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Semester: fall 2007 Instructor: Julie Ellis PT, SCS, CSCS

Phone: 420-1525 email:

Course description: Pilates incorporates a series of movement exercises to achieve a balanced and improved postural alignment. Pilates moves focus on the abdominal muscles, hip/pelvic floor, low back and spine. Students will experience a non-impact workout that includes stretching, toning and breathing/relaxation during each class period. Pre-requisites: None. All students welcome and modifications always demonstrated for beginners. Objective: The objective of this course is to use the Pilates method in both mat and standing positions to strengthen the core muscles. Core muscles are the supportive muscles of the abdominals, spine, pelvis and shoulders/chest. When muscle control occurs in the core students will obtain better posture, strength, flexibility and balance. Focus is also placed on breathing, postural endurance and relaxation. Course Outcomes and Assessments: Outcome: Learn all safety techniques of beginning supine and standing postures related to pilates exercise. Assessment: Students will demonstrate correct safety techniques with peer/instructor evaluation. Outcome: Learn basic alignment principles with appropriate modifications. Assessment: Alignment will be evaluated using a posture/partner assessments and mirror techniques. Outcome: Student to learn awareness of body fat %, biceps strength, flexibility and weight in a pre and post testing assessment Assessment: The tri-fit computerized fitness assessment will be performed at beginning and end of semester. Outcome: Introduce and experience simple posture alignment techniques and improve balance. Assessment: Students will perform pre and post test of postural stability and single leg balance as a measurement of improvement.

Grading Practices:

To earn an “A” in class, the student must complete the following: Participate fully in all classes Complete Health History and all assessments Flexibility, Strength, Postural Stability Test. Miss 0-4 Class Periods To earn a “B” in class, the student must participate fully in class, complete assessment activities, and can miss 5-7 classes. To earn a “C” in class the student may miss 8-10 classes To earn a “D” in class the student may miss 11-13 classes. 13 or more missed classes will result in an “F” grade. Online Course Evaluation: As part of the Outcome/Assessment for C.S.I, each student is requested to complete an online class evaluation form at the end or the semester. Students will access the evaluation at The name and passwords is the same as for the network email and Blackboard. It is important to complete these evaluations so we can continually improve courses. Disabilities: Any student with a documented disability may be eligible for related accommodations. To determine eligibility and secure services, students should contact the coordination of Disability Services at their first opportunity after registration for a class. Student Disability Services is located on the second floor of the Taylor Building on the Twin Falls Campus. 208-732-6260 (voice), 208-734-9929 (TTY), 208-732-6799 (SECURED FAX), or e-mail

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