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									Park & Recreation Challenge
Not ready for a traditional Minnesota yet? Gather your family and get out and enjoy the best of what Chanhassen and Minnesota have to offer! The colors are changing and so is the scenery, so what better time to check out Chanhassen’s parks. Visit 26 parks (4 community parks and 22 neighborhood parks) listed on the City of Chanhassen’s web site ( compark/nparks.html). On your park visits, take a photo by the park identification sign of all 26 parks and submit them to City Hall or the Chanhassen Rec Center by Friday, October 16 and you and your family will win a great prize pack. The prize pack includes gift certificates, Recreation Center passes, and a certificate of competition. This program is sponsored by The School II. Participants must register to be eligible for prize pack.
$10 Registration Fee Code No. 2094.131

Stott Pilates evolved from the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates and is one of the safest, most effective exercise programs available. This method of exercise allows workouts to be customized to meet individual needs. The neuro-muscular technique tones and lengthens muscles, increases abdominal and back strength, improves posture and body mechanics, reduces joint and lower back stress and tension. The smooth, almost dancer-like motions emphasize proper breathing, leaving participants feeling refreshed rather than exhausted. Wear comfortable, but not bulky clothes and bring a towel and your own mat.
Instructor: Peggie Zoerhof Questions? Call the Recreation Center Desk at 952-227-1400

Stott Pilates
Essential Mat

EnhanceFitness® You can recognize an EnhanceFitness class by the relaxed atmosphere and laughter in the room! Participants work at their own pace and receive personal attention from a trained instructor. EnhanceFitness focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics (seated if needed) for cardiovascular health, and strength training exercises. Join us to see why EnhanceFitness is the premier fitness choice among older adults. On-line registration is not available.
Mon. & Wed., Sept. 14-Dec. 7 11:15 am-12:15 pm $69 per session (Members of UCare for Seniors can attend at no charge, but must register) Chanhassen Recreation Center


Intermediate/Advanced Mat This more challenging mat workout will utilize all the exercises from Essential Mat and add more difficult, deep conditioning exercises. Because the work is progressive in nature, participants must have completed Essential Mat to register. Drop-ins are welcome at $13/class.
Tuesdays, Sept. 8-Dec. 15 9:30 am $180 for 15 weeks Chanhassen Recreation Center Code No. 4094.105

Yoga for AnyBody
Join us for the mind/body benefits of yoga. Experience how yoga’s therapeutic body aligning movements and mindful relaxation can benefit you. Awareness of stretching, strengthening, breathing, meditation and diet will bring a healthy vitality to your joints, muscles and organs as well as bring you peace of mind. Please join us for a fun and rejuvenating class that will change your life. Bring a yoga/Pilates mat.
$61 Residents/$65 Non-Residents Chanhassen Recreation Center Instructor: Jen Bishop Session 1 Tuesdays, Sept. 15-Oct. 20, 6-7 pm Code No. 4094.100 Wednesdays, Sept. 16-Oct. 21, 10-11 am Code No. 4094.101 Session 2 Tuesdays, Nov. 3-Dec. 7, 6-7 pm Code No. 4094.102 Wednesdays, Nov. 4-Dec. 8, 10-11 am Code No. 4094.103

This introduction class is for those individuals who are new to the Pilates-based exercise or for those needing a review of the basics. This class will cover the five principles of the Stott method and a selection of exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen the core muscles of the body. Options will be offered to accommodate postural and physical limitations.
Tuesdays, Sept. 8-Dec. 15 10:30 am $180 for 15 weeks Chanhassen Recreation Center Code No. 4094.104

Senior Functional Stretch The purpose of this class is to mobilize the body for everyday activities such as rising from a sitting position, reaching to the top cupboard, or going up and down stairs. Class is 45 minutes of functional movement, stretching and strengthening. Participants will set the agenda by sharing activities with which they are having trouble.
Fri., Sept. 18-Nov. 20, 11:15 am-12 pm Chanhassen Recreation Center $30 Residents/$36 Non-Residents Code No. 4094.106 Registration Deadline: Tues., Sept. 8

Essential Mat PLUS To register for Essential Mat PLUS, participants must have completed Essential Mat. This is the perfect class for those with postural or physical limitations; those who enjoy the benefits of Pilates but should not include the intermediate/advanced material in their workouts. We will maintain the flow and pace of the complete Essential workout PLUS add variety with flex-bands, fitness circles, and stability balls. This is also a great step to take between the Essential and Intermediate/Advanced classes. Wear comfortable, but not bulky, clothes and bring a towel to class. Drop-ins are welcome at $15 per class. Minimum: 5 students.
Wednesdays, Sept. 9-Dec. 16, 7 pm $180 for 15 weeks Chanhassen Recreation Center Code No. 4094.117 New Students Only: Register with a friend and receive 10% off the registration fee. Stop in or call the Recreation Center at 952-227-1400 to take advantage of this offer!

T’ai Chi Class T’ai Chi are disciplines consisting of a series of easy to learn, soft, calm and non-strenuous movements which involve no physical contact. The movements are designed to be an internal exercise of each muscle and organ group and can be performed standing, sitting, or lying down. T’ai Chi can be performed by anyone regardless of their age or physical condition. Wear loose fitting clothes and no belts.
Weds., Sept. 16-Oct. 28, 10-11 am Chanhassen Recreation Center $38 Residents/$42 Non-Residents Code No. 4094.107 Registration Deadline: Tues., Sept. 8

#2 Best Place to Live – 2009 Money magazine



Adult Programs

This Korean Martial Art teaches self-defense and increases your speed, flexibility, endurance, coordination and self-confidence. Get a great aerobic workout while learning self-defense with this traditional art and improve your body, mind, and spirit. Nationally certified instructors teach classes: Chief Instructor, 6th degree Master Instructor Jeff Engel; Instructor Jr. Master Terry Dahl; Assistant Instructors Taylor Braun, Ray Luterbach and Linda Dahl. This class is for both beginners and for those students who are continuing their training. Beginners should wear loose fitting clothes (no jeans) to class.
Adult (Ages 14 & Up) - All Belts 12 weeks/32 classes September 28-December 17 No classes Nov. 2, 26, 27 & 28 Mondays & Thursdays, 7:30-9 pm and Saturdays, 10:30 am-12 noon $150 Residents/$175 Non-Residents Chanhassen Recreation Center Code No. 4094.108 Maximum Students: 25

Tae Kwon Do Rec Center Group Fitness Classes
Register now to get fit this fall! We have fun, affordable classes that will keep you motivated and moving.
Thursday Morning Step Step into your fitness routine. Our Thursday Morning Step class is an athletic workout that will shape and tone your entire lower body and push your fat burning systems into high gear.
Thursdays, Sept. 10-Dec. 3 No class November 26 9-10 am Chanhassen Recreation Center $55 Residents/$60 Non-Residents Class Minimum: 7 Code No. 4094.109 Registration Deadline: Friday, September 4

Adult Programs

Meet the Trainer Chris Boles received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Minnesota. While at the University, he assisted with clinical research for Peripheral Arterial Disease. After graduation, Chris worked at Discover Strength Personal Fitness Studio as a Strength Training Professional and volunteered with Heart Healthy Living doing cardio rehab. Chris currently works for Advantage Health Corporation as an exercise specialist in corporate health. When not working, his interests include spending time with his wife and new baby girl, artisan baking, and learning about new culinary trends. During warmer months, he stays active while camping, backpacking and waterskiing. Chris is passionate about teaching and helping others learn about safe and effective strength training and exercise programs, proper nutrition and easy ways to work healthy foods into everyday life.

Weekend Warriors Mix up your routine with a combination of high/low impact, step aerobics, and strength training. Tone your body and have fun! All fitness levels are welcome.
12 Classes Saturdays, Sept. 12-Nov. 28 8:10-9:10 am Chanhassen Recreation Center $55 Residents/$60 Non-Residents Class Minimum: 7 Code No. 4094.110 Registration Deadline: Friday, September 4

Wake Up & Shape Up Sculpt your body with a high-energy, total body workout that will challenge your muscular strength and endurance through the use of resistance equipment. All fitness levels welcome. Registration required. Register On-Line In addition to dropping off, mailing or faxing in registration forms, you may now register for our programs on-line. Go to and click on “On-Line Registrations.”
$55 Residents/$60 Non-Residents Chanhassen Recreation Center 12 Classes Class Minimum: 7 Instructor: Deb Miller Session 1 Tuesdays & Thursdays September 8-October 15 5:40-6:40 am Code No. 4094.111 Registration Deadline: Tuesday, September 1 Session 2 Tuesdays & Thursdays October 20-December 1 No class November 26 5:40-6:40 am Code No. 4094.112 Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 13

Punch Card Sale!
Buy a 40-punch fitness center/open gym card and receive a 10-punch card FREE (a $25 value)! Offer good September 8-15!



Chanhassen Connection


Fall 2009

Personal Training Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers provide motivation, education, guidance and individualized instruction. They will design an exercise program based on goals, fitness level, and experience. Whether you are looking to improve your health or seeking a sport specific training plan, our trainers can help! Getting Started Begin a new program or improve your current fitness level. The first hour is a complete fitness evaluation, including a detailed health history, skinfold measurement, blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance test, flexibility test, upper body endurance, upper and lower body strength, and midsection endurance. The second and third sessions will review the results and go through the fitness program. A complete printout of the results and program are included. One to One Geared for the individual looking to receive ongoing training with a certified trainer. This program includes a complete body workout appropriate to meet your established fitness goals in consecutive sessions.

Total Body Strength Are you pressed for time but still wanting to get in a great strength training workout? If so, Total Body Strength is for you! TBS is a 20-minute strength training class that focuses on all the major muscle groups using dumbbells, bands and bars. This group exercise class is a great way to get in a safe and effective workout in a short amount of time. Whether you are new to strength training or have been doing it for years, TBS is the class for you!

Are you in a training rut? Can’t lose inches? Can’t get motivated? Aren’t making any positive changes to your strength, conditioning, flexibility, and mobility?


Thursdays, October 8-November 12 6:30-6:50 pm Chanhassen Recreation Center $32 Residents/$36 Non-Residents Code No. 4094.113 Registration Deadline: Thurs., Oct. 1

Running Club Are you new to running and want to get started or hoping to run a 5K? Running Club is a great and safe way to get your feet moving and your heart pounding. Join other runners for weekly workouts and share in the enjoyment of running. Running Club workouts will be structured to meet everyone’s needs regardless of age or ability.
Thursdays, September 17-October 22 5:30-6:15 pm Chanhassen Recreation Center $34 Residents/$38 Non-Residents Code No. 4094.116 Registration Deadline: Thurs., Sept. 10

For more information about the perIf so, EXTREME Kettlebell Fitness is just the class for you! Join Tom Heafey, sonal training program at the Recrecertified RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) instructor, in a totally safe and ation Center, call 952-227-1400 and effective way to get results quickly using kettlebells. You will learn functional leave your name and phonePersonal Trainerkettlebell exercises with supporting flexibility and mobility techniques that number. Our trainers will return your call. finally give you the results you have not attained from other forms of exercise.
Sessions Cost Code

Getting Started One to One* One to One One to One One to One One to One

3 1 5 10 15 20

$130 $46 $195 $380 $540 $700

5000.101 5000.102 5000.103 5000.104 5000.105 5000.106

Session 1* Tuesdays and Thursdays September 15-October 15 5:30-6:30 pm Chanhassen Recreation Center $100 Residents/$110 Non-Residents Code No. 4094.114 Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 10

Session 2* Tuesdays & Thursdays October 20-November 19 4:30-6:30 pm Chanhassen Recreation Center $100 Residents/$110 Non-Residents Code No. 4094.115 Registration Deadline: Monday, October 12

Exercise With Options Exercising has never been easier, closer to home, and flexible to your schedule. Simply check in with your punch card at the Recreation Center front desk prior to your workout. Punch cards are available at the Recreation Center.
RESIDENT RATES: For Fitness Room and Open Gym (1 punch on your card) 10 Punches ($25), 20 Punches ($48), or 40 Punches ($92) For Group Fitness Classes (1 punch on your Group Fitness Card) 20 punches ($75)

* Continuing Clients Only

* Participants must bring their own Kettlebell (available at sporting goods stores or may be ordered through the instructor) and must wear flat-soled shoes or train in bare feet. Additional information sheet available online at: parks/program.html or email the instructor at

FREE Kettlebell Demonstration: Thursday, September 10 at 5:30 pm at the Chanhassen Recreation Center.

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Adult Programs

Adult Programs

District 112 Community Education Offers Classes in Chanhassen
New adult recreational opportunities are offered in Chanhassen through District 112. To register for these classes, call District 112 Community Education at 952-556-6200 or visit

Adult 3-on-3 Basketball Join our fall 3-on-3 Basketball League (18 years and older) at the Chanhassen Recreation Center! This recreational league focuses on enjoyment and exercise. Games will be played on Monday nights. For more information, contact Jerry Ruegemer at 952-227-1121.
Mondays beginning Sept. 14, 6-10 pm Chanhassen Recreation Center 10 Players per Team League Fees: Chanhassen Resident Teams..... $135 Teams with 1-4 Non-Residents .. $155 Teams with 5+ Non-Residents ... $175 Registration Deadlines: Chanhassen Resident Teams August 26 Teams with 1-4 Non-Residents August 27 Teams with 5+ Non-Residents August 28

Fall/Winter Jobs Available
The Park & Recreation Department is accepting applications for the following part-time seasonal positions. For an application, visit our web site at or pick one up at City Hall or the Recreation Center. Chan Rec Center Sports Leaders: Temporary position for 10-20 hours per week. Leaders are responsible for providing leadership and direction of planning and implementing the Chan Rec Center Youth Sports program. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and possess a genuine desire to work with youth ages 4-12 in a recreational setting.
Mondays-Thursday Varying Hours of the Day Starting Salary: $8-9/Hour

Introduction to Guitar The guitar is for anyone to play! This class is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of playing the guitar. As a group, we will examine how songs are put together with chords, strumming patterns and techniques and how to play them. Bring your own reliable guitar. If electric, also bring an amp and electric tuner. Supply fee included in the cost of the class. For questions concerning guitars, call Nate Douglas at 952-451-8919.
Wednesdays, Sept. 16-Oct. 21 7:15-8:15 pm Bluff Creek Elem., Music Room 135 $90 includes supply fee/6 sessions 4705A

Belly Dance Level 1 Strengthen and tone your abs, gluts, quads and inner thighs, calves, back, and arms. Increase flexibility, decrease back pain and stiffness, get in shape, and have fun! Join us for the basics and beauty of Middle Easternstyled Oriental dance often called “belly dancing.” Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a hip scarf or sash. Instructor Shannon Anderson has studied Middle Eastern Oriental Dance for 12 years and has performed with Raks Bedawi dance group.
Tues., Sept. 15-Oct. 20, 7-8:15 pm Chanhassen High School Fitness Room N156 $71 for 6 Sessions 4730A

Celebrate Your Birthday at the Chanhassen Rec Center!
The Chanhassen Rec Center is now offering Party Packages! Each pack provides your group with one hour of exclusive use of our gym and a private party room. Make this special day for your birthday girl or boy. Play basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, floor hockey, or shuffleboard. You can even use the batting nets to check your swing or hold exciting scooter races! The Chanhassen Rec Center can help make this year’s birthday party fun and easy without the mess and fuss at home. Call 952-227-1400 for more information and to check availability.

Zumba® Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music–dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/ fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. It targets areas such as gluts, legs, arms, abdominals and the most important muscle in the body, the heart. It motivates class participants to adhere to the Zumba program until they get results, and they keep coming back because it’s fun! Zumba is great for the mind, body, and soul!
Wednesdays, Sept. 16-Oct. 28 No class September 30 6-7 pm Bluff Creek Elementary Gym $52 for 6 Classes 4303A Instructor: Emma de la Riva

Stained Glass Lead Method Have you always wanted that stained glass window? Here’s your opportunity to make a small window panel. Learn the basics of window construction from glass cutting to assembly. Students should bring a ¾” x 11¼” x 12” soft wood board, hammer, an 80 or 100 watt soldering iron (not gun). A supply fee of $55 will be payable to the instructor at the first class. For information on where to purchase a soldering iron, call 952-934-3229 or you can find them at Gaytee Stained Glass in Minneapolis.
Tuesdays, Sept. 29-Oct. 6 6:30-10 pm Bluff Creek Elem., Art Room 137 $39 for 2 Classes 4001 Instructor: Susan Thaemert

Rink Attendants: Responsibilities include supervising and maintaining the warming house facility and skating areas and to assist in the supervision of all rink users. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.
Mondays-Fridays, 4-9 pm Saturdays 10 am-9 pm Sundays, 1-7 pm Non-School Days, 10 am-9 pm Starting Salary: $7.50/hour

Volleyball Kits
The Chanhassen Park & Recreation Department has complete volleyball sets available for rent. The fee is $20/weekend or $15/day. To reserve a set, call Jerry Ruegemer at 952-227-1121.

Skating Instructors: The Park & Recreation Department is seeking experienced ice skating instructors who will teach the basic fundamentals of skating for after school lessons in December and a 3-day skating clinic during the week of December 28. Must be 18 years of age and have one year of experience in instruction.
Mondays & Wednesdays in December December 28-30 Starting Salary: $15/hour

For more information, call John Stutzman at 952-227-1122.



Chanhassen Connection


Fall 2009

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