Farmer Exchange Product Catalogue - Medallion Pet Foods by zhangsshaohui123


									Are you getting the best deal on your dog food requirements?
  Join our Farmer Exchange Programme and exchange livestock for great value dog food!
                                             Choose the scheme you want:
                  Full Process Scheme                                     Share Basis Scheme

    Pay a killing charge and get 125% of the dressed      Pay no killing charges and get a share of the
    weight in petfood FX CREDITS.                         dressed weight in pet food FX CREDITS.
                                                          Rams:     50% dressed weight in Credits
    Current killing charge = 65c/kg + GST                 Ewes:     60% dressed weight in Credits
                                                          Cattle:   70% dressed weight in Credits

                                    1 FX CREDIT= 1kg of dressed weight
  Then simply exchange your FX CREDITS for our fresh high quality food for working dogs

    High Country 2.2 KG Dog Roll (8 x 2.2kg Pack)                    =        30 Credits
    Stamina 3 KG Dog Roll (5 x 3kg Pack)                             =        15 Credits
    Minced Mutton Blocks 20 KG Carton                                =        20 Credits
    Lamb Briskets 20 KG Carton (ex PGG and Elders only)              =        50 Credits
    Brisket Combos 20 KG Carton (ex PGG and Elders only)             =        40 Credits
    Tux Energy 40 KG Dog Biscuits (ex PGG and Elders only)           =        120 Credits
    Mutton Pieces 20 KG Bag (ex factory only)                        =        40 Credits
    Perfect 3 KG Dog Roll                                            =        3 Credits

Just collect your dog food at your local Elders or PGG Wrightson’s stores and we’ll charge it against
     your Farmer Exchange Account. Or come in and see us direct at our Waipukurau factory.

         If you are outside the area we can give you a hand with some extra freight credits:
                       Gisborne, Hawera                                  2.5 credits per head
                       Wairoa, Taupo, Taihape, Wanganui                  2.0 credits per head
                       Feilding, Masterton, Levin                        1.0 credits per head
                       Dannevirke, Hastings, Napier                      0.5 credits per head

         Bookings are essential! Phone us on (06) 858 9899
            to book your livestock or visit us online at
   Livestock must meet Animal Welfare Transport Standards and must be accompanied by an
                Animal Status Declaration. Simply downloaded one from our website.

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