The Benefits of Making a Chelsea Personal Trainer Part of Your Buddy System

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  Th Benefits of M ki
Chelsea Personal Trainer Part
   of Your Buddy System
When you (like a lot of people) hear the
         personal trainer
 words "personal trainer", you probably
 envision a drill Sargent screaming at you,
 making y                      p
       g you work out to the point of
 collapse; Yikes!

Having an image like that in your mind is
 enough to scare some people away from
 hiring a Chelsea personal trainer.
Fortunately "bully" personal training isn't
 the norm so if you ve been considering
 hiring a Chelsea personal trainer, the
 benefits far outweighs the negatives
                      g         g
 (there aren't any negatives).
Sure there are some individuals in the
 field that believe in the "tough love"
 approach when it comes to motivating
 their li t but         t        lt i
 th i clients b t most personal trainers,
 while challenging you, will do it kindly
                          it s
 and enthusiastically; it's up to you to find
 one that meets your personality type.
The benefits of making a Chelsea
 personal trainer part of your "Buddy"
 system are many including the following.
Tailor Made Workouts
A professional Chelsea personal trainer
 will put together a tailor made exercise
 program just for you, centred on what
 you want to accomplish. Since the plan is
 personalized you're guaranteed better
 results than you would get from a typical
 exercise program
Instead of just joining a gym and blindly
 going about the exercises your physical
 trainer will listen to your concerns,
 inquire about any medical conditions you
   q                y                  y
 may have and your fitness level, and set
 up a program that will help you reach
 your goals.
Proper and Effective Technique
A qualified trainer will teach you the
 proper techniques for each of the
 exercises that are part of your routine
 demonstrating each movement, followed
 by having you perform it which will not
  y       gy     p
 only help you get the most out of the
 exercise but reduce risk of injury.
You Rock!
You go Girl (or guy)! You can do it!
 Check out those abs! You deserve a
 reward - maybe a new outfit for all the
 weight you've burned off; awesome! Who
 wouldn't find it easier to stay motivated
 with someone there to cheer you on?
Well, that's what your Chelsea personal
 trainer will do and it will be so much
 more effective than working out by
You'll even want to work out on your own
 once in a while so you can show your
                     y              y
 trainer even more improvement; there's
 nothing like a good pat on the back to
 keep you motivated.
 k             ti t d
You'll Learn to Love Accountability
Another real problem all of us face (yes
 you too) is staying committed to a
                    program It’s
 regular exercise program. It s just too
 easy to skip a workout session when you
 g                       y      g
 go it alone, followed by falling off the
 exercise wagon all together. Have a
 buddy system that includes a personal
 trainer will k
 t i                       t   kb
           ill keep you on track because
 they'll be there to monitor your progress.
Variety is the Spice of Life
Your workouts will never be boring with a
 Chelsea personal trainer because they'll
 not only teach you a wide variety of
 exercises, most will be happy to come to
 your home and even workout outside,
 giving you greater flexibility for meeting
 your fitness goals.
If you're lucky enough to live in Chelsea,
 imagine how fantastic it would be to
 exercise outdoors, walking through this
 beautiful city and its parks.
              y         p
 As you improve, your trainer will make
 adjustments to y
    j                           p g
                  your exercise program to
 keep it challenging and effective.
Blast Past Plateaus
Working with a Chelsea personal trainer
  will also help you to triumph over typical
  weight loss aggravations like plateaus
Any weight loss or muscle gain efforts
  that seem to have come to a dead stop
  can be dealt with quickly when you work
  with a personal trainer because they'll
  mix up your exercise routine to help get
  your body
Author box
Gerald Smith is a fitness blogger and
 personal trainer -- both online and off --
 whom thrives on providing his clients
 with healthy weight management
Calm yet firm, precise yet practical,
 Gerald s
 Gerald's approach is favored by clients
 who are seeking a personal trainer who
 can motivate and inspire. A p
                       p      published
 fitness author, Gerald holds a degree in
 Exercise, Nutrition and Health. If you are
 interested in personal training online or
 in Chelsea then have a look at Chelsea
 personal trainer Gerald Smiths website

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Description: When you (like a lot of people) hear the words "personal trainer", you probably envision a drill Sargent screaming at you, making you work out to the point of collapse; Yikes!