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					                                        St Peter’s C of E Primary School: Literacy Planning Sheet
Class: Swan       Block: Revision                  Unit: Recount                             Term: 4              Week: 3               Date: 8th – 12th March 2010

Overall objective: To write recount texts in different forms
WALT/I can…                                                                                     Main Activity                                                         Plenary
                      Main Teaching Input           VCOP/Skills              Teacher            LA – 3c/3b            MA – 3a/4c             HA – 4b/4a                             Literacy Skills (p.m.)
                                                      Activity                                 (Blue table)           (Red / yellow         (Green table)       Key Questions
                                                                             Guided                                      table)
Victorian Day
Tuesday           What do we know about                                   Blue: Discuss      Read On the Whale Trail (2001 SATs) and On the Road (2005       Go through answers,   Spelling (Miss Oliver)
                  recount texts? Give out                                 some questions     SATs). Answer SATs questions.                                   annotating to show    Suffixes and prefixes
WALT answer       recount checklist for children                          together and                                                                       improvements.
questions         to put in revision folders.                             shared write
about recount                                                             some answers.
Wednesday         Look at 2006 long writing         Generate lists of     Blue: Shared       Write two contrasting diary entries about day out.              Listen to a few       Handwriting.
                  SATs task – Dear Diary...         adjectives for        write openings                                                                     examples. Identify
WALT write                                          ‘good’ and ‘bad’      of both entries.                                                                   successes and
from different                                      descriptions.                                                                                            possible
viewpoints                                                                                                                                                   improvements.
Thursday          Discuss the difference            Identify examples     Green: Model       Write an accident report, using formal language.                Listen to a few       ICT – use revision
                  between formal and informal       of formal and         and shared                                                                         examples. Identify    websites.
WALT write a      recounts and the language         informal language.    write examples                                                                     successes and
formal            used. Look at 2004 short                                of formal                                                                          possible
recount           writing SATs task –                                     phrases suitable                                                                   improvements.
                  Eyewitness.                                             for this task.
Friday            Look at 2008 long writing         Practise using        Red: Shared        Write biography of imaginary funfair ride inventor.             Listen to a few
                  SATs task – Pip Davenport.        varied time           write some                                                                         examples. Identify
WALT write a      Discuss the sort of extra         openers, e.g. Ten     sections,                                                                          successes and
biography         details that will need to be      years later... Over   focusing on                                                                        possible
                  made up.                          the first year...     structure and                                                                      improvements.
                                                                          adding detail.
VCOP Activities (to be used throughout week) – focus on clauses
    Up-levelling sentences: add in words, drop in chunks, add on at the end / beginning, change words, add a connective
    Get it write! Provide sentence with errors. Children spot errors and put them right.
    Imitating a sentence: Write up sentence with modal verb (e.g. would, might, could). Children create similar sentence with same type of modal verb.

Tuesday – wrote recount about Victorian day. Moved Tue and Wed lessons to Wed and Thu. Missed out Thursday’s lesson – do next week.
                          St Peter’s C of E Primary School: Literacy Planning Sheet
Guided Reading – Swan class             Term 4 Week 2
                    Monday                      Tuesday                  Wednesday               Thursday                Friday
Group 1 (3c/3b)
Oliver 3c                                            SATs practice           SATs practice                                   Guided reading
Lacyleigh 3c
                                                                                                      Pre-reading             (Miss Knight)
                                                     (Mrs Jackson)           (Mrs Jackson)
Laura H 3c
Maja 3c                                                                                                                  Heads or Tails 2 (Head
                                                     SATs practice           SATs practice           SATs practice
Georgina 3b
                                                      (Mrs Kautz)             (Mrs Kautz)             (Mrs Kautz)              To Head)
Karl 3b
Group 2 (4c)
Lilli 4c                                                                                            Guided reading
Corrie 4c                                                                     Pre-reading                                    Follow up task
                                                                                                     (Miss Knight)
Chloe B 4c
Laura G 4c
                              BIG WRITING          Independent task
                                                                              Big Issues 2                                    Big Issues 2
Beccy 4c                                                                                              Big Issues 2
Kingsley 4b
Group 3 (4b / 4a)
Jacob 4b                                                                    Guided reading
                                                      Pre-reading                                    Follow up task
Kieren 4b                                                                    (Miss Knight)
Shaynah 4b                                                                                                                  Independent task
Jaime R 4b                                        All’s Well That Ends                            All’s Well That Ends
                                                                          All’s Well That Ends
Zak 4a                                                   Well 2                                          Well 2
Dominic 4a
                                                                                 Well 2
Group 4 (4a/5c)
Adrienne 4a
Jack A 4a                                           Guided reading                                                            Pre-reading
                                                                            Follow up task
Yasmine 4a                                           (Miss Knight)
Courtney-Rose 4a
                                                                                                   Independent task
                                                                                                                           Project Nemesis 3
Bradley 4a                                                                 Project Nemesis 2
                                                   Project Nemesis 2
James 5c
Isobel 5c
                                     St Peter’s C of E Primary School: Literacy Planning Sheet
Guided reading – Term 3 Week 1
                        Title and genre      Learning Intention   Key Questions     Assessment   Follow up activity
                           Book band
Group 1 (3c/3b)     Head to Head lesson
Friday              2(fiction)
Oliver 3c
Lacyleigh 3c
                    Rigby Navigator Max
Laura H 3c
Maja 3c
Georgina 3b
Karl 3b
Group 2 (4c)        Moving On lesson 2
Lilli 4c            Rigby Navigator Red
Corrie 4c
                    (Level 4a)
Chloe B 4c
Laura G 4c
Beccy 4c
Kingsley 4b
Group 3 (4b / 4a)   Big Issues lesson 2
Wednesday           (discussion)
Jacob 4b
Kieren 4b
                    Literacy World Stage 4
Shaynah 4b
Jaime R 4b
Zak 4a
Dominic 4a
Group 4 (4a/5c)     Project Nemesis lesson
Tuesday             2 (mystery story)
Adrienne 4a
Jack A 4a
                    Literacy World Comets
Yasmine 4a
                    (Level 5C)
Courtney-Rose 4a
Bradley 4a
James 5c
Isobel 5c

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