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Creating a Vision for Hudson County Healthcare - Jersey City by xiangpeng


									                            Jersey City Medical Center

                              Creating a Vision for
                        Hudson County Healthcare
Jersey City Medical Center accepts over 30 insurance plans, including:
Aetna                                Focus Healthcare                            Horizon NJ Health                           University Health Plans
AmeriChoice                          Galaxy Health Network                       Intergroup Services                         USA Managed Care
AmeriGroup                           Great-West Health                           Magellan Health                             Organization
AmeriHealth                          HCO Networks, Inc.                          MagnaCare                                   WellChoice (Empire Health
Anthem Health Insurance Co.          Health Care Payers Coalition                MultiPlan                                   Care)
of NY                                of NJ                                       National Provider Network
BeechStreet Corp. /                  Healthfirst NJ                              NJ Manufacturers
MediChoice                           Healthnet                                   Oxford Health Plans
Cigna                                Health Payors Organization,                 PHCS - Private Healthcare
Consumer Health Network              Ltd.                                        Systems
Devon Health                         Horizon Blue Cross Blue                     PPO Next
Family Choice                        Shield of NJ                                Qualcare
First MCO                            Horizon BCBS                                United Healthcare

                   Enhancing Life Through Nationally Recognized Care
         A Primary Teaching Affiliate of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and your Quality Regional Healthcare Provider
         The only hospital in Hudson, Essex, and Union counties to be recognized with the prestigious Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence!
                        *Rated #1 Overall NJ Hospital (fewer than 350 beds) by the Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.’s Survey of NJ Doctors.
                                         It’s been a remarkable time for the Jersey City Medical Center. We were named by
                                         Castle Connolly and Inside New Jersey Magazine as the top hospital (under 350 beds)
                                         in New Jersey. We opened the Cristie Kerr Women’s Health Center. The Center is the
                                         first of its kind in Hudson County, providing state of the art digital mammography and
                                         complete breast cancer services under one roof. Our new Comprehensive Spine Center
                                         and our Balance, Stroke, Prostate Cancer, Epilepsy and GI centers complete the host
                                         of clinical services designed to provide the high quality care that every Hudson County
                                         resident deserves. We added more than 200 new doctors to our medical staff, and
                                         more of our doctors made the annual “Best Doctors” list than ever before. Financially,
                                         we’ve made great strides, reducing our dependency on extraordinary state support.
                                         This is particularly notable in light of shrinking state subsidies and the financial difficulties
                                         that many hospitals in New Jersey, and around the country, are facing.

Much of the impetus for the hospital’s achievements began in January 2008, when we developed a strategic growth plan and
a two-word mission statement: Enhancing Life. These two words demonstrate the hospital’s commitment to provide excellent
medical treatment and preventive and educational services. At the same time, we also announced the four pillars we have since
incorporated into all facets of our operation: Patient Safety, Satisfaction, Clinical Quality, and Economic Health. Our staff and our
physicians have embraced our mission and, supported by their efforts, we have achieved many of our goals.

In conjunction with our new mission, we have made great strides in many areas. We received the Magnet Award, nursing’s
highest honor, which recognizes the top 6% of all hospitals in the United States. Our Trauma Services were recognized and
re-accredited with the highest rating.

Successful innovation is a hallmark of Jersey City Medical Center’s EMS and paramedic services, which received the 2010
NJBiz “Innovation Hero” Award. Awards are appreciated, but most important is our ability to make a difference in the lives of
our patients. For example, we have dramatically improved our ambulance response time, and now have one of the nation’s best
response times for urban hospitals. In addition, our EMS is the only triple-accredited EMS service in the nation.

Jersey City Medical Center has spearheaded a number of community initiatives, including the formation of a community
outreach committee, Enhancing Community Health Education through Outreach (ECHO). We have also conducted numerous
health fairs, screenings, and a popular monthly community evening education series called “Dinner with the Doctor.”

Within these pages you can review some of our accomplishments and services. We not resting on our laurels - our goal is
to continually improve our services and thus expand our vision for the future. Many thanks to our great physicians, staff, and
volunteers who work everyday to achieve our mission of Enhancing Life.

Joseph F. Scott, FACHE

President/Chief Executive Officer

               Physicians Name Jersey City Medical Center

Best Hospital in New Jersey
                                                                    third for prostate cancer. It was also named by physicians as
                                                                    one of the top 10 hospitals in every other category.
                                                                    Joe Scott, who came to LibertyHealth in 2008 as its top
                                                                    administrator, has placed an emphasis with physicians and
                                                                    staff on the four pillars – patient safety, clinical quality, patient
                                                                    satisfaction and economic health. Signs of the effectiveness of
                                                                    this focus have been evident in terms of a significant increase in
                                                                    patient census, the attraction of many highly trained physicians,
                                                                    and enhanced profitability.
                                                                    “We are finding that the best-trained physicians from not only
                                                                     Hudson County but throughout northern New Jersey and
Mayor Healy recognizes the nurses at Jersey City Medical             New York City are now looking to bring their patients to Jersey
Center for their service to the community.                           City Medical Center,” says Dr. Kenneth Garay, the hospital’s
                                                                     Chief Medical Officer. “During the past two years, over 200
To the employees, medical staff and Board of Trustees at Jersey
                                                                     physicians in primary care and various specialties have joined
City Medical Center, there had been a growing belief for some
                                                                     the staff.”
time that the hospital was on its way to becoming one of the
leading acute care facilities in the state.                          The hospital has also added new centers of excellence in
                                                                     such areas as stroke, epilepsy, GI and prostate cancer, new
This feeling was confirmed in March 2010 when the hospital
                                                                     outpatient rehab and balance centers, and the Cristie Kerr
was selected by physicians throughout the state as the top
                                                                     Women’s Health Center.
hospital in New Jersey (under 350 beds).
                                                                     A state-designated trauma center and a major teaching affiliate
Inside New Jersey and Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., one of the
                                                                     of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Jersey City Medical Center has
nation’s most respected health care research and information
                                                                     also been successful in making itself less dependent on the
companies, announced the hospital ranking and explained the
                                                                     shrinking state charity care dollar.
process where licensed physicians were asked to name the
top hospitals in the state for various medical conditions, as well “We’re enormously proud of this recognition and the trust put in
as overall care. Specifically, they were asked to vote for the five  our hospital by physicians and patients,” says Scott.
leading hospitals among the state’s 73 acute care facilities for     Last year, the hospital was recognized for national nursing care
treatment of the following conditions: breast cancer, prostate       with the Magnet Award, making it the only hospital in Hudson,
cancer, pediatric cancers, coronary artery bypass surgery, hip       Union and Essex counties to receive this designation.
and knee replacement, congestive heart failure, stroke, high risk
pregnancy and birth, and neurological disorders.
Additionally, through IPRO (Improving Healthcare for the
Common Good), post-discharge ratings of New Jersey
hospitals were determined by having patients rate the
                                                                                                                   values its
hospitals overall, as well as on how often doctors and nurses                                                      dedicated and
communicate well with patients, and the cleanliness of patient                                                     tenured employees.
rooms and bathrooms.                                                                                               Many events are
                                                                                                                   held to recognize
In addition to being named top hospital, the Medical Center
                                                                                                                   our employees,
was also recognized first for stroke care, high-risk pregnancy
                                                                                                                   including an
and neurological disorders; second for treatment of pediatric                                                      annual employee
cancers, congestive heart failure and coronary bypass; and                                                         recognition dinner.

       Nationally Recognized Quality
        is just a Light Rail trip away!



  Conveniently located at the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail’s Jersey Avenue Station – Jersey City Medical Center is the leading quality
  healthcare provider for the entire region. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a state-designated Regional Trauma Center and
  the Regional Perinatal Center for Diagnosis and Treatment. Recently recognized as the only hospital in Hudson, Essex, and
  Union counties with the prestigious Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence – Jersey City Medical Center is here to meet all of
  your healthcare needs, with 330 beds and a full range of services available.

  Jersey City Medical Center
  355 Grand Street
  Jersey City, NJ 07302
  (201) 915-2000

                         Enhancing Life Through Nationally Recognized Care
          A Primary Teaching Affiliate of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and your Quality Regional Healthcare Provider
          The only hospital in Hudson, Essex, and Union counties to be recognized with the prestigious Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence!
                              *Rated #1 Overall NJ Hospital (fewer than 350 beds) by the Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.’s Survey of NJ Doctors.

                                       Enhancing Life…
                          Through Award-Winning Care

              • 2010 “#1 Overall NJ Hospital”                                                             • NJBIZ’s 2010 Innovation
                 (with fewer than 350 beds)*                                                                Organization Hero

                 Jersey City Medical Center                                                                  Jersey City Medical Center EMS

              • Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence                                                       • Independent Recognition
                 Jersey City Medical Center                                                                 and Certification from CAAS
                                                                                                             Jersey City Medical Center EMS

              • Joint Commission Gold Standard                                                            • ACR Accredited Facility
                 Jersey City Medical Center                                                                  Jersey City Medical Center

                              In addition, many of our dedicated Physicians have also been recognized as:

                  2010 NJ Best Doctors          by Castle Connolly Ltd.’s recent survey of New Jersey Physicians.

                                 Congratulations to the following LibertyHealth Physicians
                             who have been recognized by their peers in their chosen specialty:

    • Wayne Altman, MD                                 • Arno Fried, MD – Neurosurgery                      • Jeffrey Politsky, MD – Neurology
      – Orthopaedic Surgery
                                                       • Kenneth Garay, MD – ENT                            • Joseph Popovich, MD – Surgery
    • Gregory Anselmi, MD – Neurology
                                                       • Glen Gejerman, MD                                  • Anaka Prakash, MD – Gastroenterology
    • Yatinder Bains, MD – Gastroenterology               – Radiation Oncology
                                                                                                            • David Principe, MD
    • Azzam Baker, MD – Pediatrics                     • MarieAnne Giardina-Beckett, MD                          – Maternal-Fetal Medicine
    • Manuel Banzon, MD                                   – Dermatology
      – Obstetrics & Gynecology                                                                             • Rick Pumill, MD
                                             • Michael Grasso, MD – Nephrology
                                                                                                                 – Cardiovascular Disease
    • Mitchell Brown, MD – Internal Medicine • John Hahn, MD – Gastroenterology
                                                                                                            • Michelle Reisner, MD
    • Jenny Cam, MD – Endocrinology,
                                             • Robert Heary, MD – Neurosurgery                                   – Geriatric Medicine
      Diabetes & Metabolism
                                                       • Herbert Katz, MD – Urology                         • Hooshang Sadeghi, MD – Neurology
    • Gary Cardiello, MD – Internal Medicine
    • Maryann Colenda, MD – Pediatric                  • Martin Levine, DO – Family Practice                • Yale Shulman, MD – Urology
      Allergy & Immunology                             • Lalitha Masson, MD                                 • Floyd Tanzer, MD – Dermatology
    • Dominick Condo, MD                                  – Obstetrics and Gynecology
                                                                                                            • Stephen Thomsen, MD – Nephrology
      – Internal Medicine                              • Kirk McMurtry, MD – Cardiac Surgery
    • William Constad, MD – Ophthalmology • Ghias Moussa, MD – Cardiology                                   • Vena Uy, MD
                                                                                                                 – Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • John Dedousis, MD – Internal Medicine • Mitchell Mutterperl, MD
    • Julia DiGioia, MD – Breast Surgery      – Internal Medicine
    • Mazhar Elamir, MD                                • Donald Perlman, MD
      – Pulmonary Diseases                                – Allergy and Immunology

    We would like to thank the doctors throughout New Jersey who
    recommended our Physicians for this honor.

          Jersey City Medical Center is a Primary Teaching Affiliate of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and your Quality Regional Healthcare Provider
                                                   *By the Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.’s Survey of NJ Doctors
Cristie Kerr Women’s Health                                          development of the area’s leading breast cancer facility. This
                                                                     center furthers our mission of ‘enhancing life’ for those who live
Center Opens                                                         and work throughout Hudson County and northern New Jersey.”
                                                                     Cristie Kerr is a passionate breast cancer activist, having
                                       Both the Cristie Kerr         witnessed her mother, aunt and godmother battle the disease.
                                       Women’s Health Center         In 2004, she founded the non-profit organization Birdies for
                                       and the new outpatient        Breast Cancer with a mission to raise funds and awareness.
                                       Radiology Center have
                                                                     The Radiology Department at Jersey City Medical Center
                                       opened their doors on
                                                                     was recently awarded a three-year term of accreditation from
                                       the Jersey City Medical
                                                                     the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR peer-
                                       Center campus
                                                                     reviewed evaluation recognized Jersey City Medical Center
                                       (377 Jersey Avenue at
                                                                     for its outstanding commitment to high quality patient care
                                       Grand, Skinner Memorial
                                                                     in its radiology department in the field of Magnet Resonance
                                       Drive in Jersey City).
                                                                     Imaging (MRI).
                                    Named after the world’s
                                                                     Patients for either the Cristie Kerr Women’s Health Center
number one women’s golfer (according to 2010 rankings),
                                                                     or Radiology Department can call a centralized, toll free
the Cristie Kerr Women’s Health Center offers breast cancer
                                                                     scheduling number to make appointments at 877-393-5374.
screening programs including free mammograms and
education to women with or without insurance. The official
ribbon cutting was held September 15, with many dignitaries
in attendance.
Equipped with state-of-the-art digital mammography
equipment, the Cristie Kerr Women’s Health Center marks the
first full-service facility in the Hudson County area providing
detection, healing, support and recovery services.
“I am truly proud to be a part of something that so many women
 and their families will benefit from in the years to come,” says
 Cristie Kerr. “I am proud to be collaborating with LibertyHealth,
 which already plays such a crucial role in the Hudson County
                                                                     Joe Scott, President/CEO at LibertyHealth; designer Thom
 community, to accomplish our shared aspirations.”
                                                                     Filicia; County Executive Tom DeGise; Cristie Kerr and County
According to Joseph F. Scott, President and Chief Executive          Clerk Barbara Netchert pose during ribbon cutting ceremony
Officer of LibertyHealth, “We are very excited about                 at the Cristie Kerr Women’s Health Center.
the partnership we have formed with Cristie Kerr in the

    Jersey City Medical Center Becomes Smoke-Free
    Jersey City Medical Center has officially become a “smoke free,” 100% tobacco free campus.
    To encourage and support its employees to think and live healthy, the hospital has instituted
    the policy as part of its overall wellness campaign.
    “We want to take care of the people who take care of our patients,” says Mary Cataudella,
    Vice President, Human Resources. “It begins with providing strategies to employees who
    smoke to help them stop smoking.”

The Balance Center                                                     • feeling dizzy or light-headed
                                                                       • needing to lean on something when walking
Offers Testing, Treatment                                              • dizziness when turning over in bed
                                                                       • dizziness when watching a moving object

                                                                       People should not take for granted that any of these symptoms
                                                                       are a natural part of getting older,” says Dr. Kenneth Garay,
                                                                       Chief Medical Officer, LibertyHealth. “In most cases, there is a
                                                                       treatable condition that has not been properly diagnosed.”
                                                                       “The highly skilled, multidisciplinary staff at The Balance
                                                                        Center provides clinical expertise and makes use of advanced
                                                                        technology to diagnose the balance disorder and then develops
                                                                        an effective treatment plan for it,” says Dr. Ernesto Tolentino, an
                                                                        orthopedic surgeon and medical director of The Balance Center.
                                                                       “It’s important to get a handle on a problem like this as soon as
                                                                        possible before it leads to a potentially serious outcome.”

The Balance Center at Jersey City Medical Center, opened               The new center is located on the Jersey City Medical Center
this spring, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic testing             campus at 377 Grand Street (Skinner Drive) in Jersey City. For
and treatment to patients with a range of different medical            more information, call 1-800-632-6807.
conditions that cause balance problems.
Balance problems can occur for any one of a number of different
                                                                       Balance disorders are one
reasons, including head injury, stroke, orthopedic injuries,           of the most common causes
osteoarthritis, neurological problems, viral or bacterial infection,
visual deficits, conditions that result in problems with blood         of injury and hospitalization
supply to the inner ear, or adverse reactions to medication.
The new center is the first of its kind in Hudson County.
                                                                       in the U.S.
“When you consider that more than 11 million physician visits
 involve a complaint of imbalance or dizziness and one in every
 three senior citizens experiences a fall every year, the opening of
 a center dedicated to diagnosing and treating balance problems
 in this area is long overdue,” says Joseph F. Scott, President and
 CEO of LibertyHealth.
Balance disorders are one of the most common causes of
injury and hospitalization in America, especially among the
elderly with falls being the leading cause of accidental death
and hospital admissions for people over 65.
The Balance Center uses a series of sophisticated and painless
tests, most taking no more than an hour, to diagnose the
reasons for dizziness and/or falls. Testing is recommended for
those who have experienced any of the following:
• difficulty getting up from a chair or out of bed                     The new Serenity Rose Garden, created by the hospital’s
• numbness or loss of sensation in your legs                           new Auxiliary and completed on the campus of Jersey City
                                                                       Medical Center this spring, gives physicians, patients and
• loss of balance or unsteadiness when walking or
                                                                       their families a chance to take a breather from the hospital by
  standing still
                                                                       sitting on the new park benches amid flowers.

Epilepsy Program Reaches                                              have another seizure even when the medication is stopped.
                                                                      Over 50 percent of children with epilepsy will eventually outgrow
Diverse Patient Groups                                                their condition.
                                                                       Most adults also do well with medication: 50 – 60 percent
“Epilepsy is not a case of ‘one size fits all,’” says Dr. Evan Fertig, will be seizure-free after taking their first seizure medication.
 co-director of the recently opened Epilepsy Center at Jersey          Conversely, 20 to 30 percent will still suffer from seizures even
 City Medical Center, and a board certified neurologist and            after multiple medications are prescribed.
 epileptologist. “It affects people differently from young children    Temporal lobe epilepsy, the most common form of epilepsy that
 to middle aged adults to seniors, can be caused by a number of        does not respond to medication, is highly amenable to surgery.
 different factors, and occurs far more commonly than people think.” About 70 percent of these patients will be rendered free of
 According to the American Epilepsy Society, epilepsy is the           disabling seizures after surgery.
 most common neurological disorder found in children living in         Diet is also used to treat epilepsy. Other
 the U.S. and the third most common neurological condition             treatments include steroid therapies
 affecting adults (after Alzheimer’s disease and stroke).              and the implantation of a device called
Epilepsy is marked by seizures, or sudden alterations of              a vagus nerve stimulator into the chest
behavior due to temporary changes in the electrical functioning       like a pacemaker.
of the brain. A person is said to have epilepsy if he or she has     “Accurate diagnosis is critical for
had two or more seizures that are not provoked (for example by        treatment, which is why patients need
drugs or alcohol or extremely low blood sugar).                       to be seen by experts as soon
Seizures rarely last for 30 minutes or longer and strike              as they begin to present with
unpredictably, disrupting whatever activity the person is             seizures, or if they continue
engaged in. For this reason, uncontrollable epilepsy can render       to have seizures despite
an individual unable to work, and may also cause significant          treatment,” says Dr. Fertig.
injury and even death due to falls, drowning, or motor vehicle       “With proper care, the
crashes. A long-lasting convulsive seizure can by itself cause        majority of people with
permanent injury or death.                                            epilepsy can live fulfilling
About half of the patients seen at the Epilepsy Center are            and productive lives.”
children. Among those who are young when their epilepsy is
diagnosed, about 20 percent who start on medication will never

                                          ORGAN DONARS’ WALL OF HONOR

                                                                                             The new Wall of Honor at Jersey
                                                                                             City Medical Center was created in
                                                                                             partnership with the Sharing Network of
                                                                                             New Jersey to honor those individuals
                                                                                             who donated their organs to help others.
                                                                                             Mary DiNardo, wife of slain Jersey City
                                                                                             police officer, is shown at the wall with
                                                                                             Joe Scott, President/CEO LibertyHealth,
                                                                                             Jersey City Emergency Services Unit
                                                                                             Officer, Frank Molina, Jr, and Jersey City
                                                                                             Police Chief Thomas Comey.

New Technology at JCMC                                                                                                CuStOmizEd
                                                                                                                      KNEE SurgErY
Offers Patient Benefits                                                                                               Within an hour
                                                                                                                      of her total knee
Here’s a look at some of the new technologies                                                                         replacement
and modalities now available at Jersey City                                                                           surgery, Henrietta
Medical Center:
                                                                                                                      Bradley was
BRACHYTHERAPY FOR PROSTATE CANCER                                                                                     receiving physical
Doctors at Jersey City Medical Center are now offering a                                                              therapy and after
form of radiotherapy called prostate seed implantation or                                                             two days walking
brachytherapy for prostate cancer.                                                                                    and feeling very
                                                                                                                      little discomfort.
According to Dr. Yale Shulman, “With brachytherapy, we place
radioactive pellets or seeds under precise ultrasound control                                                        Bradley was one
into the prostate to eradicate the cancer. The treatment is well                                                     of the first patients
tolerated and is performed on an outpatient basis.”                                                                  in the New York
                                                                       metro area to undergo a new customized knee replacement
Needles containing the seeds are inserted through the skin of
                                                                       procedure, which works on the premise that personalized
the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) using
                                                                       positioning guides created especially for the patient will provide
ultrasound guidance.
                                                                       for a more comfortable, longer lasting implant solution.
“The seeds remain in the prostate, where the radioactive
                                                                       “The difference is that we use 3-dimensional software and an
 material gives off localized radiation for a number of months
                                                                        MRI of the patient’s knee to determine size and placement of
 to destroy the prostate cancer,” says Dr. Shulman, a board
                                                                        the implants prior to surgery,” says Dr. Ernesto Tolentino, who
 certified urologist. ”No surgical incision is required and there is
                                                                        performed the surgery. “This allows us to make very precise
 a short recovery time. Patients can usually return to work and
                                                                        and accurate bone cuts that are specific to the individual
 normal activities within several days.”
                                                                        patient. Before, we were forced to rely on our experience and
Brachytherapy is an option for patients with localized prostate         intra-operative judgment to correctly size and place the implant.
cancer. New advances in seed technology allow doctors to                Now, patients spend considerably less time on the operating
securely place seeds at the border of and adjacent to the               table, require less replacement blood and benefit from
prostate to treat cancer that might have extended to the                everything fitting together perfectly.”
surrounding tissue.
                                                                       “We now have access to a far greater level of detail and
“Brachytherapy gives our patients a minimally invasive and              precision for implant positioning and alignment, long before
 effective option to surgery,” says Dr. Williams, a radiation           we go into the OR,” says Dr. Clay Irving, chair of the hospital’s
 oncologist. “Published 12-year data show disease-free survival         orthopedic department. “This greatly enhances surgical
 rates with brachytherapy to be as high as 93%.”                        efficiency and the lives of the patients we treat.”

                                                                       PREvENTiNG DEHYDRATiON iN CHiLDREN
                                                                       Emergency department doctors and nurses at Jersey City
                                                                       Medical Center are rehydrating sick children by administering
                                                                       fluids subcutaneously (under the skin) with the use of Hylenex,
                                                                       the first and only human recombinant approved by the Food &

                                                                                                                    continued on page 11

New Technology at JCMC                                                 gallstones, was prepared to have the traditional laparoscopic
                                                                       surgery to remove her gallbladder.
Offers Patient Benefits                                                “My boss had the laparoscopic procedure and told me to
continued from page 10                                                  prepare myself for the scars and pain,” she says. “Fortunately,
                                                                        with the new procedure, I have no scars and experienced a
Drug Administration for infants and young children with mild to         fraction of the discomfort. You can’t even tell that I had surgery.”
moderate dehydration.
                                                                       Dr. Ottley is one of a small, but growing number of surgeons
Hylenex is a purified preparation of the enzyme hyaluronidase,         around the country and the first surgeon in Hudson County
which breaks down hyaluronic acid, a space-filling gel that            to use the SILS™ procedure for gallbladder removal (or
exists in the subcutaneous tissue. Hylenex temporarily makes           cholecystectomy). The procedure uses a single 15 mm incision
the tissue beneath the skin more permeable and able to absorb          (made “invisibly” in the belly button), thereby avoiding the four
fluid, thus allowing fluids to be more readily absorbed into the       ½ inch or smaller incisions typically required with traditional
blood vessels.                                                         laparoscopic techniques. The new procedure is also available
“For many children, the worst part of the hospital experience is       for appendix removal (when the appendix is not ruptured), and
 the placement of the IV,” says Dr. Michael Bessette, Director         certain urologic and gynecologic procedures.
 of the Emergency Department at Jersey City Medical Center.            With the SILS procedure, surgeons insert three hollow tubes
“This can mean screaming children, anguished parents and a             or cannulae through a single rubberized port – rather than the
 team of doctors and nurses needed to hold the child down in           four separate ports used with the conventional laparoscopic
 order to insert the IV.”                                              procedure. It features a valve that allows them to inflate the
                                               With Hylenex, while     abdomen for optimal instrument access and provides stability
                                               the parent hugs         and support for hand instruments with maximum movement.
                                               the child, an ER
                                                                       DiAGNOSTiC TOOL
                                               doctor or nurse
                                                                       Physicians at Jersey City Medical Center are using an
                                               places a catheter
                                                                       innovative web-based diagnostic tool to help them solve difficult
                                               in the child’s upper
                                                                       patient diagnoses.
                                               back – a part of the
                                               body where they         The “Isabel” system assists doctors in those 10 to 15 percent
are less likely to feel pain – without the need to secure a vein for   of cases which are more difficult to diagnose. The system
treatment initiation.                                                  complements the physician’s expertise by producing a
                                                                       differential diagnosis checklist of those diagnoses most closely
Placing the catheter and injecting the fluid takes minutes,
                                                                       related to the patient’s clinical features. Physicians enter a
whereas it takes an average of 45 minutes with an IV. Hydration
                                                                       patient’s vital signs and symptoms into the system and instantly
is normally completed within about three hours, compared to
                                                                       receive a checklist of likely diagnoses and more information
five hours with an IV.
                                                                       from medical journals and textbooks, hospital protocols, and
‘NO STiTCH’ SURGERY                                                    online sources.
To Dr. Anroy Ottley, a general surgeon at Jersey City Medical          The Isabel system was conceived 10 years ago as a direct
Center, the new “no incision” laparoscopic gallbladder surgery         response to the near-fatal misdiagnosis of a three year-old girl
represents a new frontier in minimally invasive surgery.               in London named Isabel Maude, who developed necrotizing
“The ability to operate now on a patient with minimal visible          fasciitis, a complication of chicken pox. The girl’s father later
 scarring is as remarkable an evolution as the first laparoscopic      founded the technology, which is now incorporated at hospitals
 surgeries were 20 years ago,” he says. “This not only is a            around the world.
 benefit from a cosmetic perspective, but it means less post-
 operative pain and risk of infection for the patient.”
According to Maria Thaxton, a 41-year-old Bayonne resident
who had the surgery, even that one incision is hard to find.
Thaxton, who had been experiencing severe pain from

Spine Center Offers                                                     it’s About Acting F.A.S.T.
Minimally invasive                                                      When it Comes to Strokes
Procedures                                                              Clinicians at the new Stroke Center at Jersey City Medical
                                                                        Center, which is the regional trauma center and a designated
                                         The Comprehensive              state-certified primary stroke center, emphasize the importance
                                         Spine Institute of New         of a F.A.S.t. response to strokes.
                                         Jersey, a comprehensive,       Nearly 800,000 Americans each year suffer a new or recurrent
                                         multi-disciplinary             stroke, about 20% of which are fatal. While most strokes affect
                                         approach to the                older people, they can occur at any age.
                                         diagnosis and treatment
                                                                        “Most strokes do affect seniors, but the triad of risk factors
                                         of back and neck pain
                                                                         we see in our population – high blood pressure, diabetes and
                                         and loss of function,
                                                                         obesity, along with a non-compliance in taking the medication
                                         opened this summer.
                                                                         prescribed for them – results in us also seeing many younger
Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo, Director                                         stroke patients,” says Michele Lopez, an RN and coordinator of
                                                                         the Stroke Center.
The new spine center emphasizes the use of minimally invasive
and motion-preserving procedures once more conservative                 “The acronym F.A.S.t. is a good way for people to remember
treatments – medication, exercise, injections, physical and              the signs and symptoms of stroke,” adds Dr. Kenneth Garay,
occupational therapy, stress management, acupuncture – have              the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer. “With stroke, every minute
been fully explored.                                                     counts.”

“Back or neck pain strikes four out of every five people sometime       The initials stand for Face, which will appear to droop and show
 in their lives, and the pain can at times be debilitating and life     an uneven smile during a stroke; Arms, which often will become
 changing,” says Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo, director of the new            numb and/or weak; Speech, which can be slurred or difficult to
 center and a fellowship trained surgeon. “Our mission is to offer      understand; and Time, which is key, with 9-1-1 needing to be
 a customized approach to alleviating the patient’s pain and            called at the first sign.
 returning him or her to normal activities as soon as possible.         The risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, high
According to Dr. Okubadejo, minimally invasive spine surgery            cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, smoking, heavy alcohol
is “performed with the aid of specially designed technologies           use, physical inactivity, obesity, atrial fibrillation and a family
which assist in better visualization of the surgical field, resulting   history of stroke.
in less scarring, less pain and less blood loss, expediting the
recovery process.”
The center will treat such disorders as low back pain, neck pain,
spinal stenosis, herniated disks, spine compression fractures,
degenerative spine disease, congenital spine disorders,
metastatic disorders, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, and problems
stemming from earlier bouts with childhood scoliosis.
For more information, the toll free number is
877-854-8CSi (8274).

Therapeutic Hypothermia                                              According to Jessica Walsh, medical and surgical ICU nurse
                                                                     manager, “We follow a specific protocol to induce hypothermia,
Saves Patient’s Life                                                 which includes sedatives, analgesia and often intravenous
                                                                     paralytics, which requires intensive nursing care and
Lorenzo Rivera Jr. credits his father’s survival to the hospital’s   continuous monitoring.”
use of therapeutic hypothermia, which he says saved the              After three days, Rivera was up and speaking again and,
Jersey City man’s life after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest     according to his son, back to being a somewhat cranky
while he was undergoing rehabilitation.                              patient. Rivera’s story was covered on television and in the
“He wasn’t himself that day,” remembers Rivera, who took             local newspapers, providing the Medical Center with another
 his father to the facility that afternoon to rehab his weakened     example of our success in “enhancing life.”
 legs. “He wasn’t talking much, and he was breathing hard, he
 seemed to be gasping for air. Then he collapsed on the floor        Capsule Endoscopy
 and he stopped breathing.”
Rivera ran to get help from a nurse, who immediately started
                                                                     Now Available
CPR. EMTs from Jersey City Medical Center soon arrived to
                                                                     Patients at Jersey City Medical Center suffering from such
rush the unconscious former truck mechanic to the hospital.
                                                                     recurrent or persistent symptoms as abdominal pain, diarrhea,
In the meantime, Emergency Medical Services alerted the              bleeding or anemia, may now be able to avoid a same day
hospital’s Emergency Department that a patient meeting the           endoscopy procedure – which necessitates anesthesia – by
inclusion criteria for therapeutic hypothermia – “down” less         swallowing a small pill.
than 30 minutes due to sudden cardiac arrest; with no bleeding
                                                                     The pill, weighing less than four grams and containing a digital
problems, signs of head trauma or stroke, or known cardiac
                                                                     camera, battery, radio transmitter and light source, is now
history; over the age of 17 – was on his way. This allowed
                                                                     being used by gastroenterologists at Jersey City Medical Center
physicians and nurses to prepare the chilled catheter that,
                                                                     to transmit images as it journeys through the GI tract. This
once the patient arrived, would be inserted into his femoral vein
                                                                     procedure, known as capsule endoscopy, allows the doctor
with the intent of dropping his body temperature over the next
                                                                     to examine the three areas of the small intestine – duodenum,
18 to 24 hours from 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to between 90
                                                                     jejunum and ileum – which are often difficult to visualize through
and 93 degrees.
                                                                     conventional endoscopy because of its 30-foot long length and
Doctors told the younger Rivera that his father’s prognosis was      complex configuration.
poor. Even if he survived, they said, his father could very likely
have significant neurologic problems.
“Therapeutic hypothermia involves lowering a cardiac arrest
 patient’s body temperature for 24 hours to prevent brain
 damage and improve neurological function,” says Dr. Michael
 Bessette, medical director of the Emergency Department at
 Jersey City Medical Center. “It gives the patient a better chance
 of being ‘neurologically intact,’ after a cardiac event.”
The American Heart Association advises doctors to induce
hypothermia in patients in cardiac arrest who remain
unconscious once Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC)
is achieved after defibrillation. This protects against the body
compensating by shunting blood away from the brain and other
organs to the heart.
Once the catheter was inserted, the senior Rivera was brought
upstairs to the hospital’s critical care unit.

 EMS Recognized as                                                  can take an average of 50 seconds or up to 90 seconds. EMS
                                                                    changed protocol to dispatch an ambulance as soon as the
‘innovation Hero’                                                   location of the emergency was determined, reducing average
                                                                    time to 30 seconds.
                                                                    • Shift Change – Calls can be delayed around shift changes
                                                                    but by spreading the shift change over a greater time period,
                                                                    EMS reduced delays. This minimized the number of units that
Jersey City Medical Center is the first EMS agency in the
                                                                    were out-of-service due to shift change.
country to have been accredited with these 3 accreditations.
                                                                    • Stocking of vehicles – All ambulance cabinets were refitted
 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at Jersey City Medical            with transparent doors and break away seals that allow staff to see
 Center has been named the statewide winner of NJBiz’s              what equipment is present without having to check each cabinet.
 Healthcare Heroes awards program in the category of                Additionally, EMS now uses First Watch, a state-of-the-art
“Innovation Hero.”                                                  computer software program that allows it to identify trends
“This is a tremendous honor and it speaks to the excellence of      ahead of time so First Responders can take appropriate
 our 250-person team,” says Christopher Rinn, Executive             actions to help both staff and patients. The surveillance tool
 Director of EMS.                                                   continually monitors the underlying data once certain key words
                                                                    are marked as triggers. In the case of swine flu, for example,
Due to its innovations, the Jersey City Medical Center EMS
                                                                    it documents cases of infection and sends notifications to
routinely provides the seamless integration of basic and
                                                                    handheld devices giving EMS management the ability to make
advanced life support service, management of the medical 911
                                                                    crucial decisions regarding flu surge for the benefit of both
system, and economical infusion of technology to save lives.
                                                                    emergency personnel and patients.
Most importantly, these innovations have helped EMS set a new
standard for saving lives - response time. Using new technology
and training, EMS restructured its deployment plan and
reduced average response time to 5 minutes 20 seconds. As
a result with patients who experience cardiac arrest, there has
been a 73% improvement in Return to Spontaneous Circulation
rate – which indicates circulation is regained – resulting in an
improvement in the mortality rate of 66%.
To make this remarkable improvement, the EMS Department
made dramatic changes in its system, adding such new
technologies as:
• System Status management – This strategically positions
ambulances throughout the communities served. It allows
the management team to analyze past chronological demand
(both the time of day and the day of week when calls are
received) and geographical demand (the physical location
where ambulances are needed) to determine where and when
ambulances will be needed.
• dynamic Asset deployment – Intelligent routing, live graphical
display of current and required resources, and on-demand            Students at Liberty High School received a demonstration
innovative analysis are just a few of the ways the EMS Department   on the dangers of drinking and driving from the Jersey City
is using technology to reduce response time and save lives.         Medical Center Emergency Medical Service and the Jersey
                                                                    City Police Department. A fatal accident was staged and
• Call Screening Process - Usually an ambulance is                  students were made up to drive home the point as prom and
dispatched after verifying the nature of the emergency, which       graduation season approached.

Newborns Get Fighting                                                • Intravenous nutrition and a variety of medications that may
                                                                       help with heart function, blood pressure, pain relief or other
Chance to Lead Healthy Lives                                           desired functions;
                                                                     • Phototherapy, a special light therapy that eliminates jaundice,
Advances in care at Jersey City Medical Center’s Neonatal              a common condition seen among preemies.
Intensive Care Unit (NICU) have given newborns, some as small        According to Dr. Alsheikh, “A combination of advanced
as 500 kilograms (about one pounds), a fighting chance not           technology and a trained staff can make a huge difference in
only to survive but to lead normal and healthy lives.                treating these tiny patients successfully and getting their lives off
According to Dr. Suhail Alsheikh, who has practiced Neonatal-        on the right foot.”
Perinatal Medicine and Pediatrics at the medical center since
first arriving in the 1970s, survival rates were once poor for
babies born prematurely, and those who did survive often faced
long-term health consequences.
Dr. Alsheikh and his team of specialists today have the
technology to provide better ventilation for babies with poorly
developed lungs. They are more aggressive in making sure
these fragile newborns receive better nutrition. They have the
ability to monitor for brain damage or bleeding in the brain,
and treat a variety of afflicting infections. They know now to
treat these tiny babies with optimum oxygen exposure, which
in the past was the primary culprit in causing blindness and
                                                                     Former patients in the NICU and family attend a Halloween
other eye problems. And, they know the importance of closely         party with staff.
following these patients for months and even years after they
leave the hospital.
“We’re able to do so much more for these babies today, even for
 the very smallest ones,” says Dr. Alsheikh, the hospital’s senior
                                                                     ‘Dinner with the Doctor’
 staff neonatologist. “Babies are brought here from throughout        Proves to be a Winner
 the county, some of whom have been delivered after only 20
                                                                     Jersey City Medical Center has been running an enormously
 weeks of gestation (or more than five months prematurely).”
                                                                     popular monthly program called “Dinner with the Doctor,”
Jersey City Medical Center serves as the county’s only               where area residents get the chance to enjoy a light dinner and
designated Regional Perinatal Center. Its’ Antenatal Center          listen to leading physicians discuss their specialty and answer
offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services               questions. There is no cost for the hour-long program, which
for patients with high-risk pregnancies. These services are
                                                                     has focused in recent months on topics ranging from breathing
provided by a full-time maternal fetal medicine specialist,
                                                                     problems to strokes, spine surgery, epilepsy, heart problems in
geneticist, and specialized technicians.
                                                                     women, and colon and rectal cancer.
Babies may stay several days or as long as several months in
                                                                     “Our mission is ‘enhancing life’ and, with our ‘Dinner with
NICU, and benefit from such advances as:
                                                                      the Doctor’ series, we do it through fostering education and
• Endotracheal introduction of “Surfactant” to improve infants
                                                                      awareness,” says Joseph F. Scott, President and CEO of
  underdeveloped lungs;
                                                                      LibertyHealth. “We strongly encourage those people who live
• Special ventilators and other respiratory support devices that      and work in the communities we serve to meet some of the
  offer extra help for infants to breath;                             area’s best doctors and get answers to questions they many
• Feeding tubes that are either placed in the stomach or              have on various health and medical topics.”
  through the nose to deliver breast milk or formula;
• Incubators and beds with radiant heaters that maintain
  steady temperatures;

Hospital Draws 200+                                                   Dr. Digioia grew up in Jersey City. Her father, John, an internist,
                                                                      trained at the hospital in the 1940s and was a fixture in the
New Physicians                                                        city for many years, working as a physician for the police and
                                                                      fire departments and the railroad. The younger Dr. Digioia
Jersey City Medical Center has added over 200 new physicians          (her brother and sister are also doctors) later did her surgical
over the last year. Adding these doctors, who represent virtually     residency at Jersey City Medical Center after completing
every specialty, has not happened by chance.                          medical school.

“The hospital has focused on four pillars – patient safety, patient   “It’s great to see nurses who trained with me in the ‘80s now in
 satisfaction, clinical quality and economic health,” says Joseph      leadership positions at the hospital,” she says. “Together, we’re
 Scott, President and CEO of LibertyHealth. “This has made             looking to accomplish great things.”
 the hospital strong and healthy, in helping us attract leading       Dr. John Dedousis is another Jersey City native – who trained
 physicians from throughout Hudson County and northern New            at Jersey City Medical Center and only chose to return to the
 Jersey.”                                                             hospital last year. A one-time President of the medical staff
The hospital’s transformation was recently substantiated by           and chief of medicine at Bayonne Medical Center, he initially
Castle Connolly, which named Jersey City Medical Center the           came to Jersey City Medical Center because of the insurance
best in New Jersey (with fewer than 350 beds) based on the            problems his patients faced in Bayonne.
opinions of physicians throughout the state.                          “My patients were upset and I needed another facility,” he says.
“The hospital has new leadership and a new attitude, which            “Once I started coming here though I recognized the high quality
 makes it an exciting place to be,” says Dr. Julie Digioia, a          of care. My patients have had a very positive experience. I like
 well-respected breast surgeon, who has taken a position with          how quickly and efficiently things get done here. Tests are
 the hospital’s new Cristie Kerr Women’s Health Center. “The           ordered quickly and results are back fast, which helps me.
 fact that so many of my colleagues who trained with me – in           Plus, it’s nice that my patients are no longer complaining about
 different specialties like internal medicine, OB, pediatrics – are    getting a bill.”
 all coming back, is very special.”

                                                                                             Marissa Fisher, RN, Injury Prevention
                                                                                             Coordinator for the Trauma Division at
                                                                                             Jersey City Medical Center, educates
                                                                                             parents and caregivers in Jersey City
                                                                                             about restraining their children safety
                                                                                             seats properly. “Taking the time to learn
                                                                                             more about how to protect our children
                                                                                             in a vehicle can be a lifesaving lesson,”
                                                                                             she says.

Hospital Opens Therapeutic                                            million seeking help for constipation and about 16 million who
                                                                      complain of abdominal pain, cramps and spasm.
Nursery Program                                                       The new center is geared towards diagnosing and treating
Upon receipt of a state grant for more than $400,000, the             adults with such disorders as colon and rectal cancer,
Department of Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health                  incontinence, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Irritable
Services at Jersey City Medical Center created a therapeutic          Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s and Celiac diseases, constipation,
nursery program for children ages three to five years in Hudson       and pelvic pain syndrome. The Center uses state-of-the-art
County who are in need of intensive therapeutic intervention          equipment and procedures as a Pelvic Floor Lab for urinary and
due to emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric problems.             digestive problems, fluoroscopy technology, biofeedback, and
                                                                      endo-rectal ultrasound.
The grant from the New Jersey Department of Child and
Family Services supports programs, supplies, clinical salaries        For more information on the new GI Center of Excellence at
and transportation for children who are at risk of losing             Jersey City Medical Center, go to
daycare, school and/or home placement or are in jeopardy of
requiring hospitalization. Many of these children demonstrate         Outpatient Therapy
developmental delays that also contribute to difficulties in their
ability to attend a typical daycare or nursery school program.        Center Opens
“The therapeutic nursery, which greatly expanded on and                                                     Outpatients recovering
 enhanced our existing program, provides a structured,                                                      from the pain and
 supportive environment that allows for a corrective                                                        discomfort of trauma,
 experience that will increase the child’s ability to function in a                                         surgery, geriatric- and
 developmentally appropriate manner in school, at home and                                                  sports-related injuries
 within their community,” says Marli Vogel Gelfand, Director of                                             can now take advantage
 the hospital’s Department of Child and Adolescent Behavioral                                               of the new state-of-
 Health Services.                                                                                           the-art LibertyHealth
The program offers family support and education, and provides                                               Outpatient Physical
daily group therapy sessions, individual play therapy, behavioral                                           Rehabilitation Center.
modification, medication therapy, family services, and case                                                 The new facility is on
management and community outreach.                                                                          the second floor of
                                                                      the Medical Office Building on the campus of the Jersey City
Children who demonstrate severely impaired social and
                                                                      Medical Center.
emotional functioning, inappropriate behavior, sleep and eating
disorders, extreme anxiety and/or depression, problems                The 25,000 square foot center serves outpatients needing
interacting with adults and other children, and inappropriate         rehabilitation following fractures, sprains/strains, bursitis,
aggressive behaviors are accepted as self-referrals or referrals      tendonitis, sciatica, painful joints, arthritis, strokes,
from DYFS, schools, physicians, hospitals and other groups.           radiculopathies, joint replacements and other conditions.
The estimated length of stay is four to six months.                   “We are using the most advanced modalities and providing
                                                                       personalized one-to-one physical rehabilitation for outpatients
Gi Center Opens at Hospital                                            suffering from conditions of the neuromuscular system,
Jersey City Medical Center recently opened a Gastrointestinal          including hand, elbow, shoulder, neck, back, hip and knee
Disorders (GI) Center on its campus.                                   problems,” says Norman Resurreccion, the hospital’s manager
The new center, located on the hospital’s second floor, offers         of physical therapy.
outpatients extensive screening, diagnostic and treatment             To make an appointment, or for more information, call
options for digestive diseases and other problems relating to         (201) 309-2425.
the urinary or gastrointestinal tract.
Digestive system symptoms are responsible for an estimated
35.9 million office visits annually, and include approximately
14.5 million American adults diagnosed with ulcers, 7.95
Members of the Jersey City Medical Center EMS received        Christine Wade, Nurse Manager in the Emergency
the police department’s Special Recognition Award in          Department at Jersey City Medical Center, was an
connection with their work at the Reed Street shootout last   honoree of the city’s Cinco de Mayo Festival. Honored for
summer.                                                       her work as near as Jersey City and as far away as Haiti,
                                                              where she helped out following the country’s devastating
                                                              earthquake, Christine poses here with Jersey City Medical
                                                              Center colleagues Heather Montas-Paulo (left) and Erica

          Care to make a difference
              in people’s lives?
        Making a donation to the LibertyHealth Foundation helps improve and enhance the
        health of people living and working in Jersey City and Hudson County. Please feel
        free to call the Foundation Office at 201-377-6057 with any questions regarding
        various charitable gift opportunities and naming opportunities.


                                                  Enhancing Life…
                    Through Physician Recommended Care

                                                                      Congratulations to our dedicated
                                                                      Physicians, Nurses, EMTs, and hospital staff
                                                                      for making Jersey City Medical Center the:

Jersey City Medical Center was
the only hospital to be recognized                                    #1 Overall
                                                                      NJ Hospital
in the “Top 10” in all categories,
including the following:

#1 High-Risk
         Pregnancy                                                    according to Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.’s recent survey of New Jersey physicians for
                                                                      Hospitals with “fewer than 350 beds.”

#1 Neurological
#1 Stroke
#2 Congestive
   Heart Failure
#2 Coronary
                                                                      We would like to thank all of the doctors and patients
#3 Prostate                                                           throughout New Jersey who recommended us for
   Cancer                                                             these honors.

                                                                      (201) 915 -2000

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