Social and Emotional Issues surrounding use of technology at an by yurtgc548


									   Research shows that strengthening bonds between
    teachers, students, and families is a powerful
    remedy for troubled students and struggling
    schools. Overemphasizing technology can weaken
    those bonds. The National Science Board reported
    in 1998 that prolonged exposure to computing
    environments may create "individuals incapable of
    dealing with the messiness of reality, the needs of
    community building, and the demands of personal
   Children and Computers: A Call for Action (2000) Retrieved January 27,
    2009, from
   In the past, we only had to be concerned about too
    much TV exposure. Now we have video games,
    computers and cell phones. It is overwhelming for
    young children and creates patterns of behaviors similar
    to addiction patterns. Their brains get used to too much
    auditory and visual stimulation -- and in the absence of
    these stimulations, they do not know what to do with
    themselves. They get anxious, restless, bored and
   -Mali Mann, M.D., adjunct clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and
    behavioral science at Stanford University's School of Medicine.

   LeClaire, Jennifer. Kids and Tech: How Much is Too Much? Retrieved January
    27, 2009, from
   The danger may come from
    simply having too much of a
    good thing. As useful and
    enjoyable as our new
    technologies are, humans still
    need time to "unplug," and to
    interact face-to-face, relax, and
    minimize the stresses of modern
   ….a better solution might simply
    be to emphasize the need for
    more basic communication
    between people, and to set aside
    times when connectivity isn't
    necessary or desired.
                 Bosworth, Martin H. 2005. Too Much Technology, Too Fast?
                 Retrieved f January 27, 2009 from

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