Below are the individual reports on players from the event. TY by xiaoyounan


									Below are the individual reports on players from the event.

TY BATTLE (7th grade) - Her frame reminds me of Taylor Tuck (Illinois) when
she was in 7th grade. She scored the most points in the event. Her field goal
percentage would have been off the charts because she was the beneficiary of
great guard play on her team. This allowed her to get a ton of shots right around
the basket. When she had to post up, she did struggle a bit. When defenders
kept their hands up and stayed in her face, her got to move was a jump hook. I
hope as she continues to get older she will not remain in the post, as I think she
could develop into a special wing player. She has the athleticism right now. Ty
also showcased her vision from the high post as she hit cutting teammates with
her passes.

MONICA BAREFIELD (8th grade) – Primetime performer. In my opinion she
had the best overall performance in the event. Barely standing over five feet, but
packing a whole of game. She is quick and fast, which makes for a lethal
combination for a point guard.

Her hands are as quick as her feet, as she enjoyed poking the ball away from
multiple players today. This is often referred to as picking pockets, which lead to
easy lay-ups for her. She has very good handles, she is low to ground and she
pushes the ball even lower. Her full court push dribbles right hand to left hand
and vice versa is very fluid.

She showed me that she can play in a full court fast tempo game as well as
distributing the ball in the half court set. She has a point guard mentality, always
looking to pass. But she also knew when to take her drives to the basket and
when to shoot her jump shot. She read the defense very well, showing consistent
court vision all day long. She also has the floater down pact, which is something
that many guards struggle with developing. She scored over the trees in paint,
with an array of quick floaters, double pump lay-ups and mid range pull ups.
Monica has good body control and she was strong enough to take the contact
and still get the shot up to the basket. She also showed that she has a three
point shot in her arsenal as well.

Her ability to penetrate allowed for some easy scoring opportunities for
teammates. She had one of the best performances I can remember seeing at
this event in the past. With her showcasing her abilities, it will be interesting to
see how teams plan their defenses to limit her impact on the game this coming
elementary club basketball season.

MIA BRADLEY (8th grade) – One of the few actual post players in the event.
She is a big bodied player and she uses her body to get good position on
defenders. The problem is that in events like this, not many guards pass the ball
to the post. That did not stop her from calling for the ball.

She moved well for her size and she was not clumsy with her footwork, which is
something you may expect from a player with her size at this young of an age.
Where she attends high school will help determine if she will become a post
player that will gain attention as she gets older. She needs to be surrounded with
a system that will give her the ball so she can bang.
LADERRICKA BROWN (8th grade) – Jump shot looks good leaving her hand
and her handles in the open court are solid.

RANEHA BRYANT (8th grade) - Her build, her dominant left hand and her game
strongly reminds me of another lefty that dominated at the 8th grade level. If she
attends Whitney Young then she would have one season to play with that player,
Linnae Harper.

Raneha only uses her left hand right now, so developing a right hand is definitely
something she will need to do. Everything she does is to the left. But if she heads
to Whitney Young I have no doubt that her entire game will be developed for the
better. She has a great feel for the game and in a few instances I saw her attempt
to make some plays that her teammates were just not ready for.

It is obvious that Raneha plays with boys and that has helped her be so physical
in going after rebounds. She goes hard which is something that cannot be taught.
What will have to be improved is a solid midrange shot and a bit more control in
finishing lay ups. Right now she attacks the basket and she has no problem going
inside against taller players, all good signs. She is definitely a player whose
development will be worth following.

PAULINA CASTRO (8th grade) – As the day wore on, it became very clear thst
Paulina Castro is a point guard with great vision. She knew when to deliver a
bounce pass and when to throw the chest pass. This is minor, but surprisingly a
lot of players don’t know when to throw the bounce pass. This puts Paulina a
step ahead with her decision making skills.

She can shoot the three ball, and her hesitation dribble is nice. Another aspect
that Paulina excelled in was understanding the screen and roll game. This is
where those bounce passes came in really handy. I would have like to have seen
her attack the paint a bit more and challenge the bigger post players with her
floater. Instead she settled for the mid-range shot. Which was effective at times,
but as a point guard every once in a while you have to get into the paint and draw
some fouls on those post players.

KENNEDY CHANDLER (7th grade) - Has a very big frame. Right now her
defense is better than her offense. She knows how to slide over and provide help
defense very well. She also gets great position for defensive rebounds. She is
very raw offensively, and continued development is needed. If she can develop a
solid post move she can become a solid player by her 8th grade season.

GABRIELLE COOPER (8th grader) – She is an IMPACT player. The first thing
that jumps out at you while watching her play is her jumping ability. She was the
most athletic player in the event. She reminds me of Seton Hall commit Shanise

She has great hang time and she is able to get into the lane and contort her body
past defenders to gain a clean look at the basket. Gabrielle has nice handles; her
highlight move was when she mixed up three players when she came across half
court, splitting three players in unison. She showed that she can consistently get
to the rim.

In the second game she was flat out hooping and she did whatever she wanted in
that game. It was as if she was letting everyone know who she was, and she did
a great job doing that. What I wondered was could she shoot, or was she just
that much more athletic than everyone which typically enables kids to outshine
others at this age. But after she showed her three ball and shooting them with
confidence; I quickly moved her into top performance contention.

Another facet which I noticed was that she communicated on screens, which puts
her a step ahead of players that do not understand how to communicate on
defense or even understand the importance. She has a great upside in this
game, if she stays focused through high school and continues to progress her
game, she will become a very solid division I prospect.

LINZY COX (8th grade) - She is power guard and I was impressed with her size
and strength, but at the same time she was light on her feet and she has good
footwork. She can handle the ball, but she can also go down low and compete
with taller players. She has a good sweep and go move. She is a lefty, which
created some problems for a few defenders when they tried to guard her. She
also has range out to the three point line. The potential to be a good player is
definitely high with this prospect.

ALYSSA DE LA TOREE (7th grade) – She has a very good looking set shot.
The shot always looks to be on line. Must develop more strength to be able to
step out to three point line in the future. She competes on defense, but will need
to get a bit quicker to continue to compete on a higher competitive level as she
gets older.

FINESS DICKSON (7th grade) - Very nice lefty. She has quick hands which
helped her catch offensive players off guard and poke or take the ball away from
them. She has the skill of passing off the dribble already. Finess made some
good passes in the paint to find open teammates, a few of her passes where no
looks which added some swag to her game. Really looking forward to seeing her
continue to develop.

KATHLEEN DOYLE (8th grade) – One word sums up her performance,
PLAYMAKER! This young lady was everywhere. If a play was made on her
team, she was a part of it some form or fashion. She also plays solid defense,
but her strength is offensive.

Her left hand is just as strong as her right hand. In my opinion, her best move
was a driving right side baseline attack, which she reversed for a left sided lay-up.
The move was done at full speed without hesitation. She also has a crossover
that catches defenders off guard. She showcased great vision putting teammates
in positions for them to have offensive success.

Along with her half court vision, I must mention she dribbles with her head up,
which allowed her to make a couple of pin point on the money ¾ of the court
passes to teammates on the run. She gets into the paint very well; she even
passes up her floaters to feed her teammates, which is a great sign for a point
guard. I did not see a jump shot, but I am sure she has one, as she has all the
other offensive tools in her weaponry.

JAYLNN ESTRADA (8th grade) – She did not get it going until the last game.
She is a point guard that dribbles low and she is able to takes bumps from
defenders and not get knocked off her path to the basket. She did make two
straight baskets going coast to coast, showing off her nifty handles.

 MIA FARRELL (8th grade) – She is a very solid player. She did not do
 anything that made the crowd go “oh and ah.” Most importantly, I saw Mia
 make all of her layups, and as we all know as coaches this is not an easy thing
 for players this young to consistently do. She has very solid handles, again
 nothing to fancy. But she controlled the ball and did not let defenders get it
 from her or cause her to turn it over by rushing a pass. These things are what
 make coaches very satisfied with a player performance.

 I wondered about her shooting ability after watching her first two games.
 However, in the last game she showed the ability to make the three ball shot.
 She was also able to get to the free throw area and make a pull-up jump shot
 as well. Mia’s consistent play proved she was an All – Star.

 HANNAH FRAZIER (8th grade) – A post player that stays on the blocks. She
 did not move around much without the ball, but she was always in great
 position to get the offensive rebound. She has a good physical frame, which
 helped her be almost un-moveable after she had her position.

 Right now she is left hand dominant. She never attempted to use her right
 hand, which made some of her shot attempts come at bad angles. She must
 improve this. I would have to see she may have been the best rebounder in the

AUTUMN GOODRUM DAVIS (8th grade) – Has a very athletic looking build.
She is quick off her feet, which helped her get some rebounds over taller players.
She made a good finish at the rim in the third game. She also was a player that
was willing to pass, which shows she has good vision locating open players.

DELANI GRAYER (6th grade) – She provided a ton of hustle. Very athletic lefty
who is still coming into her own as a player. She plays with no fear; that is for
sure. She constantly attacks the basket against older players as if it is no big
deal. She also does have three point range on her shot.

There were stretches when she had to play point guard for her team. She is not
a point guard, but because no one else on the team would play it, she did the
best she could. The ball may have been stolen away from her, but she never
showed a sense of frustration. This is a 6th grader who may grow to be about 6’1
when it’s all over. The benefits of handling the basketball right now will pay huge
dividends down the road.

KAYLA GREEN (4th grade) - All day I wondered why she kept shooting jump
shots, when the lane was open. There was one instance when her team had a 3
on 0 fast break, she pulled up from the free throw line, with not a defender in
between her and the basket. I heard an adult behind me say, “Man that was
selfish.” Later I learned that Kayla was only in 4th grade. My whole evaluation
mindset changed. I took her to be a player that was afraid to go to the basket,
but in actuality Kayla was just doing what any 4th grader in an event like this
would have done.

She was getting her shots off as quickly as she could. What was impressive was
how Kayla had a little swagger about herself, after each shot she had a bounce in
her step. When she finally made her first basket I was happy for her. I look
forward to seeing her get better and watching her swag for years to come.

CHARDONNAY HAMILTON (8th grade) – The tallest player at the event,
standing 6-5”. She already has ‘it’ in the fact that when she walk in the gym, she
has the look. You cannot teach the physical gifts, height and size and she is way
ahead of many in that category. Now she just needs to be refined and shown the
necessary drills and skills to be developed into a player.

Every coach in the gym was impressed with her raw talent. That talent is very
raw, right now one of her main flaws is that she does not jump at all. But why
would she, as no one was able to get the rebound over her. As she gets older
she will play against taller kids on the elite level and she will have to jump.

She ran the floor very well for a player with that size. She did make a few put
backs, but posting up and getting position are all foreign to her right now. I did
see her shoot with the left hand on the left side, and that was positive to see. If
she learns the fundamentals of post play by the end of this 8th grade year, she
will be headed in the right direction towards becoming a serious division I

DEANNA HAWKINS – Small in stature, but big on game. She didn’t do much in
the first game, but she was an impact player in the second and third game.
Which earned her a spot on the All – Star team. She gets into the paint with
ease, and she challenges the bigs to defend her. But what makes her special is
she gets into their chest so they cannot block her shot and she has hang time
and enough balance to get off a good shot.

In transition she is exceptionally quick with the ball and she can change direction
with the best of them. With the ball in her hand, she reminds me of a running
back looking to shred the defense. Not sure what club team she plays with, but
she is definitely club basketball ready.

JANAE HEARD (8th grade) – Not tall, but she has a big frame. She did a good
job of boxing out, which helped her rebound the ball very well. She had tons of
defensive rebounds. Offensively, she rarely touched the ball. The setting of this
event, where set plays were not called appeared a bit tough for her to grasp. She
tried to set screens but the guards on her team were not using them. She does
have some work to continue to do to become a better player. I am positive with
her continued efforts she will improve.
VENTRA HILLERY (8th grade) – She has very quick hands, which lead to some
steals for her. She has a strong frame and her best moves of the day were her
up & under.

SHELBY HOLT (8th grade) – Showed off her athleticism with a reverse lay – up.
She also knocked down two three point shots on the day.

SARAH HUMPHREY (8th grade) – A 5’10 wing that was very impressive. She
showed a nice solid shot from the elbow areas on the floor. She would need
more work on her strength to knock down the three ball. She is a leaper and her
long arms allowed her to get some tough rebounds in traffic. She dribbles a bit
high, but if her game continues to improve it should translate into a legit division I
prospect. She was always under control and never rushed anything that she did.
Not flashy but a very solid player.

CLAIRE JAKAITIS (8th grade) – A very strong player. She finishes in the paint
with contact. A great fundamental skill that she utilizes well is securing rebounds,
she rips and chins the ball well. She is also looking for the outlet pass
immediately. Claire is a post player that knows her role and that is always a good
thing to witness. She also blocked quite a few shots. But what makes this
rebounding machine a dual threat is that she showed she can knock down the
baseline jumper with confidence.

LINDSEY JAROSINSKI (6th grade) – 6’2 and only in 6th grade. Which means all
she would need to do is continue to improve as a player as she already has the
height for the next level. She chins the ball better than some high school kids.
She can moves well, not a speedy player but she did run her hardest while on the
floor. She ran the middle of the floor where post players are supposed to run,
which means she knows her role.

Watching her compete, you would not know she was in 6th grade. She made a
few strong moves and attempted the jump hook as well. She knows when to
pass to the opposite wing from the high post already. She is truly a player to
keep your eye on in over the years. How good she will become will depend on
her getting stronger and continuing to develop more post moves.

RYAN JENKINS (5th grade) - She comes from a pedigree of good players. Right
now her dribbling ability is advanced for a 5th grader. Ryan was the smallest
player in attendance. But what should not be under valued is the fact that it did
not deter her from competing. She did get two shot attempts moving towards the
basket. Ryan should get better as the years go on.

CACHET JOHNSON (8th grade) - Her first possession with the ball, I knew she
was a player that thinks the game and process the defense first before she
makes her move. She caught the ball on the left baseline and she patiently
waited for her defender to close out, her move was a simple show and go. But it
was done very smoothly and without hesitation.

She had quite a few more hard attacking moves to basket. Her first step is very
quick, and her crossover compliments that first step. Throughout the day she also
showed her ability to use a step through in the paint effectively. Lastly, she
showed a great mid-range pull up jump shot. Reminiscent of Kevin Durant,
curling towards the free throw line and then rising up and shooting. Her solid play
and diverse skill set has her ranked in my top five for overall performance

BRIANNA JOINER (7th grade) - Before the event I was telling as many as I could
that this kid can bring it. She did not disappoint. In my opinion she was the top
7th grader in the gym and her on the court abilities proved that. Brianna plays so
hard and with so much determination. Her motor does not stop.

Right now she does dribble a bit high, but she constantly working to improve her
handles. No one was able to steal the ball from her which is a positive, as her
favorite move is a spin move and she protects the ball quite well. Her first basket
of the day was a nice up and under move finishing with the left hand. Within 30
seconds of that move, she stole the ball and finished going coast to coast. She is
a beast on the glass, both offensively and defensively.

Brianna also played very unselfish as she found teammates and passed them the
ball for easy scoring opportunities. There were a few possessions were her
basketball IQ was evident, as she would draw the defense and she was looking
for a back door cutting teammate, except some of the players would not cut back
door. As she matures in the game of basketball I am sure her jump shot will
continue to get better. If she adds that to her game and maintains her tenacity
and no fear attitude, she has a chance to be very special.

MORGAN JONES (8th grade) – She has a very imposing build. I was looking
forward to watching her play because of her physical traits. She pulled a
hamstring in the first few minutes of being on the floor. I applaud her desire to try
and play as she entered the game again, but she was just unable to run. She is
someone I am looking forward to watching play.

LEA KERSTEIN (8th grade) – She has a nice looking shot; she showed she can
shoot both off the dribble and from spotting up as well. A good trait is that she
does look up the court when she is dribbling. She had a nice baseline take.
Defensively she stands a bit too high, but of course this can be corrected as she
continues to play basketball.

TYLAH LAMPLEY (8th grade) – A very athletic player. She has long arms which
coupled with her great timing and leaping ability allows her to alter a lot of shots.
She is not a typically post player, but right now at this level because of her height
she plays the forward position. As she gets older she will transition to a true

She must improve her jump shot, and she also must learn to finish with her left
hand. What is most impressive is watching her get a defense rebound and go
coast to coast. She has freakish athletic ability, which allows her to take off from
difficult angles to the basket, but her body control and a hang time allows her to
get the shot off. This is where the left hand will come in handy, because every
shot cannot be with the right hand. She is also a great passer in transition.
LAUREN LEE (6th grade) – Her future in this game looks bright, very bright. For
a sixth grader, she is very fundamentally sound. She never looked rushed or
unsure of anything that she did. Her crossover from right to left is very effective
as she would leave defenders stuck as she went past them. She makes strong
aggressive moves towards the rim which is good to see from such a young
player. Another asset that I enjoyed watching was the way Lauren passed the
ball to the post. Which we all know in events like this, you rarely see guards
willing to share the ball with post players. I wonder will Lauren continue to pass
to the post in future events. It will be hard pressed to believe, because as she
keeps getting better, her ability to get to rim and create her own shot will grow. It
is already advanced for her age, I can’t wait to see her in a few years.

SHELBY LINEAR (7th grade) – Shelby had a very solid day. She handled the
basketball very well. She had tons of assists finding open teammates, as she got
a lot of lane touches with the ball in her hands. She attacks her defender strongly
to the right; it would be great to see her develop a secondary move going back to
the left. Don’t be deceived though, she has a strong left hand on lay-ups.

She played great on the ball defense, she also stayed in good position and she
did a good job keeping her defender away from the rim on dribble penetration.
Shelby also had some steals, which she converted to layups or more assists to
teammates. The only thing Shelby did not show was a jump shot. Outside of not
looking to shoot a jumper, Shelby did everything well on this day. With continued
basketball development, I can see her being a top notch guard in 8th grade.

ALEXIS MARIN (7th grade) – This kid has the goods. The first thing you notice is
her handles. She had quite a few times when she rocked her defender to sleep
and then burst by them to get into the paint. Best move was when she split two
defenders by crossing over the first one and then going behind her back and
through her legs on the second defender. That move had everyone saying,

In her second game she really put on a show. She was going back and forth with
Monica Barefield. They both were showcasing their point guard skills. Alexis has
a solid three ball as well. She had a few set shots, but she also showed that she
can shoot it off the dribble. Impressive was her step back three ball shot that she
showcased on quite a few occasions.

BAILEY MCDANIEL (8th grade) – Used a show & go from the high post area to
get to the basket a couple of times. A major positive was seeing her set willing
screens for teammates. She did not get involved with screen and roll action,
which is something I would have love to have seen.

AMARIE MCGEE (8th grade) – Very quick, athletic guard. She has a quick
handle and she gets to her spots with ease when the ball is in her hands.

KENNEDI MILLER (7th grade) - Made a few three pointers early in the day.
Today she was strictly a set shot shooter. Not much movement on offense and
she needed a penetrating guard to draw the defense and kickout the pass to her.
She will need to work on creating her own shot to keep growing in the game of
ALYSSA MOORE (7th grade) - She plays with a chip on her shoulder, and I
mean that in a good way. I continue to get excited when I watch her play. As big
as she plays, I wonder does she know she is not the tallest player on the floor.
She continually posted up her defender, and she post up with success. She
fights for offensive rebounds and she usually wins that battle.

She can jump with the best of them, which helps makes her an impact player at
the guard position. She did make a few pull up shots in the lane, but her deep
shot needs some work. The great thing is she is only in only 7th grade, which
means she has time to correct it. She is great at getting in passing lanes and she
utilizes her floater very well. This kid should surely be an All - Star next years as
well. Which would make her an All - Star for three years in a row.

AMBER ODEN (8th grade) – Great physical tools. She is about 6’2”, and what
stood out to me the most was how effortlessly she runs the court. She did not
play much club basketball last season, so this 8th grade year will be huge for her
in terms of preparation for high school. Right now she has a soft touch around
the rim. But again, with some hard work, she should become a solid four player
in the future.

BRITTANY ORMAN (8th grade) – She is left hand only. But in defense of that,
she was able to get where she wanted. But as she gets older, defenders will
force her to use the other hand. Her ability to use screens and execute the
screen and roll properly was impressive.

KENNEDY PERRY (7th grade) – She made two floaters to start the third game.
She also knocked down a three pointer. She plays hard and has a motor. But
more work is needed on her offensive skill sets. Defensively she can run with the
offensive players, but she must continuing working on her change of direction
speed. Many times she gets beat because she continues to reach.

NAUTICA PRESTON (8th grade) - She did absolutely nothing in the first game.
As her club coach she had me worried. But she quickly got things together and
played well in the remaining games. She started the second game off with two
quick baskets, a corner jump shot and a left handed lay-up. Her left hand is very
solid. She reminds me of Chanise Jenkins (DePaul) in the fact that she goes left
the majority of the time.

Throughout the day she distributed the basketball very well. Right now, Nautica
knows how to get into the paint and feed players for lay-ups as well as being able
to kick the ball out to shooters for open shots. Her primary move to the basket is
good, but she will need to continue to improve her secondary move to grow as a
point guard. She has a high arching shot; it is solid from mid range. Nautica also
has three point distance, but she doesn't shoot it with consistency. She works
hard at improving her skills and I truly believe she will be special when her high
school career ends.

DESTINY RICHARDS (7th grade) – 5’11 with a very good physical frame. She
fights for rebounds. She has a very soft touch around the basket. She was the
beneficiary of some easy looks because of guard penetration on her team. She
gets good post position on the offense end, but she does not call for the ball
often. This is something she will have to work on. I would expect her to be an All
Star at next years event.

MORGAN ROSENCRANTZ (8th grade) - She has a good looking follow through
on her shot. Her left hand is very solid, and she goes strong to the basket.

SYDNEY SCHULTZ (7th grade) – I was really impressed with how well she
rebounded the basketball. Sydney boxes out and she attacks the ball, she does
not wait for the rebound to come to her. She must improve her left hand as she
didn’t use it when she should have. She did block a few shots and its was not
easy to score on her. Another positive to Sydney’s game is that looks very
comfortable shooting the baseline jumper.

LEAH SIMS (7th grade) – Very small, but was not intimidated at all. She mixed it
up with the bigger guards. She was not selfish with the ball and she set up some
teammates for easy scores.

PORSHA SYDNOR (7th grade) – Very high ceiling for this player. She moves at
what appears to be top speed on every play. When she makes her mind up to
get to the rim, she gets there. I did not see her take any plays off and that is quite
impressive, as there are high school players that are still working on not taking
plays off.

Porsha uses both hands effectively. Her hands are also quick, which is a great
trait to have on defense. Her quick hands helped her pick pocket ball handlers
and get deflections on passes as well. I would love to see her pick her head up a
bit when dribbling and become more of a playmaker.

Make no mistake, right now she is a legit scorer, but if the height does not
continue, she will have to adjust and become a point guard. Right now when she
shots it looks like she is thinking about the shot, instead of just shooting it in
rhythm. I have seen Porsha in the gym working on her game. I predict that in
time, her jump shot will improve and that will only make her an even better player.
Right now she is surely one of the top 7th graders in the area.

RACHEL SPENCER (6th grade) – Knocked down a few three point shots. She
showed a quick first step.

JNAYA WALKER (7th grade) - Has all the physical tools to be a very nice wing
player when she finishes high school. What I was impressed about most was her
basketball IQ. She made some very good decisions with the ball in her hands.
She found open players a couple of times. Right now she does dribble a bit high,
but that can of course be corrected in time. She did show a left hand hook shot.
If she develops a three ball, she could potentially become a serious prospect in
the years to come.

AMBER WATSON (8th grade) – Has great size and a very strong build. She
didn’t have a lot of opportunities with the ball in her hands, but she made up for
that by playing good on the ball and off the ball defense.
MARYAM WILCHER (8th grade) – This is a kid who had a great second half of
her second game and she played a great third game. I think she could have
been an All – Star. She just didn’t get it going until later in the day. She is a very
solid player in my opinion. She has a high follow through and the ball leaves her
hand with a good rotation. She showed that she can make shots off the dribble.
She was constantly working hard on offense without the ball to get open.

She also created tough looks for offensive players because she defends well with
her long arms. The long arms also lead to a few block shots on the day. She
played bigger than she was as she battled in the paint on a few possessions. I
would love to see her gain some weight through high school and continue to
develop her skills. She could be the sleeper in the 2016

BRIDGETTE WILLIAMS (8th grade) – Vey physical player. She has a great build
for an 8th grader. Right now she uses her power to bully her way into points. She
is a work horse, make no mistake about that. She has good balance and she is
light on her feet.

She catches everything thrown to her, so her hands are not an issue. As minor
as that may sound, many young players have a hard time locating the pass. This
is not an issue for Bridgette as she caught quite a few passes in transition and
was able to finish the play. Her go to move right now, is a good strong turn
around in the post. With the energy and passion that she plays with, it will be
great to continue to see her develop her game over the coming years.

COURTNEE WILLIAMS (8th grade) – Made an immediate impact and she
continued to make impact plays all day while she was on the floor. Right now,
Courtnee is a bully in the sense that she can get to the basket whenever she
wants. She battles for rebounds over taller players and she usually comes
down with the ball. Her tenacity enabled her to get tons of scoring looks just
from offensive rebounds alone.

She goes to the basket with both hands, and she has a quick crossover. Once
she masters a mid-range shot, she will translate into a dual offensive threat.
What must be noted though, is how hard she plays and how hard she does
attack the basket. She is also a very tough defender. She uses her physical
strength to control ball handlers and she is quick enough to recover if she gets
beat because she gambled.

KAITLYN WILLIAMS (8th grade) – She had a couple strong finishes even
after the defenders made contact. Her shot is a bit herky-jerky right now, as
she pushes the ball when she shoots it.

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