           N/A                                                                       N/A


           This section appraises the responsibility for working with or through other people within and outside the State College and
           University System of West Virginia to get results. Consider the purpose and level of contact encountered on a regular, recurring
           and essential basis during operations. Consider whether the contacts involve furnishing or obtaining information, explaining
           policies or discussing controversial issues. This factor considers only those contacts outside the job’s immediate work area.

           INTRA SYSTEMS (within the West Virginia Higher Education Systems)

           With whom does the position regularly communicate within West Virginia higher education systems in order to perform the duties
           (e.g., faculty members outside your area, managers of other units, Vice Presidents)? What is normally discussed and how often
           does it occur (e.g., daily, weekly)?
Title                                                          Communicate About What                                 How Often

          Staff members in Fin Aid, Office of                          Problems and transfers relating to                  Daily
           Admissions and Records, Housing Office                        problems
          Management                                                   Problems and policy                                 As needed
          OSA Staff                                                    General inquiries/problems                          As needed

           EXTERNAL (outside the West Virginia Higher Education Systems)

           With whom does the position regularly communicate outside the West Virginia higher education systems to perform the duties
           (e.g., students, suppliers, governmental agencies, product representatives)? What is normally discussed and how often does it
           occur (e.g., daily, weekly)?

Title                                         Communicate About What                                                   How Often
            Students/Parents/Alumni/                       student accounts receivable, financial aid                                  Daily
             Faculty                                         disbursements, holds, student loan information, and
                                                             admissions information
                                                            Receipts or payments.                                                       Daily
            Government/scholarship                         Some issues are substantially sensitive; discussions can
             agencies/banks/lenders                          be controversial and require tact.


             This section looks at the type of supervision this position has over other employees. Consider the degree of direct supervision
             exercised over others in terms of the level of subordinate jobs in the organization and the nature of work performed. Only the
             formal assignment of such responsibility should be considered; informal work relationships should not be considered. Supervision
             of student workers may be taken into account if they are essential to the daily operation of the unit. Do not include temporary or
             contract employees. The Human Resources Office will verify the types of employees supervised.

       1.    Are you responsible for assigning tasks and monitoring the work of others (lead)?

            Yes:                        No:

                              Title                                    Headcount                        Total FTE (to be verified by HR Office)

                                                                                                        
       2.    Are you responsible for hiring, firing, performance appraisals, etc. for others?

            Yes:                        No:

                              Title                                    Headcount                        Total FTE (to be verified by HR Office)

                                                                                                       

       3.    Does this position supervise students who are essential to the daily operations of the Unit?

             Yes:                           No:

                  If yes, please indicate the total number of FTE students supervised and briefly describe the function of the students.
                             Function                                 Headcount                    Total FTE (to be verified by HR Office)

                                                                                                       

XI.          INDIRECT SUPERVISION EXERCISED (Supervision over first-line supervisors)

             This section considers the position’s responsibility for the indirect supervision of subordinates informal work relationships are
             not considered. Indicate the number of indirect employees under this position’s line of authority. The number of subordinates
             should be reported in full-time equivalency (FTE) and not head count.

             1.    List the official title(s) of the employee(s) this position indirectly supervises.

                              Title                                    Headcount                        Total FTE (to be verified by HR Office)

                                                                                                       


             This section looks at the motor skills involved in performing this job. Consider the following issues; complexity of body
             movements; speed/timing of movements; precision of movements; and need for close visual attention.

             Please give an example of the physical coordination required to perform this job, such as the amount of accuracy required to use
             a hand or power tool or operate a specific instrument or type of equipment.

                  Talking: Especially when one must frequently convey detailed or important instructions or ideas accurately,
                   loudly, or quickly.
             Average Hearing: Able to hear average or normal conversation and receive ordinary information.
             Finger Dexterity: Using primarily just the fingers to make small movements such as using a key board, typing,
             Repetitive Motion: Movements frequently and regularly required using the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.
             Average Visual Abilities: Average, ordinary, visual acuity necessary to prepare or input information or operate
              office machinery.


          This section considers the quality of working conditions as measured by lighting adequacy, temperature extremes and variations,
          noise pollution, exposure to fumes, chemicals, radiation, contagious diseases, heights and/or other related hazardous conditions.

          Check all items that describe the conditions or environment, in which the position works and provide an example:
          Frequency (FQ):
                      A=All of the Time (90% or more per year)       M=Most of the Time (50% or more per year)
                    S=Some of the Time (Less than 50% per year) R=Rarely (Less than 10% per year)         N=Never

                     Condition                           Frequency                                      Example
Normal office environment                                     A
Use of computer                                               A
Inadequate ventilation                                        R
Extremes in temperature                                       R
Outside weather conditions                                    R
Wetness/humidity                                              R
Dust/fumes/odor (from normal daily conditions)                R
Heights (over 10 feet)                                        R
Moving parts (tools and machinery)                            N
Vibrations                                                    R
Electrical current                                            R
Excessive noise                                               R
Respirables ( asbestos, silica, coal, e.g.)                   R
Animals                                                       N
Radiation                                                     N
Chemicals                                                     N
Toxic conditions/fumes                                        N
Contagious diseases                                           N
Body fluids                                                   N
Other (please list):                                          N

          This section measures the physical demands of the job as measured by the exertion placed on the skeletal, muscular and
          cardiovascular systems of the incumbent. Consider both how much and how often it occurs.

          Describe any physical effort in the job, such as standing, lifting, carrying, bending, walking, etc., and list how often (daily,
          weekly, etc.) it happens.

Physical Effort                                                                                              How Often

         The incumbent works in a typical office environment. Long periods of sitting                            Daily
          analyzing data or entering data into PC exist. Telephone headsets are worn
          throughout the day.


          This description does not state or imply that the duties listed are the only duties to be performed by the position incumbent.
          Justification for information provided in the PIQ may be requested. Employees are required to follow job-related instructions
          and perform other job-related activities assigned by their supervisor.

          All requirements are subject to possible modification in order to provide a reasonable accommodation to individuals with
          disabilities. Some requirements may exclude individuals who pose a direct threat or significant risk to the health and safety of
          themselves, students, other employees, or the general public.

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