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Claim form - Bulk centre only by eat9932


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                                                                            In the
               Claim Form                                                              Northampton
   Claimant                                                                                                       County Court
                                                                            Claim No.
                                                                            Issue Date
                                                                            Court Address
                                                                            County Court Bulk Centre
                                                                            4th Floor St. Katharine's House
   Address for sending documents and payments      (if different)
                                                                            21-27 St Katharine's Street
                                                                            NN1 2LH

                                                                            Telephone 0845 408 5302


   Defendant                                                               Defendant

   Particulars of Claim

                                                                                            Important Note
                                                                             • You have a limited time in which to reply to
                                                                               this claim form
                                                                             • Please read all the guidance notes on the
                                                                               back of this form - they set out the time limits
                                                                               and tell you what you can do about the claim

                                                                              Amount claimed
                                                                              Court fee
                                                                              Solicitor’s costs

     The Claimant believes that the facts stated in this claim form
                                                                              Total amount
     are true and I am duly authorised by the claimant to sign this

      (Claimant)(Claimant’s Solicitor)

N1CPC Claim form (04.06) web version
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     Please read these notes carefully - they will help you decide what to do next.
Court staff can help you complete the reply forms and tell you about court procedures. They cannot give legal advice.
If you need legal advice you should contact a solicitor or Citizens Advice Bureau immediately.

    Do not ignore this claim form.                       Judgment may be entered against you without further notice.
                                                         This will make it difficult for you to get credit.
    If you do nothing

                                                        You must respond to this claim form within 14 days of the day
    Time allowed to reply to this                       of service. The attached forms may be used for that purpose.
    claim                                               The day of service is taken as 5 days after the issue date
                                                        shown overleaf.
                                                        Take or send the money, including any interest and costs, to
    If you agree with all of the                        the claimant. The address for payment is on the front of the
    claim and wish to pay it now                        claim form. You should ensure that the claimant receives the
                                                        money within 14 days of the date of service. There is further
                                                        information on how to pay below.
                                                        Complete the admission form (N9A) and send it direct to the
    If you agree with all of the                        claimant (see address on the front of the form to which
                                                        documents are to be sent). Do not send a copy to the court.
    claim and are asking for time to
                                                        Entering an admission may result in judgment being entered
    pay.                                                against you.

                                                        Complete the admission form (N9A) and the defence form
    If you admit only part of the                       (N9B) and send them both to the court within 14 days of the
    claim                                               date of service.

    If you disagree with the claim                      You must send either the completed acknowledgment of
                                                        service form or a defence to the court within 14 days of the
    or if you want to make a claim                      date of service. If you send the acknowledgment of service
    against the claimant                                you must send a defence to the court to arrive no later than 28
    (counterclaim)                                      days from the date of service.

Registration of Judgments: If this claim results in a judgment against you, details will be entered in a public register,
the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines.They will then be passed to credit reference agencies, which will supply
them to credit grantors and others seeking information on your financial standing.This will make it difficult for you
to get credit. A list of credit reference agencies is available from Registry Trust Limited, 173/175 Cleveland Street,
London W1T 6QR.
Costs and Interest: Additional costs and interest may be added to the amount claimed on the front of the claim form
if judgment is entered against you. If judgment is for £5,000 or more, or is in respect of a debt which attracts contrac-
tual or statutory interest for late payment, the claimant may be entitled to further interest.
                                                      How to Pay
   • payments must be made to the person named at the address for payment box quoting any reference and the
     court case number
   • do not bring or send payments to the court - they will not be accepted
   • you should allow at least 4 days for your payments to reach the claimant or his representative
   • make sure that you keep records and can account for all payments made. Proof may be required is there is
     any disagreement. It is not safe to send cash unless you use registered post.
   • a leaflet giving further advice about payment can be obtained from any county court
   • if you need any further information you should contact the claimant or the claimant’s representative

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