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									Updating the software on your Blackberry

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To update your Blackberry software you will need:

Your computer password (this is not your email password).

A USB cable to connect your phone to your computer (one came with your phone). The
USB cable is the same type that comes with many cameras.

Before you are able to connect your Blackberry to our new email server, you may need to
upgrade the software on your phone. To update the software on your Blackberry, you will
need to download an application (free) to your computer – then you will connect your
Blackberry to your computer.

Launch a web browser on your computer (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and go to:

Click on “Blackberry for Mac” or “Blackberry for PC” depending on which type you have.

Click on “Download Now”, select “No” on the ensuing page, then Click “Download”.

Once it is done downloading, double click it. It will ask your country, select United

Continue and “agree” and “Install” – It will ask for your Password (This is the password
for your computer, not for your email).

Once you have installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager, connect your Blackberry to
your computer using the USB port on each.

Blackberry Desktop Manager will launch automatically, and after a moment or two a
window will open telling you there are updates for your Blackberry.

Update your Blackberry – this can take some time (about forty minutes) and may appear
to be doing nothing for several minutes at a time. DO NOT INTERUPT this update as
you can ruin the firmware on your Blackberry rendering it inoperable. The Blackberry
will shut itself down and restart itself one or two times.

Once updated, power down your Blackberry and then power it up again.

Installing new email account
To make changes to email on your Blackberry you will need:

If you have a district phone it has a name and password you will need from the phone
administrator. If you have a personal phone you will need to know your name and
password to log into it (this is not your computer or your email name/password).

On your Blackberry click on the icon for email setup.

       If the page that opens up requires a name and password to make changes you will have to enter
them – This is not the name and password for your email, it is the name and password for
the phone that was set up with the phone provider (Verizon, at&t, sprint, etc.). You may
have to call the provider to have them reset these for you if you can’t remember your name and password. If
this is a district owned phone call the phone administrator at extension 6042.

        If the page that opens up shows your email address and lists options to edit and delete, you should
delete your old dmusd account. Once deleted, click on the add account option.

On the next page enter your email address in the appropriate box. Do Not Enter Your Email
Password in the other box (if you do, you won’t get the option for advanced settings on the next page.
Click the “Next” button.

The next page should have a red/pink notice at the top stating that there is a problem and it needs more info
and give you the option to click on “provide additional settings”. Click on “provide additional settings”.

On the next page select “Microsoft Outlook Web Access”, then “Next”

Enter your email address, email password (you may want to click on “show password”), and the WebAccess

Enter your user name – this is typically the first letter of your first name and then your last name (example:
Joe Smith would be jsmith).

Enter the mailbox name – the exact same as the user name – For Joe Smith both boxes would be “jsmith”.

Click “Next” - The next window should say “Success” with a message about how an icon will be added to
your homescreen. At this point choose “Finish” and you are done.

The most common mistake is that people don’t enter their password correctly –
clicking the “show password” at the appropriate step can show whether the
characters are correct or not.

You should now be sending and getting email to/from our new email server.


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