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					Great forest park balloon race

Over which European city did the first balloon flight take place? Paris, France. The first balloon flight was launched from the grounds of the Palace of Versailles on September 19, 1783. Who were the first passengers to fly in a hot air balloon? The first aeronauts were a duck, a rooster, and a sheep. What year did the first ever manned balloon flight take place? The first manned balloon flight took place on November 21, 1783 and lasted only 25 minutes. The King of France wanted the first human passenger to be criminal, since his loss would not be missed. Pilatre de Rozier protested, saying, "Shall vile criminals, foul murderers, men rejected form the bottom of society, have the glory of being the first to navigate the field of air? Never, while Pilatre de Rozier draws breath!" Thus, Pilatre de Rozier, a 29 year old physics and chemistry teacher, and his companion, the Marquis de' Arlandes, a major in the army and a favorite in the King's court, were chosen as the first human passengers. Pilatre de Rozier was also the first person to be killed in a balloon in 1786. Who invented the balloon? The inventors of the balloon were Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier. Hence, a hot air balloon can also be called a Montgolfier. What type of fuel do most hot air balloons use? Propane is the fuel of choice for the modern hot air balloon. The first hot air balloons got their lift form the burning of straw, old shoes, and rotten meat. Why did the early balloonist carry champagne? When ballooning originated in the late eighteenth century, the masses did not know that people could now fly in balloons. This was especially true of the farm population. Most flights lifted off in cities, but landed in the countryside. Never having seen people flying before, farmers sometimes attacked balloonists with pitchforks. Champagne or wine was carried to prove that not only the pilot was from an area nearby where the wine was produced, but also more importantly, that he was from earth and not a demon from another world. On the first flight in the United States, Pierre Blanchard carried a bottle of wine. What is the proper name of the fabric portion of the balloon? The envelope.

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