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					    2010 ANNUAL REPORT

CliCk to Donate
 You Made It Happen
                          2010 was a year of budget cuts and hardships
                          for many in our area. But because of you, it was
                          also a year of hope.

                          You looked around and thought, “I may have
                          it rough, but others have it rougher.” Then you
                          rolled up your sleeves and got to work.

                         Here’s just one example; for the second year in
                         a row, we lacked funding for winter shelters.
                         So every night for five months, local houses
  of worship took turns providing a winter sanctuary for the homeless.
                                                                                Former foster youth served at the Shelter from the Storm Society dinner November 2010
  Concerned volunteers rallied to provide folks in need with food,
  clothing and bedding, and ushered them out of the cold and to a place
  where they could feel God’s love and presence.                             Fostering Brighter Futures
                                                                             What happens to kids who age out of the foster care system? In Sacramento, we
  These countless small gestures and exchanges are what we’re all about.     give them a bridge to adulthood through the Transitional Housing Program for
  You might think, “I didn’t do much.” But every day, you have the           Former Foster Youth.
  power to make a miracle happen. A simple word or kind deed can             This program provides 18- to 24-year-olds — and their children, if any — with two
  inspire someone to leave behind a life of hopelessness and addiction.      years of transitional housing. It also offers services and training to give them a
                                                                             head start in adult life. Participants learn fiscal responsibility. They gain access to
                                                                             education and job training. And they get help finding appropriate housing, so they
  You are all a part of the Volunteers of America family. Whenever we        can move on to live independently.
  need you, you’re there. And that’s what families are all about.
                                                                             To truly appreciate what we do, you have to see the impact it has on real people’s
                                                                             lives. Turn to page 5 to meet Shaniqua, a former foster child and a grateful
  We can never thank you enough.                                             participant of this program.

                                                                             2009-2010 Board of Directors
                                                                             Judy McGarry                       Steven K. Green                     Leo McFarland
  Leo McFarland                                                              Immediate Chairwoman               Senior Vice President               President/CEO
                                                                             Director of Compliance (retired)   & Manager                           Volunteers of America
  President & CEO                                                            Countywide Services Agency/        F&M Bank                            Greater Sacramento &
                                                                             County of Sacramento                                                   Northern Nevada
  Volunteers of America                                                                                         Janice Bowen
                                                                             Sherman Haggerty                   Television and Video Producer       Stan Stancell
  Greater Sacramento & Northern Nevada                                       Chairman                                                               Department of Finance
                                                                             President                          Bryan Bullard                       Officer (retired)
                                                                             Innovate Ventures LLC              President                           State of California
                                                                             Joel Leineke                       Bullard Construction
                                                                                                                                                    Joe Stinson
                                                                             Vice Chairman                      Greg Grant                          Assistant Publisher
                                                                             Vice President                     Treasurer                           Sacramento Observer
                                                                             Power Constructors                 Partner (retired)
                                                                                                                Grand Floor Designs                 Rick Wylie
                                                                             Debbie Augustine-Nelson                                                President
                                                                             Secretary                          Tom Lee                             Beutler Corporation
                                                                             President/CEO                      Deputy Director
                                                                             Augustine & Associates             State of California Department
                                                                                                                of Social Services

CliCk to Donate
A Hundred Years of Outreach in Sacramento
In 1911, when Volunteers of America opened its
Sacramento doors, the staff and volunteers focused
on giving food, clothing and spiritual support to the
poor and homeless people of our community.

A century later, our mission is the same, but our
programs have evolved with the times. We provide
emergency shelter, transitional and affordable
housing, substance-abuse treatment, and job
training. We teach classes in independent living
and parenting skills. And we’ve expanded our
service area to include Northern Nevada.

We are now one of the area’s largest providers of
human services. And it’s all thanks to your efforts
and support. We’re fortunate enough to have:

• More than 300 professional staff members
• More than 400 volunteers
• A dedicated board of directors
• Many compassionate benefactors                                                                                Maud Booth, co-founder of Volunteers of America

                                                 About Volunteers of America
                                                 Founded in 1896 by social reformers Maud and Ballington Booth, Volunteers of America is a
                                                 national, faith-based nonprofit organization. Its mission is to “reach and uplift” all people.

                                                 Our founders set out to go wherever they were needed and do whatever came to hand.
                                                 We’re doing the same today. Across the nation, in more than 130 cities, we’re working to
                                                 support and empower:
                                                 • At-risk youth                  • Homeless individuals and families     • Veterans and their families
                                                 • Vulnerable seniors             • People with disabilities
                                                 • Former foster youth            • Those recovering from addictions
          Helping those in need since 1896.
                                                 Keep reading to learn how our efforts shape the lives of real people in your community.
     Revenue by Source                                       For the Year Ending June 30

                                                             BALANCE SHEETS                             2010
                                           Public Support      Cash & Cash Equivalents            $1,292,073
                                                       6%    Accounts Receivable, net              2,353,850
                                                               Plesges Receivable                          --
                                         Participant Fees      Prepaid Expenses                      331,269
                                                      8%       Other Current Assets, net              15,377
                                                                  Total current assets             3,992,569
                                             Government        Fixed Assets
                                                    86%           Land & Buildings                  5,701,694
                                                                  Furnishings & Equipment             878,617
                                                                  Accumulated Depreciation        (1,696,185)

     Major government funders include: the United States
                                                               Total fixed assets                  4,884,126
     Department of Housing and Urban Development,              Other Assets                          725,849
     the United States Department of Veterans Affairs,
                                                             Total assets                        $9,602,544
     the United States Department of Labor, the Ohio
     Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and the
                                                             LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS
     Ohio Department of Development.
                                                               Current Liabilities                $1,332,415
                                                               Other Liabilities                   2,160,542
                                                               Net Assets                          6,109,587
     Expenses                                                Total liabilities and net assets    $9,602,544

                                              Fundraising    INCOME STATEMENTS                          2010
                                                             REVENUES FROM OPERATIONS
                                                               Public Support                      $966,307
                                                               Government Contracts               11,180,261
                                             and General
                                                               Participant Fees                      793,748

                                                             Total revenue                       12,940,316
                                                             PROGRAM SERVICES
                                                               Promoting Self Sufficiency         10,306,049
                                                               Fostering Independence                214,685
                                                             Total program services              10,520,734

     * Resource Development includes costs related to auto   SUPPORTING SERVICES
      donation program                                         Management and General              1,906,931
                                                               Fundraising                           278,133
                                                               Fees Paid to VOA National             261,445

     To requesT a copy of our audiTed financial              Total supporting services           2,446,509
     sTaTemenTs, please call (916) 442-3691.
                                                             Total expenses                      12,967,243
                                                             Excess (Deficit) From Operations      (26,927)
                                                             Non-operating Gains (Losses)             1,745

                                                             Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets      (25,182)

CliCk to Donate
A Family in
Transition Finds
a Place to Heal
Suddenly single after a bitter divorce and child
custody battle, Crystal and her young son and
daughter had nowhere to go. Crystal’s self-esteem
was shattered, and they all needed a place to heal
and gather strength for the road ahead.

At Volunteers of America’s Family Shelter in Reno,
Crystal found a safe haven and the tools to build a
better future. “The staff became like a family to us,”
she says. “They showed me how to get back up from
the bottom.”

When they first arrived, Crystal remembers, she
and her children had nothing. “But now,” she says
proudly, “we have stability.” After only three months
in the Family Shelter, they have moved into their own
apartment. And Crystal is interviewing for a new job.

Crystal is eager to be the best possible mother to
her children, and she credits the staff at the Family
Shelter for helping her believe in herself again.
Someday, she hopes to work in the shelter herself,
because, she declares, “I love you guys like family.”

Photography provided by John Byrne/Daily Sparks Tribune

                                                                               “ The	staff	bec
                                                                                               ame	like	a	fam
                                                                              to	us.	They	sh                  ily	
                                                                                              owed	me	how
                                                                              get	back	up	fro                	to	
  THE FACTS                                                                                     m	the	bottom
  •	 The	fastest-growing	group	of	homeless	people	in	the	United	States	
  	 is	composed	of	single	women	with	two	or	three	children.	Before	the	                              - CRYSTAL
  	 1980s,	the	homeless	population	was	mostly	composed	of	men.*
    * From

                                                                                                     A Foster Child Finds
                                                                                                     the Path to Success
                                                                                                     Shaniqua was always the new kid at school. She
                                                                                                     lived with 16 foster families over the years, never sure
                                                                                                     how long her latest family would keep her. In middle
                                                                                                     school, she discovered that creative writing gave her
                                                                                                     the courage and insight she needed to survive. Then
                                                                                                     at age 18, no longer a ward of the state, she suddenly
                                                                                                     found herself on her own. She had nowhere to go.

                                                                                                     At this critical time, Shaniqua learned about
                                                                                                     Volunteers of America’s Transitional Housing Program
                                                                                                     for Former Foster Youth. Based in Sacramento, this
                                                                                                     two-year residential program gives young people in
                                                                                                     her situation the skills and confidence they need to
                                                                                                     live independently. First, it helps them get their high
                                                                                                     school diplomas or GEDs. Then, it offers classes in
                                                                                                     budgeting, cooking, job training and other life skills.
                                                                                                     It also provides stability. “Having a place to live and a
                                                                                                     true support system gives me hope for when it’s time
                                                                                                     to be on my own,” Shaniqua says.

                                                                                                     Today, Shaniqua is looking for a job. She dreams of
                                                                                                     being a teacher who works with foster kids, like the
                                                                                                     teachers she had growing up who became her role
                                                                                                     models. They saw her through when other adults
                                                                                                     failed her.

                                                                                                     There are thousands of foster kids like Shaniqua
                                                                                                     who need adults to depend on. Shaniqua has some
                                                                                                     advice for them: “It will be hard on your own, but as
                                                                                                     long as you put your mind to it, you can reach your
“I’m	ready	to	make	a	difference	                                                                     goals in life.”

and	a	good	change	for	what	it
worth.	And	when	I	get	it	I’m	
going	to	make	the	best	time	                                                                                                   Watch: as If they’re Your Own
                                             THE FACTS
out	of	my	time	on	this	earth.”               The	Child	Welfare	League	of	America	reports	that	               aged out graduate from high school, compared to
                                             as	many	as	36%	of	foster	youth	who	have	aged	out	               85%	of	all	18-	to-24-year-olds;	fewer	than	1	in	8	
                        - SHANIquA           of the system become homeless and 56% become                    graduate	from	a	four-year	college;	two-thirds	had	
        (An excerpt from one of her poem     unemployed.	The	San	Francisco	Chronicle	reports	                not	maintained	employment	for	a	year;	fewer	than	
                                             that	less	than	half	of	emancipated	youth	who	have	              1	in	5	was	completely	self-supporting.*

CliCk to Donate                              * From
                                                           A Former Addict Turns
                                                           Her Life Around
                                                           Nikki grew up in a family that was haunted by addiction. She
                                                           suffered from feelings of worthlessness, and before long
                                                           she turned to drugs herself. At 12, she ran away and lived
                                                           on the streets, using drugs to try to escape her pain. Early
                                                           motherhood followed.

                                                           “As I brought my daughter Kayla into the world,” Nikki
                                                           recalls, “I did not think about the tools I needed to be a
                                                           mother. So the cycle of addiction continued. Seven years later
                                                           came another daughter, Alex, born with drugs in her system.

                                                           One night, Nikki was arrested while her 5-year-old daughter
                                                           slept unattended at home. It was just the catalyst she
                                                           needed. After serving time in jail and completing recovery,
                                                           she was accepted into Volunteers of America’s Mather
                                                           Community Campus, a transitional housing and
                                                           job-development program. For the next two years, Nikki
                                                           dedicated herself to changing her life.

                                                           “Volunteers of America provided me with a wonderful place
                                                           to stay and equipped me with the tools to live, to be a good
                                                           parent, to manage money and to hold a job – all of the things
                                                           I was lacking,” recalls Nikki. “They assisted me in breaking a
                                                           cycle that had affected my family for three generations,”

                                                           Today, Nikki has a strong relationship with her children and
                                                           is a productive member of her community. She has finally
                                                           made it through.

                                                           THE FACTS

                                                           Alcoholism and other drug addiction have genetic and
                                                           environmental	causes.	Both	have	serious	consequences	for	
                              k	Volunteers	o
             lly	like	to	than
                                                           children	who	live	in	homes	where	parents	are	drinking	or	using	
“I	would	rea                            r consistently     drugs.	More	than	28	million	Americans	are	children	of	alcoholics;	
                ot givin g up on me, fo                    nearly	11	million	are	under	the	age	of	18.	This	figure	is	magnified	by	
America for n                                  	
                              ing	me	positive              the	countless	number	of	others	who	are	affected	by	parents	who	are	
 guiding	me	  and	always	giv                               impaired	by	other	psychoactive	drugs.*
                                ver	grateful.”
 feedback.	Fo  r	that	I	am	fore                            * From
                                                 - NIKKI
                                                              Read: Nikki’s Full Story
 An Elderly Woman
 Finds a Safe Haven
 She was smart and independent. She’d worked
 hard all her life. But now, Maureen Harmon
 was facing a cancer diagnosis and a house in
 foreclosure. And her family was far away.

 Maureen was beginning to lose hope. Then, a
 friend referred her to the Volunteer’s of America-
 operated Sacramento Senior Safe House, a place
 where vulnerable seniors can find a temporary
 home as well as support and services to heal
 from traumatic living situations such as self-
 neglect and/or elder abuse.

 The six-bedroom home, nestled in a quiet
 residential area, made Maureen feel safe and
 relaxed. As the weeks went by, the former
 Hewlett-Packard executive made new friends
 and found the strength and will to go on. When
 she was ready, the staff at the senior safe house
 helped her find an affordable apartment.

 For the rest of her life, Maureen spoke out in
 support of the senior safe house. The care and
 compassion she experienced there gave her
 respite when she needed it most.

 •	 In	2010,	Sacramento	County	Adult	Protective		 	
    Services received 3,550 reports of abuse, resulting
 	 in	the	opening	of	2,695	cases.*
   *	From	Sacramento	County	Adult	Protective	Services

                                                  now	how	
                                     “You	don’t	k               u
                                                  means ’til yo
                                     much safety
                                      need	to	be	sa        uREEN
                                                          - MA

CliCk to Donate
Our Programs and Services                                            Spiritual Partners
From July 2009 to June 2010,    Every day at Volunteers of America   Bayside Covenant Church
Volunteers of America Greater   Greater Sacramento & Northern
                                                                     Calvary Christian Center
Sacramento & Northern Nevada    Nevada, we:
provided:                                                            Capital Christian Center

         481,800                              serve                  Christ Unity Church
                                           over 1,300 meals
       meals to homeless
                                            to homeless and          Healing Word Church
        and low-income
                                          low-income adults
       adults and children                                           Holy Cross Lutheran Church
                                              and children

                                                                     Immanuel Chinese Alliance Church
         438,071                            shelter                  Reno Assembly Of God
         nights of shelter                nearly 1,500 people
                                                                     Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission

            9,131                          support                   The River Church

      adults with residential                450 homeless            River Life Church
        substance abuse                  adults, families and
                                          former foster youth        Sacramento Japanese United
       treatment services
                                            with long-term           Methodist Church
                                         transitional housing
                                                                     Shiloh Baptist Church
           2,260                            and supportive
                                               services              Spiritual Life Center
       adults and children
     with emergency shelter                                          St. Albert the Great Catholic Church
                                           provide                   St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church
             805                          nearly 400 seniors
                                           and 140 families          St. Hope
        homeless adults,                with affordable housing
       families and former              and supportive services      St. Mel Catholic School
        foster youth with                  to help them live
      long-term transitional                                         Summit Christian Church
          housing and
       supportive services                                           Victory City Church

                                               help                  Xaris
                                              805 people
             659                            struggling with
       seniors and families              addiction continue on
          with affordable                   their journey to
     housing and supportive                    recovery
      services to help them
        live independently                                                                          8
  Community                          Jan Scully
                                     Judi Smith
                                                                                Steve & Kay Green
                                                                                Sherman Haggerty
                                                                                                                          Ed Ernst
                                                                                                                          John Frisch
  Support                            Specialty Steel Service
                                     Stan Stancell
                                                                                Christie J. Holderegger & John Leach
                                                                                Randy Jorgensen
                                                                                                                          Kara Green
                                                                                                                          Gary Greeson
                                     Michael Stettner                           Ronald Joseph                             Bill & Kandi Haertle
  Volunteers of America              Laura & Randy Stickelman                   Ernie & Mary Kauffman                     Bruce Hagel & Debra Price
  Greater Sacramento and             Trinity Life Center, Glen D. Cole          Jack Kearns                               Ted Howe
  Northern Nevada                    Margaret Weersing                          Michael Kearns                            Paul Ioanidis
  gratefully	acknowledges	           Rick and Cindy Wylie                       Mark & Laura Ketchersid                   Reynaldo J. Jimenez
  the	following	individuals,	                                                   Virginia Keyes                            Ruth Johnson
  corporations and foundations       DONOR ($100,000+)                          Douglas Kraft                             Dave Karacozoff
                                     Anonymous Foundation                       Maxine Milner Krugman                     Rev. Kevin Kitrell Ross
  for	financial	gifts	received.                                                 Joel & Michelle Leineke                   Doug Kleinsmith
                                     DONORS ($15,000+)                          Barry Loncke & Lilly Spitz                Paul & Melinda Lake
                                     Catholic Healthcare West                   Sheila Marsh                              Erik Larson & Melissa Liou
  SHELTER FROM THE STORM             Daniel & Urceline Newson
  SOCIETY MEMBERS                                                               Leo & Laurel McFarland                    Margaret Lial
  Anonymous                                                                     Thomas J. Morgan                          Perry R. Lowden, Jr.
                                     DONORS ($10,000+)                          Amelia Neufeld                            Loyola Guild Of Jesuit High School
  Augustine & Associates
                                     Campbell Soup Foundation                   Jon Nicholson Family                      Macy’s Foundation
  Douglas Baker
                                     Irving & Claudia Gum                       Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs    Teresa Madrigal
  Orlando & Lisa Batturaro
                                     Junior League of Sacramento, Inc.          Gary Orr                                  Michael McCleery
  Janice Bowen and William Gilbert
                                     Kelly Foundation                           Richard Osen                              Mary I. McFarland
  Judy Brickey
                                     Sacramento Region Community                Jeff Panasiti                             Mary Mijares
  Bullard Construction               Foundation
  Rick & Cathy Cole                  The Lennar Foundation                      Jason Pauline                             Russell Miller
  Creative Design Interiors                                                     Eltweed G. Pomeroy                        Mike & Sabrina Muljat
  CVC Construction                   DONORS ($5,000+)                           Nalini G. Prasad, M.D.                    John & Lois Nash
  General Davie                      Deacon Charitable Foundation               Bruce Quick                               Theodore Olsen
  Donant Foundation                  Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation       Kathryn Radtkey-Gaither                   Darrel Qualls
  Rev. Benny and Mrs. Pearl Ellis    Tim Lewis Communities                      Ruland’s Used Office Furnishings          Julie Rigali
  Elfrena Foord                      Lewis Kassis Foundation                    Sacramento Credit Union                   Fredrick L. Stephenson
  GALA Construction                  Judy McGarry                               Amani Sawires & Steve Rapaski             Laura Stickelman
  Greg & Linda Grant                 Republic Electric West                     John Schaefer                             Tom & Jackie Sullivan
  Steve & Kay Green                  Tri Counties Bank                          Jan Scully                                Terry Tice
  Sherman Haggerty                   United Way                                 Spiritual Life Center                     Elizabeth A. Valentine
  Unicity Technologies                                                          La Fenus Stancell                         Richard Weirich
  Christie Holderegger               DONORS ($2,500+)                           Honorable Darrell Steinberg
  Interstate Plastics                Janice Bowen & William Gilbert, M.D.       Strong-Lachemann Foundation               DONORS ($250+)
  Paul Ioanidis                      Greg & Linda Grant                         Surewest Foundation                       Anonymous (2)
  Lewis Kassis Foundation            Christopher & Rachael Sewell               William & Marilyn Sykes                   Thomas & Susan Aoki, M.D.
  Jack Kearns                        Fred & Nancy Teichert                      The Foundation of Sacramento AWRT, Inc.   Debra Augustine-Nelson
  Michael Kearns                     The Safeway Foundation                     Margaret Weersing                         Elaine Baldwin
  Virginia Keyes                     Unicity Technologies                       Kerrin West                               Bartig Family Fund
  Doug Kleinsmith                                                               David Wiest                               Craig Battle
  Kraft Opich, LLC                   DONORS ($1,000+)                           Rick & Cindy Wylie                        Barbara C. Black
  Joel Leineke                       American Federation Of State & Municipal                                             Gary & Victoria Boothe
  Barry Loncke & Lilly Spitz         Employees CA Issues                        DONORS ($500+)                            Dennis Cook
  Leo McFarland                      Anonymous                                  Anonymous (5)                             Janet Cornelius & Nancy Voss
  Judy McGarry                       Bayside Covenant Church                    Doug & Patricia Baker                     Frank & Vicki David
  Daniel & Urceline Newson           Judy Brickey                               Orlando & Lisa Batturaro                  Donald R. Dehaan
  Nielsen & Associates Architects    Brown, Fink, Boyce & Astle                 Gregory Burke                             Jeane Doncaster
  Richard Osen                       Capital City AIDS Fund                     Linda Burkholder                          David & Krystin Dozier
  Eric Palmaer                       John L. Caraway                            John Buttz                                Hadi Eissa
  Jeff Panasiti                      Creative Design Interiors                  C. C. Myers Inc., Charitable Foundation   Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Enoch
  Bruce Quick                        General S. Davie, Jr.                      Boyd Cahill                               William Fuller, Jr.
  Kathryn Radtkey-Gaither            Jill Dornan                                Rev. Tina Campbell                        Frank Furtek
  Helen Reedy                        Rev & Mrs. Benny R. Ellis                  Mike Cappelluti                           Marianne Gannon
  Republic Electric Inc.             Cedar Valley Concrete                      Ben Caputo                                William F. Geach
  Sacramento Credit Union            Jay Fischer                                Juanita M. Daniel                         Ed Gomes
                                     Elfrena Foord                              Robin DeBard                              Charles & Debra Gourley
                                     GALA Construction                          Cathryn A. Dowling                        Ron & Cleo Greenwood

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Hon. & Mrs. Eugene Gualco        Alan & Myrna Baker                       Wendel Nickerson                    Rose Kaerth In Honor of
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JAMS                             Mike Bouchard                            Jenson Pfeiffer                     My Little Sister
Howard & Betty Jeske             Doug Brown                               Deborah Pino                        Mrs. Mary I. McFarland In Memory of
Muriel Johnson                   George Burnash                           Ivan Ponber                         Charles Minter
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Kent Lacin Media Services        Peggy Cox                                Dewey & Cindy Roberts               Paul Bystrowski
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Clarence Leland                                                           Keith W. Rogers                     Brady Joyce
Joseph & Julie Lienert           Charlene DeMartini                       Richard & Florence Rose             Tammy Simmonds In Honor of
Ramon & Paula Lopez              Roger Des Laurier                        Sheila Runolfson                    Paul Bystrowski
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Diana Moorman                    Patricia Gayman                          Susan Swigart
Debra Morrow                     Grancell, Lebovitz, Stander, Reubens &   Robert Thomas
Helen O’Mara & Tom Harrington
                                                                          Ms. Alice Tomkins
                                                                                                              operation backpack
                                 Leena & J.W. Gurtis
Chris Owen                       Tammy Hale
                                                                          Walter & Nancy Tyler                 In	2010,	more	than	750	community	
Pacific Gas & Electric Company   David & Tiki Harlow
                                                                          Carol Van Bruggen                    contributors – from individuals to
Eric Palmaer                                                              John A. Vanderlip                    corporate	and	faith-based	groups	–	
                                 Enid & Robert Harris
Pacific Excavation Inc                                                    David Vanicek                        donated	4,100	school	supply-filled	
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Joseph Ragland                                                            Trina Wendell                        backpacks	on	behalf	of	homeless	
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Kristen Rathbun                                                           Terry A. Wert                        children and other students in
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Curt Rocca                                                                Robert J. Whitehead                  need.	Beyond	providing	boys	and	
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The California Endowment
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Kim Vann                                                                  Suzanne Glassman                    Your	gift	to	this	newly	created	fund	
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Gerald & Colleen Vink                                                     University of Nevada, Reno          can help safeguard the future of the
                                 Bea Marble
Julie & Rich Ward                Gregory Martin                                                               senior	safe	house.
Joyce Wiberg                                                              IN MEMORY OF &
                                 Stanley McGuffey                         IN HONOR OF DONORS                  “Sadly,	many	seniors	find	themselves	
Linda S. Wilson                  John Mikacich
Alisi Wolfgramm                                                           Judy Brim In Honor of                abused or neglected in their golden
                                 Martin W. Miller                         Sonya & Norman                       years.	But	at	the	Sacramento	Senior	
Barbara Wright                   Betty Minick                             Steve Cohee In Honor of
                                                                          Paul Bystrowski                      Safe	House,	they	can	find	shelter,	safety	
DONORS ($150+)                   Beatrice A. Moore                                                             and the opportunity to feel valued and
                                 James & Virginia Moose, Jr.              Larry Hochberg In Memory of
Air Systems                                                               Janice L. Cardoza                    worthy	of	respect.	I	am	deeply	grateful	
                                 Bettye Morgan
Dennis & Pam Alexander                                                    Howard & Betty Jeske In Memory of    to	Volunteers	of	America	for	making	
                                 Juliana Morotti & George Siller          Maj. General Gavin Herb
Trish Antonetti                                                                                                this	dream	of	mine	a	reality.”
Devon Atlee                      Mildred Mulder                           Ruth Johnson In Honor of
                                 William S. Muscardini                    St. Paul Retiree Ministry
Walter Babson                                                                                                 Maxine Milner Krugman,
                                 Steve Muzinich                                                               Founder                                                   10
  Vo l u n t e e r s o f A m e r i c A
  G r e At e r s Ac r A m e n t o & n o r t h e r n n e VA dA
  1900 Point West Way
  Suite 270
  Sacramento, CA 95815-4700

  Phone: (916) 442-3691
  Fax: (916) 442-1861

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