Through our professional pet sitting, home watch, and cleaning

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					   Why Use a Professional Service?                                    Why Pay for a Professional?
Being away from home and entrusting your residence or         Liberty Home and Pet Services is a professional business.
pets with untrained caregivers is worrisome. It’s             We are trained home and pet care professionals…not
common for a friend, family, or neighbor to check on          your neighbor or relative who is unaware of the
things but is not the best person or process to protect       importance of organized and responsible oversight of
                                                              your home and pets.
your home and pets? It’s not just what we do but what
we CAN do for your home and your pet.                         Some of the reasons you should work with a professional
Advantages with using a professional for home and pet         • Continuing education in animal care and nutrition.
sitting services include the following:                       • Licensed, Insured and Bonded associates ensure trust.
• Security: Your home appears lived in to any
   possible intruder (we rotate lights, pick up papers, set
                                                              • Complete, detailed interview before our visit.
                                                              • Complete profiles on you, your home, and pet.                              (239)-580-0300
   trash out, pick up mail, and other daily functions).       • Detailed, post visit summary and billing statements.                        Marcia Breithaupt (Owner)
• No imposition: Friends and family do not need to            • Special, knowledgeable, services in directing home
                                                                                                                                             and Rosi (Registered Therapy Dog)
                                                                 improvements and repairs if requested.
   be bothered nor feel inclined to help you.
• Convenience: Beyond conventional home and pet
   services we also can meet service people, potential                 Highest Quality Standards
   home buyers or renters, and other professionals
                                                              We take pride in our business and the professional
   needing access to your home.
                                                              interface needed to build your trust. Some of our
• Confidence: You have a professionally trained,              accredidations include:
   licensed, insured, and bonded person that will reliably    • Collier County Domestic Animal Services Board Member
   monitor your home.                                         • Member Pet Sitters International and National
• Animal Care & Pet Nutrition Education:                         Association of Professional Pet Sitters. NAPPS Disaster
   We have a library of                                          Preparedness Chairman and Legislative Committee.
   support materials for                                      • American Red Cross Pet Certified.
   optimized health and                                       • Member Pet Industry Joint Advisory Counsel, with
   premium foods                                                 Canine and Feline Certifications.
   for your pets.                                             • Thirty years animal care and pet nutrition experience.
• Floral Care: On a                                           • Member U.S., Collier County Humane Societies, ASPCA,
   trip and simply need                                          Disaster Animal Response Team Member
   someone to maintain                                        • Service contracts are required for all functions to
                                                                 ensure complete understanding for all services.
   your plants? - no
   problem - give us a call!                                  • If we feel we cannot offer a 100% satisfactory              Through our professional
• Pet Grief Counseling: Certified bereavement                    experience, we will decline a business agreement.
                                                              • Absolutely NO outside persons are given any interface       pet sitting, home watch,
                                                                                                                            and cleaning services we
   counseling for deceased or pet replacement.
                                                                 or personal information unless authorized by the client.
• Hurricane & Disaster Preparedness: Help in
                                                              • PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT BOARD PETS UNDER
   preparing disaster kit & emergency procedures plans.
• Follow up information: After each set of visits we
                                                                 ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! We do not believe in the                  bring confidence and
   leave behind a summary of our work and
                                                                 impact on the animals nor do we have proper
                                                                 facilities to do so.                                       safety to your home and
   observations - you know exactly how things went!
• Technical support: Digital photos, status emails,                                                                          your pets… we supply
   and 24 hour cellular access provides all the up to the
   minute access and updates while you are away.                                                                               your comfort zone!
Your home and pets are unequalled financial and
emotional investments - why trust them to any other                                                                          Licensed, Insured, and Bonded,
caregiver? Set yourself free with Liberty!                                                                                      All English Speaking Team

                                                                                                       Serving Naples, Marco Island,
  6924 Bent Grass Dr., Naples, FL 34113                                                                                             Isles of Capri, and
  (239)-580-0300 tel , (239)-580-0301 fax                                                                                        Greater Collier County 18SEP2008
 Professional Pet And Home Services                            We Take Your Business Seriously!                           Professional Cleaning & Organizing
Our services focus on the convenience and safety            At Liberty Home and Pet Services we present our             Beginning 2008, Liberty Home And
through monitoring and serving a client’s home and          services in an organized and professional manner that       Pet Services also offers home cleaning
pets.                                                       brings confidence to any home or pet owner… as if you       services. We provide standard and
                                                            never left home.                                            custom cleaning needs emphasizing
Some of our typical services include the following:                                                                     environmentally safe pet friendly
• Mid-day dog walking, overnight visits, vacation visits,   To ensure a safe and reliable business interface, we        cleaning materials featuring Oxyfresh
  and exercise walking.                                     start with a client interview creating home, client, and    biodegradable, non-toxic products.
• Take in mail and newspapers and take out trash.           pet profiles to fully understand and record the needs and   Typical home cleaning tasks include vacuuming, dusting,
• Rotate lights, check all doors and windows.               expectations for our services. After our visits we follow   and sanitizing of kitchens and bathrooms. We also
• Pet visits including feeding, exercise, play,             with written summaries, email, and even digital photos if   clean picture frames, knickknacks, shelves, furniture,
  medication, in-home overnight stays.                      requested. Professionalism is the foundation of our         woodwork, and baseboards.
• Dog walking & exercise.                                   company - visit our website to download our client forms
• Provide after hours, emergency visits for people that     to begin your positive home and pet service experience!     We also provide move-in/move-out cleaning services
  become stranded thus                                                                                                  preparing a home for new owners/renters with more
  unable to return home in a                                                                                            extensive cleaning such as refrigerator cleaning, window
  timely manner.                                                                                                        washing, wall washing, cabinet cleaning, and oven
• Meet potential home                                                                                                   cleaning. We also take care in using environmentally
  buyers & renters                                                                                                      friendly, and pet friendly, cleaning supplies. Our
• Make spot home                                                                                                        services can be structured as weekly, monthly, or one-
  inspections before                                                                                                    time needs.
  a rental guest has
  visits or after one has                                                                                               Home organization and decorating services are available
  departed.                                                                                                             as well. Our team can assist you in helping source and
• Monitor service persons                                                                                               organize home furnishings and office supplies to
  such as pool maintenance or lawn care.                                                                                maximize your home’s efficiency.
• Pickup and transport pets to a groomer, or                      Services, Areas, and Operations
  veterinarian, for emergency health care.                   Our services focus on
• Run simple errands including shopping, banking,            bringing peace of mind for                                                Service Limitations
  drugstore, and mail services.                              your home, pets, and family.                               Please understand that every effort is made to oversee
                                                             Professionalism and reliability                            your home and pets but we cannot protect from break-in,
Through our wide range of contacts, we are able to           are as critical to us as to our                            vandalism, or acts of nature. We do not anticipate
provide additional long term services and support should     clients. Many customers feel                               problems but we will do our best to immediately inform
the customer request. Some additional functions              our value added services are                               you, and the authorities, should any instance occur. We
include the following:                                       often priceless.                                           also reserve the right to not take on a client if we feel we
• Meet, and even coordinate, home maintenance and                                                                       cannot adequately meet their expectations.
   repair companies on a daily or weekly basis.              To ensure such reliability we do not extend our service
• Consult, coordinate, and monitor home                      areas beyond those noted. We do not take clients far       PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT BOARD PETS
   improvements and interior decorations.                    outside our regular service areas but we have made         UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! We do not
• Assist in inspecting homes for basic quality of living     occasional exceptions if we feel they can be worked in     believe in the impact on the animals nor do
   assessments.                                              without risk of our high service standards.                we have proper facilities to do so.
• Provide independent home inspections and opinions
   for visitors and potential new home owners looking at     Our standard operating hours are 7am-7pm but we            Please visit our website for the latest services and pricing
   moving into the area.                                     make visits after standard hours if needed. In many        or feel free to contact us at any time via phone, fax,
                                                             cases we are able to take requests with a few hours        email, or postal mail.
Liberty Home and Pet Services goes above and beyond          notice if you are part of our SecureKey Program. Stuck
the norm - let us help free you from everyday home and       out of town on a business trip…just give us a call – we
pet concerns!                                                will do our best to help you out!

                                                             Please be sure to visit our website for client                 
                                                             testimonials, photo albums of our furry guests,               6924 Bent Grass Dr., Naples, FL 34113
                                                             and detailed forms and make online reservations.              (239)-580-0300 tel , (239)-580-0301 fax