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									Virtual Data Room
 From Deal Making to Due Diligence

      Built with the leading Investment Banks and Law Firms, our revolutionary
      technology is used by tens of thousands of professionals all over the world.

Virtual Data Room:
What you need to know and why
Transactions are becoming increasingly more complicated. Deals involve numerous participants who need
access to an escalating number of documents at any given stage of the deal. This creates a huge administrative
burden on lawyers, bankers and companies driving cost up and slowing down execution.

Our Virtual Data Room helps optimise all stages of the deal cycle. From idea marketing to post closing, with our
Virtual Data Room, you can easily and securely share information with potential investors, buyers and partners.

      1. Security:
           Our platform is built on the highest industry standards and technology. Our infrastructure has
           passed the most demanding security audits and is SAS 70 Level II compliant. You can easily
           customise security to each particular user and/or document – which gives you ultimate control
           over disclosure.

      2. Service:
           Our experienced Deal Coordinators will work with you to prepare and perform all steps needed
           to optimise set up and execution of your transaction. This includes Virtual Data Room structure
           design, scanning and upload of documents, permission management and the rest of our suite.
           Each project is assigned a dedicated Deal Coordinator who is available 24/7.

      3. Simplicity:
           Our interface and process makes it extremely easy for you to manage the Virtual Data Room.
           Everything is essentially point-and-click, meaning there is no learning curve. Although the
           technology-end of the Virtual Data Room is quite complex, from the user perspective, it could not
           be easier.

      4. Speed:
           Virtual Data Rooms can be set up in a matter of minutes. Our interface and infrastructure are
           designed to make the process quick and easy so that you can get started immediately.

      5. Cost Certainty:
           The cost of our Virtual Data Room is certain and transparent. Our fees include unlimited use
           of our dedicated Deal Coordinators and their expertise. There are no hidden fees, overnight
           or weekend charges.

             24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Our
             Deal Coordinators have been hand selected for their
              M&A experience with banks and investment firms.
     Over the years, our platform has evolved with the help of finance professionals, lawyers and
 corporations. All the functionality of our platform is built for optimised transactions, to give our users
                    the best and most secure Virtual Data Room experience possible.

The platform is designed so that both users and administrators can apply its functionality easily without any
training. Its tools and practicality make it very simple for users to get the most from the platform.

Windows Explorer Look and Feel
Users will be able to start working in the Virtual Data Room almost immediately. Navigation has a very familiar
interface, based on the Windows Explorer aesthetic and functionality. It effortlessly guides users and
administrators through the content, without the time-constraining process of training.
Google Powered Search
All documents are searchable by title and content using the world’s leading search engine, Google . Search
terms can be simple or advanced and search results are prioritised by relevance.
Site Map
The Virtual Data Room provides a single view of the entire project that can be easily printable or exportable as a
worksheet. If you need to work on multiple documents, the Site Map allows you to stay in the same window
instead of digging through various folders.

                                                                       Document Messages
                                                                       Administrators can easily send new
                                                                       content or links to all users. Users can
                                                                       also opt to receive daily or weekly emails
                                                                       highlighting any changes in the Virtual
                                                                       Data Room.
                                                                       New Items
                                                                       Users can get a list of the files that have
                                                                       been uploaded to the project since their
                                                                       last log in date or within a date range.
                                                                       Users can also filter to show only unread

                                                                                             Access your
                                                                                             Virtual Data
                                                                                             anywhere in
                                                                                              the world.

Security is top priority for our clients. We continually invest to keep our technology and platform secure and confidential.

Infrastructure Security
Our servers are housed in two geographically remote and highly secure data centres with SunGard Availability Services (SAS
70 Type II certified), the industry-leading hosting service provider that boasts over 10,000 global clients. These facilities are
used by a number of leading banks, government agencies and blue-chip corporations. Each facility uses real-time
replication, multiple connections, alternate power sources, intrusion detection and state-of-the-art emergency response
systems for further data protection. In addition, fire wall mechanisms, virus scanning and intrusion detection software are
continuously monitored on our platform. The hosting facilities are equipped with video surveillance, proximity card readers
and biometric scanners, which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Application Security
Over the years, our software engineers have responded to client and regulatory requirements to ensure that our
application adheres to the highest security standards. This guarantees that all content is safeguarded against
unauthorised access.

Data Encryption
All communication transmitted to and from the Virtual Data Room is protected with 128-bit encryption.

Document Protection and Locking
We use the strongest document level protection available. Our document security provides the ability to lock down your
PDF documents. The site administrator has the authority to control whether users can copy, print, forward or alter a
document. Our Virtual Data Room can even block the use of the “print screen” key, and add a personalised watermark. This
encryption and locking functionality can be enforced on any PDF document posted to the Virtual Data Room system and
these rules are enforced even if the document is taken offline, e.g. saved to a user’s desktop PC. Our Virtual Data Room
allows you to track and audit usage and even alter permissions after the document has been distributed, enabling you to
revoke access even when the document has been distributed.

Process Security
Our operations have been audited for processes, technology and security by leading financial institutions and law firms.
We also perform regular internal audits to ensure that all points of potential data compromise are minimised.

Personnel Security
In addition to layers of technical security, we rigorously screen our staff, requiring each employee to sign a non-disclosure
agreement. All EthosData employees from software engineers to account managers, undergo a thorough background
check. All members of staff go through comprehensive training in data privacy and compliance prior to any involvement in
client transactions. All client data is kept strictly confidential and all user passwords are stored in our secure database in a
hash format, inaccessible by even our technical team.

                                                                             Taking every
                                                                             precaution to
                                                                           ensure that your
                                                                            deal is safe and

Advanced Functionality
Our Virtual Data Room provides simple, effective tools that allow our clients to obtain valuable information
regarding the individual interest of each user. It also tracks every single action for compliance, and provides a
very powerful and easy to use platform to organise all questions and answers about a document or folder.

Get detailed information about the activities of each user or organisation including what documents he or she
has viewed, questions asked and log-ins. Information is presented in an easy-to-read graphical format. The
underlying detailed information can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Manage the entire the flow of questions and comments about a given document with convenience and ease.
Administrators can answer multiple questions, add links to existing documents and export to Excel for easy

The Virtual Data Room logs every action performed by users in the system. Site administrators can search these
actions using our comprehensive audit search tool. Each audit record will provide information on the action,
the user that performed the action, the exact date and time which the action was performed, and any
additional metadata relevant to the action. This ensures that in the event of legal action you are covered on all
aspects of compliance and disclosure.

                                                                Customised to your
                                                             specifications for ultimate

Our platform and processes are set up so that projects can be launched in minutes.

Add a folder structure in one go
Easily upload entire projects with multiple files and folders. No need for cumbersome installations or plug-ins.

Bulk upload of users
Adding a list of users is as easy as pasting their email addresses together in one text box. The platform will do
the rest, guiding the administrator through the process with a few simple steps.

Open documents fast
Our PDF based document encryption provides a secure and speedy experience for the user. Users can also
download more than one file at a time with the bulk download tool.

Speed, Security and Service
brought to you by Millnet and EthosData the leading provid-
er of critical document exchange services.

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