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                                          Smooth Sailing
                                                                          indoor lounge furniture and
                    January 2013   The return of the                      refrigerators. Beyond that we
                                   newsletter                             had a nice scavenger hunt for two
                                                                          of our skiffs. Remarkably they
                                   Dave Mooney                            did not endure any damage from
                                                                          rushing down Cedar Street.
                                   Sometimes a little downtime can
                                   be a wonderful thing. We gain          I’d like to welcome the new
Inside this Issue                  perspective and with a little bit of   BOG members who begin this
                                   luck, renewed energy. After            month. Frank Cilano will serve
        The return of the
1       newsletter
                                   some needed rest, Smooth
                                   Sailing returns with a new format
                                                                          as House and Grounds. Sharon
                                                                          Palombi will take on Ways and
                                                                          Means, and for the first time in
                                   and some new topics. In addition
        The Offseason
1                                  to Smooth Sailing being a forum
                                   for club members to get out
                                                                          quite a while we have a full slate
                                                                          of Flag Officers, with John Mac
                                                                          Moyle as Fleet Captain. We will
                                   information about club events;
        Changes to
2       Membership and Sailing
        Program Invoices
                                   we will be including Classified
                                   ads, Junior Contributions, photos,
                                                                          also be experimenting with
                                                                          Apprentice/Co Chairs. While
                                                                          they will not be members of the
                                   sailing tips and links in future
2       Upcoming Events
                                   The newsletter will be posted on
                                                                          BOG, they will allow for us to be
                                                                          a bit more ambitious in some key
                                                                          areas. Joe Oelshlegel will assist
        Three Sheets
3                                  the website and hard copies will
                                   be available at the club. At best
                                   we will have a great club
                                                                          with the Bar, while Tina Mooney
                                                                          will work with Regatta Chair
                                                                          Wayne Bush.
        Classified Ads
4                                  resource; at worst it makes our
                                   website more complete to a
                                   potential member.
                                                                          Many committees will be
                                                                          beginning early planning stages
                                                                          in the upcoming months. If you
                                   As always, all members are             would like to lend some
                                   encouraged to submit                   assistance please contact the
                                   information or full articles for       respective chair people listed on
                                   inclusion. Submissions can be          the next page. Sailing Program
                                   sent to waterdock@verizon.net,         in particular could use some help
                                   with a deadline of the 6th for each    this offseason. The entire bay
                                   month.                                 will be facing some unknowns
                                                                          and the better job we can do
                                   The Offseason                          prepping the better off we are.
                                                                          Remember it is the job of the
                                   As many of you are aware the           chairperson to coordinate effort,
                                   club faired pretty well in Sandy.      not to take it all on themselves.
Company Name
Number Street Address              Our biggest losses occurred on         The following two areas require
City, State Postal Code            the form of water in the garage        most of our attention. Plans for
Country                            destroying the cushions for the        a rental fleet are still in the
                                                                          works. At present we have two

                          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
January 2013

Sunfish and a Laser. We are                                                       .
hoping to restore these boats and                                                 .
obtain more well before the start                                                 .
of program. Creative
Advertising is another area we                                                    Upcoming
need more than just ideas, rather
more people to implement them.
                                      Returning to the BYC                        January 16th
                                      next year? We hope so                       7:00
An Important                                                                      Calendar Meeting
                                      Mary Ellen
Change to Invoices                                                                Set events and
                                      Our Officers and Board of                   committees for the 2013
Maryellen - Financial Secretary       Governors are in the process of             season. This meeting is
                                                                                  not at the club. Contact
                                      planning our 2013 season. To                Dawn Pantle for
Invoices have changed this year.      enable them to completely                   information
Membership invoices have been         prepare the season, they need to
separated from the sailing            know the members that are                   January 25th-27th
program invoice to assist in          returning. This means that a                Club Ski Trip
easier interpretation. They are no    payment from you represents                 Sno mtn, PA
longer on ONE invoice. Only           your commitment in rejoining.
members having children in the        You may not be able to make the
sailing program will be sent the      complete payment by Jan. 31                 February 1st
sailing program invoice.              with a 2% discount on                       Monthly Membership
                                      membership dues, or follow the              Meeting
Membership and Sailing program
invoices have been mailed on          three payment schedule set up in
                                      the invoice, BUT a deposit in
Jan. 7. If you do not receive an                                                  February 3rd
                                      your dues is greatly appreciated
invoice in the mail within the                                                    TBA
                                      but the end of January. Also,
next few days, please contact me      please remember that you will               Super bowl Party
via email:                            receive a discount on                       Chris and Jen Mullins
robertshaw.31@comcast.net and         membership when you bring a
I'll send you another copy.           new member into the club.
Note: If your youngest child has                                                  February 9th
reached the age of 19 before Jan.                                                 Private Rental
2013, you are eligible to change
membership to a Husband and
Wife membership ---- or as an
Individual membership. Please
notify me so I can resend a
revised invoice.
                                   Have something you would
                                    like posted on our website?
                                    Contact Sue-
                                       is placeholder text. This is placeholder
                                    bednarzsbl@gmail.com is
                                      text. This is placeholder text. This
                                     placeholder text. This is placeholder
                                     text. This is placeholder text. This is
                                     placeholder text This is behalf
                                    Get well wishes onplaceholder
                                    of BYC can also be
                                    obtained through Sue. is
                                      This is placeholder text. This
                                      placeholder text. This is placeholder

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Three Sheets Sailing
                                      All inclusive- These sites have     Racing tips
Page                                  forums, classified sections and
                                      links to racing schedules                   www.caribwind.com The
This portion of the newsletter                                                     Laser Training Center.
will contain tips, links and racing         www.sailingforums.com                 Contains weekly tips and
information. For this month I’d              fleet specific forums can             some temptation for laser
like to make everyone aware of               be found such as                      sailors
some of the computer based                   laserforum.com within
resources available to cut down              this website.                        www.sailingworld.com/e
on the withdrawal symptoms that                                                    xperts free content from
accompany both young and old                www.sailinganarchy.com                Sailing World Magazine
sailors at this time of the year.            often contains pictures
Sailing sites can be all inclusive,          worth drooling over.         Racing
or set to a specific task. I’ve              Forum contributors are
listed some of the better sites by                                                www.bbyra.org our local
                                             often less knowledgeable
category with links for you to                                                     racing organization
                                             than those at
read at your leisure.                        sailingforums.com (not               www.sunfishclass.org
                                             that it stops them).                  race your fish anywhere
                                            www.thebeachcats.com                 www.laser.org we are
                                             site set up for catamarans            district 10
                                                                                  www.optiworld.org

                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                     3
January 2013


               Wanted              Miscellaneous             For Sale
Boats needed of any kind for the                   The club has a supply of brand
sailing program rental fleet.                      new assorted parts at prices below
Contact waterdock@verizon.net                      store averages.

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