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Concerned that your tokens
are vulnerable to attack?

               Device identification
               closes the gap.
               Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that the nation’s largest
               defense contractor experienced a network intrusion involving
               the use of RSA SecurID® tokens. A growing number of industry
               experts recommend adding device identification as a layer of
               protection for securing access and thwarting future cyber attacks.
               Wave Systems has helped some of the largest organizations
               reduce their risks by implementing device identification;
               we can help you too!
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                                                                                                   Welc om e

                               NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY
                            FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755-6000
                                                                                         September 20, 2011

Dear Attendee,

Welcome to the 2nd Annual NSA Trusted Computing Conference and Exposition. This year’s event builds
on the success of our 2010 conference, offering more keynotes, an expanded selection of practical
breakout sessions, and more opportunities to interact and network with peers and experts.

Our conference theme is “Using COTS Technologies to Deliver Decisive Defensive Advantage.” As
traditional cyber defenses too often leave our critical information and infrastructure vulnerable to attack,
we need a decisive defense—one that can help turn the tide, repel attackers and bring an end to the
conflict. The presentations, demonstrations and sessions in this year’s conference will provide the
know-how you need to begin building this kind of defense for your organization and our nation in the
months ahead.

This year’s conference features keynote addresses from influential leaders in government and industry,
    •   Pat Calhoun, Vice President and General Manager, Security Systems Unit, Cisco Systems, Inc.
    •   David DeWalt, Board of Directors, McAfee, Inc.
    •   Sumit Gwalani, Product Manager, Chrome OS, Google
    •   John Lambert, Senior Director, Security Engineering and Network Security, Trustworthy
        Computing, Microsoft Corp.
    •   Tony W. Sager, Chief Operating Officer for the Information Assurance Directorate, NSA/CSS
    •   Anthony A. Stramella, Special Assistant to the Director, National Threat Operations Center,
    •   Fran Townsend, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Government, Legal and Business Affairs,
        MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings, Inc., Former Homeland Security Advisor
We are looking for leaders at this conference–those who will step up to the challenge and become
champions for trusted computing technologies and solutions in the year to come. Together we can build
the decisive defense we need–starting right now.

Thank you for your participation.

                                                Best regards,

                                        CURTIS W. DUKES
                                 NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center

    c o nf e renc e information

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    9:00am – 5:00pm.

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                                                        5565 sterrett place | suite 200
                                                        Columbia, Maryland 21044
                                                        888.603.8899 |

                                                                                      co n f e r e n ce H ig H li g H ts

registration mixer

Please join your peers and take the opportunity to network! Get a jump start by visiting the Exhibit Hall at the Registration Mixer on
Monday evening. The mixer, hosted by Intel and Citrix will be held from 5:00pm – 7:00pm in the Exhibit Hall, Grand Sierra Ballroom E-I.

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Enjoy a cool treat, compliments of: CompTIA & Pearson VUE on Tuesday during the afternoon break in the Exhibit Hall.

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all-Hands netWorking social

Join your colleagues for networking, refreshments, and live music at the Caribe Royale Poolside Terrace on Tuesday,
September 20 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Hosted by:

                             Trusted Computing Trading Cards
                   Collect them ALL and learn about key Trusted Computing technologies!

  NEW! 2011 Key Technology Cards   2010 Key Technology Cards
  • Device Measurement             • Data at Rest Protection
  • Hardware Root of Trust         • Network Encryption
  • Long-Term Protected Storage    • Remote Administration Software
  • Measurement Monitoring         • Remote Attestation Software
  • Process Separation             • Secure Virtualization Software
  • Program Isolation              • Trusted Boot Code
                                   • Trusted Network Access Control
                                   • Trusted Operating System                 • Trusted Platform Module

    c o nf e renc e acronyms

            AIK                           attestation identity Key
             AV                                  anti-Virus
           COTS                           Commercial off the shelf
            DAR                                 data at rest
            DOS                               denial of service
           DRTM                     dynamic root of trust Measurement
            FIPS                  federal information processing standards
            FRU                            field replaceable unit
           GAO                        government accountability office
            HAP                           high assurance platform
            HD                                   hard drive
             IT                           information technology
             ME                             Management engine
            PCR                        platform Configuration register
            PDP                             policy decision point
            PEP                           policy enforcement point
            PTS                            platform trust services
           RAM                            random access Memory
           SCCM                Microsoft® system Center Configuration Manager
            SMI                        system Management interrupt
           SMM                           system Management Mode
            SRK                               storage root Key
           SRTM                       static root of trust Measurement
            SSC                           security subsystem Class
            STM                             sMi transfer Monitor
            TBS                              tpM Base services
             TC                             trusted Computing
            TCG                          trusted Computing group
            TDD                              tpM device driver
            TNC                           trusted network Connect
            TPM                           trusted platform Module
            TSS                              tCg software stack
            TTP                              trusted third party
            TVE                         trusted Virtual environment
            TXT                         trusted execution technology
            UAC                            unified access Control
            VM                                Virtual Machine
            VPN                            Virtual private network

   Tuesday, September 20
      7:00pm - 9:00pm
Caribe Royale Hotel • Poolside Terrace
                                                                                                                                                co n f e r e n ce a g end a

T uesday , sep T emb er 2 0                                                                                                                                      Grand Sierra Ballroom D
 8:30am - 8:35am    Welcome and announcements
                    Conference introduction
                    Mr. Michael a. Lamont, Chief, Network Solutions Office, National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Commercial
                    Solutions Center (NCSC)
 8:35am - 9:00am
                    Mr. Lamont welcomes you to the 2011 NSA Trusted Computing Conference and Exposition. With a promising vision of where Trusted Computing technologies might lead us, Mr. Lamont offers a
                    challenge to all to make the next leap forward in IT security by building and deploying Trusted Computing solutions. Get an overview of the conference theme, purpose, goals, and attendees and
                    walk away excited and energized to make the most of your time in Orlando.

                    open source threat Briefing
                    Mr. anthony a. stramella, Special Assistant to the Director, National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Threat
9:00am - 10:00am    Operations Center (NTOC) within the Strategic Interactions Management Division
                    Get the latest information from the NSA Threat Operations Center on the risks, vulnerabilities, and threats facing our information systems. With several powerful examples of recent network
                    attacks and their consequences, the briefing will examine developing threats to DoD Networks. Mr. Stramella will also present a variety of cybersecurity measures that can be used to
                    protect sensitive data and assets.

10:00am - 10:45am                                                  netWorKing BreaK/teChnoLogy exposition
                    trusted Computing: accomplishments and Challenges
                    Mr. neil Kittleson, Trusted Computing Portfolio Manager, National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS)
10:45am - 11:30am   Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC)
                    What have we accomplished to advance the cause of Trusted Computing since last year’s event? What are the challenges to adoption of the technologies? Mr. Kittleson will present a model
                    for technology adoption with historical examples, review last year’s commitments and this year’s milestones attained, and provide a frank look at the challenges that our community faces
                    in the year ahead.

                    protecting the Critical infrastructure: Why the network Matters More than ever
                    Mr. pat Calhoun, Vice President and General Manager, Security Systems Unit, Cisco Network Services Group
                    In the increasingly interconnected world in which we live, more and more of our infrastructure is becoming critical. Our ability to maintain defenses, provide services to citizens and protect
11:30am - 12:15pm   critical information is being challenged in new ways as we leverage the network to innovate and deliver the services required. But arguably it is the network that can be most effective in
                    helping to solve these cybersecurity challenges. The network has insightful intelligence about ongoing threats. The network has contextual knowledge about users of the network: who
                    (identity), when (time), where (location), what (application), and how (device). In this session we will explore new advances in information security and examine how the network can
                    enforce consistent, end to end policy and provide the visibility and control needed to reduce the cybersecurity risks we face.

12:15pm - 1:15pm                                            LunCh/netWorKing BreaK/teChnoLogy exposition
                    The Business Case for                                                          Developing Trusted                                                            Trusted Computing
 Session Tracks                           Real World Examples                                                                                      Research
                     Trusted Computing                                                            Computing Solutions                                                                  Basics
                           grand sierra                           grand sierra                          grand sierra
  Track Rooms                                                                                                                                   Curacao 1-2                            Bonaire 5-6
                           Ballroom a                             Ballroom B                            Ballroom C

                       New BIOS Standards for               Case Study: Leveraging TPM             Turning COTS Smartphones                 The Case for a Reference              TC101: Hardware Roots of
 1:15pm - 2:00pm      Advanced Persistent Threat            for Authentication and Key           and Tablets into Trusted Mobile         Framework for Trusted Multi-           Trust and the Trusted Platform
                          (APT) Protection                           Security                              Platforms                         Tenant Infrastructure                          Module

                                                              TSCP Panel: Securing the                                                                                             Network Access Control
                       Trusted Computing in UK                                                      Towards Trusted Embedded
 2:15pm - 3:00pm                                             Supply Chain with Trusted                                                  Trustworthy Mobile Computing             (NAC) and Network Security
                             Government                                                                      Systems
                                                                    Computing                                                                                                            Standards

 3:00pm - 3:45pm                                                   netWorKing BreaK/teChnoLogy exposition
                                                                                                     Trust in Mobility: A New
                                                                                                  Standards-Based Approach to           Verifying Platform Integrity and
                     Trusted Computing Enabled                The Ins-and-Outs of HAP
 3:45pm - 4:30pm                                                                                   Securing Mobile Computing             Proximity Using Smart Cards                Self-Encrypting Drives
                       Insider Threat Protection                      Release 2
                                                                                                      Devices, Software, and                       and TPMs
                                                             Panel: Evaluating the Most
                         Ticketing Tailgaters:                                                     Retaliation: Breaking Attack         Trusted Computing Technologies
                                                               Revolutionary Trusted
 4:45pm - 5:30pm       Integrating Physical and                                                       Vectors with a Trusted            Enabling New Secure Multi-Core                 Day-In-Life Demo
                                                             Computing Breakthroughs
                           Logical Security                                                               Infrastructure                    Processing Architectures
                                                                      of 2011

    c o nf e renc e agenda

    We dnesday , s ep T emb er 2 1                                                                                                                                 Grand Sierra Ballroom D

     8:30am - 8:35am    Welcome and announcements

                        trust 360
     8:35am - 9:15am    Mr. tony W. sager, Chief Operating Officer for the Information Assurance Directorate, National Security Agency (NSA)
                        Like everything else in our world, the idea of “trust” in technology has evolved – from something we prove, to something we must measure and manage over the lifetime of information and
                        operations. This talk will explore some of the implications of this shift and the challenges it implies.

                        Chrome os security: Baked in, seriously
                        Mr. sumit gwalani, Product Manager for Chrome OS Security, Google
                        Experiencing the web securely, on any platform and with any browser, is a combined matter of the underlying infrastructure, browser design, and user action. Using Google Chrome OS as
                        an example, this talk explores one option to tackle the infrastructure problem.
    9:15am - 10:00am    Chrome OS is a lightweight, open source operating system that takes Chrome and its core values (simplicity, speed and security) and applies them to its own operating system infrastructure.
                        The result is a multi-layered set of defenses rooted in the hardware which boosts the security of Chrome OS against malicious software that could compromise and linger on the system.
                        We will discuss these defenses and the security design choices that were made.
                        This talk will also provide a quick peek inside the upcoming security advances in Chrome OS and discuss the need for improved trusted hardware (and software) performance to provide
                        usable security.

    10:00am - 10:45am                                                  netWorKing BreaK/teChnoLogy exposition

                        industry panel – debunking the Myths of trusted Computing
                        Mr. Chris Maher, Chief Executive Officer, Fosforus

                        panel Members:
                        Mr. stacy Cannady, Distinguished Technologist, DMI
                        Mr. david o’Berry, Strategic Systems Engineer, McAfee
    10:45am - 11:30am   dr. robert thibadeau, ph.d., Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, Wave Systems
                        dr. steven Venema, ph.d., Associate Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company
                        A lively panel of industry luminaries and architects tackle the myths, misrepresentations and rumors that have dogged Trusted Computing almost from its inception. Sample myths include:
                        “Trusted Computing Is Just Microsoft’s Way of Taking Over the World… Again.” “The TPM Chip Was Hacked: Game Over.” “Trusted Computing is the Single Greatest Threat to Civil Liberties.”
                        “I Won’t Be Able to Run Linux on My Machine.” “Aren’t The Chips Made in China?” “Isn’t Trusted Computing Just Another Government-Created Thing That’s Doomed to Fail?” “It’s All About
                        Digital Rights Management, Right?” “Trusted Computing is PC-Centric. Smart Phones Are Where the Action Is.”
                        Guarantee: This panel will not be boring. Hostages may be taken.
                        Feelings will get hurt. Bubbles will be burst. Not appropriate for small children or those with cardiovascular conditions.

                        Cyber threats to national security
    11:30am - 12:15pm
                        Ms. frances fragos townsend, Senior Vice President, MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings, Inc.

    12:15pm - 1:15pm                                           LunCh/netWorKing BreaK/teChnoLogy exposition

                                                                                                                           co n f e r e n ce a g end a

We dnesday , s ep T emb er 2 1 (Co nti nu e d )
                  The Business Case for                                                     Developing Trusted                                                  Emerging
Session Tracks                                        Real World Examples                                                        Research
                   Trusted Computing                                                       Computing Solutions                                                Technologies
                       grand sierra                                                              grand sierra
 Track Rooms                                        grand sierra Ballroom B                                                   Curacao 1-2                      Bonaire 5-6
                       Ballroom a                                                                Ballroom C
                                                                                                                                                        Trusted Embedded Computing
                    Cisco TrustSec - Using the                                              Designing and Implementing      SECUREBLUE++: CPU                 (1:15pm - 1:35pm)
1:15pm - 2:00pm   Network to Control Access and     Trusted Computing Inside the Cloud       a Verifiable High-Assurance     Support for Secure
                       Protect Information                                                            Workstation                Execution                Using the TPM for Platform
                                                                                                                                                              (1:40pm - 2:00pm)
                                                                          Leading the
                                                                                                                                                        The TCG Dynamic Root of Trust
                                                                        Way to Security
                                                   Making Data at                                                                                         for Measurement (DRTM)
                                                                         Automation:                                          A Virtualized Linux
                    Trusted Computing with         Rest Encryption                          Advanced Persistent Threats:                                      (2:15pm -2:35pm)
                                                                       Government and                                        Integrity Subsystem
2:15pm - 3:00pm     Hardware and Software,         Easy in the Data                        Monitoring Endpoint Health of
                                                                       Industry Working                                        for Trusted Cloud             SMEP - A New Kernel
                  Engineered to Work Together       Center and for                           the PC Boot Environment
                                                                           Together                                               Computing                  Protection Capability
                                                     Mobile Users
                                                                        *Grand Sierra                                                                         (2:40pm -3:00pm)
                                                                         Ballroom D
3:00pm - 3:45pm                                           netWorKing BreaK/teChnoLogy exposition
                                                                                                                                                        Mitigate Today’s Most Pervasive
                                                                                                                                                           Cyber Threats with Device
                   Be Yourself - Using Trusted                                                                                Trust Anchors and               (3:45pm -4:05pm)
                                                                                            Panel: Ecosystem Support for
3:45pm - 4:30pm    Network Connect to Enable              NSA Mobility Program                                               External Information
                                                                                             Protection of BIOS Updates                                  Self-Encrypting Drives for Data
                       Federated Identity                                                                                          Channels
                                                                                                                                                         Protection: The Industry’s First
                                                                                                                                                        Forecast with Thoughts on Usage
                                                                                                                                                               (4:10pm -4:30pm)
                                                                                                                                                               Protecting Critical
                                                                                                                                                         Infrastructures from Hackers,
                    Security Advancements in                                                  Discovery of Advanced         Cryptographic Erase on          Malware and Stupidity
                                                      Deploying a TPM Measurement                                                                              (4:45pm -5:05pm)
4:45pm - 5:30pm     Today’s Unified Extensible                                               Persistent Threats Within     Self Encrypting Drives for
                    Firmware Interface (UEFI)                                                Massive and Complex Data         Media Sanitization         Parallel Universe: Headlines
                                                                                                                                                            From a Trusted World
                                                                                                                                                             (5:10pm -5:30pm)

                                  Birds of a Feather (BoaF) Discussion Groups
                              (scheduled for 15 to 20 people in the exhibit hall and Curacao 5)
    Join peers and thought leaders in a series of interactive discussions on how Trusted Computing relates to a range of topics
    from Virtualization, to BIOS, to the Cloud and Mobile computing. The NSA is hosting a special series of 30-minute interactive
    discussions on Tuesday and Wednesday during Exhibit Hall hours. Check out the schedule below and stop by to ask
    questions, make a point(s), and hear what others have to say about key Trusted Computing issues that matter to you.
                                                      BoaF Discussion Group scheDule
                    day                               tiMe                              exhiBit haLL                                     CuraCao 5
                                                  10:10 - 10:40                         Virtualization                           self-encrypting drives
          tuesday, september 20
                                                   3:10 - 3:40                               pilots                                 network endpoints

                                                  10:10 - 10:40                  device trusted identity                                     Mobile
        Wednesday, september 21
                                                   3:10 - 3:40                               Cloud                                             Bios

     c o nf e renc e agenda

     T h ursday , se p T emb er 2 2
                         The Business Case for                                                        Developing Trusted                                                                 Emerging
      Session Tracks                           Real World Examples                                                                                  Research
                          Trusted Computing                                                          Computing Solutions                                                               Technologies
                               grand sierra                           grand sierra                         grand sierra
       Track Rooms                                                                                                                               Curacao 1-2                            Bonaire 5-6
                               Ballroom a                             Ballroom B                           Ballroom C
                                                                                                                                                                                    Moving-Target Defense
                                                                                                                                                                                   With Configuration-Space
                                                                                                         Trust Architecture of                                                        (8:30am - 8:50am)
                               Standards and Trust               Evolving Mission Demands                                                  Composition: It’s Harder Than
      8:30am - 9:15am                                                                                    the QorIQ® Family of
                                  Engineering                      Agile Network Security                                                           You Think                      Trusted Computing Using
                                                                                                      Communications Processors
                                                                                                                                                                                   IPsec Minimum Essential
                                                                                                                                                                                   Interoperability Protocols
                                                                                                                                                                                      (8:55am - 9:15am)

                                                                                                                                                                                 Key Management in a Virtual
                          Performance Report Analysis                                                  Attestation - Adding TPM-                                                     (9:30am - 9:50am)
                                                                  Building a Trusted Cloud                                                 Solving The Platform Entropy
     9:30am - 10:15am     for SED and Software-Based                                                   Based Attestation to a TNC
                                                                          System                                                                     Problem                      Usage of Embedded Sensors
                                Drive Encryption                                                              Assessment
                                                                                                                                                                                 for Data Protection in Storage
                                                                                                                                                                                      (9:55am - 10:15am)
                                                                                                                                                                                  Solid-State Drives with Self-
                             Security Automation:                                                                                                                                 Encryption: Solid and Secure
                            Blessing or Curse? Using                                                                                       Virtualized Platform Security             (10:30am - 10:50am)
                                                                                                      Introducing the TCG Trusted
                            Trusted Computing and              SecureView and XenClient XT                                                 - Using Trusted Computing to
     10:30am - 11:15am                                                                                 Mobile Solutions Working                                                    A Quantitative, Adaptive
                           Trusted Network Connect                       Security                                                          Protect the Foundation of the
                                                                                                                Group                                                             Deployment Framework for
                         Specifications to Manage and                                                                                                  Cloud
                               Automate Security                                                                                                                                       Security Controls
                                                                                                                                                                                    (10:55am - 11:15am)
                                                                                                                                                                   Grand Sierra Ballroom D
                         toward Broad adoption of trusted Computing
     11:30am - 12:15pm   Mr. John Lambert, Senior Director, Security Engineering and Network Security, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft
                         Trusted Computing is coming of age where high quality security will be available for all. Come hear how Microsoft sees Trusted Computing technologies being adopted globally and the
                         threats they will help counter.

     12:15pm - 1:15pm                                                                     LunCh/netWorKing BreaK
                         the new Cyberfrontier
                         Mr. dave deWalt, Board Member, McAfee
      1:15pm - 2:00pm    The speed of change on the cyberfrontlines is incredible. Mr. DeWalt, member of the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee and former President and
                         CEO of McAfee, will discuss current cybersecurity threats and trends as well as the latest technology advancements. Mr. DeWalt will also share his thoughts on what will be next in the
                         cyber arms race.

                         government/industry engagement of the Cybersecurity threat
                         Mr. William “Curt” Barker, Associate Director and Cybersecurity Advisor for the Information Technology Laboratory, National
                         Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
      2:00pm - 2:45pm    Both government and the private sector must play active and mutually cooperative roles in protecting systems and network infrastructures upon which national and economic security
                         depend. Some have suggested some form of Federal regulation of broad sectors of industry, while others support a more voluntary, standards-based approach tailored to finding the right
                         level of protection on a sector by sector basis. The Department of Commerce has published a “green paper” that advances the concept of voluntary partnership through the identification of
                         the “Internet and Information Innovation Sector” (I3S). Government and industry need to engage on how I3S can be structured to include the right mix of information and communications
                         technology industry companies necessary to enhancing our national cybersecurity posture.

                         Conference Wrap
                         Mr. howard J. ettinger, Chief, Trusted Computing and Platform Services Division, National Security Agency/Central Security
      2:45pm - 3:15pm    Service (NSA/CSS) Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC)
                         Mr. Ettinger wraps up the conference with a summary of the high points and takeaways, the “trajectory” of achieving our collective goals for the next year, and why now is the time to
                         “stop waiting” and “start deploying.”
     t r a c k se ss ion details

              the Business case for trusted computing track
              Learn about what Trusted Computing is, and how it works as a fundamentally more effective approach to current
              approaches to cybersecurity. Understand real-world use cases that can be implemented to improve IT security in your
              organization, and discover how Trusted Computing solutions can deliver proven positive ROI.

              real World examples track
              Watch and learn from demonstrations and presentations of dozens of practical commercial Trusted Computing solutions
              that are available today, including Release 2 of the High Assurance Platform® (HAP).

              developing trusted computing solutions track
              Dig into the technical side of Trusted Computing development, use cases and requirements. Discover Trusted Computing
              tools and APIs, including the HAP Starter Kit. Learn how to work with key protocols and technologies like Trusted
              Network Connect (TNC), TrouSerS, BIOS security, and how to leverage the TPM as a reliable hardware root of trust.

              research track
              Hear from leading researchers and thought leaders in government, industry and academia about the future directions of
              Trusted Computing research, development, and requirements.

              emerging technologies track
              These fast-paced 20-minute sessions explore a variety of leading edge Trusted Computing technologies and
              applications, including Trusted Computing applied to cloud security, critical infrastructure protection, and platform
              identity verification.

              trusted computing Basics track
              New to the world of Trusted Computing? These sessions will help you get up to speed fast, with expert presentations on
              foundational Trusted Computing principles and topics like the necessity for hardware-based protections, the TPM, the
              trusted boot process and remote authentication.

            the Business case for trusted computing track                                                                         Tuesday, September 20
            grand sierra Ballroom a

      1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                                     3:45pm – 4:30pm
      New BIOS Standards for Advanced Persistent                                          Trusted Computing Enabled Insider Threat
      Threat (APT) Protection                                                             Protection
      Mr. andrew regenscheid, NIST                                                        Ms. Leslie andresen, General Dynamics C4 Systems
      Explore the threat to BIOS on client systems, the NIST guidelines                   Recent events such as Wikileaks highlight insider threat as a critical
      for mitigating the threat, and the standardized approach available                  security concern; however, significant improvement in risk posture
      to industry to protect customers from the threat, helping to assure                 can be gained via advancements in Trusted Computing. Get a
      the foundations for the Trusted Computing ecosystem.                                solid foundation in insider threat protection, specifically focused
                                                                                          on the approach used in General Dynamics’ Trusted Computing
      2:15pm – 3:00pm                                                                     Based Insider Threat Protection proof-of-concept.
      Trusted Computing in UK Government
                                                                                          4:45pm – 5:30pm
      Mr. phil dollery, CESG
                                                                                          Ticketing Tailgaters: Integrating Physical and
      Who’s ahead -- The U.S. or the UK? CESG, the UK National                            logical Security
      Technical Authority for Information Assurance, provides security
      guidance to the UK Government. Understand CESG’s guidance                           Ms. Lisa Lorenzin, Juniper Networks
      to the UK Government regarding the use of Trusting Computing                        Ten people go to lunch, but only one returns - at least, according
      and how the guidance issued has been put into practice.                             to the badge reader. Stopping tailgating is only one of the many
                                                                                          benefits provided by integration of user location information
      3:00pm – 3:45pm                                                                     from physical access control systems with an enterprise NAC
                                                                                          solution. Learn how open standards from the Trusted Computing
      NETwORKING BREAK/TECHNOlOGy EXPOSITION                                              Group enable multi-vendor interoperability for dynamic network
                                                                                          access decisions reflecting user presence.
                                                                                      tr a ck se ssio n d eta i ls

      real World examples track                                                                   Tuesday, September 20
      grand sierra Ballroom B

1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                   3:00pm – 3:45pm
Case Study: leveraging TPM for Authentication                     NETwORKING BREAK/TECHNOlOGy EXPOSITION
and Key Security
Mr. gautam Muralidharan, Pricewaterhouse Coopers                  3:45pm – 4:30pm
Follow Pricewaterhouse Coopers through the process of             The Ins-and-Outs of HAP Release 2
assessing their authentication system, researching suitable       Mr. shawn stevens, NCSC
alternatives to protect their X.509 certificates and PKI, and
                                                                  Get an overview of the Trusted Computing technology that the
implementing their next-generation solution, based on Trusted
                                                                  latest HAP Release 2 brings to the community.
Platform Modules (TPMs). Understand the costs and capabilities
that drove their decisions at every step, and how these
assessments can be applied to other businesses.                   4:45pm – 5:30pm
                                                                  Panel: Evaluating the Most Revolutionary
2:15pm – 3:00pm                                                   Trusted Computing Breakthroughs of 2011
TSCP Panel: Securing the Supply Chain with                        MODERATOR: dr. robert thibadeau, Wave Systems
Trusted Computing                                                 PANEL MEMBERS:
MODERATOR: Mr. Jp Calderon, TSCP                                  Mr. david Challener, JHU APL
                                                                  Ms. Lucy thomson, CSC
Mr. steven sprague, Wave Systems                                  Mr. patrick Curry, British Federation Authority
Mr. russell Koste , Northrop Grumman                              In the world of computer security a parry is always met with
Mr. al Lewis, The Boeing Company                                  another thrust. Understand where the front line attacks and
Mr. Michael daly, Raytheon                                        defenses are being established, and how these operate within the
                                                                  overall Trusted Computing infrastructure. Solutions showcased
This panel, comprised of representatives from the Transglobal
                                                                  in this presentation may be technical, policy, regulatory-legal, or
Secure Collaboration Program (TSCP), will discuss how Trusted
                                                                  even business-based. All contribute to an overall solution.
Computing technologies can be harnessed to secure the supply
chain in the aerospace and defense sectors.

      developing trusted computing solutions track                                                Tuesday, September 20
      grand sierra Ballroom C

1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                   2:15pm – 3:00pm
Turning COTS Smartphones and Tablets into                         Towards Trusted Embedded Systems
Trusted Mobile Platforms                                          Mr. Jonathan McCune, CM CyLab
Mr. david Kleidermacher, Green Hills Software                     Mr. doug gardner, Sypris Solutions
COTS smartphone and tablet technology is fueling demand           Preview a low-cost COTS-based trusted embedded solution
for trusted mobile platforms across numerous communities          with an isolated execution environment for running security-
of interest. Learn how modern processor features, such as         sensitive code modules. The isolated execution environment
ARM TrustZone™ and Virtualization Extensions are enabling         includes support for collecting integrity measurements of the
strong security capabilities alongside the latest multimedia      code loaded, and for generating attestations including these
functionality. Understand a variety of technical approaches and   measurements. The solution utilizes an FPGA-based root-of-trust
their accreditation outlook.                                      and isolated execution combined with embracing commercial
                                                                  TrustZone functionality to provide enhanced isolation and a

     t r a c k se ss ion details

            developing trusted computing solutions track                                               Tuesday, September 20
            grand sierra Ballroom C                                         (Continued)

      3:00pm – 3:45pm                                                   4:45pm – 5:30pm
      NETwORKING BREAK/TECHNOlOGy EXPOSITION                            Retaliation: Breaking Attack Vectors with a
                                                                        Trusted Infrastructure
      3:45pm – 4:30pm                                                   Ms. Jennifer Jabbusch, Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc.
      Trust in Mobility: A New Standards-Based                          Examine new and emerging standards to build a trusted
      Approach to Securing Mobile Computing                             network infrastructure able to thwart spoofing, eavesdropping
      Devices, Software, and Applications                               and malicious attacks that compromise integrity and availability
      Mr. Kimmo puranen, Nokia                                          of systems on local, wide area and wireless networks. Learn
      Skyrocketing usage of smartphones makes them an increasingly      about the new MACSec encryption, key exchange, network
      attractive target for attacks, hacks and malware. As apps and     advertisements and device identity (IEEE 802.1X-REV,AE/af/AR),
      functionality including national defense, banking and other       plus TNC integrations.
      sensitive activities migrate to the smartphone and tablets,
      security must keep pace. Learn how TCG is extending its proven
      model of hardware-based Trusted Computing to address these
      challenges on mobile platforms.

            research track                                                                             Tuesday, September 20
            Curacao 1-2

      1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                   3:00pm – 3:45pm
      The Case for a Reference Framework for Trusted                    NETwORKING BREAK/TECHNOlOGy EXPOSITION
      Multi-Tenant Infrastructure
      Mr. Michael donovan, HP                                           3:45pm – 4:30pm
      Mr. erik Visnyak, BAE Systems                                     Verifying Platform Integrity and Proximity Using
      Learn about the Trusted Multi-Tenant Infrastructure reference     Smart Cards and TPMs
      framework and how it can be used to design, build and             dr. russell fink, JHU/APL
      assess compliance of a TMI. The framework consists of a set of    Computing platforms use TPMs to attest their software state to
      requirements and implementation patterns to be used when          a trusted peer server - but what if no trusted peer is available?
      architecting a trusted multitenant enterprise environment to      Evaluate a TPM/smart card protocol that provides human-
      support secure cloud computing. It supports the use of a number   readable attestation results, and can verify platform proximity
      of industry standards, protocols, security requirements, and      through timing to detect fake machine/proxy attacks.
      implementation best practices that describe assembly patterns
      for combining multiple trusted and untrusted assets to form an    4:45pm – 5:30pm
      end-to-end trusted enterprise cloud computing solution.
                                                                        Trusted Computing Technologies Enabling New
      2:15pm – 3:00pm                                                   Secure Multi-Core Processing Architectures
      Trustworthy Mobile Computing                                      Mr. hal aldridge, Sypris Electronics
      Mr. Chris James, JHU/APL                                          Take a detailed look at a secure multi-core architecture, SHARP,
      Mr. dave Challener, JHU/APL                                       leveraging Trusted Computing technologies. As computing
                                                                        technology transitions to large multi-core systems, new
      Learn how trustworthy computing concepts can be applied to        architectures for secure processing can be explored. See
      mobile devices, focusing on problems such as the lost device,     how a hardware root-of-trust combined with new multi-core
      authentication, and communication paths germane to those          architectures allow for granular, hardware-enforced separation
      devices. Get design guidance for using Opal solid-state storage   enabling small, least-privilege nanokernels.
      devices and TPM like technologies to solve these problems.

                                                                                       tr a ck se ssio n d eta i ls

      trusted computing Basics track                                                               Tuesday, September 20
      Bonaire 5-6

1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                     3:45pm – 4:30pm
TC101: Hardware Roots of Trust and the Trusted                      Self-Encrypting Drives
Platform Module                                                     dr. ryan getek, NCSC
Mr. stan potter, NCSC                                               Mr. Jason Cox, Seagate
Mr. Monty Wiseman, Intel                                            Learn about self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and how they are an
Start from the beginning with this introductory session on the      essential component of a Trusted Computing program. Get a
basics of Trusted Computing and the trusted platform module.        background on the technology, storage specifications, features
See case studies and use cases for Trusted Computing. Learn         and architecture, use cases, availability and costs, and a market
about roots of trust for measurement and how they relate to         summary. See how SEDs offer substantial performance benefits
Trusted Computing. This discussion will scratch the surface of      and strong data-at-rest protection for a variety of use cases.
many topics that will be discussed in greater detail throughout
the conference and in other sessions.                               4:45pm – 5:30pm
                                                                    Day-In-life Demo
2:15pm – 3:00pm
                                                                    Mr. ari singer, DMI
Network Access Control (NAC) and Network                            Mr. andy Musliner, DMI
Security Standards                                                  Mr. Jay fiore, DMI
Ms. gloria serrao, NSA/IAD                                          Mr. patrick henry, DMI
Mr. steve hanna, Juniper Networks                                   Trusted Computing (TC) technologies are usable today to provide
Understand the basics about NAC and how it addresses today’s        critical security and manageability capabilities in enterprise
security challenges; granting improved visibility into your         and government environments. This demonstration combines
network and helping you block unauthorized users, devices or        commercially available products and open source technologies
behaviors. Trusted Network Connect (TNC) standards will be          from various sources to highlight the practical benefits of TC on
explained in detail including their interoperability and security   end-user systems and on management systems. Attendees will
advantages. You will understand the relationship between TNC        have an opportunity to see from a user’s perspective some of the
and the IETF Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) standards. IF-       latest TC products available in the market today and compare
MAP (Interface for Metadata Access Point) will also be introduced   and contrast TC and non-TC technologies.
as a powerful standard for network security coordination.

3:00pm – 3:45pm

     t r a c k se ss ion details

            the Business case for trusted computing track                                             wednesday, September 21
            grand sierra Ballroom a

      1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                      3:45pm – 4:30pm
      Cisco TrustSec – Using the Network to Control                        Be yourself – Using Trusted Network Connect to
      Access and Protect Information                                       Enable Federated Identity
      Mr. Mike Kraus, Cisco                                                Mr. stacy Cannady, DMI
      How does your IT organization identify network-connected             Agencies routinely interconnect their IT systems with the IT
      assets and protect critical data? Cisco has helped to pioneer        systems of other agencies, creating an identity management
      standards-based technologies to address these challenges             nightmare for users who access IT systems outside their own
      using your existing network. Learn how Cisco has made this           agency. Learn how TNC can be used to automatically and
      transformation both scalable and manageable and how network          securely create and manage federated (cross-agency) user IDs.
      administrators are already using TrustSec today.
                                                                           4:45pm – 5:30pm
      2:15pm – 3:00pm                                                      Security Advancements in Today’s Unified
      Trusted Computing with Hardware and Software,                        Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
      Engineered to work Together                                          Mr. robert hale, Intel
      Mr. Wim Coekaerts, Oracle                                            Mr. gary simpson, AMD
      Rapid advancements in cost-effective, commercially-developed         Did you know that until recently, all x86 platforms have been
      systems that focus on the user experience can improve National       using a 20+ years old, non-standardized, assembly-language-
      Security Systems and cybersecurity critical infrastructure. Learn    based BIOS running in 16-bit Real Mode?! The Unified Extensible
      how Oracle’s full stack management approach to security-             Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum was formed to create and
      focused desktop virtualization is progressively enhanced by          promulgate new, open standards for BIOS. Learn about UEFI’s
      using Trusted Computing components for the enterprise.               new BIOS architecture -- a modern, flexible, extensible and
                                                                           testable architecture that provides opportunities for much-
      3:00pm – 3:45pm                                                      needed security advancements.

            real World examples track                                                                 wednesday, September 21
            grand sierra Ballroom B

      1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                      2:15pm – 3:00pm *Grand Sierra Ballroom D
      Trusted Computing Inside the Cloud                                   leading the way to Security Automation:
      Mrs. sandi roddy, DISA                                               Government and Industry working Together
      Get an insider look at the emerging community cloud hosted           Mr. steve hanna, Juniper Networks
      by the DISA Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs) and how             Mr. paul Bartock, NSA/IAD
      Trusted Computing plays a role in security and resiliency of the     The NSA/IAD’s Mitigations Group (I43) has recently opened the
      mission. Examine the DECC roles and functions, security and          TNC & SCAP Demonstration Center, designed to demonstrate
      functional zones, and areas where Trusted Platform Monitors          existing cybersecurity capabilities that use open standards like
      (TPMs) could enhance the NetOps picture.                             TNC and SCAP, to partner with vendors, and to provide innovative
                                                                           solutions to address current and emerging threats. This briefing
      2:15pm – 3:00pm                                                      will provide an overview of the TNC & SCAP Demonstration
                                                                           Center and include several demonstrations from the center. The
      Making Data at Rest Encryption Easy in the Data                      presenters will be available at the NSA’s booth after the briefing
      Center and for Mobile Users                                          to answer follow-up questions.
      Mr. Jason Cox, Seagate
      The importance in protecting data using encryption continues
      to grow, but so do the challenges. Seagate is setting the standard
      in data protection using Self-Encrypting Drives (SED). Come hear
      how the TCG Enterprise industry standard is being implemented
      to make “encryption everywhere” a reality.
                                                                                          tr a ck se ssio n d eta i ls

      real World examples track (Continued)                                                       wednesday, September 21
      grand sierra Ballroom B

3:00pm – 3:45pm                                                        4:45pm – 5:30pm
NETwORKING BREAK/TECHNOlOGy EXPOSITION                                 Deploying a TPM Measurement Solution
                                                                       Mr. andrew White, NSA/IAD
3:45pm – 4:30pm                                                        Learn how the NSA activated TPMs in a Department of Defense
NSA Mobility Program                                                   network to report BIOS measurements. Evaluate both the
Mr. troy Lange, NSA/IAD                                                actual technology (Host Integrity at Startup) and the obstacles/
                                                                       solutions to accomplishing deployment in a real operational
Get a look inside the NSA/DISA project to develop a U.S.
government MVNO and implement a cloud infrastructure
for added security and efficiency. The goal is to develop and
establish strong relationships with government and industry
partners and develop endorsed composed commercial-off-the-
shelf (COTS) architectures. Learn about the initial pilot that will
be used to develop and test solutions. See how these solutions
will leverage industry innovation, will be tailored towards
customers needs, and will provide a faster, more capable, and
less expensive solution than what is currently in use.

      developing trusted computing solutions track                                                wednesday, September 21
      grand sierra Ballroom C

1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                        3:45pm – 4:30pm
Designing and Implementing a Verifiable High-                          Panel: Ecosystem Support for Protection of BIOS
Assurance workstation                                                  Updates
Mr. alexander senier, Secunet Security Networks AG                     Mr. Mark schiller, HP
Developing a high-assurance system does not need to be costly          Mr. david Konetski, Dell
and time consuming! A carefully designed MILS system enables           The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently
formal verification while remaining highly flexible. We present        produced a Special Publication containing recommendations
a methodology and a system architecture for cost-efficient             for protecting updates to BIOS code on PC clients. This panel
development of critical systems. See practical examples of our         will discuss industry’s response to the Special Pub and examine
implementation of IPsec and a secure GUI.                              how various vendors work together to provide the required
2:15pm – 3:00pm
Advanced Persistent Threats: Monitoring                                4:45pm – 5:30pm
Endpoint Health of the PC Boot Environment                             Discovery of Advanced Persistent Threats within
dr. robert thibadeau, Wave Systems                                     Massive and Complex Data
Examine the latest findings on how the use of the TPM, native          Mr. Mauricio renzi, LexisNexis
to virtually all enterprise class platforms, can be part of a strong   LexisNexis has productized the underlying technology that
defense against rootkits and attacks on the MBR. Learn how, by         drives its information business so that others can use it to more
storing PCR values for each system boot and comparing them to          effectively solve their unique “big data” problems -- including
determine if the value has changed, IT can extract information         cyber. Discover how LexisNexis Deep Analytics Cyber Solution
and ascertain if any endpoints are compromised.                        (LNDACS) users are provided with an added layer of defense by
                                                                       being able to detect advanced persistent threats over massive
3:00pm – 3:45pm                                                        and complex historical datasets.

     t r a c k se ss ion details

             research track                                                                                  wednesday, September 21
             Curacao 1-2

      1:15pm – 2:00pm                                                            3:45pm – 4:30pm
      SECUREBlUE++: CPU Support for Secure                                       Trust Anchors and External Information Channels
      Execution                                                                  Ms. amy herzog, MITRE
      dr. rick Boivie, IBM                                                       Using external devices such as your phone as a trust anchor for
      Consider an example of a secure CPU architecture that protects             your banking/e-mail session on your PC might work and might
      the confidentiality and integrity of information in an application         not - and the differentiators might surprise you. In this talk, we’ll
      from the other software on a system -- including privileged                talk about how one might be able to combine information from
      software like the operating system, device drivers or applications         multiple devices to gain a fuller trust picture, in ways that work
      running as root, or malware that obtains root privileges by                and ways that don’t. Bottom line: Be suspicious unless you know
      exploiting a vulnerability in privileged software.                         you’re combining the information in just the right way.

      2:15pm – 3:00pm                                                            4:45pm – 5:30pm
      A Virtualized linux Integrity Subsystem for                                Cryptographic Erase on Self Encrypting Drives
      Trusted Cloud Computing                                                    for Media Sanitization
      Mr. stefan Berger, IBM                                                     dr. ryan getek, NCSC
      Learn about an architecture and implementation that extends                Storage devices supporting hardware-based disk encryption
      the benefits of Trusted Computing into virtualized cloud                   are becoming more prevalent and may support rapid, high
      computing systems based on the KVM/QEMU open source                        assurance sanitization of media. This presentation explores the
      hypervisor. Review the significant advances in some of the open            state of the storage industry and government efforts to define
      source components required to realize this architecture and                standards for sanitization and cryptographic erase, as well as
      some cloud usage scenarios that benefit from this architecture.            why these efforts are necessary and beneficial.

      3:00pm – 3:45pm

             emerging technologies track                                                                     wednesday, September 21
             Bonaire 5-6

      1:15pm – 1:35pm                                                            2:15pm – 2:35pm
      Trusted Embedded Computing Systems                                         The TCG Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement
      Mr. hans Brandl, Infineon Technologies AG                                  (DRTM)
      Learn how Trusted Computing can prevent most attacks on                    Mr. Lee Wilson, IBM
      embedded computer systems. Such systems cover a large                      Learn how the TCG DRTM open architecture can be used
      spectrum of critical applications and several serious attacks have         to simplify the adoption of DRTM launch model. x86 CPU
      become public. While TC can prevent most of these issues, an               architectures have support for new instructions now that permit
      optimization of the standard on embedded is required and TCG is            the launching of a dynamic root of trust. To make use of these
      active on this. Examples, state of the art and trends will be shown.       instructions, a boot firmware architecture has to accompany
                                                                                 them. The TCG DRTM architecture simplifies the adoption of the
      1:40pm – 2:00pm                                                            DRTM launch model by operating systems and hypervisors.
      Using the TPM for Platform Identities
      Ms. gloria serrao, NSA/IAD
      Review existing work to define TPM-based device identity keys,
      certificates and exactly how authentication protocols will use device
      identities. Evaluate use cases that make use of a single device identity
      as well as how device identities and user identities can be combined
      to facilitate different levels of access controls within a network.
                                                                                        tr a ck se ssio n d eta i ls

      emerging technologies track (Continued)                                                  wednesday, September 21
      Bonaire 5-6

2:40pm – 3:00pm
SMEP - A New Kernel Protection Capability                           4:45pm – 5:05pm
Mr. stephen fischer, Intel                                          Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Hackers,
                                                                    Malware and Stupidity
Protect against OS kernel (supervisor) mode security
vulnerabilities in today’s systems that misdirect execution to
                                                                    Mr. eric Byres, Byres Security
user mode code. The permitting of supervisor mode execution
                                                                    Ms. Lisa Lorenzin, Juniper Networks
of user pages is what makes it possible to exploit potential bugs   The Stuxnet virus has been a wake-up call for those tasked with
or vulnerabilities in the kernel to execute user provided code.     implementing and protecting the nation’s critical utility and
Learn about a new security mode (Supervisor Mode Execution          manufacturing infrastructure. For many years, little attention was
Protection) that will be available for the operating system to      paid to the security and architecture of these aging systems. Get
protect against this class of vulnerabilities.                      insight on how to more strongly secure these mission-critical
                                                                    systems that are integral to our national security.
3:00pm – 3:45pm
NETwORKING BREAK/TECHNOlOGy EXPOSITION                              5:10pm – 5:30pm
                                                                    Parallel Universe: Headlines from a Trusted world
3:45pm – 4:05pm                                                     Mr. ari singer, DMI
Mitigate Today’s Most Pervasive Cyber Threats                       Keep your organization out of the headlines! Google, Epsilon, Oak
with Device Identification                                          Ridge, RSA, Sony, Lockheed Martin…How would the news have
Mr. steven sprague, Wave Systems                                    read if these and other organizations had been using Trusted
                                                                    Computing technologies? In this session, we’ll take an in-depth,
User authentication in conjunction with second factor               case-by-case look at how Trusted Computing techniques could
authentication is no longer enough to guarantee sensitive           have thwarted several prominent breaches.
information is secure. Tokens, passwords and biometrics—
while useful—are increasingly vulnerable to attack. Learn
how incorporating the Trusted Platform Module for device
identification adds a second, hardware layer of defense to help
thwart future cyber attacks.

4:10pm – 4:30pm
Self-Encrypting Drives for Data Protection: The
Industry’s First Forecast with Thoughts on Usage
dr. tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
TCG’s Opal specification for self-encrypting drives has been
available for several years. A half-dozen vendors currently offer
these drives, and an equal number of software companies
provide tools to manage these drives in large numbers
across enterprises. But how many users know about this new
technology, and what availability can we anticipate in the
coming years?

     t r a c k se ss ion details

            the Business case for trusted computing track                                               Thursday, September 22
            grand sierra Ballroom a

      8:30am – 9:15am                                                      10:30am – 11:15am
      Standards and Trust Engineering                                      Security Automation: Blessing or Curse? Using
      Ms. gloria serrao, NSA/IAD                                           Trusted Computing and Trusted Network
                                                                           Connect Specifications to Manage and Automate
      The NSA Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) and the DoD          Security
      have committed to using standards-based COTS products to
      secure their networks. But what are the top goals of the experts     Mr. steve hanna, Juniper Networks
      who write these standards? How can they collaborate with users       Will robots soon replace security professionals? Security
      and implementers? How important is interoperability? Drawing         automation is growing at an explosive pace, driven by
      on interviews with 20 leading standards experts, you’ll learn the    the irresistible combination of cost savings and improved
      best ways to optimize the standards process and make better          performance. But which automation techniques work well and
      use of standards to protect our networks.                            which fall short? Can attackers use automation against us? How
                                                                           can we prevent such attacks?
      9:30am – 10:15am
      Performance Report Analysis for SED and
      Software-Based Drive Encryption
      Mr. Kevin Micciche, Booz Allen Hamilton
      Annnnd they’re off! What’s the relative hard drive performance
      of laptop software encryption solutions? See firsthand results of
      performance tests used to determine the software encryption
      solution with the fastest disk read and write speeds, and review
      the tools leveraged for the resulting data.

            real World examples track                                                                   Thursday, September 22
            grand sierra Ballroom B

      8:30am – 9:15am                                                      10:30am – 11:15am
      Evolving Mission Demands Agile Network                               SecureView and XenClient XT Security
      Security                                                             dr. ryan durante, USAF AFMC AFRL/RIEBB
      Mr. James Clifford, Los Alamos                                       This session will explore the unique security and data isolation
      Mr. dale Land, Los Alamos                                            capabilities of XenClient based on Trusted Computing
      Mr. giridhar raichur, Los Alamos                                     technologies. Working in close partnership, technologists
      Los Alamos National Laboratory is piloting a new network             from the defense sector of the United States government and
      architecture that uses TNC standards to provide the flexibility      from Citrix developed key innovations for XenClient, a high-
      and security protections necessary for ever changing business        performance bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on client
      requirements. Come learn about the new architecture and              device hardware, that helps the Intelligence Community and
      lessons learned from our first pilot roll out.                       DoD meet the most extreme security requirements.

      9:30am – 10:15am
      Building a Trusted Cloud System
      Mr. Wyatt starnes, Harris Corporation
      Learn how Harris Corporation engineered, built, and deployed
      Trusted Enterprise Cloud using patented trust systems, COTS
      cloud technologies, and the Cyber Integration Center. Trusted
      Enterprise Cloud was designed to meet the highest standards
      for reliability and security including NIST 800-53 High, ISO27001,
      SAS70 and compliance and automation frameworks including
      S-CAP and HIPAA.
                                                                                         tr a ck se ssio n d eta i ls

      developing trusted computing solutions track                                                  Thursday, September 22
      grand sierra Ballroom C

8:30am – 9:15am                                                       10:30am – 11:15am
Trust Architecture of the QorIQ® Family of                            Introducing the TCG Trusted Mobile Solutions
Communications Processors                                             working Group
dr. thomas tkacik, Freescale Semiconductor                            Mr. Chris daly, General Dynamics C4 Systems
Technology preview: The Freescale QorIQ® family of                    This presentation will outline the purpose and scope of this
communications processors includes single and multiple                new solution-oriented Working Group, focused on end-end
processors on a single device. These processor devices also           protection and management of mobile devices. The intent
include cryptographic acceleration for use in many networking         is to create broad awareness and gain interest from audience
applications. However, they also include a trust architecture to      members to consider participation in the WG formative activities,
assure a trusted operating environment, protect key material,         and to support the long term goals and activities of the Working
and provide tamper detection and zeroization.                         Group and TCG.

9:30am – 10:15am
Attestation - Adding TPM-Based Attestation to a
TNC Assessment
Mr. paul sangster, Symantec
Get an overview of the new Platform Trust Services (PTS)
protocol. Today, many organizations are using the Trusted
Network Connect’s assessment technologies to evaluate the
trustworthiness of an endpoint while it is trying to join the
network. However, what stops an endpoint from lying about its
posture during the assessment? The new Platform Trust Services
(PTS) protocol establishes trust in the TNC stack using the TPM.

      research track                                                                                Thursday, September 22
      Curacao 1-2

8:30am – 9:15am                                                       10:30am – 11:15am
Composition: It’s Harder Than you Think                               Virtualized Platform Security - Using Trusted
Mr. paul rowe, MITRE                                                  Computing to Protect the Foundation of the
One might think that combining different remote attestation
data is a trivial matter of ensuring the bits flow properly. A        Mr. paul sangster, Symantec
large history of cryptographic protocol analysis has shown this       Today, security is undoubtedly the biggest risk and negative
is not the case. In this talk, we explore the parallels between       side effect of cloud computing. Evaluate the Trusted Computing
attestation protocols and cryptographic protocols, and illustrate     Group’s (TCG) just-released Virtualization Architecture
some potential pitfalls in the composition of various attestation     specification which explains how to establish and leverage
components—as well as provide a simple way to achieve                 the powerful security roots available on today’s PCs to virtual
security in a “mixed” context.                                        machines in a cloud environment.

9:30am – 10:15am
Solving the Platform Entropy Problem
dr. george Cox, Intel
Learn how Intel virtually erases today’s number one vulnerability
in the field of cryptography, the lack of a quality entropy source.
See a firsthand demo of the two-prong solution that promises
to modernize cryptography by enabling true random number
generation and high performance/high quality entropy.
     t r a c k se ss ion details

            emerging technologies track (Continued)                                                        Thursday, September 22
             Bonaire 5-6

      8:30am – 8:50am                                                        9:55am – 10:15am
      Moving-Target Defense with Configuration-                              Usage of Embedded Sensors for Data Protection
      Space Randomization                                                    in Storage Devices
      dr. sanjai narain, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.                        dr. Leonid Baryudin, Sandforce
      Configuration is the “glue” for logically integrating infrastructure   Learn how to use embedded sensors for improvement of storage
      components. As Stuxnet showed, configuration information               device security and integration into upper level security systems.
      can allow an adversary to map out the infrastructure and plan          Review possible sensors, signal handling strategies, upper level
      devastating attacks. To prevent the adversary from gaining             integration models and practical use cases.
      such information, we present a system that randomly moves
      infrastructure between correct configurations without affecting        10:30am – 10:50am
      legitimate users.
                                                                             Solid-State Drives with Self-Encryption: Solid
                                                                             and Secure
      8:55am – 9:15am
                                                                             dr. Michael Willett, Samsung
      Trusted Computing Using IPsec Minimum
                                                                             Data security is top-of-mind in response to recent news of
      Essential Interoperability Protocols
                                                                             security breaches. The Trusted Computing Group and the
      Mr. richard sanderson, DoD HAIPE Program Office                        drive industry have standardized self-encrypting drives (SED):
      Get introduced to a trusted interoperability profile for               encryption directly in drive hardware. SED-based encryption
      commercial Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) products called          has documented advantages; SSDs are measurably superior
      IPsec Minimum Essential Interoperability Requirements (IPMEIR).        to hard drives. Self-encryption is preferable to software-based
      IPMEIR introduces an interoperability protocol for COTS products       encryption, especially for drive erasure.
      to communicate securely with GOTS products in a trusted IPsec
      mode by utilizing Internet Engineering Task Force industry             10:55am – 11:15am
                                                                             A Quantitative, Adaptive Deployment
                                                                             Framework for Security Controls
      9:30am – 9:50am
                                                                             dr. James solderitsch, Accenture
      Key Management in a Virtual Environment
                                                                             A new deployment framework for security controls assures the
      Mr. steve schmalz, EMC                                                 mission and provides the means to know the current state of
      Secure key management in a virtual environment is a                    mission-critical systems and the controls themselves. Accenture
      prerequisite to Trusted Computing in the Cloud. Most initial           presents its simulation model that demonstrates cyber
      solutions simply virtualize the key management components              threats and prescribes optimal, automated adaptations in an
      without considering the security implications. Learn about             organization’s cyber defenses.
      the challenges of virtualizing symmetric key management,
      review use-cases, and discuss symmetric key management
      architectures to address these scenarios.

     f e a tu red s peakers

                                                                                                        US Robotics/3Com NetServer routing module in the Total Control Chassis service provider

                               MR. wIllIAM “CURT” BARKER                                                Mr. Calhoun is an industry-recognized author of many standards; some of which include
                               associate director and Cybersecurity advisor for                         Diameter, RADIUS, Mobile IP, and Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP). He is also
                               the information technology Laboratory, national                          the co-author of the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and the Layer Two Tunneling
                               institute of standards and technology (nist)                             Protocol (L2TP). Mr. Calhoun has chaired various working groups in the Internet Engineering
     Mr. William “Curt”Barker is the Associate Director and Cybersecurity Advisor for the Information   Task Force (IETF) and the IEEE’s 802.11.
     Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In that
     role, he is directly responsible for planning, directing, and implementing the policies and
     programs of NIST’s cybersecurity program. Mr. Barker also conceives and implements strategic
     plans and executive direction to ensure that the scientific and technical activities promote the
     mission and goals of Lab/Program and NIST.

     Mr. Barker was recently assigned to the Department of Commerce Office of Policy and Strategic
     Planning as head of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Coordination Office. Mr. Barker was also                                    MR. STACy CANNADy
                                                                                                                                  distinguished technologist, dMi
     recently Chief of the Information Technology Laboratory’s Computer Security Division. Prior
     to becoming Division Chief, Mr. Barker was Program Manager for NIST Personal Identity              Mr. Stacy Cannady is a Distinguished Technologist with DMI. Mr. Cannady has been working
     Verification activities. Mr. Barker managed development of the HSPD #12-mandated Federal           in the Trusted Computing field for 10 years. As a Subject Matter Expert in Trusted Computing,
     Information Processing Standard 201 and several NIST recommendations and guidelines that           Mr. Cannady’s responsibilities require an in-depth understanding of the Trusted Computing
     implement the FIPS. Mr. Barker previously managed development of several NIST guidelines           market, including advances in hardware and software security as well as vendor and customer
     required by FISMA and is participating in the development of a number of NIST cryptographic        market dynamics.
                                                                                                        Prior to his work with DMI, Mr. Cannady was responsible for marketing leadership for Trusted
     Mr. Barker has worked in the information security field since 1966. Before joining NIST, he        Computing at IBM and at Lenovo. At IBM, Mr. Cannady played a principal role in making the
     worked in the National Security Agency (NSA) information assurance organizations, and              TPM standard equipment in ThinkPad and ThinkCenter PCs. This created competitive pressure
     subsequently held private sector positions of Vice President and Director of Independent           in the PC market and led to broad market acceptance of the TPM as standard equipment in
     Research and Development at two information assurance companies: PE Systems and Trusted            enterprise-class PCs.
     Information Systems.
                                                                                                        Mr. Cannady was also responsible for the security product strategy for IBM’s PC Division and
                                                                                                        for Lenovo for eight years. This strategy required subject matter expertise in firmware security,
                                                                                                        biometrics, smart cards, identity management, encryption and access control. At Lenovo, Mr.
                                                                                                        Cannady was also responsible for incident response and was the Privacy Manager for the
                                                                                                        Software and Peripherals Business Unit.

                               MR. PAT CAlHOUN
                               Vice president and general Manager, security
                               systems unit, Cisco network services group

     Mr. Pat Calhoun is the Vice President and General Manager of the Security Systems Unit,
     within the Cisco Network Services Group. Mr. Calhoun brings a wealth of industry experience
     and technical expertise to Cisco. The Security Systems Unit is tasked with achieving the                                      MR. DAVE DewAlT
     company vision of enabling pervasive security for connected organizations. Chartered with                                    Board Member, Mcafee
     building end-to-end security architectures for the enterprise and cyber security networks, his
     team delivers Cisco TrustSec architecture elements, such as access control, policy enforcement,    Mr. Dave DeWalt has more than 25 years of experience building innovative, industry-leading
     and Cisco’s security ecosystem.                                                                    technology companies. Mr. DeWalt has a strong record of driving revenue growth at startups,
                                                                                                        midsize, and large companies, and has helped create more than $15 billion in shareholder
     In his previous role at Cisco, Mr. Calhoun was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the          value through a series of CEO-led industry-changing major acquisitions. Mr. DeWalt has been
     Cisco Access Switching and Wireless business. In this role he drove the vision and strategy        named one of the top five CEOs of publicly traded software companies by Institutional Investor
     for the Cisco unified wired and wireless service-enabled access layer, and next generation         magazine and one of the 25 most influential executives in the technology industry by readers of
     network management initiatives. Mr. Calhoun joined Cisco through the corporate acquisition         CRN magazine.
     of Airespace in March, 2005. At Airespace he was Co-Founder and CTO for the systems design
     and software for the award-winning LWAPP Wireless LAN Controller, a technology trend setter        Mr. DeWalt has held executive positions at notable technology companies such as Oracle, EMC,
     for secure wireless LAN architectures.                                                             Documentum, Intel, McAfee, Segue Software, and Quest Software. In addition, he has also held
                                                                                                        Board of Director roles at companies such as Jive Software, Serena Software, MatrixOne, and
     In prior roles, Mr. Calhoun headed various next generation initiatives. At Sun Laboratories,       Polycom, where he is the Chairman.
     he defined CDMA’s mobility and security services. Mr. Calhoun was also the architect for

                                                                                                                                            f e a tur e d sp ea k er s

A recognized authority on cybersecurity, Mr. DeWalt appears regularly on nationally televised
news programs, has spoken numerous times at the World Economic Forum in Davos, participated
in panel discussions alongside world leaders, and served as an advisor to the National Security
Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), among others. In May 2011, Mr. DeWalt                                     MR. NEIl KITTlESON
                                                                                                                                 trusted Computing portfolio Manager, national
was appointed by President Barack Obama to reside on the National Security and Technology
                                                                                                                                 security agency/Central security service (nsa/
Advisory Council (NSTAC).                                                                                                        Css) Commercial solutions Center (nCsC)
Mr. DeWalt received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from          Mr. Neil Kittleson is the Trusted Computing Portfolio Manager in the National Security Agency/
the University of Delaware, where he was NCAA Division I All-American and the first wrestler           Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC). Prior to this position,
inducted into the University of Delaware Athletics Hall of Fame.                                       Mr. Kittleson served as the High Assurance Platform (HAP) Program Manager where he led
                                                                                                       the successful deployment of the first release of the program and the development of the
                                                                                                       second release.

                                                                                                       Prior to joining the National Security Agency in 2008, Mr. Kittleson held a number of senior
                           MR. HOwARD J. ETTINGER                                                      consulting positions with firms in San Diego and the Washington, DC area where he helped
                           Chief, trusted Computing and platform services                              clients successfully design, deliver, and support large scale information technology and
                           division, national security agency/Central                                  satellite communication projects. Prior to consulting, Mr. Kittleson served as a United States
                           security service (nsa/Css) Commercial solutions                             Navy Supply Corps Officer for six years with deployments in support of the Persian Gulf War
                           Center (nCsC)
                                                                                                       and the NATO peacekeeping efforts in the Bosnian War.
Mr. Howard J. Ettinger is the Chief of the Trusted Computing and Platform Services Division            Mr. Kittleson graduated from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Arts degree
in the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Commercial Solutions                in Political Science.
Center (NCSC). Mr. Ettinger joined the NCSC in 2009, as the Manager of the Trusted Computing
and Platform Services Division, where he advocates for the adopting of Trusted Computing
technologies. Mr. Ettinger’s division includes the very successful High Assurance Platform (HAP)
program, as well as personnel devoted to Trusted Computing outreach and industry development.
Prior to his assignment in NCSC, Mr. Ettinger was the Chief of the Special Performance Devices
Division in the Technology Directorate at NSA. Mr. Ettinger led a highly skilled technical workforce                              MR. JOHN lAMBERT
that developed one of a kind high performance computing devices.                                                                 senior director, security engineering and
                                                                                                                                 network security, trustworthy Computing,
Mr. Ettinger graduated from North Carolina State University in Raleigh in 1982 with a Bachelor of                                Microsoft
Science degree in Forestry and from the University of Maryland in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree
in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Ettinger began his employment with the National Security Agency         Mr. John Lambert is the Senior Director of Security Engineering and Network Security within
as a Digital Design Engineer in 1986, designing high performance computing (HPC) devices.              Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft. Mr. Lambert has been with Microsoft for 11 years and is
During his career Mr. Ettinger has designed multiple ASICs, FPGAs and boards, written production       responsible for the central engineering resources for Microsoft’s proactive and reactive security
and test software, and managed full HPC system designs, branches and divisions.                        efforts.

                                                                                                       On the proactive side, Mr. Lambert manages the team that builds the tools for the Security
                                                                                                       Development Lifecycle (SDL) used by all major products and services at the company. To
                                                                                                       counter emerging threats, Mr. Lambert founded the Microsoft Security Engineering Center
                                                                                                       (MSEC) Science team. The MSEC Science team develops next generation technology to detect
                                                                                                       vulnerabilities and exploits in order to neutralize them through digital countermeasures.

                                                                                                       On the response side, Mr. Lambert also manages the Microsoft Security Response Center
                           MR. SUMIT GwAlANI
                           product Manager for Chrome os security, google                              (MSRC) Engineering team. The MSRC Engineering team is responsible for all technical aspects
                                                                                                       of vulnerabilities reported to Microsoft. Mr. Lambert’s Network Security group is responsible
Mr. Sumit Gwalani is a Product Manager for Chrome OS Security at Google. Since joining                 for driving adherence to Microsoft’s guidelines and policies, and monitoring the security of
Google in 2006, he has evangelized security within Google working in a number of roles both            Microsoft’s network.
as a Security Engineer and as a Product Manager.
                                                                                                       Previously at Microsoft, Mr. Lambert worked in the Windows Security group on features
Mr. Gwalani has been involved in all aspects of security ranging from security audits, risk            related to cryptography and security management. Prior to Microsoft, he worked at IBM as a
analysis, application-level vulnerability testing, security training, development of security          developer in their software group.
features in different Google products and most recently managing Chrome OS Security. Before
joining Google, Mr. Gwalani has worked on Wifi security, development of VPNs, Anti-Virus and           Mr. Lambert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tulane University and is
Anti-Spyware products.                                                                                 named on over five software patents and nine pending applications.

Mr. Gwalani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai
and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara.
     f e a tu red s peakers

                                                                                                               MR. DAVID O’BERRy
                                                                                                               strategic systems engineer, Mcafee

                                 MR. MICHAEl A. lAMONT                                                         Mr. David O’Berry is a Strategic Systems Engineer at McAfee. Mr. O’Berry previously was
                                 Chief, network solutions office, national security                            Director of Strategic Development and Information Technology at The South Carolina
                                 agency/Central security service (nsa/Css)                                     Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services. Prior to that, he was Director of
                                 Commercial solutions Center (nCsC)                                            Information Technology Systems and Services at The South Carolina Department of Probation,
     Mr. Michael A. Lamont is the Chief of the Network Solutions Office in the National Security               Parole, and Pardon Services. Mr. O’Berry is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.
     Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC). Prior to his
     assignment in NCSC, Mr. Lamont was the Deputy Chief, Cryptographic Products Engineering
     in the Information Assurance Directorate at NSA. Mr. Lamont led a highly skilled technical
     workforce that developed secure wired and wireless products and technologies; developed
     network security products and technologies; and developed cryptographic engines, modules,
     and tokens.
                                                                                                                                         MR. TONy w. SAGER
     Mr. Lamont joined the NSA in 1987 as a mechanical engineer. Mr. Lamont served as an                                                 Chief operating officer for the information
     engineer and line manager in a technical services organization providing quick-reaction                                             assurance directorate, national security
                                                                                                                                         agency (nsa)
     electro-mechanical and operation support to NSA and Intelligence Community elements. In
     April 1999, he became the Chief of the Sensor Development Branch where he managed the                     Mr. Tony W. Sager is the Chief Operating Officer for the Information Assurance Directorate at
     research, development, and deployment of denied area systems. From May 2001 through                       the National Security Agency (NSA). For over 33 years at NSA, Mr. Sager has held several
     October 2006, Mr. Lamont served as the Deputy Chief and Chief of the Telecommunications                   technical and managerial positions in computer/network security and software organizations.
     Network Services Division. Mr. Lamont then moved to NCSC where he became the Deputy                       His career-long focus has been on identifying, analyzing, and mitigating vulnerabilities in
     Chief of the Edge Systems Solutions Office, leading a workforce to deliver end-user                       technology and operations.
     information assurance products and technologies primarily focused on edge devices such as
     telephony and computing products.                                                                         Mr. Sager holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Western Maryland College and
                                                                                                               a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Sager is
     Prior to joining the Agency, Mr. Lamont spent eight years in industry working at Black &                  also a civilian graduate of the United States Army Signal Officer Basic Course and the National
     Decker Corporation, and at Maryland Cup Corporation as a Draftsman and Design Engineer.                   Security Leadership Course.
     Mr. Lamont graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science
     degree in Mechanical Engineering.

                                                                                                               MR. ANTHONy A. STRAMEllA
                                                                                                               special assistant to the director, national security agency/Central
                                                                                                               security service (nsa/Css) threat operations Center (ntoC) within
                                                                                                               the strategic interactions Management division

                                                                                                               Mr. Anthony A. Stramella began his National Security Agency (NSA) career in 1974. Mr.
                                                                                                               Stramella currently holds the position of Special Assistant to the Director, NSA/CSS Threat
                                 MR. CHRIS MAHER                                                               Operations Center (NTOC) within the Strategic Interactions Management Division.
                                 Chief executive officer, fosforus
                                                                                                               Mr. Stramella’s previous assignments were: Chief, Customer Relations and Corporate
     For 27 years, Mr. Chris Maher has generated interesting, market-moving ideas as, in this order, an        Communications Division in the NTOC , from 2005 until 2007; Chief, Information Assurance
     award-winning copywriter, creative director, internet marketing columnist, and, more recently, as         Directorate Conference and Exhibits Division from 2004 until 2005; and Director, Corporate
     the leader of an Austin-based creative company, Fosforus.                                                 Communications for the Information Operations Technology Center (IOTC), a joint activity
                                                                                                               within the DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) from 1997 until 2003.
     Mr. Maher has led creative campaigns that have produced over $250 million in sales for clients such
     as Dell, Dell Factory Outlet, Motorola, Compaq (Networking & Communications Products), i2, Tivoli/        Other NSA experience includes the Information Systems Security Organization (ISSO), where
     IBM, FreeMarkets/Ariba, SAP, McAfee, and more.                                                            he served as Senior Operations Officer and Technical Director. In the National Cryptologic
                                                                                                               School (NCS), he was a Master Instructor and Course Director, developing Information
     More recently, Mr. Maher’s Fosforus team developed and launched a series of Purina Friskies® online       Assurance Education programs for the DoD and IC. Mr. Stramella continues to act as an active
     games for cats (yes, games for cats) and has been integral to the creation of a next-generation user      Adjunct Faculty Instructor for the NCS.
     interface for Infor, a multi-billion-dollar enterprise software company based in Alpharetta, Georgia.
                                                                                                               Mr. Stramella has an Information Technology certificate from Johns Hopkins University. He has
     In 2002, Mr. Maher attended a Carnegie Mellon University conference about the relationship                been a guest instructor/lecturer at various Intelligence Community and DoD courses, seminars
     between security and privacy at which attendees were given an introduction to (what has turned            and conferences. The DoD Security Institute, in Richmond, Virginia presented Mr. Stramella
     out to be) a fairly radical concept: security in hardware. And ever since that time, Mr. Maher has been   with an honorary faculty membership.
     a citizen advocate for Trusted Computing.
                                                                                                                                     f e a tur e d sp ea k er s

                          DR. ROBERT THIBADEAU, Ph.D.
                          senior Vice president and Chief scientist, Wave                                                  DR. STEVEN VENEMA, Ph.D.
                          systems                                                                                          associate technical fellow, the Boeing Company

Dr. Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist at Wave Systems. Wave   Dr. Steven Venema, Ph. D., is an Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company, working in
delivers consulting services and software for managing hardware secured data on laptops and       the Architecture and Networked Systems organization of Boeing Phantom Works.
desktops in enterprise environments.
                                                                                                  Before joining Boeing, Dr. Venema earned his Master of Science in 1994 and Ph.D. in 1999 in
During his 31 years at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Dr. Thibadeau was one of the             Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington where his research focused on real-
seven founding directors of the Robotics Institute, and later, after experiencing malicious       time control systems, robotics, and haptic simulation.
data breaches in the mid-1990s, taught and performed research in security and privacy. Dr.
                                                                                                  At Boeing, Dr. Venema’s work the past several years has focused on networking and security
Thibadeau retired his professorship at CMU in 2007 and is now an Adjunct Professor, but
                                                                                                  technologies particularly as they relate to manufacturing systems. Dr. Venema is the systems
continues teaching a graduate course in computer security for IT professionals, and helps steer
                                                                                                  architect behind Boeing’s new Network Location Service, an enterprise wide service for
the Trust Infrastructure Workshops sponsored by NSF.
                                                                                                  supply chain, asset, and work-in-process visibility. Dr. Venema’s recent work has focused on
Starting in 1998, Dr. Thibadeau consulted and authored the Phoenix Secure Core Technologies.      addressing the growing need for scalable, secure connectivity for controls and SCADA devices
Dr. Thibadeau also authored the European Java reference code for W3 P3P privacy; and for          over shared enterprise (and even public) wired and wireless communications infrastructure.
Seagate a new generation of disk drives, optical drives, and solid state drives for laptops,      Dr. Venema is an active member of the Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Network Connect
desktops, and enterprise. Dr. Thibadeau is recently retired as Chief Technologist at Seagate      work group.
Technology, where he architected encrypting disk drive technology, which through his
roles representing Seagate in the Trusted Computing Group, Storage Workgroup and Board
of Directors, is now shipping in standardized forms from Seagate Technologies, Samsung,
Toshiba, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, IBM, and LSI Technologies.

                          MS. FRANCES FRAGOS TOwNSEND                                                         NOVEMBER 7-10                —      ORLANDO, FLORIDA
                          senior Vice president, Macandrews and forbes
                                                                                                             2 0 11

                          holdings, inc.

Ms. Frances Fragos Townsend is the Senior Vice President at MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings,
Inc. Ms. Townsend was a corporate partner at the law firm of Baker Botts, LLP. Previously, she
served as Assistant to President George W. Bush for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
and chaired the Homeland Security Council from May 2004 until January 2008. Ms. Townsend                      and Security Professional Education Development (SPeD) Sessions
is an on air contributor for CNN as a counterterrorism, national and homeland security
expert. Ms. Townsend spent 13 years at the United States Department of Justice under the
administrations of President George H. W. Bush, President Bill Clinton and President George
W. Bush. Ms. Townsend is a Director and chairs the compensation committees of three private
                                                                                                              Mastering Security in a Dangerous World
company boards and serves as Director of two public companies. She serves on numerous
government advisory and nonprofit boards. Ms. Townsend chairs the Board of the Intelligence
and National Security Alliance. Ms. Townsend is also a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations and the Trilateral Commission.
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     Absolute® Software is the leader in endpoint security and             Arkham Technology provides high-assurance mobile cloud
     management uniquely positioned with cross platform and                computing solutions for the DoD and IC, including HAIPE®
     device support, persistence, and emergency response services.         based VPN for Android®. Their experience includes successful
                                                                           Type 1, NIAP, and DIACAP certification. They also provide DoD
                                                                           Trusted Foundry semiconductor design engineering and IP
                                                                           licensing for Suite A, Suite B, and KMI security.
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     Advanced Programs, Inc. (API) develops information assurance          phone - 212-626-0650
     solutions for secure computing, communications and networking.
     Provides dual-motherboard products enabling multi-domain    
     solutions accessing three security levels and eliminating air gap
     requirements. NSA certified TEMPEST manufacturing, producing          The ACM Digital Library is a complete collection of all of ACM’s
     more TEMPEST equipment than any other manufacturer in the             publications, including journals, conference proceedings,
     world. Produces TSG/CNSS approved VoIP telephones.                    magazines, newsletters, and multimedia titles. The ACM Guide to
                                                                           Computing Literature is the most comprehensive bibliographic
                                                                           database in existence today focused exclusively on the field of
                                                                           computing. ACM Computing Reviews database is the largest and
     Apriva                                                                most comprehensive database of reviews covering the computing
     Booth # 206                                                           literature, providing practitioners, researchers, educators, and
     6900 east Camelback                                                   students with an unparalleled resource that provides a unique
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     richard spinella
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     products, whether handset to handset or handset to legacy wired       reston, Va 20190
     systems. The Apriva Tactical Gateway, utilizing a tactical cellular   amandeep dhillon
     system or Wi-Fi, provides soldiers a forward deployable, secure       phone - 703-956-3554
     voice capability to Smartphones.                            

                                                                           BlueCat Networks can support NSA’s mission by providing
                                                                           complete control and real time view of the global IP Network
                                                                           Infrastructure through IP Address Management (IPAM) Intelligence
                                                                           for both IPv4/IPv6 environments including core services such as
                                                                           DNS, DHCP, DNSSEC, and VoIP.
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phone - 888-625-8377                                                                                               Cisco security balances protection and power to deliver highly
                                                                       secure collaboration. With Cisco security, customers can connect,
BlueSpace provides mission transformation through multi-level          communicate, and conduct business securely while protecting
applications by using their Trusted Service Bus, Mashup Server         users, information, applications, and the network. Cisco pervasive
and Client Framework to create web 2.0 mashup applications such        security can help minimize security and compliance IT risk, reduce
as GeoSpace (a multi-level command and control application),           IT administrative burden, and lower TCO.
Discover (a multi-level search application) and Unity (a multi-level
email client).
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phone - 703-629-2136                                                                                                Citrix Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of virtual computing
                                                                       solutions that help companies deliver IT as an on-demand service.
Centrify delivers integrated software solutions that centrally         Founded in 1989, Citrix combines virtualization, networking, and
control, secure and audit access to cross-platform systems and         cloud computing technologies into a full portfolio of products
applications by leveraging an infrastructure you already own           that enable virtual work styles for users and virtual data centers
— Microsoft Active Directory. Over 3,500 organizations rely on         for IT.
Centrify’s identity consolidation and privilege management
solutions to reduce IT expenses, strengthen security, and meet
compliance requirements.
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phone - 650-257-0233                                                                                                ClearCube created the first blade PC in 1997. ClearCube provides
                                                                       cloud computing solutions with virtual desktops and powerful
CFEngine automates distributed IT infrastructure: ensuring the         one-to-one blade workstations connecting to zero clients over
availability, security and compliance of critical applications and     fiber or copper networks for secure, powerful, and energy efficient
services. Based on a popular and flexible open source standard,        computing. ClearCube customers include: DoD, DHS, DoE, DoJ,
CFEngine configuration management solutions are self-healing,          the Intelligence Community, and other agencies.
scalable and always-on. The company serves global academic,
financial and government/military customers from offices in
Europe and the U.S.

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     Dell, Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers  
     innovative technology and services that give them the power  
     to do more. Forging close partnerships with governments at all
     levels, Dell helps governments address complicated problems            Encryptics is a unique encryption platform for the safe passage
     with open, capable and affordable IT solutions.                        of digital information. A peer-to-peer delivery combined with
                                                                            a trusted server system, you can now send and receive secure
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     6701 democracy Boulevard
     suite 500                                                              F5 Networks
     Bethesda, Md 20817                                                     Booth # 516
     phone - 240-223-4800                                                   401 elliott avenue West                                                          seattle, Wa 98199
                                                                            Jon teunis
     DMI is a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting         phone - 301-788-0248
     firm focused on providing solutions that transform enterprise
     operations. Visit Booth # 306 to learn how they use Trusted  
     Computing technologies to manage proactive, adaptive,
     automated cybersecurity operations for our clients. Verifiably         F5, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, helps
     raise your enterprise’s real-time situational awareness and security   federal agencies optimize application performance while
     posture.                                                               guarding against unauthorized access and malicious attacks. From
                                                                            enterprise and access security to network and application attack
                                                                            protection, F5’s cost-effective, unified security solutions provide
                                                                            a comprehensive approach to protecting complex environments
     Eagle Alliance                                                         from constantly changing threats.
     Booth # 414
     2711 technology drive
     annapolis Junction, Md 20701
     gary Kuhn                                                              FCN Technology Solutions, Inc.
     phone - 240-456-6776                                                   Booth # 416                                                         12315 Wilkins avenue
                                                                            rockville, Md 20852
     Eagle Alliance is an Information Technology (IT) managed               Marcia Bennett
     services company for the Intelligence Community providing              phone - 703-981-7271
     distributed computing, network, telephony, security and      
     enterprise management services include: multi-function       
     devices, service center operations, enterprise management
     and portable electronic devices. Eagle Alliance operates on a          FCN, a woman-owned, small business is a full scale solutions
     performance-based environment contract driven by Service               provider of consultation services and essential products vital to
     Level Agreements.                                                      the operations of the Federal Government, representing Palo
                                                                            Alto Networks, who delivers the only next-generation firewall
                                                                            that provides policy-based visibility and control over applications,
                                                                            users and threats.

                                                                                               e x H iB ito r p r ofi les
                                                                                             Hotel Floor Plans

Fixmo                                                               General Dynamics C4 Systems
Booth # 513                                                         Booth # 301
22375 Broderick drive                                               400 John Quincy adams road
suite 227                                                           taunton, Ma 02780
sterling, Va 20166                                                  Jean hale
Bruce gilley                                                        phone - 508-880-4030
phone - 703-862-5825                                                                                 
                                                                    General Dynamics C4 Systems will be providing a demonstration
Fixmo is the mobile risk management (MRM) company that              of the TACLANE®-Multibook that showcases a secure mobile
empowers government agencies with solutions to maximize             laptop built utilizing Trusted Computing standards for network
mobility by ensuring the integrity, compliance and auditability     authentication, secure network communications, and secure
of every mobile device used by its employees. Fixmo provides        storage of data.
powerful capabilities to understand, monitor and act on all risks
associated with mobile devices in near real-time.
                                                                    Great Bay Software, Inc.
                                                                    Booth # 505
Freescale Semiconductor                                             100 Main street
Booth # 204                                                         suite 250
7700 West parmer Lane                                               dover, nh 03820
Mail drop pL43                                                      Bob durkee
austin, tx 78729                                                    phone - 603-866-1134
glenn Beck                                                
phone - 512-996-5043                                            Great Bay Software enables the rapid and successful deployment                                                   and management of NAC and 802.1X systems. Great Bay’s Beacon
                                                                    Endpoint Profiler™ is the reference standard for Endpoint Profiling
Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and        and is leveraged by industry leading vendors including Juniper
manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive,          in the deployment and management of their IF-MAP, NAC and
consumer, industrial and networking markets. The company is         802.1X solutions.
based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development,
manufacturing and sales operations around the world.
                                                                    Green Hills Software
                                                                    Booth # 417
Fusion-io                                                           30 West sola street
Booth # 506                                                         santa Barbara, Ca 93101
2855 east Cottonwood parkway                                        phone - 805-965-6044
salt Lake City, ut 84121                                  
Chantel Wall                                              
phone - 801-424-5500                                                  Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software is the largest independent                                                    vendor of embedded development solutions. In 2008, their
                                                                    INTEGRITY-178B RTOS was the first and only operating system to
Fusion-io is the pioneer of a next generation storage memory        be certified by the NSA to EAL6+, High Robustness, the highest
platform that significantly improves the processing capabilities    level of security ever achieved for any software product.
within a datacenter by relocating active data from centralized
storage to the server where it is processed. Fusion’s integrated
solutions significantly increase datacenter efficiency and
offer enterprise grade performance, reliability, availability and

     e x HiBitor p rofiles

     Infineon Technologies North America Corporation                        Juniper Networks, Inc.
     Booth # 211                                                            Booth # 507
     640 north McCarthy Boulevard                                           2251 Corporate park drive
     Milpitas, Ca 95035                                                     herndon, Va 20171
     phone - 866-951-9519                                                   phone - 571-203-1700                                             

     Infineon Technologies focuses on the three central challenges          Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance
     facing modern society: Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security        networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network
     and offers semiconductors and system solutions for automotive          infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment
     and industrial electronics and chip card and security applications.    for accelerating the high deployment of services and applications
                                                                            over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses
                                                                            and government agencies.
     Booth # 501
     4750 patrick henry drive                                               lightfleet
     santa Clara, Ca 95054                                                  Booth # 214
     phone - 408-625-4200                                                   4800 northwest Camas Meadows drive                                                       Camas, Wa 98607
                                                                            doug Benefield
     Infoblox is an industry leading developer of network infrastructure    phone - 843-408-3933
     automation and control solutions. Infoblox’s robust, secure, 
     scalable appliances for critical network services - including DNS,
     DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM) – are used by over
     5,000 organizations worldwide, including over half of the Fortune      Lightfleet, winner of the Wall Street Journal Most Innovative
     500. Infoblox supports Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards         Technologies Awards for the Direct Broadcast Optical Interconnect
     in all of its products, including the Infoblox Orchestration Server™   (DBOI) uses broadcast optics to connect multiple computing
     (IBOS) line of appliance based IF-MAP servers.                         nodes or processors to create the fast, low-latency All to All, at
                                                                            Once™ data flow.

     Intel Corporation
     Booth # 210                                                            lynuxworks, Inc.
     ron parker                                                             Booth # 310
     phone - 508-351-2920                                                   855 embedded Way                                                   san Jose, Ca 95138                                                          phone - 800-255-5969
     As a key intelligent component of computing and communications
     infrastructure, Intel is rising to meet the challenges posed by
     growing security threats around the globe. Many new security           LynuxWorks, the embedded software leader, provides open
     advances are made possible by their configurable hardware based        and reliable real-time operating systems and tools including
     functions. Along with software developers, they look forward to        the LynxOS RTOS family, for the highest level of embedded
     enabling even more rapid and customizable development of               software security. Their award winning LynxSecure offers a secure
     security features required by enterprises of all sizes throughout      separation kernel and embedded hypervisor, forming a platform
     the public and private sectors.                                        for the development of high assurance systems.

                                                                                                   e x H iB ito r p r ofi les

Meadowgate Technologies, llC                                             NCSC Trusted Computing Garage
Booth # 515                                                              Booth # 201
Joe rotiroti                                                             9800 savage road
phone - 484 433 9756                                                     suite 6940                                                   fort Meade, Md 20755
Meadowgate Technologies, LLC is a HUBZone certified, SDVO.     
Their integration facility is located in Elkridge, Maryland. They will
be featuring Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions, an industry
leader in cross domain solutions. Their SecureOffice® products           Want to see for yourself how to configure a TPM? Remotely wipe
allow government and industry to securely share information. All         a self encrypting drive? Use TNC to control network access?
products adhere to security standards set by the U.S. Government         Visit the NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC) Trusted
and are installed and accredited at SABI and TSABI in operational        Computing Garage to get hands-on experience with key Trusted
systems worldwide.                                                       Computing technologies.

National Security Agency                                                 NetApp
Booth # 402                                                              Booth # 407
9800 savage road                                                         1921 gallows road
fort Meade, Md 20755                                                     suite 600
phone - 410-854-7436                                                     Vienna, Va 22182                                                              phone - 703-918-7200
We live in a net-centric world where new information technologies
arrive at lightning speed, allowing us to share information across       NetApp and SafeNet – The leaders in storage and security have
town or around the world faster than ever before. The National           joined forces to introduce the next generation of storage security
Security Agency’s, Information Assurance Mission is dedicated            and key management solutions. Preview exciting technologies
to providing information assurance solutions that will keep our          designed to enable government agencies to encrypt and manage
information systems secure.                                              high-value, sensitive assets and extend trust from data centers to
                                                                         virtualized and multitenancy environments.

NCSC Trusted Computing
Booth # 300                                                              NitroSecurity
9800 savage road                                                         Booth # 312
suite 6940                                                               230 Commerce Way
fort Meade, Md 20755                                                     suite 325
410-854-4463                                                             portsmouth, nh 03801                                                              phone - 888-564-7436                                                
Are you safe from the Big Bad Wolf? Don’t trust your vital
information to a house made of straw. Visit the NSA/CSS                  NitroSecurity is the leader in high-performance, content-aware
Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC) Trusted Computing Booth               Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions,
to see a demonstration of how Trusted Computing improves                 which provide real-time visibility into events, logs and flows and
security and agility -- enabling you to grant access to information      monitor networks, databases and applications. NitroView is on the
based on trust.                                                          DoD Unified Capabilities Approved Products List and is Common
                                                                         Criteria EAL3 certified and FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated.

     e x HiBitor p rofiles

     NSA Technology Transfer Program                                          Oracle
     Booth # 511                                                              Booth # 410
     9800 savage road                                                         1910 oracle Way
     fort Meade, Md 20755                                                     reston, Va 20190
     Jerry duhaime                                                            phone - 703-364-0817
     phone - 301-688-8896                                           
                                                                              Oracle is the world’s most complete, open and integrated mission
     NSA’s Technology Transfer Program leverages federal legislation to       and back-office software and hardware systems company.
     promote and transfer NSA developed technologies to industry,             Through its National Security Group (NSG), Oracle has established
     academia and other U.S. Government organizations. Such transfers         a leadership position in providing highly secure software,
     serve to strengthen the U.S. Economy, benefit NSA and other U.S.         hardware, and services to the Intelligence Community.
     Government missions, and extend the taxpayer’s investment in
     federal research and development.
                                                                              Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.
                                                                              Booth # 404
     Objective Interface Systems, Inc.                                        38a grove street
     Booth # 213                                                              suite 101
                                                                                                                           Owl Computing
     220 spring street                                                        ridgefield, Ct 06877                         Technologies, Inc
     suite 530                                                                phone - 203-894-9342
     herndon, Va 20170                                              
     Wendie Macdonald                                               
     phone - 703-295-6539                                                 Owl Computing’s secure, one-way cross-domain solutions transfer                                                              data (at speeds up to 2.5Gbps) between networks of different
                                                                              security levels and types. Owl certified and accredited solutions
     Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) is a leader in secure and high   for enterprise services in the computer-room and for tactical and
     performance communications technologies. OIS provides the                mobile environments support absolute information assurance,
     Black Channel™ high assurance secure communications products             and hardware-enforced protection against data leakage or
     for simplifying Warfighter networking infrastructures. Black             compromise.
     Channel™ allows you to consolidate multiple physical networks
     into one by securely virtualizing each network separately.
                                                                              Pikewerks Corporation
                                                                              Booth # 418
     Open Kernel labs                                                         105 a Church street
     Booth # 317                                                              Madison, aL 35758
     200 south Wacker                                                         phone – 256-325-0010
     15th floor                                                     
     Chicago, iL 60606                                              
     Carl nerup
     phone - 847-226-0444                                                     Pikewerks Corporation is an intrinsically focused woman-                                                       owned small business specializing in cyber security, software                                                          protection, anti-tamper, information operations, data protection,
                                                                              and forensics. The company formed in 2003 and is built on the
     Open Kernel Labs is the global leader in open source virtualization      commitment to undertake the hardest problems and apply
     software for mobile devices, consumer electronics, and embedded          creativity and innovation to push the limits of technology.
     systems. Backed by the largest, independent team of microkernel
     developers, the OKL4 embedded hypervisor is deployed on
     more than 1.4 billion mobile phones worldwide. Semiconductor
     suppliers, device OEMs, and mobile network operators depend
     on OK Labs to deliver high performance solutions that decrease
     BOM cost, reduce complexity, and speed time-to-market.

                                                                                                 e x H iB ito r p r ofi les

RedPhone Security                                                     SitScape, Inc.
Booth # 413                                                           Booth # 208
1199 falls View Court                                                 8300 Boone Boulevard
st. paul, Mn 55118                                                    suite 300
Mark Brown                                                            Vienna, Va 22182
phone - 651-204-3372                                                  phone - 571-432-8130                                   
                                                                      Must-See! Award Winning Situational Awareness Software!
RedPhone Security develops high assurance and high robustness         SitScape provides Web-based, User-Defined-Operating-Picture
multi-level secure products for the Defense and Intelligence          (UDOP) and COP-based situational awareness software. It
Communities. They have expertise in formal methods, hardware,         enables Ops and mission users to easily aggregate and visualize
software and systems solutions, and are adept at connecting their     disparate application and information sources into UDOP/COP for
solutions to common, off-the-shelf software and standards-based       situational awareness, live monitoring, executive briefing, visual
interfaces.                                                           contextual collaboration and information sharing.

Security First Corporation                                            TechGuard Security, llC
Booth # 216                                                           Booth # 217
Bill goodwin                                                          5520 research park drive
phone - 949-275-4947                                                  suite 140                                        Catonsville, Md 22128                                             suzanne Magee
                                                                      phone - 443-543-5701
Security First Corporations’s cryptographic splitting technology
weaves key IA attributes directly into the data itself. SFC’s
products provide solutions for confidentiality, high availability,
cloud security, and infrastructure cost reduction. SFC is partnered   TechGuard protects critical infrastructures from cyber attack;
with IBM and others, providing these solutions on platforms           trusted Cyber services; NSA/Common Criteria EAL 4+ PoliWall®
immediately available for use on existing product lines.              security appliances, with HIPPIE® and PCELs®- rapid IPv4/IPv6/
                                                                      port/protocol ingress/egress filtering reduce attack space/contain
                                                                      advanced persistent threat- QOS stops DDOS attacks-REACT
                                                                      machine-to-machine interface blocks automatically. Women-
SECUTOR® SySTEMS, llC                                                 owned, SBA 8(a) with Secure Cyber Lab/UMBC Research Park.
Booth # 308
1525 technology drive
Chesapeake, Va 23320
guy purser                                                            Tenacity Solutions, Inc.
phone - 757-818-0942                                                  Booth # 202                                             1835 alexander Bell drive                                                suite 100
                                                                      reston, Va 20191
SECUTOR® develops, manufactures, and sells the DataVault line         Mark Longworth
of computers. The DataVault is a specialized, custom Multi-Level-     phone - 703-594-1738
Security computer certified EAL-4 under the CCEVS. SECUTOR®’s
MLS solutions are hardware-based. All products are highly energy
and workspace efficient. SECUTOR® is a veteran owned small
business operating from Chesapeake, Virginia.                         Tenacity Solutions, Inc. is an Information Technology services
                                                                      firm chartered to secure National Security IT Systems. In the 21st
                                                                      century, intelligence “lives” in IT. These systems are useless if not
                                                                      shared, but dangerous if not secure. In this dichotomy is where
                                                                      Tenacity innovates to balance the risk and solve the problems.

     e x HiBitor p rofiles

     Texas Memory Systems, Inc.                                            wave Systems Corporation
     Booth # 411                                                           Booth # 305
     10777 Westheimer                                                      480 pleasant street
     suite 600                                                             Lee, Ma 01238
     houston, tx 77042                                                     Martie Martin
     ric halsaver                                                          phone - 413-243-7097
     phone - 703-801-9900                                                                              
                                                                           Wave Systems provides management software for hardware-
     Texas Memory Systems, Inc. provides Enterprise, Battlefield and       based security, helping organizations implement strong
     Aircraft Solid-State Disk PCIe boards and Rackmount Appliances.       authentication and data protection. Wave’s EMBASSY® client and
     Low Microseconds, not Low Milliseconds like most all other SSD’s.     server software manages both the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
     Used extensively in DoD and IC applications worldwide. Imagine        chip found on business-class PCs and self-encrypting hard drives
     10GB/s writes and over 1 million random IO’s per second in just       available from leading manufacturers.

                                                                           wind River
     Trusted Computing Group                                               Booth # 509
     Booth # 401                                                           500 Wind river Way
     3855 sW 153rd drive                                                   alameda, Ca 94501
     Beaverton, or 97006                                                   Christine dykstra
     phone - 503-619-0562                                                  phone - 214-727-4234                             
                                                                           30 Years of Innovation: Wind River Inside! Wind River, a wholly-
     The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a not-for-profit                 owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), is a world
     organization that develops, defines, and promotes open                leader in embedded and mobile software. Wind River has been
     standards for hardware-enabled Trusted Computing, including           pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981 and
     hardware building blocks and software interfaces, across multiple     its technology is found in more than 500 million products.
     platforms, peripherals, and devices. TCG specifications will enable
     more secure computing environments without compromising
     functional integrity, privacy, or individual rights.
                                                                           wyse Technology, Inc.
                                                                           Booth # 212
                                                                           3471 north first street
     VMware                                                                san Jose, Ca 95134
     Booth # 409                                                           Kevin Williams
     3401 hillview avenue                                                  phone - 770-296-9935
     palo alto, Ca 94304                                         
     Wendy acosta                                                                                                        Wyse Technology is the global leader in Cloud Client Computing.
                                                                           The Wyse portfolio includes industry-leading thin, zero and
     VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud computing     cloud PC client solutions with advanced management, desktop
     solutions from the desktop to the datacenter. All 15 cabinet level    virtualization and cloud software supporting desktops, laptops
     agencies, military services, numerous DoD agencies, joint and         and next generation mobile devices.
     unified commands, and many independent federal agencies rely
     on VMware to avoid IT infrastructure costs, ensure continuity of
     operations, and provide secure endpoint computing capabilities.

                                                          H ote l f lo or p la n

                                 Exhibitor Registration
                                 Attendee Registration

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     n otes

Manage Risk.
Manage Mobile.
It’s not enough to manage                                      SOLUTIONS FOR GOVERNMENT
your mobile devices.
Government agencies are deploying more mobile devices
than ever before. Employees and contractors are also
using personal devices to conduct government business.
While mobile connectivity brings significant benefits, it
also introduces of all kinds of risks associated with device
integrity and data protection. All it takes is one corrupted
or rogue device.
It’s no longer enough to manage your mobile inventory.
Government agencies require Mobile Risk Management.
                                                               Fixmo Sentinel provides enterprise-wide Mobile Risk
Fixmo is the mobile risk management (MRM) company              Management across BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Good™ clients.
that provides government agencies with solutions to
maximize mobility by ensuring the integrity, compliance
and auditability of every mobile device used by its
employees—including personal devices. MRM provides
powerful capabilities to understand, monitor and act on
all risks associated with mobile devices, in near-real time.
The company’s flagship product, Fixmo Sentinel™, is the
industry's first MRM solution that provides the tools
needed to understand, quantify, and mitigate mobile risk.

NSA Heritage - Government Strong.
                                                               Sentinel Desktop, the COTS version of the original NSA
Fixmo understands the needs of government and defense          Autoberry, provides integrity assurance for BlackBerry and
agencies and provides them with technology initially           Android devices.
developed by the National Security Agency. Through a
Co-operative Research and Development Agreement
(CRADA) between the NSA/CSS, as represented by the
IAD, Fixmo is actively engaged in developing products for
mobile risk management. As a result of the CRADA,
Fixmo provides numerous supported COTS solutions to
Federal and Defense Agencies at no charge.

Fixmo’s mobile risk management
solutions are designed to fit all
Government and Defense agencies.

For more information on Fixmo’s Defense and Government         Sentinel Server Compliance Check (SCC), the COTS version
programs, please contact or visit          of the NSA AutoBES solution, ensures regulatory compliance by                                       confirming the integrity of BlackBerry and Good devices.
   5565 sterrett place, suite 200
      Columbia, Md 21044 | 888.603.8899

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