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									               Fw: New NIC IASG Tea m and Leads List
               Martha N Garcia to: Marcia K McNutt                                          06/08/201004:30 PM
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I asked for them to correct the spelling of your first name. IASG   Teams   and Leads.doc
                       NIC - Interagency Solutions Group
                                Teams and Leads
1.   Interagency Alternative Technology Assessment Program (IATAP) --CAPT Matt Sisson
     (USCG), Shannon Jenkins (USCG)

2.   Flow Rate Technical Group (FRTG) -- Marsha McNut (USGS), Martha Garcia (USGS)

3.   Joint Analysis Group (JAG) - Subsurface Dispersed Oil--Steve Murawski (NOAA),
     Mark Mille r (NOAA), Natalie Valette -Silver (NOAA)

4.   Integrated Support Team (1ST) - (Claims ) -- Tracey wa reing (FEMA)

S.   Countermeasures -- Mark Miller (NOAA), Jason Rolfe (NOAA)

     •   Berms/Barriers-Bill Grawe (USCG) , David Ormes (USCG)

     •   Archeological/Cultural Resources-David Behler (DOl)

6.   Human Health -- CAPT Tom Mignone (HHS) CDR Keith Fay (FDA)

     •   Worker Health and Safety-- Denise Matthews (OSHA)

     •   Seafood Safety- - Ralph Lopez (NOAA), CAPT Bill Burkhardt (FDA), Susan Krala (USCG)

7.   Environmental Effects -- Mark Mjoness (EPA), Amy Mc Elroy (USCG), Ralph Lopez (NOAA)

     •   Dispersant Use --Roberta Runge (EPA), Mark Mjoness (EPA), Amy McElroy (USCG)

     •   Fishery Management -- Ralph Lopez (NOAA), CDR Keith Fay (FDA)

     •   Debris (Hurricane vs. Oil Spill) -- Karin Messenger (USCG), Jean Shuman (EPA)

     •   Waste Management -- Mark Mjoness (EPA)

8.   Environmental ImpactS -Long Term--Blake Velde (USDA), Larry Greene (USCG)

     •   NRDA - Mark Miller (NOAA), Jason Rolfe (NOAA), David Behler (DOl),
         Mark Mjoness (EPA), Blake Velde (USDA)

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