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					A2     HERALD DEMOCRAT          MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2010

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                                                                                                            Crash kills prominent
                                                                                                            Texas burn surgeon
                                                                                                                           ASSOCIATED PRESS
                                                                                                                                                              the car’s driver under investigation for
                                                                                                                                                              possibly being intoxicated.
                                                                                                              DALLAS — Dr. Gary Purdue, chief of
                                                                                                            the burn section at the University of Texas         According to a UT Southwestern state-
                                                                                                            Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and         ment, Purdue was a past president of the
                                                                                                            co-director of the Parkland Memorial Hos-         American Burn Association and a burn
                                                                                                            pital burn unit in Dallas for 22 years, has       specialist who was instrumental in leading
                                                                                                            died in a motorcycle crash. He was 65.            the Parkland burn unit to national promi-
                                                                                                                                                              nence. The unit is one of the nation’s larg-
                                                                                                             A Dallas police report says Purdue died
                                                                                                            Sunday when a car slammed into the                est and treats almost 1,000 burn patients
                                                                                                            motorcycle he was driving on a north              a year.
                                                                                                            Dallas street Sunday morning. No arrest             Purdue is survived by his wife, daughter,
                                                                                                            was made, but the police report shows             three sons and a grandson

                                                      YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK / ASSOCIATED PRESS
In this Feb. 16, 2006 photo provided by Yellowstone National Park, a gray wolf is
seen on the run near Blacktail Pond in Yellowstone National Park in Park County,                            Twin girls drown in Galveston Bay
Wyoming. Lawmakers are proposing a rewrite of the Endangered Species Act                                           ASSOCIATED PRESS
that would lift protections for wolves first enacted in 1974. Critics say the move                                                            10 a.m. Sunday after the          The girls had been swim-
would effectively gut one of the nation’s premiere environmental laws and allow                                                               girls were swept away and       ming at the breakwater
                                                                                                              TEXAS CITY — Twin               the father also was swept
for the unchecked killing of wolves across the West.                                                                                                                          when the accident hap-
                                                                                                            nine-year-old sisters are         away while attempting a
                                                                                                            dead and their father is hos-                                     pened.
                                                                                                                                              rescue. An aerial and sur-
                                                                                                            pitalized in critical condi-                                        Brahm says he had no
WOLVES: Lawmakers consider change                                                                           tion after a current swept
                                                                                                            the girls away as they swam
                                                                                                                                              face search located the
                                                                                                                                              father and one daughter.        identities nor a report on
                                                                                                                                                                              the father’s condition, but
                                                                                                                                              Coast Guard Petty Officer
from Page A1                         introduced in the past two          E nv i r o n m e n t a l i s t s   in Galveston Bay.                                                 news reports quote fam-
                                                                                                                                              Richard Brahm says the
                                     weeks. And the measures          decried the shootings as                                                                                ily members as saying he
                                                                                                              The U.S. Coast Guard says       other girl’s body washed
from Canada to Central Ida-          face another hurdle: Law-        unprecedented for a species                                                                             was hospitalized in critical
                                                                                                            the family reported the           ashore by the Texas City
ho and Yellowstone Nation-           makers are split along par-      just off the endangered list.
                                                                                                            three missing just before         Dike around nightfall.          condition.
al Park. The population              ty lines over which states       Among the wolves killed
hit the original recovery            should be allowed to hunt        were members of a well-
                                     wolves.                          known Yellowstone Nation-
benchmark of 300 animals a
decade ago, yet they remain
officially endangered.
                                       A measure introduced by
                                     Senators Max Baucus and
                                                                      al Park pack that crossed
                                                                      onto Montana land.
                                                                                                            GERMANY: Celebrating anniv.
                                     Jon Tester, Montana Demo-           Yet those managed hunts            from Page A1                      by Muslim immigrants. The       made by then-U.S. Presi-
  At least 1,700 wolves now
                                     crats, would leave wolves        were a far cry from the                                                 book has become a best-                         .
                                                                                                                                                                              dent George H. W Bush and
roam parts of six states.
                                     endangered in Wyoming,           days when bounty hunt-                comfortable with displays         seller.                         Soviet leader Mikhail Gor-
  Yet wildlife advocates                                                                                                                                                      bachev, who spoke at anoth-
                                     which has a shoot-on-sight       ers known as “wolfers”                of patriotism in recent             Wulff said that there
warn the attempt to strong-                                                                                                                                                   er event in Frankfurt.
                                     law for wolves across most       poisoned, shot, trapped               years — illustrated nota-         needs to be “greater con-
arm a public hunt through
                                     of the state.                    and burned the species to             bly by their enthusiastic         sistency in applying rules        “I don’t want to under-
Congressional action would
                                       That Wyoming law played        near-extinction early last            flag-waving during the 2006       and obligations.”               value the role of politi-
set a dangerous precedent
                                     a pivotal role in the August     century.                              football World Cup, which                                         cians — it was very big,”
for other endangered spe-                                                                                                                       However, “because peo-
cies — and unravel a wolf            court ruling and another in         A count at the end of 2009         Germany hosted.                   ple with foreign roots are      Gorbachev said, the Ger-
recovery program that has            2008 that reversed a previ-      showed the region’s wolf                But Wulff — addressing          important to us, I don’t want   man news agency DAPD
cost $30 million to date.            ous attempt to take wolves       population rose slightly last         an audience that included         them to be hurt in what are     reported.
                                     off the endangered list.         year despite the hunts. Wild-         Chancellor Angela Merkel,         necessary debates” about          “But the people played
  “It’s comparable to throw-
                                       “If Wyoming doesn’t            life officials heralded the           the first leader of reunited      the successes and failures      the most important role
ing an individual species
                                     want to put forward a man-       increase as proof the states          Germany to grow up in the         of integration, Wulff said.     here, or rather two different
off of Noah’s ark,” said
                                     agement plan that works,         could show restraint.                 communist east — made             “We must not allow the          peoples,” he added — point-
Doug Honnold, a Montana
attor ney representing               that’s Wyoming’s fault,”            Even without public hunt-          clear that there is still         cementing of prejudice and      ing to Germans’ desire for
groups that won an Aug. 5            Baucus said. Tester said         ing, government wildlife              more to be done despite the       exclusion.”                     reunification and Russians’
court ruling that returned           Wyoming “hasn’t wanted           agents regularly retaliate            achievements of the past            “We need a clear position:    readiness to accept it.
wolves to the endangered             to play” and suggested that      against wolves that attack            20 years.                         an understanding of Ger-          Wulff ’s speech was pre-
list.                                Montana could not wait for       livestock, typically by shoot-                                          many that isn’t confined
                                                                                                              Referring to a recent                                           ceded by a service at the
  No state has proposed get-         its southern neighbor to         ing them from aircraft.                                                 to a passport, a family his-
                                                                                                            debate over difficulties in                                       St. Petri Cathedral in Bre-
ting rid of wolves entirely,         change its mind given ongo-         About 270 were shot last           integrating immigrants, he        tory or a belief,” he added.    men. The city-state hosted
despite calls to do so by            ing livestock losses from        year under the program                said that Germany “must           “There is no doubt that         this year’s event because it
individual ranchers. Mon-            wolf attacks.                    and more than 1,300 have              be open to those who come         Christianity belongs to Ger-    currently holds the rotating
tana and Idaho have plans              Republicans have spon-         been killed since Congress’           to us from all parts of the       many; there is no doubt that    presidency of the German
to reduce their populations          sored more sweeping mea-         initial involvement.                  world — Germany needs             Judaism belongs to Ger-         parliament’s upper house.
by 15 percent and about 40           sures that would delist             “Government agents kill-           them.”                            many ... but Islam now also
                                                                                                                                              belongs to Germany.”              Germany’s parliament
percent, respectively.               wolves across the lower 48       ing wolves with shotguns                Last month, Thilo Sarra-                                        was holding a separate
  Those states and the U.S.          states, including Wyoming.       from helicopters — that’s             zin, a board member at Ger-         Germany has long been         event in Berlin later Sun-
Fish and Wildlife Service            Idaho’s delegation has yet       not the model we had of               many’s central bank, quit         home to a large Turkish         day to commemorate the
appealed the August ruling           another bill, described as a     conservation we had in                his post amid controversy         community.                      anniversary, with former
last week. A final ruling            fallback plan, that includes     mind,” said Carolyn Sime,             over a book he wrote claim-                                       Chancellor Helmut Kohl
                                                                                                                                                The president highlighted
could take years.                    only that state and Mon-         the head of Montana Fish,             ing that German society           the contributions to Ger-       among others expected to
  There also are proposals           tana.                            Wildlife and Parks’ wolf              was being made “dumber”           many’s swift reunification      attend.
to hold wolf hunts with                Senators from both par-        program.
the animals still listed as          ties and across the region          “It took an act of Con-
endangered. That idea has            met last week in part to         gress to direct the U.S.
gotten a cool reception from
federal wildlife officials.
                                     resolve the Wyoming issue.
                                     But a common front has yet
                                                                      Fish and Wildlife Service
                                                                      to study reintroduction.              City jail
                                                                      Maybe that’s fitting as a
  State officials say inter-
vention by Congress may
                                     to emerge.
                                       Wolves were off the            way to resolve this,” she
be the only viable option            endangered list for over a
  E nv i r o n m e n t a l i s t s
                                     year before the latest court
                                     ruling. In that time, hunt-        Ben Neary contributed to
have vowed to lobby hard
against several wolf bills
                                     ers in Montana and Idaho
                                     killed 260 of the animals.
                                                                      this story from Cheyenne,
                                                                      Wyo.                                  in Texas
                                                                                                                   ASSOCIATED PRESS

                                                                                                              AUSTIN — As repeated

Anti-abortionists line streets                                                                              efforts to regulate local jails
                                                                                                            across Texas fail, inmates
                                                                                                            in more than 370 city and
                                                                                                            town jails go unsupervised
for national Life Chain event                                                                               despite ongoing reports of
                                                                                                            inmate suicides, unsafe
                                                                                                            conditions, according to a
      AUDRIE PALMER                  alternative measures when        Ann’s Catholic Church, said
 MIDLAND REPORTER-TELEGRAM                                                                                  published report.
                                     faced with unexpected preg-      he and groups from his con-
                                     nancy .                          gregation, including those               Suspects in some local
  Standing near the cor-                                              in Knight of Columbus and             lockups are left handcuffed
ner of one of the busiest              “We need to stop this geno-
                                                                      ACTS retreatants, came out            to benches for hours with
intersections in Midland,            cide,” she said. “We’re here
                                                                      to remind the public about            little or no supervision, and
those holding signs stating          to spread the good news that
                                                                      respect for life.                     a woman in one small-town
“Adoption: Loving Option”            there is hope and another
                                     option to a crisis. The main        “We believe that human             jail was left with nothing
and “Abortion Hurts Wom-                                                                                    more than a cell phone to
en” silently prayed as cars          option is adoption. We don’t     life begins at conception,”
                                     want mothers to kill babies      he said. “We have to con-             use if she needed help, the
passed and honked at them                                                                                   Austin American-States-
Sunday afternoon.                    in the womb. We want to give     tinue to remind people about
                                     them life. No one should be      the sanctity of human life.           man reported in Sunday’s
  The volunteers were                killed because of their place    Every time we do, we hope             editions.
members of several local             of residency .                   that someone gets the mes-              Adan Munoz (ah-DAHN’
churches and parishes tak-                                            sage.”                                MOON’-yohz) Jr. heads the
                                        “Science is on our side.
ing part in the 2010 national                                           For the Rev. Bob Pase, of           Texas Commission on Jail
                                                .           .
                                     It’s a baby It’s a baby It’s a
Life Chain event being held                                           Grace Lutheran Church, it             Standards that regulates
                                     baby  .”
in more than 1,200 cities                                             was his first time partici-           county jails in Texas. But he
across the United States and           The group stood out on the                                           says it wasn’t unusual when
                                                                      pating in the annual event
Canada.                              sidewalks from 2 p.m. to 3:30                                          he was a rookie Kingsville
                                                                      and said that it was a simple
                                     p.m. Sunday quietly holding      way to make a statement and           police officer 40 years ago
  Forming a human cross              signs with prayers written
along the sidewalks of the                                            to allow the community to             to leave suspects alone for
                                     on the backs of posters that     know they are in support              hours in the town’s tiny
intersection at Andrews              many used to recite.
Highway and Midkiff Road,                                             of life.                              jail.
Gina Aaron, president of               “We’re a quiet represen-
                                     tative,” Aaron said. “They
Midland Catholics for Life,
said they were there to raise        don’t have a voice so we
                                     speak on their behalf.”
                                                                                   Grayson County
anti-abortion awareness                                                            Farm Bureau Members
and to inform the public of            Msgr. Larry Droll, of St.
                                                                                      Annual County
                                                                         Tues., Oct.12 • 6:30 pm
                                                                             Harvest Time Fellowship Hall

                                                                           Please RSVP                             ...Pick Up Tickets
                                                                          903-893-4393                                 at Sherman
                                    Auto - Home - Life                                      Office by
                                 Boat - Motorcycle - ATV’s
                                                                                 or...                                    Oct. 8

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