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					                                       Oliver Wendell Holmes School-Wide
                                        BEHAVIOR MATRIX 2010-2011

 Tiger          Hallway              Bathroom             Playground               Specials            Lunchroom                  Dismissal
                                                                                 (Art, Gym,
 Traits                                                                          Computers)
    BE        *Go directly to       *Keep your            *Stay in assigned     *Participate in the    * (1st – 8th Grade)      *Gather all
RESPONSIBLE   where you are         bathroom clean        activity              activity               know your student        belongings before
              supposed to be        *Use the toilet for   *When bell rings,     *Bring necessary       I.D. number              you leave
              going                 what it’s intended    stop activity         supplies               *Say your full name      *Go directly to
              *Have a complete,     for                   immediately and       *Use supplies and      aloud                    assigned waiting
              visible pass in the   *Go as quickly as     line up               equipment              *Get all your items      area
              hallway               you can               *Wait until after     appropriately          the first time in line   *Walkers walk
                                    *Only 1 person per    recess to use the     *Work toward                                    home immediately
                                    stall                 bathroom              Golden Palette and
                                                                                Golden Keyboard!
    BE        *Level 0              *Level 0              *Level 2              *Level 1 = Art         *Level 0 = In line       *Level 1 = Waiting
RESPECTFUL    *Admire wall          *Respect others’      *Be a good sport      *Level 1 = Computers   *Level 1 =               area
              displays only with    privacy               *Listen to            *Level 2 = Gym         Lunchroom                *Listen to all staff
              your eyes             *Gently press air     playground                                   *Say please and          *Respect
              *Show pass to any     dryer once            supervisors           *Be on time            thank you to servers     surroundings
              staff member          *Make room at the     *Return all           *Show pride in your    *Eat what you’ve         (landscape, fence,
              without argument      sink                  equipment to recess   work/performance       taken                    garden)
              *Comply with          *Rejoin your line     bag                                          *Keep your table
              redirection the 1st   quietly when done                                                  clean
              time                                                                                     *Throw away all
 BE SAFE      *Always walk          *Wash hands           *Use the equipment    *Follow directions     *Always walk             *Wait in assigned
              *Walk at arms         *Keep water in the    appropriately         *Keep pencils off      *Use utensils only       waiting area
              length                sink                  *Keep hands and       the walls              for eating               *Only cross with a
              *Stay on the gold     *Always walk          feet to self          *Use equipment         *Eat your own food       Cadet or in
              line                  *Keep feet on floor   *No play fighting     appropriately                                   crosswalk
              *On the stairs,                                                                                                   *Keep hands & feet
              always stay on the                                                                                                to self
              right hand side
 BE KIND      *Quiet wave or        *Wait patiently       *Ask others to join   *Appreciate your       *Make eye contact        *Say nice goodbye
              smile                                       your games            own and others’        with your server         to staff and students
              *Help to keep our                           *Share equipment      work and effort        *Say please and
              hallways neat and                           *Take turns           *Compliment your       thank you
              clean!                                      *Cheer for others     peers on a job well
              *Don’t mind where                           *Encourage your       done!
              you are in line!                            teammates!

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